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You#39;d like to toast the birth of your new baby, too, but you#39;re breast-feeding. You don#39;t want a drunk newborn, but you really want that glass of Champagne. What REALLY happens if you drink while breast-feeding?你想要庆祝宝宝的诞辰,但是你要给宝宝哺乳。你肯定不想宝宝喝醉,但是你非常想喝一杯香槟。如果在哺乳的同时喝酒,会有什么后果呢?Step 1: Best Case1.最好的情况Drink up! Pretty much everyone, from La Leche League to the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees that you won#39;t harm your baby if you have an occasional glass of wine or beer, especially if you wait 3 hours before nursing.尽情地喝!每个人都可以喝,从国际母乳会到美国儿科学会都赞同,偶尔喝一杯葡萄酒或啤酒不会对婴儿造成危害,尤其是喝酒后三小时再哺乳。Step 2: Worst Case2.最糟糕的情况Don#39;t get carried away! An occasional drink is one thing, but too much alcohol can reduce milk production and make your baby fussy or sluggish. It can also affect your baby#39;s motor development and disturb sleep cycles. In addition, too much alcohol can make you unsteady, which can affect your ability to nurse your baby properly.不要失去自制力!偶尔喝一杯是一回事,但是酗酒会影响母乳的分泌,让宝宝心情烦躁,反应迟钝。还会影响宝宝的运动技能发育,扰乱生物钟。此外,过多酒精会让你失去平衡,影响你正确护理婴儿的能力。Toast yourself and then stop after one. According to the experts, a drink a day or less is probably okay, but heavier alcohol use could cause problems. You have the facts, now you make the call.举杯为自己庆祝,适可而止。据专家说,每天喝不到一杯酒是比较好的,但是酗酒会导致很多问题。现在你了解事实了,自己做决定吧。Thanks for watching Danger: Alcohol And Breastfeeding!感谢收看“酒精对哺乳的危害”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 /201308/251655



  广告意义:当生活与科技结合,传统与现代结合,魔术般的美丽幻景变为现实。人们还在讨论将来电子书会不会取代纸质书,没想到科技已经给了我们。期待科技带来更好的惊喜与精!广告双语文本内容:You know, once in a while,你知道,偶尔,something comes along that changes the way we live—a device so simple and intuitive.某样物品出现改变了我们生活的方式 --一个如此简易、直觉的装置。Using it feels almost familiar.使用它感觉起来几乎是熟悉的。Introducing 2015 IKEA catalogue.为您介绍 2015 年 IKEA 型录。It#39;s not a digital book, or an ebook. It#39;s a bookbook.这不是一本数位书、或一本电子书。这是一本书本书。The first thing to note is no cables, not even a power cable.第一件要注意到的事是没有电缆线,甚至没有一条电源线。The 2015 IKEA catalogue comes fully charged, and the battery life is eternal.2015 年 IKEA 型录电力满格到货,而且电池寿命是永久的。The interface is 7.5 by 8 inches, but can expand to 15 by 8 inches.介面是 7.5 乘 8 英寸,但能延展至 15 乘 8 英寸。The navigation is based on tactile touch technology that you can actually feel.导览方式是以你能实际感受的触觉触碰科技为基础。Content comes preinstalled.内容已预先安装好。There are 328 high-definition pages of inspiring home furnishing ideas.有 328 页启发居家摆设灵感的高页面。To start browsing, simply touch and grab要启动浏览,只要触碰及抓取书页—right to left to move forwards, left to right to move backwards.--由右至左往前移、由左到右往后移。Notice something else?注意到其他事了吗?That#39;s right, no lag.没错,没有延迟。Each crystal clear page loads instantaneously, no matter how fast you scroll.每个非常清晰的页面即时载入,无论你多快速地卷动视窗。If you want to get a quick overview,如果你想要一次迅速的概览,just hold it in the palm of your hand and,只要把它拿在你的手掌中然后,using just your thumb, speed browse the content.仅需用你的大拇指,快速翻阅内容。If you find something you want to save for later, you can simply bookmark it,如果你找到任何想要储存来以后用的东西,你可以就把它标签起来,and even if you close the application, you can easily find the bookmark again.而且即使你关闭应用程式,你还是可以轻松地再次找到书签。Amazing. What about multiple users?不可思议。 那么多重用户呢?For that, we introduced a simple color-coding system to avoid confusion.因应那种情况,我们推出一个简明的色标系统来避免混淆。If you want to share a particularly inspiring item, you literally share it.如果你想要分享一个特别令人惊叹的物件,你就真的(分享)它。Another special feature is password protection, which is voice-activated.另一个特殊的功能为密码防护,是声音启动的。;Excuse me, that#39;s mine.;“不好意思,那是我的。”At IKEA,在 IKEA,we feel the technology this life-enhancing should be in the hands of everyone,我们认为这般使人愉悦满意的科技应该要在所有人的手中,so the 2015 IKEA catalogue is free.因此 2015 年 IKEA 型录是免费的。You can download one from your mailbox, the one you open with a key,你可以从你的信箱,你用一把钥匙打开的那个,if it#39;s not there, try refresh the next day,下载一份。如果它不在那里,试着隔天更新,or you can upload yourself to the IKEA store, and find one there.或者你可以把自己上传到 IKEA 商店,然后在那里找到一份。Experience the power of a bookbook.体验一本书本书的力量。词组点拨:1.「有時、偶爾」- Once In A WhileYou know, once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we live—a device so simple and intuitive.你知道,偶爾,某樣物品出現改變了我們生活的方式 --一個如此簡易、直覺的裝置。2.「出现」- Come AlongYou know, once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we live—a device so simple and intuitive.你知道,偶尔,某样物品出现改变了我们生活的方式 --一个如此简易、直觉的装置。3.「清晰明了的」- Crystal ClearEach crystal clear page loads instantaneously, no matter how fast you scroll.每个非常清晰的页面即时载入,无论你多快速地卷动视窗。4.「在某人手中、被某人控制」- In The Hands OfAt IKEA, we feel the technology this life-enhancing should be in the hands of everyone, so the 2015 IKEA catalogue is free.在 IKEA,我们认为这般使人愉悦满意的科技应该要在所有人的手中,因此 2015 年 IKEA 型录是免费的。 Article/201409/331498

  Chinese soldiers will participate in the annual Thai-US military drill for the first time. The drill will start on Tuesday and last 13 days.中国战士将首次参加每年一次的泰国-美国联合军事演习。该次军演将于周二开始,持续13天。China will send 17 soldiers who will participate in the delivery of humanitarian aid, including coordination, project aid, medical aid and military medical exchanges. The drill will involve about 4-thousand Thai solders and 9-thousand US soldiers.中国将派遣17名战士在此次军演中提供人道主义援助,包括协调工作,项目援助,医疗救护以及军事医学交流。此次军事演习将有4000名泰国战士和9000名美国战士参加。Troops from Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia will also join the drill. This year#39;s drill will involve mock warfare on land, in water and in the air and will include live-fire exercises. 11 countries will send military officers to observe the exercises.同时,来自新加坡,韩国,印尼以及马来西亚的军队也将参加此次军演。今年的军演将包括陆上,水上和空中模拟战争和实弹演习。11个国家将派遣军官前来观。 Article/201403/279517

  You may be right, but are you happy? Decide whether winning is more important to you than getting along.你或许是正确的,但是你开心吗?争吵获胜重要还是融洽相处更重要?You Will Need你需要Responsibility责任Respect尊重Kindness善良Steps步骤Step 1 Find out what it was1.找出问题所在Find out what the offense was before apologizing, or risk making things worse by coming off as patronizing. Be willing to act responsibly and make peace.道歉之前找出触怒对方的原因是什么,或者表现傲慢,让情况更加糟糕。要乐意负责,息事宁人。Step 2 Avoid blaming2.避免责备Take responsibility. Avoid qualifying reservations for the apology, which usually begin with ;but; and end with a transfer of blame.负起责任。道歉不要有所保留,道歉之后又说“但是”,随后开始责备对方。Step 3 Express regret3.表示遗憾Express regret with genuine shame and offer to change. Relationships rely upon honorable behavior, and nonverbal cues that imply it#39;s the other person#39;s fault undermine peace.真诚地表示遗憾和愧疚,表示会做出改变。恋情依赖可敬的行为,不用语言来暗示对方的错误非常不利于和平共处。Step 4 Face them4.面对面Face each other when apologizing instead of doing it over the phone, or in an e-mail or text. Show some class and respect their feelings.道歉的时候要面对面,而不是通过电话,电子邮件或短信。表现真诚,尊重他们的感觉。Step 5 Listen to them5.倾听Let the other person speak and hear them out, in case their viewpoint has been completely misunderstood. Assure them that no disagreement can change the security of the relationship.认听对方诉说,以防他们的观点完全被误解。向他们保,任何分歧都不会影响你们的恋情。If you can#39;t bring yourself to admit you#39;re wrong, try to agree to disagree.如果你不能说自己承认自己错了,尝试着接受分歧的存在。Step 6 Soothe the situation6.缓解形势Soothe the situation with an activity to leave the disagreement behind. Buy them flowers or a small trinket as a peace offering, and move on.缓解形势,把分歧抛在脑后。为他们买一束花或小装饰品作为和解,然后继续生活下去。In the 1970 film Love Story, the protagonist concludes with the famous line: ;Love means never having to say you#39;re sorry.;在1970年的影片“爱情故事”中,主要人物以这句经典台词结束:“爱意味着你永远不需要说对不起。”视频听力由。 Article/201310/259707Relieve a Toothache. Limit the pain of this common complaint! Learn five ways to ease the suffering before you reach the dentists chair. Eases the pain with simple steps.缓解牙痛。这是一种常见的疾病。在看牙医之前,先尝试一下缓解牙痛的五种简单方法。根据以下简单的步骤,缓解疼痛。You Will Need你需要clove oil丁香油cotton wool棉絮1 bottle with hot water装有热水的瓶子towel毛巾Step 1: Clean mouth and teeth1.清洁口腔和牙齿Wash your mouth with water or mouth wash to get food and sugar out and clean other teeth with tooth paste, as much as the pain allows.用清水或漱口水清洁口腔,清除食物残渣和糖分,在疼痛可以忍受的情况下,用牙膏清洁其他牙齿。Step 2: Painkillers2.止痛片Painkillers recommended by your doctor or dentist may help to reduce the pain.医生或牙医建议的止痛片可能帮助减少疼痛。Step 3: Make yourself comfortable3.让自己舒Try lying down, if this is uncomfortable then sit more upright using pillows.试着躺下来,如果感到不舒,可以垫个枕头坐直一点。Step 4: Apply a hot water bottle4.用热水瓶敷Try easing the tooth ache with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and held where the pain can be felt.用毛巾包住一个装有热水的瓶子,敷在感到疼痛的地方,缓解牙痛。Step 5: Clove oil5.丁香油Try soaking a bit of cotton wool in clove oil and holding it against the painful tooth. This may help to ease the pain temporarily as well as plug the cavity.用丁香油浸泡一点棉絮,放在疼痛的牙齿上。这样可以暂时缓解疼痛,堵塞龋齿。Step 6: See your dentist6.看牙医Remember tooth ache is a sign of tooth decay or infection, both of which will need a dentist ASAP.记住,牙痛是牙齿腐烂或感染的征兆,这两种情况都需要尽快看牙医。Thanks for watching How To Relieve A Toothache.感谢收看“怎样缓解牙痛”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201307/246295

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  You Will Need你需要A water-efficient showerhead节水莲蓬头A kitchen timer厨房计时器A household bucket家用水桶And ily accessible soap and shampoo触手可及的香皂和洗发水A close, personal friend亲密的朋友Steps步骤Step 1 Install a water-efficient showerhead. At about 2.5 gallons per minute, the showerhead will use less than 13 gallons for a five-minute shower—as compared to 30 to 50 gallons for a typical bath.1.安装一个节水莲蓬头。按照每分钟水流量2.5加仑计算,如果淋浴的时间是五分钟,这种节水莲蓬头用水不到13加仑——而一般淋浴需要30至50加仑水。Step 2 Time your shower. Right before you jump in, set the timer to five minutes.2.淋浴计时。从开始淋浴起计算,定时五分钟。Step 3 Soap your limbs, wash your hair, shave your face, legs, whatever you like, and rinse. You#39;ll be surprised how fast it goes if you don#39;t dawdle.3.全身涂抹香皂,洗头,刮脸,腿,或者任何部位,然后清洗。你会感到惊讶,如果不拖拖拉拉的,原来你可以这么快。Throw a bucket under the shower before turning it on. While you wait for hot water, you can collect water for your indoor plants.打开淋浴设备前先在下面放一个水桶。等待热水的时间可以先接一点水用来为室内植物浇水。Step 4 To save even more water, turn it off while you lather up. Taking a so-called ;navy shower; saves a lot of water—just make sure not to rub your eyes.4.为了节约更多水,抹肥皂的时候将淋浴设备关掉。使用“海军淋浴法”可以节约很多水——不过要小心,不要把肥皂泡抹到眼睛上。Short hair can be quicker and easier to wash than long tresses. Haircut, anyone?短发比长发洗起来更快,更容易。是否考虑剪短发呢?Step 5 Shower with a friend and cut the water you use in half. As the song says, ;scrub the one you#39;re with.;5.与朋友一起淋浴可以将用水量减半。就像一首歌唱的,“和亲密的人一起淋浴。”You might be ;too clean;—studies show an accumulation of some bacteria is healthy for your body, so it#39;s actually better if you don#39;t shower every day.你可能“过分干净”——研究表明,一些细菌的聚集对身体健康是有益的,所以,如果不每天淋浴可能还更好。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/234094

  Today in History:Sunday, June16, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月16日,星期天June 16th, 1858 In Illinois, Abraham Lincoln launches his US Senate bid with the warning about America#39;s split over slavery , arguing the issue must be resolved. Lincoln says a house divided against itself cannot stand. Three years later, the Civil War breaks out between North and South after Lincoln is sworn in as president.1963 Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space as the Soviet cosmonaut lifts off aboard Vostok Six.1976 In South Africa, rioting erupts in the black township of Soweto. More than 500 youths are killed as the violence sps across the country, then under white minority rule. The bloody uprising galvanizes the movement against South Africa#39;s apartheid regime.And 1961 Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defects from the Soviet Union to the west while his dance troupe is in Paris.Today in History, June 16th, Ed Donahue, the Associated Press. /201306/244159

  The traditional farmyard was rapidly being modernised传统的农家庭院正被快速地现代化and the animals brought indoors动物被带到室内养殖to increase efficiency and enable mass-production.来提高效率并确保大批量生产The chicks are sexed,小鸡通过性别进行分离a skilled job invented by the Japanese这是一项日本人发明的技术and brought by them to Britain in the 1930s.在19世纪30年代被引入英国Today, it#39;s possible to separate the cocks from the hens现在 分离公鸡和母鸡的准确性with a guaranteed accuracy of 98%.可达到98%The hens are put on one side.母鸡被放在一边The cocks, of no commercial value, are gassed.公鸡由于没有商业价值 将被毒死The drive to produce the maximum amount at the minimum cost追求产出最大 成本最低meant methods that could keep the product flowing as fast as possible,意味着要采取保产量尽快增加的办法whatever the cost to the animal.无论动物要付出何等代价Each day, 28,000 chickens are set off down a long conveyor belt每天有28000只鸡从传输带上线on a journey which will last 108 minutes.此过程会持续108分钟Calmed by hanging upside down,首先倒挂使它们平静they are then electrically stunned.然后电晕它们 Article/201306/242798

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