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April Fool's Day 愚人节 -- :31: 来源: April Fool's Day 愚人节  April 1 every year is April Fool's Day. It is the happiest day the people in western countries. On April 1, you can tell a lie, make a joke to others, or cheat them, but they will not be angry with you.  If it were April 1 today, you could tell your good friends, "I hear there is an important exam tomorrow. Don't tell others about it". And the people who believe you are called April Fools.  This custom started in France during the th century. It sp to England in the 18th century, and then to the ed States.  每年月1日是愚人节,它是西方国家人们最开心的日子在月1日,你可以跟别人说谎、开玩笑,或者骗他们,而他们并不与你生气  假如今天是月1日,你可以告诉你的好朋友:“我听说明天有一次重要的考试可别告诉别人!”而相信你的花的人被称为愚人  这个风俗是在世纪在法国开始的,在18世纪传到英国,后来又传到美国My Teacher-我的老师 -- :53:00 来源: My Teacher-我的老师  My favourite teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. She has two big eyes, a high nose and a little red mouth. there is always a smile on her face.   Miss Huang likes singing and collecting posters. She is good at playing the piano. In the evening, she always sits in front of the piano and plays nice music. She is good at dancing, too. Sometimes she teaches us dancing.   Miss Huang likes dogs very much because the dog is very friendly and cute. Her favourite color is blue. Because blue is the color of the sky and the sea.  This is my favourite teacher. Our classmates all like her very much.我的白色情人节 My White Day -- :3:5 来源: Yesterday, I asked my mother to buy me some candies. It was my favorite white rabbit rolls. When my mother bought it me, I ate a little and hided the rest. I was going to bring them to school to give them to my primary school deskmate, Xiao Fang, because today is white day. I want to give present to her to make her happy on this special day. I will give the candies to her later. Wish me good luck. Hehe!昨天,我让我妈妈给我买了些糖果那是我最喜欢的大白兔奶糖当我妈妈帮我买了之后,我就吃了一点点,就把剩下的藏起来了我要把它们带到学校给小芳,我的小学同桌,因为今天是白色情人节在这个特殊的日子里,我希望她能够开心我一会就把糖果给她祝我好运呵呵!

How to make everybody hay -- :5: 来源: How to make everybody hay This is the way I maked all the students happy. One Monday. Tom and I went to Simon's office. Suddenly, I was slipping and fell, because there was some water on the floor. When I stood up I thought: If I took the mop and dry the floor, nobody would slip and fall. then, I took the mop and dry the floor. Tom also helped me drying the floor.So I maked all the students happy.

我和我的父母 My Parents and I -- :7:19 来源: Thereare three people in my family, my parents and I. We live happily together.Every morning, mother makes breakfast us. Sometimes, it’s my father’s job. Andthen, father drives mother and me to school. My mother is an English teacher inmy school. We have lunch and dinner at home. Sometime, my father eats outside,but he would call and tell us advanced. My family is a traditional Chinese family.Father is the backbone and mother takes care of our daily lives. I don’t haveto worry about anything and all I have to do is working hard on my study. I havea happy family.我的家有三口人,我和我的爸爸妈妈,我们幸福地生活在一起每天清晨,妈妈为我们做早餐,有的时候,这也是爸爸的任务之后,爸爸开车送我和妈妈去学校妈妈是我学校的一名英语老师我们回家吃午饭和晚餐有的时候爸爸会在外面吃饭,但是他会提前打电话通知我们我家是传统的中国家庭,爸爸是家里的主心骨,妈妈照顾家里的日常起居我不用担心任何事情,只要努力学习就好了我有一个幸福的家ring -01- 19:1: 来源: Spring Spring is the first season of a year . There are there months in spring : Morch , April and May , The weather is warm and windy . It rains a lot . The trees turn green and all the flowers are coming ont . In spring, I can wear my shirts . I often plant trees and go hiking . So I like spring very much . Of course , I like the Spring Festival , too .我幸福的一天(My Happy Day) -- ::19 来源: 我幸福的一天(My Happy Day)  Today is Friday. I get up at six thirty in the morning. Then I make my bed, wash my face and brush my teeth. At six ty, my father prepares the breakfast. I have breakfast at six ty-five.  I have congee, noodles breakfast. At seven o’clock, I go to school by my father’s motor bike. We have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon.  At twelve o’clock, I’m very hungry. I have lunch at school. In the afternoon, I go home at six o’clock. I do my homework after school. My father, my mother and I have supper at seven o’clock. My mother and I watch TV at eight o’clock.  Then I wash my face and brush my teeth in the evening. I go to bed at ten twenty. I think, tomorrow will be my happy day , too !

驴友必知中国六大最富有的村镇之滕头村 --9 :1: 来源: 驴友必知中国六大最富有的村镇之滕头村5. Tengtou village滕头村Tengtou village is the richest village in Zhejiang province. At present, about 800 people live in the village. By , the gross value of social products of the village totaled 5.5 billion yuan, the profit and tax 6 million yuan, and per capita income 36,000 Yuan.滕头村是浙江最富有的村庄目前,滕头村住户800人,年社会总产值55亿,利税6.亿元,村民人均纯收入36000元 中国六大最富有的村镇之滕头村爱的力量Love Power -- :7:19 来源: Wealways say that love has great power to fix anything. But what power does lovehave and how it works? In my opinion, love is the firmest connection betweenpeople. The relationship between people may be connected due to variousreasons, but love helps people understand and accept each other. So people cankeep their relationship much longer. Besides, love can heal a wounded heart. Sometimes,we may be hurt by others or we may suffer some unexpected accidents. They ofcourse will depress us. But love given by others can pull us out of depression.Because they love us, they will be around us and help us.我们常说爱有巨大的力量可以弥补任何东西,但是爱到底有什么力量?它是怎样给我们力量的呢?我认为,爱是维系人与人之间的关系最牢固的纽带人与人之间的关系可能会因为种种原因而形成,但是能让人们相互理解、相互接受,所以关系能维系得更久另外,爱能治愈一颗受伤的心有的时候,我们肯能会被他人伤害,或是遭遇到意想不到的灾祸,这都会使我们感到沮丧,但是他人给予的爱却能把我们脱离沮丧,因为他们爱我们,所以他们会相伴左右,向我们伸出援手寒假英语日记每日一篇:Playing firecrackers -01-31 :9:53 来源: Today after breakfast,i went out with my elder brother,he's my uncle's son.He bought some match crackers to teach me how to play .He rubbed the cracker box with a cracker ,and then threw it away.Bomb!The cracker exploded.That's amazing! I learned it soon.A little girl passing through us was scared to cry when i throw away a cracker.On hearing that i didn't know what should i do,my elder brother went to comt the little girl,she finally stopped crying.I think playing firecrackers is funny,but we should play it as less as possible.今天吃过早饭后,我和我的大哥一起出去了,大哥是我伯伯的儿子他买了些擦炮教我玩他将擦炮在炮竹盒上擦了下后扔了出去啵,炮竹爆炸了太棒了!我很快就学会了从我们跟前经过的一个小女孩看到我扔出炮竹后就吓得哭了一听到她的哭声,我都不知道怎么办了我的大哥走过去安慰小女孩,她终于没有哭了我觉得放鞭炮很好玩,但是我们应该尽量少放

孩子,你必须把这条鱼放掉 --7 :18: 来源: Time: o\'clock at night in summer 夏天晚上点Place:In a islet of the lake地点:湖中小岛Characters:Tom and his father人物:汤姆和他的爸爸Tom:Dad,i\'ll have a day off tomorrow,let\'s go to fish?汤姆:爸爸,明天我休息,我们去钓鱼吧?Dad:Ok,i\'ll go with you.爸爸:好啊,我和你去(Tom and his father walk out with fishing rods etc., later they arrive the islet by boat)(汤姆和爸爸拿上鱼竿等走出,两人然后划着船,来到小岛上)Dad:Let me see your skills today.爸爸:今天让看看你的本领!Tom:(clenching his fists,confidently):I\'ll show you my stuff!汤姆:(攥着拳头,自信)我会露一手给你看看!(Tom puts bait on the hook and casts it into water,then he crouches down and looks at the lake surface attentively.)(汤姆上好鱼饵,将它抛入水中,然后蹲下身来,聚精会神地注视着湖面)Tom:(Pull the fishing rod rapidly with surprise): Dad,look—汤姆:(惊喜地迅速拉动鱼竿)爸爸,你看——!Dad(smile and nod)爸爸(微笑着,点着头)Tom:(Pull the fish out of the water)Dad,dad,I\'ve never seen such a big weever bee!汤姆:(把鱼拖出水面)爸爸,爸爸,我从来没看到过这么大的鲈鱼!Dad:(with a deep voice)Boy,you must let the fish go!爸爸:(声音低沉)孩子,你必须把这条鱼放掉! Tom:(yelled vexedly)Why? Why? Dad!汤姆:(着急地嚷)为什么?为什么啊?爸爸!Dad:(Point to the watch on his left hand with the right hand)It\'s O\'clock at night——There are two hours bee we\'re allowed to catch weevers.爸爸:(用右手指着左手的手表)现在是晚上点——离允许钓鲈鱼的时间还有两个小时Tom:(looking aroun furtively,and didn\'t find any boats,nor any fishmen)Be assured ,dad! There are only us two here,nobody will know that we catch a weever at this time.汤姆:(偷偷地向四周看看,发现没有船,也没有钓鱼的人)你放心吧,爸爸!这里只有我们两个人,没有人会知道我们在这个时候钓到了鲈鱼Dad:(seriously and withou any hesitation)We must follow the rule no matter if anyone see it!爸爸:(脸色严肃,斩钉截铁)不管有没有人看见,我们都应该遵守规定!Tom:(took a look at dad\'s serious face,and slowlyput the weever back to the lake,shake and say sadly)I may never catch such a big fish in all my life.汤姆:(看了看爸爸那严肃的脸,慢吞吞地把大鲈鱼放回湖中,一边摇头,一边惋惜地说)我这辈子再也不可能钓到这么大的鱼了……voice-over:It\'s true that Tom had never cautht such a big fish from then on.But the scene at that night engraved in his memory,and dad\'s firm words echoed in his ears all the time.幕后音:真的,从那以后,汤姆再也没有钓到过那么大的鱼可是那晚的情景却一直铭刻在他记忆里,爸爸坚定的话语也一直回响在他的耳边 孩子 你必须把这条鱼放掉驴友必知中国六大最富有的村镇之深圳南岭村 --5 :1:00 来源: 中国六大最富有的村镇之深圳南岭村. Nanling village 南岭村Nanling is known as the "First Village of China."南岭村被誉为“中国第一次”The village's best-known tourist attraction is Qiushuishan Park, a nice escape from downtown Shenzhen. The 53-hectare park is surrounded by an 800-meter long mini Great Wall. Inside is a Hakka folk culture museum and a badge museum with more than ,000 badges with the image of Chairman Mao Zedong.南岭村最有名的旅游胜地是求水山公园求水山公园是一个远离深圳市区的度假胜地,占地面积53公顷,四周被长800米的迷你长城环绕求水山公园以内有客家民俗园和拥有,000多个毛泽东像章的展览馆The peak of the 53-meter hill can be reached by cable car a bird's-eye view of Hong Kong and Buji Subdistrict, where Nanling is located. The park includes a golf training course and a roller coaster.坐缆车可登上海拔53米的主峰求水顶,在这里可以鸟瞰香港和南岭村所在的布吉街道全景 中国六大最富有的村镇之深圳南岭村我的家乡(My hometown) -- :00: 来源: 我的家乡(My hometown)i am from shenzhen. in spring ,the weather is warm and wet. i can play summer, the weather is hot and wet. i can swim in the swimming pool. in the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. i can play kite, too. in the winter, the weather is cold and dry. it never about you?

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