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However, Kerry met Japanese eign Minister Fumio Kishida in Washington on Friday, stressing the US commitment to the defense of Japan and their closer security cooperation.。

As relations between Japan and its neighbors are frayed due to territorial disputes, they added that Japan is seeking more military influence on the issues so as to show its tough stance, triggering vigilance from its neighbors on Japan's moves.。

习近平新常态为何意义深远? 30 ::5 习近平新常态为何意义深远?BEIJING, May 9 (Xinhua) President Xi Jinping's recent remarks on China's economy put a spotlight on the term "New Normal," now deemed his new signature catchphrase."We must boost our confidence, adapt to the new normal condition based on the characteristics of China's economic growth in the current phase and stay coolminded," Xi said during an inspection tour of central China's Henan Province in midMay.The idea of "New Normal," popularized by the bond fund giant Pacific Investment Management Co. to describe belowaverage economic growth following the global financial crisis, was used the first time by a Chinese leader to refer to the status quo of the world's secondlargest economy.It is not surprising that the speech has created a big buzz. Analysts rushed to decipher the message and even coined a new term, "Pinormal."Guan Qingyou, senior analyst at Minsheng Securities' research institute, laid out three key features of the "Pinormal": a much slower growth pace, a continuing structural rem, and a policy of no big stimulus.Although "Pinormal" has yet to become well accepted, economists unanimously agreed that Xi's speech indicated a higher tolerance of slower economic growth.China's economic growth dipped to 7. percent in the first quarter of , the lowest level since the third quarter of . Latest trade, manufacturing and industrial profits data has provided little hope that the economy is heating up.While speculation is mounting about largescale stimulus to steer the economy out of the decline, Xi's call to stay "coolminded" dampened such expectations.The president's remarks set the tone the government to properly deploy its set of policy instruments. Heavy doses of stimulus will no longer be the primal choice, said Lu Feng, professor at Peking University.In fact, China's leadership has reiterated its stance of maintaining continuity and stability in macroeconomic polices this year. Analysts still saw Xi's "New Normal" as the clearest sign.An annual growth rate of 7 to 8 percent has become the "New Normal" China, which means policymakers have to ditch the GDP obsession, said Huang Yiping, also a professor at Peking University.Apart from a slower growth, Huang noted that China's "New Normal" will also present moderately higher inflation, fairer income distribution, more balanced economic structures, faster industrial upgrading and more volatile economic cycles.As other economists pointed out, to help China fare well in the era of "New Normal," the government should step up rem measures in the second half of this year.Kuang Xianming, an expert with Hainan's China Institute Rem and Development, a nongovernmental think tank, raised expectation of more progress in China's financial sector rems, and hopefully some breakthroughs in reming land laws and expanding rural people's rights.Above all, when people have faith in rems, then they can be really "coolminded," said Kuang.。

Police fired volleys of tear gas and used water cannon to try to disperse militant protesters who were hurling rocks, bottles and fireworks, but clashes went on into the evening.。


The Chinese newspaper People's Daily reported that the group of Chinese ships was composed of three cargo vessels Baoshou 8, Baoshou 9 and Yuanfeng and an oil tanker previously named Renda 3.。

There had been feelings of insecurity bee Hong Kong's return. But the place's development has broken many doubts about its future, as many people who chose to migrate have successively come back.。

Trade volume between the two countries reached . billion in , up percent yearonyear, according to International Enterprise Singapore.。

;I don#39;t think he willbreak intohouses, or cause trouble. If he did, the police would know where to look for him and would catch him. He#39;s not a stupid man.;“我认为他不会闯进任何人家或惹任何麻烦。否则的话,警方就会知道该在何处搜寻并抓获他了。他并不是一个蠢货。”;I hope you#39;re right, ;said Sir Henry. ;I#39;m sure we#39;re breaking the law. But I don#39;t want to get Barrymore and his wife into trouble, so I shall not tell the police. I shall leave Selden in peace. ;“我希望您是对的,”亨利爵士说道。“我敢肯定我们现在是在犯法。可是我不想使白瑞及其太太陷于困境之中,所以我是不会向警方告发的。我将不再过问塞尔登的事情了。”Barrymore could not find the words to thank Sir Henry enough. Then he said:;You have been so kind to us that I want to do something for you in return. I have never told anyone else. I know something more about poor Sir Charles#39;death. ;白瑞找不出足以用来感谢亨利爵士的话语。接着他说道:“您对我们真是太好了,我因此想报答您一番。有件事我从未对旁人讲过。关于不幸的查尔斯爵爷的死我还知道些别的情况。”Sir Henry and I jumped upat once.我和亨利爵士立刻跳起身来。;Do you know how he died? ;Sir Henry asked.“你知道他是怎么死的吗?”亨利爵士问道。;No, sir, I don#39;t know that, but I know why he was waiting at the gate He was going to meet a woman.;“不知道,爵爷,那个我可不知道;不过我知道他站在门口等人的缘由。他是为了和一位女士会面。”;Sir Charles was meeting a woman? Who was the woman? ;“查尔斯爵士要和一位女士会面?那个女人是谁?”;I don#39;t know her name, ;Barrymore said, ;but it begins with L. L.;“我不知道她的姓名,”白瑞说道,“但是它是以L. L. 开头的。”;How do you know this, Barrymore? ;I asked.“你是如何知道这个的,白瑞?”我问道。;Well, Sir Charles got a letter on the morning of the day he died. It was from Newtown, and the address was in a woman#39;s writing. I forgot all about it, but some time after Sir Charles died my wife was cleaning the fireplace in his study. She found a letter. Most of it was burned, but the bottom of one page was not burned.“啊,查尔斯爵爷在他逝去的那天早上收到了一封来信。这封信发自纽顿,地址还是女人的笔迹。我已把这些忘得一干二净了。但在查尔斯爵爷死去之后过了一段时间时,我妻子去清理他书房内的壁炉。她发现了一封信。大部分信已烧焦了,只有一页信纸的底端还未被烧尽。 /201207/190495。

Singapore suggested that the investment bank focus more on commercial banks and the areas that have not been covered by the existing multilateral development institutions.。