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In a scene that played out like the plotline of a Samuel L. Jackson movie, some not-so-precious cargo made its way onto an Egypt Air flight. Yes, there was a snake on a plane.在一个场景中,像塞缪尔#86;杰克逊电影中上演的情节那样,一些不怎么珍贵的货物在一架埃及航空飞机上行走是的,有一条蛇在一架飞机上But unlike the thriller Snakes on a Plane – in which Jackson takes charge on a reptile-rife voyage – the smuggled snake didnt cause any fatalities.但与年的惊悚片《航班蛇患不同——电影中杰克逊负责爬行动物的旅行——那条走私蛇没有引起任何伤亡A 8-year old Jordanian man snuck the Egyptian cobra onto the 90-passenger flight from Cairo to Kuwait on Monday. After the snake bit him and began slithering through the aircraft, the plane made an emergency landing on the Red Sea in the resort town of Al Ghardaqah, reports The Jordan Times.一名8年的老约旦人偷偷这条埃及眼镜蛇放到周一从开罗到科威特的有90名乘客的航班上在蛇咬了他之后开始通过飞机滑行,飞机紧急迫降在红海的度假胜地霍尔格达,《约旦时报报道The man, identified as Akram Abdul Latif, ignored doctors suggestions to wait hours in a hospital observation. (According to wildlife experts, reports CNN, cobra venom is lethal enough to kill a full-grown elephant in three hours or a human in minutes.)该男子名叫Akram Abdul Latif,忽视了医生的建议在医院接受观察小时(CNN报道,根据野生动物专家,眼镜蛇毒足以在三个小时内使一只成年大象或者在分钟内使一个人死亡)The original flight finished its trip later on Monday morning after authorities confiscated the cobra, and Latif made his way to Kuwait that night.在当局没收了眼镜蛇之后,原来的航班在之后的周一早晨结束了航行,而拉提夫那天晚上去了科威特 781

以离婚为荣的阿拉伯女子 the Arabian women: proud of divorce 395

  This trip to the Baikal was made by several Russian men in March of this year. Many beautiful shots of the lake and its islands are inside the post.今年三月份,一群俄罗斯人步上了贝尔加湖之旅以下是他们拍摄的精照片Day 1. The trip begins in Irkutsk.第一天——伊尔库茨克 3977



  阿尔卑斯山中的一个峡谷里,隐匿着一个美丽的小国家,它面积不大,人口不多,却有着自己独特的人文风情和美不胜收的风景……现在就跟小编一起踏上“列敦士登之旅”吧,相信你也会爱上这个“小不点”国家的Further north lies another pint-sized country that’s 1)tucked away, not on a hill, but in the mighty Alps.再往北坐落着另一个迷你小国,它不是藏在一座小山上,而是隐匿在雄壮的阿尔卑斯山间Two centuries ago there were dozens of independent states in German-speaking Europe. Today there are only four: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.两个世纪以前,欧洲有许多的独立国家都讲德语可现在只剩四个:德国、奥地利、瑞士和列敦士登Nestled between Switzerland and Austria, the Principality of Liechtenstein is defined by the mighty Alps to the east, the baby Rhine River to the west, and a stout tress protecting the mouth of its valley to the south. This quirky remnant of medieval feudal politics is just about 6 square miles. It’s truly land-locked, without a seaport or even an airport.坐落在瑞士和奥地利之间,列敦士登公国东有阿尔卑斯山,西临莱茵河的一小部分,南边还有一座坚固的堡垒保护着列敦士登所处峡谷的咽喉地带这个中世纪封建制度遗留下来的诡异的小国,面积只有6平方英里列敦士登也是真正意义上的内陆国家,没有海港,甚至连个飞机场都没有Liechtensteiners, who number about 35,000, speak German, are mostly Catholic and have a stubborn independent )streak.列敦士登有三万五千人口,都说德语,大多数是天主教徒,有着相当顽固的独立主义思想Women weren’t given the vote until 198.直到198年,女性才拥有选举权The country’s made up of villages. The village of Triesenberg, high above the valley, gathers around its onion-domed church, which recalls the settlers who arrived here centuries ago from the western part of Switzerland.整个国家由十一个村组成特里森贝格村位于峡谷高处,村子的中心是一座洋葱形圆顶教堂,这让几世纪前来到这里的开拓者仿佛看到了瑞士西部的影子The town of Vaduz sits on the valley floor. While it has only 5,000 people, it’s the country’s capital. Its 3)pedestrianized main drag is lined with modern art and hotels bordering a district of )slick office parks.瓦杜兹镇坐落在山谷的底部虽然镇上只有5000人口,但这里是列敦士登的首都小镇主要的步行街两边陈列着现代艺术雕像,并分布着旅店,与窗明几净的商务办公区相邻Historically, Europe’s tiny countries have offered businesses special tax and ing incentives. a place with such a small population, Liechtenstein has a lot of businesses. Many European companies locate here to take advantage of its low taxes.由于一些历史原因,欧洲的小国家们为企业提供税收和贸易结算的优惠政策对于一个人口这么少的国家而言,列敦士登的贸易往来已经很多了很多欧洲公司总部都设在这儿,为的就是享受它的低税收政策And that’s how the Prince of Liechtenstein, whose castle is 5)perched above his 6)domain, likes it. The billionaire prince 7)wields more real political power in his 8)realm than any other European royalty.这也是列敦士登王子喜欢的方式,他的城堡高踞于他的领地上这个已然是亿万富翁的王子在自己的王国挥洒着比其他欧洲贵族更多的政治实权The National Museum tells the story of the Prince and his country. Their family 9)crest dates to the Middle Ages, when the Liechtenstein family was close friends with the Hapsburg family, who ruled the )Holy Roman Empire. The Liechtenstein family purchased this piece of real estate from the Holy Roman Emperor. In 19, the domain was granted principality status, answering only to the emperor. The Liechtenstein princes, who lived near Vienna, saw their new country merely as a status symbol and didn’t even bother to visit decades. In fact, it wasn’t until the th century that the first Liechtenstein prince actually lived here.国立物馆讲述了王子和他的国家的故事他们的家族徽章可以追溯到中世纪,当时列敦士登家族与统治神圣罗马帝国的哈布斯堡家族是很亲密的朋友列敦士登家族从神圣罗马帝国皇帝手上买下了这块地产19年,这块领土被正式册封为公国,只受罗马皇帝管辖而住在维也纳附近的列敦士登的王子们,只不过把自己的新国家当成地位的象征,几十年都懒得去探访一次实际上,直到世纪,才有第一位列敦士登王子真正居住在这里In 18, during the Napoleonic age, Liechtenstein’s obligations to the Hapsburg emperor disappeared, and the country was granted true independence. Later, after World War I, tough times ced the principality to enter into an economic union with Switzerland.18年,在拿破仑统治期间,哈布斯堡王朝对于列敦士登的统治结束了,而这个国家也获得了真正意义上的独立再之后,经历了第一次世界大战,困难的境况迫使列敦士登公国与瑞士形成了经济共同体To this day Liechtenstein enjoys a close working relationship with its Swiss neighbours, and, like Switzerland, a big part of its modern economy is tourism and sports, hosting visitors enjoying its dramatic natural beauty. )Ski lifts, busy both winter and summer, take nature-lovers to the dizzying )ridge that serves as the border with Austria. Even in little, little Liechtenstein the views are big and the hiking possibilities go on and on.直到今天,列敦士登还是和自己那些瑞士邻居们有着亲密友好的合作关系和瑞士一样,旅游和各种运动是列敦士登的一大部分现代经济来源,它们能让游客们沉浸在美丽的大自然风景中空中缆车在冬夏都很流行,可以把大自然爱好者带到那些令人晕眩的的山脊上,那里正好是与奥地利的交界处就算是在很小很小的列敦士登,风景一样很壮观,而去徒步旅行可供选择的地方也越来越多 88Comic books like Watchmen and Kick-Ass ask: What would happen if superheroes existed in the real world? Watchmen suggested wed get sociopaths. Kick-Ass said theyd be weirdos who walk the line between neighborhood watch and vigilante. In reality, some people do dress up and patrol streets, occasionally fighting crime. But is it possible an actual comic book hero to exist in real life?像《守望者(Watchmen)和《海扁王(Kick-Ass)这样的漫画都提出了这样一个问题:如果超级英雄真的存在,现实世界将会发生什么?《守望者认为我们会拥有反社会人格《海扁王则认为他们会穿行于街道,密切监视社区动静,是想要充当义务警察的怪胎在现实生活中,确实会偶尔有人穿着奇装异,巡逻于街道打击犯罪但是,漫画书中的英雄真的会存在于现实世界吗?Here are comic book heroes that could exist now, or sometime in the future.下面介绍位现在或不久的将来可能存在的超级英雄.Cyclops.激光眼Cyclops, one of the leaders of the X-Men, shoots a powerful beam of energy from his eyes. This sounds like pure science fiction. However, a pair of physicists at Massachusetts General Hospital have altered human cells so they can emit light of their own.激光眼是X战警的领导之一他能够从眼中发射出强大的能量光线,这听起来简直就是科幻小说然而,麻省总医院(Massachusetts General Hospital)的研究人员已经成功改变了人的体细胞,使它们能够自身发光The team altered human kidney cells to produce the green fluorescent protein that makes jellyfish glow. The illuminated cells are easier to track, which has implications cancer treatment.这些科学家通过改造人体的肾细胞来制造绿色荧光蛋白,这也就是能使水母发光的蛋白质这种发光细胞很容易追踪,而且还有治疗癌症的功效The researchers said that this could lead to people shooting beams out of their eyes. Sadly, it would probably be more like a flashlight than a death ray.研究人员称这种蛋白可以使人们从眼中发出光线但遗憾的是,这种光线更像是手电筒发出的光束,而不是所谓的死亡射线9.Swamp Thing9.沼泽怪Alec Holland was a scientist secretly working in the marshes when a bomb in his lab detonated. Instead of killing him, the blast turned him into Swamp Thing—a half-plant, half-man hybrid. He has super strength and the ability to communicate with plants. While communicating with vegetation and getting super strength from plants may not be possible, one thing that is theoretically possible is having a human-plant hybrid—specifically, humans getting energy from the Sun via photosynthesis.艾力克·霍兰(Alec Holland)本是一名在沼泽地工作的秘密组织的科学家他的实验室发生的爆炸非但没有使他丧命,反而把他变成了沼泽怪,一种半人半植物的杂交生物体他有很强大的力量而且还能和植物交流尽管与植物交流还能从植物中获得能量是不太可能的,但是成为半人半植物的杂交生物在理论上却是有可能的因为,确切地说,人类也是通过植物的光合作用从太阳中获得能量的Most animals, including humans, do not use photosynthesis to get energy. However, scientists have recently discovered a small group of animals that do. Such animals include the pea aphid and the oriental hornet. The only vertebrate to use photosynthesis is the spotted salamander.大多数动物,包括人类,并不能进行光合作用但是,科学家最近发现有些极少数的动物也能进行光合作用,比如豌豆蚜(pea aphid)和东方胡蜂(the oriental hornet)而唯一能进行光合作用的脊椎动物只有斑点钝口螈(the spotted salamander)In , a synthetic biologist from the University of Calinia injected the embryos of zebra fish with photosynthetic bacteria. Though the fish didnt start photosynthesizing, they accepted the bacteria as the animal developed. This gives hope to other organisms, even humans, perhaps one day accepting such bacteria and using them.年,一位加州大学(the University of Calinia)的合成生物学家成功将光合细菌注射到斑马鱼的胚胎中尽管斑马鱼并没有进行光合作用,但它们却能和这些光合细菌和谐共生这给其他生物包括人类提供了可能,也许有一天我们能和它们共生并从它们体内获得能量However, humans would still need leaves or some similar organ to maximize how much energy they get from the Sun. To absorb solar energy, whether as a plant or using solar panels, you need a large, flat surface. Humans simply arent shaped that way. So while it is theoretically possible to become more plant-like, it would be a terrible superpower to have.但是,人类仍需要类似于植物叶子的器官来尽可能多地从太阳获得能量因为不管是植物还是太阳能电池板,都需要宽阔平坦的表面来吸收太阳能,而人类是不可能变成那种形状的虽然照理论来说,人可以拥有植物的某些功能,但是一般人还是不会想要拥有这种超能力的8.Captain America8.美国队长When World War II broke out, Steve Rogers wanted to fight the Nazis. He was a small, weak man, but he had a big heart. So he was chosen the Super Solider project and was injected with a serum, making him into the strong and powerful Captain America.当二战爆发时,拥有雄心壮志的史蒂夫·罗杰斯(Steve Rogers)本想参军打击纳粹但是他身体很瘦弱,在参加体检时不幸被拒绝了后来他被选中参加了;超级士兵;(Super Solider)计划,在注射了血清后成为了坚强而有力量的美国队长It not actually possible to grow taller through drugs as Steve Rogers did. Bones simply cannot grow like that. However, it is possible to become taller through painful surgery. Doctors break the bones and implant telescoping rods that stretch the bones apart at the rate of 1 millimeter (0. in) per day. One man managed to grow centimeters (6 in) after two surgeries.像罗杰斯那样通过药物来长高是不可能的——骨骼不可能迅速增长但是,通过手术来增高却是可能的医生会在人体的骨骼内植入一个人造伸缩杆,使之以每天1毫米(0.英寸)的速度生长有人就在两次手术后成功增高了厘米(6英寸)Besides growing taller, Rogers also got much stronger from just one injection, which is possible. A team at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children Hospital in Columbus, Ohio developed a shot that will increase muscle mass with a single injection. The shot uses a virus that codes the protein follistatin, which suppresses a gene called myostatin that stops muscle growth. The project lead researcher calls myostatin ;brakes; and says the virus he created would simply let up on the brakes.除了长高外,罗杰斯也通过注射血清变得更加强壮,这也是有可能的俄亥俄州全国儿童医院(Nationwide Children Hospital)的研究机构研发出一种通过一次注射就能增加肌肉组织的药物该药物含有一种病毒,它能够解码人体中抑制肌肉生长的基因(肌肉生长抑制素)该机构负责人把这种肌肉生长抑制素称作;制动器;(brakes),他还表示它们制造的这种病毒能够阻止其对肌肉生长的抑制The shot is patients who suffer from muscular diseases. Growth does not happen exactly the way it does in the comic, in a matter of moments. Instead, these muscles grow six months. While this particular shot does not allow super soldiers in the immediate future, it does show that muscle growth from one injection is a real thing.这种试剂是专门为肌肉萎缩症患者研发的它不会像漫画中那样立竿见影,相反,这些肌肉的生长需要长达6个月的时间尽管这种特殊试剂不会用于未来的超级士兵身上,但它确实说明了通过注射获得肌肉生长的可能性翻译:ZC 来源:前十网 388180

  Congo Chimps, Republic of the Congo, 00Photograph by Michael K. Nichols"Perhaps the last on Earth to have never seen a human, the chimpanzees of Goualougo Triangle showed no fear of Fay’s team. ’If we let this area be logged, we’ll destroy our chance to know this animal in its natural state,’ says Fay."   —From "Megatransect," October 00, National Geographic magazine  刚果黑猩猩 刚果共和国 00年Michael K. Nichols摄“也许是最后一个没有见过人类的动物,这只Goualougo三角地带的小猩猩对Fay的小队没有任何恐惧感‘如果任由这片地区被采伐,我们就会毁掉了解这种动物原生态的机会’Fay如是说” (翻译 淡色的树)  —选自 “Megatransect”,国家地理杂志 00年月 6955

  180-years, people have been asking the question: is photography art? At an early meeting of the Photographic Society of London, established in 1853, one of the members complained that the new technique was ;too literal to compete with works of art; because it was unable to ;elevate the imagination;. This conception of photography as a mechanical recording medium never fully died away. Even by the 1960s and 70s, art photography – the idea that photographs could capture more than just surface appearances – was, in the words of the photographer Jeff Wall.180年以来人们一直在追问这样一个问题:摄影是艺术吗?在成立于1853年的早期伦敦摄影学会会议上,一个会员抱怨说,这项新技术是“太表面以至于不能和艺术作品相竞争”,因为它“无法提升想象”摄影作为一种机械记录的媒介的概念从未完全消失即使是世纪六七十年代,在摄影师杰夫#86;沃尔的语言里,艺术摄影即拍摄的照片可以捕捉到更多表面之外的东西But over the past few decades the question has been heard with ever decreasing frequency. When Andreas Gursky photograph of a grey river Rhine under an equally colourless sky sold a world record price of #3;.7 million last year, the debate was effectively over. As if to give its own patrician signal of approval, the National Gallery is now holding its first major exhibition of photography, Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present.但是,在过去的几十年里这个问题并没有减少出现的频率当安德烈亚斯#86;古尔斯基的照片同样灰色天空下的灰色莱茵河去年卖了70万英镑的世界纪录,辩论有力地结束了好像是为了给自己的贵族标志一个批准,国家美术馆举办了第一次大型摄影展,被艺术所牵引:摄影的过去与现在同样灰色天空下的灰色莱茵河The show is not a survey but rather examines how photography earliest practitioners looked to paintings when they were first exploring their technology potential, and how their modern descendants are looking both to those photographic old masters and in turn to the old master paintings.该展览不是调查,而是探讨当他们第一次探索其技术的潜能时摄影的早期从业者如何看待绘画,以及他们的现代后人如何看待那些摄影过去的从业者进而转到以往的大师绘画What paintings offered was a catalogue of transferable subjects, from portraits to nudes, still lifes to landscapes,that photographers could mimic and adapt. Because of the lengthy exposures necessary early cameras, moving subjects were impossible to capture. 绘画提供的主题是摄影师可以模拟和调整的从人像到裸体、从静物到风景的一览表由于早期相机需要长曝光,移动的物体是不可能捕捉到的 What some pioneering photographers recognised straight away was that photographs, like paintings, are artificially constructed portrayals: they too had to be carefully composed, lit and produced.一些先锋摄影师马上认识到,照片就像绘画,是人工进行的描绘:他们也必须小心构图、快门以及制作If early photographers had no option but to negotiate their own engagement with painting their modern descendants can call on nearly two centuries of photographic history. It is a point the exhibition makes by combining old and new.如果早期摄影师除了只能自己争取与绘画一样获得一席之位外别无选择,那么现在的后人就可以要求近两个世纪的摄影史这是此次展览通过新老结合而形成的意义This exhibition lays out what photography founding father could never know: how the camera has also always been the pencil of art.本次展览中提出了摄影之父可能永远不会知道的事情:怎样做到摄像机也一直是一艺术之笔 99

  1. Venice's Grand Canal as seen from the Academy Bridge, with the domes of Santa Maria della Salute in the background. The city is a network of 0 canals and over 00 bridges connecting about 7 islands. 这是大运河水城由0条运河和00座桥组成,形成了7座小岛。

  Marilyn Monroe standing above a subway grating with her crisp white dress blowing up is one of the most well-recognised movie scenes of the th Century.玛丽莲·梦露站在地铁通风口处,一阵狂风把她白色的裙摆掀起,这曾是世纪电影里的一个经典桥段The famous moment in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch is now regarded as an icon of film history.出自1955年上映的经典电影《七年之痒的这个著名时刻,被看做是电影历史上的一个象征The Japanese are paying homage to the star in the m of a multicoloured rice field artwork.日本人用各色水稻在水田中绘出巨型图画,以此向这位明星致敬The image of Marilyn Monroe is made from nine rice species with seven different colors has popped up on a rice filed in Inakadatemura, Aomori prefecture, northern Japan.It is part of a famous exhibition in the area.日本青森县田舍馆村,当地农民用9个品种的水稻种出7种颜色组成了玛丽莲-梦露稻田画这是该地区一个著名展览的一部分Visitors flock to the rice field in northeastern Japan to see the breathtaking artworks stretching across the landscape at the exhibition which runs until mid-August.大批游客来到位于日本东北部的这片稻田,前来观赏巨大的美轮美奂的艺术作品观赏期到8月中旬左右结束The village began the exhibition 1 years ago to attract tourists.This year two giant murals, depicting a traditional Japanese courtesan and iconic Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, are drawing large crowds to the field.该村早在1年前就开始举行这项展览来吸引游客今年展出的两幅巨大稻田画,分别是美国女演员玛丽莲·梦露和日本花魁的形象,吸引了大批游客纷至沓来The villagers used nine kinds of rice plants in seven colors to fashion the artworks on the field, which is 0 meters long and 0 meters wide.村民们在田里种植了七种不同颜色九个品种的水稻植株勾勒出这些图案,长0米宽0米Monroe`s famous pose was recaptured again back in in the m on a 6 foot statue called called ever Marilyn by artist Seward Johnson.梦露著名的姿势曾在年回归,艺术家苏厄德·约翰逊创作了一个梦露的雕塑,高达6英尺(约为7.9米),命名为“永恒的梦露”In the adjacent field sits a stunning artwork of a Japanese courtesan complete with intricate dress and flowers.附近的田地里,一幅穿着精美衣裳头戴鲜花的艺妓作品也给人带来一种惊艳的感觉- 531

  Abu Dhabi has apirations to become the capital of the international art scene. Star architects have been commissioned to build avant-garde museums in the desert metropolis. 如今的阿联酋迪拜正在变成一个世界艺术建筑的大都会世界上许多著名的建筑师都云集到迪拜这座沙漠中的城市,并设计了各种前卫的物馆 Jean Nouvel's proposal a museum involves buildings of various types clustered directly by the sea. 法国建筑师让·努维尔设计的坐落在海边的物馆,这个物馆由许多样式各异的建筑集群而成 98


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