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吉林省长春二院做人流好吗南关区人民医院网站长春朝阳区宫颈糜烂多少钱 Finance and economics财经商业Reforming Chinas state-owned firms改革中国国有企业From SOE to GLC从国有企业到国联企业Chinas rulers look to Singapore for tips on portfolio management中国领导人指望得到新加坡关于投资组合管理的指点SHORTLY before his confirmation as Chinas paramount leader in 1978, Deng Xiaoping paid a visit to fast-growing Singapore.1978年,邓小平被任命为中国最高领导人前夕,他对高速发展的新加坡进行了访问。He planted a tree on a hill overlooking Jurong, a bustling industrial park built on what was once marshy wasteland close to the city-states harbour.他在俯瞰裕廊的一座山上种植了一棵树,裕廊是建于城市港口附近的一个蓬勃发展的工业园区,那里曾经是一个不毛之地。Singapores success as a trading hub impressed Deng, who imposed his vision of economic reform on Chinas Communist Party the following month, at an historic meeting known as the third plenum.新加坡成功成为一个贸易枢纽给邓小平留下了深刻的印象,他在访问新加坡后的一个月,在那个具有历史意义的三中全会上,向中国共产党提出了有关经济改革的设想。Singapore, which has a population of 5m to Chinas 1.35 billion, remains a source of inspiration for some Chinese reformers.对于中国一些改革家来说,拥有500万人口的新加坡与拥有13.5亿人口的中国相比,仍然具有激励作用。On the eve of the latest third plenum, held earlier this month, the Development Research Centre, a government think-tank, advertised an ambitious set of reform proposals, including an overhaul of Chinas inefficient state-owned enterprises.本月初期举行的十八届三中全会前夕,政府智囊团国务院发展研究中心公布了一系列雄心勃勃的改革提议,包括彻底改革中国低效国有企业。Simply privatising these companies remains out of the question for Chinas leaders.仅仅将这些企业私有化对中国领导人来说是不可能的。But there are alternatives, and Singapore provides one.但是他们还有其他选择,新加坡就提供了一个选项。The DRCs plan named Temasek, a holding company for SOEs in Singapore, as a potential model.国务院发展研究中心计划把新加坡国有企业控股公司淡马锡公司作为一个可能的模型。It was created in 1974, when it inherited 35 companies from the finance ministry.淡马锡公司成立于1974年,它从新加坡财政部手中接手了35家国有企业。Its inaugural portfolio contained several of the firms that made Jurong eye-catching, including its shipyard and its birdpark.它成立的投资组合包括几个使得裕廊引人注目的公司,包括其造船厂和飞禽公园。In the four decades since, Temaseks portfolio has both multiplied and gone forth: only 30% of its holdings remain in Singapore itself.从那时起后四十年,裕廊的投资组合不仅迅速增加,还不断发展:只有30%的控股还在新加坡手上。Its domestic holdings are concentrated in what Singapore calls government-linked companies, such as Singapore Airlines and SingTel, a telecoms company.其国内股份集中在新加坡称为国联企业手中,例如新加坡航空,电信公司SingTel。Temaseks charter obliges it to increase the value of its holdings over the long term.淡马锡公司的章程迫使他们在长期增加他们股份的价值。This is a remarkably simple aim compared with the Chinese governments manifold ambitions.这相对于中国政府各种各样的雄心壮志来说明显是一个简单明确的目标。It wants its holdings to promote technological progress, favoured industries and national security, among other things.此外,他们还希望他们的股份能推进技术进步,推动中意的工业发展和国家安全。As well as clarifying objectives, the Temasek model also allows the state to distance itself from the management of its enterprises, without relinquishing ownership.除了阐明目标以外,淡马锡模型还准许国家在不放弃所有权的情况下,拉开自己与企业管理的距离。Temasek avoids meddling in the day-to-day running of the GLCs in its portfolio, which are free to hire professional managers at market rates.淡马锡模型避免了对国联企业投资组合日常管理的干预,这样可以随意以市场价雇佣专业的管理人才。With a few exceptions, it does not directly appoint board members either.除了几个例外,淡马锡公司也不直接任命董事会成员。This is partly because it does not want to become privy to price-sensitive information that might limit its ability to trade shares.这样做部分原因是因为它不想获准接触那些可能会限制其自身交易股份能力的价格敏感的信息。Temasek has evolved into an active investor, but not an activist one, says Stephen Forshaw, its chief spokesman.淡马锡公司首席发言人史蒂芬福肖说,淡马锡公司已经逐步发展成了一个活跃的投资者,但不是一个积极分子。Although it does not appoint directors, it does meet regularly with its wards boards to make its feelings known.虽然淡马锡不任命董事,它定期与其监管董事会开会,让董事会知道他们的想法。It also keeps managers on their toes by enlisting outside consultants, such as Bain or McKinsey, to spot industrial trends they should be aware of.它还让管理者通过谋求外部咨询来保持警觉,如向贝恩或麦肯锡咨询,来留意他们应该知道的工业发展趋势。Would the Temasek model help improve the efficiency of Chinas state-owned enterprises?淡马锡模型会有助于提高中国国有企业的效率吗?Only one or possibly two of Temaseks GLCs have established themselves as international brands, according to critics such as Chris Balding of Peking University.据北京大学的克里斯鲍尔丁说,淡马锡公司的国联企业中只有一个或者可能两个已经成为了国际品牌。SingTel has made successful foreign acquisitions, but other GLCs have fared less well.SingTel成功进行了外资并购,但是其他国联企业很少有成功的。STATS ChipPAC, a semiconductor firm, lost money in the second quarter of this year, as a result of the costs of closing a factory in Malaysia.半导体公司STATAS ChipPAC今年第二季度亏损,因为它关闭了位于马来西亚的一个工厂。The few academic studies of Singapores GLCs are more encouraging, however.但是关于新加坡国联企业的学术研究越少越令人鼓舞。A 2004 article by Carlos Ramirez of George Mason University and Ling Hui Tan of the IMF showed that the countrys GLCs enjoyed a higher market value, relative to the book value of their assets, than comparable private firms.乔治梅森的卡洛斯拉米雷斯和国际货币基金组织的Ling Hui Tan 2004发表的一篇文章表明,就资产净值而言,新加坡的国联企业比起私人企业有更高的市场价值。They also generated a higher return on assets, on average.他们还创造更高的平均投资回报。In judging the performance of Temaseks GLCs, the counterfactual is important.在评价淡马锡的国联企业的表现时,反事实的情况很重要。They may not be as obviously successful as private titans from the region such as Samsung or LG.他们可能不会像亚洲私人公司巨头那样有着明显的成功,如三星、LG。But they are not nearly as bad as most SOEs, including Chinas.但是他们几乎不会像大多数国有企业包括中国的国有企业那样糟糕。The enthusiasm for reform of SOEs in China reflects their deteriorating returns and accumulating debt.中国国有企业改革的反映了他们日益恶化的投资回报和日益增长的债务。According to M.K. Tang of Goldman Sachs, their return on assets was 6.5 percentage points below that of other Chinese firms in 2012 and their shares trade at a growing discount.根据高盛投资公司的M.K. Tang,2012年国有企业的资产回报比中国其他公司低6.5个百分点,且他们的股份持续贬值。Even Mr Balding, meanwhile, is happy to fly Singapore Airlines.同时,甚至是鲍尔丁先生也很高兴乘坐新加坡航空。 /201311/266498Gay marriage同性婚姻Be my rock in Little Rock在小岩城成为我坚固的磐石The gay-marriage juggernaut rolls on同性婚姻势不可挡WHAT do Arkansas and Idaho have in common? Both have rural charm—Idahos licence plates even boast of its “Famous Potatoes”. Both vote Republican in presidential elections. And both have just legalised gay marriage.美国阿肯色州和爱达荷州有什么相同之处?他们都拥有迷人的田园风光—爱达荷州的汽车牌照甚至还炫耀自己“有名的土豆”。他们都在总统大选中投了共和党人的票,而且都把同性婚姻合法化了。In both states, the decision was made by a judge rather than voters, and could be reversed. But it is getting harder to see same-sex nuptials as an odd new custom confined to coastal liberal bastions. If the new rules in Arkansas and Idaho stand, that would make it 19 states plus Washington, DC that now recognise marriage equality. Over 70 lawsuits, in nearly every state that does not yet allow gay marriage, are working their way through the courts, encouraged by a Supreme-Court ruling last year striking down the federal Defence of Marriage Act.在这两个州,这个决定都是由法官下的,而不是选举人,而且决定可以被撤销。现在同性恋婚姻已经越来越难以被认为仅仅是局限在沿海自由堡垒的风俗了。如果阿肯色州和爱达荷州的新条例成立的话,这将会使十九个州包括华盛顿承认婚姻平等。如今共有超过七十起分布在几乎所有尚未允许同性婚姻的州的法律诉讼正在通过法庭努力,它们受到了去年最高法院裁决的鼓励,该裁决驳回了“联邦婚姻保护法案”—一项禁止联邦政府承认同性婚姻的法案。It has all happened faster than campaigners dared to hope. In Arkansas, a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage passed ten years ago with 75% of the vote. Social conservatives were elated, expecting the law to stand indefinitely. But on May 9th Chris Piazza, a circuit judge in Pulaski County, ruled the ban unconstitutional.事情变化如此之快,而这甚至超过了同性婚姻呼吁者的预期。在阿肯色州,一个禁止同性婚姻的州宪法修正案于十年前获得75%的选票通过。社会保守派人士对此欢欣鼓舞,期待该法案无限期有效。但在5月9号一名普瓦斯基郡的巡回法官克里斯·皮亚萨裁决这个禁令违宪。Religious conservatives were shocked. Mike Huckabee, an ex-governor of Arkansas, called for Judge Piazza to be impeached. Jerry Cox, president of the Arkansas Family Council, said: “The marriage of one man to one woman has been a cornerstone of western civilisation for thousands of years... once people start redefining marriage, there seems to be no place to stop.”宗教保守派都非常震惊。阿肯色州的一名前州政府官员麦克·赫卡比呼吁控告皮亚萨法官。阿肯色州家族委员会的主席杰里·考克斯说:“男人与女人之间的婚姻几千年来都是西方文明的基石…一旦人们开始重新给婚姻下定义,看起来就不会再停止了。”Mr Piazzas ruling opened the door for all 75 counties in the state to issue marriage licences to gay couples. Most county clerks opted not to, noting that the ruling, confusingly, failed to address another state law that banned issuing such licences. But some 450 same-sex couples queued up in Pulaski and four other counties to get their precious pieces of paper. “We were hopeful that the law would be overturned some day, but we were completely stunned...that it came when it did,” says Barbara Hall, who married her long-time partner on May 12th in the courthouse rotunda. “We aly had plans to marry in New York this summer after a ceremony here in Little Rock, never imagining a day when we could marry here.”皮亚萨的裁决为该州75个郡打开了给同性情侣颁发婚姻许可的大门。大部分郡书记官都选择了拒绝听从,指出该裁决令人困惑,未能处理其他禁止颁发此类婚姻许可的州法律的问题。但有450对同性情侣在普瓦斯基和其它四个郡排队等候以获得那张宝贵的书。“我们满怀希望,希望有一天州法律可以彻底改变,但是我们非常震惊…在这件事确实发生的时候,”芭芭拉·霍尔说,她于5月12号和她的长期伴侣在法院的圆形大厅中结婚了。“我们已经计划在小岩城的仪式之后就于今年夏天去纽约结婚,我们从未想过还能在这里结婚。” 201406/304439长春市阳光女子做无痛人流多少钱

铁西区打胎价格Business商业报道Paying chief executives高管薪酬Fortune favours the boss好运垂青老板Big, controversial golden goodbyes to bosses are probably here to stay老板们巨额而有争议的黄金告别可能会被留下来IS THE new boss of Time Warner Cable about to become one of the luckiest-ever winners of the great chief-executive pay lottery?时代华纳有线电视公司的新老板会成为伟大的首席执行官中最幸运的赢家之一吗?Robert Marcus is set to take over as boss on January 1st.罗伯特·马库斯将于1月1日接任老板。If rumours are to be believed, that will be just in time for the cable firm to be bought by one of a host of rivals that are now circling it.如果传言是可信的,那恰好有线电视公司被环绕的竞争对手中的一位收购。A change-of-control clause in his contract means he could go straight back out of the door with a golden goodbye of over m.合同中的变更条款意味着他可以拥有超过5,600万元的黄金告别走出大门。The biggest loser, in contrast, may be Philippe Varin, who will step down as boss of PSA Peugeot Citron, a struggling French carmaker.相反,最大的输家可能是菲利普·瓦兰,他从一个苦苦挣扎的法国汽车制造商PSA标致雪铁龙老板的位置上下来。On November 27th, he issued a statement saying he would give up a pension provision valued at 21m.11月27日,他发表声明说,他将放弃价值2100万的养老金保障。The board will decide his future pension arrangements before he retires, probably with an eye on public opinion.董事会将在他退休前安排他未来的养老金,可能会顾及舆论的反应。He follows in the footsteps of Fred Goodwin, who presided over the collapse of Royal Bank of Scotland.他步了弗雷德·古德温的后尘,其导致了苏格兰皇家的崩溃。In , again after a public outcry, the man known as Fred the Shred, because of his fondness for firing people, agreed to reduce his pension by 212,500 a year to a paltry 342,500.在年舆论再次哗然,那个喜欢裁人的被称为弗雷德的同意将他的退休金的减少额从212500英镑一年增加到区区342500英镑。It is rare for public disapproval of generous golden goodbyes to have so much impact.公众很少认为这些慷慨的黄金告别有这么大的影响。Even the introduction of say on pay votes in countries such as America and Britain seems only to have curbed the most egregious excesses.甚至在一些引进了薪酬话语权投票的国家如美国和英国似乎只能抑制最令人震惊的过激行为。Ira Kay of Pay Governance, a consultant, says that in America, most company boards facing such votes have managed to win them by dropping overgenerous perks like the automatic vesting of the bosss share options even when he has kept his job following a takeover.薪酬管理顾问艾拉凯指出,在美国,面临着这样投票的公司的董事会已经设法通过清理过于慷慨的激励措施,如老板股票期权的自动归属权,甚至在被收购后还继续他的工作。The once-widesp practice of paying a bosss taxes on his post-takeover payout, a nice little earner known as the excise tax gross-up, has also ended, costing some chief executives millions of dollars, says Mr Kay.凯先生说,在老板的税收上过往的做法是在他退休后出,一个很好的被称为包税的赚钱者也结束了,花掉了首席执行官们数百万美金。Bosses can no longer trigger big severance payouts by self-termination—quitting or retiring—adds Doug Friske of Towers Watson, another pay consultant.另一家薪酬顾问公司韬睿惠悦的道格Friske说,老板们以后不能靠通过自行终止-辞职或退休增加巨额的退休金。Topping up the pension fund for a boss who leaves earlier than expected is now frowned on too.为提前退休的老板补足养老基金现在也行不通了。Say on pay has also forced boards to get better at costing perks that once were wrongly regarded as practically free.薪酬话语权也迫使董事会在之前被认为是随意额外津贴上做的更好。Yet the golden parachute is a chronic problem that I dont see changing anytime soon, says Donald Hambrick, a management professor at Pennsylvania State University.然而,金降落伞是一个老大难问题,我没看到最近会有什么变化,宾夕法尼亚州立大学管理学教授唐纳德·汉姆布瑞克说。The procession of bosses exiting with fabulous pay-offs continues.老板们难以置信的离职金仍在继续进行。Pay consultants brought in by firms seeking a new boss often get blamed for regarding the most generous existing package in the market as the baseline for negotiations.薪酬顾问为企业寻求新的老板常常会因为以市场最多的离职金为基准进行谈判而被责怪。But there is also a small cottage industry of elite lawyers who are used by any candidate to be boss, and who have mastered every trick in the book, Mr Hambrick says.汉姆布瑞克先生说,也有一些曾是老板候选人的小企业中的精英律师,他们懂得书中的所有技巧。By the time the public is frothing at the mouth about some fired corporate failure walking off with a fortune, it is usually too late to do anything about it.这时公众议论的是解雇失败损失的钱,而这通常是来不及做任何事情补救。Everything is negotiated up front; that is the time to be outraged, he advises.他建议一切都协商都进行在前面,这是被激怒的时候。Once a boss has failed and pulled the cord on his golden parachute, boards typically conclude that it is best just to pay up quietly.一旦老板已经失败并且拉着他的黄金降落伞的绳子,董事会一般认为最好是默默的把钱付了。Even though recent legal changes have made it easier, even in America, to claw back some of the money paid to failed bosses, in practice firms will only try to do that if there is cast-iron evidence of fault, such as a financial misstatement.即使在美国,尽管最近的法律变化使得更容易夺回部分付给失败老板的钱,在实践中如果据确凿公司将尝试这样做,如财务失实。None of this should come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the myopic ways boards tend to work in practice.董事会在实践中的目光短浅对所有的人来说这一切都不应该是一件惊讶的事。The moment when a company is paying off a failure is also the moment it is trying to attract the best possible candidate to sort out the mess.当一个公司为失败付钱的那一刻也是它正试图吸引尽可能最好的人选来收拾烂摊子。Contesting the last bosss deal could easily scare off the ideal new one.争辩最后老板的这笔交易很容易吓跑新的理想人选。The CEO wheel of fortune keeps on turning.CEO的命运之轮仍在不断向前。 /201312/270624长春妇产医院社保卡 长春医科大学第一医院咨询电话

长春看乳腺小叶增生的妇科医院 Treachery was repaid by treachery, as he was double-crossed by his supposed allies.背叛被背叛偿还,因为他被自己的盟友出卖。But a mystery still remains. 但仍然有个未解之谜。Why was Tsparang entired abandoned?为什么Tsparang最终被遗弃?From the top of citadel, you can still see the imprints left by the ancient aqueduct, following the contours of the hill. 从城堡的顶端,你仍然可以看到古代留下的痕迹,山的轮廓。Even the legend Tsering Gyalpo speaks of has a basis in science. 甚至传说Tsering Gyalpo也谈到有关的科学依据。Guge is in the shadow of three of the worlds largest mountain ranges, the Himalayas, the Karakorum and the Kunlun.三座世界上最大的山脉,喜马拉雅山脉、喀喇昆仑和昆仑中,其中便有古格的身影。201402/277841长春市阳光医院能检查怀孕吗长春治疗子宫内膜异位症多少钱



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