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长春治疗子宫内膜异位症一般多少钱长春打胎需一共要多少钱Hong Kong’s summer of political discontent has claimed its highest-profile victim, after the city’s Law Society in effect forced the resignation of its pro-Beijing president.香港持续整个夏天的政治纷争产生了最知名的受害者:香港律师会(Hong Kong Law Society)在事实上迫使了其亲北京的会长辞职。Ambrose Lam San-keung resigned yesterday ahead of a Law Society council meeting called to discuss his tenure, following last week’s vote of no-confidence in the two-term president.林新强(Ambrose Lam San-keung)昨日在香港律师会理事会开会讨论他的任期之前宣布辞职。上周香港律师会曾举行特别会员大会,通过对这位会长的不信任动议。“In order to maintain the solidarity of the Hong Kong Law Society, I will tender my resignation to the council with immediate effect,” said Mr Lam.“为了保持香港律师会的团结,我将向理事会递交辞呈,即时生效,”林新强表示。Mr Lam became a lightning rod for criticism among Hong Kong’s 8,000 Law Society members when he voiced support for Beijing’s “One Country, Two Systems” white paper, which stated that the freedoms enjoyed in the city were a privilege granted by China rather than an automatic right.林新强曾表态持中央政府的《“一国两制”在香港特别行政区的实践》白皮书。这使他成为香港律师会一些会员的批评对象。白皮书称,香港享有的各项自由是中央授予的特权,不存在自动的权利。香港律师会有8000名会员。Mr Lam, a managing partner at law firm Lam, Lee amp; Lai, claimed to speak on behalf of the society when he openly supported Beijing’s white paper – a document that has heightened concerns over what some see as Beijing’s tightening grip on the city.身为林李黎律师事务所(Lam, Lee amp; Lai)管理合伙人的林新强在公开持中央的白皮书时,自称代表香港律师会。香港一些人士认为北京方面正在收紧对该市的管控,白皮书加剧了他们的这种担忧。The white paper refers to judges as “administrators” and requires that they be “patriotic” towards China.白皮书称法官是“治港者”,并要求他们“爱国”。Critics of the document suggest it could water down Hong Kong’s judicial independence and the autonomy enjoyed by the territory compared with mainland China.这份文件的批评者认为,它可能淡化香港的司法独立,淡化这个特别行政区相比中国内地所享有的自治。A solicitor who works in a big international law firm in Hong Kong and attended last week’s Law Society vote said: “If there is decreased confidence in the judicial independence and rule of law in Hong Kong, that would be to the detriment to Hong Kong’s business market. [Global companies] would lose confidence in Hong Kong as a business centre.”在香港一家大型国际律师事务所工作、参加了上周律师会投票的一名律师表示:“如果人们对香港的司法独立和法治信心下降,那将损害香港的商业市场。(全球企业)将失去对香港作为商业中心的信心。”Kevin Yam, a Hong Kong solicitor who initiated the no-confidence vote, said: “[Mr Lam] did the right and honourable thing to listen to and respect the voices of the majority of the Law Society. Judicial independence, rule of law: they are fundamental for Hong Kong as an international city.”发起不信任动议的香港律师任建峰(Kevin Yam)表示:“(林新强)做了正确和光荣的事情,听取和尊重律师会多数会员的声音。司法独立、法治:它们是香港作为一个国际城市的根本要素。”Mr Lam’s support for the white paper prompted 1,800 black-clad legal professionals to hold a silent march through the city in late-June, and sparked terse responses from senior legal experts.林新强表态持白皮书的举动,促使1800名法律界人士在6月下旬身穿黑衣静默游行,并招致资深法律专家的简短回应。“If judges have to be standing with the government and form part of the government [as the white paper suggests], this would be totally contrary to the rule of law,” Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, a former president of the Bar Association, told local media.“如果法官必须(像白皮书所称的那样),与政府站在一起,构成政府的一部分,那将是完全违反法治的”,曾任香港大律师公会(Hong Kong Bar Association)主席的余若薇(Audrey Eu Yuet-mee)在接受当地媒体采访时表示。 /201408/322687长春做处女膜修复手术 It was not immediately clear what triggered the stampede. The official Xinhua news agency said many of the injured were students.2014年最后一天,人们上海外滩等待新年时,发生了多人死伤的踩踏惨剧。The government said on its official microblog that an inquiry had begun, with city leaders rushing to the scene and to hospitals to visit the injured. An emergency meeting would be held to ensure stepped-up safety measures were taken throughout the city.据中国媒体报道,12月31日夜里23时35分左右,上海著名的旅游聚集区外滩的陈毅广场发生拥挤踩踏,当时人们正在广场上参加新年庆祝活动。根据中国官方的消息,目前事故已经导致36人死亡,47人受伤。Photographs on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, showed densely packed crowds of revellers along the Bund, which is lined with buildings from Shanghai’s pre-communist heyday along the bank of the Huangpu River.伤者已经送往医院救治。中国官方的新华社报道称,伤者中很多是学生。目前尚不清楚造成踩踏事件的具体原因。In some photographs, rescue workers were seen trying to resuscitate victims lying on the pavement while ambulances waited nearby.上海市政府通过其官方微发布称,官方已经成立了工作组,负责伤员抢救和善后处置工作。Authorities had shown some concern about crowd control in the days leading up to New Year’s eve. They recently cancelled an annual 3D laser show on the Bund that last year attracted as many as 300,000 people.微上照片显示,上海外滩人流拥挤,救援人员在现场抢救躺在地上的伤者。At dawn on Thursday, there were still small crowds of revellers trying to find taxis home and workers were clearing up trash strewn around the Bund. There was little sign of the mayhem that had broken out just hours earlier.周四(1月1日)早上,外滩仍有参加跨年的观光客们在广场附近寻找和等待出租车回家,工人们已经在清理广场上的垃圾。 /201501/351613长春市妇产科医院做人流

长春bbt自凝术多少钱长春哪个医院可以做输卵管照影 BETSY came to Dr. Martin for a second — or rather, a sixth — opinion. Over a year, she had seen five other physicians for a “rapid heartbeat” and “feeling stressed.” After extensive testing, she had finally been referred for psychological counseling for an anxiety disorder.贝蒂来找马丁医生是想问问第二个大夫的意见——实际上是第六个。在过去一年里,因为“心动过速”和“受迫感”的问题,她咨询过五位医生。在经过大量的检查后,医生最终建议她去做焦虑症方面的心理咨询。The careful history Dr. Martin took revealed that Betsy was taking an over-the-counter weight loss product that contained ephedrine. (I have changed their names for privacy’s sake.) When she stopped taking the remedy, her symptoms also stopped. Asked why she hadn’t mentioned this information before, she said she’d “never been asked.” Until then, her providers would sooner order tests than take the time to talk with her about the problem.马丁医生仔细地询问病史,终于得知贝蒂当时正在用一种减肥用的非处方药,其中含有麻黄碱。(为了保护隐私,文中用了化名。)停止用这种药物后,她的症状也就消失了。在被问到过去为什么没有提过这件事时,她说,“从来没人问过。”在那以前,她的医生都会很快让她去做检查,而不是花时间和她谈病情。Betsy’s case was fortunate; poor communication often has much worse consequences. A review of reports by the Joint Commission, a nonprofit that provides accreditation to health care organizations, found that communication failure (rather than a provider’s lack of technical skill) was at the root of over 70 percent of serious adverse health outcomes in hospitals.贝蒂的情况还算幸运,沟通不畅常常会导致更恶劣的后果。非营利组织“医疗机构认联合委员会”(Joint Commission)发布的一份报告指出,医院中发生的严重不良健康后果中,有逾70%的根源在于沟通不畅(而不是医护人员欠缺专业技能)。A doctor’s ability to explain, listen and empathize has a profound impact on a patient’s care. Yet, as one survey found, two out of every three patients are discharged from the hospital without even knowing their diagnosis. Another study discovered that in over 60 percent of cases, patients misunderstood directions after a visit to their doctor’s office. And on average, physicians wait just 18 seconds before interrupting patients’ narratives of their symptoms. Evidently, we have a long way to go.医生能否解释、倾听、与患者产生共鸣,对于病人的诊疗有着深远的影响。然而一项调查发现,有三分之二的病人在不知道诊断结果的情况下,就被要求出院了。另一项研究发现,在超过60%的病例中,患者在问诊后误解了医生的指示。医生平均只会等18秒,就会打断患者对症状的陈述。显然,我们有很长的路要走。Three years ago, my colleagues and I started a program in Harrisburg designed to improve doctors’ communication with their patients. This large urban hospital system serves a city with a population of about 50,000, together with the surrounding metropolitan area of more than 550,000 people.三年前,我和同事在宾夕法尼亚州哈里斯堡启动了一个旨在改善医患沟通的项目。这个规模庞大的城市医院系统,为本市大约5万人口提供务,同时也面向周边城市群共计超过55万的居民。The hospital faces particular challenges: The city has a high poverty rate (32 percent, compared with the state average of 13 percent), and the metro area has a high rate of childhood obesity. Over all, nearly a third of people around Harrisburg are uninsured, compared with about one in 10 for the rest of Pennsylvania.医院面临着一些特殊的挑战:这座城市贫困率极高(达32%,与之相对比,全州平均水平为13%),所在城区的儿童肥胖率也很高。总体而言,哈里斯堡及周边人口中,有近三分之一没有医疗保险,而宾夕法尼亚州其他地区的这一比例则约为十分之一。Our project started with a simple baseline assessment of how we as doctors communicated with our patients. Observation soon revealed that physicians introduced themselves on only about one in four occasions. And without an introduction, it’s no surprise that patients could correctly identify their physician only about a quarter of the time.项目开始时,我们对医生与患者的沟通状况做了一个简单的基准评估。通过观察,我们很快就发现,只有大约四分之一的情况,医生会向患者做自我介绍。既然没有做自我介绍,另一个现象也就不奇怪了:仅有大约四分之一的情况,患者能正确指出给自己诊断的医生是谁。Brief, rushed physician encounters were common, with limited opportunity for questions. A lack of empathy was often apparent: In one instance, after a tearful patient had related the recent death of a loved one, the physician’s next sentence was: “How is your abdominal pain?”与医生会面时简短、仓促的情况十分普遍,提问的机会也很有限。对患者缺乏理解的情况往往很明显:在一个案例中,患者痛哭流涕地倾诉,最近一位亲人去世了,但医生接下来问的却是,“你的腹痛是什么情况?”We developed a physician-training program, which involved mock patient interviews and assessment from the actor role-playing the patient. Over 250 physicians were trained using this technique. We also arranged for a “physician coach” to sit in on real patient interviews and provide feedback.我们推出了一项医生培训计划,其中包括由演员扮演的患者参与的模拟问诊和评估。有超过250名医生接受了运用这个技巧进行的培训。我们还安排了“医生辅导员”在实际接诊时坐在旁边,进而提供反馈。Over the next two years, patient satisfaction with doctors, as measured by a standard questionnaire, moved the hospital’s predicted score up in national rankings by a remarkable 40 percentile points. Several studies have found a correlation between higher patient satisfaction scores and better health outcomes. In one, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard health policy researchers reported that higher patient satisfaction was associated with improved outcomes for several diseases, including heart attacks, heart failure and pneumonia.在接下来的两年里,通过一项标准化问卷的衡量,患者对医生的满意度提高了,而这所医院的预期得分,在全美排名中也出现了40个百分点的可观提升。有若干项研究发现,患者满意度指标的提高,与治疗效果的改善存在正相关性。在一篇发表在《新英格兰医学杂志》(The New England Journal of Medicine)上的研究论文中,哈佛大学的医疗政策研究人员写道,患者满意度提高,与若干种疾病治疗效果的改善存在相关性,包括心肌梗死、心脏衰竭和肺炎。The need to train and test physicians in “interpersonal and communication skills” was formally recognized only relatively recently, in 1999, when the American Board of Medical Specialties made them one of physicians’ key competencies. Although medical schools and residency programs then began to train and test students on these skills, once physicians have completed training, they are seldom evaluated on them. And doctors trained before the mid-1990s have rarely, if ever, been evaluated at all.对医生在“人际关系和沟通技巧”方面进行培训和检验的需求,直到近年来才正式得到承认。在1999年,美国医疗专科委员会(American Board of Medical Specialties)将这些技巧列为医生的关键能力之一。尽管医学院和住院医项目从那时就开始对学生的这些技巧进行培训和测试,但是医生在完成学业后,极少还会受到这方面的评估。所有在上世纪90年代中期之前接受医学教育的医生,则极少甚至完全没有得到过评估。I realize that many colleagues may see methods like ours as too intrusive on their clinical practice and may say that they don’t have the time. But we need to move away from the perception that social skills and better communication are a kind of optional extra for doctors. A good bedside manner is simply good medicine.我明白很多同行可能会认为,我们这样的方法对临床实践的干扰太强,也可能会说他们没时间。不过,我们需要摒弃那种认为社交技巧和改善沟通对医生来说是一种可有可无的额外素质的念头,因为在临床实践中,良好的态度本身就是一剂良药。A passionate diabetes specialist told me how she sat down with a patient to understand why he was not using his diabetes medications regularly, despite numerous hospital admissions for complications.一位充满热情的糖尿病专科医师给我讲述了她与一名患者坐下来聊天的情形。尽管那名患者因为并发症而多次入院治疗,但是他还是不肯规律地摄入糖尿病药物,她想弄明白这是为什么。“I can’t continue to do this anymore,” he told her, on the verge of tears. “I’ve just given up.”“我不能再这样活了,”他强忍着泪水告诉她。“我干脆放弃了。”She placed a hand on his shoulder and just sat with him. After a pause, she said: “You have a heart that still beats, and legs you can still walk on — many of my patients don’t have that privilege.”她把手放在他的肩膀上,坐在了他身旁。停顿片刻后,她说:“你的心脏还能跳,腿也还能走。许多患者根本没有这样的运气。”Five years later, recalling this episode, her patient credits her with inspiring him to take better care of himself. The entire encounter took less than five minutes.五年之后,这位患者在回顾这一幕时称赞道,是医生的鼓舞让他更好地照顾自己。那次会面只花了不到五分钟。 /201501/352632长春治疗不孕不育最好的医院

长春阳光女子医院属于几级医院Can a planned economy build great brands? The history of the Chinese auto industry suggests not. Domestic brands’ market share has fallen five percentage points year to date to less than a third. On Monday, China found Mercedes-Benz guilty of price fixing.计划经济能否缔造伟大品牌?中国汽车业的历史似乎表明不能。今年迄今为止,中国国产品牌市场份额已下降5个百分点,降至不到三分之一。周一,中国裁定梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)在定价上违法。These facts may not be related, but regulation in China’s auto market has long been aimed at supporting local names. In the early days, state planners decreed that foreigners must go halves with a local partner on any auto venture. This policy did not lead to the hoped-for transfer of technology and management knowhow. State-owned enterprises and their foreign partners alike found it easier to make money just letting foreigners get on with it.这两个事实也许不相关,但长期以来,中国汽车市场监管的目的一直都是持本土品牌。初期,中国政府的规划者规定,外商投资的任何汽车企业必须由本土合伙人持有一半股份。这项政策并没有带来他们所期盼的技术和管理知识的转移。中国国有企业和他们的外资伙伴都发现,放手让外国人运营企业更容易赚钱。Thus, from the mid-2000s, the government tried a different tack. This time, foreign partners were encouraged to develop an entirely “local” brand for transfer to the domestic partner. Foreign carmakers used the opportunity to introduce a lower-priced brand based on older overseas models. The ironic result has been to undermine the proper homegrown brands – Geely, Chery, Great Wall and BYD – whose cars had previously dominated the lower end of the market.因此,从2005年前后开始,中国政府尝试了另一种策略。这一次,官方鼓励外资合作伙伴开发一个完全“本土”的品牌,然后将其转交给中国国内的合作方。外国汽车制造商利用这一机会,推出了基于海外旧款型号的低价品牌。具有讽刺意味的结果是,这破坏了正宗本土品牌的成长:吉利(Geely)、奇瑞(Chery)、长城(Great Wall)和比亚迪(BYD)这些中国本土品牌的汽车此前曾主导低端市场。Auto industry benchmarking firm JD Power’s 2013 survey, released in April, included five Chinese brands. Four that were the “local” offspring of the international partnerships, including Wuling Hongguang (General Motors and two local partners) and Changan Star 2 (Ford and Changan). BYD was the only fully Chinese brand on the list.汽车行业基准研究公司JD Power在4月公布的2013年调查报告中,包括了五家中国品牌。四家是源于国际合作的“本土”产物,其中包括五菱宏光(由通用公司(General Motors)与两家本土企业合作)和长安之星2代(福特(Ford)与长安)。比亚迪是该名单上唯一完完全全的中国品牌。Market forces are asserting themselves elsewhere. BYD and Daimler have linked up to create the Denza; Chery and Jaguar Land Rover signed a deal in 2012, with production due this year. If the government wants domestic brands to succeed, it might reconsider which champions it backs.市场力量在其他方面也显示出威力。比亚迪和戴姆勒(Daimler)合作创造了Denza;奇瑞和捷豹路虎(Jaguar Land Rover)在2012年签订了合约,定于今年投产。如果中国政府想让本土品牌成功,可能要重新考虑应当持哪些冠军。 /201408/322683 南关区中医院能刷医保卡长春人流手术多少钱一次



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