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Hanno writes an account of his journey:汉诺在他的航海日志中记录道:;We saw at night the land covered with fire.;这个夜晚 我们目睹了被火包围的土地;In the middle was a high flame, ;它的中央迸射出极高的火焰 higher than the others,比周围的火焰都要高;Which seemed to reach the stars.;似乎可以碰触到星辰;A high mountain, named the Chariot of the Gods.;;我们将这座高山命名为 诸神的战车; The first written description of Mount Cameroon,这就是最早关于喀麦隆山的记载The largest volcano in West Africa.西非最大的活火山Recorded using a revolutionary new writing technology:他采用了具有突破性的记载方式The alphabet.即字母系统The phoenicians invent 22 symbols or letters腓尼基人创造了二十二个符号或字母That can be combined to represent almost any sound将它们组合起来 便可以传达任何语言中的In any language.任何声音Easy to learn, the alphabet puts ing and writing因为简单易学 字母体系让每个人都可以Within everyones reach.学会读与写One of the keys to the future of communication.这对未来的交流传播具有举足轻重的意义The invention of the alphabet was one of the biggest steps字母的创造是记载历史上in the history of writing.迈出的最重要的一步It just simplified dramatically the way the script worked,它极大地简化了记载的运作方式and made it so much easier for people to learn并且便于人们学习how to and write.如何阅读和写作201509/401255今天我们选了Youtube上华裔搞笑红人The Fung Bros冯兄弟的超火视频,领略一下美国眼中的亚洲子是啥样。我们会学到一些超级常用的形容不同种类纸的英语:辣、学霸、剩女......精噢!201508/390317

  Chinese president due in Seattle on Tuesday中国国家主席习近平周二抵达西雅图Chinas President Xi Jinping is due to kick off a four-day state visit on Tuesday.中国国家主席习近平将于周二开始对美国进行为期4天的国事访问。Its hoped it will bring results in a wide range of areas as the two countries seek to expand cooperation.此行寻求两国加深合作希望将结果延伸至广泛领域。 译文属201509/400944



  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201601/423339But this inner heat also continually reshapes但是这个内热还不断的重新塑造着the surface of the whole planet.地球的表面It creates a restless,constantly changing landscape.它使地貌持续变动,沧海桑田,永不停歇Iceland is a great place to see exactly how the planets inner heat is able to transform the surtace of the Earth.冰岛使我们有机会能够清楚的看到 地热是怎样持续不断的塑造着地球景观的Magma usually lies many miles beneath the surface熔岩一般是在地下几百公里的地方but here,in Iceland,its much closer.但是在冰岛它们离地表更近点And that has a dramatic effect.充满了壮观的效果Sulphurous fumes and bubbling hot pools with hundred-degree-plus temperature hint at the power that is just beneath the surface.含硫磺的刺鼻的烟和冒泡的池子 暗示着巨大的能量就离地表不远There are naturally heated pools everywhere in the island, 岛上到处都有天然的热水池which makes going for a dip something of a national pastime.去热水池里面洗个澡成了全民休闲方式but the people here might not be quite so relaxed if they knew exactly how the water get heated. 当地人也许不清楚水是怎样变热的Just 12 miles beneath Iceland 在冰岛地下20公里的地方is a vast column of super heated rock,called a plume.有个巨大的柱形熔岩以羽毛状而闻名201508/391642And the worry for me is the way让我担忧的是youre packing it in over that three-day period of the weekend.你在周末三天喝酒的量太多So it would be my advice...我的建议是that you need to reduce what youre drinking over the weekend.你减少周末喝酒的量Do you think that你是说what I could do is drink the same amount in total over the week我可以保持一周喝酒的总量but just put the weekend consumption across the week但是把周末的量平均到一周内so Ive just sp it out.所以我每天都喝差不多的量Would that be... Would that be OK?这样可以吗It would be better for you.这样会好些Youre still drinking well beyond your 24 units.但你还是喝超过24杯的量Dr Patch had allowed me 24 units.派奇医生推荐我每周喝24杯Most guidelines say 21 units for men.但不少人说男性只可以喝21杯thats two bottles of wine a week.相当于一周喝两瓶葡萄酒Or for women -14 units -a bottle and a half.女人的标准是14杯 即一瓶半I was drinking about a third more units than they say I should.我喝的量多出了三分之一重点解释:1.sp out 伸开; 传播开例句:The search party sp out over the moor.搜索队在荒草地分散行动。2.more than 超过;多于例句:Weve despair of him; he cant keep a job for more than six months.我们对他已经绝望了,他做什么工作都不能超过半年。3.in total 总共例句:Its five kilometers in total length.全长有五公里。 201507/387146





  But thats not really quite enough但是这些信息还不够for me to know exactly what this bug is,对我来说 必须清楚地知道这是什么so we grow it on plates like this,所以我要在培养皿里培养它and each of these dots每个像这样的菌落里has about a half-billion organisms in it.有将近五亿个有机体These discs here have got antibiotics in them这些小圆盘里含有抗生素 which leak out into the agar,并会释放到琼脂中and if you look at that one there,如果你看那里you can see theres a very, very,你会发现这个很大一块区域very, large zone of clearing什么都没有and thats because that antibiotic这是因为 is killing that organism,这种抗生素杀死了有机体but if you look at all the others,但若再观察其他的 theres no effect at all.根本就没有效果So this plate is telling us所以这个培养皿告诉我们that my patient has got a highly resistant organism,病人体内生有高度耐药性有机体and this explains why这就解释了shes not doing quite as well as she should,为什么她没有像预期的那样好起来so resistant to one, two, three, four, five antibiotics,对这五种抗生素都有耐药性sensitive to only one.只对一种敏感Our resistance to antibiotics我们对于抗生素的耐药性is a problem thats only getting worse.是一个日趋严重的问题201503/363652

  CARL AZUZ, CNN STUDENT NEWS ANCHOR: Great to have you starting your week with CNN STUDENT NEWS. Some of you are starting a new school year today.So, thank you for making us part of that.I`m Carl Azuz, with 10 minutes of commercial-free current events.First up, a U.S. ambassador says we often use the word ;hero;, in this case, it`s never been more appropriate.She`s talking about three Americans who are on vacation in Belgium. They were on a high-speed train when a man when a rifle started shooting. The three Americans, two of them have been served in the U.S. military, fought against the attacker. And with help from a Frenchman and a Briton, they were all over to overpower the gunman.World leaders say they stopped what could have been a mass murder. The suspect is a Moroccan who`s known to European police for his radical Muslim views. He was arrested. The attempted attack was the kind that has governments worldwide on guard.JIM SCIUTTO, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL SCURITY CORRESPONDENT: So, I want to start with a direct question and that is -- are you over terror threat warnings?If you are, it`s understandable. They are so many of them and they seem constant.So, I want to explain what`s behind the current threat warning about the risk of lone wolf terror attacks here on the U.S. homeland.Now, the current threat warning is not what they call in intel circles credible and specific, in that they don`t know of a particular target, a particular group, a particular time. But U.S. intel, U.S. law enforcement is genuinely concerned about an ISIS call to arms to supporters around the world.There is a difference of opinion among counterterror officials I speak as to how unique this threat is. Some say, it`s the worst they`ve seen since 9/11, others say they`ve seem this threat level many times since then.But regardless of that difference of opinion, what is different now is the level of unpredictability, because lone wolves act alone or in small groups, and with little operational planning, there`s no operational planning to interrupt and there`s no contact or little contact with leadership back in Iraq or Syria or elsewhere that can give an indication of an attack to come. So, there are fewer chances to get early warnings of terror attacks and fewer chances to stop them.The good news is that lone wolf attacks tend to be less complex and therefore less deadly. So, let me leave you with one hopefully comforting thought. The actual risks to Americans of being hurt by a terror attack on U.S. soil is miniscule. But the power of terrorism is in even that small risk makes Americans feel unsafe.NARRATOR: Time for the shoutout.Which of these animals is associated with a stock market that`s on the rise?If you think you know it, shout it out. Is it bull, eagle, pig or bear?You`ve got three seconds. Go!When investors are buying, prices are rising and the markets improving, it said to be a bull market. That`s your answer and that`s your shoutout.AZUZ: But it sure didn`t look like that last week. On Wall Street Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it`s an average of 30 significant U.S.stocks took a nose dive. It dropped nearly 531 points. The gains it had made so far this year wiped out. Analysts are now saying it`s in correction.Stocks are sometimes said to be in correction after a 10 percent drop from their most recent high. It could be that their prices have been going up too fast and that this will correct or put them back down where they should be. Either way, a drop this deep is significant because the Dow, which is watched worldwide, is one indicator of the health of the global economy.CRISTINA ALESCI, CNNMONEY CORRESPONDENT: Well, there`s no sugarcoating it.It was the worst week for the stocks since 2011. Friday alone was the worst loss of the year, a 530-point drop on the Dow.RICHARD QUEST, CNN ANCHOR amp; INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: This rout.POPPY HARLOW, CNN ANCHOR: The Dow is plunging.JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: And it doesn`t look one bit good.QUEST: Fear grips the market around the world.ALESCI: It was a week of worse. And now, it`s official. The Dow is on a correction. That`s a 10 percent decline from the recent record high.And that record, by the way, we just hit that a few months ago.Now, how quickly things have turned around. Big names like Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon, are also down more than 10 percent from their recent highs. And here`s where it boils down to -- the Fed, the economy and oil.First, let`s take the global economy. China specifically, the world`s second largest economy is slowing and this past week, a new report confirmed that for investors.Second, we have the Federal Reserve. Investors have been expecting a rate hike next month for the first time in a decade. But, lately, we`ve been getting mixed signals from policymakers. If they hold of, investors might think the Fed is worried about the economy.Finally, there`s oil. Sure, that means cheap gas, but it`s not really a good thing. We`ve got a glut of oil in the market and demand is slowing.Roll it all together, and it spells trouble for the markets all around the world. But if there`s a silver lining it`s this -- we`re still in the midst of a very long and very strong bull market. It`s normal and, many say, healthy to have these little checks every now and then.AZUZ: Carl Azuz? Here.Let`s see who else is present as we present today`s ;Roll Call;.Hiram, Georgia, is watching CNN STUDENT NEWS. Hello to the Hornets. Great to see you at Hiram High School.Moving up to Eastern U.S., we`re making a stop in West Virginia for the Princeton Senior High School Tigers in :Princeton.And across the Pacific, welcome to the Thai-Chinese International School. It`s in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.Thanks for your request at CNNStudentNews.com.A historic four-year drought in California is worsening another disaster in the state -- its share of the U.S. western wildfires. Going into the weekend, there were more than 12 wildfires burning across California, and more than 12,000 firefighters battling them. Even after they`re brought under control, though, the effects of the drought will remain.Cities are limiting residents` water use. Reservoirs are well below where they should be. And though some people have found the water source in the ground beneath their feet, that ground is sinking.STEPHANIE ELAM, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Parts of California are sinking. And the signs, they`re everywhere. You just need to know where to look.MICHELLE SNEED, USGS HYDROLOGIST: This site is compacting while we`re standing here.Since the `30s, early `30s, about 10 feet of subsidence happened at this location.ELAM: So, we should be standing like at least my body height on top of me.SNEED: Yes, right.ELAM: That`s where we could have been in the `30s standing up there.SNEED: Yes.ELAM: Subsidence is the gradual sinking of an area of land. As a debilitating drought continues to grip the state, many have turned to underground water to fill in the gaps. Now, some 60 percent of the state`s water is being pumped out of the ground and mainly for agricultural needs. Without that cushion of water, the ground is collapsing down into where that water once was.No one would build a cement foundation above the ground like this. This is happening because of subsidence.SNEED: Infrastructure has to be replaced. So, that`s one facet and at least that`s a repairable. It`s very expensive but it is fixable.ELAM: Believe it or not, I`m walking on a bridge right now. But through many years of subsidence, this bridge has collapsed down into the earth, so much so that the road is actually below the water level of this canal.SNEED: Anything that crosses these areas, roads, railways, pipelines, all of those things can be affected if there`s enough differential subsidence.DR. CLAUDIA FAUNT, USGS HYDROLOGIST: It only going to subside to parts where you`re pulling the water out.We passed legislation in the state to start monitoring and trying to make in the state to start monitoring and trying to make our groundwater basins come into balance. One of the issues with that is it`s going to take about 20 to 25 years before we have to put and implement those policies.ELAM: Yes, 20 to 25 years, but you`re talking about the Central Valley losing a foot a year.FAUNT: Yes. So, locally --ELAM: Where we`re standing right now, I mean, we could be standing down there by the time that happens.FAUNT: Yes, it`s a problem and different water agencies are going to have to work together to figure that out and some of them are going to figure out, OK, maybe we need to do something about this sooner than 20, 25 years from now.AZUZ: It`s not easy to make a half court shot, period. But under pressure, let`s say a big chunk of the school is watching, and you`re at a college with a student body of more than 20,000 people and your tuition is on the line. What do you do?If you`re Len Turner, you nail. Yes, there`s good reason why he`s celebrating, too.Out of state tuition at Indiana`s Ball State University is more than ,000. But this semester, for Mr. Turner and his splendiferous shooting skills, tuition will be nothing. Well, nothing but net.The shot he sunk shrank his fees, a sinking feeling that`s appealing, living him reeling and sealing savings in what he might call B-Ball State University.One more thing today, we are now on Instagram. So, if you are aly on Instagram, you can find us @CNNStudentNews. Just look for that blue check mark.Have a great day. /201508/395125

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