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大理市妇幼保健院妇科人流巍山县妇科疾病哪家医院最好的云南省大理市第一人民医院做输卵管通液多少钱 Schumpeter熊彼特Angst for the educated大学毕业生的担忧A university degree no longer confers financial security大学学历已经不再保金融安全Sep 3rd 2011 | from the print editionMILLIONS of school-leavers in the rich world are about to bid a tearful goodbye to their parents and start a new life at university. Some are inspired by a pure love of learning. But most also believe that spending three or four years at university—and accumulating huge debts in the process—will boost their chances of landing a well-paid and secure job.发达国家数百万的高中毕业生将要含泪告别他们的父母,开始新的大学生活。有些人被纯粹热爱学习鼓舞着。但是大部分人同样相信在大学待三、四年,虽然在这个过程中累积了大量的债务,但他们获得高薪稳定工作的几率将会大大增加。Their elders have always told them that education is the best way to equip themselves to thrive in a globalised world. Blue-collar workers will see their jobs offshored and automated, the familiar argument goes. School dropouts will have to cope with a life of cash-strapped insecurity. But the graduate elite will have the world at its feet. There is some evidence to support this view. A recent study from Georgetown University’s Centre on Education and the Workforce argues that “obtaining a post-secondary credential is almost always worth it.” Educational qualifications are tightly correlated with earnings: an American with a professional degree can expect to pocket .6m over a lifetime; one with merely a high-school diploma can expect only .3m. The gap between more- and less-educated earners may be widening. A study in 2002 found that someone with a bachelor’s degree could expect to earn 75% more over a lifetime than someone with only a high-school diploma. Today the premium is even higher.他们的长辈们经常告诫他们,教育是武装自己投身于全球化世界的最好的方式。蓝领工人看着他们的工作岗位迁往海外且被自动化代替,相似的言论此起彼伏。中途辍学的学生将要面对资金短缺的无保障生活,但是优秀毕业生则事业有成。有据来明该观点,乔治城大学教育和劳动力中心最近的一项调查认为,“获取高中以上的书总是值得的。”教育上的资格书与收入紧密相关:一位拥有专业学位的美国人终其一生可以赚取360万美元,而仅仅只有高中文凭的人其一生可以赚130万美元。教育程度高与教育程度低之间的差距可能已经扩大。2002年的一项调查发现,本科学历的人一生将比高中学历的人多赚75%,现在,这个数据甚至更高。But is the past a reliable guide to the future? Or are we at the beginning of a new phase in the relationship between jobs and education? There are good reasons for thinking that old patterns are about to change—and that the current recession-driven downturn in the demand for Western graduates will morph into something structural. The gale of creative destruction that has shaken so many blue-collar workers over the past few decades is beginning to shake the cognitive elite as well.但是,过去是未来的可靠向导么?或者我们处于工作和教育之间关系重新解读的起点么?旧模式将要改变的想法是有原因的——目前因经济衰退而导致对西方毕业生的需求减少,这将会转变成结构性的。在过去几十年里曾经抢走很多蓝领工人饭碗的一系列的创新,现在也开始对认知的精英构成威胁了。201109/152518Whats on your playlist?你的播放列表里有什么?You know, definite, techno, the usual.你知道的,非常明确,电子什么的,一向如此。Before Steve Jobs, did the word playlist even exist?在史蒂夫?乔布斯之前,歌词播放列表曾经有过吗?Well, when I was a radio DJ, we used playlists.嗯,当我还是一名电台DJ的时候,我们就曾用过播放列表。All right, never mind. He did give us an entire new way to listen to music. He didnt invent the MP3 player. He just saw possibilities in it that others had overlooked. He made it simple, sturdy and sexy. Look at this thing.好吧,没关系。他给了我们一个全新听音乐的方式。他并没有发明MP3播放器。他只是看见了所有人都忽略的可能性。他的技术简单、坚定、性感。看看这个。And he didnt just change the way we listen to music, he changed the entire music business, he changed well everything.他不只是改变我们听音乐的方式,他改变了整个音乐事业,他改变了一切。词语解释:1. playlist n. 播放列表2. sturdy a. 壮的,结实的201111/162211大理市都有哪些妇科医院

大理市打胎要多少钱UN: Significant Progress in Providing Aid to Quake Victims in Haiti联合国:海地援救工作取得重大进展The ed Nations reports significant progress has been made in providing assistance to hundreds of thousands of quake victims in Haiti. A senior U.N. official says the relief operation is being scaled up on all levels, with shelter topping the list of priorities.The ed Nations says things may be improving, but the crisis in earthquake-devastated Haiti is far from over. U.N. officials report nearly one-half million people have left the capital Port-au-Prince for outlying areas. They say 90 percent of these people are staying with host families who are in need of assistance.联合国表示,尽管情况可能有所改善,遭受地震灾害的海地经受的危机还远远没有结束。联合国官员报告说,有将近50万人已经从首都太子港搬往周边地区。他们说,这些人中有90%被寄宿家庭收留,这些家庭需要援助。U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs John Holmes calls Haiti a particularly difficult and complicated operation. He says he understands the frustration of aid workers who are not able to quickly reach the survivors with desperately needed assistance. 联合国负责人道主义救援事务的副秘书长霍姆斯说,在海地的行动是一次特别困难和复杂的行动。他说,他理解一些援救工作者的沮丧情绪,因为他们无法迅速帮助那些急需帮助的幸存者。"What I think we can see now is that we are beginning to make really significant progress in doing that, particularly on the food side, but, in some other areas as well," Holmes said. "So, the scaling up is happening significantly now ... But, we still have a significant way to go before we reach everybody with the aid that they need." 霍姆斯说:“我想我们现在看到的是,我们开始在这方面有了重大的进展,特别是食物方面,不过在其他方面也有进展。所以,目前的救援力度已经显著增加,但是要为所有人提供他们需要的援助,我们还有很长的路要走。”Holmes says health care for the injured and sick is getting better, although it still is not good. He notes most life-saving operations have taken place. But vital drugs are still lacking, and there need to be more surveillance systems to monitor the outbreak of epidemics.霍姆斯说,为伤者和病患提供的医疗务有所改善,尽管仍然不太乐观。他指出,大部分救死扶伤的手术已经进行完毕。但是仍然缺乏重要的药品,而且需要有更多监测系统以监控流行疫情的爆发。201002/96176祥云县妇幼保健医院好不好 追求自由之风袭来时,领带一度被男人们搁置,代之以休闲的装束。然而如今,领带又一次成为商业人士的必备之物。领带代表着什么, 潮流、归属感、美观、力量?Ties, Ties, Ties!Mo Rocca looks at the history of the tie, from accessorizing dictated uniforms to signifying freedom of expression, and what it has done for men's fashion over the ages.For fans of fashionable neckwear for men, what's old is new again. Now Mo Rocca who follows these matters has his own ideas about that. Way back in the 1990s, freedom was ringing everywhere. Women were making huge inroads in the workplace. As for men, business casual would liberate them from the stranglehold of the tie. Millions of American males heard the cry. Mr. Businessman, tear off that tie! But reports of the tie's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, today ties are back. What do you think this tie says? It says first says it is a matter second says it's stylish. It makes me feel a little bit one of our people. It makes me feel empowered and makes me feel good like I am actually a businessman. OK. I am not. Sales are way up among 20-somethings. Andrew Escobar manages the John Varvatos store in New York City. I really just found with us you could throw a tie almost on anything and it kind of just ups the look a little bit. Makes a look a little bit more refined. And yet you can still leave your jeans on and your Chuck Taylors on. And it still has a rock'n'roll-edge. It is not surprising that the tie has survived. After all, ties and men have been bound for more than a millennium. Among the earliest models these knotted scarfs worn by Chinese soldiers of the 3rd century . What I'm putting around my neck right now is a proud descendant of a line going back 300 years. Back then, men wore cravats wide ruffled and unapologetically impractical. Over time the cravat became today's necktie. By the middle of the 20th century, though, the tie had lost much of its personality. It had become obligatory. Part of a uniform dictated from on-high. Then the arrival of business casual sounded the death knell for the tie. Or did it? There is not as much social pressure to wear a tie. Wearing now, it becomes more of a, you know, an interesting piece that stands out more. In fact, men have embraced the responsibility of choosing what to wear to work, and more and more they are choosing the tie. In one word, how does that tie make you feel? Powerful! Clean, smooth! Clean, smooth! You look okay. That's fine about it, they are so good. I guess proper. Probably it's the first way to go to work. Ok. So it gives you respectability. Sure. Because you wouldn't wear a suit with that color and pattern. Right? (Absolutely I wouldn't). Actually what do you look like? Kinda cool, I think? (ur, well, without a suit...in the suit, yeah,yeah) Maybe a little modest. You would never get a job. There is a tie for every occasion, season or mood. This one makes me feel dependable; this one makes me feel like a seventh grade English teacher; this one makes me feel minty fresh. Men's fashion a lot of guys complain they don't have a lot of choices. But the tie is the one area where you can really letter a wrap, right? Sure, yeah. You definitely have a lot of freedom. Of course, freedom isn't just an American value. (undefined language) He is from Albania and he has a beautiful tie. And so today's man is no longer required to wear a uniform. Instead he is fit to be tied.03/63855大理不孕不育中心

大理民族医院妇产中心Fasion at Emmys A look at what the stars were wearing at the 60th Emmy ceremony. It’s a big thing, take the pictures when everyone’s walking and GMA’s own fashion cop and ambassador of fun Terren Winterberg was there and she’s at the New York Theater when in the latest morning, Terren.Look in good Terron, look in good.Yea, sure.Woo, thank you. I like the sound that like fashion cop. Fashion cop.Very cool, the good news is I didn't, fashion carp, the good news is I did not make any rest last night, but it is the biggest night of the television industry. But everybody knows what really matters, it’s all about the fashion. Take a look at the red carpet / recap. The red carpet was in a word, bright. I thought yellow was gonna be a little risky, but apparently I mistake.The sun was shining. It’s very warm.I am melting, but it’s worth it. And the jewelry, sparkling. Kind of looks like a grape .It’s good enough to eat, but it’s not. It’s a kind of a grape that could tell you if you ate it, or if you losted it.But these fashions are no joke.Get to keep your mind when you dressing for this these things, what’s not gonna wrinkle, it’s not gonna show your penny line s. What’s gonna be floras from the beginning to the end of the night. To be try on 700 dresses at the end of the one just thing you need, you go if you like.Like my mom sums up when I look into the mirror, she says "OK, girl, you are right."Isn’t it hard to navigate in the carpet in New York ceremony with this behind you.It’s allowed me to turn around, it’s not pretty, but that’s not //you just have to pretend you do this everyday. I wear this to bed. Ah, and just like Brooke, I too wore my warm emmy dress to bed. No actually, I 've dressed up all night, but the greatest part is I think that everybody play it pretty safe on the red carpet, but that means they really wore any fashion Misses. But I do want to mention the guys, the guys side the joy. Because they can be put the fashion forward. Who’s suck out to me was pd, he’s wearing a velvet bow tie, a velvet lapel and even a velvet shoes. Sort of that was pretty unique, guys back in New York. What is it? Velvet?Taking notes,Velvet tie, velvet shoes. What was your favourite?Yes, I /What was your favourite?Er,, my favourite, I would say it was // yellow, one shoulder. I thought she looked so elegant and it just fit her like a // which is absolutely stuning. What was yours?Er.. I really did like//. I like //her shirt was really./Her figure is amazing, and // looks great every year.Every year. But we got to say, yeah, it was beautiful, what’s on the big hair? Cathy //, what’s up with the big, big hair. I know.You know it’s funny you ask that. It’s she looks like Marshall Cross that she said it was an inspiration.///200810/54444 Most lakes are long and thin with even beds. These lakes are some of the deepest in Europe. Lake Loen is more than 100 meters deep. The paddling is hard work,but the view makes it all worthwhile. With a canoe or a kayak,you can get to places that otherwise would be inaccessible. The peace and quiet combined with the spectacular views all make this an 1 experience. Lake Loen is an absolute highlight of any trip to Norway. Southern Norway is one of the most mountainous regions in Europe. The average annual temperature swings from 8 degree along the western coast to below freezing in the mountains. If the summer temperaturs aren't too hot,some of the highest peaks have snow all year round. Trees cannot grow here------a barren wilderness of immense beauty. In Stryn,not far from Lake Loen,there is a summer ski resort. An international kite skiing federation has been here for only a few years. Kites have a long tradition as a means of movement in Norway,but kite skiing itself is a very new sport to the Alps. With soft hills,wide valleys and no -overhead power cables,areas like Stryn are ideal for it. L.A. straps into his skis and attaches himself to the kite. The Norwegians are 2 their new-found passion for kite-skiing. What L makes look easy and gentle requires a lot of practice. The wind needs to be strong enough to give the kite-skiiers power,enabling them to gain enough speed to make high jumps. 注释:① inaccessible adj. 难达到的;难接近的;难见到的例句:1. Heavy snow made the mountain village inaccessible to traffic. 大雪使车辆进不了这个小山村。 2. The scientist discovered the plant in the most inaccessible reaches of the jungle. 这位科学家在丛林深处最难进入的区域发现了这种植物。② spectacular adj. 壮观的,惊人的;公开展示的例句:1. The new play was a spectacular success. 这出新戏获得了巨大的成功。2. The goalkeeper made a spectacular dive to save the goal. 守门员做了一个精的鱼跃动作救回一球。③ highlight vt. 突出;强调;使显著;加亮n. 最精的部分;最重要的事情;加亮区例句:1. The highlight of our tour was seeing the palace. 我们旅游中最有意思的活动就是参观宫殿。2. It is one of the highlight of the match. 这是比赛中最精的项目之一。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157258大理市人民医院妇科检查怎么样大理市中心医院在那儿



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