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佛山市一医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱禅城区妇幼保健院看男科好吗三水区妇幼保健院男科大夫 Before his death in 1996, the Hong Kong textile tycoon Law Ting-pong handwrote a letter of wishes in which he expressed the hope that “those who are careful at the beginning would also be careful to the end”. 在1996年去世之前,香港纺织业大亨罗定邦(Law Ting-pong)手写了一封意愿书,他在里面表达了一种愿望:“慎始者必慎于终”。 Unfortunately, the lack of careful wording in the informal will sparked a court battle between his six children over his HKbn estate that dragged on until 2011. 不幸的是,由于这份非正式遗嘱的措辞不严谨,他的6位子女围绕他留下的10亿港元财产打起了官司,一直折腾到2011年。 Now, with the row settled, his 37-year-old grandson Bosco Law is trying to live out the exhortation to cautious living in his role as chief executive of Lawsgroup, the family’s mini-conglomerate, which spans clothes manufacturing, retail and property. 如今,官司已了结,他的37岁孙子罗正杰(Bosco Law,上图)作为家族所有的小型企业集团、业务涵盖装制造、零售和房地产的罗氏集团(Lawsgroup)的行政总裁,正试图践行上述关于谨慎为人处世的箴言。 “My grandfather had a saying that we should be very conservative but also aggressive,” says Mr Law, speaking at the company’s headquarters in a busy commercial area of the Kowloon district in Hong Kong. 罗正杰在罗氏集团位于香港繁忙的商业区九龙的总部表示:“我的祖父曾说过,我们应该既保守又大胆。” He explains the apparent conflict: the phrase means eschewing complicated financial products such as currency derivatives but taking an adventurous approach to expanding the core business of sewing T-shirts and knitting sweatshirts for retail customers including Gap, JC Penney and Uniqlo. “The manufacturing environment is ever changing so you always have to have a changing mindset to survive,” he says. 他解释这种明显的矛盾说:这句话的意思是回避汇率衍生品等复杂的金融产品,但大胆开拓核心业务:为Gap、JC Penney和优衣库(Uniqlo)等零售客户生产T恤和针织运动衫。他表示:“制造业环境不断变化,你必须拥有一种随时应变的心态才能存活。” He declines to release any figures indicating the size of the company but as evidence of its ambitions, cites its recent expansion into Myanmar, which has attracted much attention but where few investors are willing to take the plunge. 他拒绝公布任何表明该公司规模的数据,但作为该公司雄心的据,他谈到了最近罗氏集团向缅甸扩张;缅甸吸引了大量关注,但几乎没有投资者愿意冒险。 Always searching for cheaper labour, Lawsgroup opened its first factory there last year and employs more than 2,000 people making T-shirts two hours’ drive north of Yangon, the commercial capital. “Opening a new factory is always tough,” says Mr Law. “Everything is new in Myanmar. Even if you talk to the [government’s] commerce department, they don’t really know the policy.. is a guess, everything is grey.” 始终在寻找更廉价劳动力的罗氏集团,去年在缅甸商业之都仰光以北两小时车程外的地方开设了第一家缅甸工厂,雇用了2000多人生产T恤。“开办新厂总是很难的,”罗正杰表示,“在缅甸,一切都是新的。即便你与(缅甸政府)商务部洽谈,他们也并不真正了解政策……一切都靠猜测,一切都是灰色的。” Politics is a further uncertainty, with talks about forming a new government taking place between opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the ruling military after her party won November’s election. “Who knows what will happen? But still, if we have a 70 per cent chance [of success] we will go for it.” 政治加剧了不确定性,在反对党领导人昂山素季(Aung San Suu Kyi)领导的政党赢得11月选举后,昂山素季正与执政的军政府商谈成立一个新政府。“谁知道会发生什么呢?但如果我们有70%的(成功)几率,我们就会全力以赴。” While the business is much smaller than the conglomerates built by Hong Kong tycoons such as Li Ka-shing and Lee Shau-kee, Lawsgroup’s combination of entrepreneurial endeavour and conservatism is typical of the approach that built the city’s dominant family businesses. Many started with humdrum businesses such as small-scale factories or retail stores before parlaying profits and connections into diversified business empires. 尽管罗氏集团的规模远远不及李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)和李兆基(Lee Shau-kee)等香港大亨创建的综合企业,但该集团结合了企业家精神和保守主义,这是打造香港占主导地位的家族企业的典型方式。很多家族企业从沉闷单调的业务起步,例如小工厂和零售店,然后借助利润和人脉,打造起多元化业务的商业帝国。 Lawsgroup, which employs about 20,000 people in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Vietnam, was founded as a textile manufacturer by Law Ting-pong in 1975 in the heyday of the “made in Hong Kong” boom. Like other Hong Kong clothes makers, it soon moved into the mainland to take advantage of low wages, a huge workforce and the opening-up of China from the late 1970s. 1975年,在“香港制造”热潮的最鼎盛时期,罗定邦创建了一家纺织工厂。如今,罗氏集团在孟加拉国、中国内地、香港、缅甸和越南雇用逾2万名员工。与其他香港装生产商一样,当年该集团在成立后不久进军中国内地,以利用内地的各种优势:薪资低廉、劳动力众多、中国从上世纪70年代末开始实行改革开放。 Its expansion there took off only after 2005, when as on imported textiles in Canada, the EU and the US finally ended. That year, Mr Law joined the family business after studying architecture in Toronto and working for an architects’ firm and a bank. 罗氏集团的真正扩张是在2005年之后才开始的,当时加拿大、欧盟(EU)和美国的纺织品进口额度最终取消。也正是在那一年,罗正杰加盟家族企业,此前他曾在多伦多学习建筑,并曾供职于一家建筑师事务所和一家。 Lawsgroup was listed in Hong Kong in 1987 and a separate property and retail arm spun off into their own listings before the main holding group was taken private in 1998. 罗氏集团曾于1987年在香港上市,后来旗下房地产和零售部门分拆上市,成为一个独立实体,而主要控股集团在1998年被收归私有。 Mr Law, who describes his management style as “firefighting” when necessary, rather than micromanaging, says his main interest is fashion. That much is clear from his quirky outfit of flowery sneakers, grey trousers and a green blazer with a robot-shaped brooch. 罗正杰形容自己的管理风格是在必要时“救火”,而不是事事都要过问的微观管理。他表示,他的主要兴趣是时装。这从他标新立异的装束上就能明显看出:花帆布鞋、灰色裤子、一件绿色西装,上面别着一枚机器人形状的胸针。 A laid-back figure who rarely gives interviews, Mr Law insists he was not parachuted into his job by dint of some family succession plan but he notes that running a family-owned company has advantages. 神色悠闲的他很少接受采访,他坚称,他不是凭借某个家族接班计划“空降”到这个职位的,但他指出,打理一家家族企业具备几个优势。 “You can make your decisions faster and you can follow your will and passion, but you have to take full responsibility because it’s also your money.” Yet, pushed on whether he feels pressure to maintain and enhance a rich legacy, as in many Chinese family-owned companies, he brushes off the question. “I run the business just like a hobby,” he says. “I’m pushing my vision and I like doing branding and marketing.” “你可以更快做出决定,你可以追随自己的意愿和,但你必须承担全责,因为这也是你的钱。”然而,在被问到在保持和增强丰富精神遗产(就像很多中国家族企业那样)方面是否感受到压力时,他没有理会这个问题。“我经营这家企业就像是一份自己的爱好,”他表示,“我在推动我的愿景,我喜欢做品牌推广和营销。” Perhaps he does not feel the weight of family expectations so heavily because his father’s siblings run their own businesses, from Crystal Group, a leading clothing manufacturer, to the Park Hotel group and Bossini, the low-cost clothing retailer that made his grandfather famous in Hong Kong. 或许他不觉得家族期望的负担很重,因为他父亲的兄弟们在经营着自己的企业,从领先装制造商晶苑集团(Crystal Group)到百乐酒店(Park Hotel)以及当年让他的祖父在香港声名鹊起的低成本装零售商堡狮龙(Bossini)。 Mr Law’s focus is on managing Laws-group’s moves into new markets. With factory workers in the manufacturing heartland of Guangdong taking home more than 0 a month, Lawsgroup is expanding in countries where wages are less than half the cost, such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Bangladesh. 罗正杰的焦点是管理罗氏集团进军新市场的项目。鉴于制造业腹地广东的工厂员工现在每月收入超过500美元,罗氏集团正在扩张进入薪资水平不到中国一半的国家,如缅甸、越南和孟加拉国。 The death of basic manufacturing in China has long been prophesied, but Mr Law believes big producers will keep a presence there because of the scale and infrastructure advantages, as well as technical expertise. 多年来一直有人预测中国内地基础制造业的末日将要来临,但罗正杰认为,大型厂商将继续在那里保留一部分业务,原因在于规模效益、基础设施优势和技术专长。 “Most of our research and development is in China, where we do our industrial engineering and have developed our own IT system for quality control,” he says. “We do our factory line planning and training s in China and then have the whole package sent overseas for them to follow.” “我们的大部分研发位于中国内地,我们在那里开展工业工程并开发我们自己的质量控制IT系统,”他表示,“我们在内地制作生产线计划和培训视频,然后把整套体系搬到海外让它们效仿。” Mr Law’s responses are sometimes so relaxed it is hard to tell if he is blasé, unflappable or evasive. 罗正杰的回答有时如此放松,以至于很难辨别他是不感兴趣、冷静还是在回避问题。 Asked if he worries about his safety after his cousin Queenie Law was kidnapped for ransom last year, he says “it’s just a single case”. Is he concerned about the disappearance of five Hong Kong booksellers whose store sold works critical of China’s top leaders? “It’s just a single case”. 在被问及在他的胞罗君儿(Queenie Law)去年被绑架后,他是否担心自己的安全时,他表示:“那只是个案”。他是否担心5名香港书商消失事件?(这些书商所在的书店销售批评中国高层领导人的图书。)他的回答是“那只是个案”。 Like most Hong Kong businessmen with interests in mainland China, he is reluctant to be drawn into discussions about politics but his attitude might also point to a deeper self-confidence. Free from the vicissitudes and pressures of equity markets, conservative family companies such as his find it easier to endure difficult times. 与多数在中国内地有生意的香港商人一样,他不愿卷入有关政治的讨论,但他的态度可能还表明他有着更深层次的自信。罗氏集团这样的保守型家族企业不受时代变迁和股市压力影响,往往更容易挺过艰难时期。 On the day of the interview, Chinese stock and currency markets were again ridden with turbulence, and global investors were jittery about the prospects for the world’s second-biggest economy. Unlike some other manufacturers, Lawsgroup has not taken out hedges against renminbi volatility but Mr Law prefers to concentrate on the fundamental business. 在采访当天,中国内地股市和汇市再次陷入动荡,全球投资者对世界第二大经济体的前景感到紧张。与其他一些制造商不同,罗氏集团没有针对人民币汇率波动进行对冲操作,罗正杰更喜欢关注基础业务。 “We’ve been doing this for 40 years. It’s a downtrend right now so we have to buckle up. I’m still confident about Hong Kong and China in the long term.” “我们已经做了40年。现在处于下行趋势,因此我们必须系好安全带。长期而言,我仍对香港和中国内地有信心。” /201603/429555By the end of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Chinese had experienced north-south separation for a long time.南北朝末年,中国经历了长期的南北分裂后,人民普遍渴望统一。People looked forward to a unified country but no emperor either in the Northern Zhou or the Southern Chen was able to accomplish this. It was not until Yang Jian usurped the throne and founded the Sui Dynasty that the reunification occurred.但北周和南陈的皇帝都没有统一南北的能力;到了杨坚夺取了北周政权、建立 隋朝以后,这一任务才由隋文帝杨坚完成。Yang Jian, a born aristocrat of the Northern Zhou, was Emperor Xuan^ Chancellor of Military Affairs.杨坚出身北周贵族,周宣帝时拜上柱国、大司马。Later when the infant Emperor Jing ascended the throne, Yang was made the chief Minister and took charge of both military and civil affairs. After his suppression of the separatist forces in Henan,Hubei and Sichuan,he cleared away the Yuwen’s families, overthrew the Northern Zhou, declared himself the emperor in the first year of Dading (581) and named his empire the Sui.后来周静帝年幼即位,坚为大丞相,总揽军政大权,在平定了河南、湖北、四川的割据势力后,又剪除了宇文氏诸王室,于大定元年(581)代周称帝,建国号隋,是为隋文帝。As Emperor Wen of the Sui, he immediately carried out his military plans for unification. He first made peace with the Western Turks through marriage and resettled the Eastern Turks; hence trouble was free in the north. Then he attacked the Chen in the south by appointing Yang Guang as marshal.接着,他开始了统一的军事部署,先与突厥和亲,使东突厥归顺,解除了后顾之忧,然后便安排南下伐陈。Yang Guang collected the vanguards forces in Anhui to make preparations for crossing the Yangtze River.文帝以晋王杨广为行军元帅,在安徽前线集结兵力,准备渡江。In the 9th year of Kaihuang (589),the vanguards Han Qinhu and He Ruobi,s forces advanced crossing the Yangtze River from Caishi and Guangling respectively; then they quickly attacked and captured Jiankang. The Chen forces collapsed and its emperor surrendered.开皇九年(589)正月,先锋韩擒虎、贺若弼分别从采石、广陵渡江,直取建康,陈军崩溃,陈后主投降。All forces in the south successively pledged allegiance to the Sui. It took Emperor Wen less than four months to unify the North and the South.南方各地纷纷归附,文帝出兵后不到四个月,便实现了南北统一。Emperor Wen undertook a series of measures to develop the economy, recover production and consolidate the unification.隋文帝实行了一系列发展经济、恢复生产、巩固统一成果的措施。He strengthened the power of the central government by dividing it into six departments under three ministries. Local administrative divisions were also changed from the three-level system (prefectures, sub-prefectures, and counties) to a two-level system ( prefectures and counties). He also reformed the military enlistment system, issued new orders to implement the land equalization system and to mint the five- zhu coins, and standardized weights and measures.他加强中央行政机构的领导,设立三省六部;又改地方州郡县三级制为郡县二级制;改革府兵制;重颁均田令;制定新刑律;新铸五铢钱;统一度量衡等。He entrusted able men like Gao Ying, Yang Su, Niu Hong and Su Wei alike with important positions N Emperor Wen also engaged in developing agriculture and constructing water conservancy as well as irrigation systems, which helped reviving handicraft industry and commerce.他使用得力的大臣高颖、杨素、牛弘、苏威等,坚持以农为本,兴修水利,使手工业和商业得到恢复发展。The completion of the Guangtong Channel made it more convenient for water transportation. The imperial examination system was improved, allowing candidates to enter government offices through examination.文帝又开通广通渠,以便漕运交通,并完善科举制,通过考试选拔人材。During the Renshou years, the number of families in the country reached seven million, the granaries were full and the society was tranquil and economy prosperous.仁寿年间, 全国户口增到700万户,仓廪充实,社会安定,出现欣欣向荣的景象。 /201601/421839佛山市一医院割包皮多少钱

南海区妇幼保健院治疗早泄多少钱If you thought wearing a pair of tights is a simple matter, you#39;d be wrong. A male scientist has devised a mathematical formula to help women choose the perfect pair of tights to keep their legs warm this winter.如果你以为穿一件紧身袜是件简单的事,那你就错了。一位男性科学家设计了一条数学公式,用于帮助女性挑选在冬天为双腿保暖的完美紧身袜。Dr James Hind came up with the equation to determine the most suitable fabric thickness depending on the weather conditions.詹姆斯·欣德(James Hind )士想到根据天气状况,用公式来决定最佳紧身袜纤维材料的厚度。The 39-year-old says the secret to deciding what stockings to pop on the morning all depends on wind speed and temperature. The formula then helps calculate what denier, or thickness, to choose to avoid being too hot or cold throughout the day.39岁的欣德士说,决定早上穿什么袜子的秘密,完全由风速和气温决定。这条公式帮助人们计算,应选择哪种旦尼尔或厚度,从而避免一天下来感到太热或太冷。The mathematician designed the equation after he had to wear green stockings when he worked at the Tales of Robin Hood, a former tourist attraction in Nottingham.这位数学家之所以设计这条公式,是因为他在诺丁汉(Nottingham)曾经很能吸引游人的罗宾逊纪念馆(the Tales of Robin Hood)上班时,不得不穿绿色长袜。He said: #39;I worked in tights day in and day out for a year and I know the value of properly warm tights on a cold day. I worked there 15 years ago in 1997. My 110 denier thick tights saved my life in the winter. I made those tights my basis for the formula because they should see anybody through cold and windy weather, and then when it#39;s lovely and sunny, the denier recommendation reduces.#39;他说:“我每天穿着长裤袜工作已经一年了,因此我知道寒冷天气里,一双刚好够暖的裤袜的重要性。15年前,即1997年,我就在那里工作了。我的110旦尼尔(纤维强度标准,越高表示越结实)厚裤袜,在寒冬里救了我的命。我用我袜子的旦尼尔数作为方程的基数,因为那就够帮任何人度过寒冷且大风的天气了。当天气暖和明媚,建议的旦尼尔数就会减少。”The mathematician claims the complex-looking formula will work across the UK as it takes into consideration local weather conditions.欣德士称,这条看起来很复杂的公式在全英国范围内都有效,因为它考虑了当地的天气状况。His formula builds the temperature (t) and wind speed (w) into a forecast to calculate the thickness of tights most appropriate. The equation uses the sigmoid curve to create a scale to determine the denier or density of fiber needed (d).他的方程将气温(t)和风速(w)构建成一个预测模型,用以计算最合适的裤袜厚度。等式使用函数曲线创造一个模型,来决定裤袜所需的丹尼尔数或纤维密度(d)。It can be altered to allow for warmer southerly winds and colder northerly winds by using kilometers per hour for colder winds and miles per hour for warmer ones.可通过调整,较暖的南风以千米每小时作单位,较冷的北风则以英里每小时作单位,来使方程适应不同的天气。Dr Hind, who lives with science lecturer wife Dr Laurice Fretwell, 33, in Beeston, Nottingham, added: #39;I used the Sigmoid formula here. It took a lot of tinkering and tampering for a few hours at a time but I think it#39;s turned out really well.#39;欣德士,和现年33岁作为科学讲师的妻子劳里斯·弗雷特韦尔(Dr Laurice Fretwell),一同居住于诺丁汉的比斯顿(Beeston)。他补充道:“我就在这里使用这个函数公式。我曾花了好几个小时来修改和修正它,但我觉得它最终表现得很好。” /201510/405791佛山市第一人民医院男科大夫 Despite the political division of China in this period, four important advances occurred. First, the trade became important In the south, trade became increasingly important, especially the tea trade.尽管此时中国政权处于分裂状态,这一时期也有四大进步:在南方,贸易变得很重要,尤其是茶叶贸易。Efforts at state monopozation occurred in an attempt to control the revenue of the tea trade.为了增加收入,茶的买卖由政府垄断。Salt monopolies were developed and the salt taxes were the top budget item during this period.盐的买卖也出现了垄断,盐成为当时最紧俏的商品。The second development was translucent porcelain. This also happened in the south and was used both within China and as an export item.第二,就是陶瓷的发展,透明的陶产于南方,是当时对外出口的主要商品。The next important development was in the field of printing. In about 940, the first printing of the Classics occurred. Attempts at movable type began in about 1045.第三,就是印刷,大约公元940年出现了第一批印刷版的经典作品,并在1045年发明了活字印刷术。Printing had far reaching effects on the Chinese people. As would occur later in Europe, printing allowed more people to become educated because books became more ily available.印刷术的发明对中国和世界都产生了深远的影响,它使更多的人接受教育成为可能。Finally, in northern China, paper money was introduced. This introduction was due in part to the fact that metal was scarce in China. Besides, the existing copper money was very heavy and difficult to transport. The beginning of paper money was deposit certificates that merchants used in provinces where copper coins were the currency.第四,由于金属缺乏,铜钱较重不方便携带,中国的北方发明了纸币。纸币的出现是存储的凭,它可以在铜钱流行的省份通行。Eventually, the government would accept copper and then issue certificates, thus creating the prototype of a banking system.最后政府接受铜钱而后发行这种纸的凭,这就形成了早期的。This money system greatly prospered the trade.新的货币制度大大推动了贸易的发展。The practice of binding womens feet also began during this time. The first evidence of this practice showed up in about 950.五代十国时期妇女开始裹小脚,首次出现在公元950年。Scholars were not sure how this practice began, however, it was widely practiced among both the rich and poor of China.学者们不清楚为什么妇女要裹小脚,然而,这种现象在中国富人和穷人中十分盛行。Only a few groups did not participate in this custom. They were the boat women of Kuang-tung and the aboriginal people of the southwest.只有少数群体像广东的船家女儿和南方边远地方的女子才不裹脚。None of the non-Chinese groups surrounding China followed this custom.除此之外,在中国其它广大地区的非少数民族女子都有裹脚的这一传统。Buddhism experienced a sharp decline during this period.这一时期佛教经历了一次大的劫难。In northern China, Buddhists were heavily persecuted in 955.在北方,公元955年,佛教徒遭受到严重迫害。This persecution seemed to be aimed at stopping men from becoming monks to avoid joining the armies.这次迫害意在阻止男人们为逃避兵役而加人僧侣队伍。Many regulations were put into practice. 30 336 temples and monasteries were secularized, and many monks were forced to leave the monasteries and take up secular lives.许多限制措施开始施行,30336个寺院被拆除,大量的僧侣被强迫还俗。The construction and the number of temples and monasteries were limited, in addition, private people could no longer build them.寺院修建和数量被严格限制,作为私人不能再建造寺院。Monks were also required to carry six i-dentification cards.僧侣们还被要求带六种身份。Culturally, the Liao Dynasty achieved mainly in astronomy, the calendar, medicine and architecture.辽国的文化发展及其成就,主要体现在天文历法、医学和建筑方面。Not only did the Liao calendar kept the best parts of the Central Plain Han calendar, but also retained some of the special traits of the Khitan people.辽国历法不仅吸收了中原汉族历法的优点,而且在许多方面体现了契丹民族特色。Important achievements were made in acupuncture, pulse-feeling diagnosis, gynecology, obstetrics and preservation of corpses.辽国的医学成就也很显著,其针炙、切脉诊法、妇产医科、尸体防腐等技术都具有较高水 平。The Book of Acupuncture and Pulse-Feeling , written by a celebrated doctor named Zhi Lugu, enjoyed wide popularity at the time.辽国名医直鲁古所著《针炙脉决书》,在当时很有影响。The Liao architecture influenced by the Tang style, accommodating the Khitan customs, achieved its own unique style.辽代的建筑受唐代建筑的影响,并糅合契丹尚东之俗而形成自己的风格。The Khitan dialect and the Han language were the main languages used in the Liao Dynasty.辽代主要通行的文字是契丹文和汉文。 /201602/421853佛山市三水人民医院包皮手术怎么样

佛山新世纪门诊专家预测The Republic of China中华民国Early Republic民国初期On January 1, 1912, Sun officially declared the Republic of China and was inaugurated in Nanjing as the first provisional president.1912年1月1日,孙中山正是宣布中华民国成立,并在南京就职第一任临时大总统。But power in Beijing aly had passed to the Commander-in-Chief of the imperial army and Qing prime minister, Yuan Shikai, the strongest regional military leader at the time.然而此时北京清政府的权利已经转移到帝国军队总司令兼清总理袁世凯手中,袁世凯是当时最大的军阀,他要求中国各政党应该集中到他领导的北京政府下。To prevent civil war and possible foreign intervention from undermining the infant republic, agreed to Yuar’s demand that China be united under a Beijing government headed by Yuan.为了防止内战和潜在外国干预对新生的共和国造成破坏,孙中山答应了袁世凯的要求。On February 12, 1912, the last Manchu emperor, the child Puyi, abdicated.1912年2月12日,末代皇帝溥仪退位。On March 10, in Beijing, Yuan Shikai was sworn in as the second provisional president of the Republic of China.3月10日,袁世凯在北京宣誓就任中华民国第二任临时大总统。The republic that Sun Yat-sen and his associates envisioned evolved slowly.与孙中山和他的同仁们预想的相反,民主共和推进缓慢。The revolutionists lacked an army, and the power of Yuan Shikai began to outstrip that of parliament.革命者缺少一军队,袁世凯的力量开始超过议会。Yuan reused the constitution at will and became dictatorial.他恣意重启封建律法,成为了一个独裁者。In August 1912 the Kuomintang (KMT, Nationalist Party) was founded by Song Jiaoren, one of Sun’s associates.1912年8月,孙中山的同仁宋教仁成立了国民党。It was an amalgamation of small political groups, including Sun’s Tongmeng Hui.它融合了很多小政治团体,包括孙中山的同盟会。In the national elections held in February 1913 for the new bicameral parliament, Song campaigned against the Yuan administration, and his party won a majority of seats.在1913年2月举行的新两院制国会选举中,宋教仁反对袁世凯的领导,国民党也赢得了多数席位。Yuan had Song assassinated in March; he had aly arranged the assassination of several pro-revolutionist generals.袁世凯在3月派人暗杀了宋教仁,在此之前他已经组织了针对几个改革派将领的暗杀。Animosity toward Yuan grew.针对袁世凯的不满由此不断增加。In the summer of 1913 seven southern provinces rebelled against Yuan.在1913年夏,南方7省共同反对袁世凯统治。When the rebellion was suppressed, Sun and other instigators fled to Japan.在被镇压后,孙中山和其他策动者逃往日本。In October 1913 an intimidated parliament formally elected Yuan president of the Republic of China, and the major powers extended recognition to his government.1913年10月,袁世凯恐吓议会,当选共和国大总统,主要权利由议会转移到他的政府。To achieve international recognition, Yuan Shikai had to agree to autonomy for Outer Mongolia and Tibet.为了获得国际认可,袁世凯不得不同意蒙古和西藏的自治。China was still to be suzerain, but it would have to allow Russia a free hand in Outer Mongolia and mongolia and Britain continuance of its influence in Tibet.虽然中国拥有这些土地的主权,但无力阻止俄罗斯对外蒙古、内蒙古的控制和英国对西藏延续的影响。In November Yuan Shikai, legally president, ordered the KMT dissolved and its members removed from parliament.11月,总统袁世凯下令解散国民党,将其成员踢出议会。Within a few months, he suspended parliament and the provincial assemblies and forced the promulgation of a new constitution, which, in effect, made him president for life.在几个月内,他暂停议会和訾议会,并强行颁布新宪法,自己担任终生总统一职。By the end of 1915, Yuan declared himself emperor.1915年底,袁世凯称帝。Widesp rebellions ensued, and numerous provinces declared independence.这引起了来自各界的反对,很多省份宣布独立。With opposition at every quarter and the nation breaking up into warlord factions, Yuan Shikai died of natural causes in June 1916, deserted by his lieutenants.战乱四起,军阀割据,袁世凯被他的助手抛弃,于1916年去世。 /201512/412293 Culture and Technology汉朝的文化与科技Just as a new class of gentry was introduced,education became more important during this period.随着新贵族阶级的兴起,教育在这个时期变得越发重要。Many encyclopedias were compiled, the best known is the Book of the Mountains and Seas (山海经),许多百科全书编著与此时期,其中最著名的是《山海经》,which contained everything known at the time about geography, natural philosophy, the animal and plant world, and popular myths.它包含了那个时候人们所知道的所有地理知识、自然哲学、动植物世界和流行的神话。The Han period produced China’s most famous historian,Sima Qian (司马迁)whose Records of the Grand Historian (史记) provides a detailed chronicle from the time of legendary Xia emperor to that of the Emperor Wu.汉代出现了中国最著名的一位史学家,他就是司马迁,其所著的《史记》提供了从传说中的夏朝君主到汉武帝时的详细编年史。Technological advances also marked this period.One of the great Chinese inventions, paper (造纸术),originate from Han times.这个时期的科学技术也高度发展。中国最重要的发明之一——造纸术,就始于汉朝。 /201510/397357佛山禅城区男科预约佛山市三水区人民医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱



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