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You really have to try to imagine你得设法去想象that every single point is moving away from every other point.每一个点都在远离其他的点So no point is special.所以没有一个位置是特殊的No matter where you#39;re standing in the universe,无论你身处宇宙何处if you look out, you will see galaxies moving away from you.眺望远方 你就会发现星系在离你远去Think of it like cities on the map of America.拿美国地图上的城市作比较If you were standing in California,如果你现在位于加利福尼亚you would see New York moving away from you.你会看见纽约向远处运动But, from the perspective of New York,而从纽约出发you would see Boston move away.会发现波士顿正在远去And if you were standing in Chicago,如果你身处芝加哥you would see New York and California moving away from you.则会看见纽约和加利福尼亚同时在远离你So, no matter where you#39;re standing,所以 不管你在哪里you see everything else moving away from you.你会发现万事万物都在离你远去In the observable universe,在可观测宇宙中the galaxies are doing exactly the same thing.同样的情形发生在星系之间The only explanation for that唯一的解释就是is that the space itself is stretching,空间本身在拉伸that the universe itself is getting bigger,是宇宙本身在膨胀not that the galaxies are moving on the space,不是星系在移动but that the space is getting bigger.而是所处的空间正在膨胀重点解释:1.no matter 无论; 不管例句:Recently, I feel tired no matter what I do.最近我无论做什么都会疲劳。2.move away 搬走例句:Please move away the desk and the chair.请把那个桌子和那把椅子搬开。3.look out 注意,留神例句:Police will be looking out for trouble-makers at today#39;s match.今天的比赛有警察防备著捣乱分子。 Article/201706/512271黑龙江妇女儿童医院不孕专家英语口语1+1:The pot calling the kettle black【1+1英文】Angela: "I'm tired of you always wearing my clothing!" Andy: "Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black? You're wearing my pants right now!"【1+1中文】安吉拉:我讨厌你老穿我的衣。安 迪:你不是在犯同样的错误?你在穿我的裤子!【1+1】"The pot" (for cooking) and "the kettle" (for boiling water) sit on the stove over the fire and become black from the flames. 中文意思:责人严而律己宽;五十步笑百步;控告别人过错,而自己也在犯同样的错误。 /200605/7018哈尔滨市儿童医院预约疯狂英语900句 03-6相关专题: /200704/12519TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/476026哈尔滨市那家医院人流做的好

哈尔滨宫颈糜烂治疗费用一般多少哈尔滨有哪些医院There was always a sense of a kind of idian world...that one sees in photographs that were done at the turn of the century, for example, by the Seeberger brothers, or different people who were documenting the bon monde, but it wasn#39;t really street style in that it wasn#39;t, theoretically, ;ordinary; people, going about their business dressed in fascinating ways.总会有那么些场景或照片记录着一个国家的变迁,比如说Seeberger兄弟还有其他这些人的照片见了bon monde,但这些都不算真正意义上的街头潮流理论上的 ;普通人;那些仅仅去做生意,或是什么事情时穿着很棒的人普通人。That really begins to happen in the 1960s, and that is the moment which Bill begins.真正的街头潮流大概开始于二十世纪六十年代Bill大概也是那时开始拍照的。On an Easter Sunday, I came back here to get film, and the phone rang and I picked it up, and it was the Times fashion critic and editorial writer Charlotte Curtis, who I knew very well.有一次的复活节我自己回来洗我的照片忽然接到了一个电话,是《纽约时报》时尚的编辑Charlotte Curtis。And she said, ;Bill, grab your cameras and get up to the Sheep Meadow as quick as you can. They#39;re having a be-in.;她让我马上带着相机去Sheep Meadow她说,;那儿正在举行be-in;。What the hell is a be-in?我完全不知道什么是be-in。I jumped on my bike and went up to the Sheep Meadow, and there were thousands of kids.于是我马上骑车跑到Sheep Meadow那儿有很多很多的年轻人。Oh! I mean, you just never saw anything like it.我从来没见过那样的场景。All the flower children, the hippies, everything,那些带着花儿的孩子,嬉皮士那一切都很新奇。All up there, and it was a lovely day, and they were lying on the grass or the dirt or whatever it was, and they were dressed.那真是有趣的一天他们都打扮的很有趣躺在草地上或是泥地里。It was marvelous, and that really did me in.那真是很奇妙完全吸引住了我。From then on, that was it, kid.从那时起,我开始拍这些年轻人。My Sundays and Saturdays...Saturdays down in SoHo, and Sundays up in the park...were completely taken.我的周末计划有了些改变周六在城里拍照周日跑到这些公园去照。That was it.就是这样。 Article/201608/460207In Louisiana,climbing up top a storm-damaged house was a great way to get saved from the air.在路易斯安那 爬上被风暴摧毁的房屋是获取空中救援的最有效手段The Louisiana extraction, Bear was quite unique.路易斯安那那集 贝尔很出色Bear was in the middle of the the devastative buildings from a hurricane.贝尔在 被暴风摧毁的房屋的顶端He#39;s got me.I then give them a big international distress singal.A big ;Y;.Means ;Yes, I need help;他们看到我了 接下来我要摆出国际通用的求救信号 双臂伸开呈Y字形 表示 是的 我需要救援Anyway they get them off,drop a very thin ladder,when you has to face the jump,然后他们放下来了 一截很细的绳梯 当贝尔准备跳过去的时候Your ankle was taller was fighting to keep miserable control the ladder was sort of fliping around.救援人员由于劳累 不能很好的控制手腕 导致绳梯在天上荡来荡去If he miss the ladder, so he dove out from the edge of the building,如果他没抓住 他就会He just will plump into into water which was full of crocos, snakes.直接掉进满是鳄鱼和毒蛇的水中When it#39;s all over, it#39;s a great sense you full near it mostly because everyone is back safely,当摄制工作结束后 我们都如释重负 全体人员能够平安获救只是原因之一but also is a sorf of great sense of bonder as well.It#39;s a great team we built up over the years.同时也是一种团队情谊 经年累月我们锻造了这个团队You got a group of people who happy to listen to each other,所有的成员都乐于聆听who like to being with each other,and they head for the same cause.互相团结 能够朝着同一个目标努力It#39;s a real privilege to be part of the show,the places we go to,the thing we say,很荣幸能够参与制作这部纪录片 遍访穷山恶水 讲述求生之道and the chanlleges we face,but above all,are the people who stand behind me every step of the way-the crew.面对各种挑战 然而更重要的是有一群人在我的背后 陪我踏出每一步 他们就是全体摄制人员Without them,This show will not be possible.没有他们的努力 就不会有荒野求生 Article/201606/449840哈尔滨人流手术In this American English pronunciation , I#39;m going to go over how to pronounce the word #39;to#39; in conversation.在这节美式英语发音视频中,我要讲讲如何在对话中发“to”的音。The word #39;to#39; is a preposition, so it#39;s a function word. Function words will normally be unstressed in a sentence.单词“to”是一个介词,所以它是一个功能词。功能词在句子中通常是非重读的。And the word #39;to#39; will even reduce. Reduce means a sound will change.So, #39;to#39; on its own: true T with the #39;oo#39; as in #39;boo#39; vowel.单词“to”甚至会略读。略读意味着发音会发生改变。所以,“to”单独发音时,是清音T加上“boo”里面的元音oo。But, in a sentence, it will become to, true T with the schwa sound.Or, it might even become to, D sound with the schwa sound.但是在句子中则会变成“to”,清音T加弱元音。甚至会变成“to”,D音加上弱元音。Using the flap T pronunciation will smooth out your line even more.使用闪音T会让你的句子更加流畅。I#39;ve looked at lots of examples to try to figure out: is there a rule for when it#39;s appropriate to use the Flap T or not?我看了很多例子,试图找出是否有规则规定用闪音T是否合适。And I#39;ve decided you can use the flap T in the word #39;to#39; any time except when the word #39;to#39; follows a word that ends in a T.然后我发现任何时候你都可以在单词“to”中用闪音T,除非“to”前面的单词以T结尾。Now, if this rule is too confusing for you, don#39;t worry about it. You can always pronounce it with a true T and a schwa, and that reduction is fine.如果这个规则让你感到迷惑,别担心。你可以用清音T加弱元音来发音,这样略读是可以的。However, a flap T will smooth things out just a little bit more.So, let#39;s look at some examples.然而,闪音T会令你的语言更流畅。所以,我们来看一些例子。We went to dinner. (loop three times) Now you#39;ll notice the word before ends in T, so I#39;m pronouncing #39;to#39; (loop two times).We went to dinner. (循环三次)你会发现“to”前面的单词以T结尾,所以我发成了“to”(循环两次)。True T, schwa sound. I#39;m not pronouncing two T#39;s. We went to dinner. (loop two times)清音T,弱元音。我没有发两个T的音。We went to dinner.(循环两次)Come to my party. Here I#39;m pronouncing the T as a flap. Duh (loop three times). Come to my party. (loop two times)Come to my party。这列我把T发成了闪音。Duh (循环三次). Come to my party.(循环两次)Much smoother than #39;Come to my party#39;. Come to my party.比“Come to my party”这样发音要更流畅。Come to my party.Let#39;s go to the store. Here, #39;to#39; is pronounced duh (loop two times). Go to (loop two times), go to the (loop two times). Let#39;s go to the store.Let#39;s go to the store。这里的“to”发成了“duh”(循环两次)Go to (循环两次),go to the(循环两次). Let#39;s go to the store.I wanted to get more. Wanted to (loop two times). Notice I#39;m not pronouncing two D#39;s here. Wanted to. The first D, at the end of #39;wanted#39;, is a stop. Wanted to.I wanted to get more. Wanted to(循环两次)。注意这里我没有发两个D的音。Wanted to.“wanted”结尾的第一个D变成了一个停顿。Then I#39;m pronouncing #39;to#39; with the flap T schwa sound. Wanted to (loop three times). I wanted to get some more.然后我把“to”发成了闪音加弱元音。Wanted to (循环三次). I wanted to get some more.Did you notice that I did not pronounce the T sound in the word #39;wanted#39;? I said wanted, I dropped the T.你注意到单词“wanted”里我没有发T的音了吗?我说的是wanted,省略了T。This is not an uncommon practice when the T follows an N.这在T前面是N的情下是很常见的。Other examples: #39;center#39; becomes cenner (loop two times). Or, interview can be pronounced innerview (loop two times).另外一些例子:“center”变成了“cenner”(循环两次)或是,“interview”发成了“innerview”(循环两次)。Dropping this true T smooths out speech.省略清音T会令讲话更流畅。Even though I dropped the T, the -ed ending still follows the rule for a word that ends in T or D, and is pronounced with the #39;ih#39; as in #39;sit#39; vowel and the D consonant.即使省略了T,结尾-ed依旧符合结尾是T或者D的规则,所以发音时是“sit”里面的元音“ih”加上辅音D。Wanted is a fairly common word. Don#39;t be afraid to pronounce it #39;wannid#39; (loop two times)“wanted”是一个非常常见的单词。不要害怕把它发成“wannid”(循环两次)You#39;ll notice many native speakers pronouncing it this way.I wanted to get some more. I thought to myself...(loop two times)你会发现很多英语母语者就是这样发音的。I wanted to get some more. I thought to myself...(循环两次)Here I#39;m pronouncing #39;to#39;, tt, with a true T because the word before ends in a T.Notice though, I am not pronouncing two T#39;s. I thought to myself. (loop two times)这里我发成了清音T因为前面的单词以T结尾。但是要注意,我没有发两个T的音。I thought to myself. (循环两次)We#39;re going to your play. Going to (loop two times) flap. We#39;re going to your play.We#39;re going to your play. Going to (循环两次)闪音。We#39;re going to your play.Don#39;t forget to reduce and link the word #39;to#39;. It#39;s a very important part of this stressed/unstressed nature of American English.不要忘了略读和连读单词“to”。这在美式英语的重读/非重读规则中是很重要的一部分。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/515555哈尔滨未成年打胎

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