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原味人文风情:Think of all the hundreds of things I could do with my time if Im not thinking about clothes.想想我可以拿我的时间去做的好几百件事,如果我不用思考要穿什么衣的话。Steve Jobs had, you know, his famous black turtleneck and his jeans, his mom jeans.史提夫·贾伯斯穿,你知道,他著名的黑色高领跟牛仔裤,他的老妈裤。For Mark Zuckerburg, its a cardigan and a T-shirt.马克·祖克柏的话,就是一件开襟毛衣和一件 T 恤。Yeah, maybe thats the right idea.对啊,或许那才是对的想法。Yeah! A work uniform.对!一套工作制。I would describe my work uniform as ;business lady who can get things done.;我会形容我的工作制为「可以完成事情的上班女郎」。I would call my style ;PJ-businesslike-ish.;我会称我的造型为「上班睡衣风」。Its very ;ninjaesque-power; outfit.那是非常「忍者力量般」的穿著。Im really digging the work uniform.我真的非常喜欢我的工作制。I spent a good part of my day just pulling down my skirt, hoping it doesnt ride up.我光整理裙子就花掉一天大半时间,希望它不要一直往上跑。I have two of the same outfit.我有两套同样的衣。I wear each one for two days and then throw it in the wash.我每一套穿两天后就把它丢去洗。No one said anything to me; no ones noticed anything. I have no complaints.没有人跟我说什么;没有人注意到任何不同。我没有抱怨。Ive also been switching up the cardigan, which gives me a little bit of a change.我有换外面那件开襟毛衣,这样给我一点点改变的感觉。I have definitely been able to focus on other things, especially in the mornings.我肯定能专注于其它事情,尤其是早上的时间。Im getting a little tired of this outfit, but so far, so good. Jeanie has turned this into a challenge now.我有一点厌倦这套穿着,但目前都还好。珍妮已经把这变成一个挑战了。Its not just one week—were gonna see who can go the longest without changing their outfit. Um...and I think Ill win.这不只是一个礼拜而已--我们要看谁能撑最久不换衣。嗯...我觉得我会赢。I think, um, Justine is gonna lose.我觉得,嗯,贾丝汀会输。Because I havent been doing this in the most hygienic fashion, I havent been washing my shirt every single day...因为我不是以最卫生的方式在参加这个挑战,我没有每天洗衣...It is getting a little bit uncomfortable.这开始让人有点不舒了。I use deodorant, so B.O. hasnt been that big of an issue. But it is something Im worried about.我用体香剂,所以体味不是那么严重的问题。但那是件我满担心的事情。You can ask any of your Asian friends, but we dont really sweat that much in our armpits. And we dont have to wear deodorant.你可以问你任何一个亚洲朋友,不过我们的腋下不会留那么多汗。我们也就不需用体香剂。My boyfriend likes my smell, so he hasnt been complaining about that.我男友喜欢我的味道,所以他没有抱怨这点。Men can wear the same thing to work every day—no one really notices or cares.男人可以每天穿一样去上班--没有人真的注意到或在意。But women have something different expected of them.但对女人就有不同期待。I feel like women are expected to spend more time on what theyre wearing and on their makeup and on their hair.我觉得女人好像被期待要花更多时间去想要穿什么跟化妆还有发型。Its Day 5, and I am totally sick of this outfit.今天是第五天,我已经完全厌倦这身装。I just looked at what I have, and it was stinky and gross. And I didnt wanna put it on.我刚刚看我有什么可以穿,都又臭又恶心。我根本不想穿它。I actually really like wearing one outfit all the time.我其实很喜欢一直穿同样的衣。I dont care if people are starting to notice that Im wearing the same thing every day.我不在乎别人是否开始注意到我每天都穿一样。So I won the Work Uniform Challenge by a day.所以我以一天之差赢得「工作制挑战」。Congratulations. I think that this is, like, a concept that could actually potentially catch on as long as people are accepting of people wearing the same thing every day.恭喜。我觉得这像是一个确实有潜力会流行起来的概念,只要人们能接受大家每天都穿一样。201611/477399This rope will be a lifeline and ticket to getting out of these mountains.这根绳子就是我们走出山谷的 生命线和敲门砖This is the real deal. This is really happening.Oh, man.这可是动真格的 上帝Its a good way to learn. Weve got the vests.这是学习的捷径 我们已经穿上了救生衣Sometimes, its better just to get thrown into the deep end and go for it, you know?有时候就是要置之死地 才能后生Im a huge fan of the show,and Bear seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy.我是这档节目的超级粉丝 贝尔给我的感觉很踏实If he has fears, I dont know what they are,because he exudes that confidence.我不知道他会惧怕什么 因为他全身都散发着一种自信For that reason, hes the person Id want to be.所以 他是我的榜样That is not coming out.You think?这样就可以卡住了 你确定吗I can honestly say that Ive never been more terrified in my life.说实话 我这辈子从来没有这种and excited at the same time, so.恐惧与兴奋交织的感觉The fans are nervous,so Im gonna lower them down together.两位队员有些紧张 因此我决定把他们一起放下去Lets stand up.And lots of confidence with this, guys.站起来吧 你们一定要相信自己能行You know, a mans survival is all about that balance of confidence.要明白能不能活下来 完全取决于自信平衡度You dont want overconfidence. Thats dangerous.不能过于自信 那样很危险You dont want underconfidence.You then get tentative and make mistakes.你不能缺乏自信那样就会犹豫不决并做出错误判断Good, steady, positive confidence,confidence in your kit,好了 沉着冷静 信心十足 相信你的装备confidence in me, confidence in each other.相信我 相信彼此Okay, lets put some pressure on the rope, start leaning back.好了 抓紧绳子开始向后仰This is a feeling Ive never felt before.我以前从未有过这样的心情Ive got you.You got me? You got me, Bear?Ive got you.我抓住了 抓稳了吗 确定吗 贝尔 抓住了These guys have never rappelled off anything like this.这俩人从来没有过像这样悬垂着下山Itll give me a vital insight into their strengths and weaknesses.这能让我清楚地了解到 他们的强项和弱项Youre leaning backward. Leaning out. Thats it.你要向后仰 探出去 就这样Once youve leant back, itll come easier.一旦你向后仰了 那就容易多了Joe is struggling aly.乔已经在挣扎了It looks like heights can be a problem for him.看来高度对他来说是个问题Not like this.This is when its hard and the rope goes slack.不要这样 这样很难走而且绳子会松弛Hold it like this, right out.But I need him to trust me.像这样拿着就行了 但是我得让他们相信我201705/509613Just get a branch like this.就拿这样一个树枝Then into these gaps,Im just gonna push a lot of these birch-bark shavings.然后在这缺口里 塞进一些桦树皮屑But Im not gonna light this unless I really need to.但不到万不得已 我不会点燃它A least with this,I know I can instantly have a flaming torch in my hand.有了这个的话 我就能确保自己手上随时都有火炬了I just heard a noise out there.我听到点声响You know, Im not gonna take any chance with this.Im just gonna get this torch flaming.跟你说 我不会抱侥幸心理的 我要把这火炬点燃There you go. Hear that?就是这个 听见了吗I was once shown by a woodsman how to get a response from wolves.一个樵夫曾经教过我 如何与狼产生共鸣And if I can at least hear a response,then at least I know what Im dealing with.如果我能得到回应的话 我就知道我要对付的是什么了Okay. Hear that?That,that sounds a very long way away, there.听见了吗 这声音是从很远处传来的There you go. Hear that?Gonna try and get some sleep.又来了 听见了吗 我得试着睡会儿觉Try and slow the heart rate back down again.让砰砰乱跳的心平静一会The morning light signals the end to what has been a long, restless night.晨曦预示着 这个不安宁的长夜的结束The shelter worked well, that fire.大本营的作用发挥得不错 那火也是To be honest, though,the weak link last night was in my mind.但是说实话 昨晚那微弱的共鸣一直在我脑海徘徊You know, I really found it hard just to get back to sleep after hearing those noises.在听到那种声响以后 我真的很难入睡The fire gave me a sense of security,and Ive spotted something that means I can start another one at a moments notice.Tinder fungus!火给了我安全的感觉 我偶然一瞥 发现了让我能够再次生火的宝贝 火焰菌201704/506844

Refugees in Toronto are celebrating their new country through sewing.多伦多的难民正在通过缝纫庆祝他们的新国家。The Darzee program is teaching women how to start their own seamstress businesses and integrate to the culture in the process.这个Darzee项目是在教会女性如何开始自己的裁缝生意,并在过程中融入当地文化。Each of the women receives training and a donated sewing machine.每个妇女接受培训,并获得一台捐赠的缝纫机。You need someone to give you the rod, not the fish.你需要有人给你鱼竿,而不是鱼。Their first collection of items for sale all revolved around Canadas 150th anniversary.他们首先收集出售的物品都是围绕加拿大的第一百五十周年。The program is intended to promote self-sufficiency and give women the ability to provide for their families.该计划旨在促进自给自足,给妇女提供养育家庭的能力。They werent looking for handouts, so theyre not looking for handouts here. 他们过去不是在寻找救济品,所以他们现在不在这里寻找救济品。Theyre very capable of being able to pave their way in this country; they just need some help.他们很有能力在这个国家走上道路,他们只是需要一些帮助。译文属。201703/497456

Halloween is on Monday and we still have Youtube周一的万圣节 我们的节目照常在油管上播出which means its time once again and tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy.也就是说 又是一年一度 你要告诉你的孩子 你吃光了他们所有的糖果啦Everywhere you go, especially last couple weekends无论你去哪里 特别是近几周people ask me if youre gonna do it again.总有人会问我 会不会再录制一波节目And they answers yeah we are gonna do this然后他们说 是啊 我们还会在录制一波节目嗒Every year until they stop the kids finally figure out, but每年他们都欺骗自己的孩子 直到他们最后找到了糖果if you have kids and it isnt hard to do, in fact that its very easy you can do it at home.如果你有小孩 这一点都不难做到 很简单 你在家里就能实现No, my candy, hes gone. Where did it go? Mum and dad ate it不 我的糖 他不见了 他去哪里了 爸爸妈妈吃掉了I ate it. I ate it all and ate all your candy, i ate it. Or you can do it in a car.我吃掉了 我全吃了 我吃完了你所有的糖 或者 你在车里也可以啊I got really really hungry and ate all your Halloween candy在你上学的时候我特别特别的饿when you were at school How? What do you mean how? I ate it?所以我吃完你所有的万圣节糖果 怎么吃的 什么叫怎么吃的 我就吃了呀I dont wanna see you ever again. Go and get a jooob!我再也不想见到你了 去 去找份工作吧Little Donald Trump, I m officially inviting you d take part in your sixth annual Halloween candy Youtube chanllenge.小川普一个 我正式邀请你来参加 第六届万圣节糖果之油管挑战赛Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy Not some of it, all of it.告诉孩子们 你吃光了他们的糖 不是吃了一点点 是全部都吃完了Record it, post it to Youtube with this录下来 发送到油管上title HEY JIMMY KIMMEL- I TOLD MY KIDS I ATE ALL THEIR HALLOWEEN CANDY贴上标签“嗨 JIMMY KIMMEL - 我跟孩子说 我吃完了他所有万圣节的糖果”Wont you post the keep an eye for message from us为啥不上传你的视频 用你的油管账号to your Youtube account or go through every or put the best ones on the show next week.和我们保持联系 或者你还可以查看所有视频 选出你希望下周播出哪一段Lets make this a Halloween in your kids will remember for ever and ever. All right, bye, thanks.让这个万圣节 永远的停留在孩子们的记忆中 好的 拜 多谢观看Do you love putting buttons in subscribing into things? Then click the button to subscribe my channel and youll finally be happy.你喜不喜欢点击按钮订阅东西呢 那就在我的频道下方点击订阅吧 你一定会获得快乐的201706/515305

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/474909

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