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大理白族自治州中医医院引产需要多少钱大理哪里流产最好Having growing up in the spotlight as a child star of Harry Potter, Emma Watson often had to fight to convince people she all grown up.凭借出演哈利波特系列电影走红的小童星,自小就生活在镁光灯下的艾玛沃特森还要经常向别人明她已经完全长大了While many of us adult women would love to look younger than our years, the English star youthful looks backfired when she was mistaken a child.很多成年女人都希望自己能看上去比实际年龄小一点,我们的英国演员艾玛却恰恰相反,她年轻的外表给她带来了不少烦恼The -year-old was travelling solo over Christmas when she was stopped at passport control by an official requesting a parent of guardian.圣诞节期间,岁的艾玛在护照检查处被询问监护人在哪里Taking to Twitter after the embarrassing incident, Emma wrote: Passport control: Unaccompanied minor? Me: orry? Passport control: Where is ur guardian? Me: Im !!!!!!! neverwearingabackpackagain.在这个尴尬的意外过后,艾玛发了条推特:“护照检查处:‘你这个未成年人没有家人陪同么?’我:‘什么?’护照监察处:‘你的监护人在哪里?’我:‘我都岁啦!!!!’”The really sad thing is that this is not the first time this has happened.“悲催的是这种事不是第一次发生了”tunately, Emma would have proof of her age on her as she was requested to show her passport with her date of birth.幸运的是,艾玛护照上的日期可以作为她真实年纪的据Meanwhile, Emma admitted she was hoping to keep her New Year resolution to speak French fluently.其间,艾玛还透露她的新年计划是说一口流利的法语She told Marie Claire magazine: I always have the same New Year resolution: to speak French fluently.她告诉《嘉人杂志:“我一直都有这个计划:能把法语说流利” 0198大理弥渡县无痛人流医院 大理市中心医院预约电话

大理做人流很痛吗Jessica Tams杰西卡塔玛斯Title: Managing Director职位:执行董事Company: Casual Games Association公司:休闲游戏协会As Managing Director of the Casual Games Association, Jessica Tams oversees quarterly Casual Connect Conferences around the world and publishes the Casual Connect Magazine, as well as research reports to over ,000 industry professionals. The CGA acts as a meeting place all facets of the casual games business through its sold-out conferences in locales like San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Kiev. Tams saw the worldwide growth of casual games across all platms early on, having worked as vice president of product planning at FUN Technologies, a Liberty Media (LMCA) company, and helping to create Oberon Media Seattle Studio. Tams entered the game industry as a software engineer developing PC and Xbox games like Dungeon Siege and Gabriel Knight III.杰西卡塔玛斯是休闲游戏协会公司(Casual Games Association,简称CGA)的执行董事,负责监管每个季度在世界各地召开的休闲连接会议 (Casual Connect Conferences),并出版《休闲连接杂志(Casual Connect ),以及面向万多名专业人士的研究报告休闲游戏协会时常在旧金山、阿姆斯特丹和基辅等地举办大受欢迎的行业会议,成为游戏业各路精英的会面之所塔玛斯是跨平台休闲游戏在全球迅速发展的早期见者之一,她曾经在自由媒体公司FUN Technologies担任产品规划业务副总裁,并帮助Oberon Media公司创建了西雅图工作室塔玛斯当初以一位软件工程师的身份加入游戏业,开发过《地牢围攻( Dungeon Siege)和《狩魔猎人3(Gabriel Knight III)等电脑和Xbox游戏Kate Edwards凯特爱德华兹Title: Executive Director职衔:执行董事Company: International Game Developers Association公司:国际游戏开发者协会The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is one of the leading global entities that es game makers from every region through localized, national and global activities. Kate Edwards has spent years in the game development industry, serving as Microsoft geopolitical strategist from 199 through . She used her knowledge of the global games industry to identify geopolitical and cultural risks and opporties game franchises like Halo, Age of Empires, Fable, and Dance Central. She co-organized the Game Developer Conference Localization Summit.国际游戏开发者协会(International Game Developers Association,简称IGDA)是全球顶级的行业活动组织者之一,通过本地、全国性和全球性活动把来自各个地区的游戏开发商联合在一起凯特爱德华兹已经在游戏开发业工作了年,曾经在199年至年担任微软公司(Microsoft)的地缘政治战略分析师她运用自己对全球游戏业的深刻理解,为《光晕(Halo)、《帝国时代(Age of Empires)、《寓言( Fable)和《舞蹈中心(Dance Central)等游戏确认地缘政治及文化风险和增长机会她还是游戏开发者大会之本地化峰会的主办方之一Kiki Wolfkill琦琦沃尔夫基尔Title: Executive Producer of Halo职衔:《光晕游戏执行制作人Company: 3 IndustriesMicrosoft公司:微软3行业Kiki Wolfkill is an executive producer at Microsoft 3 Industries game studio, which is responsible theHalo entertainment franchise. In addition to developing Halo and the upcoming Halo 5, Wolfkill has been responsible the transmedia franchise that has spanned novels, comics, a web series, and an upcoming live-action series produced by Steven Spielberg. Wolfkill began her career as a motion graphics and cinematics artist. She previously served as director of art at Microsoft Studios, working with game developers on franchises like za Motorsport, Project Gotham Racing, Gears of War, and Mass Effect.琦琦沃尔夫基尔是微软公司旗下3行业游戏工作室(3 IndustriesMicrosoft)的执行制作人,这家工作室负责开发《光晕系列游戏除了开发《光晕和即将上市的《光晕5之外,沃尔夫基尔还负责跨媒体特许经营业务这项业务目前已经横跨小说、漫画、网络剧,以及史蒂芬斯皮尔伯格制作的真人动作电视剧等领域刚加入游戏行业时,沃尔夫基尔主要从事视频和动画设计她曾担任微软工作室的艺术总监,与游戏开发商一起合作开发了《极限竞速(za Motorsport)、《世界街头赛车(Project Gotham Racing)、《战争机器(Gears of War)和《质量效应(Mass Effect)等热门游戏Amy Hennig艾米亨尼格Title: Creative Director职衔:创意总监Company: Naughty Dog公司:顽皮Naughty Dog has been pushing the envelope when it comes to cinematic interactive entertainment since the first Uncharted game took the game industry by storm. With each sequel, as well as the new The Last of Us, Amy Hennig has overseen everything from the permance-captured actors that bring the virtual characters to life to the rich and addictive gameplay. Hennig is a big reason that Sony has a steady stream of must-have exclusives PlayStation from Naughty Dog. Bee joining the Santa Monica-based studio in , she worked at Crystal Dynamics on the Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain titles.自第一部《神秘海域(Uncharted)游戏征游戏业以来,顽皮(Naughty Dog)就一直在挑战互动游戏的极限在每部续集和新游戏《最后生还者(The Last of Us)的开发过程中,从捕捉性能,让虚拟角色栩栩如生的技术人员到丰富且令人上瘾的游戏体验,艾米亨尼格负责监管一切事务索尼旗下的顽皮工作室之所以能够为PlayStation源源不断地提供玩家必备的独家游戏,艾米亨尼格绝对功不可没她在年加入这家位于圣莫尼卡的工作室之前曾经在水晶动力公司(Crystal Dynamics )参与过《灵魂掠夺者( Soul Reaver)和《凯恩的遗产( Legacy of Kain)等游戏的开发工作Lucy Bradshaw露西布拉德肖Title: SVP, Maxis职衔: Maxis公司高级副总裁Company: Electronic Arts公司:电子艺界公司As senior vice president of Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw oversees The Sims and SimCity at Electronic Arts (EA). Bradshaw has been with EA since 1997, working with Maxis founder Will Wright on bestselling franchises that attracted new females to gaming. Over half of Sims players are female. She played a pivotal role in evolving The Sims, which has sold over 0 million copies (The Sims arrives next fall). Prior to Maxis, Bradshaw worked at George Lucas LucasArts Entertainment, overseeing the development of games like The Dig, Secret of Monkey Island ,and Rebel Assault.露西布拉德肖是 Maxis公司的高级副总裁,负责电子艺界公司(Electronic Arts)旗下两款热门游戏《模拟人生(The Sims )《模拟城市(SimCity)的运营事务自1997年以来,布拉德肖一直就职于电子艺界公司,她曾经与Maxis公司创始人威尔赖特一起开发了吸引众多女性新玩家的畅销游戏超过一半的《模拟人生玩家是女性在《模拟人生的演化历程中,她起到了举足轻重的作用这款游戏至今已经售出超过1亿套(《模拟人生将于明年秋天上市)在加盟Maxis公司之前,布拉德肖曾经效力于乔治卢卡斯的卢卡斯艺术(LucasArts Entertainment),监督开发了《异星搜奇(The Dig)、《猴岛的秘密(Secret of Monkey Island )和《叛军袭击(Rebel Assault)等游戏Jade Raymond婕德雷蒙德Title: Managing Director职衔:执行董事Company: Ubisoft Toronto公司:育碧多伦多Jade Raymond heads up Ubisoft Toronto studio, which opened in and is on track to grow to 800 employees by . She responsible new intellectual property and is currently working on five titles. Raymond serves as executive producer of Tom Clancy Splinter Cell franchise, including games, books, and movies. She made her name in the industry as the co-creator and executive producer on the original Assassin Creed game at Ubisoft Montreal. That game went on to become the fastest-selling new intellectual property in gaming in years and has sold over 57 million copies worldwide. Having recently completed Tom ClancySplinter Cell: Blacklist, she now working on a new Assassin Creed game (not Assassin Creed IV: Black Flag), as well as the open-world Watch Dogs game set in Chicago. The mer programmer has focused on blockbuster game franchises and never looked back.婕德雷蒙德是育碧多伦多工作室(Ubisoft Toronto)的掌门人,预计到年,这家创建于年的工作室的员工团队将增长至800人她负责独家新游戏的开发工作,目前正在研发5款游戏雷蒙德是《分裂细胞(Splinter Cell )的执行制作人,这款游戏改编自反恐惊悚小说大师汤姆克兰西的同名作品(除了游戏之外,这部作品的授权产品还包括书籍和电影)雷蒙德在游戏业界的声誉来自她在育碧蒙特利尔工作室(Ubisoft Montreal)担任联合创始人兼执行制片人期间开发的原创游戏《刺客信条( Assassin Creed)——它随后成为近年来销售速度最快的独家新游戏,已经在全球各地售出了超过5,700万套她最近开发完成了根据汤姆克兰西作品改编的《分裂细胞:黑名单(Splinter Cell: Blacklist),目前正致力于开发一部全新的《刺客信条游戏——不是《刺客信条四:黑旗( Assassin Creed IV: Black Flag),以及以芝加哥为背景的开放式游戏《观赏犬(Watch Dogs )她以前是程序员,但现在正在专注于游戏大制作的开发工作,再也没有回过头 966大理州四维彩超多少钱 LONDON — In a recent episode of Showtime’s hit series “Homeland,” the mer C.I.A. officer Carrie Mathison is escorted by a Hezbollah militant past a wall in a fictional Syrian refugee camp covered with Arabic graffiti.伦敦——在Showtime热播剧《国土安全(Homeland)的最新一集中,前中情局(CIA)特工凯莉·马西森(Carrie Mathison)在一名真主党(Hezbollah)武装分子的护送下,走过了虚构的叙利亚难民营的一道围墙,墙上有一些阿拉伯文的涂鸦Attentive viewers who Arabic, however, might have noticed something awry. Among the messages spray-painted on the walls: “ ‘Homeland’ is racist,” “There is no ‘Homeland’ ” and “ ‘Homeland’ is not a show.”但是,懂阿拉伯语的细心观众可能注意到了一些古怪因为喷涂在墙上的句子是:“《国土安全是种族主义节目”、“没有‘国土安全’这回事”、“《国土安全不像样”The subversive messages seemingly escaped the notice of the producers of the television series.这些颠覆性的句子似乎逃过了这部剧集创作者的眼睛On Wednesday, an Egyptian artist, Heba Y. Amin, and two other artists, Caram Kapp and Stone, took credit the graffiti, saying it was a subtle protest of false and misleading stereotypes in the series, which has been heavily criticized its portrayals of Muslims.周三,埃及艺术家何贝·Y·阿明(Heba Y. Amin),和其他两位艺术家卡兰姆·卡普(Caram Kapp)和斯通(Stone)自称是这些涂鸦的创作者他们表示,此举是对这部剧集中传达的那些虚假的、有误导性的刻板印象的微妙抗议该剧对穆斯林的刻画已经遭到一些人的严厉批评Ms. Amin said she and her colleagues had been hired by the show’s producers to add authenticity to the camp depicted in the episode — Season 5, Episode — aired in the ed States on Sunday and filmed on the outskirts of Berlin.阿明说,她和同事受雇于该节目的制作方,为第5季第集中虚构的难民营增添真实感该集拍摄于柏林的郊区,上周日在美国播出The three, who call themselves Arabian Street Artists, said they had used the opporty to vent their “political discontent” with the show.三个人自称是“阿拉伯街头艺术家”(Arabian Street Artists),他们表示,自己利用了这个机会来发泄对该剧集的“政治不满”“The series has garnered the reputation of being the most bigoted show on television its inaccurate, undifferentiated and highly biased depiction of Arabs, Pakistanis and Afghans, as well as its gross misrepresentations of the cities of Beirut, Islamabad — and the so-called Muslim world in general,” the artists said in their statement on Ms. Amin’s website, asserting that they had “hacked” the series. “ four seasons, and entering its fifth, ‘Homeland’ has maintained the dichotomy of the photogenic, mainly white, mostly American protector versus the evil and backwards Muslim threat.”“这部剧集得到了‘偏见最多电视剧’的名声,因为它对阿拉伯人、巴基斯坦人和阿富汗人的描绘不准确、不加区别,且存在极大的偏见,严重歪曲了贝鲁特、伊斯兰堡等城市,乃至整个所谓的穆斯林世界,”这些艺术家在阿明网站上发布的一份声明中表示他们称自己对该剧采取了“黑客攻击”“在前四季和第五季开播以来,《国土安全坚持截然两分的人物设定:一方是上镜的、以白人和美国人为主的捍卫者,另一方是邪恶、落后的穆斯林的威胁”Alex Gansa, co-creator of “Homeland,” acknowledged the ruse. “We wish we’d caught these images bee they made it to air,” he said in a statement. “However, as ‘Homeland’ always strives to be subversive in its own right and a stimulus conversation, we can’t help but admire this act of artistic sabotage.”《国土安全的主创之一亚历克斯·冈萨(Alex Gansa)承认被捉弄了“要是在播出之前发现这些画面就好了,”他在一份声明中说“不过,《国土安全始终致力于成为一部颠覆性的剧集,引发大家的交谈,我们也不禁佩这种艺术性的破坏行为”Claire Danes has won two Emmys and two Golden Globe awards her portrayal of Ms. Mathison, an intelligence officer who struggles with bipolar disorder. But the series itself has been consistently criticized inaccurate and inconsistent portrayals.马西森是一位患有躁郁症的特工,克莱尔·戴恩斯(Claire Danes)因扮演这个角色荣获了两项艾美奖和两项金球奖但一直有人批评这部剧集本身的描绘不准确、前后不一致The three artists criticized the first season suggesting that Al Qaeda was an “Iranian venture” that had sought revenge against the ed States on behalf of Iran. Al Qaeda is a Sunni Muslim extremist network, which Shiite Iran and its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, have in recent years treated as, in some ways, a more imminent danger than Israel.这三位艺术家批评,该剧集的第一季曾暗示基地组织(Al Qaeda)是“伊朗策划的”,试图代表伊朗报复美国基地组织是一个逊尼派穆斯林极端主义组织,而最近几年,从某种角度而言,属于什叶派的伊朗,以及伊朗在黎巴嫩的代理人真主党,把基地组织看成是比以色列更加迫切的威胁In October , Lebanon’s tourism minister at the time, Fadi Abboud, threatened to sue the makers of the series their depiction of Beirut, the Lebanese capital. The program’s portrayal showed a group of terrorists meeting on Hamra Street, which was depicted as a center militia violence; in real life, the street is a cosmopolitan road with a Starbucks, outdoor cafes and women in outfits ranging from skimpy to fully veiled. Mr. Abboud was particularly angry that the episode had been filmed in Israel, which is officially at war with Lebanon.年月,黎巴嫩时任旅游部长法迪·阿布德(Fadi Abboud)威胁要起诉该剧的创作人员,原因就是他们对黎巴嫩首都贝鲁特的描绘在该剧中,一群恐怖分子在哈姆拉街(Hamra Street)碰头,那条街道被塑造成了一个武装暴力的中心而在现实生活中,那是一条国际化的马路,能看到星巴克(Starbucks)、露天咖啡馆,街上的女性有的衣着暴露,也有的遮得严严实实阿布德特别愤怒的是,该剧是在以色列拍摄的理论上,黎巴嫩和以色列还处于交战状态Ms. Amin and her colleagues said the show demonstrated its insensitivity by “naming a key terrorist character after the mer real-life Pakistani ambassador to the ed States.” (The character is Haissam Haqqani; the ambassador, Husain Haqqani, who served from to , is an eminent scholar who has written frequently — and highly critically of the Pakistan government — The New York Times and other publications.)阿明和同事称,该剧“让一名关键恐怖分子的角色和现实生活中的前巴基斯坦驻美大使同名”,这显示出该剧缺乏敏感(剧中的角色叫海赛姆·哈卡尼[Haissam Haqqani],现实生活中的人物叫侯赛因·哈卡尼[Husain Haqqani],从年到年担任驻美大使,他是一位知名学者,常常为《纽约时报和其他刊物撰文,对巴基斯坦政府持很强的批评态度)In a phone interview, Ms. Amin said she was particularly aggrieved by what she called the show’s misleading distortions of reality in the Middle East. “The framing of events and brainwashing about the region has a real impact on eign policy because millions of people are getting their inmation from the show and can’t differentiate between facts and fiction,” she said. “No doubt that it looks good and is well acted, but I had boycotted the show as it is so frustrating and insulting to watch it.”在接受电话采访时,阿明称该剧对中东的真实情况的误导性歪曲,让她感到特别愤愤不平“对剧情的设定,以及有关该地区的洗脑行为,真的会影响外交政策因为数以百万计的人是从该剧获取信息的,他们无法区分事实和虚构,”她说“毋庸置疑,该剧看上去不错,表演精,但我抵制这部剧,因为看它会让人感到非常失望和屈辱”The artists said they were first contacted in June by a friend who was active in the street art scene in Berlin. It was then that their plan took root. “It was our moment to make our point by subverting the message using the show itself,” they wrote. Ms. Amin said that the series was easy to dupe, as there did not seem to be stringent fact-checking, and that she had noticed many linguistic Arabic inaccuracies in the past.这些艺术家称,最早是在7月,柏林一个活跃于街头艺术布景圈的朋友联系到他们他们的计划正是那个时候开始的“是我们用这部剧来推翻虚假信息的时候了,”他们写道阿明说,节目组很好骗,因为似乎没有严格的事实查措施,而且她过去就注意到了很多不通顺的阿拉伯语The three said that they had been given a set of images of graffiti supporting President Bashar al-Assad of Syria to emulate at the set of a fictional camp on the Lebanese-Syrian border, and they were instructed to make theirs apolitical. They said they were given two days to complete the task, and speculated that the set designers were too busy to notice the what they had written or did not understand Arabic.他们三人说,在一个虚构的位于黎巴嫩和叙利亚边境的难民营的布景现场,有人给了他们一系列持叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)的涂鸦作品用来模仿,并吩咐他们要让自己的作品没有政治倾向他们说当时只给了他们两天时间,猜测布景设计师太忙,没有留意他们写的内容,或者是不懂阿拉伯语 00云南省大理孕前检测多少钱

漾濞县人民医院治疗不能怀孕7.The War of the Roses7.玫瑰战争While George R.R. Martin isnt just rewriting history word word, there are distinct parallels between the War of the Five Kings and real world War of the Roses. Game of Thrones features Houses Lannister and Stark embroiled in bloody battle, involving several other houses as well. The War of the Roses involved Houses Lancaster and York clashing 30 long years. It not just their names that are similar. Edward of York can definitely bond with Robb Stark, as he also was thrust into the spotlight after his father was brutally killed. Both Eddard Stark and Richard of York heads were mounted on the city gates despite their high civil stature (head mounting was reserved petty criminals). Both were skilled in warfare and veritably undefeated, and both married love.然而,作者乔治·马丁却没有逐字逐句的改编历史;权利的游戏;中的五王之战和史实上的玫瑰之战也具有着明显的相似之处在剧中,兰尼斯特王族和史塔克以及其他几个王族被卷入一场腥风血雨的战争之中,而由兰开斯特王族和约克王族交擂的玫瑰之战持续了三十年之久 这些战争并不仅仅是名字相同,约克王族的爱德华可以和史塔克联系在一起,即爱德华也是在爱德华的父亲被残忍杀害后被刺杀的同时,尽管拥有显赫的的身份,艾德·史塔克和爱德华二人的尸首也是被架在了城墙之上(架头于城墙上的刑法都是针对低级罪犯实施的)而且,两者都是被害死于战场可却从没被真正打败过,另外他们也是为了爱情而成婚6.Lucrezia Borgia6.卢克雷齐娅·尔贾Game of Thrones fans who love Assassin Creed or Italian history in general will enjoy this one. Infamous Lucrezia Borgia shares many traits with Cersei Lannister. Like the Lannisters, the Borgia family was very wealthy, with their influence reaching far and wide. Lucrezia was used by her father to secure political alliances, and was engaged twice bee she was . In the series, Cersei is the twin sister of Jaime, of whom she is fond enough to take to her bed (or the wall, or the floor, or a random tower that Bran Stark is climbing). Lucrezia Borgia was known to shower her brother with much more than sisterly affection as well. Talk about extreme brotherly love!《权力的游戏的粉丝中如果喜欢《刺客信条(一款游戏)或者意大利历史的一般都会喜欢这个人物臭名昭著的卢克雷齐娅·尔贾与瑟曦·兰尼斯特有很多共性就像兰尼斯特家族一样,卢克雷齐娅·尔贾家族同样非常富有,其影响势力深远卢克雷齐娅·尔贾被父亲利用,进行政治联姻,岁之前订过两次婚在系列书中,瑟曦是詹姆的,她很喜欢詹姆以至于可以把他带到床上(或者墙上,或者地板上,或者布兰·史塔克正在爬的塔),卢克雷齐娅·尔贾为人们所熟知的是她同样表现出了和兄弟间比兄情更亲密的关系这称之为极端的兄恋5.The Wall5.长城;What!? A giant wall of ice cant possibly have had any real place in history,; you cry out. Ever heard of Hadrian Wall? George R.R. Martin has, and has admitted in an interview that he based the Wall off of Scotland very own. Martin said it himself, ;I stood on Hadrian Wall and tried to imagine what it would be like to be a Roman soldier sent here from Italy or Antioch. To stand here, to gaze off into the distance, not knowing what might emerge from the est. Of course fantasy is the stuff of bright colors and being larger than real life, so my Wall is bigger and considerably longer and more magical. And, of course, what lies beyond it has to be more than just Scots.; Next time youre in Scotland, be sure to check if there are wildlings about!;什么?一个巨大的冰墙在历史上不可能有任何实际意义?;你大喊听过哈德良长城吗?乔治·马丁在一次采访中承认他的创作是基于这座隔离英格兰的墙马丁表示说:;我站在哈德良长城上,试图想象一个从意大利或者安提阿派遣过来的罗马士兵将会是什么样子站在这里,凝视远方,不知道会有什么从森林里出现当然幻想的东西总是比现实生活更鲜丽庞大,所以我的长城要更大、更长、更魔幻而且当然,躺在长城边的将不仅仅是苏格兰人;下一次当你在苏格兰时,一定要注意观察长城边是否有野人.Battles Galore.战火纷飞The Battle of Blackwater Bay was filled with astounding cinematic effects, leaving viewers dazzled. In it, Tyrion of House Lannister (possibly the only Lannister that anyone is rooting ) makes use of wildfire, a chemical fire that ignites on water, to stave off the invaders. Those invaders just happened to be Stannis Baratheon camp, brother to the late King Robert and the only one with a real legal claim to the throne. They also used a chain to cut through the naval fleet. A similar historical event is the Second Arab Siege of Constantinople, where Greek Fire was used similarly and the Great Chain of Constantinople featured an important role.黑水湾一战,震撼的电影特效让观众头晕目眩水面上燃起熊熊磷火,来自兰尼斯特家族的提利昂借此阻却了侵略者的进攻然而,入侵者正是国王劳勃的二弟史坦尼斯·拜拉席恩,他才是合法的皇位继承人入侵部队以连环锁链阻断了海军舰队的进攻历史上 ;希腊火;部队在第二次君士坦丁堡之围也采取了相同的战术,这场战役中君士坦丁堡巨链发挥了举足轻重的作用审校:烟囱 Freya然 387673 大理做无痛流产哪家医院好大理宫外孕手术价格



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