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襄州区人民医院看中耳炎价格襄樊铁路中心医院耳朵疾病看怎么样好不好襄阳第一人民医院治疗耳膜穿孔大概多少钱费用 TED演讲视频:黑客--网络的免疫系统近些年,黑客在社会中的角色在不断的改变。美女网络安全专家Keren Elazari将在此课程中为你娓娓道来:在她看来,黑客是电子网络世界中的“免疫系统”。201705/510368In a surprise announcement, energy companies representing almost the entire European Union have promised not to build new coal power plants after the year 2020.在一个出人意料的公告中,代表几乎整个欧盟的能源公司承诺在2020年后不建新的煤电厂。National energy companies from every EU nation except Poland and Greece were a part of the announcement Wednesday. 周三,来自除波兰和希腊以外的每个欧盟国家能源公司参加了公告。The move stems from the Paris climate agreement, in which 195 countries vowed to take action to limit global warming.此举源自巴黎气候协议,195个国家誓言采取行动限制全球变暖。Coal is a good fossil fuel to start with because it releases the most carbon dioxide. And its toxic pollution travels across Europe. 首先,煤炭是一个很好的化石燃料,因为它释放的二氧化碳最多。它的有毒污染遍布欧洲。But while many clean-energy supporters praised the announcement, some told The Guardian they hope these countries will go further and completely phase out existing coal plants. 但是,尽管许多清洁能源持者称赞这一宣布,一些人告诉卫报,他们希望这些国家将进一步并完全淘汰现有的燃煤电厂。Climate experts say Europe will have to completely shut down its plants by 2030 to meet its goals for limiting climate change.气候专家称,到2030年欧洲将不得不完全关闭其工厂,以满足其限制气候变化的目标。译文属。201704/502356襄樊哪的医院治疗鼻病不错

襄阳谷城县人民中心医院治疗鼻息肉哪家好The Pastons got over these bumps in the road to become a settled presence in their county,帕斯顿坎坷前行 冲破重重障碍 成为郡中有声望的家族and that would be true for countless other English men and women just like them.还有无数的英格兰人 也如他们一般历经沧桑 终见虹Essentially, they were survivors.Theyd survived the plague, theyd survived dethronement,theyd survived civil war.最终 他们有幸存活下来 他们躲过鼠疫之灾 躲过政变之哗 躲过内战之乱Kings came and went, but the village men the same sort of men whod marched on London in 1381, 经历改朝换代 村民们 那些于1381年在伦敦游行的whod been revolutionaries and desperados were now on their way to becoming squires of the village. 革命者和亡命徒 正在逐渐变成村落中的乡绅People like this knew what the worst could be.这些人们历经重重磨难They knew that the plague could come and carry off babies and children.他们目睹鼠疫夺走孩子们的生命They knew that knights over the hill might go on a rampage,他们经历骑士的狂怒咆哮but they also knew that with an equal measure of prudence and prayer,they would get through it.但是 他们也坚信 带着一颗平等的心去审慎和祈祷 苦难终将过去So come to an English village like this,far from the mayhem,因此在1480年前后 来到远离暴乱的英格兰小村庄say around 1480, and youd see what youd expect会看到如你所愿的一番景象a church built in the economic elegance of the perpendicular style.教堂优雅屹立 典型的哥德式建筑For the first time,an ale house was a name like ;The Swan; or ;The Frog;.首次 啤酒屋被称作;天鹅;或;青蛙;And at the heart, a grand handsome dwelling for the biggest tenant farmer in the area.在村庄中央 有一座漂亮的小房子 为当地最大的佃农所有No longer just a wattle and daub single-roomed glorified hut,but a miniature manor with its own hall and servants to wait on the master and mistress.不再是个用藤条和涂料 随意装饰的单间小木屋 而是个应有尽有微缩庄园 还有仆人等待着男女主人的归来A buttery, a cellar and private retiring chambers.一个酒窖 一个地下室 还有几间私密的房间One shouldnt be too complacent about the condition of Britain at the end of its first century of plague.人们不应该 在鼠疫刚刚过去百年后 对不列颠自鸣得意The end of the road through trauma was not all buttercups and beer.创伤过后 并未迎来繁荣There was still grinding poverty alongside plenty.But all the same, the improbable had happened.仍有大量的穷苦人民挣扎在贫困边缘 但尽管如此 仍存在奇迹Out of the fires of pestilence and bloodshed had emerged that most unlikely example of survivor the English country gent.在接受了鼠疫以及战乱的洗礼之后 出现了不可思议的幸存者 即英格兰乡绅 /201612/483420襄阳襄城区人民中心医院小儿鼻窦炎要多少钱 What If the Death Penalty Disappeared in the U.S.?看美国,思索死刑废存议题What would happen if the death penalty just disappeared in the U.S.? The government could continue executions of the roughly 3,000 inmates currently sentenced to death, or retroactively sentence them to life without parole instead. From a financial standpoint, this would make a lot of sense. Death row inmates require stricter security that costs more money. And since prisoners can remain on death row for decades, that adds up. States would also save money on prosecutions. Death penalty cases can cost up to 10 times more than others. So, its cheaper.如果死刑就这样从美国消失会怎样?政府可以继续执行目前约三千名死刑犯的处决,或溯及既往改判他们无期徒刑且不得假释。就财政立场来看,这会实际许多。死囚需要更严密的看守,那花费更多钱。而因为囚犯可能在死牢待上好几十年,那费用就增加了。各州也会省下诉讼费。死刑案可能比其他案件花上多达十倍的费用。所以,无期徒刑比较便宜。But shouldnt serious criminals pay the ultimate price? Perhaps. But since 1973, more than 150 people on death row were eventually found innocent. Prisoners wait years, even decades, for execution, not knowing when or if it will come. And recently, changes in drugs used for lethal injection have resulted in gruesomely botched executions. Some prisoners have chosen not to appeal their cases to shorten the time they have to spend on death row.不过难道重刑犯不该付出最终代价吗?或许吧。但自1973年来,超过一百五十名被判死刑的人最终被实是清白的。囚犯等待处决好几年,甚至好几十载,不知道那天何时到来,或那天是否会到。近来,注射死刑用药的改变导致极拙劣的死刑执行案件。有些犯人选择不上诉自己的案子以缩短他们等待处决的时间。But doesnt the death penalty deter crime? Actually, murder rates in states without the death penalty have remained lower than states which have it. The death penalty is also disproportionately applied to minority offenders. So, no death penalty might mean a little more equality in the justice system, a lot of money saved, and more time for prosecutors to try other cases.但死刑不是会吓阻犯罪吗?事实上,没有死刑各州内的谋杀率比有死刑的州来得低。死刑也特别会被判在少数族裔犯罪者身上。因此,废除死刑可能代表司法系统能有多一点平等、省下更多金钱,而检察官能有更多时间审理其他案件。201606/448285襄阳治疗扁桃体炎的医院

枣阳市看打呼噜多少钱 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201605/431365襄樊市铁路中心医院突发性耳鸣要多少钱襄阳哪家医院治疗咽炎好



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