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At the heart of what we call the declaration of Arbroath阿布罗斯宣言的中心思想is something much more powerful, much more deeply moving.则更具力量 更激动人心It is the insistence that the nation lived on, beyond, and outside the person of the prince,它发人深省地阐述道 国家的存在 是超越帝王和朝代的 who for a time happened to claim its government.他们只是国家暂时的统治者Weve heard something like this before at the very beginning of our story in Oxford in 1258.我们之前也听过类似的论断 故事开篇提到1258年的牛津 也有人发出过类似的声音But here in Scotland, its much more eloquent,但苏格兰的此番宣言 更具说力The image of the free patriot drawn not as a desperado like Wallace,or a mighty prince like Bruce,But as one of a band of brother survivors.自由的爱国者不只局限于 像华莱士这样的孤胆英雄 或是像布鲁斯那样的强势君主 而是那些幸存下来的兄弟们For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,We will yield in no least way to English dominion.吾之国民 倘一息尚存 誓不屈于英格兰之淫威We fight not for glory, nor riches, nor honour,but for freedom,which no good man gives up except with his life.吾之战斗 不求荣 不图利 不为誉 唯求自由 为自由而战 直至生命的最后一刻The real lesson of the battle of Bannock Burn was that the Scottish king commanded loyalty In ways that just never occurred to Edward II.班诺克布恩战役真正的教训是 苏格兰国王用爱德华二世 不曾想到的方式表达了;忠诚;Robert the Bruce knew that he could only be successful if he could be the personification of Scotland,罗伯特·布鲁斯深知自己如果要取得成功 就必须成为苏格兰民族的象征The incarnation of the community of the realm.成为苏格兰王国的实际领袖And thats why he was not Scotlands Edward I,He was Scotlands Simon de Montfort.所以他不是苏格兰的爱德华一世 他是苏格兰的西蒙·德·蒙德福特 /201611/475948Near the island, the sea state changes.靠近岛的地方 海水变得湍急As the waters funneled and pressured by the land,海水洋流收到陆地的阻挡strong current form. Its a battle to stay on course.形成了强劲的水流 难以保持前进方向Weve through that current line,the challenge now is all the swell on the rocks.我们安全游过了洋流区 峭壁上突兀的岩石是下一项挑战Trying getting into this gully.Watch this, Simon. Let me get up first.争取赶快上岸 当心点 西蒙 我先上去Timing is everything when you are faced with a fight for swell.当你要强行登陆险滩时 时机很重要These rocks are bone-breakers.I got it. Yeah. Thats it. Cool.这些石头能让你粉身碎骨 让我来 好了 搞定I may have reach dry land.but Im sea-locked by 60 foot wall of solid rock.尽管我终于上岸了 但是我被60英尺高的峭壁困住了I gotta find a way out.Lets both wish we could get out this.我必须找到出路 但愿我们能离开这里These islands were formed, when two tectonic plates collided over one and a half million years ago.一百五十万年前 地球的两个板块 相互碰撞 形成了这些小岛The seabed was literally forced up out of the ocean to form this archipelago.海床被迫上升 露出海面 从而形成了此群岛The sedimentary limestone makes for a challenging ascent.Its... its horrible.沉积的石灰岩很难往上爬 太恐怖了Man, its a layer upon layer of crumbling rock,bird poo, and bone-dry dirt.天呐 瞧这一层层 全是碎石 鸟粪和干燥的泥土块Nightmare!You think its solid.Okay, lets get into this.简直是噩梦 你会误以为这是结实的 好了 终于上来了201606/450158With events now spiralling out of control,随着事件不断升级趋向失控Pym saw this was the moment to try and strip the king of virtually all his authority.皮姆认为时机已到 是时候剥夺国王的所有权力了Charless response was to try to arrest him.查理的应对之策是企图逮捕皮姆But Pym and four other parliamentary leaders had been tipped off that the king was marching on parliament with an armed guard.但皮姆和另外四个议会领袖收到了风声 得知国王正带领全副武装的卫队前往议会They waited till the last moment and slipped out of the back.他们等到最后关头从后门溜走Charles was left empty-handed.It was an unmitigated fiasco.让查理扑了个空 那全然是一场失败The gamble had only been worthwhile so long as Charles was sure of total success.除非有一网打尽的把握 否则这场豪赌查理必输无疑Exposed now, just as Pym had wanted,as a naked, abject failure,阴谋暴露了 正如皮姆希望的 在这次惨重的失败之后Charles appeared to be something worse than a despot,a blundering despot.查理的形象已不仅是残暴不仁 更是愚蠢冒失Both sides were moving fast beyond any point of reconciliation.双方均无意和谈Pym made it clear that parliament now needed to protect itself and England from the king.皮姆明言议会现在需要保护自身和国家 不受国王迫害It set about raising an army.他们开始着手组建军队In July 1642,Bulstrode Whitelocke thought out loud about the abyss facing the country.1642年7月 布斯托得·怀特洛克不禁说出了 国家正面临的劫难It is strange to note how insensibly we have slipped into this beginning of a civil war by one unexpected accident after another,我们不知不觉中竟卷入了 一场内战 预料之外的打击接连来袭as waves of the sea would have brought us this far and which we scarce know how.就如一波波的暗潮将我们推到这里 而我们竟不知缘何落入这等境地What the issue shall be, no man alive can tell.没人能说出未来将会如何Probably few of us here may live to see the end of it.也许我们之中没几个人能活着看到结局 /201703/498288

They can look at the likelihood他们可以分析概率that you should be given health insurance建议你应该买医疗保险because you come from a family因为你的家族that has a history of heart disease.有心脏病史They can look at the likelihood或是基于你每天参与的that youre going to get Alzheimers disease脑力劳动的量because of the amount of active intellectual entertainment他们可以分析概率you take part in on a day-to-day basis.判断你是否会得阿兹海默症And when you start giving this level of当你开始交出生活中minute control over peoples lives,这种层次的细微控制时then you allow far too much power over individuals.那你便是让过多的外界力量来控制个体了The picture painted is certainly dark这种情形必然是可怕的but there is another way.但也可以另寻出路It comes from the insights of a scientist这条路来自一位科学家的深刻见解whose work once seemed like a footnote在互联网的历史长河中in the history of the internet他的工作曾被看作是无足轻重until now.直到如今才被人重视The story begins in the late 70s in Berkeley, California.故事始于七十年代末加州大学伯克利分校重点解释:1.come from 来自; 起源例句:We heard clink come from that room.我们听到那个屋子传来叮当声。2.because of 由于例句:We win the game because of his participation.由于他的参与,我们赢了比赛。3.control over 控制例句:The horse was frightened but the rider soon got control over it.那匹马受了惊,但骑师很快就把它控制住。201701/488277

Here there were strange fossils called stramatolites.这里有一种奇怪的化石,叫做叠层石At the beginning of the mid-Jurassic we have these kind of structures here that represent stramatolites.中侏罗世初期出现了这种表现为叠层石的结构Stramatolites, like this, were form in this particular case像这样的叠层石是在特殊情况下in lake that occupied most of the central part of Patagonia during the early mid-Jurassic.于中侏罗世早期形成于占据大部分巴塔哥尼亚中心地区的湖泊中Stramatolites are formed by a kind of algae.叠层石由一种藻类建造They thrive in extreme environments which are both wet and very hot, like the mega-monsoon.它们的兴盛依靠既湿润又干旱的极端环境,例如超级季风气候。It was exactly what would have been expected这与预料的情形一样because this was before the super-continent had split up.因为它发生在超大陆分裂之前I think that the initial conditions of the mid-Jurassic我认为中侏罗世的初始情况are in accordance with this idea of dominant mega-monsoonal climatic conditions和统治级的超级季风气候环境是一样的dominating, you know, the entire super-continent.“统治”意味着整个超大陆And then suddenly everything seemed to change. These are fossilised seed cones.突然,一切都开始改变,这些是球果化石。201705/511653

【视频讲解】While many MBA programmes are feeling the pinch, life is rosy for the very best business schools. Chicago retains its place at the top of our ranking of full-time MBAs. It is the sixth time in seven years that it has taken first place.虽说很多MBA课程如今都光景惨淡,但那些顶尖商学院的前景却一片光明。在我们全日制MBA的排名中,芝加哥大学商学院仍然位居榜首,这是其七年来第六次拔得头筹。Pinch v./n.捏疼,疼痛- My mom pinched me.- The industry/business is feeling the pinch. 光景惨淡Rosy adj. 光鲜的,乐观的- rosy view of current situationRetain v.保持 (keep)Full-time 全职,part-time 兼职Like most of Chicago’s peers, nearly all of its MBA class can expect to find a job immediately after graduation, with a basic salary well in excess of 0,000. Such degrees do not come cheap. The average cost of tuition at the top 15 schools is 2,000.与其他多数同等层次的MBA课程一样,芝加哥大学商学院几乎所有的学生都有望一毕业就找到工作,并且基本工资超过10万美元。这样的学位读下来并不便宜。排名前15位的商学院平均学费要11.2万美元。Peer n.同龄/阶层的人- Peer pressure 同龄人压力Do not come cheap/easyTuition n.学费America, the spiritual home of the MBA, dominates our list, accounting for 11 of the top 15 schools. The ranking is based on a mix of hard data and subjective marks given by students.作为MBA的“精神家园”,美国的院校在我们的排名中占据着主导地位——包揽了前15名中的11席。本排名结合硬数据及学生们的主观打分。dominate v.占主导地位account for 占比subjective adj.主观的- objective adj.客观的It weights data according to what students tell us is important. The four categories covered are: opening new career opportunities (35% weighting), personal development and educational experience (35%), increasing salary (20%) and the potential to network (10%).并依据学生的意见来衡量数据的重要程度。数据涵盖的四个类别分别为:拓展新的工作机遇(占35%的权重)、个人发展及教育经历(35%)、涨薪(20%),以及建立关系网的潜力(10%)。potential n.潜力201706/512611

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