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顺德妇幼保健医院男科医生佛山市第一人民泌尿科医院男科专家I will know that only those with inferior ability can always be at their best ,and I am not inferior.There will be days when I must IN THE WORLD constantly struggle against ces which would tear me down,Those such sa despair and sadness are simple to recognize but there are others which approach with a smile and the hand of friendship and they can slso destroy me.Against them,too.I must never relinquish control.And with this new knowledge I will also understand and recognize the moods of him on whom i call, I will make allowances his anger and irritation of today he knows not the secret of controlling his mind.i can withstand him arrows and insults now I know that tomorrow he will change and be a joy to approach.No longer will I judge a man on one meeting;no longer will i fail to call again tomorrow on he who meets me with hate today.this day he will not buy gold chariots a penny,yet tomorrow he would exchange his home a tree.My knowledge of this secret will be my key to great wealth.Henceth I will recognize and identify the mystery of moods in all mankind,and in me.From this moment I am prepared to control whatever personality awakes in me each day.I will master my moods through positive action and when I master my moods I will control my destiny.I will become master of myself. 79561佛山治疗早泄比较比较好的医院 感觉为难时的英语 -- :7:5 来源: ------为难时,该怎么办呢?I dont know what to do.I dont know what to do. (该怎么办呢?)Dont worry, Ill help. (别担心,我来帮你)Im at a loss as to what to do. (我真不知该怎么办才好)Im unable to decide myself. (我一个人决定不了)What shall I do? (怎么办?)------我该怎么办?What am I supposed to do? *be supposed to “计划做……”What am I supposed to do? (我该怎么办?)I dont know. Just relax, Ill help you. (我也不知道放松点儿,我会帮助你的)What am I going to do?What should I do?------这下可麻烦了We are in trouble.We cant finish our proposal in time. (我们不能时完成计划了)We are in trouble. (这下可麻烦了)Were in big trouble. *进一步强调不知如何是好的心情那很麻烦It a hassle. *hassle “麻烦的事情,苦战”Do you like the new computer system? (你喜欢这种新计算机系统吗?)No, it a hassle. (不喜欢,它很费劲)It a pain in the neck.It a pain in the ass. *低俗的说法It a lot of trouble.------这真是个难题It really a difficult problem.What should we do? (我们该怎么办?)I dont know. It really a difficult problem. (我不知道这真是个难题)It big problem.我不知道说什么才好I dont know what to say.Im at a loss as to what to say. (我不知道说什么才好) *at a loss “困惑不解,茫然不知所措”这下可难住我了You got me.I have a full house. (〈打牌中的〉我是同花顺)You got me. (这下可难住我了)I dont know.I guess youre right. (我想你是对的)You win. (你赢了)That beats me.他特招人讨厌He a nuisance. *nuisance“难对付的人,麻烦的人”自作自受You asked it. *“自己给自己找麻烦”哎哟!Oops! *表示困惑、遗憾的心情,或吃惊和轻度欢喜Youre stepping on my foot. (你踩着我脚呢)Oops! Im sorry. (哎哟!对不起)I made a mistake. (我犯了一个错)My mistake. (是我的错)噢!不!Oh, no!Oh, no! I missed the flight. (噢!不!赶不上飞机了)You did? (真的?)Ah, man! *man 表示兴奋的和吃惊的口语说法Oh, my goodness!Oh, my gosh!Good heavens!这正是难点That the hard part.We have to decide what to do. (我们得决定什么做)That the hard part. (这正是难点)That the difficult part.我感到内疚I feel guilty. *有罪恶感I feel guilty. I was mean. (我太刻薄了,我感到很内疚)Dont worry about it. (不必为那事担心了)I feel bad about it. *虽然很在意,但还不致于有罪恶感I feel horrible.It all my fault. (都是我不好)I feel terrible.------你看来很困惑You look puzzled. *puzzle “使……窘困”、“使……糊涂”You look puzzled. (你看来很困惑)I cant understand this machine. (我弄不明白这台机器)You look confused. (你看上去很困惑)那个念头总是萦绕着我The idea haunts me. *haunt “不断缠绕在心头的”、“萦绕在脑海中的”、“使心烦的”I cant get rid of the idea.I cant get it out of my mind. 日常英语 英语口语口语考试:为你口语加分的句谚语() -01-7 18:6: 来源: Virtuenever grows old. 美德常青Walls have ears. 隔墙有耳What is done cannot be undone. 覆水难收Wine in, truth out. 酒后吐真言You are only young once. 青春只有一次You cannot burn the candleat both ends. 蜡烛不可两头燃(鱼和熊掌不可兼得)You cannot have your cake and eat it. 有得就有失(事难两全其美) You never know till you have tried. 事非经过不知难Youth will be served. 青春好作乐Zeal without knowledge is a runawayhorse. 无知的狂热是脱缰的野马 口语 考试 cannot have顺德区伦教男科最好的医院

佛山禅城区男科大夫-- :5: 来源: 1 I want a package deal including airfare and hotel. 我需要一个成套务,包括机票和住宿 I’d like to change this ticket to the first class.我想把这张票换成头等车3 I’d like to reserve a sleeper to Chicago.我要预订去芝加哥的卧铺 I won’t check this baggage 这件行李我不托运5 I’d like to sit in the front of the plane.6 I missed my train. 7 I haven’t nothing to declare. 我没申报的东西8 it’s all personal effects. 这些东西都是私人用品9 I’ll pick up ticket at the airport counter.我会在机场柜台拿机票 I’d like two seats on today’s northwest flight 7 to Detroit, please.我想订两张今天西北航空7班次到底特律的机票 we waited john in the lobby of the airport.我们在机场的大厅里等约翰 I’d like to buy an excursion pass instead.我要买一张优待票代替 I’d like a refund on this ticket. 我要退这张票 I’d like to have a seat by the window.我要一个靠窗的座位 you have to change at Chicago station.你必须要在芝加哥站转车 we have only one a day New York.到纽约的一天只有一班 sorry, they are aly full. 抱歉,全部满了18 I’d like to reserve a seat to New York.我要预订一个座位去纽约19 the flight number is ak7 on September 5th. there’s a ten thirty flight in the morning.早上点半有班机1 I’m looking my baggage 我正找我的行李 I’d like to make a reservation. 我想预订3 the sooner, the better. 越快越好 I’d like to change my reservation.我想变更一下我的预订5 I’d like to reconfirm my flight from London to Tokyo. 我要再确认一下我从伦敦到东京的班机6 my reservation number is 991.7 I made a reservation in Tokyo.我在东京预订的 I made reservations yesterday. 我昨天预订的9 I want to reserve a seat from Los Angeles to Tokyo. 我要预订一张从洛杉矶到东京的机票30 I always have a big wash to do on Saturdays.我星期六总是有一大堆的衣物要洗31 the laundry is not dry enough. 衣还没干3 I put too much detergent in the washer.我在洗衣机里放了太多的洗衣粉33 this stain is really stubborn. 这污垢去不掉 I did three loads of wash today.我今天洗了三次衣35 the train is comtable. 36 I checked my baggage in the baggage section.我在行李房托运行李37 he guessed the train would come in early.他猜想火车会很早到达38 the stations are always full of people39 I hope you have a good trip. 祝你旅途愉快0 you need to transfer at central station.你必须在中央车站换车 1 how long are you going to stay here? do you have anything to declare?3 what‘s the purpose of your visit? what time does the ship leave?5 when will the ship leave Honolulu?这艘船什么时候出发去檀香山?6 could you please give me the departure time?你能告诉我出发的时间吗?7 do I need a reservation to go by ship?我坐船去需要预订吗?8 how much a one-way ticket to shanghai?去上海的单程票多少钱?9 when would you like to returngo?你打算什么时候回来去?50 do you have any tickets available that date?你们有那天的票吗?51 Do you have any tickets available that date?你们有那天的票吗?5 How much does a round trip ticket to go there cost? 一张去那边的往返票要多少钱?53 Would you take this coat to the cleaner’s?你可以把这件外套送到洗衣店吗?5 Will you iron out the wrinkles in this skirt?可以帮我把这件裙子烫平吗?55 Won’t you iron this shirt me?可以帮我烫这件衬衫吗?56 Will you bring the laundry in if it rains?下雨时请你收一下衣,好吗?57 Where am I supposed to pay the excess train fare? 我应该在哪里补票?58 Where can you pick up your suitcase?你在哪里取你的手提箱呢?59 When can you pick up your ticket?你什么时候可拿到车票呢?60 Where is immigration? 入境处在什么地方?61 Where can I get my baggage?我到哪里去拿我的行李呢?6 Is the departure time on schedule?起飞时间准时吗?63 How long will the flight be delayed?班机诞误多长时间?6 What’s the cause of the delay?什么原因延误?65 Will the flight be delayed? 这班机会延误吗?66 May I have baggage tags?给我行李标签好吗?67 Excuse me, what time will the plane arrive in Tokyo? 对不起,请问飞机何时到达东京呢?68 Could you explain how to fill this out?请你说明一下怎样填这张表好吗?69 May I have a customs declaration m, please?请给一份海关申报表好吗?70 May I have a disembarkation card?请给我一张离机卡好吗?71 Is this within the tax-free limit?这个在免税限额内吗?7 Where’s a tax-free shop? 免税店在哪儿?73 What time should I be at the departure gate?我在什么时间到登机门?7 Could you help me find my baggage?请你帮我找我的行李好吗?75 Will the flight be canceled? 这班机会取消吗?76 Would you please make my reservation to Chicago tomorrow?请帮我预订明天去芝加哥的座位好吗?77 Do you have a flight to New York departing at about a.m. Next Monday?78 What’s the fare to New York, Economy Class?去纽约的经济舱机票多少钱?79 Where do I pick up the ticket?我什么地方拿机票?80 From which station does the train leave?81 Can I stop over on the way?我在中途可以停吗?8 Can I have a second-class one-way ticket to Chicago, please?请给我一张去芝加哥的单程二等票好吗?83 Are there any discount tickets me?给我有折扣吗?8 What time does the plane take off?飞机何时起飞呢?85 One way or a round trip ticket?单程票还是双程票呢?86 What time does the first train to Boston leave?第一班去波士顿的列车什么时间开出呢?87 Is it direct train? 这是直达车吗?88 What platm does the train leave from?这班车从哪个站台开出呢?89 By what time should I check in?我该什么时间办理登机手续呢?90 What is the boarding time? 何时登机呢?91 How much is the excess baggage charge?超额行李费多少钱?9 Will this flight leave on time?这班机准时起飞吗?93 Can I bring this on the plane?这件我可以带上飞机吗?9 What is the gate number? 登机门是几号?95 Are there reserved seats on the train?车上有预订座位吗?96 Where is gate six? 6号登机门在哪儿?97 Where is the boarding gate this flight?这班飞机的登机门在哪儿?98 Has this seat number started boarding?这个座位号已开始登机了吗?99 Where is the ticket office? 售票处在哪儿?0 How long is the ticket valid?这车票有效期多久?1 Do I have to make a reconfirmation?我还要再确认吗?1 Is there any earlier one?还有更早一点的吗?1 Could you tell me my reservation number, please? 请你告诉我我的预订号码好吗?1 Can I get a seat today‘s 7:00 a.m. train?我可以买到今天上午7点的火车座位吗?1 Could you change my flight date from London to Tokyo?请你更改一下从伦敦到东京的班机日期好吗?1 Is there any discount the USA Railpass?火车通行有折扣吗?1 May I reconfirm my flight?我可以确认我的班机吗?1 Are they all non-reserved seats?他们全部不预订的吗?1 Do I have to reserve a seat?我一定要预订座位吗?1 May I see a timetable? 我可以看时刻表吗?1 How long will I have to wait? 我要等多久呢?1 Which would you prefer, a smoking seat or a non-smoking seat?你喜欢哪种,吸烟座还是禁烟座呢?1 Do you have any other flights?1 When would you like to leave?1 Can I reconfirm by phone?我能电话确认吗?6 Where can I make a reservation?我到哪里可以预订?7 Do I need a reservation the dining car?我需要预订餐车吗?8 How many more minutes will it take the train to arrive? 火车还要多少分钟就要到达呢?9 Is this a daily flight? 这是每日航班吗?0 Excuse me. May I get by?对不起,我可以上车吗?1 How much does it cost to go there by ship?坐船到那里要花多少钱? Can I cancel this ticket? 我可以取消这票吗?3 Check it to my final destination把它托运到我的目的地 Please come to the airport by eight thirty at the latest. 最迟要在8点30分到达机场5 Take your baggage to the baggage section.把你的行李拿到行李房去6 Please open your baggage.请把你行李打开7 Please fill in this disembarkation card.请你填写这张入境卡8 Let me see your passport, please.9 I have come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one.我特地为你们安排使你们在北京的逗留愉快0 You‘re going out of your way us, I believe.我相信这是对我们的特殊照顾了1 It‘s just the matter of the schedule, that is, if it is convenient of you right now.如果你们感到方便的话,我想现在讨论一下日程安排的问题 I think we can draw up a tentative plan now.我认为现在可以先草拟一具临时方案3 If he wants to make any changes, minor alternations can be made then.如果他有什幺意见,我们还可以对计划稍加修改1 Is there any way of ensuring we‘ll have enough time our talks?我们是否能保有充足的时间来谈判?5 So our evenings will be quite full then?那幺我们的活动在晚上也安排满了吗?6 We‘ll leave some evenings free, that is, if it is all right with you.如果你们愿意,我们想留几晚供你们自由配7 We‘d have to compare notes on what we‘ve discussed during the day.我们想用点时间来研究讨论一下白天谈判的情况8 That‘ll put us both in the picture.这样双方都能了解全面的情况9 Then we‘d have some idea of what you‘ll be needing.那我们会心中有数,知道你们需要什幺了0 I can‘t say certain off-hand.我还不能马上说定1 Better have something we can get our hands on rather than just spend all our time talking.有些实际材料拿到手总比坐着闲聊强 It‘ll be easier us to get down to facts then.这样就容易进行实质性的谈判了3 But wouldn‘t you like to spend an extra day or two here? 你们不愿意在北京多待一天吗? I‘m afraid that won‘t be possible, much as we‘d like to. 尽管我们很想这样做,但恐怕不行了5 We‘ve got to report back to the head office.我们还要回去向总部汇报情况呢6 Thank you you cooperation.7 We‘ve arranged our schedule without any trouble. 我们已经很顺利地把活动日程安排好了8 Here is a copy of itinerary we have worked out you and your friends. Would you please have a look at it?这是我们为你和你的朋友拟定的活动日程安排请过目一下,好吗?9 If you have any questions on the details, feel free to ask.如果对某些细节有意见的话,请提出来0 I can see you have put a lot of time into it.我相信你在制定这个计划上一定花了不少精力吧1 We really wish you‘ll have a pleasant stay here. 我们真诚地希望你们在这里过得愉快 I wonder if it is possible to arrange shopping us.3 Welcome to our factory. I‘ve been looking ward to visiting your factory. 我一直都盼望着参观贵厂5 You‘ll know our products better after this visit.6 Maybe we could start with the Designing Department. 也许我们可以先参观一下设计部门7 Then we could look at the production line.8 These drawings on the wall are process sheets. 墙上的图表是工艺流程表9 They describe how each process goes on to the next. 表述着每道工艺间的衔接情况0 We are running on two shifts.我们实行的工作是两班倒1 Almost every process is computerized.几乎每一道工艺都是由电脑控制的 The efficiency is greatly raised, and the intensity of labor is decreased.工作效率大大地提高了,而劳动强度却降低了3 All products have to go through five checks in the whole process.所有产品在整个生产过程中得通过五道质检关 We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise. 我们认为质量是一个企业的灵魂5 Theree, we always put quality as the first consideration.因而,我们总是把质量放在第一位6 Quality is even more important than quantity.7 I hope my visit does not cause you too much trouble.我希望这次参观没给你们增添太多的麻烦8 Do we have to wear the helmets?我们得戴上防护帽吗?9 Is the production line fully automatic?生产线是全自动的吗?0 What kind of quality control do you have?你们用什幺办法来控制质量呢?1 All products have to pass strict inspection bee they go out.所有产品出厂前必须要经过严格检查 What‘s your general impression, may I ask?3 I‘m impressed by your approach to business.你们经营业务的方法给我留下了很深的印象 The product gives you an edge over your competitors, I guess.我认为你们的产品可以使你们胜过竞争对手5 No one can match us so far as quality is concerned.就质量而言,没有任何厂家能和我们相比6 I think we may be able to work together in the future. 我想也许将来我们可以合作7 We are thinking of expanding into the Chinese market. 我们想把生意扩大到中国市场8 The purpose of my coming here is to inquire about possibilities of establishing trade relations with your company.我此行的目的正是想探询与贵公司建立贸易关系的可能性9 We would be glad to start business with you.我们很高兴能与贵公司建立贸易往来180 I‘d appreciate your kind consideration in the coming negotiation. 洽谈中请你们多加关照181 We are happy to be of help.我们很乐意帮忙18 I can assure you of our close cooperation.我保通力合作183 Would it be possible me to have a closer look at your samples?可以让我参观一下你们的产品陈列室吗?18 It will take me several hours if I really look at everything.如果全部参观的话,那需要好几个小时185 You may be interested in only some of the items. 你也许对某些产品感兴趣186 I can just have a glance at the rest.剩下的部分我粗略地看一下就可以了187 They‘ve met with great favor home and abroad. 这些产品在国内外很受欢迎188 All these s are best selling lines.所有这些产品都是我们的畅销货189 Your desire coincides with ours.我们双方的愿望都是一致的190 No wonder you‘re so experienced.怪不得你这幺有经验191 Textile business has become more and more difficult since the competition grew.随着竞争的加剧,纺织品贸易越来越难做了19 Could I have your latest catalogues or something that tells me about your company?可以给我一些贵公司最近的商品价格目录表或者一些有关说明资料吗?193 At what time can we work out a deal?我们什幺时候洽谈生意?19 I hope to conclude some business with you.我希望能与贵公司建立贸易关系195 We also hope to expand our business with you. 我们也希望与贵公司扩大贸易往来196 This is our common desire.这是我们的共同愿望197 I think you probably know China has adopted a flexible policy in her eign trade.我想你也许已经了解到中国在对外贸易中采取了灵活的政策198 I‘ve about it, but I‘d like to know more about it.我已经知道了一点儿,但我还想多了解一些199 Seeing is believing. 百闻不如一见0 How would you like to proceed with the negotiations? 你认为该怎样来进行这次谈判呢?1 I‘d like to know something about your eign trade policy.我很想了解有关贵国对外贸易的政策 It is said that a new policy is being put into practice in your eign trade.据说你们正在实施一种新的对外贸易政策 Our eign trade policy has always been based on equality and mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods. 我们的对外贸易政策一向是以平等互利、互通有无为基础的 We have adopted much more flexible methods in our dealings.我们在具体操作方法上灵活多了 We have mainly adopted some usual international practices. 我们主要采取了一些国际上的惯例做法 You have also made some justment in your import and export business, have you?你们的进出口贸易也有一些调整,对吗? I‘d like to know some inmation about the current investment environment in your country?我想了解一下贵国的投资环境 We are sure both of us have a brighter future.我们相信双方都有一个光明的前景 We had expected much lower prices.我们希望报价再低一些 They are still lower than the ations you can get elsewhere. 这些报价比其他任何地方都要低得多 I can show you other ations that are lower than yours. 我可以把比贵公司报价低得多的价目表给你看看 When you compare the prices, you must take everything into consideration.当你比较价格时,首先必须把一切都要考虑进去 I can assure you the prices we offer you are very favorable. 我敢保我们向你提供的价格是合理的 I don‘t think you‘ll have any difficulty in pushing sales. 我认为你推销时不会有任何困难 But the market prices are changing frequently. 但是市场价格随时都在变化 It‘s up to you to decide. 这主要取决于你 The demand our products has kept rising.要求定购我们产品的人越来越多18 How long will your offer hold good? 一般你们报盘的有效期是多长?19 We have new methods like compensation trade and joint ventrue. 我们有补偿贸易和合资经营 I think a joint venture would be beneficial to us both. 我认为合资经营对双方都是有利的1 Please give us your proposal if you‘re y that.如果你们愿意做合资经营,请提出你的方案 Here is our contract. 这是我们的合同3 Please go over it and see if everything is in order. 请过目一下,看看是否一切妥当 Don‘t you think we should add a sentence here like this?难道你不觉得我们应该在这儿加上一句话?5 If one side fails to observe the contract, the other side is entitled to cancel it.如果一方不履行合同协议,另一方有权终止合同6 The loss this reason should be charged by the side breaking the contract.造成的损失必须由毁约方承担7 Do you have any comment on this clause?你对这一条款有何看法? No wonder everyone speak highly of your commercial integrity.难怪大家都极为推崇你们的商业信誉9 It is our permanent principle that contracts are honored and commercial integrity is maintained. 重合同、守信用是我们的一贯原则30 Anything else you want to bring up discussion.你还有什么问题要提出来供双方讨论的吗?31 You may rest assured that the shipment will be duly delivered.你们尽可放心,我们会时交货的3 We must have your LC at least one month bee the time of shipment.我们必须在船运前一个月收到你们的信用33 The contract contains basically all we have agreed upon during our negotiations.合同将我们达成协议的内容基本上都写上了 I hope no questions about the terms.我看合同的条款没有什么问题了35 I‘m glad our negotiation has come to a successful conclusion.我很高兴这次洽谈圆满成功36 I hope this will lead to further business between us.我希望这次交易使我们之间的贸易进一步发展37 We‘ll sign two originals, each in Chinese and English language.我们将要用中文和英语分别签署两份原件38 I am y to sign the agreement.我已经准备好了签合同39 I‘m sure you need an original signature, not a faxed copy. 我知道你们要的是原件,不是传真件 0 So I will receive and sign it overnight.那么,我明天就可以收到并且签上名了1 We‘ll still be able to meet the deadline.我们还是可以赶上最后期限的 I will keep you posted. 我会与你保持联络3 What is your hurry? 什么事让您这么着急呢? I‘m sorry to burst in on you like this, but I‘m really upset. 我很抱歉突然找您,但我真的很心烦5 What on earth has happened to trouble you so? 到底发生什么事让您如此发愁?6 I‘m afraid I have bad news you.恐怕我有坏消息要告诉您7 The woolen sweaters you delivered do not match the sample we provided.你们交货的羊毛衫和我厂提供的样品不一致8 You agreed that we could make a little change in design if necessary.可你们曾经答应这,如有必要,图案可以稍作改动9 Our clients are very critical on quality.我们的客户对商品的质量是很挑剔的50 What do you want us to do? 您看怎么办好?51 Our clients want a replacement.我们的客户要求换货5 It‘s a bit too hard. 这有点太难了吧53 It‘s only the background color that‘s not identical. 这仅仅是图案的底色不同而已5 It sounds like a reasonable solution.这个解决办法还比较合理55 You are saying you turn on the computer and see nothing?你的意思是你把计算机打开后什么也看不见?56 I would say that you have a larger problem than just the monitor.我想你的问题比较大,不只是显示器的问题57 Whatever it is, I need this computer to work.不管是什么问题,我要求把这台计算机修好58 Is there any way you could bring it in to be looked at?你有没有办法把它带过来,让我们看一看?59 If not, our repairman can come to you.要不然,我们的维修人员可以上你那里去60 I would prefer if he comes here.我倒愿意他去我们那里61 Our first bill came yesterday, and we have some questions.我们昨天收到的第一张帐单,有一些问题6 I sure hope I can answer them you.我真的希望我能回答你的问题63 It does appear that way.看起来好象是这样的6 Let me do some research on this and get back with you tomorrow.请让我查查看,明天再给你答复65 As they are in such a damaged condition, we doubt we will be able to take delivery.由于它们残损如此严重,恐怕我们无法提货66 Do you know the percentage of the damaged portion? 你们知道残损部分的百分比吗?67 We should require a survey report, so that we may know the extent of the damage.我们将要求出具检验报告,以便我们能了解损坏的程度68 You can see yourselves the damaged condition and the reason why they are unassailable.你们可以亲眼看到完好无损情况以及货物无法销售的原因69 We should make it clear whether the damage was caused in transit or during the unloading process, or by other reasons.我们要弄清楚货物是否在运输途中受损,还是在卸货过程中受损,或者别的原因70 The goods were carefully packed and shipped here in excellent condition.货物包装得很仔细,装船很小心,在这儿完好无损71 Then the damage must be caused at somewhere along the line where the goods weren‘t handled properly.那么残损一定是在运输途中的什么地方对货物处理不妥造成的7 I would like to present our comments in the following order.我希望能依照以下的顺序提出我们的看法73 First of all, I will outline the characteristics of our product.首先我将简略说明我们商品的特性7 When I present my views on the competitive products, I will refer to the patent situation.专利的情况会在说明竞争产品时一并提出75 Please proceed with your presentation.请开始你的简报76 Yes, we have been interested in new system.是的,我们对新系统很感兴趣77 Has your company done any research in this field? 请问贵公司对此范畴做了任何研究吗?78 Yes, we have done a little. But we have just started and have nothing to show you.有,我们做了一些,但是因为我们才刚起步,并没有任何资料可以提供给你们79 If you are interested, I will prepare a list of them. 如果您感兴趣的话,我可以列表让你参考0 By the way, bee leaving this subject, I would like to add a few comments.在结束这个问题之前顺便一提,我希望能再提出一些看法1 I would like to ask you a favor.我可以提出一个要求吗? Would you let me know your fax number?3 Would it be too much to ask you to respond to my question by tomorrow?可以请你在明天以前回复吗? Could you consider accepting our counterproposal?你能考虑接受我们的反对案吗?5 I would really appreciate your persuading your management.如果你能说经营团队,我会很感激6 I would like to suggest that we take a coffee break. 我建议我们休息一下喝杯咖啡7 Maybe we should hold off until we have covered item B on our agenda.也许我们应该先谈论完B项议题8 As a matter of fact, we would like to discuss internally regarding item B.事实上,我们希望可以先内部讨论B项议题9 I see. Let‘s break now.90 Shall we take a break?91 Let us take a break now.9 Let me suggest we take a break.93 May I propose that we break coffee now?我可以提议休息一下,喝杯咖啡吗?9 If you insist, I will comply with your request.如果你坚持,我们会遵照你的要求95 We must stress that these payment terms are very important to us.我们必须强调这些付款条件对我们很重要96 Please be aware that this is a crucial issue to us. 请了解这一点对我们至关重要97 I do not know whether you realize it, but this condition is essential to us.我不知道你是否了解,但是,这个条件对我们是必要的98 Our policy is not to grant exclusivity.我们的方针是不授与专卖权99 There should always be exceptions to the rule. 凡事总有例外300 I would not waste my time pursuing that.如果是我的话,不会将时间浪费在这里301 I would like to ask you a question.我想问你一个问题 3 Yes. Please do. 好,请说3 Would you care to answer my question on the warranty? 你可以回答我有关保的问题吗?3 I do not know whether you care to answer right away. 我不知道你是否愿意立即回答3 I have to raise some issues which may be embarrassing. 我必须提出一些比较尴尬的问题3 Sorry, but could you kindly repeat what you just said? 抱歉,你可以重复刚刚所说的吗?3 It would help if you could try to speak a little slower. 请你尽量放慢说话速度3 I will try. 我会试试看3 Could you please explain the premises of your argument in more detail? 你能详细说明你们的论据吗?3 It will help me understand the point you are trying to make. 这会帮助我了解你们的重点3 We cannot proceed any further without receiving your thoughts with respect to the manner of payment.我们如果不了解你们对付款方式的意见,便不能进一步检讨3 Actually, my interest was directed more towards what particular markets you esee our product.事实上,我关心的是贵公司对我们产品市场的考量3 We really need more specific inmation about your technology.我们需要与贵公司技术相关更专门的资讯3 Our project must proceed at a reasonably quick tempo. Surely one month is ample time, isn‘t it?这个计划必须尽速进行一个月够了吧?3 I will try, but no promises.我会试试看,但是不敢保3 I could not catch your question. Could you repeat it, please?3 You are welcome.318 The following answer is subject to official confirmation.以下的必须再经过正式确认才有效319 Let me give you an indication.我可以提示一个想法3 Please remember this is not to be taken as final. 请记得这不是最后的回答31 Let us imagine a hypothetical case where we disagree. 让我们假设一个我们不同意的状况3 Just argument‘s sake, suppose we disagree. 为了讨论,假设我方不同意33 There is no such published inmation.没有相关的出版资料3 Such data is confidential.这样的资料为机密资料35 I am not sure such data does exist.我不确定是否有这样的资料存在36 It would depend on what is on the list.这要看列表内容37 We need them urgently.我们急需这些资料3 All right. I will send the inmation on a piecemeal basis as we acquire it.好我们收齐之后会立即寄给你39 I would like to talk to Mr. Liu.330 May I speak to Mr. Johnson, please?331 May I speak to your boss?33 Give me someone who can speak English.333 Is there anyone who can speak English?3 I would like to talk with someone in charge.我想请你们负责人讲话335 I would like to talk to your chief.我想请你们主管讲话336 Let me talk to Mr. Wang. 我要请王先生讲话337 Can I speak to Mr. Li?我能请李先生讲话吗?338 When is he expected to be back?他什么时候回来?339 Do you know when he will be back?0 Can you tell me what time Mr. Chen will be back? 你能否告诉我陈先生何时会回来?1 Who is this, please? 请问你是哪一位? Who is calling, please? 请问你是谁?3 May I have your name? 请问你姓名? Whom are you calling? 你要找谁?5 Will you please spell his name me?请你把他的名字拼给我好吗?6 Please say it again. 请再说一遍7 Would you speak a little louder?8 Will you speak up, please? 请你大声一点9 Will you speak more slowly? 请你说慢一点350 Mr. Wang is not in now.王先生现在不在此地351 He is not in now. 他现在不在这里35 He has not come in yet. 他还没有来353 He will be here in 30 minutes.35 He has gone home. 355 He is in conference. 他正在开会356 May I take your message? 你需要留言吗?357 May I have him call you back?要我请他回你电话吗?358 I am sorry Mr. Chen is unavailable, would you like to speak to anyone else?抱歉陈先生不在,你要不要跟其他人讲话?359 I will transfer this call to Mr. Chen.我把这个电话转给陈先生360 Would you hold the line, please, I will find out his number you.361 I am sorry to keep you waiting.真抱歉,让你久等了36 His extension number is 5.他的分机号码是5363 He is speaking on another phone.他正在接听别的电话36 Would you please take a message?请你代我留话好吗?365 Would you like to leave any message?你要留什么话吗?366 I would like to place a station-to-station call.我要打一个叫号电话367 I would like to place a person-to-person call.我要打一个叫人电话368 I don‘t know how to do that.我不知道该怎么打369 Will you accept the charge?你愿意付电话费用吗?370 Where is the telephone office?电话局在什么地方?371 Is there a public phone near here?这附近有公用电话吗?37 Do you have a coin the phone?你有打电话的硬币吗?373 How do I call this number?这个号码怎么打?37 Do you have a phone book (directory)?375 I would like to make a long distance call to Taibei. 我想打个长途电话到台北去376 I want to make an overseas call to the ed States? 我想打个越洋长途到美国去377 How much is a call to the ed States?378 Will you please call me back?379 May I use your telephone?380 Someone is using the phone.有人在用电话381 Do you have an extension?你有分机吗?38 We don‘t have an extension.我们没有分机383 There is a phone booth in the corner.在转角处有个电话亭38 It is a pay phone. 那是一个付费电话385 Whom do you want to call?你要打电话给谁?386 I want to make a local call.我要打个市内电话387 What is the number?388 Call inmation the number.打查号台查询电话号码389 The phone seems to be out of order.电话好像出故障了390 I tried several times to call, but there is no answer. 我打了几次,但是没有人回答391 I ‘m going to dial the number.39 The telephone is ringing. 电话铃响了393 No one is answering the phone..39 My friend phoned me at a.m. yesterday.395 The phone is busy. 电话占线396 Sorry to have kept you waiting.抱歉使你久等了397 Who do you want to speak to? 398 What number are you calling?399 Operator, you gave me a wrong number.总机,你给我接错号码了00 Where are you calling from?01 I‘m calling from a public phone.我打的是公用电话 Contact me by telephone. 电话联系 I will be in between six and eight.我6点至8点都在 I will be here all night. 我整晚都会在这里 All right, I will be waiting you .好的,我会等候你的 Hello, is this the home of Mr. Chen? Hello. I wish to speak to Mr.Chen? Will you please repeat it? He has left aly . He is attending a conference now.他正在出席会议 Hello, This is operator.喂!我是接线员 I‘ll call you up later. May I talk to Mr. McCoy?我要和麦考伊先生讲话好吗? May I use the telephone? This is Shen calling. Is that Mr.Shen? Yes, this is Shen speaking.18 Whom do you want to talk to?19 I‘d like to speak to Mr. Jack. I‘ll connect you with his office.我会打电话到他的公司和你联络1 Sorry kept you waiting so long. You are on .抱歉让你久等了,接通了 The line is busy. 占线3 No answer. 没有人接电话 He is on the phone. 他正在通话5 This telephone line is interrupted. 电话不通6 The wire has got crossed. 电话串线了 7 Who is speaking? 请问是谁打来的? I‘m afraid you have the wrong number.恐怕你打错号码了9 I‘ll calling 65-58. 打65-5830 Please ring off. 请挂电话31 I‘ll call you back.3 Let me talk to her over the phone.33 Would you call Miss Shen to the telephone? Sorry, She is out. Shall I take a message?35 I‘m going to put on to her. 我会请她回电话36 The voice is not distinct. 声音不清楚37 Give me a ring at my office.打电话到我办公室38 I‘d like to make an overseas call to Taibei, Taiwan by collect call.我要打对方付费的电话到台湾的台北39 Can I fix an overseas call to London by person-to-person call?我要打到伦敦的叫人电话好吗?0 What is your part‘s name?对方的姓名是什么?1 How do you spell your last name?你的姓是怎样拼写的? Pound Sterling please.请换成英镑吧3 Well, er, in your case, I see no reason why not. What‘s your proposition?这个,呃,我看可以您想透多少? Is there any interest on this money?这笔透要利息吗?5 Yes, sir. Your was overdrawn dollars on the th of this month.是的,先生本月日这一天您的帐户上透了美元6 According to the regulations, sir, you‘ll have to reimburse the bank the amount paid.根据规定,先生,您应该补偿付的那笔款了7 I want to buy some traveler’s checks.我想买些旅行票8 I have been told you have just changed the interest rate on savings s. Is that true?听说你们储蓄率刚调过,是真的吗?9 Have you got your chequebook with you?您票本带来了没有?50 The amount you want to transfer.您要转帐的金额51 The cheque will be cleared in about three days.大概在3天后,票就可以兑现了 5 I see. I‘ll go and check.噢,原来是这样,那我再去查查看53 Hello, may I change some money with my Master card?我能否用万事达卡来兑换些钱吗?5 Yes, you can. Would you please show me your card?可以,让我看看您的卡55 Here are you Chinese Yuan $ 00. And your passport and exchange memo.这是您00美元所换的人民币给您护照和兑换清单56 How much would you like to remit?您想汇多少钱?57 I suppose you want to send U.S. Dollars.我想您是汇美元吧?58 May I ask the reason your remittance?可以请问汇款的原因吗?59 Do you want to remit the money by airmail or by cable, sir?您想要航空信还是电汇,先生?60 So you can take MT, and they will take a longer time to reach New York Bank.那么你要采用信汇,只是信汇汇款到纽约用的时间较长61 Would you care to take a seat while I make out a receipt?请坐一会儿好吗?我给您开个收据6 I‘ll take MT.那我就用信汇吧63 £300 to London, the commission is 3, please. 汇款300英镑到伦敦,费用为3英镑6 Excuse me, but do you handle remittance checks here?打扰了,你们办理汇款票吗?65 To whom is the check payable, madam?请问票受款人是谁,夫人?66 Yes, I have got the license from the Bank of China. Here you are.是的,我已得到中国的许可请过目67 Would you please tell me your phone number so that we‘ll ring you up as soon as the remittance arrives?您能否把电话号码告诉我,以便汇款一到就给您打电话?68 Yes, your money has arrived.噢,您的汇款已经到了69 Very well, sir. Please fill out this remittance slip.好的,先生请填写这张汇款通知书70 How much do you charge sending a cable transfer to London?发一张到伦敦的电汇,要收费多少?71 How much do you want to change?您想兑换多少?7 Would you please tell me the exchange rate pound sterling into RMB?请你告诉我英镑兑换人民币的汇率是多少,好吗?73 Here you are, please check.给你,请查一下7 I want to change some British sterling into Renminbi.我想把一些英镑换成人民币75 Are you going to use cash or traveler’s cheques? 您是用现钞换呢,还是用旅行票换?76 So five hundred dollars will be , 350 RMB Yuan. 500美元可兑换人民币350元 77 But you have to pay 5% commission on this money exchange.但兑换这笔外币,您得另外付5%的手续费78 I beg your pardon.请原谅79 We would like to ask you to come here an interview.我们想约你来参加面试80 Perhaps you‘ve heard our product‘s name. Would you like to know more about it?也许你已听说过我们产品的名称,你想知道更多一点吗?81 Let me tell you about our product.关于产品一事让我向你说明8 This is our most recently developed product.这是我们最近开发的产品83 We‘d like to recommend our new home health monitor.我们想推荐我们新的家庭健康监测器8 That sounds like the product we had in mind.那种产品好像就是我们所想要的85 I‘m sure you‘ll be pleased with this product.我敢保你会喜欢这种产品的86 I‘m really positive that this product has all the features you have always wanted.我确信这种产品有各种你所要的款式87 I strongly recommend this product.我强力推荐这种产品88 If I were you, I‘d choose this product.如果我是你,我就选择这种产品89 We‘ve aly had a big demand this product.这种产品我们已有很大的需要求量90 This product is doing very well in eign countries.这种产品在国外很畅销91 Our product is competitive in the international market.我们的产品在国际市场上具有竞争力9 Let‘s move on to what makes our product sell so well.让我来说明是什么原因使我们的产品销售得那么好93 Good. That‘s just what we want to hear.很好,那正是我们想要听的9 The distinction of our product is its lightweight.我们产品的特点就是它很轻95 Our product is lower priced than the competition.我们产品价格低廉,具有竞争力96 Our service has been very well-received by our customers so far.到目前为止,顾客对我们的务质量评价甚高97 One of the real pluses of this product is that it is of very high quality and of compact size.这种产品的真正优点之一就是高质量和小体积98 Could we see the specifications the X0?我们可以看一下X0型的详细规格吗?99 Certainly. And we also have test results that we‘re sure you‘d be interested to see.当然,同时我们也有测试结果,我们相信你们会有兴趣看的500 How about feed-back from your retailers and consumers?你们的零售商和消费者的反映怎样?501 We have that right here in this report.在这份报告书内就有 5 Could you tell me some more about your market analysis?请你多告诉我一些你们的市场分析好吗?5 Yes, our market analysis tells us our prime user will be between 0 and 60.好的,我们的市场分析告诉我们,我们产品主要的使用者年龄将在0至60岁5 How soon can you have your product y?你们多久才可以把产品准备好呢?5 We certainly expect our product to be available by October 1.我们的产品在可在月1日前准备好5 You haven‘t sold your product in our country so far, have you?到目前为止,你们的产品尚未在我们国家销售,是吗?5 We‘ve only sold our product at trade fairs, not in an on-going sales campaign.我们的产品只在商展时展售,而没有办促销活动5 You‘ve aly ed a price of $ 800 per 1,000. Is there a discount larger orders?你报的价是每00个要美金800元,如大量订购有折扣吗?5 Yes, there is. We can give a 5% discount orders over 5,000 s.是的,有折扣,超过5000个我们可给5%的折扣5 We can offer a discount in progressive stages according to the size of the order.根据订购数量的大小,我们可提供累进的折扣5 We really can‘t discount the price more than six percent.我们真的无法提供超过6%的折扣5 A discount of six percent is all that I‘m authorized to offer you.6%的折扣是我权限内所能给你的5 What sort of guarantee do you offer on your product?你们提供什么样的产品保呢?5 A standard one. Replacement during the first year if all rules proper use have been followed.有一个原则,如果在一年内符合各种使用规定,就可更换5 We offer a life-time guarantee.我们提供永久保5 We have an extended warranty available at extra cost.对于额外价钱我们有较长的保期限5 Our guarantee covers maintenance both parts and labor.我们的保是包括更换零件和免费保养518 Tell us about your post-purchase servicing.告诉我们有关你们售后务的情况519 We use service centers at major stores. They ship goods back to our national service center repairs.我们采用大店务中心,他们可把产品运送到我们的国内务中心维修5 We have a toll-free number customers to call.我们对顾客提供免费务电话51 We exchange products under almost all circumstances.在各种情形下我们都可更换产品5 Could you give us detailed descriptions of the capabilities of your product?请你把你们产品的性能给我们详细说明一下好吗?53 How long could the buyer expect your product to last?购买者期望你们产品的使用期是多久呢?5 What‘s been the consumer reaction to your product?消费者对你们的产品有过什么反映?55 Have you marketed your product yet?你们的产品尚未推出市场吗?56 We‘re afraid that your product‘s quality won‘t satisfy Chinese customers.恐怕你们的产品质量无法使中国顾客满意 57 We feel product quality is high indeed.我们认为产品的质量的确很高5 We think your X0 meets our requirements.我们认为贵方X0型符合我们的要求59 I‘m afraid that the item isn‘t what we‘re looking .我恐怕这种产品不是我们所要找的530 I think your industrial robots are the best in the field.我认为你们的工业机器人在这领域是最好的531 In my opinion, the product must be priced under $ 300.就我的意见来说,产品价格必须订在300美元以下53 We feel your product is too specialized mass marketing.我们认为你们的产品对广大市场而言太专业化了533 That brings us to the question of price. What do you have in mind?那使我们想起价钱问题,你心目中的价钱是多少?5 We think $ 87,000 per with a five percent discount orders over 0.我们减少到每台8.7万美元,订购超过0台给予5%的折扣535 Your price seems fair enough, but we‘re hoping a higher discount rate.单价似乎合理,但我们希望给予更高的折扣率536 Seven percent would be possible orders , say, 500 or more.订购500台或500台以上都不得有可能给予7%的折扣537 What‘s the best price you‘re prepared to offer your product?你们的产品最优惠的价格是多少呢?538 It depends on the quantity ordered.这要根据所订的数量而定539 What do you think will be a fair price your product?你认为你们产品的价格公平吗?50 How much do you charge per ?你们每件要价多少呢?51 What‘s your wholesale price on this item?这种产品你们的批发价是多少呢?5 How much of a volume discount are you prepared to offer?总折扣你们准备提供多少?53 That seems quite soon considering the nature of the product and shipping time.考虑到产品的性质和运输时间那看来太快了5 Other buyers are satisfied with it, but we could delay it if you could pay 0 percent up front.其他买主对这货物很满意,但如果你能先付0%货款,我们可以延迟交运55 Delivery costs will have to be borne by the manufacturer, I‘m afraid.运费恐怕要由制造厂商来承担56 If you can guarantee on-time delivery with a penalty late delivery, we can accept your sales price.如果你能保用惩罚延误发货方式准时发货,你的销售价我们可以接受57 Whose responsibility are the shipment charges?运费由谁来负责呢?58 Who assumes shipment cost?谁负担运费呢?59 That would be the responsibility of the buyer. We are prepared, however, to provide all the document.tion costs.那是属于买方的责任,我们仅承担提供所有文件的费用550 We would also want you to cover insurance and the cost of transporting the goods to the port.我们也要贵方负责保险以及把货物运到港口的费用551 In that case, we might need to reopen the question of prices.如果是那样,我们也许需要重新讨论价格 55 When could we typically expect delivery?我们希望常规的发货时间是什么时候呢?553 What sort of guarantees are there against late delivery?惩罚延迟发货有什么保呢?55 Please show us the shipping costs several possible carries.请告诉我们几种可能的运输方式的价格555 We‘ll have to check these rates against those charged by other suppliers.我们必须核查一下由其他供应商提供的费率556 Shall we start the meeting now?我们现在开始开会好吗?557 Thank you attending today‘s meeting.谢谢你出席今天的会议558 The first thing on the agenda is the drop in sales.在议程上第一件事就是销售额下降了559 The purpose of this meeting is to discuss possible solutions the pending issues.本次会议的目的就是要讨论对悬而未解的问题的可能解决办法560 Let‘s look at the agenda and talk the first item.让我们看一下议程讨论第一项561 Mr. Smith, would you like to start things off?史密斯先生,你要开始做事了吗? 56 We‘ve gone over quite a lot. Shall we take a break?我们已进行很久了,让我们休息一下好吗?563 I don‘t know about the rest of you, but I‘d like a break.我不知道你们是否要休息,但我想休息片刻56 Let‘s stop here and continue in about minutes.我们暂停一下,分钟后继续565 Well, I think it‘s time we get back to business.哦,我认为我们该回到正题上了566 Could all of you take your seats? We need to continue our meeting.请你们各位就坐好吗?我们要继续开会了567 That‘s all today.今天就到这儿了568 Let‘s call it a day.让我们今天就到此为止吧569 How about on Tuesday afternoon of next week? Is that okay with everyone?下星期二下午怎样?各位没有意见吧? 570 I‘m sorry. I can‘t make it on Tuesday.对不起,星期二我无法参加 571 And so, I‘d like to proceed to the next stage.所以,我要进行下一阶段了 57 Excuse me, I‘d like to ask you a question.对不起,我可以问个问题吗?573 Excuse me, but may I ask a question?对不起,我可以问个问题吗?57 give me interrupting, but I have a question.对不起我插个嘴,我有一个问题575 Bee you go on, I have a question.在你接着干之前,我有一个问题576 I‘m sorry to interrupt, but I‘d like you to explain that a little more.很抱歉,我插个嘴,我希望你多解释一些577 Sure, what did you want to know?真的,你想知道什么呢?578 Certainly. Ask whatever you like.当然,你什么都可以问579 Do we really have the means to actually pull this off?我们确实有办法把这事办成吗?580 I‘m sorry, but I didn‘t understand your question. Could you please restate it?对不起,你的问题我没有理解,请你再说一遍好吗?581 Would you please clarify your question?请你把你的问题说清楚好吗? 58 I didn‘t catch that, Could you go over that again?我没有听清楚,请你再说明一下好吗?583 I‘m sorry. I don‘t get what you‘re driving at.抱歉,我不明白你的意思58 Could you hold your questions until I‘ve finished?请你把你的问题留到我把事情做完再问好吗?585 I‘d appreciate it if you‘d wait until be end questions.如果你等我做完再询问我会感激你的586 There‘ll be time questions at the end.最后会有时间发问的587 How will we know whether it can have a positive effect on the company?我们怎么会知道它对公司能有积极的效果呢?588 That‘s a tough question to answer.那是一个很难回答的问题 589 How much will all this cost?一共要花多少钱呢?590 I will talk more about that in a moment.目前我要多讨论那个问题 591 I don‘t know the answer, but let me ask Mr. Chen to comment on that.我不知道,让我问一下陈先生看他有什么看法 59 I‘ll check into it and get back to you.我查对一下然后送还给你593 I don‘t have the figures, but I‘ll find out.我没有这个数据,但我会找到的59 That‘s not my area, but I‘ll get an answer you.那不是我的范围,但我会为你找出595 Let‘s ask Mr. Jiang to answer that.那件事我让蒋先生来答复596 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It‘s very satisfying to see so many of you here.各位女士各位先生,早上好,在这里见到你们大家使人感到非常满意597 Today, I‘d like to show you something which I‘m sure you‘ll find interesting.今天我要向你们展示一些东西,我相信你们会感兴趣的598 Over 5,000 hours of work went into this software, and today it‘s my privilege to bring it to you.这种软件的研制超过5000工作小时,今天我很荣辛地向你们展示它599 It‘s an honor to be speaking to you today.今天跟你们说话至感荣幸600 I‘m Barnard and it‘s my great honor to tell you about our new product.我叫巴纳德,能够向你们说明我们的新产品,我感到非常荣幸601 I‘ve been part of this project since its beginning.从一开始我就参与这个计划 6 I‘m Clifton, and I‘ve been associated with this project since the beginning.我叫克里夫敦,从一开始我就参与了这项计划6 Please look at the data of this first chart.请看第一幅图表的数据6 The data confirm that this product is safe and effective.数据实此种产品安全有效6 As you can see in this photo, we‘ve retained the same style which was so popular in this old model.正如你在这张图片上所看到的,同风格的这种旧型产品非常流行,我们保留了它6 Now, we‘re doing something new making skin strong enough that it doesn‘t wrinkle, become dry, or develop blemishes.现在我们正在做一些改进,使皮质变得坚韧而不致有皱纹,变干或产生磨损6 The X500 has the unique feature of providing better data flow with less input time.这种X500型的特点就是减少输入时间,使资料更为顺畅6 Compared to the previous model, our new model is less expensive and easier to use.与旧型机比较我们的新型价格便宜且更容易操作6 It‘s available in a variety of sizes at convenience stores and department stores as well.有各种大小型号,在便利商店和百货公司均有6 This is a revolutionary new product.这是一种革命性的新产品6 The X500 will change your work in the office.X500将会改变你在办公室的工作 6 We now have five different models to choose from.我们现在有五种不同的型号供你选择6 Now, ladies and gentlemen, I‘d be happy to answer any questions that you might have.各位女士各位先生,现在你们有任何问题我都乐意答复6 Are there any questions?还有什么问题吗?6 Do you have any questions at this point?就这一点你们还有什么问题吗?6 If you have no questions, may I go on to the next stage?如果你们没有问题了,我可以进行下一阶段吗?6 Now, I‘d be happy to answer your questions.现在,我乐意答复你们的问题 618 I‘d like to allow anyone to ask whatever questions they may have.我乐意接受任何人提出的任何问题619 Your question is how we developed our product?你的问题是我们是如何发展我们的产品?6 those of you that didn‘t hear it, the question was how soon we could expect the product to be on sale.你们并未听说过,问题是产品多快能上市61 When can we expect its delivery?什么时间能发货呢? 6 It‘s aly in production, so you can expect it in stores bee the end of the month.产品已投产了,所以月底前你可以获得63 When do you expect to have this y sale?你希望此种商品何时上市出售呢?6 What‘s the suggested retail price?建议零售价格是多少呢?65 What do you expect it to go ?你们的试销情况如何?66 How did you decide that product was safe?你怎样决定产品是安全的呢?67 What‘s the basis of your belief that the product is safe?你凭什么相信产品是安全的?6 I‘d like to know how you reached your conclusions.我想知道你们是如何得出结论的69 How much will it cost?这种商品成本价是多少?630 We‘ve priced it at $ 98, almost 30% less than the competition.我们订价为98美元,几乎少于竞争对手30%61 When can we expect its delivery?什么时间能发货呢? 6 It‘s aly in production, so you can expect it in stores bee the end of the month.产品已投产了,所以月底前你可以获得63 When do you expect to have this y sale?你希望此种商品何时上市出售呢?6 What‘s the suggested retail price?建议零售价格是多少呢?65 What do you expect it to go ?你们的试销情况如何?66 How did you decide that product was safe?你怎样决定产品是安全的呢?67 What‘s the basis of your belief that the product is safe?你凭什么相信产品是安全的?6 I‘d like to know how you reached your conclusions.我想知道你们是如何得出结论的69 How much will it cost?这种商品成本价是多少?630 We‘ve priced it at $ 98, almost 30% less than the competition.我们订价为98美元,几乎少于竞争对手30%631 What does the test marketing show?试销说明了什么? 63 It was well-received in all markets, so a gain of three market share points can be expected.这在所有市场销售良好,所以获得三成的市场占有率是指日可待的633 I‘d say the expected delivery date should be by the end of the month.我得说预定发货日期应该在本月底6 The end of next month looks like the most probable sales date.下个月底好像是最佳的销售日 635 We‘re aiming its price $ 98.我们订价为98美元636 To answer the first part of your question, I‘d like to say that our studies were very extensive.你问题的第一部分,我要说的就是我们的研究非常广泛637 If you have further questions, please contact the people listed on the last page of the report.如果你还有问题的话,请和报告最后一页名单上的人员联系638 Excuse me. Are you Susan Davis from Western Electronics?对不起,你是来自西方电子公司的苏姗·戴卫斯吗?639 Yes, I am. And you must be Mr. Takeshita.是的,我就是,你一定是竹下先生吧60 Pardon me. Are you Ralph Meyers from National Fixtures?对不起,请问你是从国家装置公司来的雷夫·梅耶史先生吗?61 I‘m Dennis. I am here to meet you today.我是丹尼斯,今天我到这里来接你 6 I‘m Donald. We met the last time you visited Taiwan.我是唐纳德,上次你来台湾时我们见过面63 I‘m Edwin. I‘ll show you to your hotel.我是爱德温,我带你去旅馆6 How was your flight? Was it comtable?你坐的班机怎么样?还舒吗?65 It was quite good. But it was awfully long.班机很好,就是时间太长了66 Did you have a good flight?你旅途愉快吗?67 Not really, I‘m afraid. We were delayed taking off, and we encountered a lot of bad weather.不太好,我们起飞延误了,还遭遇了恶劣的气候68 How was your flight? 你的航班怎样?69 Did you get any sleep on the plane?你在飞机上睡觉了吗?650 Mr. Wagner, do you have a hotel reservation?华格纳先生,你预订过旅馆吗?651 No, I don‘t. Will it be a problem?不,我没有,会有困难吗? 65 I don‘t think so. I know several convenient hotels. Let me make some calls.我认为没有,我知道有几家便利旅馆,让我打几个电话653 I‘ve made a reservation at the hotel you used last time.我已预订了你上次住过的旅馆65 We‘ve booked a Western-style room you.我们已为你订了一间西式的房间655 Let‘s go to the station to get a train into town.我们到火车站去乘车进城656 Does it take long to get into Taibei from here?从此地去台北要很久吗?657 It‘s about an hour.大概要一个小时658 We‘ll get a taxi from the station.我们到火车站乘出租车659 There‘s a shuttle bus we can use.我们可搭乘机场班车660 I‘ve brought my car, so I can drive you to your hotel.我开车来的,所以我开车送你到旅馆661 You must be hungry. Shall we get something to eat?你一定饿了,我们吃点东西好吗? 66 That sounds good. Let‘s get something at the hotel restaurant. I feel a little tired.那太棒了,我们就到旅馆餐厅吃点东西,我有点累了663 Would you like to have some dinner?你想吃饭吗?66 What would you like to eat?你想吃什么呢?665 Can I take you out to dinner? It‘ll be my treat.我带你出去吃饭好吗?这次我请客666 If you‘re hungry, we can eat dinner now.如果你饿了,我们现在就去吃饭667 Have you had breakfast yet?你吃过早餐了吗?668 Yes. It was delicious.是的,味道很好669 Good. Let‘s go to the office.好的,我们去办公室吧670 How is your room?你的房间怎样?671 Did you sleep well last night?你昨晚睡得好吗? 67 Why don‘t we go to the office now?为何我们现在不去办公室呢?673 We‘ll start with an orientation . It runs about minutes.我们将从一个电视简报开始,大概放分钟67 The tour will take about an hour and a half. We ought to be back here by 3:00.参观大概要一个半小时,3点钟以前回到这里675 Our new product line has been very successful. We‘ve expanded the factory twice this year aly.我们新的生产线非常成功,我们今年已把工厂扩展了两倍676 I‘d like to introduce you to our company. Is there anything in particular you‘d like to know?我将向你介绍我们的公司,你有什么特别想知道的吗?677 We have some reports to show you background inmation.我们还有一些报告向你介绍背景资料678 Is your factory any different from other plastics factories?你们工厂和其他塑胶工厂有何差别呢?679 Yes, our production speed is almost twice the industry-wide average.是的,我们的生产速度是其他工厂两倍680 I‘d like to explain what makes this factory special.我要向你说明本工厂的特性681 This is the most fully-automated factory we have.这是我们的全自动化工厂 68 It‘s the most up-to-date in the industry.这是同业中最新型的683 We‘ve increased our efficiency by % through automation.通过自动化我们的效率增加了%68 Could you tell me the cost of production per ?请你告诉我每件成品的生产成本好吗?685 I‘m afraid I don‘t know. Let me ask the supervisor in this section.恐怕我不知道,让我来询问一下该组的负责人686 I‘m not really sure about that. Mr. Jiang should know the answer to that.关于那事我不敢确定,蒋先生应该知道 687 Let me direct that question to the manager.让我直接问经理好了688 I‘m not familiar with that part. Let me call someone who is more knowledgeable.那部分我不熟悉,让我找专业人士来说明689 Yes, I‘d like to know your daily production.是的,我想知道你们的日生产额690 Is there anything you‘d like to know?你想知道什么?691 Is there anything I can explain fully?有什么事情要我详细说明的吗? 69 What did you think of our factories?你认为我们的工厂怎样?693 I was impressed very much.我有深刻的印象69 Thank you very much giving us your valuable time.我们占用了你宝贵的时间,非常感谢695 We have a small gift you to take with you when you leave the factory.你离开工厂时,我们有件小礼物要送给你696 I want to purchase some computers from your company.我想从贵公司购买一些电脑697 We are very interested in your printed pure silk scarves, could you give us some idea about your price?我们对贵方的印花真丝围巾很感兴趣,请介绍一下贵方的价格好吗?698 We‘d like to know your availability and conditions of sale of this line.我们想了解一下你方在这方面的供货能力及销售条件699 We are in great need of Grade A.我们急需一等品700 If Grade A is not available, Grade B will do.如果一等品无货,二等品也可以701 We know that you are leading exporters of coal and you can provide the quantity we need.我们知道贵方是主要煤炭出口商,能满足我们的需求量 7 Please tell us the Number of the Product.请您把商品货号告诉我们7 Could you give me an indication of the price?您能提供一个参考价吗?7 We look ward to your ations the arts and crafts which we are interested in.希望贵方对我们感兴趣的工艺品报一下价7 Do you offer FOB or CIF?你们报船上交货价还是到岸价?7 Please e us as soon as you receive our inquiry.请接到我们的询价单后马上给我们报价7 Some of our customers have recently expressed interest in your woolen carpets and inquired about their quality and prices.目前我们的一些客户对你们的纯毛地毯颇有兴趣,并询问其质量和价格7 We are thinking of placing an order your Flying Pigeon Brand bicycles. We would be very grateful if you could make us an offer 0 ones with details.我们正打算订购你方的飞鸽牌自行车如果你们能给我们(购买)0台的详细报盘将不胜感激7 Please send us all the data concerning your Hero Brand fountain pens and ball pens, so we can introduce your products to our customers.请寄给我们有关你方英雄牌自来水笔和圆球笔的资料,以便我们向顾客介绍你们的产品7 We think your Chunlan brand air conditioners will be selling well at this end and we are looking ward to receiving your samples soon.我们认为你方的春兰牌空调机在这里会很畅销,希望很快收到你们的样品7 Please send us your price list of quartz clocks.请寄给我们贵方的石英钟价目单 7 We must make it clear from the very beginning that competitive ations are acceptable.必须一开始就讲清的是,有竞争力的报价可以接受7 The above inquiry was warded to you on Oct. , but we haven‘t received your reply until now. Your early offer will be highly appreciated.上述询价已于月日发往你方,可是我们到现在还没收到你方答复,请早日发盘不甚感谢7 We are looking ward to your reply to our inquiry.我们期待你方对我方的询盘做出答复7 We have confidence in your bamboo wares.我们对贵方的竹制品质量充满信心7 If you don‘t have the quality inquired , please offer us its nearest equivalent.如果贵方没有所要求质量的产品,请提供与之最接近的产品7 Thank you your inquiry. Please tell us the quantity you require so that we can work out the offers.感谢贵方询价请告诉我们贵方所需数量以便我方报价718 I don‘t think price is a problem. The most important thing is that how many you can supply.我认为价格不成问题最重要的是你方能供货多少719 You‘d better give us a rough idea of your price.您最好给我们一个粗略的价格7 We are delighted with your products and are thinking of placing an order. The size of our order will depend greatly on your price.我们对你方的产品非常满意,正欲订购我们定单的大小主要取决于你方的价格71 If your prices are more favorable than those of your competitors we shall send you our order.如果你方价格比其他竞争对手的优惠,我们将向你们订货 7 Would you please tell us the price of these electric heaters so as to help us make the decision.能否告知这些电热器的价格,以便我们作出决定73 Please inm us the quantity that can be supplied from stock.请告知可供现货的数量7 We are anxious to know how long it will take you to deliver the goods.我们急于知道贵方多长时间能交货 75 We trust that you will e us your most favorable price big quantities.相信由于我方大量订购贵方能报最优惠价格76 We trust you can meet our requirements.相信贵方能满足我们的要求77 We hope this will be a good start profitable business relations and assure you that your offer will receive our careful consideration.希望这将是我们互利商业往来的良好开端我们保将对贵方的报价予以认真的考虑7 We usually deal on a % trade discount basis with an additional quantity discount orders over 00 s.我们通常给予%的商业折扣,外加订货00件以上的数量折扣79 We would also like to point out that we mainly settle our s on a document.-against-acceptance basis.我们还想指出我们主要以承兑交单方式结帐730 We would appreciate it if you let us know whether you allow cash or trade discounts.若能告知你方是否给现金折扣或商业折扣,将不胜感激731 We intend to place large regular orders, and would theree like to know what quantity discounts you allow.我方将定期大量订购,想知道你方给多少数量折扣 73 Provided you can offer favorable ations and guarantee delivery within four weeks from receipt of order, we will place regular orders with you.贵方若能报优惠价并保在收到定单后周内交货,我方将定期订购733 We would like to point out that delivery bee Christmas is essential and hope you can offer us that guarantee.我们想指出圣诞节前交货很重要并希望贵方能就此向我们作出保7 Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a fast turnover in this trade. We would theree need your assurance that you could meet all delivery dates.即期交货很重要,因为这种货流转很快所以我们需要你方保及时交货735 We are delighted to know that you deal with export of Chinese chinaware. Could you supply us 300 sets of tableware shipment bee the end of May?欣悉你方是中国瓷器出口商能否给我方供应300套餐具,五月底前交货736 We want to purchase Chinese tea. Please send us your best offer by fax indicating origin packing, quantity available and the earliest time of shipment.我们欲购中国茶请用电传给我们报最好价,并说明产地、可供数量及最早发货日期737 Please e us your price on FOB basis, indicating the postage dispatch by parcel post to Dalian via Tianjin.请报FOB价,注明邮寄包裹途经青岛至大连的邮资738 Could you please let us know what discount you can give an order exceeding 00 sets?能否告知定货超过00台你方所能给的折扣739 Since we are likely to place sizable orders regularly we hope that you will make some special concessions.由于我方将定期大批量订购,希望贵方作出一些特殊的让步70 We do business on a commission basis. A commission on your prices would make it easier us to promote sales. Even or 3 percent would help.我们是通过取得佣金来进行商业活动的从你方价格中收取佣金,便于我方推销即便只有%或3%也行71 I understand all your prices are on CIF basis. We‘d rather have you e us FOB prices.得知你方报的都是到岸价,希望能给我们报船上交货价 7 Would you please give us a rough idea of the quantity you require?请告知你方大概要订多少?73 We handle export of microwave ovens and would take the liberty to send you our price list your reference.我们经营微波炉出口业务,现冒昧给你方寄去我方报价单供参考7 We were pleased to hear from your letter of 6 August that you were impressed with our selection of toys.我们很高兴收到你方8月6日来函得知你方对我们的玩具非常感兴趣75 We have a wide selection of sweaters that will appeal to all ages, and in particular the teenager market which you specified.我们有各种各样适合各个年龄层次的羊毛衫,特别是您专门提到的青少年市场76 Our factory would have no problem in turning out the 00 s you asked in your inquiry.我们工厂完全可以生产出你方询价单中要求的00件货品77 We can supply from stock and will have no trouble in meeting your delivery date.我们可提供现货并你方所定日期交货78 I am pleased to say that we will be able to deliver the transport facilities you require.很高兴告诉您你方要求的运输设备我方可以发货79 We can offer door-to-door delivery services.我们可提供送货上门务750 We can assure you that our products are the most outstanding ones on the market today, and we offer a five-year guarantee.我们可以向您保我方产品是当今市场上最好的,并且可提供5年保修期751 Please find enclosed our current catalogue and price-list ing CIF New York.随函附上我方最新的产品目录及CIF纽约报价单 75 The samples you asked will follow by separate post.贵方所要样品另行邮寄753 Our stock of this commodity is limited, please place your order without delay.我方此类商品的存货有限,请尽快订货75 Here is a price list together with a booklet illustrating our products.这儿有一份价目单和介绍说明我方产品的小册子755 All our garments are now poly-cotton, which is stronger, needs little ironing, and allows variations in patterns.现在我们的装都是涤棉料的,质地坚韧,不用熨烫并且花样繁多756 We hope to hear from you soon and can assure you that your order will be dealt with promptly.希望尽快收到贵方答复,我们保及时处理对方定单757 I hope we can conclude the transaction at this price.希望我们能就此价格达成交易758 I am sorry that we are unable to make you an offer the time being.很抱歉目前我们不能报盘759 Thank you your inquiry, but we cannot make you an offer right now because we are presently unable to obtain appropriate materials.谢谢贵方询价,但我们不能马上发盘,因为目前我们得不到合适的原料760 Since Tom Lee is our sole agent our products in Korea, we can‘t make you a direct offer.因为汤姆·李是我方产品在韩国的独家代理人,所以我们不能直接向您发盘761 The goods we offered last week are running out, theree, the offer terminates on th July.上周我们报价的货物现已售完,所以,此报价在7月日终止 76 We no longer manufacture pure cotton shirts as their retail prices tend only to attract that upper end of the market.我方已不再生产纯棉衬衫因为其零售价格只能吸引高档消费者763 Referring to your inquiry letter dated 9th September, we are offering you the following subject to our final confirmation.关于贵方9月9日的询价信,我方就如下产品报价,以我方最后确认为准76 At your request, we are offering you the following items. This offer will remain open within 3 days.应你方要求,我方就如下产品报价,此报价3日内有效765 Against your enquiry, we are pleased to make you a special offer as follows and hope to receive your trial order in the near future.根据你方要求,我方很高兴就如下商品向你方特殊报价,希望不久能收到你方的试订单766 This is our official offer each item, CIF Shanghai.这是我方对每项产品的CIF上海的正式报价767 This offer is firm subject to your acceptance reaching us not later than December .此报盘为实盘,但以我方在月日前收到你方答复为准768 This offer remains open until th February, beyond which date the terms and prices should be negotiated anew.此盘有效期至月日,超过此期限条件及价格需重新协商769 This price is subject to change without notice.此价格可以不经通知自行调整770 The offer isn‘t subject to prior sale.本报盘以货物未售出为条件771 We are cabling you our new price our "AIWA" Brand Walkman. The new price will be effective tomorrow.现电传给贵方我方爱华牌随身听的新价格新价格明天生效 77 This offer must be withdrawn if we haven‘t received your reply within five days.如果5天之内我方未必到贵方答复,该盘撤消773 As requested, we now hold this offer open a further 5 days since th April.你方要求,我方报价有效期延长5日,从月日起77 As this is a special offer, we hope you won‘t miss this opporty.因这是特殊报价,希望您不要错失良机775 Please note that all our prices are ed on CIF basis. This is our general practice, which we believe will be accepted by you.请注意我方所报的都是CIF 价,这是我方一贯作法,希望你方能接受776 The offer is made without engagement. All orders will be subject to our written acceptance.此报盘没有约束力,所有定单以我方书面接受为准777 From all listed prices we allow a discount of percent on orders received on or bee 31st May.5月31日或此前收到的订单,我们都价目单上的价格给%的折扣778 We can e you a gross price, inclusive of delivery charges, of 38.50 pounds per 0 items. These goods are exempt m VAT.我们可以给你方报毛价,每一百件38.5英镑含运费这些货物免收增值税779 We can offer you a price of 8 pounds per item, from days, after which the price will be subject to an increase of 5%.我们给您报价每件8英镑,有效期天,过期价格增加5%780 The price of this model of cassette-player is 500 Belgian francs at today‘s rate of exchange.这个型号的录音机,今天汇率,每台500比利时法郎781 I think your price is on the high side.我认为贵方价格偏高 78 Your price is % higher than that of last year.你方价格比去年高出%783 It must be rather difficult us to push any sales if we buy it at this price.如果我们这个价格购买,将很能难推销78 Competition this kind of goods is tough.这种商品的竞争非常激烈785 We can‘t persuade the end-users to buy your products at this price.这个价格,我们不能说用户购买你们的产品786 To conclude the business, you need to cut your price at least by %,I believe.我认为要做成这笔交易,您至少要降价%787 The German ation is lower than yours.德国报价比你们的低788 You know that some countries are selling this kind of products at cheap prices in large quantities.您知道有的国家对这种商品正在削价抛售789 I‘d like to point out that your original price exceeded the market price aly. We cannot accept it.我想指出提你方原始价格已经超出市场价格我们不能接受790 If you do have the sincerity to do business with us, please show me your cards and put them on the table.如果您确有诚意与我们做生意,请摊牌吧791 If your price is unacceptable, our end-users will turn to other suppliers.如果您的价格难以接受,我们的客户就会转向其他的供应商 79 If you insist on your original price, I‘m afraid you will have little chance to get the business.如果您坚持原来的价格,恐怕您获得这笔交易的可能性极小793 Other suppliers have almost identical goods at the price % to % cheaper.别的供应商有和这几乎相同的货,价格便宜%至%79 The market is declining, we recommend your immediate acceptance.市场在萎缩,我们建议你方马上接受795 I‘m glad that we‘ve settled the price.很高兴我们就价格达成了共识796 I appreciate your efts and cooperation and hope that this will be the erunner of other transactions in future.非常感谢贵方的努力与合作,希望这只是我们今后业务往来的开端797 What‘s your counter-offer?您的还价是多少?798 It‘s impossible. You may notice that the cost of raw materials has gone up in recent years.不可能,您可能注意到了近年来原材料的价格上涨了799 Compared with the price in the international market, our ation is quite reasonable.和国际市场价格相比,我方报价相比较合理800 The price we offered is more favorable than the ations you can get from our competitors, I‘m afraid.恐怕我方报价比您从我方竞争对手那儿得到的报价更优惠 801 If you take quality into consideration, you will find our price reasonable.如果您把质量考虑进去的话,您会发现我方价格是合理的 8 We guarantee quality products which can stand fierce competition.我们保提供能经得起激烈竞争的高质量产品8 I still have some questions concerning our contract.就合同方面我还有些问题要问8 We are always willing to cooperate with you and if necessary make some concessions.我们总是愿意合作的,如果需要还可以做些让步8 If you have any comment about these clauses, do not hesitate to make.对这些条款有何意见,请尽管提,不必客气8 Do you think there is something wrong with the contract?你认为合同有问题吗?8 We‘d like you to consider our request once again.我们希望贵方再次考虑我们的要求8 We‘d like to clear up some points connected with the technical part of the contract.我们希望搞清楚有关合同中技术方面的几个问题8 The negotiations on the rights and obligations of the parties under contract turned out to be very successful.就合同保方的权利和义务方面的谈判非常成功8 We can‘t agree with the alterations and amendments to the contract.我们无法同意对合同工的变动和修改8 We hope that the next negotiation will be the last one bee signing the contract.我们希望下一交谈判将是签订合同前的最后一轮谈判 8 We don‘t have any different opinions about the contractual obligations of both parties.就合同双方要承担的义务方面,我们没有什么意见8 That‘s international practice. We can‘t break it.这是国际惯例,我们不能违背8 We are prepared to reconsider amending the contract.我们可以重新考虑修改合同8 We‘ll have to discuss about the total contract price.我们不得不讨论一下合同的总价格问题8 Do you think the method of payment is OK you?你们认为结算方式合适吗?8 We are really glad to see you so constructive in helping settle the problems as regards the signing of the contract.我们很高兴您在解决有关合同的问题上如此具有建设性818 Here are the two originals of the contract we prepared.这是我们准备好的两份合同正本819 Would you please the draft contract and make your moments about the terms?请仔细阅读合同草案,并就合同各条款提出你的看法好吗?8 When will the contract be y?合同何时准备好?81 Please sign a copy of our Sales Contract No.6 enclosed here in duplicate and return to us our file.请会签第6号销售合同一式两份中的一份,将它寄回我方存档8 The contract will be sent to you by air mail your signature. 合同会航邮给你们签字83 Don‘t you think it necessary to have a close study of the contract to avoid anything missing?你不觉得应该仔细检查一下合同,以免遗漏什么吗?8 We have agreed on all terms in the contract. Shall we sign it next week?我们对合同各项条款全无异议,下周签合同如何?85 All disputes arising in the course of the consignment period shall be settled amicably through friendly negotiation.所有在运输途中引起的纠纷都将通过友好协商,妥善加以解决86 We‘ll ship our goods in accordance with the terms of the contract.我们将合同条款交货87 You can stay assured that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation.你尽管放心,我们将合同规定如期装船8 They‘ve promised to keep both we quality and the quantity of the 300 bicycles in conmity with the contract stipulations.他们已承诺那300辆自行车的质量和数量一定与合同规定相吻合89 We are sure the contract can be carried out smoothly.我们确信合同会顺利执行的830 The machines will be made of the best materials and the stipulations of the contract will be strictly observed.机器将用最好的材料生产,合同的规定也将得以严格履行831 The two parties involved in a contract have the obligation to execute the contract.合同双方有义务履行合同83 Unless there is a sudden change of political situation, it is not accepted to execute the contract only partially.除非有什么突然的政局变化,否则执行部分合同不能被接受833 Any deviation from the contract will be unfavorable. 任何违背合同之事都是不利的8 The buyer has the option of cancelling the contract. 买主有权撤消合同835 Any kind of backing out of the contract will be charged a penalty as has been stated in the penalty clause.任何背弃合同的行为将受到惩罚,这已在处罚条款里写得很清楚了836 We want to cancel the contract because of your delay in delivery.由于贵方交货拖延,我方要求取消合同837 The buyer has the right to cancel the contract unilaterally if the seller fails to ship the goods within the LC validity.如果卖方不能在信用有效期内交货的话,买方有权单方面取消合同838 You cannot break the contract without any good reason.如果没有什么正当理由,你们不应撕毁合同839 We have every reason to cancel the contract because you‘ve failed to fulfil your part of it.我们完全有理由取消合同,因为你们没有完成应遵守的合同内容,履行合同80 One party is entitled to cancel the contract if the other side cannot execute it.如果一方不履行合同,另一方有权取消合同81 Generally speaking, a contract cannot be changed after it has been signed by both parties.一般来讲,合同一经双方签订就不得更改8 Some relative clauses in the contract have to be amended owing to the unexpected situation.由于这种难以预料的情况,合同中的有关条款不得不做些修改83 Since the contract is about to expire, shall we discuss a new one?这个合同将到期,我们来谈谈新合同的事宜吧8 Packing has a close bearing on sales.包装直接关系到产品的销售85 Packing will help push the sales.包装有助于推销产品86 Buyers always pay great attention to packing.买方通常很注意包装87 Different s require different ms of packing.不同商品需要不同的包装88 Buyers, generally speaking, bear the change of packing.一般来说,买方应承担包装费用89 How much does packing take up of the total cost of the goods?包装占货物总成本的百分比是多少?850 The packing must be strong enough to withstand rough handing.包装必须很坚固,能承受野蛮装卸851 Strong packing will protect the goods from any possible damage during transit.坚固的包装可以防止货物在运输途中受到任何损失85 Cartons are seaworthy.纸箱适合海运853 This kind of is often bought as a gift, so exquisite and tasteful design is of prime importance.人们购买这种商品通常用来赠亲友,所以精美高雅的设计至关重要85 We‘d like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing.我们很想听听你们在包装方面有什么意见855 Do you have nay objection to the stipulations about the packing and shipping marks?有关包装运输唛头的条款你们有什么异议吗?856 We‘ll pack the goods according to your instruction.我们将你方的要求进行包装857 The goods will be packed in wood wool to prevent damage.货物将用细刨花包装,以防损坏858 Measures should be taken to reince the cartons. 应采取措施加固纸箱859 Suggestions on packing are greatly appreciated.我们非常欢迎大家对包装方面提出建议860 Our standardized packing has been approved by many eign clients.许多国外客户已经认可了我们标准化的包装861 It‘s urgent to improve the packing.必须马上改进包装86 Packing charges are excluded in the ed prices.包装费用未算在报价中863 To minimize any possible damage, we‘ve packed our goods in the way to suit long sea-voyage.为使损失减少到最低限度,我们对货物的包装足以承受长途海运86 Please make an offer indicating the packing.请报价并说明包装情况865 Please make sure that the goods be protected from moisture.请保货物不受潮866 We hope your design and the color will be strongly attractive to the American people.我们希望你们的设计和颜色对美国人具有巨大吸引力867 This kind of box is not suitable the transport of the tea sets by sea.这种箱子不适合装茶具海运868 We would like to know how you will pack the silk shirts.我们想知道你们如何包装这些真丝衬衫869 Although the cartons are light and easy to handle, we think it is not strong enough to be shipped.虽然这些纸箱轻便、易拿,但我们认为它们在运输中不太结实870 Please use normal export containers unless you receive special instructions from our agents.除非你们收到我方代理的特别指示,否则请用正常出口集装箱871 All bags contain an inner waterproof lining.所有包内都有一层防水内衬87 The crates are charge to you at each if they are not returned to us within weeks.如果木条箱两星期内不归还,则每只箱扣罚五美元873 Solid packing and overall stuffing can prevent the cases from vibration and jarring.坚固的木箱和箱内严密的填充可防止木箱受震、开裂87 Those goods are available in strong wooden drums of 1,,5, and litres.这些货物分别装入1、、5、、升的木桶里875 Fifty-litre carboy would be the most economical size. Carboys may be retained without charge two months.50升的瓶子应是最经济的尺码,这些瓶子可免费保存两个月876 The various items of your order will be packed into bundles of suitable size shipment.你们定单上的各种货物被打成各种大小不同的捆儿,以便于运输877 Please keep the cartons to kg each and metal-strap all cartons in stacks of .请将每个纸箱重量限制在公斤内,并将每箱一组用铁条儿固定起来878 Each item is to be wrapped separately in gerase-paper.每件货物应单独用油纸包好879 All measurements of each case must not exceed 1.5m*1m*1m.每只木箱体积不应超过1.5m*1m*10 Each single crate is heavily padded and packed with carboys.每只木条箱内装只大瓶子将空余处填满881 Full details regarding packing and marking must be strictly observed.请严格遵守包装及商标的细则88 To facilitate carrying, rope or metal handles are indispensable and should be fixed to the boxes.为便于搬运,绳子或铁把手不可缺少,并将其固定在箱子上883 Our packing charge includes the drum, which sum will be credited on return.包装费中有1美元是包装桶的费用,此费用在桶还给我们时可退回88 The whole carton is packed with double straps, each corner of the carton consolidated with metal angles.纸箱外加了两道箍,每个箱角都用金属角加固885 Foam plastics are applied to protect the goods against press.泡沫塑料用来防止挤压886 It‘s essential to choose the right means of transportation.选择合适的运输方式很重要887 To ensure faster delivery, you are asked to ward the order by air freight.为了确保迅速交货,我方要求此订货用空运888 Generally speaking, it‘s cheaper but slower to ship goods by sea than by rail.总的来说,海运比铁路运输更便宜,但速度慢一些889 It‘s faster but more expensive to ship goods by air.空运较快但运费较高890 Since we need the goods urgently, we must insist on express shipment.由于我方急需这批货物,我方坚持使用快递装运891 Because of the type of purchase, we can only ship by road.由于商品的性质,我方只能使用公路运输89 If the customer requests a carrier other than truck, he must bear the additional charge.如果顾客坚持用卡车以外的运输工具,就必须负担额外费用893 The goods will be transhipped in Hong Kong.货物将在香港转船89 There may be some quantity difference when loading the goods, but not more than 5%.货物装船时可能会有一些数量出入,但不会超过5%895 To make it easier us to get the goods y shipment, we hope that partial shipment is allowed.为了便于我方备货装船,希望允许分批发运896 Delivery has to be put off due to the strike of the workers at the port.由于港口工人罢工,交货只好推迟897 We are sorry to delay the shipment because our manufacturer has met unexpected difficulties.恕延期货船,因为我们厂家遇到了预料不到的困难898 We assume that damage occurred while the consignment was in your care.我们认为货物是在你方保管时受到损害的899 The consignment appears to have been roughly handled and left near a heater.看来货物未受到细心的处理,并且被放置于加热器附近900 I‘m afraid I have some rather bad news you.我恐怕有些很坏的消息要告诉你 英语口语 商务佛山新世纪门诊挂号 When someone accepts your help, that person is giving you a wonderful opporty. You're not only helping that person but you also have the opporty to grow in compassion. 每当有人接受你的帮助,他就给了你一次绝妙的机会;你不只是在帮助这个人,你也得到了一次在同情中成长的机会 9佛山治疗包皮哪家医院比较好

勒流包皮手术多少钱结婚 “marry ”的日常英语 -- :51: 来源: 愿意和我结婚吗? Will you marry me? *用于求爱时,男女都可以用 Will you marry me? (愿意和我结婚吗?) Yes, I will marry you. (是的,我愿意) Will you be my wifehusband? (你愿意成为我的妻子丈夫吗?) I want to share the rest of my life with you. (我愿今生今世和你在一起) I want to grow old together. (我愿意和你白头到老) 我还不想订婚 I dont want to get engaged yet. I dont think we should get engaged yet. (我觉得我们还不到该订婚的时候) 我还不想结婚 I dont want to get married yet. I dont want to get married yet. (我还不想结婚) When will you be y? (那你想什么时候呢?) Im not y to settle down yet. Im not y married life yet. 结婚,我还没想过呢 I havent thought about marriage yet. *当对方问到When are you going to get married? (你打算什么时候结婚)时的回答 我爱你,可是不能和你结婚 I love you but I cant marry you. 我还下不了决心和她结婚 I hesitate to marry her. * hesitate“踌躇”、“没心思”、“犹豫” I hesitate to marry her. (我还下不了决心和她结婚) Why? (为什么呢?) Im not sure if I want to marry her. Im hesitant to marry her. 他刚刚结婚 He a newlywed. *newlywed“新婚的人” He looks very happy lately. (最近他看上去好幸福呀) He a newlywed. (因为他刚刚结婚) He is newly married. He just got married. 婚后生活怎么样? How (your) married life? How (your) married life? (婚后生活怎么样?) Not bad. (不错哟) 我们俩都感到很幸福 Were happy together now. 我很爱我的妻子 I love my wife. 我们夫妻俩性格相似 Were two of a kind. *two of a kind“性格相似的人” Were very similar. Like husband, like wife. 我们俩很般配 Were a well-matched couple. 我是个顾家的人 Im a family-centered person. Im a family man. 她想要个孩子 She wants to start a family. 我怀了 Im pregnant. Guess what? Im pregnant. (你猜怎么着,我怀了) Really? (真的吗?) Im going to have a baby. Im expecting. 怀的是男孩还是女孩? What did she have? What did she have? (怀的是男孩还是女孩?) It a girl. (是女孩) 问题总会解决的 We can work it out. 我首先想到的是我妻子 I think of my wife first. My wife is very important to me. Im very close to my wife. 我们夫妻从不吵架 We (as a husband and a wife) dont have any fights. 拖家带口的人 Family man. 日常英语 英语口语 八月是多么令人惬意的季节啊!果园和麦田到处都充溢着忙碌劳作的声响;串串果实压得果树都弯下了腰,枝条低垂到地面;还有谷穗,有的一捆捆优雅地堆挤在一起,有的迎风招展,仿佛在向镰刀求爱,它们给周围的景致染上了一层金黄的色调;整个大地似乎笼罩在醇香柔和的气氛中August (Excerpt) by Charles Dickens There is no month in the whole year, in which nature wears a more beautiful appearance than in the month of August. Spring has many beauties, and May is a fresh and blooming month, but the charms of this time of year are enhanced1) by their contrast with the winter season. August has no such advantage. It comes when we remember nothing but clear skies, green fields, and sweet-smelling flowers—when the recollection) of snow, and ice, and bleak3) winds, has faded from our minds as completely as they have disappeared from the earth — and yet what a pleasant time it is! Orchards and cornfields) ring with the hum of labours; trees bend beneath the thick clusters of rich fruit which bow their branches to the ground; and the corn5), piled in graceful sheaves, or waving in every light breath that sweeps above it, as if it wooed6) the sickle7), tinges8) the landscape with a golden hue9). A mellow softness appears to hang over the whole earth; the influence of the season seems to extend itself to the very wagon, whose slow motion across the well-reaped field, is perceptible) only to the eye, but strikes with no harsh sound upon the ear. 9佛山第二医院男科预约顺德第一人民医院包皮手术怎么样



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