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See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a landmark in London that was first built in 1599, though I#39;ve been rebuilt a couple of times since then. 我是始建于1599年的伦敦地标式建筑,尽管从那时候开始我重建了几次。I#39;m closely associated with William Shakespeare because I#39;m where he#39;s stages his plays.我与威廉·莎士比亚紧密相关,因为他在我这里排戏。I#39;m the Globe Theatre where Shakespeare was once an investor and an actor我是环球剧场,莎士比亚曾是这里的投资者和演员。The man himself, the world renowned playwright known as the bard was born 450 years ago this month. 这位世界闻名的作家诗人在450年前的这个月出生。His Globe Theatre burned down by accident during a play in 1613, was rebuilt the next year, then torn down decades later, then rebuilt in London again in the 1990s, as authentically as possible. 他的环球剧场在1613年的事故中被烧毁,并于次年重建。几十年后,又被摧毁了,在20世纪90年代在伦敦重建,跟原来的一模一样。As you might expect this year is a big one for the Globe.正如你所预期的一样,这是对剧院很重要的一年。 /201404/292082Heavy downpours continue to batter south China#39;s Guangdong province, causing severe flooding and mud flows in multiple areas.倾盆大雨继续肆虐广东省,造成多个地区严重洪灾和泥石流灾害。According to the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau, Typhoon Utor has killed 20 people and left 7 missing. More than 4.1 million people have been affected and 500,000 residents have been relocated.据广东省民政厅表示,台风尤特已经造成20人死亡,7人失踪。超过410万人民遭受影响,500000名居民已经进行转移。Water levels in several rivers and 61 reservoirs throughout the province have exceeded the warning level. Rescue work is still ongoing.广东省多条河流与61个水库水位已经超过警戒水位。营救工作正在进行。The rail section in Guangdong province of the Guangzhou-Beijing railway has been partially affected due to the landslides triggered by Typhoon Utor.因台风尤特引起的山体滑坡已经导致广东——北京广东路段部分受到影响。 Article/201308/252972It is my wish that the newspapers and the people of Hong Kong will stop speculating on the circumstances surrounding my husband#39;s death.我希望所有的报纸和香港的人民不要再揣测我丈夫的死因了。Please remember him for his genius, his art and the magic he brought to every one of us.请你们记住他给我们展现的天赋、艺术和魔力。Of course I was going to go and see his film and applaud him and be with people who admired him.That was always my thought in my head,is; I need to do this for Bruce.;我当然会去看他的电影,并为之鼓掌,和钦佩他的人待在一起,我脑中始终有个声音说,我要为布鲁斯这么做。She really is this incredible woman with just great dignity and grace under fire.她让人难以置信,在这么大的变故后还能这么优雅镇静。It was great to see Bruce again,but only a month later my memories were very fresh anyway, you know.能再见到布鲁斯真好,一个月后我的记忆开始变得清晰。It was more pain than joy at the time.给我带来的苦多于乐Everybody said all these years, you know,he had an allergic reaction to marijuana,he had a brain aneurysm.The most important thing is how he lived.这些年每个人都说他对大麻过敏,他得了脑动脉瘤。但最重要的是他活着的方式Every time you see him, it#39;s still emotional.We miss the friend.每次看到他 还是会伤感,我们很怀念这个朋友I#39;m now 74, but there really has not ever been a day that I haven#39;t thought about him at least once, maybe twice or three times or four times or five times through the day There#39;s nobody who#39;s gonna replace Bruce Lee,not while you or I are alive.我都74了,但没有一天我是不想他的,至少会想到他一次,两次三次,多至五次,没人可以取代李小龙,至少在你我的有生之年。It just won#39;t gonna happen.This genius passes away way before his time.We have to be thankful we had him for 32 years.没人可以取代他,这个奇才去世得太早,我们感谢他活着的这三十二年。 Article/201312/270733

当吉米·海伍德的弟弟被诊断为肌萎缩性侧索硬化症后,吉米自己也投身于与这个疾病的抗争之中。海伍德兄弟建立了一个新颖独特的网站,在这个网站上,病人们可以分享和跟踪监测疾病相关的数据。进而,他们发现这些来自集体的数据能够发挥强大的持、解释和预测的作用。 Article/201408/319867

Jasmine Orchard shows how to make jam jar lanterns. These lanterns look really wonderful, a great way to adorn your garden or porch. Made with lace, wire and old jam jars, this is upcycling at its best.Jasmine Orchard向你展示如何用果酱罐制作灯笼。这些灯笼看上去非常漂亮,是用来装饰花园或走廊的绝佳方法。只要用蕾丝,金属线和旧的果酱罐就可以了,以最佳方式回收利用。You Will Need你需要old jam jars旧的果酱罐measuring tape卷尺glue spray胶水lace蕾丝wire金属线pencil铅笔scissors剪刀Step 1: Prepare the Jars1.准备罐子Wash the jam jars. Measure the jar and measure a portion of lace to wrap around the jar. Cut the lace to measure.清洗果酱罐。测量果酱罐,量出一段蕾丝来缠绕果酱罐。剪断。Step 2: Wrap the Jars2.包裹罐子Spray the lace with glue and wrap around the middle of the jar. Take your wire, make loops using a pencil and wrap the wire securely around the lidded area of the jar to allow you to hang your lanterns.向蕾丝上喷上胶水,包住果酱罐中央。拿出金属线,用铅笔把金属线打圈,稳稳地缠绕在罐子有盖子的部位,提起来更方便。Step 3: Hang your Lanterns3.悬挂灯笼Add some candles to your lanterns, hang and enjoy.向制作好的灯笼中加入蜡烛,悬挂起来欣赏就可以了。Thanks for watching How To Make Jam Jar Lanterns.感谢收看“如何用果酱罐制作灯笼”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201401/271569

If you#39;re looking to sp the word about your impending nuptials digitally, this guide will help you compose the perfect electronic invite.如果你想通过电子邮件来传播即将举行婚礼的消息,下面的指引将帮助你写出最完美的电子邮件请柬。You Will Need你需要E-mail addresses电子邮件地址Publishing software排版软件Invitation samples请柬样本Correspondence coordinator协调人Steps步骤STEP 1 Compile addresses1.编制地址Compile a list of e-mail addresses early in the planning process. Double check for spelling to be sure they get to their intended recipients.准备阶段先制作一张电子邮件地址列表。多次检查拼写是否正确,确保邀请函能够寄送到宾客手中。If you are not going to send out paper invitations at all, make sure you make that clear in your e-invitation, so that don#39;t wait for a paper invitation to RSVP.如果你没有打算邮寄纸质请柬,确保在电子邮件邀请函中标明,这样对方就不需等待纸质请柬来填写回复。STEP 2 Customize2.定制Use publishing software to customize an e-mail or attachment to fit your wedding theme and create a strong presentation -- or look online for a template.使用排版软件来定制电子邮件或附件来填写婚礼主题并正确地描述婚礼情况,或者可以上网查找模板。STEP 3 Study other invitations3.研究其他请柬Study other wedding invitations you like to get the basic format and include the date, time, and location of your wedding in your design.研究一下你喜欢的其他婚礼请柬,了解基本的格式,包括婚礼的日期,时间和地点。STEP 4 Send links4.发送链接Take advantage of e-mail#39;s capability to send links for hotel information, maps, and even your own wedding website.利用电子邮件发送关于酒店的信息,地图,甚至自己的婚礼网站的链接。STEP 5 Use a coordinator5.使用协调人Have a family member or friend function as a correspondence coordinator, keeping track of RSVPs, answering questions, and responding to bounced e-mails so you can focus on other details and have a worry-free wedding day.让一位家人或朋友担任通讯协调人,追踪到场情况,回答问题,回复邮件,这样你就可以专心解决其他细节问题,无忧无虑地举行婚礼。In 2009, a 5,180 feet, 5 inch-long wedding dress train set a record for being the world#39;s longest.2009年,一副长达5,1800英寸,5英尺的婚纱裙裾打造了世界之最。视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/296861

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