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The story of the Exodus is a story of freedom.出埃及的故事是自由的故事。It is the story of an incredible people who were liberated from oppression and raised up the face of humankind.这是伟大人们的故事。他们从压迫中被解放出来,让人类昂起了头。Down through the centuries, the Jewish People have lived through one persecution after another几百年来,犹太人经历了一个又一个迫害and yet, they persevered and thrived and uplifted the world beyond measure.然而,他们坚韧,发展壮大,无可估量地振作了整个世界。And now, the State of Israel stands as a monument to their faith and endurance.当下,以色列国对他们的信仰和耐力来说,就像纪念碑一样存在着。Another day of faith and celebration is also upon us.另一个信仰和庆祝的日子也在我们面前。This Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the promise of eternal salvation.周日是复活节,基督徒庆祝基督的复活,庆祝永恒救赎的承诺。It is a holy day of reverence and worship;这是尊敬和崇拜的宗教节日;it is a sacred time that fills the spirit of our Nation with the faith of our people.这是个神圣的时候,我们有信仰的民众身上充满着我们民族的精神。America is a Nation of believers.美国是充满各类信仰的国度。As families gather in houses of worship across the Nation,当全国各地,众多的家庭在教堂集会,we are grateful for the tremendous blessings of this land, our home.我们感激对这片热土的巨大祝福,我们的家园。We have a beautiful country, an abundant countryside, and an amazing people with a truly bright and wonderful future.我们有一个美丽的国家,富足的农村,有着了不起的拥有着真正光明和美好未来的民众。201704/505479。

  • 中级英语口语闪电速成[28] /200703/10800。
  • Still, some boundaries are larger than others.然而,有些领域的边界更为宽广So a human encountering the divine, as Muslims believe Muhammad did,所以当人类遇到了神性时,正如伊斯兰教徒相信穆罕默德一样to the rationalist, this is a matter not of fact but of wishful fiction,对于理性主义者来说,这并不是事实,而是一厢情愿的想像and like all of us, I like to think of myself as rational.就像在座各位一样,我认为我是理性的Which might be why when I looked at the earliest accounts we have of that night,这或许就是当我查看有关那夜最早的记录时what struck me even more than what happened was what did not happen.为什么那夜发生的事情较没有发生的事情更令我吃惊的Muhammad did not come floating off the mountain as though walking on air.穆罕穆德未曾如同在空中行走,从山上冲下来He did not run down shouting, ;Hallelujah!; and ;Bless the Lord!;他没有边跑边大喊:“哈利路亚!”和“上帝保佑你!”He did not radiate light and joy.他没有散发着耀眼的光芒和喜悦There were no choirs of angels, no music of the spheres, no elation, no ecstasy,没有天使的合唱,没有余音绕梁,没有洋洋得意,没有欣喜若狂no golden aura surrounding him, no sense of an absolute, fore-ordained role as the messenger of God.周围没有出现金色光环,没有一点这样的感觉,他正是上帝所差遣的使者That is, he did none of the things that might make it easy to cry foul,他也没做过任何让大家觉得很邪恶的事情to put down the whole story as a pious fable. Quite the contrary.把所有故事看成不可能实现的神话。刚好相反In his own reported words, he was convinced at first that what had happened couldnt have been real.根据他自己的描述,他最初以为所发生的事并不是真实的At best, he thought, it had to have been a hallucination --顶多也只是幻觉a trick of the eye or the ear, perhaps, or his own mind working against him.也许被一对眼睛或耳朵戏弄,或是脑袋跟他作对201609/467157。
  • 「美国习惯用语」第六讲to hold water water off a duck's back it makes my mouth water 这一课里我们再要讲两个和水,也就是和 water 这个字有关的词汇。第一个是 to hold water。 To hold water 按字面解释当然可以说是“不让水漏出来”。但是,它的另外一个意思是指某一个人找的借口、提出的理由、或说的话是确实的,站得住脚的。美国人经常说:"That excuse simply doesn't hold water."意思是:那个借口根本站不住脚。我们来举个例子: 例句-1:"The accused man claimed that he'd been in another city the night of the murder. But his story didn't hold water after three different witnesses testified in court that they had seen him running from the scene of the crime." 这句话的意思是:“这个被控告的人说,发生谋杀案的那天晚上他出门去了,不在当地。但是,有三个不同的人都出庭作说,他们看见他从作案的地点逃跑。因此,他说出事那天他不在当地的说法根本是靠不住的。” 今天要讲的另外一个和water这个字有关的习惯用语是 water off a duck's back。 鸭子身上的毛就像雨衣一样,水在上面呆不住,一下全滑掉了。因此,water off a duck's back 是指毫无作用。就像下面这句句子所说的: 例句-2:"I keep telling my friend it's foolish to gamble all of his money, but it's like water off of a duck's back." 这是说:“我一直告诉我的朋友,不要那么傻,把所有的工资都用在上。可是,我的话对他全然不起作用。” 另外一个例子是: 例句-3:"The doctors tell us it`s dangerous to smoke, but such good advice rolls off of some people like water off of a duck's back." 这是说:“医生都告诉我们抽烟对身体是有害的。可是,这种劝告对于有些人来说就像耳边风一样,毫无作用。” 水对人的身体来说是非常重要的。可是,在英语里,这些和water有关的成语都含贬意好像有点奇怪。不过,至少有一个和water有关的习惯用语是让人高兴的。那就是:to make my mouth water 顾名思义,这个说法的意思是“让我流口水”。 例句-4:"The roast duck that restaurant serves is my favorite dish. Every time I think about it, it makes my mouth water." 这个人说:“我最喜欢吃那个饭馆的烤鸭。每当我想起它我就会流口水。” 今天我们讲了to hold water,water off a duck's back和 it makes my mouth water这几个同water有关的习惯用语。 好,「美国习惯用语」第五讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2961。
  • I know its raining, but I’m going to tell about Frederick.我知道在下雨 但我想讲讲弗雷德里克。Frederick started his college career in Ohio.弗雷德里克在俄亥俄开始他的大学生涯。Only to find out that his high school sweetheart back in Georgia was pregnant.但却发现他在佐治亚高中时的心上人怀了。So he came back and enrolled in Morehouse to be closer to her.于是他到离她更近的莫尔豪斯就读。Pretty soon, helping raise a newborn and working night shifts.很快 养育一个新生儿 时常开夜车。Became too much.让他无法承受。So he started taking business classes at a technical college instead.于是他转到一个技术学校 学习商务课程。Doing everything from delivering newspapers to buffing hospital floors.从送报纸 到抛光医院地板 他什么都做。To support his family.以及来撑他的家庭。And then he enrolled at Morehouse a second time.之后他再度到莫尔豪斯就读。But even with a job, he couldnt keep up with the cost of tuition.但哪怕是带薪读书 他还是负担不起学费。So after getting his degree from that technical school.在从技术学校获得学位之后。This father of three decided to come back to Morehouse for a third time.他作为三个孩子的父亲 决定三度回到莫尔豪斯。As Frederick says.弗雷德里克说。;god has a plan for my life, and hes not done with me yet;.上帝对我的人生有他的他没放弃我。And today, Frederick is a family man, and a working man.而今天 弗雷德里克是一家的柱 是一个工作的男人。And a Morehouse man.也是一个莫尔豪斯人。And thats what I’m asking all of you to do:.这就是我要求你们所有人做的。Keep setting an example for what it means to be a man.树立男人的榜样。Be the best husband to your wife.当好丈夫 尽最大努力照顾你的妻子。Or youre your boyfriend, or your partner.或者你的男友 你的伴侣。 201605/441067。
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