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World major states and regional powers agreed Saturday on the time table of establishing a transition government of Syria, and to hold an election within 18 months, but failed to bridge gaps over the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.本周六,世界主要国家和地区就加快建立叙利亚过渡政府达成共识,表示叙利亚将于未8个月内举行大选,但会谈对叙总统巴沙尔·阿萨德的未来去留仍未消除分歧。After the one-day meeting here, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters that participants of the Syria talks agreed to start immediate talks with opposition groups in Syria, but the talks could be difficult, noting sides aim to hold an election in Syria within 18 month.当天会议结束后,德国外长弗兰瓦尔施泰因迈尔表示,叙利亚问题的各参与国同意立即启动与叙利亚反对派的谈判,但谈判会很困难,并指出双方都希望在18个月内能进行选举。The remarks are echoed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry.俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫和美国国务卿克里也做出同样的回应。Lavrov also said after transition political process within six month, the election would be held within 18 months, and led by Syrian people.俄外长拉夫罗夫还表示,经个月的过渡政府进程,大选将在未来的18个月内举行,由叙人民自由选举选择叙利亚未来领导人。According to a joint statement released by the ed Nations, the talks between difference sides in Syria should establish ;credible, inclusive and nonsectarian; transitional government that would set a schedule for drafting a new constitution in six month, then a UN-supervised election would then be held within 18 months.根据联合国发布的一份联合声明,叙利亚双方的谈判应旨于建立一个“互相信任、互相包容、没有派别”的过渡政府,在政治过渡的这6个月的进程中,叙利亚将有一部新宪法,并将于未来8个月内,在联合国监督下举行选举。Kerry also announced agreement on the date, Jan. 1, for the start of talks between al-Assads government and the opposition.美国国务卿克里还宣布日阿萨德政府将与反对派进行谈判。Its clear the talks made some progress over ending the ongoing crisis in Syria, while the meeting failed to bridge gaps over the role and future of al-Assad.会谈在结束目前的叙利亚危机方面取得了一些显著的成果,但未能对阿萨德未来的去留问题达成共识。Russian foreign minister Lavrov said Russia and the ed States are keeping in touch to prevent conflict in Syria, as both sides deployed military forces in the region.俄外长拉夫罗夫表示,俄国和美国为防止叙利亚冲突保持着联系,双方在叙均有军队部署。However, the two sides still have differences over Russian military operation in Syria, as the ed States said Moscow is attacking anti-al-Assad force in Syria while Russia emphasized they are fighting terrorism.不过,俄美双方仍然就俄国在叙利亚的军事活动有所分歧,美国表示,俄国目前正在攻击反阿萨德的叙利亚反对派,而俄国一直强调,他们是打击恐怖主义。Overshadowed by the deadly shootings in Paris, diplomats in Vienna showed solidarity in fighting terrorism.受巴黎恐袭的影响,在维也纳举行会谈的各国外长一致表现出打击恐怖主义的团结和决心。来 /201511/410105Police in Hong Kong have arrested nine people on suspicion of “conspiracy to manufacture explosivesjust days before lawmakers in the Chinese territory vote on a highly contentious, Beijing-approved proposal for electoral reform.香港警方逮捕了涉嫌“串谋制造爆炸”的9人,就在本周三,这个中国特别行政区的立法会委员将投票表决一项中央已批准的、高度争议性的选举改革提案。The police said on Monday that the five men and four women, aged 21-34, had been detained after discovering that two members of the “local syndicateplanned to test explosive material on Sunday night.警方周一表示,被拘留的五男四女年龄介1岁至34岁。此前,警方在周日晚发现两名属于“本地激进组织”的人士试图进行引爆测试。They seized several kilogrammes of chemicals, including the precursor for triacetone triperoxide, an explosive substance, and the formula to make smoke grenades, as well as air guns and maps of Wan Chai and Admiralty, two areas in downtown Hong Kong that contain government and corporate offices.警方查获了数公斤的化学品,包括高爆炸性炸药“三过氧化三丙酮TATP) 的化学原料,还发现了制造烟雾弹的化学程式、以及湾Wan Chai)和金Admiralty)的地图——这两个地段有很多政府和企业办公楼。Political tensions have been rising in Hong Kong ahead of a crucial vote on Wednesday, when the 70 members of the legislative council will debate the government’s plan to allow citizens to elect the next chief executive by universal suffrage in 2017.近来香港的政治紧张不断升温,本周三将举行关键投票,届0名立委将围绕让市民在2017年通过普选产生下一届行政长官的政府计划展开辩论。The government, led by chief executive CY Leung, says this reform will give Hong Kong citizens real choice. But opposition legislators, who have enough seats in the legislative council to block the reform, say restrictions on who can stand for election mean it amounts to “fake democracy现任行政长官梁振CY Leung)领导的香港政府表示,这一改革将会给香港市民真正的选择。但是,在立法会拥有足够席位否决改革的反对派立委表示,针对谁可以参选的限制意味着这一方案是“假民主”。Groups for and against the proposal have vowed to protest outside the legislative council, and the government and police have called for all sides to do so peacefully.持以及反对选举改革方案的团体都已誓言要在立法会外举行抗议,政府和警方则呼吁各方以和平方式表达意见。Au Chin-chau, chief superintendent of the police’s organised crime and triad bureau, said at a press conference that some of the nine people arrested were members of a “radical groupbut declined to identify it, citing “operationalreasons.香港警务处有组织罪案及三合会调查科总警司区展秋(Au Chin-chau)在新闻发布会上表示,被捕人中,有一部分人士是一个激进组织的成员,但称出于“行动”理由,不能透露该组织的名称。He refused to say whether the explosives suspects were planning to injure or kill, saying only that the “police are looking into all lines of inquiry and won’t rule anything out他拒绝透露制造爆炸物的嫌疑人是否打算造成人身伤害或致人死亡,只表示“警方将对案件作全方位调查,不排除任何可能性。”During the briefing, the police laid out the objects they had seized from the nine, which included computers, smartphones, a 3D printer and the Guy Fawkes masks popular with protesters around the world.在新闻发布会上,警方展示了他们从9名嫌疑人查获的物件,包括电脑、智能手机、一台三维打印机,以及世界各地的抗议者都爱佩戴的盖伊#8226;福克Guy Fawkes)面具。They also displayed confiscated stickers with slogans critical of the government and China, such as 7 years after handover and corruption has gone backwards 70 yearsand “CY Leung go to hell, the hooligan police and their families die他们还展示了没收的批评香港政府和中央的贴纸,比如“回归十七年,贪污倒退七十年”以及“振英落地狱,黑警死全家”。Mr Au said the police investigation was ongoing and that “we will not preclude the possibility of further arrests区展秋表示,警方的调查仍在进行,并称:“不排除进一步逮捕的可能性”。He added that Hong Kong citizens should “avoid being incited or used by others to get involved in violent acts他补充说,香港市民应“不要受到滋事分子教唆及利用,参与暴力行为”。Political violence is extremely rare in Hong Kong although there were some clashes between police and activists during last year’s Occupy protests.政治暴力是香港极为罕见的,尽管在去年的“占领中环”抗议期间,警方和活动人士之间发生了一些冲突。来 /201506/381117Two years ago, the Obama administration announced a new strategy to curb online espionage.两年前,奥巴马政府宣布了一项遏制网络间谍活动的新战略。The five-point strategy came after a 2013 article in The New York Times about how the newspaper had been breached by Chinese hackers. The Times, working with a security company, also concluded that thousands of other American companies had been hacked by a Chinese military unit in Shanghai.在这份包含五点内容的战略公布之前,《纽约时报》刚013年发表了一篇记录本报遭到中国黑客侵入的文章。此外,时报与一家安全公司合作,发现还有数千家美国公司遭到了位于上海的一个中国军方单位的黑客袭击。The White House said it would increase public awareness of the threat, encourage the private sector to increase its defenses, focus diplomacy on protecting trade secrets overseas, improve trade secret theft legislation and make investigations and prosecutions of corporate and state-sponsored trade secret theft a top priority.白宫表示,该战略将提高公众对这一威胁的关注度、鼓励私营部门加强防御、在外交工作中专注于保护海外的商业机密、改进防止窃取商业机密的相关立法,并把调查和起诉盗窃企业和政府持的商业机密的行为作为工作重心。Since then, public awareness is up and so is spending. But the hacking continues.此后,公众的关注度有所提高,相关的出也增加了。黑客活动却还在继续。The private sector spent 5 million on data loss prevention last year, according to the technology research firm Gartner, with a 15 percent increase expected this year. On the legislative front, Congress strengthened penalties for those convicted under the Economic Espionage Act, raising the maximum fine for individuals convicted to million from 0,000. And in terms of law enforcement, the F.B.I. lists digital crime, including intrusions that result in trade secret theft, as its third priority, just behind terrorism and counterintelligence. The agency reported a 60 percent increase in trade secret investigations from through 2013.根据技术调研公司高德纳(Gartner)的数据,私营部门去年花费.65亿美元(约合41.3亿元人民币)来防止数据丢失,预计这一出今年将增5%。在立法方面,国会加强了对违反《经济间谍法Economic Espionage Act)行为的惩罚力度,将个人罚款的上限0万美元提升到00万美元。在执法方面,联邦调查局(FBI)将包括导致商业机密盗窃的网络侵入活动在内的网络犯罪,列为排名第三的重要任务,仅次于恐怖主义和反间谍工作。该机构称,009年到2013年,有关商业机密的调查增加了60%。But diplomatic efforts to engage China on the topic have largely failed. China’s response has simply been that it, too, is a victim of online attacks. And online espionage shows little sign of abating. Last year, 18 percent of the 1,598 confirmed breaches analyzed by Verizon were used for online espionage, compared with 22 percent of 1,367 attacks in 2013. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last year that 1 to 3 percent of ed States gross domestic product was still lost, every year, through trade secret theft.不过,在这一问题上接触中国的种种外交努力基本上以失败告终。中国的回应一直很干脆:“我们也是网络攻击的受害者”。网络间谍行为没有什么降温的迹象。去年,威瑞森通讯(Verizon)分析598件网络侵入案中,18%是为了从事网络间谍活动,013年的1367起事件中,网络间谍活动占22%。来自罗德岛的民主党参议员谢尔登·怀特豪Sheldon Whitehouse)去年在参议院司法委员Senate Judiciary Committee)的听会上说,美国每年仍%%的国内生产总值因为商业机密盗窃而流失。“There hasn’t been any change,said James A. Lewis, a digital security expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “There’s a lot more we can do. But we haven’t reached our pain point for taking more drastic steps on cyberespionage, and the Chinese haven’t reached their pain point for stopping it.”“没有发生任何改变,”华盛顿国际战略研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies)的网络安全专家詹姆斯·A·刘易James A. Lewis)说。“我们能做的还有很多。但我们还没达到对网络间谍活动采取更严厉措施的痛点,中国也没有达到停止这种行为的痛点。”The Justice Department is under significant pressure to bring more trade secret cases under the Economic Espionage Act. But it is incredibly difficult to bring cases against sophisticated hackers, who are not only smart enough to cover their tracks but also smart enough to live outside the ed States. It is equally difficult to serve court summonses to the Chinese corporations that investigators say they believe are benefiting from stolen trade secrets.司法部正面临着查处更多违反《经济间谍法》的商业机密窃取案件的巨大压力。不过,要想起诉手段高明的黑客格外困难,因为他们不仅聪明到可以掩盖自己的行踪,还懂得生活在美国以外的地区。要把法院传票送到调查人员认为从被窃商业机密中获利的中国公司手中,也同样困难。In 2013, the Justice Department brought several indictments that charged Chinese nationals with stealing trade secrets for the benefit of corporations in China, but none of the cases involved trade secrets obtained through online attacks. All the indictments involved either employees or former employees accused of passing their employer’s trade secrets to a company in China, or people who paid an employee to do so.2013年,司法部发起了多起诉讼,指控一些中国公民窃取商业机密,从而为中国的企业牟利,但这些案子都与网络攻击无关。在这些案件中,一些当下或以前的雇员被控把雇主的商业机密提供给了中国企业,或是付给他们报酬的个人。The story was similar in 2014. During the first nine months of the year, the Justice Department reported 20 new prosecutions under the Economic Espionage Act a 33 percent increase from 2013 and several convictions, but only two of the indictments involved trade secrets theft via digital intrusions.2014年的情形也是大同小异。在头九个月里,司法部通报,根据《经济间谍法》提出了20起新的诉讼——较2013年增长了33%——其中有一些人定罪,但其中只有两起指控与网络窃取商业机密有关。One, the landmark indictment filed last year against five members of the People’s Liberation Army for hacking ed States companies, was largely symbolic given that the ed States has no jurisdiction in China.去年针对中国军方五名成员网络攻击美国企业的里程碑式的正式指控,基本上只具有象征意义,因为美国在中国没有司法权。In another, in August, a federal grand jury in California indicted a Chinese businessman on charges of conspiring to steal military secrets by hacking into Boeing and other ed States companies. The defendant, Su Bin, is awaiting extradition in Canada.去年8月,在另一起案件中,加州的一个联邦大陪审团指控一名中国商人,密谋通过攻击波音(Boeing)等美国公司来窃取军事机密。被告苏斌(音)正在加拿大等待引渡。The Justice Department’s biggest success last year was when prosecutors obtained the first-ever federal jury conviction for economic espionage charges against two Americans and a corporation accused of selling DuPont trade secrets to a state-owned company in China.司法部去年最大的成就是,检方首次说联邦陪审团判定两名美国人和一家企业的经济间谍罪名成立。他们被指向一家中国国有企业出售杜邦公DuPont)的商业机密。But that was not a hacking case. The two were charged with stealing trade secrets the old-fashioned way, by poaching former DuPont employees. And in that case too, the Justice Department’s efforts to bring charges against two Chinese citizens who played a central role in the theft, and the Chinese state-owned companies that benefited from them, have stalled.不过,这不是一起网络攻击案件。两人被控以传统的方式窃取商业机密,即通过挖去杜邦公司的前员工。此外,在这个案子里,司法部意图指控在机密窃取过程中扮演核心角色的两名中国公民和这家获利的中国国企,但相关努力陷入了停滞。A look at two cases the Justice Department did bring against one Chinese-American and another Chinese citizen living in the ed States suggests that the agency has found it difficult to constructively respond to online espionage. Those two cases suggest the pressure to bring such cases may be doing more harm than good.再看看司法部针对一名华裔美国人和另一名在美国居住的中国公民的调查就会发现,该部门很难有效应对网络间谍行为。这两桩案件显示,调查此类案件的压力可能弊大于利。In Ohio, the Justice Department pursued a Chinese-American hydrologist for potential violations of the Economic Espionage Act, court documents show, but failed to find evidence and still tried to prosecute her for lesser charges that could have added up to 25 years in prison. After a review of her case revealed she was hardly a Chinese spy, the government dropped charges just before it was set to go to trial in March.法庭文件显示,在俄亥俄州,司法部调查了一名华裔水文专家可能存在的违反《经济间谍法》的行为,但未能找到据,却仍然试图用较轻的罪名指控她,而这些罪名可以并5年的监禁。由于审核之后发现她不大可能是中国间谍,政府月即将开始的庭审前撤销了指控。And in Philadelphia, a Chinese citizen who has permanent residency status in the ed States has been held in a federal detention center since September 2012, after he was accused of damaging a corporate server computer to cover up trade secret theft. There, too, the government did not find violations of the Economic Espionage Act, but has aggressively pursued lesser charges, including intentionally causing harm to a protected computer system. His trial is scheduled for November.在费城,一名在美国拥有永久居留身份的中国公民,自从2012月就一直被关押在联邦拘留中心,在那之前他被指控破坏一家公司的务器电脑,从而掩盖商业秘密窃取行为。在该案件中,政府同样没有发现违反《经济间谍法》的行为,但仍积极地对他进行较轻的指控,包括故意破坏一个受保护的计算机系统。他的庭审定1月进行。Trying another tack, President Obama signed a new executive order in April that established the first sanctions aimed at curbing foreign cyber espionage. The order authorized financial and travel sanctions against anyone participating in online attacks that posed a threat to the “national security, foreign policy, or economic health or financial stability of the ed States.”奥巴马总统又尝试另一种做法,月签署了一项新的行政命令,出台了第一批旨在遏制外国网络间谍活动的制裁措施。该命令授权对任何参与网络攻击、进而“对美国的国家安全、外交政策、经济状况或财政稳定”构成威胁的人进行财务和旅行方面的制裁。Until those sanctions are exercised, experts say the only option for curbing digital espionage may be patient diplomacy.在这些制裁实施之前,专家称,遏制网络间谍活动的唯一选择就是需要耐心开展的外交活动。“They don’t live here, so we can’t arrest them, and we’re not going to go to war over this,Mr. Lewis said. “So the key is consistent persuasion and pressure. It may be slow and it may not work. But there is no other alternative.”“他们不住在美国,所以我们不能逮捕他们,我们也不打算因为这件事发动战争,”刘易斯说。“因此,关键是不断地劝说和施压。可能很缓慢,可能没有效果。但没有其他选择。”来 /201505/374882

In 2007 I made a bet with a fellow Russian businessman. The price of oil, he told me, would never drop below again. This was the consensus among oilmen at the time. And that, I thought, was the surest sign that the oil price would soon start falling.2007年,我和一位俄罗斯商人朋友打了个赌。他跟我说,油价永远不会再跌0美元以下。这种说法是当时石油商圈子里的普遍观点。但我当时认为,这就是预示油价很快将开始下跌的最肯定信号。I told my acquaintance that the oil price could easily go down to . What determines it, I said, is not supply, demand or the cost of production. Rather, what matters is the mere perception of a potential shortage.我告诉那位朋友,油价可能轻易跌至40美元。我说,决定油价的不是供需关系或生产成本,关键因素反而是对潜在短缺的纯粹感知。The price of oil stayed high only because people believed there was not enough of it to go around. But once people believe that, consumers start looking for an alternative while producers try to pump more of the stuff and then prices fall.油价维持高位,只是因为人们相信石油不够分配。但是,一旦人们相信了这一点,消费者就会开始寻找石油的替代品,石油生产商则会努力开采更多石油,然后,价格就会下跌。I am not a professional oilman and my assumptions were based not on knowledge of geology or the rate of economic growth in China, but on the simple fact that humanity usually finds a way around any obstacle in its path.我并非专业的石油商人,我的设想并非基于地质知识或中国的经济增长率,而是基于一个简单的事实,即人类在前进道路上遇到任何障碍,通常都会找到方法绕过去。While many of my colleagues in Russia and elsewhere are arguing about when the oil price may bounce back, I am convinced that we have entered a new period of low oil prices. It is like alchemy, but in reverse: black gold, a precious substance whose price was determined by its scarcity, has turned into a black, smelly liquid that makes wheels turn. It is not the first time this has happened. The price of oil was relatively stable until the 1970s brought the psychological shock of an embargo imposed by Saudi Arabia on the export of oil to America.我在俄罗斯和其他地区的很多同行都在讨论油价可能会在什么时候反弹,我却深信,我们已经进入一个低油价的全新时代。就像是把普通金属转化为黄金的炼金术一样,但过程正好反过来:石油黑-这种由稀缺程度决定价格的珍贵物质--已经变回了那种能让车轮转动的又黑又臭的液体。这并非石油第一次被打回原形。油价一直相对稳定,直到上世0年代沙特颁布禁运令,禁止石油出口美国,带来了心理冲击。In 1975, the US started its petroleum strategic reserve, contributing to the perception that oil was scarce. Oil producers saw their main objective was to guard their oligopoly. 1975年,美国启动石油战略储备,强化了石油是一种稀缺品的印象。石油生产商认为自己的主要目标就是保卫其寡头垄断地位。没人关心生产效率这类微不足道的小事——许可的分配比这重要得多。No one cared about such trifling matters as efficiency the distribution of licences was far more important. A good lobbyist was worth more to an oil company than a good engineer. To deal with this challenge, developed countries started to invest in energy saving and new technologies, and by the early 1980s this started to yield results.The ensuing fall in oil prices eventually sapped the Soviet Union of its economic lifeblood.对一家石油公司来说,一名优秀的说客比出色的工程师更有用。为了应对这个挑战,发达国家开始投资于能源节约和新技术,到上世纪80年代初,这种投资开始产生成效。随后油价下滑,最终破坏了苏联的经济命脉。Rapid economic growth in China and India in the early 2000s changed the perception about the balance between demand for oil and its scarcity. And once again developed countries with high levels of entrepreneurial freedom set themselves to work on solving the bottleneck.2000年代初,中国和印度经济快速增长,改变了人们对石油需求及其稀缺性之间平衡的认知。与此同时,拥有较高创业自由度的发达国家再一次开始为突破这一瓶颈而努力。There was no single solution, but everyone thought of something: biofuel, wind energy, oil sands, shale.虽然没有单一的解决方法,但每个人都想到了一些对策:生物能源、风胀?油砂、页岩。It was no accident that the countries that led the innovation were liberal market economies with strong property rights, while the countries that wished to thwart these efforts were resentful of competition and riddled with monopolists. They treated private property as a concession that could easily be taken away.不出意外,引领这场革新的国家都是充分保障产权的自由市场经济,而希望挫败这些努力的国家都是憎恶竞争、垄断者遍布的国家。后一种国家把私有财产视为一种很容易被拿走的特权。Political systems based on the distribution of rent demoralise people. Political regimes based on free competition motivate people. It is because of free initiative and competition that humanity can overcome bottlenecks.建立在租金分配基础上的政治制度使人民消沉,而建立在自由竞争基础上的政治体制让人民充满动力。正是因为自由创新和自由竞争,人类才得以突破一个个瓶颈。The reason America has led the way in the production of shale oil and gas is not that it has a lot of shale many other countries have a similar geology. It is that America has a lot of economic freedom.美国之所以能够引领页岩油和页岩气的生产,其原因不在于美国的页岩资源特别丰富——其他很多国家都有类似的地质条件。真正的原因在于,美国拥有极大的经济自由度。This is a precious resource that many other countries lack. Its government does not sell licences for onshore drilling. It lets people buy land, and promises that nobody can take away from you what is yours.经济自由度是一种宝贵的资源,也是其他很多国家所欠缺的。美国政府不出售陆上钻井许可,它允许人们购买土地,并承诺任何人都不能剥夺属于你的东西。The dizzying oil prices of recent years were profoundly abnormal. The fall will turn oil production into a proper business where costs and efficiency matter more than lobbying power. This stands to make the world freer and safer, by reducing the power of illiberal regimes that thrive on oil rents.最近几年油价高得让人头晕目眩,这是极度反常的。油价下滑将使石油生产行业转变为一个正常行业,一个生产成本和效率比游说能力更重要的行业。这能够削减那些靠石油租金而繁荣的不自由政体的实力,让世界变得更加自由和安全。Two years ago, I found myself in Manaus, a unique city in Brazil’s Amazonas, in the middle of the rainforest. In the late 19th century Manaus became one of the richest and most extravagant cities thanks to the rubber it had.两年前,我去了玛瑙斯Manaus),一个位于巴西亚马逊州热带雨林之中的独特城市9世纪末,玛瑙斯因为拥有橡胶而步入全世界最富有、最繁盛的城市之列。It built a splendid Belle époque-style opera house out of Italian marble with vast domes and gilded balconies. But a few years later the seeds of the rubber tree were smuggled out of the Amazon and Brazil lost its monopoly.该市用意大利大理石建造了一座“美好时代”(Belle époque,指欧洲19世纪末至一战爆发前那段和平、繁荣的时期——译者注)风格的富丽堂皇的歌剧院,拥有巨大圆顶和镀金包厢。但是,几年后橡Then the invention of artificial rubber finally buried the entire prosperity of this tropical Paris. Manaus fell into poverty, electricity generation became too expensive and the opera house went dark. It is a powerful lesson to the futility of suppressing competition.胶树的种子被私运出亚马逊雨林,巴西失去了其垄断地位。之后,人造橡胶的发明最终葬送了这座有“热带巴黎”之称的城市的繁荣。玛瑙斯陷入贫困,电力也变得过于昂贵,这座歌剧院陷入黑暗之中。玛瑙斯的教训充分明,抑制竞争是徒劳无益的。The writer is an international businessman and chairman of LetterOne Group and Alfa Group Consortium本文作者为一名跨国商人,担任LetterOne集团及阿尔法集团(Alfa Group)董事长来 /201502/357915

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif waves from a balcony of the Palais Coburg where closed-door nuclear talks were held in Vienna, Austria.闭门核谈判在奥地利维也纳结束后,伊朗外长穆罕默德#8226;贾瓦#8226;扎里Mohamad Javad Zarif)在寇宝宫(Palais Coburg)阳台上挥手致意。Six world powers and Iran have agreed a breakthrough deal to wind back the country’s progress towards building a nuclear bomb in exchange for a sweeping reversal of international economic sanctions, bringing to a close nearly a decade of isolation for the Islamic Republic, according to officials involved in the talks.世界六大国与伊朗达成一项突破性协议,以逆转伊朗建造核弹的进程。与会官员表示,作为回报,国际社会将全面解除对伊朗的经济制裁,结束该国受到的将近10年的孤立。Details of the deal including the crucial timings and scope of sanctions relief for Iran and the range of access international nuclear inspectors will be granted over Iran’s sensitive nuclear sites are expected to be announced later on Tuesday.协议详细内容——包括解除对伊制裁的关键时点和范围、以及国际核查人员将被允许进入伊朗敏感核设施的哪些地方——预计将于周二晚些时候宣布。EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini and Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will hold a press conference at Vienna’s UN centre in the next couple of hours.几小时后,欧EU)外交事务负责人费代丽#8226;莫盖里尼(Federica Mogherini)和伊朗外长穆罕默#8226;贾瓦#8226;扎里夫将在维也纳的联合国中心召开记者招待会。Capping two years of protracted, difficult negotiations, the deal finally agreed on Tuesday morning in Vienna will put in place hard limits on Tehran’s nuclear activities for the next decade and, within weeks, begin to reconnect the 0bn Iranian economy with the world.周二上午达成的核协议,为两年来拖拖拉拉的艰难谈判画上了句号。该协议将为伊方未来十年的核活动设置严格的限制,并将在数周内开始让规模000亿美元的伊朗经济重新与世界对接。It will be hailed by many as one of the most significant foreign policy success of Barack Obama’s US presidency and decried by others including some of Washington’s closest Middle East allies as one of its most egregious failures.该协议将被许多人誉为巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)在美国总统任期内实现的最重要外交政策成就之一,也会被一些人(包括部分美国最亲密的中东盟友)贬斥为他在此期间的最大失败之一。Tuesday’s deal brings to a close a marathon two-week stretch of discussions between Iran and its interlocutors the US, Russia, France, China, the UK and Germany that have set precedents and broken records.周二达成的协议为伊朗与其谈判对手(美囀?俄罗斯、法囀?中囀?英国和德国)之间长达两周的马拉松谈判画上了句号。这次谈判不但创造了先例,也打破了纪录。Oil prices fell more than 2 per cent as news of the deal broke.协议达成的消息传出后,石油价格下跌了%。Since they began, the talks have involved the highest-level diplomacy seen between Iran and the US since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 and they have demanded the highest-level of commitment. No secretary of state has dedicated as much time to a single diplomatic objective as John Kerry.这场谈判开始后,伊美两国之间的外交互动级别之高979年伊朗国王被推翻以来从未有过的,两国最高层也根据形势需要做出了一些承诺。没有哪位美国国务卿像约#8226;克里(John Kerry)这样,在某一外交目标上投入了这么多时间。Perhaps most significantly, though, if the agreement holds, it will be the first ever case in which a country subject to chapter seven sanctions by the UN Security Council has exited them through diplomacy, rather than war.但最重要的或许是,如果上述协议成立的话,将是首次有一个联合国安理UN Security Council)依据《联合国宪章》第七章对其制裁的国家,通过外交而非战争摆脱了制裁。Attention will now turn to Washington and Tehran, where hardliners have been set on trying to scupper the talks for months. In the US, Congress will now have two months to scrutinise the agreement and then vote on whether it should be upheld. In Iran, the majlis, the country’s parliament, will also vote on the text, but it does not have a fixed timetable for doing so.现在,人们的注意力将转向华盛顿和德黑兰。数月来,美伊两国的强硬派一直在固执地企图破坏谈判。美国国会现在将有两个月时间仔细审议该协议,然后投票表决是否应该持该协议。伊朗议会也将对协议文本进行投票表决,但何时投票并无固定的时间表。来 /201507/385707

Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s minister of finance, has resigned one day after the country’s anti-austerity government scored a decisive victory in a referendum over the terms of its relationship with creditors.就在希腊公投的一天后,希腊财长亚尼斯#8226;瓦鲁法基Yanis Varoufakis)辞去了财长职务。在就希腊与债权人关系条款举行的公投中,希腊反紧缩的政府取得了决定性胜利。In a blog called “Minister No More! the game-theorist turned politican said Alexis Tsipiras, Greek prime minister, had wanted him to step down to make it easier to deal with creditors, particularly in the eurogroup of finance ministers.在一篇名为《不再任财长!Minister No More!)的客文章中,这名此前是弈论学家的政治人物表示,希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)希望他辞职,以便让希腊与债权人(尤其是各国财长组成的欧元集团(Eurogroup)中的债权人)打起交道来更容易一些。The move came after Sunday’s referendum in which voters backed Athenscall to reject a compromise with international creditors, raising serious doubts about the country’s ability to remain inside the eurozone. The No camp won 61.3 per cent of the vote and was victorious in every region of the country上周日,希腊人在公投中对希腊政府拒绝与国际债权人妥协的呼吁表示了持,这一公投结果令人严重怀疑希腊能否再留在欧元区内。在这次公投中,认为应该“说不”的阵营得票率为61.3%,并在希腊国内各个地区都取得了胜利。“Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I was made aware of a certain preference by some eurogroup participants, and assorted ‘partners for my‘absencefrom its meetings; an idea that the Prime Minister judged to be potentially helpful to him in reaching an agreement. For this reason I am leaving the Ministry of Finance today,Mr Varoufakis wrote in his blog.瓦鲁法斯基在文中写道:“公投结果公布后不久,有人告诉我,欧元集团的某些成员及各种‘合作伙伴’在一定程度上更希望我‘不要出现在’欧元集团会议上;总理对此的判断是,这可能有助于他与各方达成协议。出于这个原因,我于今日辞去财长职务。“I consider it my duty to help Alexis Tsipras exploit, as he sees fit, the capital that the Greek people granted us through yesterday’s referendum. And I shall wear the creditorsloathing with pride.”“我认为,我有责任以亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯认为的合适的方式,帮他利用希腊人民通过昨日的公投赋予我们的资本。我会以自豪的心态来忍受债权人对我的憎恨。“We of the Left know how to act collectively with no care for the privileges of office...The superhuman effort to honour the brave people of Greece, and the famous OXI (NO) that they granted to democrats the world over, is just beginning.”“我们左翼知道如何统一行动,对职位特权根本不放在心上……向勇敢的希腊人民致敬的超人般努力,以及他们给世界各地民主主义者带来的著名的‘说不’运动,才刚刚开始。”来 /201507/384615Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and his allies retained a slim working majority Monday in the lower house of Congress following mid-term elections.墨西哥星期一举行了议会下院选举,涅托总统及其盟友在中期选举后,继续在议会掌握得以维持运作的微弱多数。The run-up to Sundays poll was marked by violence, with drug cartels blamed for the deaths of several candidates.星期日举行选举之前发生了暴力事件,据称几名候选人死于贩毒集团之手。Mid-term elections usually draw a light turnout, but attention was unusually high this time as a loose coalition of radical teachers unions and activists vowed to block the vote.选民们在中期选举中通常投票并不踊跃,但由于持激进立场的教师工会和活动人士组成一个松散的联盟,誓言抵制选举,所以人们对这次中期选举表现出不同寻常的关注。The teachers demands included huge wage increases, an end to teacher testing and the safe return of 42 missing students from a radical teachers college.教师们要求大幅加薪、停止进行教师考试,并要求保一所激进的师范学院2名失踪学生的安全。Those students disappeared in September, and prosecutors say they were killed and incinerated by a drug gang. Only one students remains were identified by DNA testing.这些学生于去月失踪,检察官说,一个贩毒团伙已把他们杀害,并焚化了尸体。经DNA检测,只辨认出一名学生的尸体。来 /201506/379576BEIJING - Guo Boxiong, a former Chinese military leader, was expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) for taking bribes, according to a decision made at a meeting of the CPC Central Committee’s Political Bureau on Thursday.北京—郭伯雄,原中国军委领导,根据中共中央政治局在周四举行的一次会议上作出决定,郭伯雄因受贿被开除党籍。The political bureau also decided to transfer his case and relevant evidence to military prosecutors for handling in accordance with the law.政治局决定将郭伯雄涉嫌犯罪问题及线索移送司法机关依法处理。Guo, 73, served as vice chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) from 2002 to 2012.郭伯雄,73岁,2002年到2012年期间,任中央军委副主席一职。The decision was made after members of the political bureau reviewed and approved a report by the CMC disciplinary inspection authority on Guo’s investigation on Thursday.经中央军委纪律检查局于星期四对郭的调查报告,由政治局委员审阅后作出这个决定。Investigations found that Guo took advantage of his post to seek promotions and benefits for others and accepted bribes personally or through his family, said the statement issued after the meeting.这次会议后发布的声明中称,郭伯雄利用职务便利,为他人谋取职务晋升等方面利益,直接或通过家人收受贿赂;His acts seriously violated the CPC’s discipline and left a vile impact,; it said.“他严重违反党的纪律,情节严重,影响恶劣,”声明中说道。The statement said the CPC Central Committee on April 9 decided to put Guo under investigation according to the Party’s disciplinary rules.2015日,中共中央依照党的纪律条例,决定对郭伯雄进行组织调查。FIRM HAND AINST CORRUPTION坚决打击腐败The punishment of Guo demonstrates the firm determination of the CPC Central Committee, with Xi Jinping as general secretary, to strictly govern the Party and armed forces in line with the law, the statement said.It also shows the CPC leadership’s strong will to firmly punish corrupt officials and control corruption, the statement said.会议认为,严肃查处郭伯雄严重违纪涉嫌违法犯罪问题,充分体现了以习近平同志为总书记的党中央推进全面从严治党、依法治军从严治军的坚定政治决心,表明了党中央坚定不移惩治腐败的坚强意志。The whole Party and armed forces should be aware that the battle against corruption is still tough and complicated and should progress unwaveringly.全党和全军委都应意识到反腐这个斗争是艰苦和复杂的,我们必须坚定不移地进行下去。来 /201508/389747

North Korea has fired artillery into South Korea for the first time since 2010, and threatened further action if a recently launched propaganda campaign is not halted, Seoul said on Thursday.韩国周四表示,朝鲜自2010年以来首次向韩国开炮,并威胁称,如果最近发起的宣传活动不停止,朝方将采取进一步行动。The ministry said a North Korean rocket exploded in a border area at 3.25pm on Thursday, without causing casualties. It said South Korean artillery responded with dozens of rounds aimed at the presumed source of the rocket.韩国有关部门表示,周四下5分,朝鲜的一枚火箭弹在边境地区爆炸,未造成人员伤亡。韩方称,韩国炮兵向测算的朝方开火来源处发射了数十发炮弹作为回应。The exchange comes at a time of particular strain in inter-Korean relations, after Seoul last week accused North Korea of laying three mines on the southern edge of the demilitarised zone that divides the states. The mines were detonated by a South Korean army patrol and maimed two soldiers.此次交火发生之际,朝韩关系特别紧张。上周首尔指责朝鲜在分隔朝韩的非军事区的南部边缘埋下三个地雷。韩国陆军的一巡逻队触发了地雷,导致两名士兵身受重伤。South Korea responded to that incident by resuming loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts over the border, which had been suspended in 2004 in a goodwill gesture, at a time of better relations. Pyongyang denied responsibility for the mine incident, and said it was prepared to “blow upthe loudspeakers in response to what it called a “grave military provocation针对这起事件,韩国在边境地区恢复向朝鲜进行扩音器喊话。这种宣传活动在2004年韩朝关系较好时作为示好被暂停。平壤方面拒绝对地雷事件承担责任,并表示准备“炸毁”韩方的扩音器,以报复朝鲜所称的“严重军事挑衅”。Seoul’s defence ministry said there had been no damage to any of the loudspeakers. But in a message soon after the exchange of fire, Pyongyang said it would “start military actionif the broadcasts were not halted within 48 hours, Seoul said.韩国国防部表示扩音器未受任何损坏。但首尔方面表示,发生交火后,朝鲜传递出一个信息,称如果扩音器喊话8小时内不停止,朝方将“开始军事行动”。President Park Geun-hye responded by calling a meeting of the national security council to discuss the situation, according to a report by the Yonhap national news agency, which Ms Park’s office declined to confirm.据韩国官方的韩联Yonhap)报道,作为回应,韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)召集国家安全委员会讨论局势。朴槿惠办公室拒绝实这一消息。Ms Park came to power promising to “build truston the Korean peninsula but critics accuse her of failing to move on from the conservative policies of her predecessor Lee Myung-bak, having maintained the sanctions and low levels of aid that he oversaw. Other analysts say that blame for the lack of progress lies with Pyongyang’s lack of interest, under its young leader Kim Jong Un, in holding talks on ending its nuclear weapons programme.朴槿惠上任时承诺在朝鲜半岛“建立信任”,但批评者指责她未能摆脱前任李明Lee Myung-bak)的保守政策,因为她保持了李明出台的制裁措施和较低援助水平。其他分析人士表示,缺乏进展的原因是年轻领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)执掌的朝鲜对于弃核谈判缺乏兴趣。Thursday’s incident was the first inter-Korean exchange of artillery fire since December 2010, when North Korean shells killed four people on the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong and like that previous attack, it coincided with a joint South Korean-US military exercise.周四的事件是20102月炮击事件以来韩朝首次相互炮击。之前那次炮击中,朝鲜向韩国延坪岛开火,导致四人死亡。朝鲜的两次炮击都发生在韩美联合军演期间。On Monday a major annual exercise began with tens of thousands of troops from both nations, as well as smaller contingents from seven others including France and the UK. Pyongyang views these regular exercises as preparations for an invasion of North Korea, and routinely warns that they could result in conflict.周一,韩美开始举行大规模年度演练,双方投入数万兵力,还有另外七个国家(包括法国和英国)派来的小分队。平壤认为这些例行演习是入侵朝鲜的准备,经常警告它们可能导致冲突。来 /201508/394366

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