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鸡东县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养蛇颈龟品种介绍种类区别豹斑象龟喂养养殖指南 Finding the ideal working habits that will allow me to write as consistently as possible is always something I’m exploring as a writer.As I’ve said before, I try to make it a habit to write first thing in the morning. It helps me to focus and ensure that I’m getting my writing done.I love ing about my favorite writers and what writing habits led to their success. Below, I share with you some of my favorite writers’ work habits … and it’s obvious that there’s no single way to success. Some like to write a certain number of words or pages every day, others were happy to write a page or a sentence. Some liked to write long-hand, others did it on index cards. Some wrote standing up, others lying down.There’s no one way that works. Do what works for you (and share it in the comments!). But maybe you’ll get some inspiration from these greats, as I have.1. Stephen King.In his book On Writing, King says that he writes 10 pages a day without fail, even on holidays. That’s a lot of writing each day, and it has led to some incredible results: King is one of the most prolific writers of our time.2. Ernest Hemingway.By contrast with King, “Papa” Hemingway wrote 500 words a day. That’s not bad, though. Hemingway, like me, woke early to write to avoid the heat and to write in peace and quiet. Interestingly, though Hemingway is famous for his alcoholism, he said he never wrote while drunk.3. Vladimir Nabokov.The author of such great novels as Lolita, Pale Fire and Ada did his writing standing up, and all on index cards. This allowed him to write scenes non-sequentially, as he could re-arrange the cards as he wished. His novel Ada took up more than 2,000 cards.4. Truman Capote.The author of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “In Cold Blood” claimed to be a “completely horizontal author.” He said he had to write lying down, in bed or on a couch, with a cigarette and coffee. The coffee would switch to tea, then sherry, then martinis, as the day wore on. He wrote his first and second drafts in longhand, in pencil. And even his third draft, done on a typewriter, would be done in bed — with the typewriter balanced on his knees.5. Philip Roth.One of the greatest living American writers, Roth works standing up, pacing around as he thinks. He claimed to walk half a mile for every page he writes. He separates his work life from personal life, and doesn’t write where he lives — he has a studio built away from his house. He works at a lectern that doesn’t face the view of his studio window, to avoid distraction.6. James Joyce.In the pantheon of great writers of the last century, Joyce looms large. And while more prolific writers set themselves a word or page limit, Joyce prided himself in taking his time with each sentence. A famous story has a friend asking Joyce in the street if he’d had a good day writing. Yes, Joyce replied happily. How much had he written? Three sentences, Joyce told him.7. Joyce Carol Oates.This extremely prolific writer (see her bibliography on her Wikipedia page!) has won numerous awards, including the National Book Award. She writes in longhand, and while she doesn’t have a formal schedule, she says she prefers to write in the morning, before breakfast. She’s a creative writing professor, and on the days she teaches, she says she writes for an hour or 45 minutes before leaving for her first class. On other days, when the writing is going well, she can work for hours without a break — and has breakfast at 2 or 3 in the afternoon!What are your writing habits? Share in the comments! /200901/60173What can you do to recall your dreams more often and interpret them more clearly? The experts offer these tips: 为了更容易回忆起梦境并阐释它的意义,你应该怎么做才好呢?以下是专家们提供的一些方法: 1. Incubate an idea.Before you go to sleep, consciously think about a topic or a person you'd like to dream about. Pose a question that's troubling you and see how your dream responds to it. Follow these tips so you will be able to interpret your own dreams. 酝酿你的想法。在你入睡之前,下意识地去想你希望梦到的某件事情,或是某个人。提出一直困扰你的问题,然后看看梦境是如何为你解答的。按照这些方法做,你就能解释自己的梦境了。 2. Keep track.Next to your bed, place a pad and pen, or a tape recorder or laptop, to record your dreams as soon as you wake up. 跟踪梦境。在你的床旁边,放好本子和笔,或是录音机,又或是笔记本电脑,这样你可以在醒来时马上记录下你的梦境。 3. Try to awaken naturally,without the help of an alarm clock or barking dog that can disrupt your dream cycle. If your schedule doesn't allow you to sleep in during the week, begin your dream journal on a weekend or during a vacation. 睡到自然醒。不要让闹钟或叫声打扰你的睡眠周期。如果你的时间表令你无法在工作周睡到自然醒,那么你可以选择在周末或是假期的时候睡大觉。 4. Wake up slowly.For the first moment after you awaken, lie still and keep your eyes closed, because your dream may be connected to your body position while you slept. Try to recollect the dream and then store it in your memory by giving it a name like "Late for an Exam" or "My Date with Ashley Judd." When you rise, immediately write down as many images, feelings and impressions as you can. 推迟起床。当你刚刚醒来的那一刻,躺着别动,也别张开眼睛。因为你的梦可能和你睡着时的身体姿势有关。努力回想你的梦,并给这些梦起个名字,记入大脑。比如“考试迟到”,或“我与阿什利·贾德的约会”等。起订后,马上记下任何你可以回想起来的画面,感觉和印象。 /201105/138588杭锦旗印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养

宣武区印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养In the past two weeks we have looked at the happiness formula defined by positive psychologist Martin Seligman, where H (happiness) S (your biological set point for feeling happy) + C (the conditions of your life) + V (the voluntary choices you make). Next, we'll look at the conditions in life that can improve our happiness ient.Step 1: Peace and quietJonathon Haidt in his excellent book, 'The Happiness Hypothesis', notes that research shows that we can never completely adapt to new or chronic noise pollution. Loud noises trigger one of our most primitive fear responses (the other is the fear of falling) and we can never fully relax if we are surrounded by intrusive noise. Noisy neighbours are one of the most emotive causes of domestic upset for a very good reason. It is essential to have some peace and quiet every day. If you are unfortunate enough to live somewhere noisy, persist with complaining to your local council. Additionally, try wearing wax earplugs to give you some respite. If you need your TV, radio or music up loud, wearing headphones demonstrates altruism to your neighbours, which will make you and them feel good.Step 2: RelationshipsThis is the most important of all the external conditions that can improve your happiness ient. Often our deepest sources of unhappiness are found in poor relationships with others. A colleague at work who bullies or dismisses us creates untold wretchedness. A cruelly conflictual relationship with a partner or lover leaves us feeling betrayed and abandoned. A relationship with our parents or children which is not based on compassionate, unconditional regard creates isolation and misery. We never fully adapt to hostile relationships, they invidiously contaminate our wellbeing, squatting inside our minds as unresolved, destructive ruminations. When faced with such relationships, the most positive thing we can do is to either mend the relationship by confronting what is going wrong or learn to move on.Step 3: ShareIf I have discovered conditions or choices in life that have significantly improved my wellbeing, I would like to share them with you. Passing on what works is essential to improve our own and the wellbeing of others. /200812/58915金钱乌龟饲养方法技术技巧 When it comes to compatible signs for you harmony is the most important factor to keep in mind. Without harmony you can't possibly survive.对于像你这样爱好和平的星座来说,和谐是你头脑中最重要的因素。失去和谐,你简直无法生存。LIBRA amp; ARIES: Shooting stars in the bedroom. Tension, however, at a mental level. It can work if you are both willing to compromise.天秤座和白羊座:在卧室里妙不可言,但精神方面充满压力。如果你们都能有所妥协,关系还可继续。 /201109/153882海晏县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养

麝香乌龟饲养方法技术技巧万事如意篇:1.Best wishes for the year to come!恭贺新禧!2.Wishing you and yours a happy new year.万事如意,合家平安。3.May its blessings lead into a wonderful year for you.祝新年万事如意。4.Wishing you the best of luck in the new year.新年行大运。5.Wishing peace and good luck throughout the years.出入平安,吉星高照。6.Please join us to light off firecrackers.放爆竹除旧岁。长命百岁篇:7.I want to wish you longevity and health!健康长寿/福寿安康!8.I would like to wish you a joyous new year and express my hope for your happiness and good future.祝新年快乐,吉祥如意,前程似锦。9.Wishing you a long life.长命百岁。10.Live long and prosper!多福多寿!恭喜发财篇:11.I hope that you come into a good fortune this year.祝你今年发大财。12.I hope you find your pot of gold.祝你招财进宝。13.May the god of money give you a thriving business.财神爷送你生意兴隆。14.I hope there will be a promotion for you this year.步步高升。15.May many fortunes find their way to you!祝财运亨通!16.May your financial future be filled with profits this year.祝你今年财源滚滚。17.Have a thriving and happy new year.新年快乐,恭喜发财。 /201201/169114 Pick a nice, quiet, romantic restaurant and take your date dancing for dinner. Make reservations well ahead of Valentine#39;s Day to secure the location and time, then enjoy dinner and dancing with your favorite person.餐馆是最经典大众的约会场所,挑选一家美丽安静又浪漫的餐馆吧。当然光吃饭就太普通了,情人节这天最好还能和心爱之人翩翩起舞。注意:去餐馆的话一定要记得提前预定哦,那天的位子可抢手啦。Ask your date about a movie he or she wants to see and get tickets. Make a sacrifice on this date and it will be shown to your date. For example, if you are a man, as much as it pains you, choose a chick-flick for her; women, take your man to that action movie he has been dying to see. It will not kill you and your date will appreciate the gesture.电影院也是情侣们最喜欢去的场所。情人节前问问自己的伴侣想看哪部电影,记得这回要自我牺牲一下,跟着对方的口味走。对于男生,你可以为心爱的她挑选一部言情片;对于女生,你可以陪他看梦寐以求的动作片。一部电影再怎么不合你口味,也不至于让你想自杀,而你的小小牺牲却能给伴侣带去一份感动。Try a trip to the aquarium. The lights are dim and romantic, and sea life is very beautiful.除了餐馆和影院,水族馆也是非常好的场所哦。想想那微暗朦胧的灯光所带来的浪漫感觉,想想那五花八门的海洋生物在水中畅游的美丽画面,任谁都会沉醉的吧。For the more active Valentine#39;s Day date, ice skating or roller skating is a great way to have a youthful time on a date and keep the theme of the whole night young and fun-loving.情人节也不是必须过得很温婉,你们可以选择过一个更具活力的情人节。比如滑冰就是一个让约会充满朝气的绝好去处,今晚你们的主题就是我年轻、我玩乐!而且滑冰时可以提供很多身体接触的机会吧,相互扶持着慢慢滑,多温馨呀。Enjoy a meal and watch nature go by as you glide along a river or lake. Preferably, choose a time when you can watch the sunset after you have your romantic meal. This will be a terrific Valentine#39;s Day date.大自然总是能轻而易举地撩起人类心中的各种情愫。在情人节这天带着爱人驾一叶扁舟,边看着身边流过的美景,边享用一顿可口的晚餐。最好你能算准时间,吃完饭正好可以并肩欣赏夕阳西下,那这个情人节就太棒了!Another outdoors type of date that is very romantic for V-day is Horseback Riding. Going for a sunset ride and then having a romantic dinner for two is one of the most romantic dates.除了划船,骑马也是非常浪漫的情人节活动。落霞中拥着爱人骑在马背上缓缓而行,有种要浪迹天涯去私奔的感觉哈哈。之后再享用一顿两人晚餐,真是再浪漫不过了!If you and your date are the outdoorsy type, try going on an overnight camping trip for Valentine#39;s Day. Snuggling in a tent or roasting marshmallows over a cozy campfire could be the perfect date choice for you for this lover#39;s holiday. Even better would be sharing a sleeping bag overnight.如果你们两人都是户外活动爱好者,觉得划个船、骑个马还不够过硬,那么可以在情人节尝试野营过夜。和爱人依偎在帐篷里或者在暖融融的篝火上烤棉花糖,这可是情人节约会的完美选择。如果能够共享一个睡袋那就更好了XD。Many times, creating a romantic dinner at home yourself can be much more romantic to your date than taking them to a restaurant. This type of date has a very personal feel to it. Create a favorite dish of your date, and plan a romantic, sensuous dessert.哪儿都去不了也没关系,其实家里就很不错啊,自己做一桌情人节晚餐要比去餐馆浪漫多了。在家约会很有一种私密感,别忘了给你的爱人做道他/她最爱吃的菜,还要准备一份足够浪漫诱人的甜点哦。 /201207/191369饼干龟养殖技术方法吃什么亚洲巨乌龟批发采购价格报价



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