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Dubai International Airport, one of the world’s busiest, was forced to suspend operations for nearly six hours yesterday after an Emirates passenger jet crash-landed and burst into flames in an incident that killed a firefighter.全球最忙碌的机场之一迪拜国际机场(Dubai International Airport)昨日被迫临时关闭近6个小时,此前一架阿联酋航空(Emirates)客机在紧急迫降后起火,事故导致一名消防员殉职。Emirates said all 282 passengers and 18 crew on board were safely evacuated from the Boeing 777, which had come from the southern Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram. However, Dubai’s Civil Aviation Authority later announced a firefighter died tackling the blaze.阿联酋航空表示,机上所有282名乘客以及18名机组人员从这架波音777(Boeing 777)客机安全撤离,该机是从印度南部城市蒂鲁文南特布勒姆起飞的。然而,迪拜民航局(Civil Aviation Authority)后来宣布,一名消防员在救火时丧生。Footage posted online showed the aircraft sliding along a runway at about 12.45pm on one wing, with its engine apparently detached. A section of the right wing then appeared to explode. Fuel tanks are located in both wings and the fuselage of modern jets.网上公布的影像资料显示,下午约12时45分,这架飞机一侧机翼倾斜,沿着一条跑道滑行,发动机明显脱离,接着右翼的一段似乎发生爆炸。现代飞机的油箱位于两个机翼和机身。It was not immediately clear what caused the crash but it appeared the aircraft’s landing gear failed on landing.目前还不清楚事故原因,但该机的起落架似乎在着陆时未能打开。The airport closed immediately but reopened at 6.30pm. Dozens of departures were cancelled and incoming flights were diverted to other airports in the Gulf. There were people from 20 countries among the passengers and crew of the plane, including 226 Indian nationals, 24 from the UK and 11 ed Arab Emirates citizens.迪拜国际机场随即关闭,但在下午6时30分重新开启。很多出站航班被取消,入站航班备降海湾地区其他机场。失事飞机上的乘客和机组人员来自20个国家,包括226名印度人、24名英国人以及11名阿联酋公民。DIA is the world’s busiest international airport by passenger numbers because of the rapid growth of Emirates, which uses the airport as its worldwide hub. It is particularly important for travellers going to and from south Asia.由于阿联酋航空的业务快速增长,按乘客数量计算,迪拜国际机场是全球最忙碌的国际机场。这家航空公司把这个机场作为其全球枢纽。该机场对于进出南亚的旅客尤为重要。The 777 has generally enjoyed an excellent safety record. Its first serious crash was in January 2008 when a British Airways 777 crash-landed at London’s Heathrow airport after fuel lines to both engines froze on approach. There were no casualties.波音777总体上拥有卓越的安全记录。这种机型首次发生严重事故是在2008年1月,当时一架英国航空(British Airways)的波音777客机在伦敦希斯罗机场紧急降落,因飞机在降落时通向两个发动机的油路结冰发生堵塞。当时没有人员伤亡。In December 2013, a 777 operated by Korea’s Asiana crashed on landing at San Francisco International Airport after the pilots misjudged their approach. Two passengers died.2013年12月,由于飞行员判断失误,一架由韩亚航空(Asiana)运营的波音777客机在旧金山国际机场(San Francisco International Airport)降落时坠毁,导致两名乘客死亡。Boeing said it was thankful the aircraft had been evacuated safely. A Boeing technical team was standing by to support investigators.波音表示,对于机上人员安全撤离感到欣慰。一个波音技术团队正待命准备援事故调查人员。 /201608/458770The latest report on the “global burden of disease” finds air pollution caused the premature deaths of 5.5 million people in 2013, with China just ahead of India in deaths and the two countries together accounting for more than half the global total. The findings were released Friday by scientists at the University of British Columbia and discussed today at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in Washington.关于“全球疾病负担”的最新报告发现,在2013年,空气污染导致550万人过早死亡,中国和印度加起来占了全球总数的一半以上,其中中国略高于印度。这项研究结果于上周五由不列颠哥伦比亚大学(University of British Columbia)的科学家发布。美国科学促进会(American Association for the Advancement of Science)今天在华盛顿的年度会议上对它进行了讨论。In China most deaths were urban and the result of pollution from coal-burning power plants. In India, the main danger is indoor cooking and heating fires fueled by dried dung or firewood. Here’s more on the work from the University of British Columbia, which teamed up on the study with the nonprofit Health Effects Institute:在中国,大多数死亡案例发生在城市,死因是燃煤电厂导致的污染。而在印度,主要危险是在室内燃料干牛粪或木柴用以烹饪和取暖。这项研究由不列颠哥伦比亚大学和非营利性组织健康影响研究所(Health Effects Institute)联合进行,内容还包括:About 1.6 million people died of air pollution in China and 1.4 million died in India in 2013.在2013年,中国有大约160万人死于空气污染,印度有140万。In China, burning coal is the biggest contributor to poor air quality. Qiao Ma, a PhD student at the School of Environment, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, found that outdoor air pollution from coal alone caused an estimated 366,000 deaths in China in 2013.在中国,烧煤是空气污染的最大元凶。北京清华大学环境专业士生马桥(音)发现,2013年,仅燃煤造成的室外空气污染就在中国导致约36.6万人死亡。Ma also calculated the expected number of premature deaths in China in the future if the country meets its current targets to restrict coal combustion and emissions through a combination of energy policies and pollution controls. She found that air pollution will cause anywhere from 990,000 to 1.3 million premature deaths in 2030 unless even more ambitious targets are introduced.马桥还计算了如果中国通过能源政策和污染控制方式限制了煤燃烧和排放,达到其当前目标,那么在未来中国可能会有多少人过早死亡。她发现,如果不制定更加严格的目标,那么在2030年,空气污染造成过早死亡人数将在99万到130万人之间。“Our study highlights the urgent need for even more aggressive strategies to reduce emissions from coal and from other sectors,” said Ma.“我们的研究突显了采取更加积极的策略,减少燃煤排放和其它排放的迫切性,”马桥说。In India, a major contributor to poor air quality is the practice of burning wood, dung and similar sources of biomass for cooking and heating. Millions of families, among the poorest in India, are regularly exposed to high levels of particulate matter in their own homes.在印度,使用木柴、牛粪及类似生物质来烹饪和取暖是空气污染的一大成因。在印度最贫穷的人口中,数以百万计的家庭经常在自己家中接触到高水平的颗粒物。“India needs a three-pronged mitigation approach to address industrial coal burning, open burning for agriculture, and household air pollution sources,” said Chandra Venkataraman, professor of Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, in Mumbai, India.“印度需要三管齐下的纾解方案,来解决工业燃煤、露天焚烧农业秸秆,家庭空气污染来源问题,”印度理工学院孟买分校(Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)的化学工程教授钱德拉·文卡塔拉曼(Chandra Venkataraman)说。 /201602/425879

LONDON — Members of the Driscoll family tend not to fight. If they do, it is over whose turn it is to vacuum.伦敦——德里斯科尔家的人一般不闹别扭。就算闹的话,争论的也是轮到谁去打扫卫生了。Leslie Driscoll, 55, sells hot cross buns in an English bakery in London and addresses her customers with “love” or “darling”; her husband, Peter, 54, works as a floor layer; their daughter, Louise, a 19-year-old with dyed blue hair, is a barista in a hip coffee shop.现年55岁的莱斯莉·德里斯科尔(Leslie Driscoll)在伦敦的一家英式烘培店销售热十字包,会用“亲爱的”或“宝贝儿”来招呼顾客。她的丈夫彼得(Peter)则是54岁,从事铺设地板的工作。他们19岁的女儿叫路易丝(Louise),头发染成了蓝色,在一家时髦咖啡店当咖啡调配师。But last week, the Driscolls fell out. Badly. They had an argument so big they did not speak to one another for days, Leslie Driscoll said. Shortly afterward, her husband went off in a huff to see friends up north, in Derby.然而上周的时候,德里斯科尔一家争吵起来。吵得不可开交。莱斯莉说,大家争得天翻地覆,好几天都相互不理。不久之后,丈夫就怒气冲冲地跑去北边的德比郡看朋友了 。The source of the family drama: whether Britain should remain part of the European Union, a process often referred to as “Brexit.”把家里弄得鸡飞跳的到底是什么呢?原来是英国是否应当留在欧盟。此事通常被称为“退欧”。With only days to go until the referendum on membership in the bloc on Thursday, polls suggest that the country is deeply split along socioeconomic and regional lines, with many older and working-class voters in England favoring leaving, and younger and better-educated Britons, and a majority of those in Scotland and Northern Ireland, favoring staying.离周四全民公决英国的欧盟成员国身份只差几天的时候,民意调查的结果显示,社会经济状况和地区差异让英国人的立场泾渭分明。许多年纪较长的英格兰蓝领选民主张退出欧盟,而年轻一些受过良好教育的大不列颠选民、大多数的苏格兰和北爱尔兰人则青睐留下。As the consequences of the choice come into focus for voters, tensions are bubbling. In the case of the Driscoll family, they are boiling over.随着这项选择的诸多后果成为选民关注的焦点,双方的矛盾也在酝酿。到了德里斯科尔一家这里,就彻底爆发了。“I completely disagree with her,” Louise Driscoll said on a recent afternoon, looking at her mother squarely in the face as they sat in a cafe. “We shouldn’t be leaving, like, an organization that has helped us more than we could ever help ourselves if we were to go it alone.”不久前的一个下午,路易丝坐在一家餐吧里,直视着母亲。“我完全不同意她的看法,”她说。“我们不应该离开。这个联盟对我们帮助巨大,假如就我们自己,是永远没办法做到这个程度的。”Louise is the only one in her family who wants Britain to remain. Her parents and her 80-year-old grandfather want out.路易丝是一家人里唯一希望英国留下的。她的父母和年过八旬的祖父都想要退出。“This is a little island,” her mother said matter-of-factly, lighting up a cigarette and letting the ash fall on her glittery sneakers. “We should look after our own first. Charity begins at home.”她的母亲点了一根香烟,任由烟灰落到亮闪闪的球鞋上。“我们是个小岛,”莱斯莉干巴巴地说。“应该首先照顾自己。慈爱始于家人。”“But we are all people!” Louise said. “We should help each other.”“可我们都是人啊!”路易丝说。“我们应该互相帮助。”“It don’t work that way, darling,” her mother replied, shaking her head. “If you’re born here, you pass as English. I don’t care whether you’re black, white, green or blue, or purple with pink spots on — you’re English.”“事情可不是这么办的,亲爱的,”她的母亲一边摇头一边回答。“如果你在这里出生,你就是英国人。我不管你肤色是黑是白是绿是蓝,还是紫底粉点——你就是英国人。”Those born abroad, Leslie Driscoll said, “have got their own governments, their own parliaments, whatever.”至于那些出生在其他地方的人,莱斯莉则表示他们“有自己的政府、自己的议会之类的”。Up and down the country, the debate over Europe is pitting husband against wife, children against parents, sisters against brothers, divisions unlikely to be healed easily after the referendum is decided.在英国上上下下,关于欧盟的争论让夫妻对立、子女与父母争执、手足交恶。就算公投之后,这样的分歧也不大可能轻易弥合。The debate over Britain’s continued membership in Europe has touched on issues as varied as immigration, terrorism, the economy, London’s housing shortage and the fate of the National Health Service.针对英国是否延续欧盟成员国身份的争论涉及各种各样的议题,包括移民、恐怖主义、经济、伦敦的住房短缺,以及国家医疗务体系(National Health Service)的命运。Some of these issues, like immigration, are directly related to the European Union. Others, like the shortage of affordable housing, have little to do with it.其中的一些议题直接与欧盟有关,比如移民。另外一些则没什么联系,比如经济实惠的房屋的供应短缺。Yet those distinctions are blurring. For many, the referendum is as much a chance to register displeasure with the country’s direction as it is an opportunity to reject or embrace Europe. The stance of some voters is being shaped by personal experience and anecdote.然而,这些区分是模糊的。对不少人来说,这次公投既是一个拒绝或投入欧洲怀抱的机会,也是一个表达对本国前进方向不满的由头。塑造部分选民立场的是他们的个人经历与际遇。There is, for example, a widesp perception that European citizens are flocking to Britain, especially from Eastern Europe, to take advantage of its social welfare system. But Britain’s welfare system is not as generous as those of many other European nations, and fewer than 7 percent of immigrants receive benefits.比方说,民众普遍认为,欧盟公民,尤其是东欧人,在涌向英国,为的是利用英国的社会福利系统。不过,英国的福利系统并没有许多欧盟国家慷慨,而且只有不到7%的移民在享受英国福利。Louise Driscoll voted for the Green Party in last year’s general election and was appalled that her mother, traditionally a Labour voter, had opted for the anti-Europe, anti-immigration U.K. Independence Party. (“Sorry, I know I’m a bit antiquated — can’t help it, love,” Leslie Driscoll replied, somewhat sheepishly, after her daughter uttered an expletive.)路易丝在去年的大选中投给了绿党(Green Party),很惊诧身为工党(Labour Party)传统选民的母亲转而投给反欧盟、反移民的英国独立党(U.K. Independence Party)。(听到女儿说了句脏话之后,莱斯莉有点难为情地回答,“对不起,我知道自己有点老派——没办法,亲爱的。”)Louise Driscoll said she understood the pressures that immigration placed on schools and hospitals. But leaving the EU worried her, she said, because it risked wrecking the economy and making it hard for young people to secure employment. It took her eight months to find work as a barista, she said.路易丝表示,她理解移民会对学校和医院系统造成压力。但她说,英国退出欧盟的做法让她担心,因为这会毁掉经济,并让年轻人难以找到工作。她花了八个月的时间才找到了咖啡师这份工作,她说。“If I wanted to work abroad, it would be a lot easier if England was in the EU,” Louise said.“假如我想出国工作的话,英格兰留在欧盟内就会让事情好办多了,”路易丝表示。Her mother suggested that Louise move to New York, possibly unaware of the paradox that this would make her an immigrant herself.母亲建议路易丝搬去纽约,她可能并未意识到这会让女儿也变成移民。In what sounded like a final plea, she said: “At the end of the day, the EU is going to affect my generation more than it will affect your generation. So shouldn’t it be down to us to decide whether or not to stay?”路易丝说:“到头来,欧盟对我这一代人的影响要大于对你们那一代的影响。那么,难道不应该由我们来决定是去是留吗?”这话听起来像是最后的说理由。Her mother fell silent and was thoughtful.莱斯莉陷入了沉默,若有所思。“I am 55 years of age,” she said slowly. “I know — I appreciate that in 50 years’ time, you’ll be here and I won’t, and you’ll have to put up with whatever’s happened.”“我有55岁了,”她慢慢地回答。“我知道——也很理解,50年后你们还在这里我却不在了,是你们来承担将来的事情。”She paused.她停顿了一下。“But I still want out,” she said. “Sorry.”“可我还是想退出,”她说。“不好意思。” /201606/450594

  Times are tough for liberal internationalists who believe in a combination of democracy, market economy and globalisation. 对于相信民主、市场经济和全球化的自由国际主义者来说,眼下的日子不好过。The ideology, faults and all, has proved its worth, but its defenders seem to have gone into hibernation.这种意识形态——无论功过是非——已明了它的价值,但它的卫士似乎已进入冬眠。Europe and North America are still by far the most prosperous continents. 欧洲和北美仍是遥遥领先的最繁荣的两个大陆。The combination of free trade and enterprise has lifted millions of people out of poverty over the past decades. 自由贸易与企业的组合在过去几十年让数百万人摆脱了贫困。Yet, attacks on such a system are coming from all directions. 然而,这套体系现在遭受着各个方向的攻击。Illiberal and protectionist European governments are commonplace. 保护主义和反自由主义的政府在欧洲已经相当常见。Britain is leaving the EU and the Wallonian parliament wanted to block a free trade agreement with Canada.英国将要脱离欧盟,比利时瓦隆大区的议会一度想要阻止欧盟与加拿大之间的自由贸易协定。The US presidential election symbolises everything that can be vulgar in democratic discourse. 美国总统选举象征着民主话语中一切粗俗的东西。Civility and substance have given way to insult and personal attack. 文明辩论和实质议题已让位于侮辱和人身攻击。When the US election becomes PG-rated, we know democracy is in trouble.当美国大选变成PG辅导级时,我们知道民主有麻烦了。Populists and nationalists are gaining ground. 民粹主义者和民族主义者正在抬头。The asylum crisis in Europe has led to an avalanche of racist and xenophobic movements that make the Austrian Freedom party of the late 1990s look like an international kindergarten. 欧洲难民危机引发了层出不穷的种族主义和仇外运动,使得上世纪90年代末的奥地利自由党(Freedom Party of Austria)相比之下像一所国际幼儿园。Donald Trump’s wall against Mexico would be a sick joke if he was not for real.唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)说要对墨西哥竖起围墙,这听上去像是个病态的玩笑——如果他不是当真的话。The leaders of authoritarian regimes must be looking at all this with schadenfreude. 威权政府的领导人肯定在幸灾乐祸地看着这一切。But should we lose hope and succumb to a new authoritarian, protectionist and nationalist world order? No — but resisting it will not be easy. 但是,我们应该失去希望,向一个威权的、保护主义和民族主义的世界新秩序低头吗?不,但抵制它并不容易,Here are three reasons why.原因有三点。First, populist and nationalist movements can be short lived, but this depends on how you deal with them. 首先,民粹主义和民族主义运动可能是短暂的,但这取决于你如何对待它们。During the interwar period, European leaders allowed nationalist movements to emerge. 两次世界大战期间,欧洲领导人曾放纵民族主义运动涌现,The reaction was too little and too late. 他们的反制行动太少也太晚,The consequences were dire.酿成了灾难性后果。The litmus test for the moderate centre in 2016 is how it treats the current populist movements. 对2016年的温和中间派来说,关键考验是如何应对当前的民粹主义运动。Finland, for example, has chosen to give the rightwing True Finns responsibility in government. 芬兰已选择将一部分政府职责交由右翼的正统芬兰人党(True Finns)。With power come difficult decisions, and as a consequence, policies of immigration, austerity and bailouts have halved the party’s popularity.权力伴随着棘手决策,其后果是,移民、紧缩以及纾困政策导致该党人气减半。Others, such as Sweden, have chosen to keep the Sweden Democrats outside government — and have seen their support soar since the 2014 election. 其他国家,比如瑞典,选择将瑞典民主党(Sweden Democrats)挡在政府门外,结果自2014年大选以来该党人气飙升。There is probably no single solution to every European country’s problems, but one thing is for sure: you have to listen to and engage with the populist movements before it is too late.欧洲各国的问题很可能没有单一的解决方案,但有一点是肯定的:你必须去倾听、去接触民粹主义运动,以免为时过晚。Second, market economies have a tendency to bounce back. 第二,市场经济有反弹倾向。And when they do, the pressure on democratic governance deflates. 而当市场经济果真反弹时,民主治理的压力就会减小,There is less of a need to vent frustrations on ruling governments and seek solutions from extremes, be they from the right or the left.人们将不再觉得有必要向现政府发泄不满,或者寄望极端势力(无论是极右还是极左)提供出路。There are some who contest the link between economic growth and responsible democracy. 有些人质疑经济增长与负责任的民主政体之间的联系。Many governments were toppled in the aftermath of the financial crisis that began in 2008. 始于2008年的金融危机掀翻了许多政府,Yet others showed resilience. 但其他国家展现了韧性。With eight years of government experience I can say that life in politics is a lot easier when the economy is growing.凭借八年的执政经验,我敢说当经济增长时,政治生涯会容易许多。Europe might be facing an extended period of low growth, but probably nothing as severe as we saw in the 2008 crisis. 欧洲可能面临长期的低增长,但很可能没有我们在2008年金融危机中见到的那么严重。The question is how this growth is shared out in welfare states. 问题在于如何在福利国家体制下分享这种增长?Will the distribution be perceived as fair or unfair by those who have been told of the virtues of global capitalism?那些一直被告知全球资本主义优越性的人将如何看待这种分配,他们会觉得公平还是不公?Third, technological development will accelerate globalisation. 第三,科技发展将加速全球化。Politicians and policymakers must understand the impact of the fourth industrial revolution — artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, 3D-printing and digitalisation. 政治人士和政策制定者必须对第四次工业革命——人工智能、机器人、物联网、3D打印和数字化——的影响有所认知。It will disrupt everything from labour markets to trade relations. 这场革命将对从劳动力市场到贸易关系的一切方面造成扰乱。The good news is that technology will make the life of authoritarian regimes more difficult (save surveillance). 好消息是科技将令威权政府的日子更加难过(除了监视)。A smartphone in the hand of everyone around the world becomes a powerful tool against any centralisation of government.世界各国人手一部的智能手机成为反抗政府集权的强大工具。The bad news is that the new machine age will wipe out vast swaths of both white- and blue-collar jobs — everything from taxi and bus drivers to X-ray specialists and market analysts. 坏消息是新的机器时代将淘汰大批蓝领和白领工作——从出租车和公共汽车司机,到X光专家和市场分析师。The challenge for legislators is how to cope with this radical shift in the labour market.立法者的挑战是如何应对劳动市场的这种根本性转变。Liberal internationalists should not lose faith. 自由国际主义者不应失去信心。At the end of the day it is a question of how we adapt to change and whether we have the courage to defend freedom and democracy. 归根到底,最终问题是我们要如何适应变化,以及我们是否有勇气去捍卫自由和民主。In the cacophony coming from social and mainstream media this will not be easy. 在社交媒体和主流媒体制造的喧嚣噪音中,想做到这点并不容易。The desire to go with the perceived flow is tempting.随波逐流的愿望是诱人的。I believe human beings are rational; we are able to figure out what is best for us. 我相信人类是理性的,我们能够弄懂什么对自己最好。If history is anything to go by, authoritarian rule, protectionism and nationalism will fail in the long run. 如果历史经验还靠得住的话,威权统治、保护主义和民族主义长期而言必将失败,But in the short run they can do a lot of damage. 但短期内它们可能造成很大伤害。Democracy, the market economy and globalisation are worth defending. 民主、市场经济和全球化值得捍卫。To survive they must adapt to a world revolution happening faster than any before.要生存下来,它们必须适应一场比以往更迅速的全球革命。 /201611/476270


  China is moving to curb overvaluing and over-emphasis on TV stars during the purchase and broadcast of TV dramas, according to a circular issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT).根据国家新闻出版广电总局日前发布的一项通知,我国将遏制电视剧购播工作中对电视明星估价过高、过分强调的行为。The circular banned broadcasters from nominating actor, defining the range of actors for selection, or fixing the price based on the stars involved when they purchase or broadcast TV dramas.根据通知,广播电视播出机构不得在电视剧购播工作中指定演员、划定演员范围、以明星为议价标准。They should also avoid overhyping stars during the promotion of TV dramas, the administration said, adding that the shows#39; ideological significance, artistic style, production quality and teamwork should be highlighted instead.广电总局称,广播电视播出机构还应避免在电视剧宣传工作中对明星进行过度炒作,并称要转而着重突出电视剧的思想价值、艺术风格、制作品质以及团队参与情况。;A few TV stations have been pricing TV dramas simply based on the stars involved, which led to an unreasonable composition in the budget and an imbalance in distribution,; the circular s. ;It hampers the industry#39;s healthy and orderly development.;通知称,一些电视台单纯以参演明星为电视剧议价标准,导致成本结构不合理、分配比例失衡,影响到行业健康有序发展。The SAPPRFT asked broadcasters to appraise TV dramas in a comprehensive way with their quality as the core criterion.广电总局要求广播电视播出机构对电视剧实行综合评价,以品质评价为核心标准。 /201610/469583

  The Republican party’s unease over Donald Trump as its presidential candidate broke into the open yesterday as Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first woman to sew up the Democratic nomination.美国共和党对唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)成为本党总统候选人的担忧昨日公开化,同时希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)成为美国历史上首位获得民主党总统候选人提名的女性。Mrs Clinton’s accomplishment in securing the 2,383 delegates she needs to become her party’s candidate was overshadowed by swelling rancour within Republican ranks over Mr Trump’s attacks on a Hispanic-American judge overseeing a lawsuit against now-defunct Trump University. The billionaire businessman has accused Judge Gonzalo Curiel of being biased because of his Mexican heritage. 希拉里成功获得了候选人提名所需的2383张选举人票,但比这一成就更引人瞩目的是,对于特朗普抨击一名负责审理现已不再运营的“特朗普大学”(Trump University)案件的西语裔美国法官,共和党人士纷纷表示不满。这位亿万富翁商人指责贡萨洛#8226;库列尔(Gonzalo Curiel)法官因其墨西哥血统而存在偏见。House Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to distance himself from Mr Trump, criticising the businessman’s comments in forthright terms. “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment,” Mr Ryan said.众议院议长保罗#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)试图与特朗普划清界限,他直言不讳地批评了特朗普的言论。瑞安表示:“宣称一个人因其种族而无法胜任工作,有些像是教科书定义的种族主义言论。”The acrimony within the Republican camp handed further momentum to Mrs Clinton just as she was finally emerging victorious from a bruising primary campaign against Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator, and preparing to bring her fire to bear fully on Mr Trump.共和党阵营内部的恶言相向为希拉里提供了进一步的动能。希拉里恰好终于在与佛蒙特州参议员伯尼#8226;桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)的激烈初选中胜出,准备与特朗普展开全面较量。Mr Ryan, who endorsed Mr Trump’s candidacy only last week, said his comments about Judge Curiel were “absolutely unacceptable”.瑞安上周刚持特朗普竞选总统。他表示,特朗普关于库列尔的言论“完全让人无法接受”。More than half a dozen leading Republican figures have publicly disavowed Mr Trump’s remarks and Mr Ryan’s verdict underlined the deep concern among Republicans about the damage Mr Trump’s comments could do to their standing among the increasingly powerful Latino electorate.至少6名共和党大佬公开表示特朗普的言论不代表他们的立场,瑞安的声明突显出,在拉美裔选民影响力日益上升之际,共和党内部对特朗普言论对该党人气可能造成的破坏深感忧虑。 /201606/448713Consumers in China will be entitled to a full refund on unsatisfactory products purchased online, even if the packages have been unsealed, under a draft regulation that protects buyers#39; rights.根据一项保护消费者权益的条例草案,对于不尽人意的网购商品,我国消费者有权获得全额退款,即使包裹已拆封。The latest draft, released by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, is based on China#39;s consumer protection law. Public opinion is being sought until Sept 5.国家工商总局近日发布了这项基于我国的消费者权益保护法的最新草案。目前相关部门正就草案公开征求意见,截止日期为9月5日。The draft says businesses must provide refunds to consumers within seven days of receiving returned products.根据草案,商家必须在收到退回商品7天内给消费者退款。The returned goods must be intact. Goods whose packages have been opened for inspection or goods that have been tested only for inspection of quality and function are considered intact, the draft says.退回商品必须完好无损。草案称,出于查验目的而被拆封的商品,或仅被查验过品质和功能的商品被视为完好。The rule does not apply to several types of goods such as those that can pose hazards to personal safety or health after opened, or perishable goods that are near their expiration dates, it says.规定不适用于几类商品,比如拆封后会影响人身安全或健康的商品,或临近保质期的易变质商品。Under China#39;s consumer rights protection law, revised in 2014, consumers can return goods for up to seven days, and get a refund for items that fail quality standards.根据2014年修订的中国消费者权益保护法,消费者可以在最多七天之内退货,并获得没有达到质量标准产品的退款。Wu Jingming, an associate professor in economic law at China University of Political Science and Law who participated in the formulation of the draft, said this is the first draft regulation in China that specifies clearly that goods bought online can be returned for a refund, even if the packages have been opened.参加了制定该草案的中国政法大学经济法学副教授吴景明表示,这是中国第一个明确规定网上购买的商品,即使已经打开包装也可退还退款的草案。;The regulation is scheduled by the State Council to be adopted in October, though there are likely to be some changes made to the draft,; he said.他说道:“虽然这个草案很有可能会有多处更改,但是按照计划,该条例会于今年十月由国务院获批通过。” /201608/460393A disgruntled Chinese investor has stabbed the chief executive of an asset management company, the latest sign of escalating tension in the country’s financial system amid rising defaults.一位心怀不满的中国投资者捅伤一家中国资产管理公司的首席执行官,这一最新迹象表明,随着违约增多,中国金融体系紧张升级。Wang Jie, chief executive officer of Global Wealth Investment (Beijing), was rushed to hospital after an investor stabbed him during a meeting on Sunday, opening a wound of about 15cm in his shoulder, according to Caixin, a respected financial news website. The alleged assailant had invested Rmb300,000 (,300) in a wealth management product that failed to pay out as promised.据受尊敬的财经新闻网站财新(Caixin)报道,环球巨富(北京)投资有限公司(Global Wealth Investment,以下简称环球巨富)首席执行官王杰在上周日的一次会议期间被一名投资者捅伤,随即被送至医院,伤口位于左肩往下,有15厘米长。作案嫌疑人曾在该公司一款理财产品投资30万元人民币(合4.73万美元),但该产品未能如约兑付。The incident stems from the collapse of Hebei Financing Investment Guarantee Group, one of China’s largest state-backed guarantors. Global Wealth and other financial institutions sold investment products backed by loans guaranteed by Hebei Financing.这一事件源自中国最大国有担保公司之一河北融投(Hebei Financing Investment Guarantee Group)破产。环球巨富和其他金融机构出售由河北融投担保的贷款持的投资产品。In August, a group of 11 non-bank lenders wrote to top Communist party officials in Hebei province warning of “unnecessary social influence” if the government failed to bail out Hebei Financing and thus enable the guarantor to honour its obligations and insulate investors from losses.今年8月,11家非贷款机构组成的团体致信河北省政府官员,警告称,如果政府无法救助河北融投,让这家担保公司履行其义务并让投资者避免损失,就有可能产生“不必要的社会影响”。Mr Wang also wrote separately to Hebei officials that same month, noting that Hebei Financing had failed to honour guarantees on loan defaults by five companies worth Rmb227m and affecting 660 investors in Global Wealth products. Caixin said the amount owed to Global Wealth by the guarantor is now Rmb620m.同月,王杰还曾另外致信河北省政府官员,指出河北融投未能履行5家公司贷款的违约担保责任,涉及2.27亿元人民币贷款,影响环球巨富660位投资者。财新表示,环球巨富涉及河北融投项目资金约6.2亿元人民币。High-yielding wealth management products have surged in popularity since 2010 as investors sought alternatives to a frothy property sector, volatile stock market and bank deposits on which interest rates are subject to government caps. The proceeds of such products typically flow to higher-risk borrowers unable to obtain bank loans or issue bonds.自2010年以来,高收益理财产品的受欢迎程度飙升,面对起泡的房地产市场、波动的股市以及利率受到政府上限控制的存款等投资渠道,投资者纷纷寻找替代投资方式。这些产品的筹资所得一般流向无法获得贷款或发行债券的高风险借款者。Intense demand for high-yield products, combined with loose regulation, has also created opportunities for outright hucksterism and fraud, sparking widesp protests.对高收益理财产品的旺盛需求,再加上监管宽松,也为兜售和欺诈制造了机会,引发多起抗议。Global Wealth has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Phone calls and emails to the company went unanswered on Tuesday. The company’s office in Beijing was locked. A note taped to the door said a “criminal incident” had occurred there on Sunday but did not elaborate.环球巨富迄今没有被指控存在任何过错。周二打给该公司的电话以及发送的邮件均未得到回复。该公司位于北京的办公室已锁门。贴在大门上的一则通知写着,上周日该地点发生一起“犯罪事件”,但没有详细说明。Hebei Financing guaranteed loans by Global Wealth to steel, glass and paper manufacturers as well as to a commercial property development.河北融投为环球巨富发放给钢铁、玻璃和造纸制造商以及一个商业地产开发项目的贷款提供担保。China’s property and basic manufacturing sectors are grappling with oversupply and falling prices as the economy slows. Rust-belt regions like Hebei province, in north China near Beijing, have been especially hard hit.随着经济放缓,中国房地产行业和基础制造业正努力应对供应过剩和价格下跌问题。像环绕北京的河北省这种不景气的华北工业地区受到的打击尤为严重。In early September, Hebei officials published a “risk disposal” plan to deal with the fallout from the guarantor’s collapse, but it was short on detail and so far creditors remain unpaid.今年9月初,河北政府官员公布了一个“风险处置”计划以应对河北融投破产的影响,但详细内容不多,而且到目前为止,债权人仍未获得偿付。Hebei Finance owes around Rmb50bn to various institutions.多个金融机构涉及河北融投项目资金约500亿元人民币。Mr Wang was meeting with investors on Sunday to update them on efforts to recoup lost funds when he was stabbed. The alleged assailant had been sitting next to him at the meeting and initially acted normally, Caixin reported a witness as saying.上周日,王杰在与投资者开会、汇报追回损失资金的最新进展时被捅伤。财新援引一位目击者的话说,嫌疑人“假装没有任何事情,坐在王总身边”。Mr Wang’s condition was initially life-threatening but had stabilised by midday on Monday, according to Caixin.据财新报道,王杰被捅至重伤,起初有生命危险,周一中午12点左右才脱险。 /201510/403790


  Not only does it share the rude taxi drivers, freezing winters and crowded metro carriages; Beijing now matches New York for billionaires, according to one annual ranking.根据一项年度排名,如今北京和纽约的共同之处不仅包括了粗鲁的出租车司机、寒冷的冬季和拥挤的城铁车厢,还在亿万富翁的人数方面赶超纽约。With 32 newly minted super-rich in the past year, China’s capital has become the billionaire capital of the world, the latest Hurun Global Rich List says, with a total of 100 to the Big Apple’s 95.最新一期的胡润全球富豪榜(Hurun Global Rich List)表示,算上过去一年新出现的32位超级富豪,北京已成为全球亿万富翁之都,总计100名超级富豪超过了纽约的95人。Despite its economic slowdown, more fortunes are being made in China than anywhere else in world, according to the report. The mainland added 74 dollar billionaires in the year to January 16 — more than in either of the previous two years — to make a total of 470.根据这份报告,尽管中国经济放缓,中国制造的财富却超过了全球其他所有地区。在截至1月16日的一年里,中国内地新增了74位身价至少10亿美元的亿万富翁——超过了之前两年的任何一年,令总人数达到470人。“We believe the boom in Chinese billionaires mostly happened in June 2015 after the stock market boom,” Rupert Hoogewerf, the creator of the list, told the Financial Times, explaining that China’s super-rich weathered the subsequent stock market collapse.该富豪榜的创始人胡润(Rupert Hoogewerf)向英国《金融时报》表示:“我们认为中国的亿万富翁人数激增主要发生在股市暴涨后的2015年6月。”他解释说,中国的超级富豪们挺过了随后的股市崩盘。Greater China, which includes the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, ranks above the US as the region with the highest number of billionaires, counting 568, an increase of 90 from last year. The US clocks in with 535 billionaires, two fewer than last year.包括中国内地、香港和台湾在内的大中华区,排名超过了美国,成为拥有亿万富翁人数最多的地区,其拥有的亿万富翁人数为568人,比去年增加了90人。美国则有535名亿万富翁,比去年少了两人。Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, remains Greater China’s richest person with a net worth of bn, just bn more than Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong tycoon.万达集团(Wanda Group)董事长王健林依然是大中华区最富有的人,财富净值达260亿美元,只比香港富豪李嘉诚高了10亿美元。In addition to Beijing, Greater China accounts for four more of the world’s top 10 billionaire cities. Shanghai (50), Shenzhen (46) and Hangzhou (32) have risen up the ranks, while Hong Kong is down seven with 64.除了北京,大中华区还占了全球十大富豪城市的另外四个:上海(拥有50名富豪)、深圳(拥有46名富豪)、杭州(拥有32名富豪)排名均有所上升,而香港的富豪人数则减少了7人,至64人。The combined net worth of the Greater Chinese billionaires is .4tn, just under an eighth of the region’s combined 2015 gross domestic product.大中华区亿万富翁的总财富净值为1.4万亿美元,略低于该地区2015年国内生产总值(GDP)总和的八分之一。China’s growing clout in the rankings is even starker in the world of female “self-made” billionaires, according to Hurun, where the country dominates with 93 of the global total of 124.根据胡润报告,中国在排行榜中地位的上升,在女性“白手起家”亿万富翁这一块表现得更加突出,全球此类富豪总人数只有124人,中国以93人占据了绝对优势。The report also lists the number of global billionaires of Greater Chinese origin, bringing the total number to 630 — 29 per cent of the worldwide figure of 2,188.该报告还列出了全球源自大中华区的亿万富翁人数,其总人数达到630人,占全球总人数2188的29%。 /201603/429063

  European enclave欧洲飞地Another model for London would be for it to assert the European identity it has developed in the past 20 years by becoming a European enclave within an otherwise Eurosceptic Britain. The model for that is West Berlin, which survived as an enclave in hostile East Germany after the Berlin Wall was built. West Berlin was connected to West Germany by a narrow strip of railway line; that role would be assigned to the high-speed line to the Channel tunnel.对伦敦来说,还有一条路。那就是坚守过去20年来形成的欧洲身份认同,成为一块欧洲的飞地,即使英国其他地区都怀疑欧洲。西柏林就是一个例子。在柏林墙修建起来以后,西柏林就成了敌意重重的东德中的一块飞地。西柏林仅仅依靠一条狭长的铁路线与西德联系;而穿越英吉利海峡隧道的高速铁路将扮演起这个角色。London could only become a European enclave thanks to quite a lot of creativity about what it means to be a citizen. As proposed by Rohan Silva, founder of the tech co-workspace Second Home, London could have its own visa system, which would allow for freedom of movement between London and the EU, so long as people lived and worked in London. Presumably this would have to be matched by complex arrangements over London’s access to the single market and contributions to the EU budget. One leading London politician described the visa plan thus: “It is an absolutely bonkers idea. We are 100 per cent behind it.”只有在定义公民方面发挥极大创意,才有可能使伦敦成为一个欧洲飞地。科技共同工作空间Second Home创始人罗恩#8226;席尔瓦(Rohan Silva)提议,伦敦可以实施一套自己的签制度,允许人员在伦敦和欧盟之间自由流动,只要人们在伦敦生活和工作。那么,在伦敦进入单一市场和对欧盟财政的贡献方面,想必需要复杂的安排来作为配套。伦敦的一名主要政治人士对这个签计划的描述如下:“这绝对是一个疯狂的主意。我们100%持。”The UK might have to reimagine London as a “special European economic zone”, much as Shenzhen was China’s portal to the rest of the world. An alternative might be that London, like US immigration gateway cities such as Charlotte, North Carolina, could create its own identity card to entitle people to use local services even if they do not have full citizenship. People who did not get past the new points-based immigration system would be like the metics in ancient Athens: aliens who were permanently resident in the city.英国可能不得不再次把伦敦想象成“欧洲经济特区”,就像深圳作为中国面向世界其他地方的门户一样。一个替代方案是,伦敦可以效仿像美国北卡罗来纳州的夏洛特(Charlotte)这样的移民门户城市,发放本地区自己的身份,让没有正式获得英国国籍的人也能使用当地的务。在积分制移民新政下没有攒够分数的人们就像是古代雅典的外邦人:永久居留在这座城市的外来人员。None of this will be possible, however, unless the UK becomes even more of a patchwork state of devolved powers to nations, regions and cities, something a Theresa May-led government is unwilling to countenance even with former London Mayor Boris Johnson as foreign secretary. George Osborne was the great decentraliser. To force such a shift, London would have to become much more organised politically and mobilise a movement for independence, perhaps in alliance with other pro-European cities like Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol.然而,除非英国将权力下放给各构成国、各地区和各城市,变成一个更加松散的国家,否则以上这些情况都是不可能的。而由特里萨#8226;梅(Theresa May)领导的英国政府并不愿持这种松散组合,即使担任外长的是前伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)。前财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)是坚定的去中心化人士。要强行推动这样的转变,伦敦的组织形式必须更有政治性,并且发起一场独立运动,或许还可以和其他亲欧洲城市,如剑桥(Cambridge)、牛津(Oxford)、布里斯托(Bristol)联合起来。The hovercraft city漂浮城市A fourth option would be to imagine London hovering just above the territory of the UK, a global city-state governed by British law, like Singapore.第四个选项是想象伦敦只是漂浮在英国的版图之上,受到英国法律管辖的全球化城邦,和新加坡类似。London will respond to this current crisis in the way a great trading city always does, by following the money. The money is all coming from Asia. The people who see Brexit as an opportunity are Chinese and other Asian investors who want to snap up London property companies, heritage brands and tech companies. Central London at times aly resembles Dubai-on-Thames. It could become Shangdon.对于当前的危机,伦敦会以一个伟大贸易城市的一贯做法来应对——跟着资金走。目前资金都从亚洲来。把英国退欧视为机会、想要抢购伦敦的地产公司、历史悠久的品牌和科技公司的,正是中国和亚洲其他地方的投资者。伦敦市中心已经时不时像是泰晤士河上的迪拜。它也可以变成第二个山东。Seen in this light, Brexit might be a blessing in disguise for London. An ageing Europe is gripped by slow growth and German-led austerity. Employment in banks has aly passed its high point as artificial intelligence starts to lay waste to trading floors.从这个角度来看,英国退欧可能会让伦敦因祸得福。日渐老龄化的欧洲已经被经济增长缓慢和由德国主导的紧缩所束缚。的就业高峰已经过去,因为人工智能开始让交易大厅变成无用之地。This could be a chance for London to jump on to a different trajectory. Its strength is that it is a pragmatic, commercial trading city that gives shape to whatever forces are running through the world. Just as Miami is a largely Latin American city on the southern tip of the US, so London could become an Asian outpost in Europe.对伦敦来说,这可能是转向截然不同的发展路径的机会。伦敦的长处在于它是一个务实的商业贸易城市,可以帮助塑造在世界各地蔓延的任何力量。就像迈阿密大体上是一个位于美国南端的拉美城市,伦敦也可以变成欧洲的亚洲前哨。This shift would require London to follow its own foreign policy. It would have to be prepared to embrace Asian companies, values and culture in a way it has only played with so far. Shanghai was once a western enclave in China; London might become a Chinese enclave in Europe. We are just getting used to the idea of Chinese tourists; we will have to get used to the idea of Chinese landlords, owners and employers. Suck it up.这种转变可能需要伦敦实行自己的外交政策。伦敦必须准备好接纳亚洲的企业、价值观和文化,在这方面,迄今为止伦敦只是漫不经心。上海一度是中国的西方飞地;伦敦也可能变成欧洲的中国飞地。我们正在习惯中国游客的想法;我们以后也会习惯中国房东、业主和雇主的想法。接受这个事实吧。Muddling through挺过危机The most likely and perhaps the most optimistic scenario is that everyone muddles through, in Europe, in the UK and in London, perhaps with aspects of all four of the previous scenarios in play at the same time. This London would be part of a UK that would still be an associate member of the EU albeit on strained terms. A model for this is Greece and a model for London might be what has happened to Athens.最有可能发生,同时也是最乐观的情景是,无论是在欧洲,在英国,还是在伦敦,每个人都凑合着对付过去,与此同时,上述4种情景的一些方面也可能出现。在这种情况下,英国依然是欧盟的准成员,尽管条件会很严格,而伦敦是这样的英国的一部分。对此可参照希腊,伦敦则可以参照雅典。The Conservative party now faces a challenge not unlike the Syriza-led government in Greece, which threatened to pull out of the eurozone over the punitive terms of the bailout. Syriza, led by Alexis Tsipras, campaigned strongly against the plan, winning elections on that ticket in 2015. However, the exit deal offered by the EU was so unappealing that eventually most of Syriza swallowed its pride and decided to stay in the fold. The party split as a result. Surely the EU will play the UK the same way: offering it a deal so bad that choosing to remain seems the better option.英国保守党现在面临的挑战与激进左翼联盟(Syriza)领导的希腊政府所之前面临的挑战很相似,后者因为纾困方案中的惩罚性条款威胁退出欧元区。亚历克西斯#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)领导的激进左翼联盟激烈反对这一计划,并借此在2015年赢得大选。然而,欧盟提出的退出方案太缺乏吸引力,最终大多数激进左翼联盟人士都放下自尊,决定留在欧盟。结果是该党出现了分裂。欧盟肯定也会对英国使出这一招:提供一个非常糟糕的方案,使得选择留欧似乎是一个更好的选择。If Brexit negotiations are drawn out; if the Leavers grow remorseful and distracted; if the terms offered are deeply unattractive, then the question of leaving the EU might once again become a dispute confined to the ranks of the Tory party and its splinter groups.如果英国退欧协商旷日持久地进行下去;如果脱欧人士开始后悔,注意力也被其他事情分散;如果欧盟提供的退欧条款极度缺乏吸引力,那么退出欧盟的问题可能会再次变成一场局限在保守党及其分裂的派别之中的争论。Athens, under the leadership of Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, has been a model of civic resilience during these crises. Not only has it had to cope with existential economic and political crises, but with an influx of refugees as well. Athens has come through, albeit with its port of Piraeus majority-owned by the Chinese government, thanks in no small part to a mass of collaborative self-help among citizens to take over the running of parks, public spaces and cultural institutions, inspired by Amalia Zepou, a documentary film-maker-turned-politician. London will have to be like Athens, resilient enough to cope, make do and get through the next few years before something akin to normality and common sense returns.在市长乔治#8226;卡米尼斯(Giorgos Kaminis)的领导下,雅典在这些危机中成为了城市韧性的典范。雅典不仅需要应对关乎存亡的经济和政治危机,还要同时应对涌入的难民。尽管比雷埃夫斯港(Piraeus)由中国政府持有多数股权,在纪录片制作人出身的政治人士阿马利娅#8226;泽普(Amalia Zepou)的启发下,市民之间进行大规模的协同自救,接手公园、公共空间、文化机构的运营,这起到了相当大的作用,让雅典挺过了这些危机。伦敦必须效仿雅典,有足够的韧性去应对、将就、度过接下来的几年,直到类似常态和常识的东西再度回归。‘The flour of Cities all’“众城之精粹”Whichever of these scenarios comes to pass, given the shock that London has experienced over the past few weeks, a few things have become clear.不管今后会发生以上哪一种情景,考虑到伦敦在过去数周经历的冲击,有几点显而易见。First, London will need new levels of ambitious, shared leadership and not just from the mayor. London’s universities should be pooling their expertise to chart a better future for the city. Cultural institutions should start programmes to promote European culture and values. London needs to show the world through thousands of everyday acts that the city remains open, a place where minorities are not just succoured but celebrated. This is an extraordinary opportunity for London’s leadership to galvanise a city that was close to self-satisfied complacency. The challenge and so the opportunity is far greater than the easy wicket Mayor Johnson enjoyed with the 2012 Olympics.首先,伦敦需要全新水准的有抱负的集体领导,不应该只由市长来行使领导权。伦敦的大学应该集思广益,为这座城市描绘一个更美好的将来。文化机构应该启动推广欧洲文化和价值观的项目。伦敦需要通过成千上万种日常行动向全世界展示,伦敦依然是一个开放的城市,少数群体不仅能在这里得到帮助,还会受到欢迎。在这个已经近乎自鸣得意的城市,现在是该市领导者激发人们行动起来的绝佳机会。其中的挑战比前伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊在2012年奥林匹克轻易达成目标的过程中遇到的挑战要大得多,但因此其中的机遇也要大得多。Second, other European cities tempted to gloat at London’s travails should recognise that the faultline between more cosmopolitan, innovation-driven cities and their more nationalistic, cautious hinterlands now runs around the globe. Major cities in different countries share as much with one another as they do with the nations that host them. There’s a strong case for the recreation of the medieval Hanseatic League of free-trading northern Europe cities, of which London was one. European cities have a strong shared interest in a civic, open, cosmopolitan Europe. If cities are held hostage by the forces of provincial conservatism and nationalism then Europe has no future.第二,其他忍不住为伦敦的困境而幸灾乐祸的欧洲城市应该认识到,更国际化、创新驱动型的城市和更具民族主义色、更谨慎的内陆城市之间的断层线现在贯穿全球各地。不同国家的主要城市之间彼此的共同点,就如这些城市和它们所在国家之间的共同点一样多。有充分理由重建中世纪欧洲北部城市之间自由贸易的汉萨同盟(Hanseatic League),伦敦也是当年的汉萨同盟中的一员。一个市民化的、开放、国际化的欧洲非常符合欧洲各城市的共同利益。如果城市被地方保守主义和民族主义的势力挟持,欧洲就没有未来。Third, London has a prodigious capacity for reinvention, precisely because it is messy, slightly chaotic and not overly planned. Above all it must remain a polyglot city, what the 16th-century poet William Dunbar described as “the flour of Cities all”.第三,伦敦有惊人的再造能力,这正是因为伦敦有些混乱无序,并没有被过分规划。最重要的是,伦敦必须保持自己的多语性,就像16世纪的诗人威廉#8226;邓巴(William Dunbar)所说的,伦敦是“众城之精粹”(London, thou art the flour of Cities all)。London is not a place for people to feel sorry for themselves. No one owes the city a living. London must be a city for people excited by mixing with people who are different. Those who find that alarming should live quietly in Arcadian suburbs and provincial towns. Good on them. They should leave London to pursue its own role to give form to the ideas and forces that are remaking the world.伦敦不是一个适合人们自怨自艾的城市。没人欠这座城市什么,以至于必须无偿供养它。伦敦必须是这样一座城市,人们会因为和与自己不一样的人相处而感到兴奋。那些对此感到惊慌的人们应该在郊区和城镇过着田园牧歌式的平静生活。这对他们挺好的。他们应该让伦敦去扮演自己的角色,即塑造在当下改变世界的思想和力量。 /201608/459578。


  All Chinese living below the poverty line in rural areas will have access to basic medical care and other health services ;close to; the national average by 2020, according to a guideline released by 15 central government departments.根据15个中央部委联合发布的指导意见,到2020年,我国农村所有生活在贫困线以下的人口将可享受“接近”全国平均水平的基本医疗和其他卫生务。The government will mobilize various social resources and take more precise measures to support the development of health and medical care services in poor areas, the guideline said.指导意见称,政府将调动各项社会资源,采取更为精准的措施来持贫困地区的卫生医疗务发展。The health poverty alleviation project is part of a national strategy to ensure that all people living below the poverty line in China climb out by 2020, the guideline said.该指导意见还指出,健康扶贫项目是一项国家战略的一部分,以确保中国所有生活在贫困线以下的人的在2020年之前脱困。To help impoverished regions gain access to more health resources, the government will increase subsidies for insurance for the rural poor and encourage the private sector and nongovernmental organizations to invest in poor regions.为了帮助贫困地区获得更多卫生资源,政府将提高农村贫困人口的保险补贴,并鼓励民营和非政府组织对贫困地区进行投资。Medical resources such as hospitals and doctors are seriously lacking in the 832 counties with the largest number of poor people, a major gap between supply and demand.包括医院和医生在内的医疗资源,在拥有最多贫困人口的832个县中严重缺乏,供求之间有一个相当大的差距。It also requires medical services to be improved and medical insurance and social security systems to be streamlined.此外,该指导意见还要求对医疗务进行改善,并对医疗保险和社会保险制度进行简化。 /201606/452027

  Dwight D Eisenhower left the White House in 1961 cautioning against the designs of the military-industrial complex assembled to confront the Soviet Union. Barack Obama sees a real and present danger in a Washington foreign policy establishment inclined to set military intervention as the default option. 德怀特#8226;D#8226;艾森豪威尔(Dwight D Eisenhower) 1961年离开白宫时,曾告诫美国人要警惕为对抗苏联而打造的军工复合体设计。巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)认为,华盛顿的外交政策体制内人士构成真实且迫在眉睫的危险,这些人倾向于把军事干预当作默认选项。 Mr Obama likes to recall Eisenhower’s view of war as mankind’s “most tragic and stupid folly”. He has resolutely resisted what his Republican predecessor once called a “recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly action could become the miraculous solution to all current difficulties”. 奥巴马喜欢援引艾森豪威尔的战争观,即战争是人类“最可悲最愚蠢的胡闹”。他坚决抵制他的共和党前任所称的一种“反复出现的诱惑——认为某些壮观的、代价高昂的行动可能成为当前所有困难的奇迹般解决方案”。 America got what it voted for in 2008. Mr Obama won because he was not George W Bush. As a state senator in Illinois he had opposed the invasion of Iraq and campaigned to bring the troops home from the Middle East. The aversion to war, the frustration with Arab allies, the diplomatic outreach to Iran, irritation with “freeriding” Europeans and a reluctance to take on Russia’s Vladimir Putin over Ukraine, all fit the temperament of a leader intent on avoiding “stupid shit”. The surprise is that so many were surprised by his refusal to be drawn into a fight with Bashar al-Assad of Syria. 2008年,美国在选举中如愿以偿,把奥巴马选入白宫。奥巴马获胜的原因在于他不是乔治#8226;W#8226;布什(George W Bush)。在担任伊利诺伊州参议员时,奥巴马就反对出兵伊拉克,并在竞选中承诺从中东撤军。厌恶战争、对阿拉伯盟友的失望、与伊朗进行外交接触、对欧洲国家“搭便车”表示不满,以及不愿在乌克兰问题上与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)摊牌,所有这些都符合一位决心避免“做蠢事”的领导人的性情。意外的是,竟有如此多的人对他拒绝被卷入与叙利亚巴沙尔#8226;阿萨德(Bashar al-Aassad)政权开战感到惊讶。 All this is charted by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic after a series of interviews with the president. What stands out from Mr Goldberg’s elegant essay is Mr Obama’s unshakeable conviction that he is on the right side of history. There is not the smallest smidgen of self-doubt. Others (including White House aides) saw the failure to enforce a “red line” on Mr Assad’s use of chemical weapons as a big blow to US power and prestige. The president says simply: “I’m very proud of this moment”. 在对奥巴马进行了一系列访谈后,杰弗里#8226;戈德堡(Jeffrey Goldberg)把这一切都勾勒在了《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)的一篇文章中。从戈德堡这篇精文章中脱颖而出的是奥巴马毫不动摇的信念——他站在历史正确的一边。他没有丝毫一点点自我怀疑。其他人(包括白宫的一些助理)则认为,未能对阿萨德使用化学武器执行“红线”是对美国实力和威望的重大打击。奥巴马只是简单地说:“我对这一刻感到非常自豪”。 Even leaders so obviously untroubled by self-doubt fret about their legacy. Watching Syria burn cannot be comfortable. Mr Obama wants to be remembered instead for the remarkable diplomatic deal that has checked Iran’s nuclear programme, for the opening to Cuba, for a pivot to Asia and for last December’s global deal on climate change. 即便是那些显然不为自我怀疑所累的领导人,也会为自己将留下什么样的政治遗产而操心。眼睁睁地看着叙利亚战火纷飞不可能让人舒。相反,奥巴马希望世人记住他推动的阻止伊朗核计划的重大外交协议、与古巴关系和解、重返亚洲以及去年12月达成的全球气候变化协议。 The starting point is a visceral scorn for what Mr Obama calls a “Washington playbook” that measures US power in terms of the willingness to deploy force. When the US steps back, the story runs, its credibility is shredded. In Mr Obama’s mind such logic leads inexorably to military intervention. Credibility, as Mr Goldberg writes, becomes “dropping bombs on someone to prove you are willing to drop bombs on someone”. 起点是对奥巴马所称的“华盛顿剧本”——用部署军队的意愿来衡量美国的实力——的本能轻蔑。按照这种逻辑,只要美国后退一步,其可信度就会荡然无存。在奥巴马看来,这必然会导致军事干预。戈德堡写道,可信度将变成“为了明你愿意扔炸弹而向某人扔炸弹”。 In truth, Mr Obama’s critics have argued for something less than a rush to war in Syria — for safe zones and more help for the rebels rather than tens of thousands of boots on the ground. The costs of international inaction have been counted in hundreds of thousands killed and millions driven from their homes. And yes, there has been a visible effect on America’s international standing. Mr Obama’s answer to this catastrophe: “There are going to be times where we can do something about innocent people being killed but there are going to be times when we can’t.” 实际上,奥巴马的批评者当初并未主张全力投入叙利亚战争;他们建议设立安全区,向叛军提供更多援助,而非派遣数万地面部队。国际社会不作为的代价是数十万人死亡,数百万人被迫逃离家园。当然,这对美国的国际声誉造成了明显影响。奥巴马对这一灾难性结果的回答是:“有时我们能够采取行动帮助无辜的人免遭杀戮,但有时我们无能为力。” The president has a point. The US retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan was proof enough of the limits of military power. Losing wars has done more damage to American credibility than choosing not to fight them. It is hard enough even for a superpower to maintain order between states; it is all but impossible to impose it within fractured states. 美国总统的话有一定道理。美国从伊拉克和阿富汗撤军就足以明军事力量的局限性。输掉战争对美国可信度的损害比选择逃避战争更大。对于一个超级大国而言,维持国家间的秩序已经够难了;在分裂的国家内部维持秩序就更不可能了。 The Washington mindset has not caught up with the think-tank reports charting the rise of China and global power shifts of the past decade. There is a reluctance to admit the passing of the unipolar moment and a just-do-something reflex that tends to reach first for a military option. I am with those who believe the US should have done more to support the uprising against Mr Assad’s regime. I am less confident the outcome would have been measurably different. 华盛顿的思维模式还未跟上各种智库报告,后者描绘了过去10年间中国的崛起以及全球实力的转移。体制内人士不愿承认单极世界的时刻已经过去,而做点什么的本能反应往往会首先考虑军事选项。我持一些人的想法,他们认为美国本应做更多来持反对阿萨德政权的起义。但我并不认为这样做的结局会有明显不同。 For all that, Mr Obama’s deracinated calculation misses the human dynamic in international relations. There is no algorithm to mimic the personal judgments that leaders invariably make of their allies and adversaries. Perceptions count for as much as reality. It really does matter if an adversary concludes that hesitation here will be replicated by weakness there. Beijing notices when Mr Putin gets away with it. Successful diplomacy demands leverage; semaphoring an aversion to military entanglement depletes that leverage. 尽管如此,奥巴马精明的算计还是忽视了国际关系中的人性动因。没有任何算法可以模拟领导人对其盟友和对手做出的个人判断。感性认识与现实同等重要。如果让对手得出结论:你在这件事上的犹豫将重现于另一件事上的软弱,那将确实事关重大。当普京能够为所欲为时,北京方面注意到了。成功的外交需要杠杆;公开宣布厌恶军事干预只会自毁杠杆。 The president is content to call himself a foreign policy realist — though he insists the hard-headed assessment of core national interests that keeps him out of the Middle East is leavened by the internationalism that has seen him at the centre of the climate change talks. 奥巴马满足于称自己为一个外交政策现实主义者,尽管他坚称,他既有让他置身中东事外的对国家核心利益的现实评估,也受到推动他置身于气候变化谈判中心的国际主义的影响。 What is missing from the Obama doctrine is a strategic view of the role of US leadership in sustaining global order. Analysis drifts into an excuse for paralysis, but inaction carries as many dangers as intervention. Mr Obama’s realism bleeds into fatalism. To observe that the US cannot solve every problem in a disordered world should not be to conclude it is powerless. Disorder is contagious and does not respect neat lines drawn around core national interests. “奥巴马主义”缺失的是从战略角度看待美国在维持全球秩序方面的领导角色。分析渐渐沦为瘫痪的借口,但不作为的危险与出手干预同样多。奥巴马的现实主义已经沦为宿命论。有关美国无法在一个无序的世界解决所有问题的观察心得,不能作为美国无能为力这一结论的依据。失序会传染,而且不会尊重围绕国家核心利益划出的清晰界线。 As for Eisenhower, cautious he might have been about the rise of the military industrial complex, but he was not a non-interventionist. To the contrary, he was drafted to keep the Republican nomination out of the hands of Robert A Taft — the isolationist who had argued that US core interests did not extend to the defeat of Nazi Germany. 至于艾森豪威尔,他或许对军事工业复合体的崛起抱有戒心,但他并非一名不干涉主义者。相反,他当初参选就是为了不让罗伯特#8226;A#8226;塔夫脱(Robert A Taft)赢得共和党总统候选人提名,后者是一名孤立主义者,曾表示美国的核心利益不包括打败纳粹德国。 /201604/436059

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