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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/457298。

On this run, Ive got no ice axe.这次 我没带冰镐To stop, you got to roll over,raise your body up,要停下来 你必须翻过身 撑起身体and dig hard into the snow with your hands and feet.手脚并用 尽力往雪里插Very fast,faster than expected.非常快 比想象中的快多了But exactly how fast?37 miles an hour.具体速度多少 每小时六十公里Youd get a ticket in an urban place in the U.K. with that speed.这速度在英国市区 就要领罚单了With no ice axe,stopping my slide was a real challenge.It took 180 feet.在没有冰镐的情况下 想停下来绝非易事 一共滑行了五十五米Thats half the length of a football field.那有半个足球场的长度了Now to head back to the top and try again,this time with an ice axe.再回山顶试一次 这次用冰镐And how much quicker can I stop?这回能比上回快多少呢An ice axe like this can massively help you arrest the fall.这样的冰镐 是下滑中的制动法宝The danger is youre traveling very fast,不过在高速下滑过程中它也是个危险youve got something very sharp,very close to your body and close to your head.如此锋利的刀面 会紧邻你的身体 甚至你的头部It just means you got to be absolutely certain of your technique before you go.这也就意味着 你必须在下滑前 确保它万无一失Okay, hitch these up again, do my Simon Cowell.Okay, here we go.提紧裤子 看着我点 我上了201703/497860。

I think that everyone in the world could be a math person if they wanted to.我认为只要大家想成为数学家 任何人都能成功The keyword though, I want to say, is if they wanted to.然而我想强调的是如果他们愿意That said, I do think that everyone in America could benefit from having that mathematical简言之 我真的认为每个美国人都能因有一定的数学背景而受益匪浅background in reasoning just to help everyone make very good decisions.理由仅仅是它可以帮助人们做出更好地选择And here Im distinguishing aly between math as people usually conceive of it,在此我已经区分了通常情况下人们理解的数学的意义and decision making and analysis, which is actually what I think math is.和我认为的数学,即数学是用来做决策和分析的So, for example, I dont think that being a math person means that例如我认为数学达人并不意味着you can recite the formulas between the sines, cosines, tangents and to use logarithms and exponentials interchangeably.你能够背诵正弦余弦正切之间的切换公式和对数和指数的互换公式Thats not necessarily what I think everyone should try to concentrate to understand.我认为没必要每个人都要理解那些公式The main things to concentrate to understand are the mathematical principles of reasoning.我们需要集中精力去理解的是数学的推理原则But let me go back to these sines, cosines and logarithms.但让我们回到正弦余弦和对数Well actually they do have value.它们确实有它们存在的价值What they are is that they are ways to show you how these basic building blocks of reasoning它们很重要的原因在于它们给我们展示了基本的推理模块can be used to deduce surprising things or difficult things.是如何推理出令人惊讶的或复杂事物的方法In some sense theyre like the historical coverages of the triumphs of mathematics,从某些方面它们很像是数学成功的历史保障so one cannot just talk abstractly about “yes lets talk about mathematical logic”,所以人们不能仅仅是抽象地说 好让我们来谈论一下数学逻辑吧its actually quite useful to have case studies or stories, which are these famous theorems.这些着名的定理真的是非常有用的研究案例或故事Now, I actually think that these are accessible to everyone.现在 我觉得这对大家来说是可以理解的I think that actually one reason mathematics is difficult to understand is actually because of that network of prerequisites.我认为数学很难理解的真正原因在于它网状的预备知识You see, math is one of these strange subjects for which the concepts are chained in sequences of dependencies.数学是按概念相关性顺序被连接起来的奇怪学科之一When you have long chains, there are very few starting points—very few things I need to memorize.当你有很长的网链时出发点就会很少 需要记住的东西也会非常少I dont need to memorize, for example, all these things in history such as “when was the war of 1812?”我不需要记忆 例如 所有这些东西从历史的角度来说就好比1812年的战争是什么时候发生的Well actually I know that one, because thats a math fact—it was 1812—but I cant tell我当然知道 因为这是一个数学事实 就是1812年啊 但我不能告诉你you a lot of other facts, which are just purely memorized.一些别的什么事实 这只是单纯的被记住了In mathematics you have very few that you memorize在数学中你需要记忆的东西很少and the rest you deduce as you go through, and this chain of deductions is actually whats critical.其余的都是你通过推理得出的 这个学习链的简化实际上是至关重要的Now, let me contrast that with other subjects like say history.现在 让我来将数学和其它学科对比一下 譬如历史History doesnt have this long chain, in fact if you fully understand the war of 1812历史没有很长的网链关联 事实上如果你完全了解1812年的战争thats great, and it is true that that will influence perhaps your understanding later of the womens movement,当然很好也许你后来才了解到它确实影响了女权运动but it wont to be as absolutely prerequisite.但这并不是绝对的先决条件In the sense that if you think about the concepts I actually think that history has more concepts than mathematics;在这个意义上如果你考虑概念 事实上我觉得历史的概念多于数学its just that theyre sp out broader and they dont depend on each other as strongly.只是历史的概念流传更广 而且它们不像数学概念一样概念之间的相互依赖性很强So, for example, if you miss a week you will miss the understanding of one unit,例如你错过一节历史课 那么你只是理解不了这个单元but that wont stop you from understanding all of the rest of the components.这并不会影响你理解历史的其它模块So thats actually the difference between math and other subjects in my head.所以那就是我所理解的数学与其他学科之间的不同之处Math has fewer concepts but theyre chained deeper.数学较其他学科概念较少 但是概念之间的联系更加密切And because of the way that we usually learn when you had deep chains its very fragile由于我们通常的学习方法的问题 当你对数学的学习进入到深层次的关联理解时 这个环节是很脆弱的because you lose any one link—meaning if you miss a few concepts along the chain you can actually be completely lost.因为任何一个环节的丢失 也就是说如果你漏掉了链中很小的一个概念你就完全跟不上进度了If, for example, youre sick for a week, or if your mind is somewhere else for a week,例如如果你生病了一个星期或者你一个星期上课都心不在焉you might make a hole in your prerequisites.你的预备知识就可能有一个大漏洞了And the way that education often works where its almost like riding a train from a beginning to an end,教育的方式就好比在驾驶一辆火车well its such that if you have a hole somewhere in your track the train is not going to pass that hole.就好比如果你的轨道中有了一个窟窿火车就无法通过这个窟窿了Now, I think that the way to help to address this is现在 我认为处理这个问题的方法就是to provide a way for everyone to learn at their own pace and in fact to fill in the holes whenever they are sensed.使每个人以他们自己的学习进度学习 一旦他们发现哪儿有漏洞就要及时填补上And I actually feel like if everyone was able to pick up every one of those prerequisites as necessary,我想如果每个人都能捡起每一个必需的预备知识filling in any gap they have, mathematics would change from being the hardest subject to the easiest subject.填补他们有的每一个漏洞 数学将会从最难的学科变成最简单的学科I think everyone is a math person, and all that one has to do is to go through the chain我认为每个人的数学都可以很棒 我们所要做的就是将链子串起来and fill in all the gaps, and you will understand it better than all the other subjects actually.填补所有漏洞 这样你就会发现实际上它比任何学科都好学201706/512652。

When you see the tetrapods in the same fauna with these hyneria it, it really does当你发现四足动物与这些含肺鱼处于同一个群落时,make you think well maybe escaping from large, large predators like this hyneria was,你不禁要想躲避诸如含肺鱼之类的大型掠食者was a pretty important thing for these early tetrapods.是早期四足动物求生的重要手段The mystery of why we had evolved limbs was finally solved.我们为什么会长出腿的谜题终于解开了They were not for walking, but navigating through swamps, just like this hellbender salamander does today,它们不是为了行走,而是为了在沼泽间穿行,就像今天的美国隐鳃鲵一样but there was still a hole in the story.不过这个故事中仍有一个漏洞There was still no fossil that showed the process of change from fish to tetrapod actually happening.那就是仍旧缺少用来说明鱼如何演变成四足动物的化石据The transitional form, something half fish/half four legged animal, was still missing.即过渡型物种,某种半鱼半四足类的动物And then Per Ahlberg made his fateful visit to Latvia.后来,Per Ahlberg前往拉脱维亚,进行了一次最重要的访查In that forgotten museum drawer he may have found what everyone had been looking for.在这个被遗忘的物馆抽屉中,他找到了所有人梦寐以求的东西His trained eye told him the fossil was a fragment of jaw right from the time of transition他的专业眼光告诉他,这块颚骨化石正好来自过渡时期and it was certainly part fish and part tetrapod.而它正是半鱼半四足类的动物The information we get from this one paltry little bone is quite overwhelming.我们从这块不起眼的小骨头中得到的信息是无可估量的。201703/499162。

栏目简介:An eight-month-old boy suffering from a rare birth defect affecting his skull went home today, after undergoing surgery earlier this month at Shanghai Childrens Medical Center. For the first time in China, doctors used 3D printing technology to help plan the surgery. Reporter Song Wenjing has the story.201706/510988。

Finding one dinosaur wasnt enough to unlock the secrets of the mid-Jurassic找到一只恐龙并不足以解开中侏罗世之谜and there was no guarantee they would find more, and worse, the site was huge,他们不能肯定是否还能找到更多的东西,更糟的是,这个地方太大了so Oliver quickly pulled together a small team to start searching this vast area for bones.于是Oliver很快组建了一小分队,开始在这片广大地区寻找骨骼It was a massive task. They would have to comb over a thousand square miles of trackless desert.这是一项艰巨的任务。他们必须搜索数千平方英里的荒凉沙漠They might have spent weeks looking and found nothing, but Oliver was lucky.他们可能连续数周一无所获,不过Oliver很幸运On day one he struck fossil gold.第一天他就找到了化石“金矿”It was a dinosaur leg bone and crucially, it was from the mysterious mid-Jurassic,这是一块恐龙腿骨,更重要的是,它来自神秘的中侏罗世so the radioactive dinosaur was not a one-off.看来放射性的恐龙并非只有一只The next 10 days we started looking for fossils systematically here后来的10天,我们开始有系统地在这里寻找and we found bones over here, we found more bones over there.我们在这里找到了骨骼,在那边找到了更多骨骼We went further inwards here, further into the valley and found even more material there.我们深入这个地方,深入山谷,找到了更多资料And that was just the first valley.而这只是第一座山谷。201704/504948。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480355。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/468001。

An advantage of the long Chinese school week较长的中式教育教学周的一个优势就是is that the teachers have more time to engage with their students.老师们有更多的时间可以与学生建立更紧密的关系Come here.过来Miss Li is trying to bring Josh into line.李老师试图让乔什从教导These two days, you dont behave as well as I expected.这两天,你的表现并不如我期望的那样好So, I just want to find why, or do you have any solutions to,我想听听原因,或者你有什么好的解决方法or do you have any suggestions, you know. No.还是说你有什么建议。没有You can tell that Ive been mad... is that right? Yes.你看的出来我一直很生气,对吧。对Then why? You really dont know?为什么呢?你真的不知道吗I do know.我知道Please tell me.请告诉我I dont know... Cos Im just talking, I dont know.我也不清楚,可能是我一直在讲话吧Did you talk?你在课上讲话了吗Yes.讲了Why?为什么Cos I was uninterested, or I didnt get it.因为我不感兴趣,或者说我听不懂You know, I just want to do something to help.我只是想帮你Maybe...Its fine. Im fine.或许...,我没事,挺好的Ok. But I hope that you can be more concentrated since we dont have a lot of time left.好吧,我希望你能更加专注,留给我们的时间不多了Yep, OK.好的As a teacher, I just try my best to encourage the students.作为一名教师,我只是尽力去鼓励学生Because in China,因为在中国you have to compete with people around you, in all kinds of examinations.你要在各种各样的考试中和周围的人竞争OK. See you later. Bye.就这样吧,再见I think I could really, yeah, really get high grades if I just charged on and revised all the time.我认为我可以拿很高的分数,只要我一直专心复习I wouldnt do it though, because it...is, as I say, not healthy.但是我不会这样做,因为我觉得这样是不健康的Thats not what I want for myself.这不是我想成为的样子In China, individuality is not encouraged.在中国,个性是不被鼓励的We do everything for our country. Which is very good, I think.我们做的一切都为了国家,我认为这很好England need that.英国需要如此Need that strength. Need that solidarity.需要这种力量,需要那种团结精神But maybe the Chinese way of teaching, to some extent,但或许中式教学法在某种程度上kills the students imagination, freedom of thinking, critical thinking and creativity.扼杀了学生的想象力,思维自由,批判性思维以及创造力You just imagine - one, two, three, four.你设想一下,一,二,三,四In China, I would like to see education pay more attention to personality, right,在中国,我很希望能看到教育能更重视每个学生的个性培养or the potential of each student.或是发掘学生潜力Thats it, right? OK, thank you.这就算出来了,好的,谢谢201606/446952。