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As winter approaches in Alaska,阿拉斯加逐渐进入冬季food gets progressively harder to find.食物越来越难取得To live here is to walk a tightrope.在这里生活像在走钢索Yet every year, this coast attracts North Americas most impressive hunter.但每年这片海岸 都吸引北美最强悍的猎人A brown bear.这是一只棕熊Here they grow larger than anywhere in the world.这里的棕熊体型 比世上其他地方都大Other bears have also gathered at the edge of the surf.其他的熊也在海岸聚集Theyve come here to fatten up for the winter.它们来这里为冬季储备脂肪Theyre waiting for an event that happens just once a year.它们正在等候一年一度的盛事The salmon run.那就是鲑鱼回流Others will tackle the fish upriver, but here in the sea,其他掠食动物会在河流上游 但在海边these bears have the first chance.棕熊可以抢占先机201309/257505设计师施德明·萨格米特运用简单有趣的案例分享他的最近关于幸福的观点--从理性和非理性两方面。他的人生和创造幸福的七条定律可以(伴有一些个性化设计)用于每个人去寻求更多的幸福。201309/257978

If someone has given you a hickey and you want to hide it, follow this VideoJug guide on how to get rid of a hickey. Potential embarrassment can be avoided when we reveal to you the simple secret to getting rid of a hickey.如果有人在你身上留下吻痕,你想要遮盖,遵循VideoJug这段视频,学习怎样消除吻痕。Step 1: You Will Need1.你需要Standard, AA or C-Size battery标准的,AA或C型号电池A hickey吻痕Step 2: Know Your Hickies2.了解吻痕To remove a hickey, the first thing you need to is to determine whether or not a hickey-like mark on your neck really is a hickey, as opposed to a rash, bruise, or other ailment.要消除吻痕,首先要确定的是你脖子上类似吻痕的印记真的是吻痕,还是皮疹,瘀伤或其他疾病。The way to do this is pretty basic: recall whether or not anyone recently kissed, sucked on, or had other lip contact with your neck.鉴定方法非常简单:回忆一下最近是否有人亲吻,吮吸你的脖子,或者嘴唇以其他方式接触了你的脖子。If so, its safe to say you have a hickey. If not, you probably have a rash, bruise, or other ailment. So you should consult your local heath-care professional to find out whats going on.如果是肯定的,那么这确定是吻痕。如果是否定的,那么可能是皮疹,瘀伤或其他疾病。这样的话你就要咨询当地健康护理专家来寻找原因。Step 3: The removal process3.消除吻痕Pick it up, and locate the end with the negative charge – the flat one.拿起电池,把电池的负极——较平坦的一端放在吻痕上。Now, rub the end of the battery against the hickey. Rub it fairly firmly, or it wont work. But not too firmly, or itll look like you got bruised in a battery fight! If you feel too much pain, there will be no gain.现在,用电池的末端擦有吻痕的部位。一定要用力擦,否则没有效果。但是也不要太过用力,否则看上去好像在于电池的斗争中造成瘀伤!如果你怕痛的话,不会有效果的。Keep rubbing firmly-but-not-too-firmly for a minute or two. Then, check your hickey. If its gone, youre done. If its better, but not completely gone, keep rubbing until it has disappeared - and your embarrassing love-mark problem has been solved.把握力度擦一两分钟。然后再次查看吻痕。如果消失了,说明你成功了。如果有所好转却没有完全消失,继续擦直到完全消失——令人尴尬的爱的印记得到解决。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of A Hickey.感谢收看“怎样消除吻痕”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/245572

Hey everyone, this is Stephane Fouche from Talkways大家好,我是来自Talkways的StephaneToday, we are going to talk about my favorite topics, and it has to do with languages今天我们要讲的是我最感兴趣的话题,它跟语言相关Languages, that’s a very vast topic,so we are going to cater it to stereotypes不过语言是个很大的话题,我们今天要讲的是StereotypesSo I remember when I first came into China我记得我第一次来中国的时候I was talking to my co-workers, talking to some friends在跟几个同事和朋友聊天and I asked them to teach me some basic words in Chinese我让他们教我一些基础的中文You would think that they would teach me how to say thank you一般人会觉得,他们会教我说谢谢or like hello, simple words, but no或者是你好,这些比较简单的,但是不They went straight into the stereotypes and they went deep into the story他们直接跟我讲了在中国常用的Stereotypes(昵称),内容非常深刻The first word that I learned in Chinese was Gaofushuai我学到的第一句中文是“高富帅”So you have your rich, your handsome, and your tall, your beautiful man有一个很富有的,英俊的,高大的男人 who is looking for someone他在找他的另外一半That someone is the Baifumei这一半肯定是“白富美”Once he gets the Baifumei, and spends a little bit of time with her, and throws the Baifumei away当他得到白富美,跟她在一起一段时间之后,会抛弃白富美She becomes the Heimuer白富美就变成“黑木耳”了The funny thing about the Heimuer, aside from the name, is that there is someone else有趣的是,黑木耳也有她的另一半You have the Gaofushuai, and you have the opposite of the Gaofushuai高富帅的对立面Which is the Diaosi也就是屌丝The Diaosi sees this chance and goes for the Baifumei当白富美变成黑木耳That is now, as we know it, the Heimuer, and tries to go for that屌丝觉得自己的机会终于来了,并去追求But sometimes, the Diaosi still doesn’t get the girl但是大部分时候,屌丝还是没有女朋友So what happens at the end?最后会发生什么呢?So, the Diaosi puts his head down, lifts it up, and admits that he’s a Jiyou屌丝把头低下去想想,抬起头来,承认自己是基友So this is the first story that I pretty much heard in China以上是我来到中国之后听到的第一个故事My friends taught me all these words, so I would go to a club and I would be like我学了这些词汇之后,就可以在去酒吧玩的时候灵活运用“Wo bu shi gao fu shuai, dan wo ye bu shi diao si, wo shi Stephane”我不是高富帅,但我也不是屌丝,我是StephaneThe girl would look at me, ohhh, asking, how does he know all these words然后身边女孩就会很惊讶的说,啊他怎么会这些中文But from a more serious note但从一个更严肃的角度来看看这件事情if you are comparing stereotypes in China in stereotypes in the U.S.如果你对比一下中国和美国的Stereotypes(昵称)There is a small little difference你会发现一些小小的不同If you in the US you have your typical nerd在美国,最常用的昵称有“Nerd书呆子”You have the geek, which is similar to the nerd然后有“Geek极客”,跟“Nerd书呆子”有一点相似You have your jock, which is your buff guy, who’s the one that plays sports and so on还有“Jock运动帅哥”,一个身体健壮,热爱运动的人You have your preppy, your pretty boy who takes care of himself还有那些比较会打扮自己,有“preppy预科生形象”的男孩So the stereotypes are not so much about status这些昵称跟人的地位关系不大They are a lot more about someone’s interest, what they are doing更多的是形容他们的兴趣爱好,描述他们平常做什么事Something having to do with their personality有时也和他们的性格有关The jock of course has to play some sport, or he has to be very built, that’s the image of the jock“Jock运动帅哥”必须要参与某项运动,身材必须非常好,不然就不是JockBut then, for the Gaofushuai or the Baifumei, it’s still very much linked to status但是高富帅和白富美呢,这些昵称是根据人的地位设定的So what does that say about Chinese culture?这能让我们对中国现在的社会文化有什么样的联想?What does that say about the culture in the ed States?这能让我们对美国的社会文化有什么联想?Well we need to go back to stereotypes我们首先要回到“stereotype昵称”的定义上 Stereotypes are a way that we can create an image of someone“stereotype昵称”让我们能对一个人有一种感受It’s a preconceived notion that we have有一个先决的概念Oh, someone who is this would probably do this, and this, and this让我们觉得某个人一定会做这件事,或者那件事So it’s nothing too specific, it’s just a label它不太具体,只是一个模糊的标签So that label, what’s the focus of it?那这个标签专注的方向是什么?In the US, again, it’s that person’s interest在美国,人们更愿意通过兴趣来打标签 So if you are trying to extract a little bit of information from the stereotypes in China如果我们对中国常用的“Stereotype昵称”做一些分析 That idea of status still comes up我们看到,被强调的是地位So, this is again me talking to one of my friends in China记得有一次跟一个中国朋友聊天He was telling me that he was talking to his parents about ohh他在跟我描述一次他跟他父母的对话How he’s almost y to marry his girlfriend and so on他说他基本上准备好跟他的女朋友谈婚姻了And he thought his parents were going to tell him他以为他的父母会因为一些理由阻止他Oh, he needs to finish with school, you need to do this first and so on比如他还没从学校毕业,或者是还有没处理的事情要做什么的But, unexpectedly the things that his parents were telling him were但是我没想到他父母当时跟他说的话是Oh, you don’t have a house, oh, you don’t have a car, oh, you don’t have this你还没有房子,你还没有车,等等Or you are not stable yet, or you don’t have that status yet又或者是你现在还不稳定,还没有地位So it all goes back to this idea of standing最后还是身份的概念Like is that person stable? What’s their status in society?一个人稳不稳定,他在社会里是什么地位Looking at it from a different perspective in other countries让我们换个视角,看看其他国家Again I’m going to take the States as an example for this one我还是先拿美国做例子What makes or breaks a relationship is really the personality一段关系是否能持续更多的还是看性格Does the personality of the girlfriend and the boyfriend align with each other?要看男朋友和女朋友的性格是否合得来Can the girlfriend get along with the boyfriend’s mother?或者是女朋友是否能够男朋友的母亲相处融洽These are the things that tend to either break a make a relationship这些可能会对感情的影响更大一些It’s less about having a car, it’s less about having a house大家并不会一上来就讨论车,或者讨论房子These are the decisions that people usually make after they get married因为他们认为这些应该是结婚后再一起去考虑的事情That’s what I personally notice from looking at my friends, acquaintances, so on这是我个人从身边的朋友和熟人身上感觉到的So are stereotyping someone a good thing or a bad thing?所以通过标签来看待一个人,是好还是不好呢?We don’t have a choice in a way有的时候我们没得选Because you meet someone for the first time, your instincts are to pretty much judge that person当你第一次见某人,你的本能会让你先通过他的标签判断他是什么样的人And you are going to take all the notions that you have你会利用你脑子里已有的所有概念去做这个判断So if you take someone from Haiti, where I grew up when I was younger比如,在我长大的地方,海地You put someone who’s Chinese in front of them如果一个海地人看到一个中国人They probably have never met someone who’s Chinese概率上讲这很可能是他见到的第一个中国人So the first thing that’s going to pop up in their mind is going to be Jackie Chan他第一个会想到的是成龙Second thing, probably Bruce Lee第二个会想到的,李小龙So not everyone in China is Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee当然,并不是所有中国人都是成龙或李小龙But that’s the preconceived image that they have但这是他们脑子里已有的概念Going over that image is the good thing because you are not stuck to this image当然,人们应该跳过这个概念,不应该以貌取人If it’s a very bad image因为如果这个概念本身是负面的you are giving this person a very bad identity without even knowing them你在不认识这个人的时候已经有了成见That’s the danger in stereotyping someone这是身份昵称的坏处 On the opposite end, it gives you an idea当然它也有一定的好处,它让你对某人有个大概的概念And it’s also a great way to joke around with friends, if not abused如果不滥用的话,也是一个很好的跟朋友闹着玩的方法But what I want to leave with you guys is probably a simple question最后,我想问大家一个简单的问题From your perspective, stereotypes in China, what do you think they are pointing out exactly?你认为在中国,人们常用的身份昵称所指出的是什么?Status? Or that person’s personality?地位?还是一个人的性格?If you have any questions or comments, feel free to find me on Talkways, or on Weibo如果你有任何问题或感想,请来在聊世界找我,或者关注我的微201406/303228

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