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Yes,Its a very funny movie with Jason Sudeikis,Emma Roberts and Ed Helms.这是我和Jason Sudeikis,Emma Roberts和Ed Helms合作的搞笑电影And Its, he is a drug dealer who then has to end up smuggling a lot of marijuana across the border.他是一个卖毒品的 最终开始走私毒品He needs to create a fake family.他需要组建一个冒牌家庭So that hes acceptable as hes coming back over the border.这样等他回来就能顺利过境And he tries to basically solicit all of us to become a part of his family.I resist.他恳求我们能组建一个冒牌家庭 我拒绝了But heres the scene.We could hardly show a clip这是一个场景 我们基本不能播每个片段because none of them are good for daytime television因为都不适合白天节目No,So this what we could show.This is what you get.不合适 所以你只能放这些 我只能放这些Because you play a stripper.I play a stripper.Yeah.因为你演个脱衣舞娘 是 我演个脱衣舞娘All right.I really really like it.Dont.Just dont alright?好的 我非常非常喜欢啊 别 千万别Ok.Hi,mom.Jesus.Hmm.Whos that.That,That is your daughter,Casey.Hey.好吧 妈! 天哪 嗯 那是谁? 你女儿凯西 嗨Uhhmm.I want three thousand now.Why?我现在就要3000块 为什么?Okay.Lets stay off the flight.No,okay.Fine,Fine.Blood sucker.那行 我下飞机了 别 好吧 你这个贪财鬼Hmm,Aright.Happy wife,happy life.Hi,kids.不错 当人老婆过得好 孩子们!Start making room for your mother.给你们老妈腾点地方Okay.Hey!Oh,no.Wait,I didnt.Aw.喂! 不 不我们有 哎呦Alright,we will be right back with Portia de Rossi after this.Woo!好 我们马上回来 采访Portia de Rossi。哦! /201604/437622。

  • Stamp duty印花税Unexpected bills不招人喜欢的税收Why stamp-duty tax cuts may hurt homebuyers削减印花税如何让房屋购买方受损“TODAY Im cutting stamp duty for millions of homebuyers,” crowed George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, on December 3rd when announcing reforms to stamp duty, a tax on buying property. Yet hidden in the forecasts of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) is an assumption that implies most homebuyers will be made worse off by the tax cut. For every one percentage-point reduction in the tax, the OBR assumes that house prices will rise by 1.4%, leaving buyers with a bigger overall bill.“今天我将为百万购房者削减房产印花税,”12月3号,乔治·奥斯在宣布房产印花税(一项针对购房征收的税收)改革的时候高兴的合不拢嘴。但是,预算责任局(OBR)的预测中却隐藏着这样一个假设,大多数购房者会因为减税而遭受损失。OBR预测印花税每下降一个百分点就意味着房价会上涨1.4%,对于消费者来说总出提高。At first sight, this seems odd. Economics suggests that the sensitivity of buyers and sellers to changes in the price—“price elasticity”, in the jargon—influences who ends up paying most for “transaction taxes” like stamp duty. Housing supply is not very responsive to price: it is hard to build homes quickly to take advantage of a price spike. That means, according to economic reasoning, that, if stamp duty is cut, you would expect prices to rise and sellers to benefit more than buyers.乍一看,这个观点似乎没什么道理。经济学家认为买方和卖方对于价格变动的灵敏度,即经济学术语中的“价格弹性”,会影响谁最后为“交易税”比如印花税买单。房屋供给对价格的变化并不那么敏感:很难在价格峰值期内投机大量建造房屋。也就是说,根据经济学的推论,如果削减房产印花税,房价会按人们估计的上涨,卖方比买方获益更多。What economists would not expect, though, is that buyers would end up absolutely worse off. So why are buyers left with a bigger overall bill? Mortgages are key to solving the mystery. Most buyers are what economists call “credit-constrained”. What they can splash out on a new place is limited by what they can borrow. And the amount they can borrow depends in part on how much cash they can put down as a deposit.但经济学家不会估计购买者利益最后一定会受损。那么为什么印花税的削减会导致买方最后出的总价更多?房屋贷款是揭开谜底的关键。大多数购房者就是经济学家所称的“信贷受限者”。他们能在购买房屋上挥霍的多少受限于他们能够借到多少。他们能够借到的数额又在某种程度上取决于他们能够拿出多少现金做抵押金。Stamp duty—a bill which must be paid immediately on buying property—drains that cash. When it is cut, buyers can put down higher deposits and borrow more. As a result, demand rises, pushing up the price enough to more than offset the benefit of the tax cut.房产印花税——必须在购房时马上付的一项税收——榨干了他们可以作为抵押的现金。在印花税得到削减的同时。这部分人可以拿出更多的抵押金,借到更多的钱。这导致需求上涨,推动房价上涨,直到足以抵消减少印花税所带来的优惠。If the OBR is right, buyers of a property that cost £300,000 before the change in stamp duty now face £4,000 less tax but a price £5,600 higher. Buyers who were not previously in the market but can now afford a deposit will benefit, but this group is small. The main winners are homeowners, who benefit from higher house prices.如果OBR的预测是对的,那么在印花税改革前一套价值30万英镑的房屋,如今减少了4000英镑的税收但价格却提高了5万6千英镑。之前那些没有购房但现在可以拿出抵押金的人群将会受益,但是这一群体的数量很少。大部分的受益者还是房屋持有者,他们可以从高房价中赚取差价。There is a parallel with the governments flagship intervention in the housing market: Help to Buy. That scheme aims to assist buyers who cannot afford deposits by providing them with government loans. But its biggest effect is to boost demand and hence prices. Homeowners keep winning from government policy.有一项政策与政府房地产市场的主要干预并驾齐驱:帮助购买。该计划旨在通过提供政府贷款来帮助那些无力付抵押金的人们。但是它最大的作用是刺激需求,然后抬升价格。房屋所有者是政府政策中永远的赢家。译者:胡雅琳 校对:王颖 译文属译生译世 /201412/349890。
  • Italian politics意大利政治A golden opportunity绝佳机会The split of Silvio Berlusconis party could boost the governing coalition贝卢斯科尼政党的分裂将推动政治联盟T WAS meant to be a christening, but it turned into a funeral. On November 16th Silvio Berlusconi, a media tycoon, rebranded his party, the People of Freedom (PdL). Henceforth it will be Forza Italia (Come on Italy), the name of his political vehicle before 2007 when he merged it with the more right-wing National Alliance to form the PdL. But the much-vaunted rebirth provided the occasion for a split. A faction loyal to the interior minister, Angelino Alfano, stayed away from the relaunch congress. And on the same day Mr Alfano, once the billionaire businessmans designated successor, announced a new group in parliament called the New Centre Right (NCD). This looks as if it will evolve into a separate party.字母T意味着一场宗教洗礼,但结果却是一场葬礼。在11月16号传媒大亨贝卢斯科尼重新命名了自己的政党人民自由党。因此人民自由党会改名为加油意大利,这个名字还是在2007年他与右翼国家联盟融合而形成自由人民党之前取的名字。但是这场声势浩大的更名事件成为了政党分裂的导火线。持内政部长安杰利诺·阿尔法诺 (Angelino Alfano)的一些派系不持重新召开国会。在同一日阿尔法诺这位曾经身为亿万商贾的既定继承人,宣布国会出现一个新的政党即新中右翼党。按发展形势看它将发展为一个独立的政党。The split offers Enrico Lettas coalition a glittering opportunity to introduce the economic reforms that Italy urgently needs if its economy is to move ahead in the years to come at more than a snails pace. The OECD this week predicted that unemployment (12.5% in September), and debt as a proportion of GDP (133%) would both continue to rise, even as the economy creeps out of recession next year.人民自由党的分裂将给莱塔提供一个绝妙的机会来引进经济改革,如果意大利的经济不想在接下来的几年再以蜗牛的速度增长的话,这个经济改革是迫切需要的。本周经济合作与发展组织预测失业率(9月份是12.5%)和债务占GDP(133%)的比例将会持续增长,尽管明年经济会爬出衰退的困境。Cohabitation between the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), to which Mr Letta belongs, and the NCD may never be easy. But the government will be able to get on with its job now without having to worry that Mr Berlusconi might at any moment pull the rug from under it. That threat had aly receded: Mr Alfano and his fellow-rebels blocked an attempt by Mr Berlusconi last month to destroy the coalition. The formation of the NCD makes the threat even more remote. All the PdLs ministers joined the rebellion, pushing Mr Berlusconi and his reborn Forza Italia into opposition alongside the Northern League and the maverick Five Star Movement of Beppe Grillo, a comedian.莱塔所属的中右翼民主党和新中右翼党的联合从来就没顺利过。但是现在政府可以不用担心贝卢斯科尼说不定在什么时候跑出来捣乱。这种威胁以及变弱了:阿尔法诺和他的叛军伙伴们在三个月就阻碍了贝卢斯科尼对联盟的摧毁。新中右翼党的形成让这种威胁变得更加遥远。所有自由民主党人士都加入了反抗,这导致贝卢斯科尼和他重生的加油意大利党站到了北方联盟和喜剧演员毕普·格里罗(Beppe Grillo)领导的特立独行的五星运动的对立面。Mr Berlusconi launched his failed coup last month in retaliation for what he sees as the PDs refusal to prevent his expulsion from parliament following his conviction for tax fraud in August. The senate is expected to vote for his ejection on November 27th. Disagreements over his fate are not, however, the only reasons for the split in the PdL. The rebels tend to be closer to the centre. And they are impatient with Mr Berlusconis autocratic style of leadership.贝卢斯科尼自认为人民党拒绝阻止自己因为8月份被定罪为税收诈骗而被驱逐出国会,为了报复这一事件,他开展了一个失败的政变。在11月27号参议员要求对是否驱逐贝卢斯科尼做出投票。然而,就他的判决结果产生的分歧不是人民自由党分裂的唯一原因。反派者越来越中立。他们已经对贝卢斯科尼专制的领导风格失去了耐心。That was also the reason for the last big split on the Italian right. In 2010 a previous Berlusconi lieutenant, Gianfranco Fini, stormed out of the PdL to form his own party. He and his followers have since been reduced to virtual irrelevance, a point the television magnate made forcefully to Mr Alfano in the gruelling negotiations that failed to prevent the latest split. But there are differences between the two revolts. Mr Alfanos followers in parliament are more numerous: 30 in the 321-member senate and 27 in the 630-seat chamber of deputies. And whereas Mr Fini led his disciples into the wilderness of opposition, Mr Alfano is assuring his of a place in the governing majority, if not the government.这也是上次意大利政权严重分裂的原因。2010年前贝卢斯科尼中尉芬妮(Gianfranco Fini),迅速的离开自由民主党创建他自己的政党。他和他的跟随者从此沦落为无关紧要的人物,这是在那次激烈的谈判上电视巨头向阿尔法诺强调指出的,尽管这次谈判未能阻止的了最近的这场政党分裂。但是这两次反抗还是有不同之处的。阿尔法诺在国会的跟随者占多数:在321个参议员中有30人,在630个下议院人员中有27人。尽管芬妮只是与自己的跟随者做出公开的反对,但是阿尔法诺在执政岗上保了自己的地位,就算不是在政府里面。His rebellion poses the intriguing question of whether, as Mr Berlusconi reportedly fears, Italys newly fortified coalition might be the basis for something more ambitious. Since the early 1990s, when Italy began experimenting with bipartisan politics as an alternative to the broadly based coalitions that had governed Italy for the previous 40-odd years, some have insisted that the country is inherently unsuited to two-party democracy and would benefit from a powerful centre party. Mr Alfano and Mr Letta, who are on good personal terms, both emerged from Democrazia Cristiana, the old Christian Democratic Party, which spanned the middle of the political spectrum and dominated Italys post-war politics.他的反叛存在着一个耐人寻味的疑问,正如报道所称贝卢斯科尼也有所忌惮的,那就是意大利新强化的联盟或许是一些更加雄心壮志的事情的基础。自90世纪早期,即意大利开始尝试着把两党政治作为之前统治意大利40多年的多党联盟的替代品以来,一些人坚持认为意大利的国情不适合搞两党民主,国家会从一个强大的中心政党中获利。有着良好个人关系的阿尔法诺和莱塔,来自基督民主党,这个党派曾扩张到政治权利的中心并主宰着战后意大利的政治。Much will now depend on the achievements of their coalition and on whether it can reignite economic growth. And for that, the government will need more courage than moderation.现在更多的是取决于联盟的成效以及这是否会重新促进经济的增长。所以,政府需要的不是中庸之道而是勇往直前。翻译:谢林红 译文属译生译世 /201511/408688。
  • French education法兰西教育Bac blues会考后的忧伤Moves are afoot to reconsider Frances harsh grading system法国正在考虑改革它苛刻的成绩评级制度WARY of competition when it comes to global markets, the French embrace it wholeheartedly in the classroom. As school pupils enjoy the end of their summer holiday, few will relish a return to their harsh grading system. Termly reports in secondary schools record pupils marks, in Cartesian fashion, to the nearest two decimal points. Every child knows how they compare with the average. A result at the school-leaving baccalaureat exam of 16 out of 20 is considered outstanding. For younger children, a dictee to test spelling is marked by progressively deducting points for every error, which can crush the grade down to zero, or even into negative territory.提到全球市场,就少不了竞争中“战战兢兢,如履薄冰”的心态。而法兰西一心要将这种小心翼翼奉为教育的信条。享受美好假期的孩子们一想到要回到学校那苛刻的分级制度,一个个就像霜打的茄子一样愁容满面。中学记录学生成绩的学期报告会使用笛卡尔的算法,将大家的成绩精确到小数点后两位。毕业会考的成绩在16到20分之间的孩子才会被评为优秀。而对于这些小朋友们来说,拼写测试中的听写就是扣分的战斗机,分数被一个一个的错误蚕食鲸吞,这会使得他们的分数跌至零分甚至是负分。 Benot Hamon, the education minister, thinks the system, at least for younger people, is too harsh. He argues that “in France we are defined by failure”, and this begins with poor grades. He wants schools to “stimulate instead of discourage” and to give pupils more positive feedback. Mr Hamon has launched a review of the national grading system. It is due to report early next year.法国教育部长努瓦·哈蒙认为,这样的教学体制,最起码对年轻人来说实在是过于苛刻。这位教育部长认为“在法国,我们被定义成了不及格”,并且都始于过低的分数。他希望学校对学生是“鼓舞促进而不是使其丧失信心”,并且希望学校可以给学生更多积极的反馈。哈蒙部长推出了一份关于全国教育分级制度的反思,这份检讨将于明年早些时候公诸于世。Mr Hamons concern seems to be over the stress and anxiety that harsh grading inflicts on French schoolchildren, and the lack of confidence that this engenders in a country that is aly excessively pessimistic. Fully 75% of the children say they worry about getting poor marks in maths, for example, according to a study by the Paris-based OECD think-tank—only just less than the figure of 78% in South Korea, and far above the 46% in Sweden.哈蒙部长似乎是想结束苛刻分级制度给法国中小学生造成的紧张与焦虑,并提升因此制度造成国家过于悲观而缺乏已久的自信。例如,根据位于巴黎的经合组织智库发布研究数据,足足有75%的孩子表示他们担心自己的数学成绩会越来越差。在此项调查上法国仅略低于韩国,但是却远远高于瑞典,在韩国,这样的孩子占到78%,而在瑞典,却只有46%。Last year the education ministry reported on an experiment in middle schools, in which marks out of 20 were abandoned in favour of comments, or vague letter grades. Boys, the report noted, disliked a less competitive environment more than girls; stronger pupils disliked it more than weaker ones. But by creating less stress over failure, the report found, pupils were encouraged to take risks and participate in class, and often became more confident.去年,法国教育部在中学进行了改革实验,在这些学校中,笛卡尔的打分方式被摒弃,取而代之的是意见或者是模糊的字母等级。报告指出,和女生相比,男生对于这种竞争压力小的环境并不太感冒;与那些相对弱一些的学生相比,那些成绩优异的学生也不喜欢这样的弱竞争氛围。但是研究者们还发现,及格带来的压力减轻使学生们受到了鼓励,更愿意冒险尝试并且参与课堂活动,并且自信也与日俱增。Curiously, it was parents rather than pupils who most resisted the absence of grades. They worried about over-protected children, and the difficulty of judging their progress. If Mr Hamon is to get anywhere, he may find that his biggest obstacle is pushy parents.而奇怪的是,最反对模糊分数的不是学生,而是各位小朋友的家长。这些家长担心对孩子的过度保护会难以判断其长进。如果哈蒙部长随处看看,他或许会发现,其实教育中最大的改革就是这些爱出风头的固执父母。 翻译 周晓婷 校对 邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201507/387112。
  • Shoemaking制鞋业Asian brogue亚洲花皮鞋Exports help to revive the high end of Britains decimated shoe industry进口帮助拯救英国衰落的高端制鞋业FROM the attic of his cramped old factory in the middle of Northampton, Stephen Etheridge, the head of Churchs, a shoemaker, gazes down on the deserted bus station next door. He explains how his company will soon be expanding to fill the four-acre (1.5-hectare) site, creating 100 or so jobs in the process. The move has caused a stir in Northampton, about 70 miles north of London, as it is the first time in living memory that a shoe company is growing rather than closing. The recent success of a venerable old firm like Churchs, founded in 1873, reflects a wider revival of Northamptons luxury shoemakers, buoyed by the insatiable Asian appetite for a bit of old English craft and class.北安普顿中部,在他狭窄又老旧的工厂阁楼里, Churchs鞋业公司的老板Stephen Etheridge凝视着隔壁废弃的汽车站。他解释说他的公司将很快进行扩建,重新利用这四英亩(1.5公顷)的土地,这个过程会创造约100个工作机会。这一行为在位于伦敦北部约70英里的北安普顿引起了轰动,因为这是人们记忆中第一次有鞋厂要扩张而不是倒闭。成立于1873年的Churchs公司令人尊敬而又历史悠久,它最近的成功反映了北安普顿高端鞋业的广泛复兴,这是由亚洲源源不断地追求经典英格兰工艺和品位的欲望而提振的。There was a time when the city of Northampton and its surrounding towns did little else but produce shoes. The industry there employed tens of thousands of people in hundreds of factories, small and large; fortunes were made making millions of boots for the army during the first world war. But that era of mass manufacturing came to a calamitous end in the 1980s as production moved overseas to take advantage of cheaper labour. Now Britain imports almost all its shoes. There were fears that the whole industry might become extinct. But posh bootmakers like Churchs, Joseph Cheaney and Loake clung on. They employ hundreds of people each, rather than the thousands of old Northampton, but they have now found a very profitable niche in the global market and are prospering as never before.曾几何时,北安普顿和周边城镇专致于制鞋。在这个行业里,大大小小几百个工厂雇佣了好几万工人;一战期间因给军队制作几百万双靴子而大赚了一笔。但大规模制造的时代在20世纪80年代惨淡收尾,原因是为利用廉价劳动力,生产都挪到了海外。如今英国所有的鞋几乎都是进口的。有人担忧这整个产业也许会就此消失。但像Churchs, Joseph Cheaney和 Loake这样的奢侈鞋业公司坚持下来了。它们各雇佣几百人,而不是像以前的北安普顿一样雇佣几千人,但他们在国际市场发现了盈利之处,正在史无前例地繁荣发展着。Loake is still a family-run firm, making shoes in the same factory in nearby Kettering that the founding brothers built in 1894. Like all the areas luxury cobblers Loake only makes “goodyear welted” shoes, a 300-year-old process whereby the shoe is stitched together. This time-consuming and expensive technique gives the footwear strength and durability. As Andrew Loake, the current head of the company, explains, all shoes used to be made like this until the advent of cheaper injection-moulding. “So,” he explains, “our shoes have moved from being mass-commodity items to being specialist and different.”Loake还是一个家族企业,其制鞋厂为Loake家族三个兄弟于1894年在凯特灵附近建立,如今他们依然在这里制鞋。就像所有地方的奢侈鞋业一样,Loake只制造“固特异工艺”的鞋,这是一种将鞋子缝合在一起、拥有300年历史的工艺。这种耗时又昂贵的技术使鞋子有了强度和耐久性。现任董事长Andrew Loake解释说在更廉价的注射成型技术出现之前,所有的鞋子都是这样做的。In that sort of market, argues Mr Loake, the only way to go is to make shoes better rather than cheaper. His company now uses higher-quality leather than it did in the 1980s. Each shoe takes eight weeks to make, involving about 200 processes. Some of these havent changed for a long time. But that is exactly what new consumers, particularly in Asia, want to pay for. Exports now account for over one-third of its sales, and have been increasing steadily over the past decade. Loakes biggest export market is Sweden. Its second-biggest is South Korea, reflecting, says Mr Loake, “a hunger for high-quality goods” in Asia.Loake先生表示,在那样的市场中,唯一的方式就是让鞋子更好而不是更便宜。他的公司如今用的高质量皮革比20世纪80年代用的还好。每一只鞋都要花八周来完成,包括约200道工序。有些工艺在很长一段时间内都没有变过。但这正是新的顾客群,尤其是亚洲顾客所想花钱购买的。现在出口已经占了销售量的三分之一以上,自从过去十年来就一直在稳步增长。Loake最大的出口市场是瑞士。第二大出口国是韩国,Loake先生说这反映了亚洲对“高品质商品的渴求。”Churchs is also doing well in the East. Although it is now owned by Prada, an Italian luxury-goods company, it sells itself as the quintessential English manufacturer. To control the Churchs brand, it sells almost half of its products through its own bespoke shops—four in Hong Kong, two in Shanghai, and one in Singapore. It is trying to open one in Beijing, too. Prices are steep, rising to £1,000 (,500) a pair. But, even producing 5,000 pairs a week, the company cannot meet demand—hence the expansion of their factory in Northampton. If the 21st century does belong to Asia, at least its masters will be well-shod.Churchs公司在东方的表现也不错。尽管它现在在意大利奢侈品公司Prada的旗下,它仍以经典英国制造商为卖点。为了维护Churchs的品牌,它约半数的产品都通过店铺订做——香港有四家店,上海两家,新加坡一家。它也正规划在北京开一家店。鞋子价格不菲,涨到了约1000英镑(1500美元)每双。但是尽管每周都生产5000双鞋,该公司依然供不应求-所以才需要位于北安普顿的工厂扩建。如果21世纪确实属于亚洲,起码这个世纪的主人穿的鞋还不错。译者:王颖 校对:石海霞 译文属译生译世 /201505/375758。
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