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Over a barrel 我们今天再来讲两个和over有关的习惯用语。第一个是: over a barrel. Barrel就是一只装东西的桶。那么,什么是over a barrel 呢? Over a barrel是一个人出于某种原因受人牵制,一切都得听从那个人的意志行事,别无选择。我们举个例子来看看在实际生活中over a barrel 是怎么用的。下面是一个饭馆的老板告诉我们他和他的合夥人之间存在的问题。他说:My partner wants to buy out my share but hes only offering half what its worth. Of course, he has me over a barrelbecause Im anxious to retire and go to Florida and I cant find anybody else who wants to buy.这个人说:;我的合夥人要把我的股份买下来,但是,他只愿意付实在价值的一半。我呢,急着要到佛罗里达州去退休,又找不到别的买主,所以我就给我那合伙人捏在手里,任意摆布了。;美国有不少人退休后就到佛罗里达州去生活,最主要的是那里天气好,冬天不冷,又是沿海,风景很好。有的人甚至在退休前就在佛罗里达州买好了房子,准备在那里渡过有生之年。当然,美国还有其它天气很好的地方,例如像夏威夷州,但是,夏威夷岛在太平洋当中,离开美国大陆很远,不如佛罗里达州那么方便。Over ones dead body 下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语是:over ones dead body。Dead就是死,body就是一个人的身体。Over ones dead body按字面来解释就成了在某人尸体之上。但是,实际上,over ones dead body是一个常用语,意思是:竭尽全力来阻止一个计划。我们来举一个例子。下面是一个母亲对女儿宣布结婚的消息做出的反应:You mean you want to marry this man twice your age whos been divorced two times aly? Youll only do it over my dead body!这位母亲说:;你是说你要和那个年纪比你大一倍,已经离过两次婚的男人结婚?你要想和他结婚,除非等我死了。;这位生气的母亲说的话给人一种印象,似乎美国人结婚都要父母同意。实际上,并不是如此。美国的年轻人当然一般都是自由恋爱,但是,父母喜欢不喜欢子女的选择也会产生很大的影响,而且也往往会因为父母不赞成孩子的选择而闹得家庭不和。我们今天给大家讲了两个由over这个字组成的常用语。它们是:over a barrel, over ones dead body。Over a barrel是指一个人出于某种无奈,只能听凭别人摆布,别人让他怎么干他就得怎么干; over ones dead body是想方设法阻止某一计划的实现。 /201302/226103。

  • A: Do you think he is the right choice to be your husband?你觉得选择选他作为你的丈夫是正确的选择吗?B: Don’t be kidding!别和我开玩笑了。A: You don’t like him?你不喜欢他吗?B: I never think about it.我从来就没想过这种事情。A: But we all think you has fallen in love with you.但我们都觉得他爱上你了。B: He’s a nice guy, but I am afraid his clever talk cut no ice with me.他人是不错,但是恐怕他的聪明话打动不了我。 特别声明:该内容出自可可编辑Juliet与外籍教师和英语教育专家共同合作出版的《娜娜教英语》之《小题大做》篇。在此,特倾情奉献给广大可可网友学习。请勿用作其他用途,若需转载,请注明出处。需进行英语交流的请与Juliet联系,QQ号为:944576867。 /201508/390065。
  • 第一, 迷你对话A: Many people don’t like to talk with Mark.很多人不喜欢和Mark说话。B: Have you noticed that? I dislike him, either.你已经注意到了,我也不喜欢他。A: Can you tell me why?你能说说原因吗?B: He always makes merry at another’s expense.他总是以取笑别人为乐。第二, 地道表达make merry at one’s expense1. 解词释义Make merry at one’s expense的意思是“以别人的损失为乐”,引申为“以取笑别人为乐”。其中, at one’s expense是习语,意为“嘲弄某人”,“使某人受精神损失”,make merry的意思是“取乐,作乐,尽情玩乐”。2. 拓展范例e.g. She was always making merry at his boyfriend’s expense, so his boyfriend broke up with her at last.她总是以取笑他男友为乐,所以最后他男友和他分手了。第三, 咬文嚼字make merry:取乐,作乐,尽情玩乐e.g. When hes free, he usually goes to the bar to make merry.他休息时通常去酒巴作乐。e.g. Nana was struck, and did her best to make merry about it.这很叫娜娜触目,她尽量在那里欣赏。e.g. On the first of May every year, the villagers would make merry in the village ,dancing, singing and drinking.每年5月1日,村民们都在村子里行乐:跳舞,唱歌,饮酒。at one’s expense: 嘲弄某人,使某人受精神损失e.g. They have a good laugh at his expense.他们嘲笑他。e.g. He attained his goal at the expense of others.他牺牲别人来达到自己的目的。 /201704/504336。
  • 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Donald Trump was elected President by pledging to ;Make America Great Again.;Economist Marina von Neumann Whitman thinks the proposed Trump budget would deeply harm the very things that make our country great: public goods.She joined Stateside to explain.Whitman is a professor at the University of Michigans Ford School of Public Policy who served on President Nixons Council of Economic Advisers.She recently published an article for The Conversation titled, ;Public goods made America great and can do so again.;201704/506586。
  • On Friday, following weeks of street protests and an approval rating that dropped to only 4%, 周五,在数周的街头抗议以及持率下降到只有百分之4后,South Korean President Park Geun-hye was impeached by the nation’s National Assembly. 韩国总统朴槿惠被国民大会弹劾。According to lawmakers, the final vote was 234 to 56 in favor of impeachment. 据立法者表示,最后的投票是234比56赞成弹劾。Park, who is the 64-year-old daughter of former South Korean military dictator Park Chung-hee, 朴槿惠是前韩国军事独裁者朴正熙64岁的女儿,has been embroiled in a scandal since it was revealed that she shared classified documents with a longtime confidante. 在披露与一位亲友长期共享机密文件后卷入丑闻。Crowds between 500,000 to 1.5 million have since appeared in the city of Seoul in recent weeks to demand her ouster.最近几周,50万至150万的人群涌上首尔街头要求她下台。译文属。201612/482772。
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