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佛山新世纪门诊治疗阳痿多少钱佛山眼睛咨询热线Business capital crippled Mumbai may have been attacked for the very reason it is loved by Western business. CNN's Jim Boulden reports. A city under siege, a financial capital crippled, Mumbai is India’s commercial heart and that may be why it and its top hotels were targeted. Everybody’s doing businesses in India and that now is pretty much every big company in the world and will her pass through the gates of the Taj Mahal palace hotel. It is the place where business gets done. The other hotel the Oberoi, had airline crew members among the guests called up in the attacks. It’s very likely Mumbai will take a financial hits.if only briefly. My concern at the moment is this kind of media attention will perhaps to track asset meets, the smaller businesses or the mid-cap companies that maybe going to be put off thinking. I must analyze my risks. It’s too risky maybe I should go to other markets. That’s safer. And an old Indian song says Mumbai is a door to the east with its face to the west. As Bombay,it was the center of British business for centuries. Its deep harbor the main of attraction. Today that harbor is full of luxury yachts. Mumbai also benefits from its time zone. Its work day starts when Tokyo is up and running. It shares many hours with London and ends its day after New York is open for business. One reason why many western banks and IT firms had basis there, the Mumbai was aly suffering as a stiff fall in property prices and layoffs by likes of the Citi groups and others. It hits the Mumbai hard time but used to the overall Indian picture, 6% growth forecast for this year, a lot of countries will be very pleased with that. And it’s a, you know it says to a reselling economy. And it’s a I don’t think it’s going to have a long time affect. Indian is no stranger to terrorism. Mumbai has been hit before. But this is different. The targets are popular with tourists and businesses. But Bombay will recover quickly say those who know it soul. Jim Bolton, CNN, London. 参考中文翻译:孟买被袭击是因为它深受西方商业喜爱。现在陷入攻击而瘫痪的商业城市孟买是印度的商业中心,这或许是它如此奢华的酒店成为恐怖分子目标的原因。每个人都在印度做生意,很多世界上大型的公司都有商业往来,希望能够通过泰姬酒店的恐怖事件。这是做生意的地方。另外一家酒店Oberoi,客人中有人是航空公司员工,在恐怖袭击中曾经打电话。孟买商业方面很有可能受到冲击。希望只是短暂的。我目前担忧的是,媒体的关注可能会引起资产外流,小公司或者中型的公司可能会放弃孟买市场。我会分析存在的风险。现在风险太大了我可能会选择相对更安全的其他市场。有一首古老的印度歌曲说,印度面向西方,是通向东方的大门。在名为Bombay的时候,几世纪以来都是英国的商业中心。它的海港吸引了注意力。现在,孟买海港到处停泊这奢华的游艇。孟买也由于时区受益。当东京市场开始运转的时候,孟买的工作日开始,同时和伦敦享有很多共同点时间,当纽约开始工作的时候,孟买结束了它的一天。很多西方和IT公司在这里设有基地。因此,由于花旗集团和其他一些公司的问题,目前孟买的财产价格急剧下滑,引发大规模的裁员。这给了孟买致命的打击,但是考虑到印度的整体形势,预计今年经济增长6%,对于目前低迷的经济形势来说,很多国家都为此感到欣慰。但是我认为这种形势不会有长远的影响。200812/57572佛山新世纪泌尿医院不孕不育科 Believe it or not, astrobiologist Penny Boston is searching for life on Mars by dropping deep into this heart of darkness. This is a lava tube, a subterranean cave formed by underground lava flows during volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago. And Boston has someone she wants us to meet. Sometimes they are in crevices. Sometimes they are kinda hard to see. Is this one, the scary monster reveals itself? Ah! There is one. Actually no. This is an extremophile. We are looking for what we astrobiologyists call extremophiles in this environment. That means that they are organisms that are living in very difficult conditions. In this particular case, these organisms are living in a very cold cave right around freezing. They are making their living without benefit of sunlight and there is almost nothing to eat in this cave. In recent years, scientists have discovered tenacious microorganisms living in all forms of extreme environments. So if on Earth, why not on Mars? We think that Mars is covered with lava tubes. We believe that by looking at organisms that live in these extreme circumstances on Earth, we can learn a lot about what to look for on Mars; and that, similar Martian organisms may be able to persist on Mars in places very similar to this lava tube. To find out, Dr. Boston has created her own little Mars environment biospheres, essentially exposing a range of microscopic Earth life forms to various elements to be expected on Mars. They have been subjected to Mars-like levels of high ultraviolet radiation, and Mars-like temperature cycles. We have given them atmosphere compositions from very low levels of carbon dioxide with nothing else to, perhaps, 1/10 the density of Earth's atmosphere, and tested them under those conditions. And so far, she's isolated 36 different strains of organism that thrive quite happily. So in theory at least, life could survive the harsh conditions of Mars except for one problem. There is one thing for sure that we know, and that is that all forms of life on our planet require liquid water. We don't know if that's going to be true on other planets. But we think that where there is going to be life, there is going to have to be water. 12/93268The Indian government is looking at the need for tougher laws to deal with industrial disasters, amid outrage in India about punishment meted out for the 1984 deadly gas leak in Bhopal from a Union Carbide-owned chemical plant. Thousands of people were killed after inhaling the poisonous gas, while tens of thousands were left coping with serious health ailments.In the days since a local court handed out two-year prison terms to seven former Indian employees of Union Carbide, many searching questions have been raised about the verdict.Angry survivors, activists and the media are asking why it took nearly 26 years to get the first convictions in the disaster.Rachna Dhingra represents the Bhopal Group for Information and Action, which has been working to rehabilitate and get justice for the victims of the gas leak. She blames the government and a slow moving judiciary for the long wait. "It has gone from one court to another and there has been no will actually to strengthen the case… there has been lack of political will," said Dhingra.Campaigners have slammed the verdict, calling the two-year prison term for the former top managers "too light." However, lawyers point out that this was the maximum sentence the local court could have handed out for the offense for which the men were tried. The managers of Union Carbide, who have been granted bail, were originally charged with culpable homicide, which could have resulted in a harsher sentence. But, in 1996, the supreme court reduced the charges to criminal negligence, citing existing laws.Facing a barrage of criticism for failing to get adequate justice for the tens of thousands of victims of the Bhopal gas leak, the government has said it needs to revisit laws pertaining to the kind of industrial disaster witnessed in Bhopal.A spokesperson for the ruling Congress Party, Jayanti Natarajan, says a group of nine senior ministers will examine the issue."An empowered group of ministers has been set up to study whether any changes in the law are necessary. We are all outraged that the punishment is something that is equal to a traffic accident. We are all aware of that," said Natarajan. Law Minister Veerappa Moily says India does not have a law to deal with a mass disaster. He has spoken of the need for fast-track courts for such cases and a specific law for such mishaps.What exactly caused the gas leak is still unclear. Union Carbide blamed it on sabotage by a disgruntled employee. The prosecution argued that it was caused by a design defect in the plant and negligent operational practices. Critics have charged that the company got away with just paying 0 million in compensation. The government has responded by saying the case against the American head of Union Carbide at the time of the leak is still open. Warren Anderson faces manslaughter charges in India, but the ed States has rejected efforts to extradite him.Acknowledging the huge anger among the victims and survivors of the disaster, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh state, where Bhopal is located, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, promises to appeal the verdict.He says the state government will go to a higher court to get a tougher sentence and secure justice for the victims.Survivors of the tragedy and activists fear that such an appeal is again likely to get entangled in India's slow moving judicial system. However, they are not giving up their quest for justice. Satinath Sarangi, a prominent activist working with the victims of the gas leak, says the fight could be led by the generation born in the aftermath of the disaster.  "As the young people in Bhopal, the children of survivors have said, that now they will take it along and they will fight till complete justice is done," said Sarangi.Activists and many politicians say it is important for India to strengthen laws and systems to handle any future mishap, because many foreign corporations are establishing plants and factories in the country to benefit from its booming economy.They are also urging the government to look closely at proposed legislation which would cap the liabilities of foreign companies planning to establish civil nuclear plants in India to 0 million. Critics and opposition parties say the government must draw lessons from the Bhopal disaster and modify the controversial Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill to ensure that India will be able to hold private companies responsible for any mishap. The government says there is no connection between the two issues.面对全国上下因1984年帕尔致命毒气泄漏事件处罚结果引发的不满,印度政府正在考虑是否需要出台更严格的法律应对工业灾害。美国联合碳化公司在帕尔的那家工厂发生毒气泄漏之后,上千人因吸入有毒气体死亡,数以万计的人灾后余生继续同严重的健康疾病斗争。 自从地方法院宣布对七名前联合碳化公司印度籍员工判处两年监禁以来,判决结果引发了许多令人深思的问题。 愤怒的幸存者、社会活动人士和媒体纷纷质问为什么时隔近26年才首次给灾难的肇事者定罪。帕尔情报行动组织代表拉奇纳·丁格拉一直致力于为毒气泄漏事件的受害者恢复和争取公平公正。她指责政府办事不力,司法过程进展太慢。 她说:“这个案子从一个法院移交到另一个法院,政府实际上无意持这个案子,政治意愿是不够的。” 社会活动人士猛烈抨击判决结果,认为对前任高管两年监禁的处罚“太轻”。然而律师指出,这已经是地方法院针对这些人的罪行能做出的最大限度的判决了。已被保释的联合碳化公司的高管们最初被指控犯了误杀罪,本来可能面临更严厉的判决。然而最高法院1996年援引现存法律将罪名减轻为玩忽职守。 面对没能向成千上万帕尔毒气泄漏事件的受害者争取足够公平公正的猛烈批评,政府表示需要重温有关处理类似帕尔工业灾害的法律。 执政党国大党的发言人贾扬提·纳塔拉扬说,一个由九名高级部长组成的小组将就此事进行调查。 他说:“我们已经组建了一个获得授权的部长小组,研究是否需要改变法律。我们都很愤怒判决结果就像一起交通事故的处理结果。我们都意识到了。” 司法部长维拉帕·莫伊利说印度没有关于处理巨大灾害的法律。他提出印度需要针对此类案件成立快速立法法院并出台特定法律。 联合碳化公司把责任归咎于一名员工因对公司不满而故意破坏。检查机关认为工厂设备的设计缺陷和管理人员的玩忽职守导致灾难发生。批评人士谴责公司仅靠付4亿7千万美元的赔偿金就想了事。 政府回应说,对毒气泄漏期间联合碳化公司美国高管的起诉仍在进行当中。沃伦·安德森面临印度政府对他的杀人指控,但美国拒绝为引渡沃伦做出努力。 帕尔所在地中央邦的首席部长希夫拉吉·辛格·乔汉承认灾难的受害者和幸存者对判决结果感到强烈不满,他承诺将对判决结果提起上诉。 他说,联邦政府会向更高一级法院起诉,要求加重量刑,为受害者谋取公平公正。 悲剧的幸存者和社会活动人士担心此次上诉会再次同印度拖拉的司法体制纠缠不清。但他们并不打算放弃对公平公正的追求。 著名社会活动人士萨提纳斯·萨朗吉一直努力为毒气泄漏事件的受害者争取权益。他说,灾后出生那一代人可能会领导大家继续奋斗下去。 他说:“就像帕尔的年轻人、幸存者的子女们说的那样,从这刻起他们将会担起重任,抗争到底,直到取得最终的公平公正。” 社会活动人士和许多政治家说,加强法律和体制建设以备未来处理任何灾害之需对印度来说非常重要,因为许多外国公司正纷纷在印度建厂,想从印度蓬勃发展的经济中获利。 他们同时敦促政府详细审查立法提案,从而将那些计划在印度建民用核电厂的外国公司的负债控制在1亿1千万美元。 批评人士和反对党称政府必须要从帕尔惨案中吸取教训,修改颇受争议的“核损害民事责任法案”,确保私营公司能对任何灾害负责。而政府则表示,两件事之间没有联系。201006/106408佛山哪家医院治疗阳痿早泄更加专业!

大良新世纪男科医院割包皮费用Stay warm in style Alison Deyette of TLC's "10 Years Younger" shows Erica Hill some of this season's chic outerwear that will keep you nice and warm without doing too much damage on your wallet. Well, the temperatures are dropping, at least at the rest of the countries, maybe not here in New York City this weekend. But that doesn't mean that it is not time to get that winter coat. If you are thinking about buying one, when you know that keeping warm, I keeping up with the trends can sometimes be a litttle bit of expensive propositon. But it doesn't have to be, Alison Deyette is a fashinon stylist on the TLC Show: 10 Years Younger, and she found out some clothes that not only will make us look like a million bucks, but won't cost us a million bucks. Oh, exactly. Not at all. Because it is so priceless to get a coat (Right. ) in the winter. (Right. ) And the point is a coat should be a investment piece because it is going to protect the clothes you wear underneath. But none of our coats are above 200 and 99 dollars because when they say how money, you don't want to know you're(Right. ) pulling a lot of money out of your wallet or spending money in your credit cards. I love it. Is that one particular thing that you have to find in the right coat? Yeah, I think it's just patience, just like your clothes, your jeans, your big suits tried on, walking to a store with a few layers on. So you know you're getting the right fit because just walking with a T-shirt on, you know, (You can tell. )you're not getting a sense, you're not getting a sense about that. So just look at our office, as we take a look at some of these, I know you're sure to show us some personalized. 来自TLC“年轻十年”的Alison Deyette 给埃里加山东人介绍了他们当季的时尚外套,既保暖,又漂亮,而且不会很贵。气温在逐渐下降,至少在全国的其他地区在下降,或许这个周末纽约的天气还不会变冷。但是并不意味着还不到你购买冬天的外套的时候。如果你正在考虑买外套,既想保暖,又想追求时尚潮流,可能价格会比较贵。但是未必。Alison Deyette 是TLC时装表演的时尚装设计师,她设计出的衣可以使我们看上去很高贵,但是价格又贵,确实是一点都不贵。因为在冬天买一件外套是无价的。关键是外套是值得投资的,因为它可以保护你里面穿的衣。但是我们的外套价格全都不超过299美元,因为我们知道你不想从你的钱包或者信用卡里付太多的钱。如果想要找到合适的外套需要一点什么特别的东西呢?我认为仅仅是耐心。比如,你穿上衣,牛仔裤,大大的衣,走进商店。你知道你的穿着得体,因为你知道如果你只穿一件T恤衫找不到那种感觉。所以看看我们的办公室,看看我们这里的衣,我确信你一定能找到一些个性化的东西。First model is Maria, this is an adorable coat for going out, I love it. Yeah, this is a fabulous look and it's going to take you to all your holiday parties this season and what's fabulous about this, ahead to tell, look, it's all about the high designers and their second lables. (Perfect. )So this a bit cocktail dress, the fabulous foe fur and short little chubby jacket that I call, it is from simply Vera by Vera Wang, you can find the Kotz, Kotz had a huge success with this Simply Vera, Vera Wang line, because you can get the desiger name for the last price. And this is 169 dollars, the coat, and the new success and resonable (Right, right. )make a little bit your own. . . . Right, it comes out a little self-felt. I love the upper gloves, the clutch and the great jewellery. And I'm always about going with a different kind of whole jewellery rather than the basic opaque block rights. Get bet. So we did a little bit grey and tied them them with a bit DKNY and then along with a second label? (I love this. )This fabulous counts are from pay less, it's label rose, for pay less. So it's like two scripts. You are one-stop shopping favourite. (Perfect. So this is a great-looking night coat, 9. Another a big trend, , , ! . . . which I love, is sort of carried over I think, from Spring to Summer, its color. Yeah, and what, this is such a splash, a brilliant pop of color. Now, this coat, is to a high designer and this is available at TJ Maxx and it's this seaon's merchandise, and I think a lot of people worry about our price. We told it maybe at last season. (Right. )This is a high designer, this season's merchandise at TJ Maxx and then that will be going the whole way with off-price, so added a great pattern dresser need, available muscles , a bit tights from then, another pair of pay low. . . pay less boots, and then just a great t*. And this coat, I should point out is 9, which is a great price for the winter coat and also, also we let her go, ah, Lauren, is it OK these days to let your ham-line show beneath your coat? Yes, there is no steadfast role. . . . . . Right, I do something for the red light. Yes, yes, there's steadfast roles these days. Actually, it, a kind of nice to have a little bit of dress, so the skirt peeked out, you can actually see what I should wear in. Especially when they * like you. Let's bring in Suisanna, she's wearing a jacket form JC Penney, I think this is the least expensive one that we have. . It's JC Penney's Worthington collection. (OK) I love this pants too *, I love the brilliant black and white. And black-and-white can defintely become an instinct classic in your wardrobe. (Right. )But I like that we kick up the commercial color. So we added a patterned scarf, we have a bit Robby Beatle dress peaking out a **some pop color. The long (More straight. )upper cloths again. And then we move along 'cos we are getting time limited.And that one, 90 dollars. This Parka which is a beautiful gold that leads in Land's End. This is 5. Yeah, put it out from Land's End Angel Down Parka. I'll take it late to put it on and I was just like Mary Jay Blodge, Carin Deon. (Haha. . . )They all put on this coat because she makes this coat look so hot. And the company is telling that you can wear it in 15 degrees below zero and you're going to be suit and warm. And you still look cute, you still look cute. Yeah. How about Land's End, I would love that. Anybody who're going to cover, cover to Palin and Alaska. Right. Maybe you get y to this coat. How about Las Vegas ? There you go. Finally, let's bring a little bit more color. Elle is wearing this gorgeous(I love this orange, it's so bright and cheerful. )Yeah, how can you walk in the door and not smiling at this? I mean, instant happyiness's putting this on. This's from Club Monaco. It's our most expensive coat in the group, but / still affordable, at 9, and we just up the potion here by adding the hot pink and the little, you know, orange little miniskirt. But we did great as our neutural rather than going to save it to the black. (Right. ) So the pattern of the belt, the great tights, the open-toe heels ()and then a little bit jewels. Some fantastic options ranging from 90 to 300 dollars(Yeah. )Not bad, I'm actually keep us warm. Don't always find (Yes, exactly! )Make sure it's like the casual of the world blands, or, you know, the popper coat, make sure you are getting a good matter all done. Excellent. all right. Alison, thanks for . . . Thank you. I appreciate it.200811/56642佛山新世纪男科医院有泌尿科吗 Streets look more like rivers in eastern China as heavy rains continue to flood the area. People were left stranded as roads and buildings filled with water. According to China’s state-owned TV, the downpour started at dusk and did not let up for more than 12 hours. Southern China has also been hit hard. Nearly 700 000 people have fled their homes after the rains toppled houses and caused damage to a dam. 07/77228顺德新世纪医院怎么样

南海中医院泌尿外科In Antarctica, everyday is (an) Olympic one. These Emperor Penguins are near the end of a two-week fishing marathon, bringing food for their hungry chicks, waiting miles away. But a challenger threatens the entire competition. A Leopard Seal waits at the shoreline. It's hungry too. Some Emperors make the leap onto shore before it can reach them. But the Leopard Seal is patient, it knows it controls the playing field. Superb athletes, they sense the Leopard Seal, and reverse direction in a split second. Seeing opening, more and more penguins stream up and out onto the ice. The momentum seems to turn the way of the penguins. Dozens make the leap to the safety of land, until the Leopard Seal changes the rules of the game. The penguins scramble to get away. Out of the water, both the seal and the penguins lose their speed and agility. Only desperation remains. The Leopard Seal snares a penguin, but the "seal victory" seems certain. But the game is not over yet. Penguins will go limp rather than struggle. When the Leopard Seal loses its grip, the penguin will make a break for it. This one is gone like a shot. It rejoins its teammates safely waiting at a distance. The Leopard Seal ,though ,doesn’t give up. It still has good field position. And now, the element of surprise. The Leopard Seal won’t lose its grip this time and takes its prize into the sea. For all but one, these competitors have won the fight to see another day.200812/58900 The number of foreign-born players in America's professional National Basketball Association has tripled in the past two decades. One of the veterans - San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker - and a rookie - Washington Wizards' Hamady Ndiaye - talk about their respective experiences as foreigners in the NBA. 在美国国家篮球协会的职业篮球队中,国外出生的球员人数,过去20年来增加了两倍。圣安东尼奥马刺队的托尼#8226;帕克和华盛顿奇才队的新球员哈马迪#8226;恩迪亚耶谈到他们作为外籍球员的感受。For NBA fans, Tony Parker is a household name, a 10-year veteran on one of the best teams in the league. Hamady Ndiaye is a little-known rookie on a team that loses far more often than it wins. What these two players have in common is they both grew up outside of the ed States.对NBA球迷来说,托尼#8226;帕克是一个耳熟能详的名字。他已经为NBA最佳球队之一效力10年了。哈马迪#8226;恩迪亚耶还是一名鲜为人知的新进球员,他隶属的球队输球场次远超过赢球。而两人的共同点是他们都来自美国以外。Parker is fortunate to be playing for one of the National Basketball Association's best teams, the San Antonio Spurs.帕克很幸运,能加入NBA最好的球队之一圣安东尼奥马刺队。The Spurs have won four NBA titles in the past 12 seasons and have high hopes for another one. Two-thirds of the way through the season they have the best record in the league, having won 84 percent of their games with a 46-9 mark through February 17.马刺队在过去12个赛季中,赢得四次NBA总冠军,在本赛季中夺标希望又很高。在已经过去的三分之二赛程中,马刺队的表现最好,到2月17日为止,赢46场,输9场,胜率为百分之84。They recently scored a lopsided win over the struggling Washington Wizards in the nation's capital. Although he scored the most points for the Spurs, Parker still credited the team.最近,在首都华盛顿的一场比赛中,马刺队以压倒优势战胜了苦苦挣扎的华盛顿奇才队。虽然帕克在这场比赛中得分最多,他还是把胜利归功于全队球员。"It was a great team win," said Parker. "The team played great, everybody contributed; so it was a great win."他说:“那是一场了不起的胜利。整个球队都很棒,每个人都做出了贡献。因此赢得漂亮。”201103/127454佛山哪里医院能治疗精囊炎顺德区大良医院官网专家在线咨询



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