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Preserved Pig Carcass猪膘肉At the bank of Lugu Lake lived two brothers. After the division of the family estate, the older brother got a pig and a dog while the younger one got a sum of money. Similar to the younger brother in the story “The Prodigal Son” from Bible, the younger one squandered his wealth in wild living. The older one, on the contrary, was so assiduous that he could make a living under whatever circumstances.After finding a new residence, the older brother plunged into work. He fed the pig and the dog every day, providing the best care he could offer. Because of his circumspection, the pig soon became lardy and fleshy, waiting to be slaughtered. Normally, the older brother would worship the Bodhisattva when winter approached and then started to slaughter the pig. Unzipping the pork belly, he took out the intestines and viscera, plus removed the lean meat and bones, and then seasoned the carcass with salt, pepper, garlic and ginger. Next he sewed the belly, putting it on the cabinet after airing. Finally he stuffed the large intestine with oats and the small one with buckwheat, hanging them along with viscera. Owning the preserved pig carcass, fairly speaking, he barely needed anything else. He could take the lard and the meat from it and easily made a simple but luscious dish, which was special in the eye of Mosuo People.During the Spring Festival, according to the tradition of Mosuo People, the head of the pig was served to the Bodhisattva as deference the meat around the pig’s neck was provided to parents as filial love.猪膘肉是泸沽湖畔梭人家非常有特色的一种佳肴。相传有一家梭人有两兄弟,父母把老大分了出去,老大分到一头猪和一条,分家后老大很勤劳,家里搞得像模像样,猪也喂得又大又肥,冬大的时候他先把菩萨敬了,就开始杀猪。他先把猪肚割开,把肠和内脏拉出,把里面的瘦肉和骨也剔除。然后缝上猪肚晾干后搁在神柜上。猪的大肠装上燕麦,小肠装荞麦,肚肠心肝肺都挂在家里,没油的时候,他就从膘猪的肚里取了猪油来用;没肉的时候就从猪膘身上割一块来吃。到了年三十的时候就开猪膘肉,初二猪头项圈敬菩萨,取项身肉一圈孝敬父母,过年的时候就要吃几天的猪膘肉。 /201505/377234To say that the photographer Mario Testino, 60, is a frequent traveler is something of an understatement. London is his home, but he is on a plane every third day for his jobs around the world to shoot campaigns for fashion houses like Chanel and portraits such as the official engagement picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.60岁的摄影师马里奥·特斯蒂诺(Mario Testino)经常旅行——这么说有点轻描淡写。他家在伦敦,但是为了工作,他每隔三天就要飞往世界各地为香奈儿(Chanel)等装公司拍摄广告照片,或者承接剑桥公爵和公爵夫人的正式订婚照等人像摄影工作。His latest project is the fifth annual Macallan Masters of Photography, an initiative from the whisky producer based in Craigellachie, Scotland, in which well-known photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Albert Watson shoot pictures intended to showcase the brand. The assignment took Mr. Testino to Beijing. He spent three days at the China Club hotel, a former 17th-century palace, photographing his version of a black-tie party inside a whisky club. The Macallan is selling a limited number of prints of four photographs taken by Mr. Testino along with a bottle of whisky that is a blend of a half-dozen single malts (available for ,500 at premium liquor stores).他的最新工作是第五届麦卡伦年度摄影大师项目(Macallan Masters of Photography),安妮·莱维茨(Annie Leibovitz)和艾伯特·沃森(Albert Watson)等知名摄影师都为它拍过照片,该项目是苏格兰克莱拉奇的威士忌制造商麦卡伦发起的,目的是展示这个品牌。这个项目把特斯蒂诺带到了北京。他住在中国会酒店,17世纪,这里曾是一座王府。他在这里呆了三天,拍摄一个威士忌酒吧里的半正式派对。麦卡伦公司正在销售一款限量版组合,内容包括特斯蒂诺拍摄的四张照片和一瓶威士忌,这瓶威士忌是用六桶不同风味的单一麦芽威士忌混合调制的(高档酒类专卖店有售,3500美元)。Mr. Testino recently visited New York to promote the project and spoke on the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel about how a destination informs his work and his tips for taking the ideal vacation pictures. Following are edited excerpts.最近,特斯蒂诺到纽约推广这个项目,在格拉梅西公园酒店的屋顶谈论旅行地点对作品的影响,以及拍摄完美度假照片的小贴士。下面的谈话经过节选。Q. The final images the Macallan is releasing from your time in Beijing are of people. Was conveying a sense of place — that you’re in China — important to you?问:关于你在北京拍摄的那些照片,麦卡伦最后发布了一组人物照片。传达地域感——表明你是在中国——这一点对你来说重要吗?A. I started off with the intention of showing the surroundings of the China Club, but when I saw all the people together, it felt more exciting for me that it wasn’t so well defined where they were. They could be anywhere, and I liked leaving that door open.答:最初我是想展示中国会酒店的环境,但当我看到所有这些人在一起时,我觉得不明确表现他们在哪儿更令我兴奋。他们可能是在任何地方,我喜欢留下一些想像空间。That being said, conveying a sense of place is important to me in my work. I love through my pictures to be able to travel through different continents and different social classes, but it’s not always necessary. In this particular case, the characters were so well defined that I felt that the place might be one element too many so I ended up not showing the environment so much.话虽如此,但传达地域感对我的作品很重要。我喜欢人们能够通过我的照片游历不同的大陆和社会阶层,但它并不总是必要的。在这个项目中,这些人物已经有清晰界定了,我觉得再加上地点这个元素就太多了,所以我最终决定不展示那么多环境。I have worked in Beijing several times before and love the energy of the city and the blend of historical and modern.我之前去北京工作过几次,我很喜欢那座城市的活力以及它对历史和现代的融合。Since you’re not a landscape photographer, how much does the destination really influence your work?问:你不是风光摄影师,所以地点对你的作品真的有很大影响吗?Interestingly enough, sometimes people will say to me that I don’t need to travel for some of my projects because the destination isn’t relevant, but I’m so excited by different places that traveling just triggers my imagination. It’s almost an obsession to be in the right place for the right image.答:有趣的是,有时人们对我说,我的某些项目不需要旅行,因为地点无关紧要,但不同的地点会让我兴奋,旅行能激发我的想像力。在合适的地方拍摄合适的影像几乎是我的强迫症。Do you have a favorite city to work in?问:有没有哪座城市是你特别喜欢在那里工作的?I love Rio, Berlin and Naples, but London, New York City and Los Angeles are the places I go the most, and they are easy because they are geared for my sort of work. Like in L.A., for example, because it’s the heart of the film world, anything you want for a shoot is there whether it’s a Spanish villa or certain kinds of clothes. Not all places are so easy. They might not have location vans for hair and makeup, which are important in shoots, and you have to make do with the choices for wardrobe.答:里约热内卢、柏林和那不勒斯,但是伦敦、纽约和洛杉矶是我去得最多的城市,在这几个城市拍摄很方便,因为它们很适合我这种工作。比如洛杉矶,它是电影中心,那儿有摄影需要的任何东西,不管是西班牙别墅还是某种装。不是所有的地方都这么方便。有的地方可能没有可以用来放假发和化妆品的外景车,这些东西在拍摄时很重要,那样你就只能用衣橱里的东西将就。What advice do you have for travelers who want to make sure they get the best pictures from their trip? Are good shots about having the right camera?问:对于那些想在旅行中拍到最好照片的旅行者,你有什么建议?拍好照片跟相机有关吗?You don’t need a fancy camera to be able to capture anything. The one on your phone is good enough; that’s what I use when I’m not working. Getting the right pictures is about opening your eyes to see what’s magical about a place. I just photographed the city from a window on this floor and saw all these buildings lit in a beautiful way, which is so New York. But the magic is different depending on where you are. It could be the people, the landscape, the animals or even the candle in the room. You just have to be curious, and you’ll find it.答:不管拍什么,你都不需要好相机。你的手机相机就够好了,我不工作时也是用它拍照。拍到好照片最重要的是睁开眼睛发现一个地方的神奇之处。我就透过这层楼的一个窗户拍摄这座城市,看着这些建筑如此优美地排列,觉得它们非常具有纽约特色。不过你所在的地方不同,它的神奇之处也不同。可能是人、风景或动物,甚至是房间的蜡烛。只要你充满好奇心,就会发现它。When you’re not traveling professionally, where do you vacation, and how often are you taking pictures?问:你不出差时去哪儿度假?度假时经常拍照吗?I go on holiday about twice a year and generally to Brazil or to home in Peru. I take very few photographs.答:我一年度假两次,通常是去巴西或者回秘鲁老家。我几乎不拍照。What are your travel essentials?问:哪些东西是你的旅行必需品?If it’s a personal trip, I don’t really have any. I’m pretty low-maintenance. When I’m going for work, it’s my assistants — I have a half dozen who travel with me. If I do a shoot, I have to edit the job on the plane right after, and when I land, I have to start doing the retouching. Today we work digitally so everything is raw, and you have to determine if you want the picture blue, green, red, contrasting or not, dark or light. There’s a lot to do, and I’m always surrounded by people who are helping me.答:如果是私人旅行,我几乎没有必需品。我很好养活。我去工作时,必须带助手,有六个助手跟我一起旅行。如果拍摄的话,我必须在结束后到飞机上马上剪辑,落地后就开始润色。现在我们都用数码相机拍照,所以一切都是未加工的,你必须在拍摄后才决定照片要什么色调——蓝色、绿色或红色——是否要增加对比色,是要暗色还是亮色。这要做很多工作,我周围总是有人在帮我。Is jet lag an issue for you?问:时差对你来说是个问题吗?I am very lucky it isn’t. I can sleep at anytime and anywhere, but I do need my eight hours.答:我很幸运,时差对我来说不是问题。我随时随地都能睡,不过我的确需要睡够八小时。 /201412/351178

1. Everyone needs free space每个人都需要自由空间Many people think that a true love means that they should spend 24 hours a day together with the person they love. Such schedule will make you lose your identity in a quite short period of time. Remember, everyone needs some free time and space to satisfy their personal needs and do things that make them feel alive. By all means, don’t let your identity die, because it will be difficult to bounce back.许多人认为,真爱意味着他们应该24小时和爱人在一起。然而这样的日程安排会让你很快就失去自我。记住,每个人都需要一些自由时间跟空间来满足他们个人的需求、做一些能让他们感觉充满活力的事情。无论如何,不要丧失自我,因为找回自我会很困难。2. The lust period is temporary只是暂时的This wonderful period usually makes you fly on the wings of love. When you are extremely happy, you spend hours dressing to impress your partner and talking about love till the dawn. Unfortunately, the period of butterflies in the stomach ends fast andamorousness turns into a real and adequate love. Love is the period when you are y to share both good and bad with the person you love. Love really grows when you have no fear to lose and when you absolutely accept all pros and cons of your significant other.恋爱中四射的这个奇妙阶段,通常会让你恋爱的小翅膀飞个不停。当你非常高兴的时候,你会花很多时间打扮自己来打动你的伴侣,跟他谈论爱情直到天明。不幸的是,这段心中小鹿乱撞的时期会很快结束,变成了一种真正充分的爱。这段时期的爱情,是你准备好跟你的爱人分享你的好与坏。爱只有在你不惧怕失去、完全接受另一半的好与坏的时候才会真正成长。3. Other people don’t belong to you别人并不属于你一个人Nowadays we live in a democratic world where people are free and have equal rights and responsibilities. Moreover, we are free to express ourselves and lead an independent life. No matter how long you’ve been together, you should understand that the person you love isn’t your property. People who really love each other are committed to this beautiful feeling and treat each other with respect. Your love is your muse but not your possession. You cannot control the behavior and every step of your partner, because it will only break trust in your relationship. The only adequate thing you can do is to trust him and try to create common rules of commitment both of you should stick to.如今的我们生活在一个民主的社会里,每个人都是自由的、他们拥有同等的权利和责任。除此之外,我们可以自由地表达自己的想法,过独立的生活。不管你们在一起多久了,你都应该明白你爱的那个人不是你的个人财产。真正相爱的两个人会对这段美妙的感情履行承诺、互相尊重。你的爱是你自己的想法而非真正占有。你不能控制另一半的所有行为,因为这只会破坏你们之间的信任。你唯一能做的就是相信他,试着去创造一种你们两个人都能遵守的承诺规则。4. Complete yourself完善你自己I do agree that other people can improve you and fill your life with joy and wonderful colors, but you should realize that people will never complete you or live up to your expectations. There’s no need for validation from your partner. First of all, you should learn to cultivate self-love before you can share it with your beloved. Try to develop yourself until you find yourself confident and complete. It requires you to change your actions, thoughts, emotions and behaviors.我赞成其他人能够帮助你提高自我、并且让你的生活更加美好和丰富多,但是你应该意识到,人们永远不会去成全你或者满足你的期望。没有必要事事都要得到另一半的批准。首先,在能够和爱人分享你的爱之前,你要学会爱自己。试着提升自己,慢慢地你会变得更加自信、更加完整。这就需要你改变你的行动、想法、情感和言谈举止。5. Don’t even try to change your partner不要试图改变你的另一半You can change many things in this world, but it’s almost impossible to change your partner’s outlook and habits. All you can do is to show the right path to your partner and if they have an internal desire to change, they’ll make a shift. A humanpsyche has the capacity to ignore things and ideas strongly imposed by others. This way your partner may achieve temporary improvements and then return to their casual habits again. If you cannot stand something in your partner, then you should shift your energy and react to the situation in a different way. It’s better to stay calm and respond everything in cold blood.在这个世界上你可以很多东西,但是几乎不可能改变另一半的观点和习惯。你所能做的只是把一些正确的方法展现给他们,如果他们内心想要改变的话,他们会主动做出改变的。人类的灵魂会习惯性忽视别人强加给他们的思想或行为,用强加的方式可能会让你的另一半暂时得到提高,但是不久之后他们又会回到原来的样子。如果你不能忍受另一半的某些缺点,你就应该把精力放在改变自己身上,用不同的方式去应付各种状况。不管面对什么事情,都最好保持冷静。6. Get rid of your inner conflicts摆脱你内心的纠结Your attitude and behavior in your relationship can be the reflection of your fears and anxiety which reign in your sub consciousness. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you should start from healing your inner world from fears and conflicts. Plus, you need to do all possible things to boost your self-esteem. Begin to love yourself and you’ll be able to share your love with somebody else.你在恋爱中的态度和行为举止,都会反映出你潜意识里的恐惧和担忧。如果你想要有一段健康的恋爱关系,你就应该从治愈你内心世界的恐惧和担忧开始。还有,你需要尽可能地做一些提升自己自尊心的事情。开始爱护自己,这样你才能够去爱别人。7. Learn how to let go gracefully学着优雅地放手It seems that some relationships teach us how to honorably let go. After a considerable reflection on the opportunity to build a happy and healthy relationship, you may realize that this love doesn’t cost your time and energy to continue. Unhappy relationships teach you to struggle for happiness. Furthermore, you should use the opportunity to let go of the past in order to be able to find the true love of all your life and cultivate a long and loving relationship. Don’t become disheartened the next time you face a relationship break-up, because it may help you develop a new vision of the world and start a better relationship.似乎有一些恋爱总会教我们怎么去体面地放手。在建立一个幸福和健康的恋爱关系过程中,相当多的反思之后,你会明白这份爱不会再继续浪费你的时间和精力。不快乐的恋爱教会你如何为幸福做斗争。除此之外,你应该把握这次对过去放手的机会,从而能够找寻你生命中的真爱、并和TA培养一段持久有爱的恋爱关系。当你再次面临分手的时候,别泄气,因为这有助于你换个视角看世界、并开始新的恋情。 /201506/378594

In an announcement abruptly moved up after his death, the German architect Frei Otto on Tuesday was named the winner of the Pritzker Prize in recognition of his airy tentlike structures and other inventive feats of engineering.周二,德国建筑师弗雷·奥托(Frei Otto)因其轻盈通透的帐篷式建筑结构,以及其他独树一帜的工程作品被授予普利兹克奖,这项决定是在他去世后迅速公布的。Mr. Otto, 89, died in Germany on Monday, two weeks before he was to be named this year’s laureate, the prize jury said. He is perhaps best known for roof canopies designed for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, admired for their blend of lightness and strength.奥托于周一在德国去世,享年89岁,普利兹克奖项评审团称,他本应于两周后获得该奖。他最著名的作品是为1972年慕尼黑奥运会设计的顶棚,它们既轻盈又有力,因此备受赞誉。“He has embraced a definition of architect to include researcher, inventor, form-finder, engineer, builder, teacher, collaborator, environmentalist, humanist, and creator of memorable buildings and spaces,” the jury said in its citation.“他相信,建筑师应当是研究者、发明者、形式的发现者、工程师、建造者、教师、合作者、环保主义者、人文主义者,乃至令人难忘的建筑与空间的创造者,”评审团在评审词中说道。The Pritzker is regarded as architecture’s highest honor and usually goes to a living architect. The committee said it was the first time that a winner had died before the announcement was made.普利兹克奖是建筑师的最高荣誉,通常授予尚在人世的建筑师。评奖委员会说,获奖名单尚未公布,获奖者已经死去,这还是第一次。Mr. Otto learned of his selection early this year when Martha Thorne, the prize’s executive director, flew to Stuttgart to inform him of the jury’s choice. He was blind but otherwise in good health, the panel said. Mr. Otto was honored and surprised, according to Edward Lifson, a spokesman for the prize.今年年初,奥托已知道自己获奖的消息,该奖项的执行官玛莎·索恩(Martha Thorne)坐飞机来到斯图加特,把评委们的意见告诉他。委员会说,他双目失明,但健康状态良好。该奖项的发言人爱德华·里弗森(Edward Lifson)说,奥托得知获奖消息,感到荣幸和惊喜。“I’ve never done anything to gain this prize,” Mr. Otto was ed as saying. “Prizewinning is not the goal of my life. I try to help poor people, but what shall I say here — I’m very happy.”他引述奥托的话说“我从来没为这个奖而做过什么,普利兹克奖并不是我的人生目标。我一直努力帮助穷人,但现在我该怎么说呢——我很高兴”。Mr. Otto may not have been a household name, but he was widely esteemed in the profession. Prominent architects had quietly pushed for him to receive the award for years.奥托的名字或许并非家喻户晓,但他在行业内广受尊敬。多年来,许多著名建筑师都默默持他获得该奖。“Time waits for no man,” said Peter Palumbo, the Pritzker chairman, in a statement, calling Mr. Otto’s death “a sad and striking example of this truism.”“时间不等人,”普利兹克奖主席彼得·帕兰波(Peter Palumbo)在一项声明中说,他说奥托的去世“是这一真理悲伤而显著的例”。The announcement was originally to be made on March 23. The architect Frank Gehry was to award Mr. Otto the prize at a ceremony on May 15 at the New World Center in Miami. That will proceed as scheduled, with past Pritzker laureates speaking there about Mr. Otto’s life and work.该奖项本应于3月23日公布。5月15日,将由建筑师弗兰克·盖里(Frank Gehry)在迈阿密的新世界中心举行的典礼上为奥托颁奖。颁奖礼仍将按计划进行,届时将有往任普利兹克奖获得者进行关于奥托的生平与作品的讲演。Mr. Otto first became known for tent structures used as temporary pavilions at the Federal Garden Show in Germany and other events in the 1950s.奥托是在20世纪50年代最初为人们所知,当时他为德国的联邦园林展等活动设计了帐篷结构的临时建筑。His large-scale roofs for the 1972 Olympics stadium in Munich, designed with Günter Behnisch, defied expectations, though the games were vastly overshadowed by the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes there by Palestinian terrorists.1972年,他与甘特·班尼奇(Günter Behnisch)合作,为慕尼黑奥运会场馆设计了挑战传统的大型顶棚,然而那年的奥运会被笼罩在11名以色列运动员遭到巴勒斯坦恐怖分子杀害的阴影之下。Mr. Otto often designed in collaboration with others, collaborating with Shigeru Ban on Japan’s pavilion for the 2000 Hannover Expo in Germany and with Rolf Gutbrod on the West German pavilion at the Montreal Expo of 1967.奥托经常同其他人合作进行设计,他与坂茂(Shigeru Ban)合作,设计了2000年德国汉诺威世界览会上的日本馆,与罗尔夫·古特布罗德(Rolf Gutbrod)合作设计了1967年蒙特利尔世界览会上的西德馆。Born in Siegmar, outside Chemnitz in eastern Germany, Mr. Otto grew up in Berlin. He designed glider planes as a hobby, fascinated by the structural forces at work when thin membranes are stretched over light frames.奥托出生于德国东部开姆尼茨城外的西格马尔,在柏林长大。他爱好设计滑翔机,迷恋结构的力量,喜欢纤细的薄膜在轻盈的结构撑下伸展的样子。During service as a pilot in the Luftwaffe during World War II, he was captured near Nuremberg, Germany, and spent two years as a prisoner of war near Chartres in France, where he worked as a camp architect, learning to build various structures with the minimal materials available.“二战”期间,他在纳粹空军中担任飞行员,在纽伦堡附近被俘,在法国沙特尔,他度过了两年战犯生涯,在战俘营担任建筑师,学会了使用手头极为简单的材料建造不同的建筑结构。After the war Mr. Otto returned to study architecture at the Technical University of Berlin, where he earned a doctorate in civil engineering in 1954.战后,奥托回到柏林技术大学学习建筑,1954年获得土木工程士学位。In a clear reaction to the heavy columned buildings commissioned under the Third Reich, Mr. Otto’s work was lightweight, democratic, low-cost and sometimes temporary.奥托的作品轻巧、平民化、低成本,有时是临时建筑,这显然是对第三帝国时期布满重重圆柱的建筑风格的一种反拨。After a trip through the ed States, where he viewed the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and others, Mr. Otto became a freelance architect in 1952, opening an office in Berlin. He went on to found several institutions dedicated to lightweight structures.去美国旅行时,他参观了弗兰克·罗伊德·怀特(Frank Lloyd Wright)、埃罗·沙里宁(Eero Saarinen)、路德维格·密斯·凡·德·罗(Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)等人的作品,1952年,奥托成了自由建筑师,在柏林开了事务所。其后又开了若干致力于轻型建筑的机构。He was inspired by “natural phenomena — from birds’ skulls to soap bubbles and spiders’ webs,” the British architect Richard Rogers, a member of the Pritzker jury and a past laureate, said in a statement prepared before Mr. Otto’s death.普利兹克奖评委、该奖曾经的得主——英国建筑师理查德·罗杰斯在一份写于奥托生前的声明中写道,奥托的设计受到“从鸟儿的头骨到肥皂泡和蜘蛛网等自然现象”的启发。Mr. Otto’s work has been widely recognized. In 2006, for example, he won the 18th annual Praemium Imperiale prize for architecture, awarded by the Japan Art Association; in 2005 he received the Royal Gold Medal for architecture from the Royal Institute of British Architects.奥托的设计广受好评。比如,2006年,他曾获得第18届年度日本皇室世界文化奖,该奖项由日本文化协会颁发;2005年,他获得英国建筑皇家协会颁发的皇家建筑金奖。“Frei Otto is one of the great architects and engineers of the 20th century,” Mr. Rogers said. “His work has inspired and influenced modern architecture, as we all learn to do more with less, and to trade monumental structures for economy, light and air.”“弗雷·奥托是20世纪的伟大建筑师与工程师,”罗杰斯说。“他的作品启发并影响了现代建筑,我们都多少从中受益,他的作品用经济简约和轻盈通透取代了纪念碑式的沉重。” /201503/364585

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