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He now has to do the same for our pet moggies现在他要把这项技术缩小化by miniaturising his technology.来对我们的宠物猫进行监测And today, hes testing it out for the first time.今天 他要进行第一次测试This is Zach, this is my dog.这是扎克 他是我的Zachs quite an expert on testing our collars for us.扎克是测试我们项圈的专家Heres one of our wildlife collars that were using in Botswana.这是我们曾在茨瓦纳使用的一个项圈And weve developed three smaller GPS modules我们开发了三种想用在猫身上的we want to try on the cats.更小的GPS模块And we can then compare the performance of those然后我们会对比他们的效果and see how well they work, compared to whats our gold standard,并且再与技术相当成熟的野生动物项圈which is our wildlife collar.进行比较I think its going to be quite challenging.我觉得还是非常有挑战的I think theyre going to object to it我觉得猫猫们会比a lot more than our wild cats do.野生猫科动物更抗拒它And theyre a lot smaller,并且他们体型小多了so the size of the collar is much more of a challenge.所以项圈的尺寸也是一大挑战And, yes, I dont think its going to be easy.我知道这不是件容易的事情Here, at the Royal Veterinary College,在英国皇家兽医学院Alan Wilsons colleagues are developing a cat-tracking system艾伦·威尔森的同事们正在开发一种that is accurate to within centimetres.精度能够达到几厘米的追踪系统重点解释:1.test out 彻底检验;充分考查例句:The university students will test out the computer program for any bugs.大学生将对电脑程序进行彻底检验,看有没有漏洞。2.try on 试穿例句:May I try on this sweater?我可以试穿这件毛衣吗?3.more than 超过;多于例句:There are more than 5,000 adjectives in that dictionary.那本词典中有5000多个形容词。201607/453789To deprive them of the satisfaction,Walpole walked, a broken man,为了不让他们得逞 落败的沃波尔back to his wine and his dogs at Houghton.只能持酒牵回归霍顿乡里It was the end of an era.一个时代画上了句号Now the gung-ho patriots could have their get-rich war,如今雄心勃勃的爱国者们 终于可以大发战争财了and they must have thought it would be a breeze.他们肯定以为那是小菜一碟Britain could fight abroad because it was so united at home.因为国内大一统了 当然可以外出作战But in 1745,that unity would prove a bitter illusion.但是1745年 统一王国将面临悲惨命运The Jacobite cause had refused to die,詹姆斯党人运动不甘偃旗息鼓especially amongst the clans of north-west Scotland,尤其是苏格兰西北部的部族where it fed off continued opposition to the Union.联合王国一日不倒 反抗一日不停What the Jacobites needed was a figurehead and, in 1745, they got one,詹姆斯二世党人需要的是一个傀儡 1745年 他们终于得手a leader many saw as a model of virile fearlessness.得到一位被很多人视为 刚强而无畏的领导者The son of James Edward Stuart,詹姆斯·爱德华·斯图亚特之子the man known to us and to posterity as Bonnie Prince Charlie.青史中以;美王子查理;著称The fact the Princes full name was Charles Edward Louis Casimir Silvester Severino Maria Stuart事实上王子的全名是 查尔斯·爱德华·路易斯·卡西米尔· 西尔维斯特·塞韦里诺·玛利亚·斯图亚特should tell us that the Prince was less the incarnation of the old Scotland of the clans由此可以得知 与其说王子是旧苏格兰氏族的血传and much more a fully-fledged graduate of the pan-European Italo-Polish-Franco-Irish Catholic international community.不如说是泛欧洲的 意大利-波兰-法国-爱尔兰 天主教国际联合体的全面继承人 /201705/512003The UN refugee agency said more than 700 migrants trying to reach Europe are feared to have died in three Mediterranean Sea shipwrecks south of Italy over the past few days.联合国难民署称,过去几天里在意大利南部700多名试图进入欧洲的移民在三起地中海沉船事故中恐遇难。On Sunday a spokeswoman for UNHCR said that an estimated 100 people were missing from a smugglers boat which capsized Wednesday.周日,联合国难民署的一位女发言人称,周三一艘走私船翻沉,大约100人失踪。She said about 550 other migrants and refugees are missing from a smuggling boat that capsized Thursday morning. 她说,周四早上一艘走私船沉没,另有550名移民和难民失踪。The boat departed the western Libyan port of Sabratha a day earlier. 一天前,船从利比亚西部港口塞卜拉泰开出。According to refugees who saw the boat sink, the boat didnt have an engine and was being towed by another packed smuggling boat before it capsized. 据见到过船沉没的难民说,船没有引擎,沉没前被另一艘拥挤的偷渡船拖着。It was carrying about 670 people.About 25 people from the capsized boat managed to reach the first boat and survive. 它载着大约670人。沉船上的约25人设法到达第一艘船并且获救。79 others were rescued by international patrol boats. 15 bodies were recovered.79人被国际巡逻艇救出。15具尸体被找到。Italian police have corroborated the account of the Thursday but came up with different numbers.意大利警方已经实了周四的报告,但出现不同的数据。译文属。 /201605/446624There are hundreds of islands out here.The vast majority are deserted.这里有上百座岛屿 大多数都荒无人烟Im heading for one of these unpopulated islands,and from a distance, its an awesome sight.我将前往其中的一座无人岛 从远处看 这的景色棒极了But appearances can be deceptive.但请不要被表面假象蒙蔽People often think of desert islands as some sort of paradise,人们往往把荒岛 想象成人间天堂but the reality is they can be the ultimate prison.但事实上 这里往往是终极地狱For shipwrecked sailors through the ages,古往今来 诸多的船只失事早已明islands like this have proved the supreme challenge,此类的岛屿神秘面纱之下隐藏着无尽杀机and Im gonna show you how the smart few survived.我将向您展示 千古智者如何脱离险境100 feet now.My first task is to get ashore.高度 100英尺 我的首个任务是 上岸With nowhere to land, Im gonna jump.50 feet now.苍茫大海无处着陆 我必须跳入水中 现在 50英尺Its too shallow inside the reef,so Im gonna drop into the deep-blue waters outside.近岸处暗礁太多 水位太浅 所以 我将跳进深蓝色的水域Okay, Bear, off you go.Need to swim in through the surf now.好的 贝尔 出发 看来我得从海浪里游出去了I want to get out of this dangerous deep water,我想尽快离开这危险的深海域but that means braving the waves that break over the shallow reef.但这意味着 我将必须破浪前行Theres only a few feet of water between me and the sharp coral reef beneath.我和尖锐的珊瑚礁 相隔仅仅几英尺Coral cuts are a real danger,and blood in the water can attract sharks.若不幸被划伤 情况将十分凶险 因为水中的血腥味能把鲨鱼引来But Im through the breakers and into the lagoon.但很快 我突破重重困难 进入浅滩What Im concerned about is that sharks are gonna love this sort of area.我一直在担心 鲨鱼应该很喜欢这样的海域They can shoal fish in here and come to feed.它们能够将鱼群赶到此处 围猎进食You just need to be vigilant, keep a good eye out here.你需要非常的警惕 眼观六路201703/498705Reading a chapter a day may keep the doctor away. 每天阅读一章能让医生远离你Thats according to a new study of the benefits of ing books. 这是根据一项关于阅读好处的新研究。Researchers say they found book ers live an average of two years longer than people who dont at all.研究人员称,他们发现阅读者比那些从不读书者平均多活两年。The studys authors analyzed data from more than 3,500 people who were participating in a larger health study. They were all over the age of 50 and answered several questions about ing.这项研究的作者分析了来自3,500多名参与健康调研的数据。参与者都有50多岁,他们回答了有关阅读的几个问题。Researchers then divided the participants into three groups: those who didnt any books, those who books for up to three and a half hours a week and those who books longer than that.研究人员将参与者分为三组:分别为完全不阅读的人,每周阅读达三个半小时的人以及阅读更长的人。After controlling for certain factors such as gender, education level, income and race, the authors found those who for up to three and a half hours per week were 17 percent less likely to die over 12 years of follow-up. 在控制一些确定因素,如性别、教育水平、收入和种族后,研究者发现那些每周阅读达三个半小时的人在接下来的12年里死亡的可能性少百分之17。And those participants who reported ing more than that were 23 percent less likely to die.参与者中阅读更多的人死亡的可能性少百分之23。The studys senior author told The New York Times, People who report as little as a half-hour a day of book ing had a significant survival advantage over those who did not .这项研究的高级作者告诉纽约时报,那些每天只阅读半小时的人比那些不读书的人有显著的生存优势。Now, the reason why book lovers appear to live longer is still unclear.现在,热爱阅读者能更长寿的原因仍不清楚。But several recent studies have shown books can have a positive impact on a persons life.但最近几项研究表明,书籍可以对一个人的生活产生积极的影响。Like this report published in The Economic Journal back in the spring. 类似这样的报告春季发表在经济学杂志上。Researchers found children who had access to books were able to expect a higher adult income than those who didnt.研究人员发现,孩子时期经常阅读的人长大后可能会有更高的收入。You can more about this most recent study in the journal Social Science and Medicine. After all, its good for your health.你可以在社会科学和医学杂志上阅读更多有关的最新研究。毕竟,这对你的健康有好处。译文属。201608/459536

Tell me a typical day in--in george clooneys life? Yes, yes.告诉我乔治克鲁尼(美国著名导演)生命中一个特殊的日子 对对对No, lets start with your life. Okay. So you have--how many-five children?不 让我们来谈谈你的生活吧 好的 所以 你有多少 5个孩子?How many do you have? Sometimes it feels like five. You have three.你有多少孩子来着? 有时候好像是有5个孩子 你有3个You have twins... Only three. I have three, yes. Twins and then a child on its own.你有的一对双胞胎? 只有三个啦 我有三个娃 是的 一对双胞胎 还有一个落单的?How old are all of them? There seems to be some confusion.他们都几岁啦 三个孩子有时候挺容易搞混的Well, actually, henry, our youngest, who is six,事实上 henry最小只有六岁He says that he and his brother and sister, hazel and finn,他自己觉的 他和他的hazel 还有他的哥哥finnThat theyre three twins. Mm-hmm, so hes not smart.是三胞胎 嗯哼 所以他不太聪明咯Its not about intellect. Its about heart. Hes charming.这和智商没有关系啦 这是关于爱心啦 他很有魅力啦No, he feels that they are so close不不不 他是觉得年龄太亲近了That they are actually-when people talk about that we have twins in our family,他们事实上... 当人们说起的时候 说我们家里只有一对双胞胎He thinks that the three of them are the twins. Yeah. Hes an idiot.他会觉得他们仨都是一起的 恩 他太傻了Yeah, yeah, yeah, no. See? Oh, i say it, and everyone turns against me.嗯嗯嗯 不是啦 看?哦 我这么说 每个人都不认同我Hes my child. Hes your child. You should defend him. But i can...他是我的孩子 他是你的孩子 你应该否定他的 但我会...No, i think thats-- cause it must be--不 我在想 这肯定是...It must be hard for him to hear everybody, like,他总是听到别人这么说 对他来说不容易吧Talk about twins and give them a lot of attention. But nobody really says ;Twins.; Mm-hmm. Um...比如 一直在说他们是几胞胎 各种关注他们 但没有人会说 双胞胎啊 嗯哼..呃...Sorry, i just fell asleep for a second-- Where did you go?抱歉 刚刚那一秒 我睡过去了 你去哪里了Do you ever scare them? Do you scare your children? All right, well, heres the thing.你会吓唬他们吗 你会吓唬你的孩子们吗 好吧 有这么一件事As much as i do not like to be scared, how many moms here have ever scared your child,就像我不喜欢别人吓我一样 在座的有多少妈妈 吓唬过自己的孩子And they are so easily scared, and then you get the fever for it?而且 他们又很容易被吓到 然后 你会对这个事情上瘾的Someone here is saying yes, she has scared her child. Yeah, right?有人说是的 他们吓唬过自己的孩子 恩 是吧And, i mean, just a couple of weeks ago--and i had to stop myself, cause i realized this is--我是说 就在几周前 我不得不阻止自己 因为我意识到Theres something disturbing or, like, potentially abusive and long-lasting.这个事儿很让我困扰 长时间这样做的话 还可能是一种潜在的虐待But the other week, there was just such a golden opportunity.但是 之后的某一周 那真的是一个绝好的机会I was coming down the stairs, and my oldest son was coming down the hall...我从楼梯上走下来 我最大的儿子 正好从大厅走出来Its so wrong. This proves absolutely i dont go out enough at all,这不太对...事实上 我一点都没有想要出去的打算Because when he came around, i just jumped down and said, ;Boo,; and he sprung out当他过来的时候 我正好跳下来 我说‘boom‘ 然后 他像是弹出去了一下His legs and his arms and went up and obviously scared the bejesus out of him.他的手他的脚 都伸了开去 显然 把他吓得要喊上帝了Wait, so his-- I cant stop laughing. Well, of course, the way you describe it--等等 那他 我忍不住想笑...恩 当然 你讲的故事Like a cartoon, like, his legs and-- Whoo-whoo. Yeah.想在放一部动画片一样 他的腿和 哇哦 对对对Then youre gonna want to do that again. Why not?以后你还想再做一次么 为什么不呢You have to stop yourself, though. Yeah, no. You have to stop yourself.但你 不得不克制一下自己 恩 不用 你得克制一下Because youre the parent. Yeah, yeah.因为 你是家长啊 是是是是But you guys know what im talking about. Oh, its funny.但你们一定懂我在说什么 哦 这太搞笑了Wow, i am just waterworks here. Yeah. How much drinking do you do alone?哇 我太容易笑出眼泪了 对 恩 你一个人的时候 到底喝了多少水201706/513099

Youve probably seen a dog tilt its head in response to a weird noise or something you said. Its super cute, but why do they do it?你一定见过对奇怪的噪音或你的话做出歪头的反应吧。超级可爱的说,但是它们为什么要歪头呢?The answers not entirely clear, and there hasnt been any peer-reviewed research about it.我们还不是很清楚其中奥秘,也不曾有对其做过研究。But a couple of scientists hypothesize that head-tilting might help dogs see and hear us better.不过,有几位科学家假设,歪头可能会帮助们更好的观察、倾听我们。One popular idea comes from a 2013 blog post by a psychologist named Stanley Coren,2013年,一位名叫Stanley Coren的心理学家在客上发表了一篇大家普遍认可的观点,who studies dogs and their behaviors, among other things.这位心理学家主要研究及它们的行为等。He thinks that puzzled tilt means a dog is trying to see you better.他认为让人摸不着头脑的歪头,代表着想更好的看清你。When you speak to someone, dog or otherwise, you express a lot of emotion with the lower half of your face.当你和某人或等说话时,你的大部分表情会通过脸的下半部分来表达。And according to a small 2015 study, it seems like our canine companions can tell the difference between facial expressions that show emotion, like happiness or anger.根据2015年的一项小研究,似乎我们的犬类同伴能够分辨表达情绪的面部表情,如开心或生气。But a dog with a bigger muzzle might not be able to see your smile or frown clearly,但是鼻口部较大的可能看不清你的微笑或皱眉,so Coren suggests that tilting helps them get a better view.所以,Coren认为歪头能够帮助它们仔细观察。He tested this idea by surveying 582 dog owners online, asking them to describe their dogs breed or head shape,通过对582名主人做在线调查,Coren对这个观点进行了检测。Coren要求主人描述他们的种类或头型,and then rate how frequently their dogs do the head-tilting thing.并估计们歪头的频率。The data were split into two groups. One was brachycephalic dogs with flatter faces like pugs;数据被分为两组。一组是扁平脸的短头,如八哥犬;and the other was a mix of mesaticephalic dogs with medium muzzles like beagles and dolichocephalic dogs with long noses like greyhounds.另一组是中等鼻口的中型头,如猎犬和长鼻子长头,如灰的混合组。In Corens survey, 71% of owners of bigger-muzzled dogs reported that their pups ;frequently;, ;most of the time; or ;always; tilt their heads when spoken to,在Coren的调查中,71%的大鼻口的主人称,在和他们的说话时,它们“经常”、“大部分时间”、“总是”歪头,as opposed to only 52% of owners of smaller-muzzled dogs.而仅有52%的小鼻口主人反映过这种情况。That, he says, is a statistically significant difference, but 52% is still a lot of dogs, so this probably isnt the whole story.Coren表示,从数据上来看,差别非常明显,但是52%仍是相当大的比例。因此,该观点并不能代表整个事情的原委。A psychologist who runs a dog cognition lab named Alexandra Horowitz thinks that dogs could be trying to hear us better with those sideways looks.一位经营一家认知实验室的心理学家,Alexandra Horowitz认为侧眼看能使它们更好地倾听我们。Specifically, she thinks theyre tilting their heads to adjust the floppy parts of their ears, called pinnae, to get a better sense of where sounds are coming from.她认为们歪头是为了调整耳部的耷拉部分--耳廓,以便更好地分辨声音的来源。A third take from a dog trainer named Steven Lindsay, is that dogs tilt their heads because one part of their brain is involved in both listening and body language.第三种观点来自一位训师,Steven Lindsay。她认为歪头是因为它们大脑的一部分负责了听力和肢体语言两个区。We think a region called the nucleus ambiguus controls a dogs head movements, as well as the muscles in a dogs middle ear that help it perceive subtly different sounds.我们认为疑核区域控制着的头部动作以及中耳的肌肉,能帮助它们精确地察觉不同的声音。So Lindsay suggests that when your pup is listening, it cant help but show you with its body, too.因此,Lindsay认为,当你的在倾听时,它们会情不自禁的向你展示它们的肢体语言。We dont really know how accurate any of these guesses are, but we do know that dogs tilting their heads is real cute.我们并不清楚这些猜测是否准确,但是我们都认同歪头的动作太可爱啦。So to any animal psychologists out there: round up some puppies, do some research, and post more of these adorable s online... for science!所以建议我们的心理学家:养一些,做一些研究,然后上传更多可爱的视频...当然,为了科学嘛!Thanks for asking, and thanks especially to all of our patrons on Patreon who keep these answers coming.谢谢大家的提问,特别感谢Patreon上一直提问的观众。If youd like to submit questions to be answered, or get some s a few days early, go to patreon.com/scishow.欢迎登陆patreon.com/scishow向我们提问并观看我们的视频。And dont forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!另外,不要忘记去youtube.com/scishow订阅我们的栏目哟!201707/515889

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