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Today in History: Monday, April 22, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月22日,星期一April 22nd, 1994.In New York, former President Richard Nixon dies at age 81, just days after suffering a stroke.“Others may hate you. Those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then, you destroy yourself.”Nixon pursued Cold War detente and wind down America’s military role in the Vietnam War. But he became the only president to resign when the Watergate Scandal forced him from office.2000. “We were on the phone with them negotiating they put them in hold they were waver in hold, they banded on the door they broke everything in.” During a predawn raid, federal agents in Miami seize Elián González from his relative’s home. The Cuban boy is later reunited with his father and both of them return to Cuba.1889. The Okalahoma Land Rush begins at noon, as thousands of homesteaders rushed to state claims to land in what is now the State of Okalahoma.1970. Millions of Americans concerned about the environment observe the first Earth Day. The demonstration becomes an annual event that’s now observed around the world.And 1937. “Get out of my way, son, you’re using my oxygen, you know I mean.” Actor Jack Nicholson is born in Neptune, New Jersey. Among his movie roles, Chinatown, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Shining, Terms of Endearment, and As Good as it Gets.Today in History, April 22nd. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201304/236111

But it soon became clear that these big animals但他们很快发现 那些大型动物were only part of the story.只是一部分Perhaps even more important也许更重要的是might be the little ones hidden underfoot.藏在地表的小生物It#39;s understanding these creatures that is attracting那些小生物吸引了some of the best minds in the scientific world.全世界的顶尖科学家来一探究竟You were going to show me something? -Yep, something new.你要让我看什么吗 没错 新东西Professor Ed Wilson is a world expert on biodiversity爱德·威尔逊教授是世界闻名的生物多样性专家and at a mere 83, he#39;s still pursuing his passion - ants.83岁高龄 仍在追寻自己的至爱 蚂蚁You see there#39;s a big nest... Let me just get one specimen.你看那里有个大巢 让我采集一个样本If you look down at your feet, you may see them.如果你看看脚下 你就会看见它们Walking by here and there, an ant, a little beetle...走来走去 一只蚂蚁 一只小甲虫They#39;re what I like to call the little things that run the Earth.我喜欢称他们为统治地球的小东西It#39;s the rich diversity of insect life here正是这里昆虫丰富的多样性that gives Gorongosa the prospect of a future.给了戈龙戈萨一个美好的未来前景These creatures form the basis of life in the park.那些生物形成了公园里生命的基础This is so much fun. These little invertebrate creatures.真是太有趣了 这些小小的无脊椎生物 Article/201408/322390

Rise In Women Taking On Motherhood AloneIVF and donor insemination are increasingly being seen as an option for single women who want to start a family by themselves.Leinie and Bebe have the same father, but he is not part of their lives. That might not be so unusual, but what is is the way Mom Lisa Lee. got pregnant.With no husband or partner or time ticking, she opted for the donor insemination as the root of motherhood.I don#39;t think anyone got about it deliberately because they don#39;t want a man around, and a lot of women are hoping that nice men will turn up now the children are there. But the pressure is, you know, of trying to find the men in the time you have got, and it was becoming a mom.A growing number of women are choosing a similar path. In 2007, 259 single women had IVF treatment. By 2012, the number had more than doubled to 632. And donor insemination for women without a partner also increased from 350 to 468 over the same period.It became easier for single women to pursue motherhood with the introduction of the 2008 human fertilization and embryology. What that did was remove the reference to the need for a father when going for fertility treatments instead of replacing it with the requirement provides supportive parenting.And before it gets to the stage of laboratories, plenty of checks should be carried out.It#39;s not taken very likely by the women or by the clinic, and there are very responsible rules. We make sure that there is support from family and friends and most of the time, there is. And we also offer them counsel link before they have treatment.There are nearly 2 million single parents in the UK, and the vast majority have been through a separation. But critics say that#39;s different, the opting to go it alone from the outset.I am quite horrified. I think it very offensive and undesirable to reduce the role of a fatherhood to a donation from an anonymous sperm donor. There is much more to fatherhood than that.It#39;s an idea that we will never sit comfortably for those who disagree, but having a baby is a woman#39;s right, but for Lisa and others like her, only by becoming a mother could life be made complete. /201405/294013I think a lot of the speed and timing that Bruce Lee had was,a, from the conditioning and strength and the way his body worked.我觉得吧 李小龙的速度是,身体力量训练以及身体机能的共同结果He was very, very concerned with his fast-twitch muscles.The one-inch punch that he developed, one of the fastest strikes and, and still use today.And that transfers over obviously into the boxing side.This ability to pack a punch has been acknowledged by some of the world#39;s best boxers.他热衷于锻炼快肌纤维,他所完善的寸拳就是最快的拳法 现在还在用。现代拳击也显然受此影响,这种拳法为一些世界知名拳王所承认。That was the most amazing thing about Bruce, was the fact that he could generate so much speed and velocity in his punches,short punches that he used his body and his... and his... the type of leverage he was able to gain because he knew... he understood the mechanics of the body.这就是李小龙令人惊讶之处,他速度奇快 出拳迅猛,短距离能聚集身体所有力量,因为他熟知身体机能。Bruce Lee didn#39;t just confine himself to exercising his muscles.He was also concerned with the fuel he was putting into his body.He began experimenting with high-protein drinks that he blended himself and supplemented with ginseng, royal jelly, and massive doses of vitamins.李小龙不仅仅局限于锻炼肌肉,他还注意营养的摄入,他尝试为自己榨高蛋白饮料,里面加有西洋参 蜂王浆 大量维他命。He was very known for taking vitamins and minerals and stuff like that,and he had to go on find these various difference ones and put them together,where now we can just walk into any store and be able to buy certain supplements like that.他吃维他命和矿物质什么的很出名了,但他得自己去尝试多种不同组合,而现在 我们只消到商店去买特定的营养品就可以了。So a lot of the things he was doing as an athlete back then is things that we incorporate now bodybuilding.Bruce Lee#39;s approach to high-protein drink was revolutionary and shocked some of his colleagues when he returned to Hong Kong.所以他当时作为运动员所选用的营养 就是现在健美所采用的,李小龙的高蛋白饮料令人耳目一新 甚至在回港后 还吓了同事们一跳。 Article/201402/275590I probably think I look older than看到这些照片前I thought I looked before I looked at these pictures!我可能认为我比想象中的老There are some people for对于有一些人 whom age looms very large in understanding年龄让他们很担心where they are in life, where they#39;ve been and so on.自己在生活中的位置 以前的位置等等I don#39;t find it relevant to my life at all.我认为这和我的生活毫不相关Ellen#39;s counter-clockwise艾伦的时光倒流实验成为experiment was the impetus for a whole range所有认为思想可以影响身体的of psychological studies exploring the influence of mind over body.心理研究的动力The results all suggest that our实验结果表明thoughts have a powerful influence over our health.我们的思想对身体健康有着巨大的影响Your views of your own ageing你认为的自身年龄are going to largely determine how you age.很大程度的决定了你真实的年龄If you view yourself as somebody如果你把自己看做垂危的人who#39;s going to fall apart, you will fall apart.你很快就将倒下You will probably live just as我们可能可以long as you think that you#39;re supposed to live,想活多久就活多久that again we have enormous control over our health and wellbeing我们对健康有着巨大的控制力 that we#39;re only beginning to become aware of.这点我们才刚开始意识到 Article/201304/235500

But what do we know of the people captured in this lovers#39; embrace? Well, the maker or should we say the sculptor? of the lovers, belonged to a people that we now call the Natufians, who lived in a region that straddled what is today Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and our sculpture came from the area south-east of Jerusalem. In 1933 the great French archaeologist Abbé Henri Breuil and a French diplomat, René Neuville, visited a small museum in Bethlehem. Neuville wrote:但我们还可以知道关于这对拥抱中恋人的什么东西呢?这件恋人作品的工匠,也许我们应该称之为雕塑家,来自于我们今天称之为Natufian人,大概定居在现今以色列、巴勒斯坦,黎巴嫩及叙利亚那个地域上,而我们这位雕塑家来自于取路撒冷东南部的某处。1933年杰出的法国考古学家兼神甫亚布·享利·布勒伊与一名法国外交官诺伊维尔参观在伯利恒地区的一座小型物馆。诺伊维尔记录道:#39;Towards the end of our visit, I was shown a wooden casket containing various items from the surrounding areas, of which none, apart from this statuette, was of any value. I realised immediately the particular significance of the design involved and asked the source of these objects. I was told that they had been brought by a Bedouin who was returning from Bethlehem towards the Dead Sea.#39; “随着我们行程接近尾声,有人向我展示了一个长木盒,装有附近地区收集来的形形色色的物品,但除了这件雕像,其他都是一些毫无价值的物什。我立即意识到这件物品的特殊重要性,并询间它的出处。人家告诉我这盒物什是一个途径死海,从伯利恒回来的贝都因人带来的。”Intrigued by the figure, Neuville wanted to know more about its discovery and he sought out the Bedouin he#39;d been told about. He managed to track down the man responsible for the find, who took him to the very cave - in the Judean desert not far from Bethlehem - in which the sculpture of the lovers had been discovered. The cave was called Ain Sakhri, and so these sculpted lovers that had so captivated Neuville are still known as the Ain Sakhri lovers. 对着物品浓厚的兴趣,驱使诺伊维尔去了解更多关于它的发现过程,于是他开始去打探人们所说的那位贝都因人的下落。最后他设法找到了最初发现这恋人雕塑的那个人。那人把他带到了当初雕塑出土的那个洞穴,位于伯利恒不远的朱迪亚沙漠。那个洞穴被称之为Ain Sakhri,所以那对让诺伊维尔着迷不已的拥抱中的恋人也便称之为Ain Sakhri恋人了。Crucially, the sculpture had been found with objects which made it clear that the cave had been a dwelling rather than a grave, and so our sculpture must have played some kind of role in domestic everyday life.更重要的是,出土这对恋人雕像的同一洞穴里还发现了其他的物品,明确显示了这洞穴曾经是处日常居住场所,而不是一处墓葬。因此我们这件雕像作品在当时人们的日常生活中肯定起到某种作用。We don#39;t know exactly what that role might have been, but we do know that this dwelling belonged to people who were living at the dawn of agriculture. Their new way of life involved the collecting and storing of food.我们不知道它究竟曾经充当了什么实际角色,但我们知道这洞穴的主人生活的时代正值农业的曙光。他们崭新的生活方式包括了惧与储存食物。Wild grass seeds fall off the plant and are sp easily by the wind or eaten by the birds, but these people selected seeds which stayed on the stalk , a very important characteristic if a grass is ever going to be worth cultivating. They stripped these seeds, removed the husks and ground the grains to flour. Later, they would go on to sow the surplus seeds. Farming had begun and ever since, together we#39;ve been breaking b.野草种子通常从植物上脱落一来,然后轻易地通过风力传播,或者被鸟类吃掉,但是这些人类偏偏选择那些保留在谷物秆上的种子,这是决定某种农作物是否值得培育的重要一点。人类把这些种子采集、剥壳,然后把谷物碾磨成面粉。再后来,他们开始学会了把剩余的种子拿去播种。农业诞生了——并从那刻起,直到今天,我们仍然在烘烤面包。 Article/201404/284332Learn how to easily remove paint from any brick surface with this presentation from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance.根据VideoJug和Aspect Maintenance联合提供的这段视频,学习怎样轻松去除任何砖瓦表面的油漆。My name#39;s Tom. I work for Aspect Maintenance. I#39;m a decorator and I#39;m going to show you how we take paint off brickwork.我是汤姆,在Aspect Maintenance公司工作。我是一名装饰家,向您展示如何去除砌砖建筑物上的油漆。So if we just look at this wall here, what we#39;ve actually got is just some emulsion paint or some oil paint. Possibly it#39;s just been dorked on the wall, the brickwork here. So if we wanted to get this off.我们看一下这一面墙,上面染了一些乳胶漆或者油漆。或许是不小心洒到墙上的。所以我们想要清理干净。it#39;s pretty tough, tightly on.非常坚硬,紧紧地粘在上面。the best thing to use is something like that which is basically a brick acid.最好使用类似这种砖用酸。When you#39;re using brick acid you have to make sure your hands in particular are properly protected because if it gets on your skin it can irritate you. So use some proper industrial plastic gloves, protective wear; you should really use goggles as well if you#39;re splashing it around. So if you put the acid in a bucket you need something to brush it on.使用砖用酸的时候,确保保护好双手,因为这种酸会刺激皮肤。可以戴工业用塑料手套或者保护装置。如果是大面积喷洒,最好戴上护目镜。如果是把酸倒在桶里备用,需要工具把酸刷到墙上。But also we#39;re just using an old broom head here. Because you#39;re going to damage the broom anyways, so you#39;re not going to reuse it for much afterwards. And we#39;ll show you how it comes up.我们这里用的是一把旧扫帚。因为这把扫帚无论如何都要报销了,以后肯定不会怎样用了。我们来展示一下如何操作。Okay. And that is how you would basically clean the paint from brickwork.好了。这样就可以把砖上的油漆清理掉了。Thanks for watching How To Remove Paint From Brick.感谢收看“怎样清除砖上的油漆”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201307/248176

Google Child Abuse Image Block #39;Not Enough#39; Critics say the move to block tens of thousands of search terms that show depraved images and s ;simply masks the symptoms;.Naturally Downing Street officials are portraying this is a victory for David Cameron. The internet companies had seen reluctant to take actions to censor the content, but pressure from PMs has brought together two huge rivals: Google and Microsoft in their rare display unity.Well, if you build a wall, someone is gonna try and get over under or around. It#39;s important we collaborate on such important issue. We do take a lot effort to remove and report this content, but we do accept that there is more we can done. We are very happy to do that.But immediately people are searching for evidence that would make any real difference.Halting predicative text on searches might stop innocent being inadvertently let stray, so might warnings about your illegal behavior. But experts in child protection say it would not block determined pedofiles.This is the beginning and not the end, and it#39;s a small step forward not huge one when it comes to actual child protection. What we need to see now is Prime Minister#39;s focus influence being used to help us to catch the predators.Google says they have 200 staff developing new technology to identify and block child pornography, the rival Microsoft has aly develop the ability to recognize illegal photographs and track them when they are copied and distributed. Now Google says they#39;ve been able to do the same with .The program allows analysts to break out every to calculate unique digital signature. That signature is then matched again other version on line even if they#39;ve been edited and altered. Once they#39;ve been identified, all copies are then deleted from the Internet.Steward Hazzles scoured the web for underage pornography before murdering Tiya Sharp.But most images shared by pedofiles are down someone close networks beyond the capacity of internet searching engines. That requires globe police action.You can go after these pedofile to pedofile sharing, you can take down the size, you can prosecute these people, I want to see , you know, people being prosecuted for these violent crime. We are putting resources into the police into international crime agency ,working in all steps with Americans to make sure we go after these people.Campaigners, like Sara Paine whose daughter Sara was killed by a sex offender, say there is only one way to really tackle the problem.Mr. Cameron, please just fund police properly , so they can do this and get better of this.And be a force three reckoned with, so pedofiles do not hurt us anymore.While warning can easily be ignored, tracking online predators to their homes is real challenge. /201311/265948

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