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What risks is the People Insurance Company of China able to cover?中国人民保险公司承保的险别有哪些?What risks should be covered?您看应该保哪些险?What kind of insurance are you able to provide my consignment?贵公司能为我的这批货保哪些险呢?It better you to can the leaflet, and then make a decision.你最好先看看说明书,再决定保什么险These kinds of risks suit your consignment.这些险别适合你要投保的货物May I ask what exactly insurance covers according to your usual C.I.F terms?请问根据你们常用的CIF价格条件,所保的究竟包括哪些险别?It important you to the ;fine print; in any insurance policy so that you know what kind of coverage you are buying.阅读保险单上的“细则”对你是十分重要的,这样就能知道你要买的保险包括哪些项目Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇PICC (People Insurance Company of China)中国人民保险公司risk insured, risk covered承保险项risk险别to provide the insurance为……提供保险leaflet说明书fine print细则 3687。

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.不好意思让您久等了That’s OK.没关系Mr. John is tied up (忙)at the moment.John先生现在很忙When shall I try him again?我什么时候可以再打过来?Could you call back in 30 minutes?你可以过30分钟后再打过来吗?Yes, I well.好的 61。

General Motors Co. said its Shanghai GM joint venture received permission from Chinese authorities to build an eight billion yuan (.3 billion) factory to manufacture its Cadillac brand, boosting the auto makers ambition of becoming a larger player in Chinas booming luxury-car market.通用汽车公司(General Motors Co.)说,其上海通用(Shanghai GM)合资企业获得中国有关部门批准,将斥资人民0亿元建设一个生产凯迪拉Cadillac)品牌汽车的工厂,以此推动这家汽车厂商在中国蓬勃发展的豪华车市场大展拳脚的雄心Weve decided that the luxury market is going to grow and we want a bigger share, said Dayna Hart, a spokeswoman for GM in China.通用汽车中国公司发言人何黛娜(Dayna Hart)说,我们确定豪华车市场将出现增长,而我们希望获得更大的份额。Many of the leading premium auto brands, including Daimler s Mercedes-Benz and BMW , are looking at single-digit percentage gains this year as growth in the premium market slows. In 2012, BMWs China sales rose around 40%.包括戴姆勒公Daimler )旗下梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)和宝BMW )在内的众多领先高端汽车品牌均预计,随着高端市场放缓,今年的增长幅度将在10%以下012年,宝马在华销售增长约40%。Shanghai GM first disclosed plans for a Cadillac factory to supply the Chinese market in April 2012. The National Development and Reform Commission recently approved the plant, a GM spokeswoman said.上海通用012月首次披露建立凯迪拉克工厂以供应中国市场的计划。通用发言人说,国家发改委不久前批准了这家工厂。Last month, GM said its Chinese joint ventures would invest billion by 2016 to expand their combined production capacity by 30% to five million vehicles a year.通用汽车上个月说,其中国合资企业将在2016年之前投10亿美元,将综合产能扩0%,达到年00万辆。The Detroit-based auto maker earned 0 million in the first quarter from its Chinese joint ventures, estimated Barclays. GM doesnt separately break out its China profit.据巴克莱(Barclays)估计,这家底特律汽车厂商的中国合资企业今年一季度营收.5亿美元。通用汽车不单独披露在华利润。The Cadillac factory would be able to produce up to 150,000 vehicles a year when completed. Construction is scheduled to begin in June, but a U.S. spokesman couldnt say when production would begin. The facility will be built in Jinqiao, Shanghai, where GMs biggest joint venture, Shanghai GM, and GM Chinas headquarters are located.这家凯迪拉克工厂建成后,将能够年产至5万辆车。工厂定于今月开始施工,但一位美国发言人未能说明何时投产。该工厂将建在上海金桥,通用汽车最大的合资企业上海通用以及通用汽车中国公司的总部也在这里。GM launched its Cadillac XTS sedan here in March. GM has also introduced refreshed editions of the luxury SUV SRX, Cadillacs best-selling model in China. GM has said it would bring Cadillacs global portfolio to China by adding one model per year through 2016.凯迪拉克XTS轿车于今月在中国推出。通用汽车还推出了新款SRX,这款豪华SUV是凯迪拉克在中国最畅销的车型。通用汽车说,将把凯迪拉克的全球产品阵容引入中国,从现在起016年每年增加一款车型。Last year, Cadillac sold just 30,000 vehicles in China. GM said in January it aimed to increase Cadillac sales to 100,000 a year here by 2016. GM has said its longer-term goal is to take Cadillacs share of the luxury-car market to 10% by 2020.去年,凯迪拉克在中国仅售万辆车。通用汽车今年1月说,其目标是到2016年将凯迪拉克销量增加到每年10万辆。通用汽车说,较长期目标是020年让凯迪拉克占豪华车市场的份额达0%Cadillac remains a tiny player in the premium space in China and faces an uphill battle competing directly with the German three luxury players, said Janet Lewis, an analyst with Macquarie Securities. For every Cadillac sold in China, BMW sells roughly six of its cars and Audi NSU.XE +0.80% nine, she said.麦格理Macquarie Securities)分析师刘易斯(Janet Lewis)说,凯迪拉克在中国高端市场实力仍然较弱,并且面临着与德国三大豪华车厂商直接竞争的硬仗。她说,凯迪拉克在中国每卖出一辆车,宝马差不多能卖出六辆,奥迪(Audi )卖出九辆。Car sales in China rose 7.1% in 2012 to 15.5 million vehicles, according to the semiofficial China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. The Chinese premium car market accounts for 9% of all passenger-car sales, according to consultancy McKinsey amp; Co., compared with 4% in Japan and 6% in South Korea.据半官方机构中国汽车工业协会的数据,2012年中国汽车销量增.1%,至1,550万辆。咨询机构麦肯锡公司(McKinsey amp; Co.)的数据显示,中国高端车市场占乘用车总销量的9%,日本和韩国的这一比例分别%%。McKinsey expects 12% annual growth through 2020, outperforming 8% growth projected for the broader car market.麦肯锡预计,豪华车市场从现在020年每年增幅将2%,超过总体汽车市场8%的预期增幅。The consultancy expects Chinas premium car market to reach three million units by 2020 and says the country could become the worlds largest premium car market as early as 2016, ahead of the U.S. and Germany.麦肯锡预计,中国高端车市场的规模020年将达到300万辆,并说中国最早将016年超过美国和德国成为全球最大的高端车市场The potential of premium segment is still big with many consumers upgrading their first car. If the product is good then the risk can be quite low, said Yale Zhang, managing director of Automotive Foresight (Shanghai) Co., an automotive consulting company in China. Cadillac will gain market share in the foreseeable future.在华汽车业咨询公司Automotive Foresight (Shanghai) Co.的董事总经理张豫说,随着许多消费者对第一辆车进行升级换代,高端车领域仍然有很大的潜力;如果产品出色,那么风险可能很低;凯迪拉克在可预见的未来将赢得市场份额。The GM spokeswoman didnt comment directly on recent moves by the Chinese government to encourage officials to deploy domestic brands in their fleets, but noted other segments of the market promised growth.通用的发言人没有直接中国政府鼓励官员为公务车队配备国产品牌的举措,但强调市场其他领域仍有增长希望There are a lot of young and affluent buyers out there interested in buying luxury cars, she said.她说,有很多富有的年轻买家有兴趣购买豪华车。Macquaries Ms. Lewis said that to win over such consumers, GM would have to convince them that American brands can be luxury brands. I think for now Chinese consumers associate old-world, European with luxury, rather than new world, American, she said.麦格理的刘易斯说,为了争取这样的消费者,通用汽车必须让他们相信,美国品牌也可以是豪华品牌。她说,我觉得中国消费者现在是将“老派欧洲范儿”与豪华联系在一起,而不是“新世界的美国范儿”。来 /201305/239268。

Occupy May Day went global on Tuesday, as demonstrations stretched from California to New York and from Europe to the Caribbean, CNN reported.据美国有线新闻网报道,从加州到纽约,从欧洲到加勒比海地区,占领抗议者五一举行全球性示威游行。In California, protesters scheduled a rally against allegedly unfair labor practices at Los Angeles International Airport. In New York, hundreds of protesters marched from Bryant Park to Union Square.加州抗议者在洛杉矶国际机场集会,对所谓的劳动不公待遇表示不满。数百人在纽约游行,人群从布莱恩特公园一直延伸到联合广场。May Day protests were also held in Greece and Turkey with thousands of protesters gathering on the squares.希腊和土耳其也发生多起抗议活动,数千人于多个广场集会。Marches were also planned to Trafalgar Square in London, where police closed streets and arrested three men in Exchange Square.伦敦抗议者试图在特拉法尔加广场游行,警察封锁了周边街道,并在交易广场抓捕了三名示威者。来 /201205/180424。