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顺德区医院网上预约顺德区伦教医院正规的吗Todd: Oh, Simon, I see you have todays paper.托德:西蒙,我看到你有今天的报纸。Simon: Yes, I the paper every day.西蒙:对,我每天都看报纸。Todd: So today do we have good news or bad news?托德:那今天是有好消息还是坏消息呢?Simon: Well, world news is always bad, and for me sports is always good, sports news, but I felt an earthquake yesterday and so, Ive basically looked at the headlines today first and just to see if the earthquake was in the paper, and it was.西蒙:嗯,世界新闻总是有坏消息,对我来说,体育新闻总是好的,不过昨天我感觉到了地震,所以我今天首先浏览了头条新闻,想看看报纸上是否有地震的消息,果然报纸上的确报道了。Todd: Nobody died did they?托德:没有人死亡吧?Simon: I dont think so, but for me it felt quite strong.西蒙:我想没有,不过就我的感觉来说,地震很强烈。Todd: Actually, speaking of papers, I love the paper, and I it every day, but there is one thing that I hate about the newspaper, and thats you all the stories on the front page and then they stop, theyre cut in half, and then you have to go to the middle of the paper to finish, and it just drives me nuts because I take the train to work every day and the train is so crowded sometimes I cant actually turn the paper, fold the paper to get to story on the inside, so I have to wait until I get to work, so I six stories, seven stories half way and I have to wait till later to find out the ending.托德:实际上,说到报纸,我非常喜欢报纸,我每天都会看报,不过我很讨厌报纸的一点,那就是你阅读了首页的所有故事,之后故事就中断了,故事只讲到一半,所以你不得不去报纸的中间继续读那些故事,那快把我逼疯了,因为我每天要坐火车去上班,火车里有时非常拥挤,我无法翻报纸去找里面的那个故事,所以我只能等到下班以后再找,等于我看了六七个故事,都只看了一半,而我之后不得不再去找结局。Simon: Yeah, thats terrible. I do something similar. I, when I, I take also, I also take a busy train in the morning, and I just the front page, and the back page. The front page has the headlines, the back page has the sports, and then when I get to work, if I have free time I just open up and finish the story that I . (Yeah) I have a question, what do you prefer, do you prefer the tabloid style paper, which opens up like a book and you each page, like a book, or do you prefer the traditional paper where, which is all folded neatly and into sections, like A B C D.西蒙:对,那很糟糕。我也是这样的情况。我早上也要坐拥挤的火车,而我只看首页和。首页有头条新闻,而是体育新闻,之后我上班的时候要是有空闲时间,我就会翻开报纸接着看完新闻。(是啊)我有个问题,你更喜欢什么,是那种打开像书一样的小报,你看报的时候也像看书一样每页都读,还是那种传统报纸,折叠的整整齐齐,以A、B、C、D各版面分类清楚的报纸?Todd: Um, thats a good point, I guess, or a good question, uh, I guess Im used to the old traditional style but I have to admit, the tabloid style is a lot more convenient, um, so I wouldnt mind if my paper changed to that style. (OK) What do you prefer?托德:嗯,这点说的很好,我觉得这是个好问题,嗯,我想我比较习惯传统报纸,不过我必须要承认,小报要更方便得多,嗯,如果我看的报纸换成那种风格我是不介意的。(好的)那你更喜欢哪种?Simon: Yeah, I prefer the tabloid, just because its easier to .西蒙:嗯,我喜欢小报,因为更容易阅读。Todd: The only thing I dont like about some tabloids is that they put a lot of colors on the paper and its not as easy to as the more traditional papers I think.托德:我唯一不喜欢小报的一点就是它们在报纸上印了太多的颜色,我认为那并不像传统报纸一样便于阅读。Simon: Well, the other meaning of tabloid is the kind of newspaper that prints just glossy stories with pictures and usually celebrity news, thats not really world news, or sports or anything but about Micheal Jackons trial or what celebrity got which hair cut, so thats a different kind of tabloid, but yeah.西蒙:嗯,还有一种小报,是那种只报道八卦消息的报纸,通常都是明星的消息,而且会配上图片,上面没有世界新闻,也没有体育新闻或是其他新闻,而是会报道迈克尔·杰克逊的官司或是明星换的发型,这是另一种小报。Todd: So do you subscribe to the newspaper or just buy one every day?托德:那你是订阅报纸还是每天去买报纸?Simon: I buy one every day because I sometimes buy a different papers.西蒙:我每天去买,因为有时我会买不同的报纸。 /201407/314308佛山市一医院男性专科 One of my hobbies is running. I really like running because first of all its very cheap. It doesnt cost you any money. You can do it anywhere, for example, on a city street and its a healthy hobby. If you run a lot, maybe three or four times a week, you will definitely stay in shape.我的爱好是跑步。我真的非常喜欢跑步,因为首先,跑步不费钱,一分钱都不用花。你可以在任何地方跑步,比如在城市街头跑步,这是项健康的爱好。如果你跑步的次数很频繁,可能一周三四次吧,那你一定会保持健康的。My favorite time to go running is in the morning, because in the morning its nice and quiet, peaceful outside. You can see the sun coming up. Feel the cool air on your face, and of course you can hear birds chirping, sometimes a rooster crowing. Its just a really cool time to be outside.我喜欢的跑步时间是早上,因为早上外面美好、安静而且平和。你可以看见太阳升起来的景象。用你的脸去感受凉爽的空气,当然你也会听到鸟鸣声,也可能是公鸡打鸣的声音。那个时间在外面真的很爽。Whenever possible, I try to run outside in nature. Its best for your body to run on dirt, so if you can find a dirt trail, or maybe a wide open space of dirt, thats usually the place to run because running a lot on concrete, or pavement will hurt your knees.可能的话,我会尽量去自然环境跑步。在泥土地上跑步对你的身体是最好的,如果你能找到泥土覆盖的地面,或是有泥土地的开放空间,那就是适合跑步的地方,因为经常在水泥地或是柏油路上跑步会伤害到你的膝盖。Like I said, running is very, very cheap, but you should invest money in a good pair of running shoes. A good pair of running shoes will make it easier and less painful to run, and can save you a lot of damage on your body, especially your knees.就像我说的,跑步非常非常便宜,不过你要花钱买一双好的跑步鞋。一双好鞋会使跑步更容易而且能减少跑步带来的伤害,同时也会减少运动给你的身体带来的伤害,尤其是对你的膝盖的压力。When you run its very important to drink lots of water. You should drink a lot of water before you run, perhaps 500 milligrams (ml), and then maybe you should drink a little when you run, if you run for more than 30 minutes. And then of course you should drink some water as soon as you finish your run to rehydrate your body. If you dont, youll get really bad headaches.跑步时非常重要的一点就是大量喝水。在跑步前要喝很多水,大概500毫升,如果你跑步的时间超过30分钟,那在跑步期间也要喝一点水。当然在跑完步后也要喝水,给身体补充水分。如果你不喝水,你就会感到头疼。Naturally, stretching is very important, but most people actually stretch before they run. Often this isnt as important as stretching after you run. I like to stretch after I run because it helps your muscles build up quicker and recuperate, and youll just feel really good.伸展运动也非常重要,不过大多数人通常在跑步前进行伸展。一般情况下,这样做没有跑步后进行伸展重要。我喜欢在跑步后做伸展运动,因为这样可以迅速形成肌肉并帮助你的身体进行调养,你会感觉很好的。 /201407/312298高明区治疗龟头炎多少钱

顺德人民医院男科咨询faith will move mountains精诚所至,金石为开Dont feel discouraged. Try again. Your faith will move the mountains.不要气馁,再试一次。你将会精诚所至,金石为开。the mountain.山不转自转。You have a fight with your girlfriend? lf your girlfriend doesnt call you, you need to call her first. lf a mountain w…not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must goto the mountain.你和女朋友吵架啦?如果你女朋友不打电话给你,你就要先打给她。你要山不转自转。make a mountain out of molehill小题大作lts not a big deal. Dont make a mountain out of moleh…,那没什么,别小题大作。a mountain to climb很难的事Classifying the mountain-high garbage is a mountain to climb.把像一座山那么高的垃圾分类是很难的事。Money does not grow On the tree.赚钱不容易。“MOm,Can I have a computer?” “We Cant afford that,you know.MOney does not groW On the tree.”“妈,我可以买计算机吗?”“你知道的,我们负担不起。赚钱不容易。”the top of the tree 爬到顶端;成功Nobody would have guessed that Catherine COUId get tO the top of the tree before her taIented brother.没有人想到凯瑟琳比她聪明的弟弟先爬到树的顶端。 /201310/260241佛山妇幼保健医院割包皮手术价格 5. Do I need to make a self-introduction to you first?我需要首先做下自我介绍吗?还能这样说:May I introduce myself first?Can I introduce me to you first?谚语:A bully is always a coward.色厉内荏。6. The strongest traits in my character are cheerfulness and friendliness.我个性上最大的特点是乐观和友好。还能这样说:My best advantages are cheerfulness and friendliness.My specialities are cheerfulness and friendliness.应用:a leading character 主角;a public character 社会知名人士;quite a character 怪人,性格特别的人7. Can you tell me why you reply to our advertisement?你能告诉我为什么回复了我们的广告吗?还能这样说:Could you tell me the reason to reply to our advertisement?Can you tell me the reason why you answer our advertisement?应用:reply in the affirmative 肯定地回答;reply to a salutation 答礼8. Do you have any working experience?你有什么工作经验吗?还能这样说:Have you had any working experience?Do you have any experience on work?谚语:A womans work is never done.妇女的家务永远干不完。 /201409/331844佛山新世纪医院做割包皮技术水平怎么样

顺德治疗阳痿多少钱 车牌----vehicle registration plate大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。就像人需要身份一样,车辆需要车牌来予以识别。在英语当中,车牌正儿八经的说法是vehicle registration plate。It is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes.根据国家的不同,车牌有不同的习惯说法。比如,在美国,人们一般会说license plate;而在英国则是number plate。我们来看一下例句:Can you a number plate at fifty metres?在五十米远处你能看清车牌吗?在中国,车牌号码的颜色可是有区分的。Yellow plates are issued for large vehicles of Chinese nationality.黄色车牌发给具有中国国籍的大型车辆。Blue plates, the most common sort, are issued for vehicles of Chinese nationality, which are small or compact in size.蓝色车牌最为普遍,发给具有中国国籍的小型车辆。Black plates are issued for vehicles belonging to foreigners and persons from Hong Kong and Macau.黑色车牌发给外国人或港澳人士的车辆。是不是涨姿势了呢?这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201405/300846容桂医院收费标准顺德区妇幼保健医院在哪个区



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