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武汉治疗包皮过长的医院武汉做包皮手术多少钱China is to invest about 77 billion yuan (.7 billion) this year on the construction of civil aviation infrastructure, especially airports, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China.近日中国国家民航总局表示,我国今年计划投入约770亿元(折合约117亿美元)进行机场等民航基础设施建设。The agency said it will step up construction of important new airports, including those in Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xiamen and Dalian.该机构表示,将加快建设的新机场涉及的城市包括北京、成都、青岛、厦门和大连等。Eleven key infrastructure projects and 52 upgrades or expansion work on civil aviation facilities will be started this year, the administration said in a statement.该机构在一份声明中表示,今年将开建11个重要基建项目、52个升级扩容项目。It said work on Beijing#39;s second international airport, the largest construction project in Chinese civil aviation history, is progressing well.同时,中国民用航空史上最大的建设项目,即北京的第二国际机场,进展也一切顺利。China plans to build 66 new civil airports in the next five years, taking the number of such airports on the Chinese mainland from 206 to 272.未来5年,我国还计划新建66座民用机场,将大陆机场总数由目前的206座增加至272座。Demand has been rising for air travel, spurring the development of more airports.游客搭乘飞机出行的趋势正在上升,这是推动机场建设发展的因素之一。The civil aviation administration said Chinese people made 440m trips by air last year and predicted that the figure could rise to 485m this year.民航局表示,去年乘飞机出行人次为4.4亿,今年这一数字预计将达4.85亿。 /201601/421779武汉广州军区医院泌尿科咨询 HANGZHOU, China — In Dream Town, a collection of boxy office buildings on the gritty edge of this historic city, one tiny company is developing a portable 3-D printer. 中国杭州——在位于这座历史名城郊区的一片四四方方的办公楼群梦想小镇内,一座小公司正在研发便携式3D打印机。Another takes orders for traditional Chinese massages by smartphone. 另一家则通过智能手机提供中国传统的推拿务。They are just two of the 710 start-ups being nurtured here.它们只是在这里孵化的710家创业公司中的两个。Anywhere else, an incubator like Dream Town would be a vision of venture capitalists, angel investors or technology stalwarts. 放在别的地方,像梦想小镇这样的孵化器势必是出自风险资本家、天使投资人或技术中坚分子的构想。But this is China. 但这里是中国。The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t trust the invisible hand of capitalism alone to encourage entrepreneurship, especially since it is a big part of the leadership’s strategy to reshape the sagging economy.中国共产党不相信单凭不可见的资本之手就可以鼓励创业,尤其是考虑到,重塑陷入疲软的中国经济是这届领导层的发展战略的一个重要部分。Which is why the government of Hangzhou — a former royal capital that has been a major commercial hub for more than a millennium — built Dream Town and lavishes resources on start-ups. 这是杭州市政府建设梦想小镇,在创业公司上投入大批资源的原因。The businesses here get a slate of benefits like subsidized rent, cash handouts and special training, all courtesy of the city.在这座有千年历史的商业中心和古都里,这些公司可以享受包括房租优惠、现金补贴和特殊培训在内的一系列好处,它们都由政府买单。Chemayi, which offers car repair services through a smartphone app, is staying rent-free at Dream Town for three years and is applying for as much as 0,000 in subsidies from city authorities to help pay salaries and buy equipment.车蚂蚁是一家通过智能手机应用提供车辆维修务的公司,它已经在梦想小镇享受了三年的免租金待遇,而且正在向市政府申请高达45万美元的补贴,用于付员工薪资和采购设备。From the central government all the way down to local governments, we have seen a lot of warm support, said Li Liheng, co-founder and chief executive of Chemayi.我们看到,从中央到地方政府,都给予了很多热情的持,车蚂蚁联合创始人兼首席执行官李立恒说。For much of China’s long economic boom, young people flocked to manufacturing zones for jobs making bluejeans or iPhones. 在中国时间不短的经济繁荣期里,年轻人多数时候都是涌向工业区,寻找加工牛仔裤或iPhone的工作。But today China is trying to move beyond just being the world’s factory floor. 然而现在,中国正试图超越世界工厂的角色。Policy makers want the next generation to find better-paying work in modern offices, creating the ideas, technologies and jobs to feed the country’s future growth.决策者想要下一代在现代化的办公室内找到待遇更好的工作,让他们创造新观念、新技术和新工作机会,以保中国在未来的持续增长。Premier Li Keqiang frequently calls for mass entrepreneurship. 国务院总理李克强曾多次呼吁大众创业。In March at the National People’s Congress, he bragged that 12,000 new companies were founded each day in 2015.在今年3月举行的全国人民代表大会上,他不乏自豪地宣称,2015年中国每天有1.2万家新公司成立。The entrepreneurial embrace comes with lots of financial support. 这种对创业的持包括许多财务上的扶持。Across the country, officials are creating investment funds, providing cash subsidies and building incubators.全国各地的官员都在设立投资基金,提供现金补助和打造孵化器。Without these kinds of subsidies, you only rely on private money, and you wouldn’t see so many technology start-ups happening today, said Ning Tao, a partner at Innovation Works, a venture capital fund in Beijing. 没有这类补贴,只靠个人资金,我们不会看到有这么多创业公司涌现出来,位于北京的风险投资基金创新工场的合伙人陶宁说。Without quantity, you cannot have quality.没有数量,就难求质量。But the heavy spending is adding to worries about an inflating bubble in the world of China’s tiniest companies. 然而这种巨大的投入让人们愈发担心,中国的这些小公司正面临越来越大的泡沫。 /201609/464894China is planning to introduce new restrictions on place names because of concerns that too many fail to reflect national culture.中国正计划出台新的地名限制措施,因为有太多地名不能反映民族的文化。The country#39;s civic affairs minister, Li Liguo, wants anyone naming sites such as bridges, buildings and roads to take inspiration from Chinese history, instead of opting for foreign names like ;Manhattan Plaza;, Beijing News reports.据新京报报道,中国民政部部长李立国表示,希望所有人能够为如桥梁,建筑物和道路等地点命名,从中国历史中获取灵感,而不是选择如“曼哈顿广场”一样的外国名字。Existing names which fall foul of the requirements will also be changed, according to the paper.据新京报报道,现有不合规的地点名称将会被替换。Mr Li says ;cleaning up; place names will ;strengthen and standardise cultural protection;, and promote China#39;s cultural heritage.李立国部长表示,“清理”地名会“加强和规范文化保护”,推广中国的文化遗产。According to the Xinhua news agency, the first places to be renamed will be any that ;damage national dignity; or conflict with core socialist values, as well as those which have attracted the most public complaints.据新华社报道,第一批需要重命名的地名是那些“损坏国家尊严”或违背社会主义价值观的,以及那些引起最多市民投诉的地点。Places which promise more than they deliver are also in the government#39;s sights - so anywhere adopting Venice as part of its name will need to have more than just a pond, the agency notes.新华社指出,那些名过其实的地名也进入了政府的视野中,举例来说,叫#39;#39;的地方不能仅仅只拥有一个池塘。Social media users are divided on the issue, with some pointing out that foreign names are often chosen as a way of celebrating ties with other cities or countries.社交媒体用户对此持不同意见,一些人指出选择外国名字通常是庆祝与其他城市或国家的关系的一种方式。There#39;s plenty of support, though, with one person writing: ;They really should change, or else we#39;ll feel there are no Chinese historical elements!;也有很多人对此表示持,一位用户写到:“许多地方真的需要改以下名字,不然我们觉得都没有中国历史元素!” /201603/434548武汉小便刺痛是什么原因

仙桃医院预约New York City’s tourism officials have solved the riddle of how to attract the Chinese. 纽约市的旅游官员已经解决了如何吸引中国游客的问题。The challenge now may lie in impressing them once they arrive.如今的挑战可能在于如何让到来的中国游客有深刻的好印象。Chinese tourists, who have been flocking to New York in rising numbers for a decade, accounted for nearly one million of the record 60.3 million visitors to the city in 2016, city officials said. 纽约市官员说,十年来,涌入纽约的中国游客人数越来越多,2016年来这个城市旅游的6030万人中,已有近100万是中国人。But some, like Li Chen, a retired bureaucrat from Beijing, are far from awed by the scale of America’s biggest city.但有些人对美国这个最大城市的规模远没有到惊叹的程度,比如北京退休官僚陈力(音)。Mr Chen said he and the five friends he was sightseeing with on Friday expected New York to have taller buildings and wider streets. 陈力说,他和五名与他一起来观光的朋友觉得,纽约的大楼不够高,街道太窄。They were also disappointed that they could not get a look inside the New York Stock Exchange.他们对不能到纽约券交易所里面看看也颇感失望。We don’t want to just see the door, Mr Chen said through an interpreter while sipping hot tea on a cruise of New York Harbor operated by Hornblower New York. 我们不想只看看大门,陈力通过翻译说,他正坐在霍恩布洛尔(Hornblower New York)经营的纽约港观光游轮上喝着热茶。Closing the door is like closing the door to prosperity.关着门就像是把繁荣关在了外边。Hornblower bills the tour as international, but the narration piped through the speakers is only in English and Mandarin. 霍恩布洛尔宣称观光游轮提供国际务,但船上的扬声器里播放的解说只有英语和普通话。Visitors from China are easily the largest group of foreign tourists on Hornblower’s tours, said Zichao Xie, the company’s international sightseeing manager. 来自中国的游客毫不费力地成为霍恩布洛尔观光轮上最大的外国游客群,该公司的国际观光经理谢姿超(音)说。Ms Xie said the company carried about 300,000 Chinese passengers this year, accounting for about one-quarter of its revenue. 谢女士说,今年约有30万中国游客乘坐了公司的游轮,为公司提供了其收入的大约四分之一。The Chinese surpassed Brazilians and Canadians in the ranks of tourists to the city this year and will overtake the British by 2022, said Fred Dixon, the chief executive of NYC amp; Company, the city’s tourism marketer.负责扩展纽约市旅游业的NYC amp; Company公司的首席执行官弗雷德#8226;迪克森(Fred Dixon)说,来纽约的外国游客国籍排名中,中国人今年超过了巴西人和加拿大人,并将在2022年超过英国人。He said the city had more than 950,000 visitors from China this year, a sevenfold increase since 2007. 他说,今年来纽约旅游的中国人已超过95万,中国游客人数自2007年以来增长了7倍。Back then, more than 15 countries, including Switzerland and Israel, sent more tourists to New York than China did, according to NYC amp; Company’s statistics. 据公司的统计数据,那年来纽约观光的外国游客中,有包括瑞士和以色列在内的15个国家的游客人数超过中国。In 2016, only visitors from Britain outnumbered the Chinese — and their total of about 1.2 million has not grown since 2007.而在2016年,只有来自英国的游客人数超过了中国,但英国游客数量自2007年以来没有增长,一直保持在约120万。The Chinese still travel mostly in groups, moving around on chartered buses and often staying in hotels outside the city, Ms Xie said. 中国人仍然主要是以旅游团的形式,行动靠旅游公司的包车,经常在城外的酒店住宿。But Mr Dixon said his organization had begun to focus on attracting more Chinese tourists traveling on their own or in small groups like Mr Chen’s.但迪克森说,他的机构已经开始将注意力转向吸引更多的中国个体游客、或像陈力这样的小团体游客。Those men flew from Shanghai with a larger group but broke off from it and were staying in a hotel in Lower Manhattan. 陈力和朋友们与一个更大的旅游团一起从上海飞到纽约,但到后就与该团分开行动,入住了曼哈顿下城的一家酒店。They planned to go uptown to shop on Fifth Avenue, then head on Saturday to the Woodbury Common outlet mall, one of the most popular excursions for Chinese tourists, about 50 miles north of the city.他们计划去上城的第五大道购物,然后周六去伍德伯里名牌折扣购物中心(Woodbury Common outlet mall),这是最受中国游客欢迎的旅游目的地之一,在纽约市以北部约80公里的地方。That individual travel market is the biggest opportunity, Mr Dixon said. 个体旅行的市场是最大的机会,迪克森说。That’s the future of the Chinese market.那是中国市场的未来。Emily Rafferty, chairwoman of NYC amp; Company, said she had recently attended a conference in Shenzhen, China, and met a group of local university students. NYC&Company董事长艾米莉#8226;拉弗尔蒂(Emily Rafferty)说,她最近到中国深圳参加了一个会议,见到了一群当地的大学生。They were all wanting to come over to America, Ms Rafferty said. 他们都想来美国,拉弗尔蒂说。The number of people under the age of 35 there is huge.那里年龄在35岁以下的人多了不得了。At the Museum of Chinese in America, on Centre Street in Manhattan, the boom in Chinese tourism has not really paid off yet. 对位于曼哈顿中心街的美国华人物馆(Museum of Chinese in America)来说,中国游客人数的增长还没有带来真正的好处。The president of the museum, Nancy Yao Maasbach, said the tourists tended to stick to the best-known destinations.物馆馆长姚南薰(Nancy Yao Maasbach)说,中国游客倾向于只去更有名的景点。Our strategy has actually been that the more popular we become in the U.S., the more popular we will become to Chinese tourists, Ms Maasbach said.我们的策略实际上是,我们越是在美国受欢迎,我们就会成为越受中国游客喜欢的地方,姚南薰说。Mr Dixon said the Chinese were still spending freely, while visitors from Europe were cutting back as the dollar strengthened and reduced the buying power of the euro and other currencies. 迪克森说,中国人花钱仍很大方,虽然随着美元走强、欧元和其他货币的购买力下降,来自欧洲的游客已在消减开。He said NYC amp; Company had begun emphasizing value and bargains in some of its advertising to the British and other Europeans, including a campaign this winter called See It for Yourself, in partnership with British Airways.他说,NYC amp; Company已在面向英国和其他欧洲国家的广告中强调物有所值和减价优惠,包括今年冬天与英国航空公司联合搞的名为自己去看看(See It for Yourself)的促销活动。Those audiences might be easier to impress, judging by the reactions of Tony Neville and James Hopkinson, two first-time visitors from Yorkshire, England, who fit in some sightseeing on Friday after completing a work project. 从两位来自英国约克郡的首次访客托尼#8226;内维尔(Tony Neville)和詹姆斯#8226;霍普金森(James Hopkinson)的反应来看,打动英国人也许更容易一些,这两人在周五完成了一个项目后,抽时间进行了观光。Mr Neville, 36, said New York was bigger than he had imagined.36岁的内维尔说,纽约比他想象的要大。This just blows London out of the water, to me, he said.伦敦在我看来微不足道,他说。Mr Hopkinson said they had been surprised by how friendly, well mannered and courteous the local people they encountered had been. 霍普金森说,他们对自己遇到的当地人如此友善、有风度和有礼貌感到惊讶。They even liked the American beers they had found, he said, sipping from a can of Brooklyn Lager.他说,他们甚至喜欢他们在美国找到的啤酒,边说边从一个布鲁克林拉格罐中喝了一口。Alicia Glen, the deputy mayor responsible for economic development, said Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration wanted to diversify the city’s tourist base so that it could weather economic downturns in Europe. 负责经济发展的副市长艾丽西亚#8226;格伦(Alicia Glen)说,市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio)的政府希望让纽约旅游业的大本营多样化,以便能度过欧洲的经济衰退。Toward that end, the city increased its contribution to NYC amp; Company’s budget this year by .5 million, to about million, she said.为了这个目的,纽约市政府今年对NYC amp; Company预算的贡献增加了350万美元,达到2100万美元,她说。Promoting tourism is an investment aimed at attracting visitors to spend money and at creating jobs, especially for less-skilled workers, Ms Glen said. 格伦说,促进旅游业是一种投资,其目的是吸引游客花钱、创造就业机会,尤其是为低技能的工人。She said she tried to help out last week when she was on a plane full of Chileans flying to New York from South America.她说,她上周在一架满载智利游客的南美飞纽约的班机上曾试图帮助推销景点。Ms Glen said that the Chileans had been excited to visit the new Whitney Museum of American Art and to walk on the High Line in Manhattan, but that she had tried to persuade them to try the Brooklyn Museum, too.格伦说,智利游客对参观惠特尼美国艺术物馆新馆、在曼哈顿的(High Line)漫步很感兴趣,不过,她试图说他们也去布鲁克林物馆看看。They used to go to Miami all the time, she said of Chileans. 他们以前常去迈阿密,她提到智利游客时说。But Miami is so over.但迈阿密对他们来说早就没有意思了。 /201612/484727武汉去哪割包皮 武汉阴囊上起干枯的皮怎么回事

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