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陕西西安交大第二附属医院 胃肠科收费贵吗延安妇幼保健院消化病网上挂号今天,苹果最新发布了三则iPhone 5广告和一则EarPods广告。广告延续了苹果一贯的风格,分别以;Thumbs;, ;Cheese;, ;Physics;和;Ears;为主题,突显了苹果的4英寸屏幕,仍可一指操作功能、全景拍摄模式、大屏幕,薄机身和耳机不该是圆的这样的设计理念,一切只为用户体验。Thumbs——4英寸屏幕,仍可一指操作In spite of the taller screen, the iPhone’s display is still usable with one thumb, because Apple used “common sense” to make it bigger, but not too big.虽然iPhone 5的屏幕变长了,但你仍然只需一个拇指就能操作,因为苹果公司是根据“常识”将屏幕做大,但又不至于太大。广告词:;Your thumb, it goes from here, to here. This bigger screen goes from here, to here. Now that’s either a, an amazing coincidence, or b, a dazzling display of common sense. Pretty sure its the common sense thing.;Cheese——全景拍摄模式The ad shows a man trying to take a picture of a group of kids in costumes, using the iPhone’s Panorama functionality to capture the whole group.这则广告展现了某人想要为一群穿着戏的孩子们拍照,他使用iPhone的全景拍摄功能捕捉下了所有人。广告词:;Every picture tells a story, of course some stories are bigger than others.OK, guys here we go, everybody say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee…[breathes in]…eeeeeeeessssseee.Got it!;Physics——大屏幕,薄机身It asks how’s it possible that the iPhone can be bigger, but also smaller - referring to the bigger screen of the device and its thinner form factor.这则广告提出iPhone如何在变大的同时变小的疑问,此话指的就是iPhone 5的屏幕变大了,而机身却变薄了。广告词:There are laws to physics, right? So explain this, how can something get bigger, and smaller? There’s more of it, and less of it. Well, I guess the laws of physics are more like, general guidelines.Ears——耳机不该是圆的Apple#39;s last ad focuses on the new EarPods. It explains how headphones should be ;ear-shaped; instead of round.最后一则广告说的是苹果新推出的耳机——EarPods。广告中说明了耳机为何不该是圆形的,而应该是像耳朵一样的形状。广告词:Ears are weird. I dunno what shape that is, but its not round. So why would headphones be round? They should be shaped like this. Ear shaped. You know, so they fit in your ears. Article/201402/275659渭南胃病胃肠专家qq电话 Follow these nutritional guidelines for women to lower your risk of disease and cancer.遵循下面的女性营养指导意见,降低疾病和癌症的风险。You Will Need你需要Diet rich in carbohydrates, calcium, and iron富含碳水化合物,钙和铁的饮食Knowledge of calorie requirements了解热量需求Vitamin D维他命DLimit of fat consumption限制脂肪消耗量Protein蛋白质Doctor#39;s referral for a multivitamin (optional)医生的多种维生素指引Steps步骤STEP 1 Obtain calorie intake1.热量摄入Obtain your recommended calorie intake by going to mypyramid.gov. Calorie amounts depend on age, sex, and activity level. A good rule of thumb is 13 calories per pound of body weight for a sedentary person of either sex, 16 calories per pound for a moderately active person, and 18 calories per pound for a vigorously active person.登录mypyramid.gov了解建议的热量摄入量。热量数量取决于年龄,性别和活动水平。一个经验法则就是,无论哪一种性别,久坐的人每磅体重需要13卡路里的热量,中等强度活动的人每磅体重需要16卡路里,活动强度比较大的人每磅体重需要18卡路里。STEP 2 Add carbohydrates into diet2.饮食中添加碳水化合物Reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease by adding complex carbohydrates that are found in high-fiber and unrefined foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products, and legumes.添加复杂的碳水化合物,降低糖尿病,肥胖和心脏病的风险。高脂肪和未加工的食品,例如水果,蔬菜,全谷食品和豆类食品中含量丰富。Women should get 25 grams of fiber a day before the age of 50 and 21 grams a day after age 50.女性在50岁之前每天需要摄入25克纤维,50岁之后每天需要摄入21克纤维。STEP 3 Acquire calcium3.摄入钙质Get 1,000 milligrams of calcium up to the age of 50 and 1,200 milligrams after age 50. Getting sufficient calcium is effective for reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, reducing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, preventing stroke, and treating osteoporosis.50岁之前每天摄入1,000毫克钙,50岁以后每天摄入1,200毫克。摄入足够的钙对于缓解经前综合症,降低高血压,高血糖,防止中风,治疗骨质疏松症效果显著。STEP 4 Attain iron4.补充铁质Get 18 milligrams of iron if you are between 19 to 50 years of age, 8 milligrams for 51 and older, and 27 milligrams if you are pregnant. Dried beans, fortified cereals, pasta, beef, and poultry are foods high in iron.如果你的年龄在19岁至50岁之间,每天摄入18毫克铁,51岁以上每天摄入8毫克铁,妇每天摄入27毫克。干扁豆,强化麦片,意大利面,牛肉和禽肉中都含有丰富的铁。STEP 5 Get vitamin D5.补充维他命DGo outside to get 5 to 20 minutes of exposure to the sun a week, or eat foods such as fish, eggs, milk, and cod liver to get your daily recommended amount of vitamin D. Women need 200 international units under the age of 50 and 400 international units for ages 51 and older.每周到室外晒太阳5至20分钟,或者食用鱼,鸡蛋,牛奶和鱼肝等食物,获得每日建议量的维他命D。50岁以下的女性需要200个国际单位的维他命D,51岁及更年长的女性每天需要400个国际单位的维他命D。STEP 6 Limit fats in diet6.限制饮食中的脂肪含量Maintain a diet with a fat consumption below 30 percent of your daily calories. Avoid foods high in saturated and trans fat such as margarine, palm oil, fried foods, and commercial baked goods. Incorporating monounsaturated fats such as salmon and olive oil into your diet is healthy for your heart.保持脂肪含量低于每日热量30%的饮食。避免含有饱和脂肪酸和反式脂肪酸的食物,例如人造黄油,棕榈油,油炸食品和烘烤食品。饮食中混合单不饱和脂肪,例如三文鱼和橄榄油,对心脏有益。Ask you doctor about taking a multivitamin if you#39;re worried about fitting the recommended daily amounts into your diet.如果不确定饮食中如何添加建议量的多种维他命,向医生咨询。STEP 7 Include 60 grams of protein7.60克蛋白质Include 60 grams of protein -- the amount in about 6 ounces of chicken -- into your daily diet. Too much protein can raise your risk of osteoporosis and calcium loss in your urine. Stay healthy by staying within these guidelines.每天摄入60克蛋白质,大约6盎司鸡肉中的蛋白质含量。过多的蛋白质会增加骨质疏松症的风险,还会导致钙质通过尿液损失。遵循上面的指导方针,保持身体健康。Iron functions primarily as a carrier of oxygen in the body, but it also aids in immune function, cognitive development, and temperature regulation.铁在体内主要作为氧的载体,但是还可以辅助免疫系统,认知发展和体温调节。视频听力译文由。 /201404/284830西安北环医院肠胃科在哪个区

三门峡市中心医院胃肠科地址Don#39;t spend all your time fussing with your face in the summer. Learn how to do your makeup right so you can spend your time in the sun.炎热的夏天不要把所有的时间花费在和自己的脸做斗争上。学习一下如何打造夏季妆容,这样你就可以花费更多时间晒日光浴了。You Will Need你需要Oil-free cleanser无油洗面奶Towel毛巾Sponge海绵Tinted moisturizer保湿润色粉底霜Powder foundation粉底Blotting paper吸油纸Bronzing powder古铜粉Fluffy brush蓬松的刷子Light makeup浅色化妆品Tinted lip bal着色护唇膏Eyeliner眼线笔Eye shadow眼影Waterproof mascara (optional)防水睫毛膏(可选)Oil-based remover (optional)油性卸妆水(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Wash first1.洁面Wash your face with oil free cleanser in a cool room to limit sweat. Then blot your face dry with a towel.在一个清凉的房间内用无油洗面奶洗脸,防止出汗。然后用毛巾把面部擦干。STEP 2 Sponge on moisturizer2.涂保湿润色粉底霜Sponge on a tinted moisturizer SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin from the sun. Let the moisturizer absorb for 10 minutes before applying your foundation.涂抹防晒系数为15或更高的保湿润色粉底霜,防止皮肤被阳光晒伤。让保湿霜吸收10分钟的时间,然后再涂粉底。STEP 3 Smooth on foundation3.涂粉底Smooth foundation over spots where you need extra coverage, around your nose, under your eyes, and over blemishes.在斑点,鼻子周围,眼睛下部和瑕疵等需要额外遮盖的地方涂抹粉底霜。STEP 4 Add bronzing powder4.添加古铜粉Apply bronzing powder to your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose with a loose, fluffy brush to keep it from densely packing on the color. Glowing skin enhances the whiteness of eyes and teeth.前额,脸颊,下巴和鼻子用蓬松的刷子刷一些古铜粉,防止颜色太过密集。散发光的皮肤更让你显得唇红齿白。Apply lighter makeup in the summer that won#39;t cake. Shade slightly, but allow your skin#39;s natural color to come through, too.夏季使用不容易结块的浅色化妆品。涂上薄薄的一层,但是还可以让皮肤能够散发出自然的光。STEP 5 Control shine5.控制油光Control shine with blotting paper, followed with a luminescent powder to keep it all looking natural in the bright sun.用吸油纸吸走油光,然后涂一层冷光粉,让皮肤在明亮的阳光下看起来更自然。STEP 6 Color lips6.唇部上色Color your lips with a subtle, tinted lip balm. Use a natural-looking nude shade or invisible lip liner for definition. The waxy film will prevent colors from bleeding in the heat.用浅色的着色护唇膏为唇部上色。使用比较自然的裸色或看不见的唇线笔勾勒形状。蜡膜可以防止颜色在炎热中晕染。Use waterproof mascara during the humid months, but use oil-based remover to prevent a build up.湿润的天气使用防水睫毛膏,但是使用油性卸妆水,以防结块。STEP 7 Shape the eyes7.眼部妆容Use neutral shades of shadow to make your eyes pop, and shape your eyes with colorful liner. Put on a bikini and hit the beach.使用中性的眼影,让眼部更加突出,用色眼线笔来描绘眼睛形状。穿上比基尼,向沙滩出发!Ancient Egyptian workers considered oils that guarded skin from the effects of sun and wind to be a vital part of their regular wages. Grievances were filed during the reign of Ramesses III when they were withheld.古埃及工人认为保护皮肤免受风吹日晒的油是他们日常工资重要的一部分。拉美西斯三世统治时期将这些油扣留,遭到工人不满。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/290803商洛第一人民医院胃肠科地址查询 What do I do if I know my spouse is having an affair with a friend of mine?如果我的朋友和我的伴侣有不正当关系怎么办?If you find out that your partner; your spouse, and your friend have been cheating on you, and have been having an affair,it#39;s a double whammy. It#39;s a double betrayal. Not only is it a betrayal by your partner who you#39;ve trusted, but also by your friend you#39;ve trusted; you#39;re losing two for the price of one.如果你发现你的伴侣或者配偶与你的朋友欺骗你,有暧昧关系,这真是祸不单行。这是双重的背叛。不仅仅是被你信任的伴侣欺骗,也被你信任的朋友欺骗;你会由于一个人的失误失去两个原本最亲近的人。Finding out that someone you#39;ve cared about; your friend, your husband or wife is having an affair is traumatic. You are going to have many emotional reactions. The bottom may feel like it#39;s falling out of your life. Who can you trust? The most important thing is to build self-trust because you#39;re going to have lots of feelings; lots of feeling towards your partner,lots of feelings about your friend, and lots of feeling about yourself and what the betrayal is doing to you.想一下你最在乎的人;你的朋友,你的丈夫或妻子发生暧昧关系确实会给你造成严重的创伤。你肯定会有很多情感反应。在你心底好像感觉整个生命都失去光。你还可以信任谁?最重要的是建立自我信任,因为你会有很复杂的感受,对你的伴侣,你的朋友,甚至你自己,产生许许多多复杂的感受,这就是背叛给你造成的伤害。It#39;s really important now, above all, to take care of yourself; to be really gentle and really loving as you rebuild. Whatever actions you end up taking at the end of this, right now the place to begin is to truly hold yourself, rebuild trust. The first question that comes up often is “How could I have been so dumb?” “How could I be so blind-sided?”现在最重要的是照顾好自己,重建信任的过程中对自己充满温柔,充满爱意。无论你最终会采取什么措施,最先开始的肯定是重建信任。你最先想到的问题通常是“我怎么会这么愚蠢呢?”“我怎么这么麻木呢?”So, start by rebuilding trust, awareness, and awakening in you. Take good care of yourself. That#39;s where you begin.所以,从重建信任,知觉和内心的觉悟开始。照顾好自己。从这里开始。Thanks for watching How To Act If Your Spouse Is Having An Affair With Your Friend.感谢收看“伴侣和朋友发生暧昧关系怎么办”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201312/270535西安妇幼保健院胃肠科地址

西安451医院胃病胃肠价格China#39;s air force J-10 fighters conduct air refueling中国空军歼10战机空中加油Air refueling is the process of transferring fuel from one aircraft to another during flight. Earlier in Nanjing, China#39;s J-10 fighters conducted air refueling runs during a training exercise.空中加油是在飞机飞行期间将燃料从一架飞机传送到另一架的过程。此前在南京,中国歼-10战机在一次训练中完成空中加油。The tanker aircraft waits for other planes that need to refuel. With air-to-air refueling, pilots can extend their combat range and perform more complex missions.运油飞机等待其他需要加油的飞机。通过用空中燃料补给,飞行员可以扩展作战范围,执行更复杂的任务。For fighter pilots, fuel is a weapon. They can take off with less fuel, allowing them to carry more bombs for their mission对于战斗机飞行员,燃料也是一种武器。少带燃料起飞,为他们携带更多炸弹执行任务提供了便利。 Article/201404/288172 Make some extra cash by cleaning out your closets and clearing out the clutter with these tips.根据下面的建议清理一下衣柜,既可以赚取一点额外的现金,又可以清理掉垃圾。You Will Need你需要Used clothes穿过的旧衣Internet access上网Garage sale旧衣物拍卖Resale shops转售商店Flea market or mom-to-mom sale跳蚤市场或母亲之间直接售卖Charity慈善机构Neighbors (optional)邻居(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Gather and inspect the clothing1.收集并查看衣Clean out your closets and drawers. Make sure all clothes are clean and free of stains and holes.清理橱柜和抽屉。确保所有的衣都是干净整洁,没有污渍和破洞的。STEP 2 Organize the clothes2.整理衣Divide the clothes according to size, gender, and season.根据尺码,性别和季节分类。STEP 3 Investigate the internet3.网上调查Investigate different sites on the internet, such as eBay or other auction or classified sites that specialize in selling used clothing.调查互联网上不同的网站,例如eBay或者买卖网,或者专门出售装的分类网站。Carefully examine the site#39;s terms and conditions, including their commission rates.仔细查看该网站的条款和条件,包括他们的雇佣率。STEP 4 Organize a garage sale4.组织旧衣物拍卖Organize a garage sale. Be specific in your advertisements as to the type of clothing and sizes you have to attract the right customers.组织旧衣物拍卖。集中宣传衣的类型和尺码,必须吸引正确的客户。Recruit neighbors to join with you and advertise a neighborhood sale to lure more customers.招募邻居一起加入你的行列,为社区旧物品拍卖打广告,这样可以吸引更多顾客。STEP 5 Call resale shops5.致电转售商店Call resale and consignment shops to see what types of clothes they take. Accurately describe your offerings and set up an appointment.致电转售商店和托卖品商店,看一下他们接受哪种类型的装。准确地描述你的衣物,进行预约。STEP 6 Rent space at a children#39;s sale6.在儿童商店租用空间Rent a table at a flea market or mom-to-mom sale in your area if you have kid#39;s clothes to get rid of. This may also be a good outlet to rid yourself of maternity clothing you will not need any more.如果你要处理小孩衣,在跳蚤市场租用一张台面或在本地区的母亲之间直接售卖。这也是处理你不再需要的妇装的好方法。STEP 7 Donate clothes to charity7.捐赠给慈善机构Donate used clothes to charity. Get a receipt for the donated items and write off the donation at tax time. Donations are the quickest and easiest way to rid your house of extra items and will also make you feel good about yourself.把你的旧衣捐赠给慈善机构。捐赠的物品要索要收据,用来抵消税收。捐赠是处理家中多余物品最快速最简单的方法,也可以让你感到心情舒畅。Americans buy over 2 billion pairs of shoes every year.美国人每年购买超过20亿双鞋子。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/305911天水妇幼保健院肠胃科地址查询庆阳市第一人民医院胃肠科要预约吗



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