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Business.商业。E-ers.电纸书。Turning the page.微软和Bamp;N相逢一笑泯恩仇。Microsoft and Barnes amp; Noble write their own love story.微软和Barnes amp; Noble共写爱情故事。LAST July Barnes amp; Noble gave a presentation to the antitrust division of Americas Department of Justice.去年七月Barnes amp; Noble向美国司法部反托拉斯部门做了一个演示。In slide after slide, the bookseller laid into Microsoft.Barnes amp; Noble的每张幻灯片都在攻击微软。The software giant, it thundered, was guilty of ;anti-competitive behaviour; in demanding royalties from makers of mobile devices (such as the Nook, Barnes amp; Nobles e-er) that used Android, Googles open-source mobile operating system.它怒斥微软这家软件巨头违法,因为微软向生产使用安卓(谷歌的手机开源操作系统)移动设备的厂商收取专利使用费是;反竞争行为;(例如Barnes amp; Noble的电子书阅读器Nook)。The bookseller sniffed that Microsoft owned only ;trivial; patents and reminded the department of the software companys past trespasses against competition.Barnes amp; Noble讥讽微软只拥有一些不重要的专利并向提醒司法部微软以往的反竞争行为。Nine months later, the bookworms and the geeks are the best of friends.九个月后,书虫和极客成为了最好的朋友。On April 30th Barnes amp; Noble said it was creating a subsidiary, called NewCo for now, into which it would put Nook and its ;college; business, which has 641 bookshops on American campuses.4月30日,Barnes amp; Noble宣布成立名为NewCo的分公司,该公司主营Nook和在美国校园拥有641家书店的;高校;业务部。Microsoft is putting up 0m for 17.6% of NewCo.微软注资3亿美元,拥有17.6的股份。People will be able to buy and e-books through a Nook application for Windows 8, a new incarnation of Microsofts operating system that is due to appear in a few months.人们将能通过WIN8版Nook应用购买和阅读电子书。WIN8是微软的新版操作系统,将在数月后问世。Microsoft will pay NewCo an advance of 0m over three years for such purchases, plus 5m over five years to buy content and develop technology.微软将会提前付1.8亿美元的三年使用费,并付额外的1.25亿美元用于之后五年的内容购买和技术开发。The squabbles over patents have been settled: Microsoft is giving Barnes amp; Noble a licence for the Nook and will get royalties in return.专利之争已经平息:微软给予Barnes amp; Noble的Nook许可并获得专利使用费。For now at least, the Nook will remain an Android, not Windows, device.最起码就目前而言,Nook将仍然是安卓阵营成员而非windows成员。The agreement values NewCo at .7 billion, more than twice Barnes amp; Nobles market capitalisation before it was announced.协议中将NewCo估价为17亿美元,超过协议公布前Barnes amp; Noble市值的两倍。The booksellers share price rose by 50% on the day of the deal—which tells you what investors think of the dead-tree end of the trade.协议达成当天Barnes amp; Noble股价上涨50%,这表明投资者对这个实体书过时行业的看法。The alliance should bring Barnes amp; Noble not only cash but also new ers of digital books and magazines, especially outside the ed States.两公司联合不仅仅给Barnes amp; Noble带来资金还要带来新的电子书刊读者,尤其是美国外的读者。In the fourth quarter of 2011, according to Tom Mainelli of IDC, a research firm, Barnes amp; Noble accounted for one-fifth of the 7m e-ers shipped in America—against a mighty three-quarters for Amazon, maker of the Kindle (see chart).调查机构IDC的Tom Mainelli表示,2011年第四季度美国市场新推出的七百万的电子书阅读器中,Barnes amp; Noble占有五分之一,而Kindle的生产商亚马逊囊括了四分之三(见图)。But Barnes amp; Noble shipped no Nooks elsewhere, which helps explain why it had only 14% of the global market.但是Barnes amp; Noble只在美国销售Nook,这也解释了为什么它只拥有14%全球市场。Via the Nook app, non-Americans will also be able to leaf through Barnes amp; Nobles digital catalogue.通过Nook应用,其他国家的居民也可以浏览Barnes amp; Noble的电子产品目录。Microsoft is in effect buying a second bash at a market where it made an early but unsuccessful start.实际上这是微软在早期打入电纸书市场失败后的第二次尝试。It launched its own e-er software all of 12 years ago.12年前,微软就曾发布过自己的电纸书软件。The deal with Barnes amp; Noble, bringing lots of content with it, may give people an extra reason to buy Windows 8 tablets (a likelier choice for e-ing than smartphones, laptops or desktops) when they appear.这次与 Barnes amp; Noble的协议又加入了诸多内容,这使得上市后购买WIN 8平板电脑的人们多了一个理由(就电子阅读来说平板电脑是比智能手机,笔记本或台式机更好的选择)。The bundling of Barnes amp; Nobles college business into NewCo indicates a hope that a fair few of these customers will be students.Barnes amp; Noble的大量高校业务融入NewCo,这意味着多数客户有望是学生。Allen Weiner of Gartner , another research firm, suggests that through campus bookshops Barnes amp; Noble could sell Windows devices pre-loaded with course material.调查机构高德纳公司的Allen Weiner暗示通过校园书店,Barnes amp; Noble可以销售预先装有课程材料的Windous设备。Of course, others are after students dollars too. Apple recently started selling interactive digital textbooks for the iPad, far and away the biggest-selling tablet (among its publishing partners is Pearson, part-owner of The Economist).当然其他公司也对大学生市场虎视眈眈。苹果公司最近开始为其卖得最好的平板电脑ipad销售互动电子书(合作出版社之一是Pearson,也是经济学人的股东之一)。But Mr Weiner points out that Microsoft and Barnes amp; Noble have some advantages. Lots of students write notes and essays with Microsofts Office software, which is not available on the iPad.但是Weiner指出微软和Barnes amp; Noble有优势,许多学生使用微软的office软件做笔记,写文章,而ipad上却没有这一软件。And although Amazon sells and rents a lot of paper textbooks, it has not done much with digital ones.而且尽管亚马逊销售出租大量纸质教材,却并没有过多涉及电子版教材。The tie-up with Barnes amp; Noble makes three of a kind for Microsoft: cheap deals with struggling but established partners in markets where it is weak and sees a chance to do much better.与Barnes amp; Noble公司的合作关系是微软完成了第三项同类合作:在表现不佳有大量上升空间市场里以廉价的合同和经营不佳但在业内已树起口碑的公司签约合作。In it struck an agreement with Yahoo!年,微软与雅虎就网上搜索达成协议。in online search. Last year Nokia became the prime conduit for Windows in smartphones.去年,诺基亚成为windows智能手机的最佳渠道。With Barnes amp; Noble it is having another stab at e-ing. Unlike the books on the Nook, this tale is still being written.而与Barnes amp; Noble合作,则可以打入电子阅读市场。不像Nook上的电子书那样,这个故事依旧在继续。 /201209/201652

Its time to go again to the A Moment of Science mailbag.又到了科学时刻读信时间。A listener writes in: Dear A Moment of Science, I love to eat sweets--candy, cookies, caramel apples--- everything. But I dont like getting cavities. Is there a way to eat lots of sugar without ruining your teeth?一位听众写信说:亲爱的科学时刻栏目组,我爱吃所有的甜食,糖果,饼干,焦糖苹果等等。但是我讨厌蛀牙。有没有一种方法能让我既吃许多甜食又不蛀牙呢?Interesting question. First, lets assume that youre not going to cut out sweets entirely. So what are your options? If youre going to eat candy, for example, its best to eat a bunch all at once instead of eating a few pieces at a time throughout the day.这个问题很有趣。首先,我们假设你不准备彻底戒食甜品。所以你会选择怎么做?假设你要吃糖果,最好是一下子吃完,而不是每次只吃一两块,每天吃几次。Thats because every time you eat sugar, or any carbohydrate like potato chips or crackers or whatever, theres a thirty- to sixty-minute period where bacteria in your mouth feed on the carbs and produce acid. The acid is what eats away at your teeth. So if youre snacking on candy several times a day instead of just once, your teeth are exposed to more cavity-causing acid.这是因为每次你吃糖或者其它含糖高的食物时,比如薯条或者薄脆饼干,有30至60分钟牙齿里细菌吸收糖分,并生成酸性物质。这些酸性物质会腐蚀你的牙齿。所以如果你一天吃几次糖果,那么牙齿就会接触到更多酸性物质,从而导致蛀牙。Its also smart to eat candy around or just after mealtimes, because during meals you have an increased flow of saliva that helps wash out your mouth and creates a kind of buffer between your teeth and the bacterial acid.饭前饭后吃糖果也是明智的选择,因为进餐时口内分泌的唾液增多,以帮助清洁口腔,同时也会在牙齿和细菌分泌的酸性物质之间生成一种酸碱缓冲液。Your best bet, of course, is to lay off the candy. But of course thats easier said than done. 当然,最好的方法就是远离糖果。不过人总是说起来容易做起来难。201205/182702

Organic Pollutants有机污染物Yes,eating organic foods is a great way to reduce the amount of pollutants in your body, but you cant entirely escape pollution, no matter where you live.选择有机食物大大减少了污染物进入体内,但是无论你身在何处都无法一点不受污染的侵害。Persistent organic pollutants, or POPs, are everywhere—in our food, soil, air, and water. They can travel far distances, so that even if you live in an area relatively free of the use of pesticides or industrial processes, pollutants will find their way to you.持久性污染物无处无在——我们的食物、土壤、空气、水。持久性污染物“跋山涉水”也会靠近你,即使你生存的地方没有使用杀虫剂或工业生产。In many instances, the levels of POPs found far from a source of pollution are significantly lower than the levels near the source. However, for some POPs, even low levels can be dangerous because they resist break down. When they get into your body, they stick around, accumulating in fatty tissues.远离污染源的污染程度明显比污染源低很多。但是,即使是相对低的污染浓度也可能是安全隐患,因为污染物无法分解,当进入体内,滞留体内,堆积在脂肪组织。选择有机食物大大减少了污染物进入体内,但是无论你身在何处都无法一点不受污染的侵害。There is a global movement, involving over 150 countries, to eliminate some of the most dangerous of these POPs, which include pesticides, industrial chemicals, and their byproducts. Some of them have aly been banned in the U.S.全球超过150个国家发起运动,坚决杜绝使用一些危害甚大的持久性污染物:包括杀虫剂、工业化学剂及相关副产品。美国禁止使用其中的一些。 /201209/201576

Its Thursday, May 12th. Im Wilson Tang and its time to get loaded.今天是5月12日,周四。我是Wilson Tang,是时候接受今天的最新资讯。Yesterday, we mentioned Googles new Chromebooks as they are now called. And today, we have some more details about the new web-centric laptops. Google has announced two models, the Samsung series 5 and the Acer Chromebook. They will retail starting at 9 and 9 respectively. But google has also announced a 3-year subscrition model starting at a month for business users, and a month for students. In another Google IO news the company has updated its poorly-received Google TV software based on the Honeycomb UI. The new Google TV promises a simpler interface support for 3D and game controllers. So far though, Google has yet to announce any products that used the new software.昨天我们提到了谷歌的新产品Chromebooks。今天,我们会带来一些关于这款网络笔记本的详细信息。谷歌发布了两种模型,三星5和宏基Chromebook。这两款产品分别售价为429美元和349美元。但谷歌同时宣布,商务用户可以每月花费28美元租用,学生则仅需20美元。另外,谷歌开发大会宣布将升级其成绩不佳的谷歌电视软件为蜂窝UI系统。新款的谷歌电视将提供一个更加简单的界面来进入3D模式或是接入游戏手柄。但是目前,谷歌还未宣布任何有关于使用新软件产品的信息。In Facebook news the site added the ability to tag items in a photo. The new feature will only let you tag items of Facebook pages in the products, brands or people categories. Were positive this feature will be heavily abused. So, its expected awkwardly tagged photos to be a new mean.接下来是一条关于脸谱网的消息,脸谱网现在可以给照片加标签了。这款功能现在只允许用户在照片上标注出产品,品牌或是人物。可以肯定的是这项新功能一定会被大量用在广告宣传上。也就是说,这项新功能会给照片标签功能带来新的含义。In more Facebook news, the company is not playing nice. The Daily Beast reports that Facebook has hired a PR firm to bash Google. Allegedly the firm contacted a blogger about writing a negative app ad on Google. Instead the blogger turned down the offer and posted the emails. USA Today also claims that the PR firm sping whisper campain about Google on behalf of an unnamed client that has now turned out to be Facebook. It looks like the smearing campaign has heavily backfired.更多关于脸谱网的消息。脸谱网使用不佳手段抹黑对手。《每日野兽》报道,脸谱网雇用了一家公关公司来打击对手谷歌。据说这家公司找到一位主对谷歌的应用进行负面宣传。不料主不但拒绝,还公布了邮件内容。《今日美国》还报道这家公关公司曾以谷歌匿名用户的名义散布不利于谷歌的消息。但现在看来,这些小动作所起到的作用都是适得其反的。In a move that has aly stirred up significant controversy, FCC commissioner M. Becker has announced she would be joining comcast as a lobbyst. Just 4 months after approving the highly contentious merger of comcast with N Universal. The move has aly drawn the eye of many groups opposed to the merger. But Miss Becker signed it on an Obama administration pledge banning her from lobbying anyone at the FCC for at least 2 years. In addition, shes prohibited from lobbying the remainder of the administration if this is a lifetime ban on lobbying the executive breach as a condition of the comcast merger.一个小举措引发了一场意义深远的争论,联邦通信委员会FCC委员M. Becker宣布将加入康卡斯特(美国最大的有线系统公司)。这是在争议颇多的康卡斯特和N环球公司合并之后4个月后宣布的。这一举动吸引了多方目光,有不少人反对。Becker签署了合并合同,但奥巴马政权承诺在未来2年内禁止Becker游说FCC其他成员。另外,Becker还被禁止游说其他政府人员,游说将破坏合并合同条件。At the next month E3 gaming conference, were expecting news of the new Nintendo game console, but you should also expect the launch of the eshop for the 3Ds. Set to debut June 7th, the eshop will bring the abilities to download games, virtual console capabilities, the ability to watch 3D movies and even Netflix.下个月的E3游戏发布会,我们将为您到来新款任天堂游戏机的消息,同时也敬请玩家关注6月7日发售的3D版本,网络商城将具备游戏下载,虚拟平台,虚拟控制台,观看3D电影的功能,甚至是能够连接上Netflix。Finally, Twitter has unveilled a new mobile web version of the popular micro blogging service. The new mobile website promises a much slicker interface, fast loading times and experience closer to Twitters native iPhone and Android apps.最后一条消息,Twitter揭秘了最新一款手机网页版本的微务。这一站点拥有流畅的界面设计,快速登入务,和近于iPhone和安卓应用一样的用户体验。Those are your headlines for today. Im Wilson Tang for CNet.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的头条。我是Cnet的Wilson Tang,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/208870

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