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你与宇宙共存,而宇宙正在扩张,所以你也别羞于穿更大的裤子。内容来自: /201108/150674。

  • There was once a farmer who lived near a road.It was not a busy road, but from time to time, cars passed the farm.  Near the farm gate, there was a large hole in the road.This hole was always full of water, and the drivers of the cars could not see how deep the hole was. They thought it was probably shallow.Then when they drove into the hole, they could not drive out because it was so deep .  The farmer did not spend much time working on his farm. He spent most of it watching the hole.When a car drove into it, he pulled the car out with his tractor and charged the driver a lot of money for doing this.  One day, the driver of a car said to him, "You must make a lot of money pulling cars out of this hole night and day."  "Oh, no, " the farmer said." I don' t pull cars out of the hole at night. At night I fill the hole with water." 从前,有个农夫住在马路边上。这不是个繁忙的路段,偶尔有汽车从农场路过。  就在农场大门的旁边,路当中有个大坑。坑里总是充满了水,汽车司机根本看不出坑有多深。他们会以为很浅。司机们一旦把车开进坑里,就别想再开出来,因为坑太深了。  农夫也不怎么在农场里干活,大部分时间他都在注视着这个坑。当一个汽车开进坑里,他就用他的拖拉机把它拉上来,然后为此向司机索要很多钱。  一天,一位汽车司机对他说:“你日日夜夜把汽车往外拉,肯定挣了很多钱。”  “哦,不,”农夫说,“我夜里不干这活儿,夜里我得朝这坑里注水。” /201107/146116。
  • Her uncle may be the world's most elusive(1) fugitive(2), but Osama bin Laden's niece is about as conspicuous(3) as she can be in a sexy photo shoot in the January edition of the men's fashion magazine GQ.Wafah Dufour is an aspiring New York-based musician who told the magazine that her family ties to the al Qaeda leader suspected of masterminding(4) the September 11, 2001 attacks have prompted death threats and sent her into a bout of(5) depression.As part of an effort to distance herself from her massive Saudi family, Dufour appears in a sultry GQ photo sp, reclining on satin(6) sheets wrapped in feathers in one picture and posing in a bubble bath wearing nothing but jewelry."I was born in the States and I want people to know I'm American, and I want people here to understand that I'm like anyone in New York. For me, it's home," said Dufour, who took her mother's name after the suicide hijacking(7) attacks that destroyed Manhattan's World Trade Center.Her mother, Carmen bin Laden, wrote the 2004 bestseller "Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia," an account of her rocky(8) marriage to Yeslama bin Laden, Osama's half-brother, who amassed(9) a fortune in the family's construction business and started his own investment firm.Dufour, who was born in Santa Monica, California, while her parents studied at the University of Southern California, said she had never met Osama bin Laden."Everyone relates me to that man, and I have nothing to do with him," she told the magazine in an article titled: "It Isn't Easy Being the Sexy Bin Laden."Dufour said she would not date a fundamentalist(10) Muslim and that her mother worries about her safety."My mom is always telling me that if I say something too drastic(11), I might get killed by a fundamentalist," she told GQ. "My mom is freaking out every day that some crazy fundamentalist is going to say, 'How dare she say that?"'Dufour, who has a U.S. passport and does not speak Arabic, said she has only spoken to her estranged(12) father twice in the past 10 years.Asked how he would react to her posing for racy(13) pictures in a glossy(14) magazine, she said, "I think he would have a heart attack." 奥萨马·本·拉登也许是世界上最神秘莫测的逃亡者,而他的侄女在男性时尚杂志《GQ》一月刊上的惹火照片同样不甘平淡。娃法·杜福尔是纽约一位满怀的音乐人。她对杂志说,由于家庭与策划2001年911恐怖袭击事件的基地组织领导人有关系,她的生命受到了威胁并曾一度感到沮丧。为了远离她那庞大的沙特阿拉伯的家庭,杜福尔性感出现在的《GQ》的图片上:其中一张她靠在绸缎上,身上裹着皮草;另一张中,她什么都没穿,躺在满是泡沫的浴缸中,只戴着一些首饰。杜福尔说:“我在美国出生,我想告诉人们我是美国人,我要这里的人明白我和纽约其他人是一样的。对于我来说,这里就是家。”自从炸毁曼哈顿世贸大楼那次自杀性劫机袭击后,杜福尔就改随了母姓。她的妈妈卡门·本·拉登是2004年畅销书《帝国秘密:我在阿拉伯半岛的生活》的作者。书中记述了卡门与奥斯马同父异母兄弟叶斯拉马·本·拉登的曲折婚姻。叶斯拉马曾利用家族建筑产业挣了一笔钱,然后创立了自己的投资公司。杜福尔的父母在南加利福尼亚圣塔蒙尼卡大学读书的时候生下了她。她说她从未见过奥萨马本人。杂志中题为“做个性感拉登真难”的一文写道:“每个人都把我和他联系起来,可是我和他根本就没有关系。”杜福尔说她不会和穆斯林教徒约会,她的妈妈非常担心她的安全问题。她对《GQ》说:“我妈妈总是告诉我,如果我说了过激的话,我可能会被穆斯林教徒杀死。我妈妈日夜担心某些疯狂的教徒会说:‘你怎么敢这样说?’”拥有美国护照的杜福尔不会讲阿拉伯语,说与父亲关系十分疏远,在过去的十年中只跟他说过两次话。当问及如果父亲看到印在光滑纸张上的性感图片会做何反映,她说:“我想他会犯心脏病。” /200804/37114。
  • Meals at the family dinner table could be the key to preventing a generation of teenage girls from developing eating disorders.New research shows girls who regularly have family meals are much less likely to adopt extreme weight control behaviors such as vomiting, using laxatives or diet pills.A study surveying more than 2500 American high school students found that girls who ate five or more family meals a week had a much healthier relationships with food in later life.The research, published in international journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, polled students aged 13 to 17 in 1999 who were followed up five years later. Regular family meals were found to have a protective effect regardless of the girls' age, weight, socio-economic status, dieting habits or relationship with her family.Experts say doctors should encourage families to have dinner at the table instead of on the couch in front of the television to protect against serious eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.Belinda Dalton, director of eating disorders clinic The Oak House, said eating with family helped "normalise" young people's relationship with food."When adolescents are feeling that they're not coping they turn to something that they can control and food is something available and accessible for them to control. Clearly, if they're sitting with their family on a regular basis then their family can be more in control of their eating," Ms Dalton said."It's about young people feeling connected with their family and that builds self-esteem and sense of worth and that works very actively against someone developing an eating disorder."An eating disorders expert, Kirsty Greenwood, said meal times were often difficult for sufferers. "It's typical that they feel very ashamed of their eating habits and often won't eat with other people. Perhaps it's because they haven't experienced the importance of the family meal in their growing up," she said. 与家人一起吃饭对于预防少女患上饮食紊乱症具有重要作用。最新研究显示,经常与家人一起吃饭的女孩采用极端减肥法的可能性较小,比如:催吐、用泻药或减肥药。一项针对2500多名美国中学生的调查发现,每周与家人一起吃饭达到五次或五次以上的女孩日后的饮食习惯要健康得多。该项在《儿科与青少年医学档案》国际期刊上发表的调查开始于1999年,调查对象为13岁至17岁的中学生,他们接受了为期五年的跟踪调查。调查发现,定期与家人一起吃饭具有“保护”作用,而这与女孩的年龄、体重、社会经济地位、饮食习惯以及与家人的关系都无关。有关专家称,为了预防厌食和贪食等严重的饮食紊乱症,医生应鼓励人们都到餐桌上吃饭,而不要坐在电视机前吃。“橡树屋”饮食紊乱诊所主任比琳达#8226;达尔顿说,与家人一起吃饭有助于促进年轻人的饮食“正常化”。她说:“当青少年遇到烦恼时,他们会去寻求一些他们能控制的东西,食物就是个很好的选择。显然,如果他们能定期与家人一起吃饭,他们的饮食会得到更好的控制。”“这会让年轻人感到自己与家人紧密相连,有助于他们建立自尊和自我价值感,而这对预防饮食紊乱具有十分重要的作用。”厌食紊乱专家克斯蒂#8226;格林伍德说,吃饭时间对于饮食紊乱症患者来说总是很痛苦。“他们会为自己不正常的饮食习惯感到十分羞愧,而且很少与别人一起吃饭。这可能是因为他们在成长过程中没体会过与家人一起吃饭的重要性。” /200803/32756。
  • People, despite getting teary-eyed, enjoy the numerous culinary uses of the onion. The gas containing vegetable is both a primary ingredient and a flavor enhancer in many dishes. If you think its list of uses end at the kitchen, you better think again. It is proven to be a medicinal wonder, as well as a metal polisher and an insect repellent. With its number of alternative uses, the onion may induce tears of joy to any DIY pundit. Here are seven of its tearfully - pleasing uses. 尽管会泪眼汪汪,人们还是很享受洋葱的大量烹饪用途。这种气味浓重的蔬菜既是众多菜肴的基本原料也是增味剂。如果你认为它的用途仅限于厨房,那你最好再想想。它还被明是药物奇迹、金属抛光剂以及驱虫剂。有了众多另类用法,洋葱可能会让任何一个DIY专家留下喜悦的眼泪。这里是它的7种令你含泪带笑的用途。1. Insect Bite Treatment - The onion’s enzymes are known for their anti-inflammatory effects, which makes the vegetable an unusually effective treatment. Rub some onion to a bee sting, mosquito bite or any insect bite. After a few hours, the pain, itchiness and swelling will subside.1、治疗虫咬——洋葱的酶以消炎作用著称,这使得它有不同寻常的治疗效果。在蜜蜂和蚊虫叮咬处用洋葱擦一下,几小时后,疼痛、瘙痒和肿胀就会消退。 2. Odor Remover - Chemical solutions, like pain and varnish, have strong odors that can adversely affect your health when inhaled. Instead of purchasing a pricey deodorizer, you might as well apply a mixture of onions and water on the smelly areas. The onion’s scent won’t completely eliminate the chemical stench, but it will surely bring the fumes to a more tolerable level.2、去除异味——化学溶剂,如油漆和指甲油,有很大的气味,吸入后会对身体很不利。与其买昂贵的除臭剂,你还不如用洋葱和水的混合物洒在有味道的地方。洋葱的气味虽然不能完全消除浓重的化学异味,但肯定能让空气保持在一个可忍受的水平上。3. Reliever for Burns - Burns sting and are prone to infection. Treat those inflammations by mixing onion slices with a little water. Apply the mixture to the affected areas and within a few hours, your burns will subside. Just reapply whenever necessary.3、缓解烧伤——烧伤刺痛而且容易感染。用几片洋葱加点水治疗炎症。把混合物涂抹在感染处,几小时内,你的烫伤就会消退。需要的地方还可以再次涂抹。 /201011/117422。
  • Not only is vinegar good for descaling kettles, cleaning windows and pickling onions, but it seems that it could help you to keep the weight off, too.醋的用处多多,不但能清除壶上的水垢、擦去玻璃窗上的污迹和拌洋葱,还可能帮你瘦身呢。An old housewives' tale has it that cider vinegar is good for the waistline. The supermodels Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum seem to be on to it too and have been known to take a swig of vinegar before a meal, believing that it helps them to maintain their figures. Researchers in Japan have now found some evidence that vinegar does, indeed, appear to have a fat-burning effect after all.长久以来主妇间们流传着一个秘方:食用苹果醋可以让腰变细。超模辛迪·克劳馥和海蒂·克拉姆看来就是深谙此道,她们在每餐之前喝上一大口苹果醋,深信这样有助于保持曼妙身材。现在日本的研究者们发现了一些据,表明醋确能起到燃烧体内脂肪的奇效。Before you rush out to buy a bottle of Sarson's, it is worth noting that the scientists carried out their study on laboratory mice rather than on human beings. Nevertheless, they found that when the mice were fed a high-fat diet along with vinegar, they developed up to 10 per cent less body fat than mice that were fed a high-fat diet and just water. It seems that the acid in vinegar--acetic acid--switches on genes that make certain fat-burning enzymes spring into action, helping to suppress the accumulation of body fat.请先别急着冲下楼买醋,有必要提醒您现在的研究成果还仅限于实验室而非我们人类。小白鼠们在享用了一顿高脂肪大餐后,那些边吃边佐以醋饮的小家伙们比边吃边喝点白开水的同伴们确实要少长点膘,差别最多可达10%。学者们觉得是醋里面的酸物质——醋酸——接通了小鼠体内的某些基因,这些基因转成许多专管燃烧脂肪的蛋白酶,而这些活跃的酶有助于抑制脂肪的堆积。 /200907/77583。
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