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Something extraordinary happened to Hitler that night in Linz.在林茨那晚,希特勒改变主意。Something that demonstrates how charismatic leadership is about a connection between the leader and the led.这明领导者与被领导者之间的共鸣对领导力的影响有多大。For Hitler only decided NOW,once hed witnessed the joyous reaction of the people of Linz,that Austria should formally become a part of Germany,rather than remain a separate country within the Nazi empire,as hed originally planned.在看到林茨人民的喜悦后,希特勒才作出决定奥地利应该正式成为德国一部分,而不是像他原计划般在纳粹帝国中作为一个国家独立存在。It was as if the people had changed his mind for him.好像是奥地利人民改变了他的想法。Hitler moved on to Vienna.希特勒来到维也纳。And his emotional state would have been heightened even more by what happened next.接下来发生的事情使他情绪更加高涨。It was here, as an unknown young man,struggling to survive before the First World War,that he had dreamt dreams of greatness.第一次世界大战前夕,一个无名小卒在此挣扎求存梦想能成为伟人。At the Vienna opera, hed seen Wagners heroic opera Lohengrin over and over again.他曾经在维也纳歌剧院反复地看瓦格纳的英雄题材歌剧《罗恩格林》。 译文属201601/419540And it was probably the most intimidating star-star party,那可能是我参加过的最震撼的I have ever been to.You know, I walked in.The first guy I saw was Tom Cruise.众星云集的派对 我一走进去 看到的第一个人是汤姆·克鲁斯And then I saw you, and, and Jen,and I think like Denny Moore.然后是你 还有珍 好像还有黛米·尔And my wife and I brought a bottle of wine.And we were like, hide the wine.我和我太太带了一瓶红酒过去 我们当时就想 赶紧把酒藏起来You know what I mean.Put it in your purse. Throw it into the bush.你懂的 塞进包 扔进树丛里Get rid of it.This is er.... - You were the only one with a bottle of wine.反正别留着 真是 -你们是唯一带酒去的宾客They dont need our two-dollar bottle wine.You never know when youll go to a party,他们不需要这种两块钱的红酒 去之前你也不清楚状况If its an intimate thing, its nice to bring wine.如果是个私人派对 带酒是很有礼貌的But when its a giant thing and your. - Its a wrong idea.但如果是个大型派对的话 -绝对的坏主意Oh, well,or, or just bring it home and drink yourself.或者带回家自己喝了Thats a waste. It really is.I know.But it was I do remember meeting you there.不然太浪费了 我知道 我们那次确实是我们第一次见Thats right. We have a chat.Yeah. We do.What do we talk about? I dont remember.是的 我们还聊过天 恩 是的 我们聊了些什么 我不记得了Oh my God. It was like, I was so inebriated.我当时喝高了Things were all wrong, very nervous at that party.脑子一片混乱 在那派对上我真的很紧张I think when I went to a car and listened to some music,somebody was playing something in a car for us.我们应该是到车上去听音乐了 有人在车里放音乐给我们听Do you remember that at all?Do you really think that happened?你还记得吗 真有这回事吗 /201512/414042Antarctica南极洲Core values核心价值The southern continent hots up南方大陆热闹起来了ANTARCTICA is 2,700km away. Yet as the brief austral summer fades, for Hobart, the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania, it is big business. The town is home to the Australian governments Antarctic Division and Frances Antarctic programme. The two countries ageing icebreakers are busy supplying their research stations. Australia is trying out a new research and supply vessel, which dwarfs its part of the harbour.远在2700公里的南极洲。随着南半球夏天的离去,澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚岛霍巴特迎来了大生意。澳大利亚政府南极洲研究部与法国南极洲考察项目驻扎在此。两国积极为其研究站提供技术成熟的破冰船。澳大利亚开展一项新的研究,研发供给船,这使其港口相形见绌。In early January the Falkor, a research vessel funded by Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google (and a member of The Economists board), steamed into Hobart. Its research budget would quicken the pulse of any ocean scientist, and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania threw a party for the crew. Among other topics, the institutes researchers are studying why the Earth is warming more slowly than models predict. One reason could be the cold Southern Ocean, a powerful climate regulator.早前一月初,谷歌执行总裁埃里克·施密特资(同时也是该杂志董事会一员)助了一艘名为Falkor的研究船驶向霍巴特。该船研究预算让海洋科学者心跳加快,而且塔斯马尼亚大学海洋与南极洲研究中心为船员们开了派对。该中心的研究课题还有为什么地球变暖速度低于先前模型的预测。其中原因之一可能是寒冷的南大洋能有力的调控天气变化。Though there are (disputed) territorial claims, the 1959 Antarctic Treaty sets Antarctica aside as a scientific reserve. States assert themselves by building bases and planting flagpoles. The dozen original signatories have swelled to 50, including India and South Korea. China, which signed up in 1983, has the fastest-growing presence. Some 350 features now have Chinese place-names (there is even a Great Wall).虽然领土争端仍然存在,1959年签订的南极条约使其成为了科学保留地。各国通过建立考察站升起国旗展示国家能力。原始缔约国大约十几个,现在升至50个,其中印度,韩国,中国在1983年签署加入,并成为了发展速度最快的国家。350个左右的地点是以中国地名命名的(其中包括长城站)。Chinas annual Antarctic spending has grown from m to m in a decade, and it has five bases. Its Ukrainian-built icebreaker, the Xue Long (Snow Dragon), shuttles between the Arctic and Antarctic summers, and will be joined in 2016 by a new vessel. Yet co-operation remains essential in this remote and hostile environment, and it relies on Russia and Australia for help with logistics and supplies.中国每年在南极洲花费从10年前的2千万美元到5千5百万美元,中国现在有五个科学考察站。乌克兰建造的雪龙号破冰船,在夏天,往返于北极和南极。2016年会配备一艘新船。然而,在如此遥远与恶劣的环境中,合作是极其重要的。雪龙号的后勤和供给都要依靠俄罗斯和澳大利亚。Chinas long-term interest may be in resources. But mining has been banned in the Antarctic since 1998, and that would be hard to change if most countries active there resisted it. For now, scientists in Hobart say the Chinese are doing impressive research. Most ambitious is an attempt to drill 2.5km into Antarcticas highest ice dome. Trapped air may reveal the secrets of 1.3m years of climate change. But extracting samples without contaminating them is only one of many challenges. And, whisper Australian scientists gleefully—for co-operation has its limits—the Chinese may not be drilling in the best place.资源是中国长期利益出发点。但是1998年起,南极洲就禁止采矿,如果那里活跃的大多数国家反对开采的话,这个现状很难改变。目前,霍巴特的科学家中国的研究让人吃惊。其中在南极洲最高的冰穹钻入2500米的尝试非常有野心的。收集的空气可能揭示130万年前的气候变化的秘密。但是采集的样本如何不受到污染也是众多挑战之一。其中一位澳大利亚的科学家幸灾乐祸的小声说,合作也意味着限制。中国就无法在最佳的地方钻探。翻译:刘苗苗 校对:于玉涵译文属译生译世 /201503/364641

Whats this?And whats it a letter saying.wed like to invite you to,I mean,what it actually look like?Im fascinated.这是什么 上面写着什么 是一封邀请信吗 看起来是什么样子 我对此很感兴趣I think its a printed letter and my name is written in at the beginning,dear Mr.Stewart.我记得是一封印刷信 最开头手写着我的名字 亲爱的斯图尔特And then it tells you,and just like in the movies,I it three times because I couldnt make sense of it.然后上面写着 就像在电影中一样 我读了三次 因为我看不懂That this was directed at me.I look at the envelope,surely its addressed to the wrong person,they meant the other Patrick Stewart,not me.这信是寄给我的 我看了看信封 心想肯定是寄错人了 他们说的是另一个帕特里克·斯图尔特,不是我Then there was a second piece of paper.and this literally has two boxes.然后 里面还有一张纸 上面有两个框And youre asked to pick one of them,and it says yes,I accept,or no,I do not.Wait a minute.In this country,thiss called jury duty.你必须选一个 一个是 好 我接受 另一个是 不 我拒绝 等等 在美国 这叫陪审团义务Youre being made a knight.This is a thousand year old tradition and theres two boxes you check?你被封爵了 这是上千年的传统 你还得划两个框吗Well,its better than jury duty.I dont know.You cant turn down jury duty.比陪审义务要好啦 我说不好 陪审团义务是不能拒绝的Ive never done it.I dont qualify here because Im not a citizen.Im only a resident alien.Dont laugh about it.我从没做过 我在美国没有资格 因为我不是公民 我只是个外籍居民 别笑外籍居民了We wont do that.It was an extraordinary honor,I was thrilled to accept it.我们没那么无聊 这是很了不起的荣誉 我很激动能接受Astonished but proud to be joining the company of long time dear friends of mine like Ian Mckellan and Peter Jacoby.And of course,I grew up.我很震惊 同时很自豪能加入 我的老友伊恩·麦克莱恩和德里克·雅各比等人 而且当然了 我长大了201609/467043

Listen, I shouldnt judge cause i think it would be hard to learn a new language entirely听着 我没有资格评判 因为我觉得学习一门新的语言是很难的So I couldnt do it I couldnt move to another country and learn another language所以我做不到 我做不到移民到另一个国家 学习另一门语言But can you get rid of the accent?No i cant, I tried and im too old aly但是你摆脱不掉这个口音吗 不 不能 我努力过但是我年纪太大了If I come when I was like.my son, for example goes from English to Spanish like its nothing我说我在我儿子的这个年纪 来到这里 例如 从英语转换成西班牙语小菜一碟but I cant - how old he?Hes 19 And hes perfect speaking English?Perfect但是我做不到 他多大了 十九岁了 他英语说得很好 非常好He talks to me in Spanish, in English amazingly.Hes so annoyed by my English.He doesnt understand他和我说西班牙语 英语都很流利 他很受不了我的英语 他听不懂He was like, you are the only person in the world that after many years in this country gets worse and worse他说 你是这个世界上唯一一个 在这个国家呆了这么多年 结果英语说得越来越差Thats not normal Is it getting worse? It is getting worse这太不正常了 是越来越差吗 是越来越差I mean like sometimes I talk and I dont really understand what I said有时候我说话 我自己都搞不懂我在说什么I just wait.I do like a little puzzle to see the persons face to see if they understood我就一直等 我就像猜谜一样的看着那个人的脸 看他们是否听懂了Because I didnt understand what I said.And now I know how to the faces因为我都不知道自己在说什么 现在我知道了怎样读懂一个人的表情Right, if they understand, then you just move on.What if they dont understand?好吧 如果他们听懂了 那你就继续说 要是她们听不懂呢I move on anyway.Alright.Well, this is what I thought would be really fun especially with your accent我还是会继续说 好吧 这件事我觉得会非常好玩 尤其配上你这口音but what I wanna do weve done it with Dennis Quay and weve done it with a few people and David Beckham last week我想做的这件事我以前和Dennis Quay合作过 我们还和其他许多人合作过 上星期小贝也一起玩了I wanna put an IFB in your ear,I am gonna send you somewhere on the lot我想要在你的耳朵里放一个耳机 我要派你到空地的某个地方and Im gonna try to have you to mess with some people on the lot and I have to do everything you say?我要让你尝试着和那里的人们交谈 然后我必须照你说的话去做Everything I say.Only what I say.Ok.Hope you understand me Alright?Well be back And she will be sent over there.照我说的话去做 只能听我的指令 好的 希望你能听得懂 好吗 我们马上回来 她马上会被送到指定的地方 /201603/433485

The bulk of her heavy body presses down on all her vital organs.身体的绝大部分重量都压在所有重要器官上。Shes beautifully adapted to a life at sea, but ill-equipped to move about on land.海龟在海里游刃有余,可到陆地上就显得捉襟见肘了。Her progress is slow and probably painful.她爬得很慢而且极可能很痛苦。Its quite common for 5,000 turtles to emerge in one summer evening, but tonight is anything but ordinary.一个夏天的夜晚,有5000只海龟一齐出现是件很寻常的事情,但今晚却非比寻常。26,000 turtles are coming up the island from all sides, a world record.26000只海龟正同时从四面八方涌向小岛。这是一项世界纪录。Its going to be a long night.今晚将会是个漫漫长夜。These green turtles are only one of their many visitors to the reef.这些绿海龟只是大堡礁众多访客中的一员。Another ocean voyager is heard before its seen.另一位海洋来访者则是未见其人先闻其声。201507/386554

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