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And when you put Phoebes trace on the screen,当把菲比的行踪放到屏幕上时you get a snapshot of HER daily routines.你就会看到她每天的行程了So, in the green,绿色的轨迹huge amount of overlap in the space that they use.他们的领地有很大的重叠There is, isnt there?就在这 对吧For cats, which seek their own space,对领地意识很强的猫来说these two cats are on top of each other.这两只猫在互相竞争No wonder they are stressed.怪不得他俩剑拔弩张But they dont seem to be fighting much. So whats going on?但他们不常打架 这是为什么Its 11:50 pm,现在是晚上11:50heres Kato heading out on his night patrol.凯托正要出门夜巡He stays mostly around the cul-de-sac,他大多待在死胡同附近and takes a trip into the local woods.偶尔会进入当地的树林里游览一番He comes back around dawn.他在黎明时分归来An uneventful night.一夜无事And thats because Phoebe hasnt left her home all night.那是因为菲比整夜都没有出门重点解释:1.a huge amount of 大量例句:She spent a huge amount of money on that coat.她花了大笔的钱买那件衣。2.each other 互相;各自例句:They took out their resentments on each other.他们互相发泄怨气。3.head out 离去例句:I have a long way to go before dark. Im going to head out.天黑前我还有很远的路要走,我得上路了。201608/458597Israels lightning speed victory over its Arab neighbors in June of 1967 stunned the world and surprised even the Israelis themselves.1967年6月,以色列以闪电般的速度战胜阿拉伯邻国,消息一出,举世震惊,就连以色列人自己都觉得难以置信。Most analysts agree that the Six Day War大多数分析人士认为,六日战争transformed the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Middle East as a whole, and U.S.-Israeli ties forever.永久地改变了阿以冲突和整个中东的局势及美国与以色列的关系。;You know, the Israeli pushback of the combined Arab armies and the conquest of territory“以色列誓死抵抗阿拉伯联军并夺取领地,suddenly gave Israel cards to play in negotiations with the Arab states that it did not have before.该战况瞬间就让其在与阿拉伯国家的谈判中取得了话语权,这在以前可是从未出现过的情况。Theres a direct line from the 1967 wars outcome in Israels conquest of Sinai and the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty.;1967年的战争结果是以色列占领西奈半岛,并直接导致了《埃以和平条约》的签订。”Israel won control of all Jerusalem and increased the buffer zone between it and its Arab neighbors:以色列取得了对整个耶路撒冷的控制,并扩大了与阿拉伯邻国之间的缓冲地带范围:;At that time in 1967, when you have enemies coming from all sides,“1967年时,如果你的敌人来自四面八方,expanding your territory is important, just militarily and strategically.;那么扩大领土就是一件很重要的事情,不论是在军事上还是在战略上都是如此。”But that expansion meant that Israel would be controlling a large Palestinian population.但这种扩张就意味着以色列要控制一大批巴勒斯坦人口。The occupied territory and the claims by Israelis and Palestinians for their own independent state被占领土及以色列和巴勒斯坦人民呼吁国家独立的要求,form the crux of the unresolved conflict five decades later.形成了五十年以后未解决冲突的症结。Two generations of Israelis and Palestinians have never known anything but physical and psychological separation.两代以色列和巴基斯坦人除了身体和心理隔离之外,对其他的一无所知。;Young Israelis and Young Palestinians are more skeptical than their parents and grandparents about the prospects for a two-state solution.“如今以色列和巴勒斯坦的年轻人比起他们父母和祖父母那两辈来,更加怀疑两国制的前景。Majorities of Israelis and Palestinians still prefer a two-state outcome to any other outcome of their conflict.尽管在这场冲突中,大多数以色列和巴勒斯坦人仍然最倾向于两国制的结局。But they believe less and less that its gonna happen in their lifetimes.;但是他们却越发觉得,自己有生之年是等不到这一天了。”During a recent visit to Israel,在最近的以色列之行中,President Donald Trump said he is personally committed to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve a peace agreement,特朗普总统表示,他个人十分致力于帮助以色列和巴勒斯坦人民达成和平协议,and that he believes both sides want peace.另外他也相信,双方都想要和平的环境。Cindy Saine, VOA news, the State Department.VOA新闻,国务院辛迪·新恩为您播报。201706/515286Bear is very kind of inspiration that makes you feel that you can do it and everything is ok.贝尔很擅长鼓舞人心 会让你觉得你能做到 任何事都没问题Before you know it hes done near in the water,gush it for breath.在你反应过来之前 他就已经快入水了 已经浮出水面换气了The teamve became very accustomed to me to jump from the choppers,and generally lounge myself out to be unknown.整个团队看惯了我跳机 投身于未知的环境But in southern Texas,were heading into the heart of Chihuahua desert.但是在德克萨斯州南部 我们要进入奇瓦瓦沙漠Biplane was my means of entry.The plan was for the plane to invert and drop me out.我想乘坐复翼飞机进入 计划是让机身翻转 然后把我扔下去but the large tail is causing concern.If I head it when I jumped,it would be curtains.we had to find the solution.但是巨大的机尾会引起麻烦 如果我跳机的时候撞上了机尾 我就翘辫子了 我们必须要找到解决之道What we try to do for this one is trying to drop out a biplane where that you get inverted and I can just, disappear from it.这次我要从复翼机机翼跳下去 机身翻转的时候 把我扔下去The pilot is going this is called a mad one to do.Im thingking,you know, ;help;.飞行员说这太疯狂了 我认为 救命啊But you know we can work well in a team we try to minimize the risk while we doing it.You know, Im pretty confident we can we can do this.但是我们合作无间 我们尽可能将风险减到最低 我很有信心我们能 我们能做到Yes, its definitely got to be an exciting entrance,and probably one the best one youve done.显然 这次进入地区是激动人心的一次 可能是最棒的一次Before take off, Simon had to work out how to film the sequence.在起飞前 西蒙需要先设定好拍摄的顺序It is a big dilemma:where the position of himself to get shots of me sitting in the cockpit.简直左右两难 不知道他要从哪里 拍摄我在座舱的位置This is a new challenge first cause its only the beginning of the show.这是一次全新的挑战 因为这才仅仅是这期节目的开头而已Bear jumped out of an aircraft and Im sitting around next to him.Helicopter,plane, whatever.贝尔跳出飞机了 我就坐在他旁边 直升机 飞机 无论什么This one is, look, a plane that has two seats.and one for the pilot there and one for Bear there.看看这架 只有两个位置 一个是给飞行员坐的 一个是贝尔坐的Where...where I gonna go.So Im talking to the pilot,he says I can be on the wing.我要坐哪儿 所以我跟飞行员说这个问题 他说我可以待在机翼上I cant be in the draft of this prop,cause its gonna be 200 miles on the wind So Id be just outside that,which means Im right here, about the six feet away from Bear.我不能待在推进器上 因为风速高达时速200英里 所以我就待在外面 我就在这儿 离贝尔大约6英尺远which, um...there is no other place to be,so thats where Im gonna be for the shot.那里 也没有其他地方可以待了 所以我在那里进行拍摄201605/446295

These steep slopes provide a sanctuary for the cubs.这些陡峭的斜坡也是小熊的庇护所A male bear would kill and eat them given the chance公熊只要有机会就会吃掉它们but big animals find it difficult to get about here.不过大型动物很难爬到这个地方Males may be twice the size of a female and even she can have problems.公熊体型可能是母熊的2倍,但即使是母熊也已是举步艰难Her cubs, however, make light of the snow and of life in general.可是它的幼崽在雪地里却是轻松自如,体型也和一般动物差不多But the mother faces a dilemma.母熊面临着一个进退两难的选择Its six months since she last fed and her milk is starting to run dry.它已经6个月没有吃东西了,它的乳汁也即将耗尽She must soon leave the safety of these nursery slopes and lead her cubs away from the mountain.它必须尽快离开这个安全的斜坡“托儿所”,把它的幼崽带离山地If she delays, the whole family will risk starvation.若是稍有耽搁,整个家族就会面临饥荒Summer reveals the true nature of the Rockies.夏天揭露了落基山的真实面目Stripped of snow, the peaks bare their sculpted forms.剥去雪层之后,山峰裸露出斧凿般的造型Only now can mountaineers reclaim the upper reaches.山地动物只有此时才能向更高的地方拓展疆土。201703/498842

栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451734Anti-vaccine activists endured a cold, rainy day in Washington to make their point.为了达到抵制目的,这些反疫苗活动人士们在阴雨连绵的华盛顿忍受了一天的严寒。;As parents, its our decision whether or not we want to vaccinate.;“作为父母,我们有权决定是否要给孩子接种疫苗。”The movement has gained so much momentum that doctors are alarmed.这场运动发展势头迅猛,医生们对此也感到十分震惊。;We now, in the state of Texas, have 50,000 kids whose parents are opting them out of getting vaccinated.;“德克萨斯州现在就有5万名孩子的家长选择不接种疫苗。”Activists say thats because vaccines can cause everything from autism to severe allergies.活动人士们表示,之所以不让孩子接种疫苗,是因为疫苗会导致各种不良反应,从自闭症到严重过敏都有可能出现。And that the centers for disease control is covering up study showing harmful health effects.疾病控制中心如今都在掩盖那些会对身体产生有害影响的研究。But thats not the case.但事实却并非如此。;Occasionally there is an adverse reaction, but it is so rare, that its to be almost unmeasurable.;“确实会偶尔出现不良反应,但是这个概率特别小,几乎是不可测的。”;The most common side effects to any of the vaccines are pain at the injection site and fever for 24 to 48 hours.;“对于所有疫苗来说,最常见的副作用就是注射部位疼痛以及发烧24至48小时。”But the activists are convinced harmful ingredients are added to the vaccines.但是活动人士坚信疫苗当中都添加了有害成分。;Now its aluminum that has been added as an adjuvant.“铝佐剂被添加到疫苗当中。Add to that formaldehyde, polysorbate-80, and significant amount of human aborted fetal cell lines,还加入甲醛、聚山梨醇酯-80,并使用大量的流产胎儿细胞系、bovine cells, pig, sheep, monkey, dog, these cells are not meant to be injected into the human body.;牛细胞、猪细胞、羊细胞、猴细胞和细胞。这些细胞本不该被注入到人体当中去的。”Again, the science says otherwise.然而这一次,科学再次明并非如此。;The vaccines that the children are getting today are very much more pure and are very safe and effective.;“现在孩子们接种的疫苗都十分纯净,而且也非常安全有效。”So effective that some diseases are no longer perceived as a threat.这些疫苗当真有效,所以有一些疾病如今已经不再被视为威胁。;Currently, if you speak with any young mother or young father in Italy, where I come from,“我来自意大利,目前,你跟任何一个意大利的年轻父亲或母亲聊天都会发现,they dont know diphtheria. Theyve never seen it, they dont know that you can lose your child from diphtheria.;他们根本不知道白喉症。因为他们从来都没见过。所以他们也不知道一个人居然可以因为白喉症而痛失骨肉。”The World Health Organization has an online site to help parents find reliable information on vaccine safety.世卫组织开通了一个在线网站,帮助父母找到可靠的疫苗安全信息。The CDC does the same.而疾控中心也是这么做的。;I think that there will be a certain number of people, a certain percentage of people,“我觉得肯定还会有相当数量和比例的人群,who no matter what you say to convince them with evidence, theyre not going to be convinced,不管你如何用据来说他们,他们就是不会相信你,but I think the approach towards people who are anti-vaccinating is to respect their opinion and dont denigrate them and dont criticize them,不过在我看来,面对这些反对接种疫苗的人,我们能做的就是尊重他们的意见,不要去贬低或者批评他们,but try to explain to them on the basis of solid evidence why the risk/benefit of vaccines clearly,而要用真凭实据向他们解释明白:接种疫苗虽有利有弊,但权衡之下,clearly favors very, very heavily towards vaccinating your children.;很明显,利大于弊,父母还是应该为自己的孩子接种疫苗。”And thats why Dr. Peter Hotez urges scientists to get out of their laboratories and to talk to people about vaccines.正因如此,彼得·霍特兹士才鼓励科学家们走出实验室,跟人们去讨论有关疫苗的话题。Otherwise, he says, children the world over will unnecessary suffer and die from diseases that can be prevented by safe, effective vaccines.否则的话,他表示,世界各地的孩子都可能患上某些疾病并最终导致死亡,但我们本可以通过为他们接种安全有效的疫苗来预防这些疾病。Carol Pearson, VOA news, Washington.VOA新闻,卡洛·皮尔森于华盛顿为您播报。201706/513119Well enter by the river,take them by force if necessary.我们将通过河流进去 需要的话 用武力制Remember your training, follow orders.记住你们接受的训练 从命令If they start shooting well hit them back hard.如果他们开始射击 我们会猛烈还击There is no place for cowardice.我们没有任何畏怯的余地The Pinkertons were mercenaries.平克顿是一帮雇佣兵They were from out of town.他们从城外来They had no ties to Pittsburgh,no ties to these workers.同匹兹堡没有关系 同这些工人也无关They were paid a wage to wield their clubs.他们只是收人钱财 替人使用武力The moment Frick made the decision to bring in Pinkertons,the die was cast and the only way this strike was going to end was in tragedy.弗里克雇佣平克顿的那一刻起 死伤就已注定 罢工肯定会以悲剧收场FIRE!开火2,000 men barricade themselves inside the Homestead plant.两千人在霍姆斯泰德工厂里筑起路障Causing steel production to grind to a hault.让钢铁生产无法进行Carnegie Steels chairman, Henry Frick,is in no mood to negotiate.卡内基钢铁公司的主席亨利?弗里克没有任何妥协的意思Under pressure to quell the revolt,Frick brings in the Pintertons.为了平息反抗 弗里克招募了平克顿A mercenary army capable of outgunning the U.S. Military.一个武器多于美国军队的雇佣军And their presence threatens to be the spark that light the powder keg.他们的出现将点燃冲突的导火索Frick thought to himself when the workers see the Pinkertons,when they see that Im not going to back down they will back down.弗里克认为工人们看到平克顿后 看到他不会妥协后 他们自己就会妥协He thought a show of strength,a show of resolve, was all that was needed.他认为展示武力 展示决心 就足够解决问题了And that would be the end.只需要这样事情就能了结He badly miscalculated.他显然犯了重大错误201605/442270

When we first launched the 3Doodler, we asked the world to imagine a pen that could literally draw in the air.我们首次推出3D涂鸦笔时,我们要全世界想象一能够“真的”在空中绘画的笔。Two years on, weve made the worlds first 3D printing pen even better,两年过去,我们将全球首3D打印笔变得更加出色,with a new and improved version thats slimmer, lighter, quieter, and even easier to use.一个更纤细、更轻盈、更安静,甚至更容易使用的全新改良版本。The 3Doodler heats, then rapidly cools plastic, allowing instant 3D creation.3D涂鸦笔加热,然后快速将塑料冷却,让实时3D创作成为可能。And with no software or computers, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.而且无需软件或计算机,创作的可能性只被你的想象力所限制。Weve shipped over 130,000 first-generation 3Doodlers,我们已经运出超过13万第一代3D涂鸦笔,and our community has used them to create amazing things而我们的社群使用它们创造出许多不可思议的东西from jewelry to RC planes, fully 3Doodled dresses, architectural models, and even writing braille.从珠宝到遥控飞机、全3D涂鸦制成饰、建筑模型,甚至书写点字。It was because of the support of this Kickstarter community that we were able to make the 3Doodler dream a reality.正是因为这个Kickstarter社群的持,让我们能够使3D涂鸦笔的梦想成真。To say thank you, weve decided to bring 3Doodler 2.0 to you first.为了表示感谢,我们决定优先带给您3D涂鸦笔2.0。Completely redesigned from top to bottom and housed in a slick aluminum casing,从头到尾完全重新设计,并且包覆在光滑的铝制外壳中,the new 3Doodler is the result of over two years of research and development,新一代3D涂鸦笔是超过两年研发的成果,all aimed at giving you the best 3Doodling experience possible.全都为了带给您3D涂鸦笔所能达到的最佳使用体验。The new 3Doodler is also packed with loads of enhancements, making it smoother, slicker, and easier to use than ever before.全新3D涂鸦笔还加装许多优化功能,使它前所未见地更加平稳、更加滑顺、更加容易使用。Were also releasing exciting new accessories, including the JetPack, a portable power pack that gives you the freedom to 3Doodle on the go.我们也推出许多令人兴奋的新配备,包含JetPack,一个让你随时随地享有3D涂鸦自由的行动电源。To help kick-start creativity in the classroom,为了协助激发起教室内的创造力,weve created the special educational bundle, complete with pens, plastic, accessories, and curricular materials,我们打造出专用的教学套件,内含笔、塑料、配备,以及课程教材,which you can send to any school, library, or makerspace of your choosing.你可以寄送至任何你所选择的学校、图书馆或实作工作坊。If you can draw, write, or wave a finger in the air, you can create with the 3Doodler.如果你能画画、写字,或在空中动动手指头,那你就能用3D涂鸦笔创造。Our community website has hundreds of projects and stencils that you can download for free,我们的社群网站有数百种你可以免费下载的企划和模版,and its filled with how-to s and images of inspiring creations from around the world.还充满来自全球具启发性创作的教学影片及图片。So, when will you get your new 3Doodler?那么,你何时会收到你的全新3D涂鸦笔呢?Well start delivering to our first backers in a few weeks, and the majority of you will be 3Doodling by April.我们会在几周内开始寄货给我们的首批持者们,而你们大多数人四月就会在3D涂鸦了。We cant thank you enough for joining us on this amazing journey.对于你在这趟奇妙旅程中加入我们,我们感到感激不尽。201611/477479The Saxons were no more immune to change than the Romans before them.撒克逊人与罗马人一样对转变毫无抵抗力To look at the relics recovered from Sutton Hoo burial site is to be teased by a powerful question:见到萨顿胡遗址所复原的遗迹 让人们不禁提出一个讽刺而强力的问题Did the Saxon lord buried here find his resting place in a pagan Valhalla or in a Christian Paradise?撒克逊首领安葬的这方土地 究竟是异教英灵殿还是基督教的伊甸园呢The history of the conversions between the sixth and eighth centuries公元六到八世纪的历史转变is another crucial turning point in the history of the British Isles.是不列颠群岛上又一次历史转折点But while the legions had long gone,the shadow of Rome fell once again on these islands.在罗马军团的退散已久之后 罗马的影子再次笼罩在这片土地之上This time though, it was an invasion of the soul and the warriors were carrying Christian gospels rather than swords.而这一次 是灵魂的入侵 战士们带来的不再是长剑 而是基督教信条The process began in a country that had never been touched by Roman rule in the first place the land the Romans called Hibernia - Ireland.这次入侵开始的地方 是上次罗马统治者未曾染指之地 罗马人曾称之为西伯尼亚 即爱尔兰We have to remember that the most famous of the early missionaries to Ireland, St Patrick,was a Romano-British aristocrat,我们一定还记得最著名的 游离至爱尔兰的传教士圣帕特里克 曾是罗马不列颠尼亚的贵族the patrician or Patricius as he called himself.他自称为显要 或是贵族So there was nothing remotely Irish about the teenager who was kidnapped and sold into slavery by Irish raiders,in the early fifth century.因此他与偏僻的爱尔兰本毫无瓜葛 直到十五世纪早期 被爱尔兰入侵者 诱拐并贩卖为奴It was only after he escaped, probably to Brittany, and ordained,then visited by prophetic dreams,that he returned to Ireland as a messenger of the gospel.在逃往布列塔尼之后被授予神职 紧接着他做了一个先知之梦 他梦到他将作为传教士返回爱尔兰 /201607/453786When rivers finally reach the sea,当江河最终汇入大海时they slow down, release their sediment and build deltas.水流减缓,留下大量泥沙,堆成了三角洲In Bangladesh, the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers join to form the worlds biggest.在孟加拉国,恒河与雅鲁藏布江的交汇处形成了世界上最大的三角洲Every year, almost 2,000 million tonnes of sediment eroded from the Himalayas is delivered to the ocean.每年大约有20亿吨泥沙在此沉淀,从喜马拉雅山脉上崩塌下来的土石最终归于大海At the deltas mouth, the largest mangrove forest in the world, the Sunderbans.三角洲河口地带有一片世界上最大的红树林,孙德尔本斯红树林。These extraordinary forests spring up throughout the tropics in these tidal zones where rivers meet the sea.这些特殊的树林遍及整个热带地区的潮间带,那里正是河流的入海口Crab-eating macaques are mangrove specialists.食蟹猴是红树林的特有物种In Indonesia, these monkeys have adopted a unique amphibious lifestyle.在印度尼西亚,这些猴子过着一种独特的双栖式生活They fish out fallen food.它们拣食落在水中的食物。The troop also uses the waters to cool off during the heat of the day.在白天酷热难耐之时,猴群会利用水来给身体降温。201706/514176

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461828Two men were found dead on UCLAs campus Wednesday morning in what police now believe was a murder-suicide. 周三上午,在加州大学洛杉矶分校发现两名男子死亡,现在警方认为是一起谋杀性自杀事件。The campus was locked down after a shooting was reported at a UCLA engineering building, and both local and federal authorities arrived on campus to search for a possible active shooter. 加州大学洛杉矶分校工程大楼报道发生杀后校园被封锁,地方和联邦当局赶往校园寻找可能的活跃手。UCLA students, who are still in school through June 10, were asked to go to a secure location until authorities lifted the lockdown shortly after noon local time.加州大学洛杉矶分校的学生到6月10日仍在学校,他们被要求前往安全地点,直到当局在当地时间正午过后不久解除封锁。Although Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told KN a note was discovered near the two men found dead, a motive has not been reported to the media. 虽然洛杉矶警察局长查利·贝克告诉KN,在两人死亡地方的附近发现一张便条,但动机还没向媒体报道。The victims have not yet been identified. 尚未确定受害者的身份。译文属。201606/447372Surely even Charles could see that?难道查理没能看透这一切吗Surely that would be an end to the bloodshed and the country could return to reasonableness?难道这还不能结束那段杀戮 让国家重新步入有序吗And there were many in parliament aching for just this 而议会中的许多人仍有一个眼中钉a settlement that would allow Charles to keep his throne,停战协议保留了查尔斯的王位some kind of return to what had been on the table back in 1642.这似乎又回到了1642年谈判前的局面Surely, after all the blunders and bloodshed,难道经历了这些错误与伤亡the botched coups and the futile slaughters,he would do the right thing, he would share power?拙劣的政变和无谓的厮杀之后 他还不愿意认清形势 交出部分权力吗But Charles was constitutionally incapable of being a constitutional king.但查理本身决定了 他做不成立宪君主He gagged at the idea of being reduced to a subaltern monarch,taking, not giving, orders.他不愿做听命于上尉的君主 从而不是发布命令The war might be over, for now,but for Charles the plotting was not.也许战争已经告一段落 但对查尔斯来说 密谋仍在进行For the next two years, in a bid to reverse his defeat,接下来的两年里 查尔斯企图扭转乾坤Charles tried to play off parliament against the army,他试图让议会与军队为敌the army against parliament,and the Scots against both.让军队与议会为敌 让苏格兰成为双方共同的敌人Oliver Cromwell finally realised that as long as Charles was around,奥利弗·克伦威尔终于意识到 只要查理还在he was always going to be a rallying point for the discontented,and there were bound to be a lot of them.他就必将集结那些不安现状的人 而这类人不在少数But Cromwell was also enraged by Charless presumption at defying the verdict of God,同时查理肆意违抗上帝的裁决 激怒了克伦威尔so clearly revealed at the battles of Marston Moor and Naseby.马斯顿荒原和纳斯比战役就是最好的明It was evident then that King Charles had to go.很显然 查理必须离开Whether or not he had to die, that was another matter.无论如何他都要死 这又是一桩大事 /201703/500060

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