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大理哪家医院治疗妇科病较专业大理西南医院做人流Joyce: Lie down on the floor.乔伊斯:躺到地板上Steve: Why?史蒂芬:为什么?Joyce: I have to practice my CPR exam tomorrow. Im taking it so I can get my CPR certification. Lie down please.乔伊斯:我明天就要参加心肺复苏术考试了,所以得复习一下,好拿到心肺复苏救生人员书快躺下吧Steve: Okay, okay. Now what do I do?史蒂芬:好的,好的现在我该怎么做?Joyce: You just lie there and pretend to be unresponsive, like youre in cardiac arrest. Okay, I need to determine your heart rate and if youre breathing or not. Then, I check to see that your airway isnt blocked.乔伊斯:你躺在那里,装作没有知觉,就像心脏停止跳动一样好的,我来确定你的心率,确定你是否还有呼吸然后检查你的气道是否堵塞Steve: Hey, get your fingers out of my mouth!史蒂芬:嘿,把你的手从我嘴里拿开Joyce: Lie still! Youre lucky I dont have to administer artificial respiration.乔伊斯:躺着别动!你够幸运了,我不用进行人工呼吸Steve: Thank God small favors!史蒂芬:感谢上帝赐给我小小的恩惠!Joyce: But I do need to practice restoring your circulation by doing chest compressions.乔伊斯:但是我要做胸外压来恢复你身体的血液循环Steve: Ouch, that hurts!史蒂芬:啊!好疼!Joyce: Youre supposed to be unresponsive, remember? Hold still while I get the defibrillator.乔伊斯:你应该是没有反应的,记得不?坚持住,我去拿除颤器Steve: Oh, no, you dont! From now on, as far as youre concerned, Im a case of do not resuscitate!史蒂芬:啊,不,不要!就你而言,从现在起我无药可救了! 183876大理不孕不育中医院 Lilly: Quick, we need to go get some supplies. I was listening to talk radio on my way home from work and this guy was on talking about how doomsday is coming and we need to prepare. 快,我们需要买些物资我下班回家路上听热线广播,电台里有人说世界末日快来了,我们要做好准备Paul: Oh no, not this again. You have to stop listening to that garbage on the radio. Listen, there is no impending doom and this guy was just crying wolf. 哦,不,又是这个你不能再听电台上鬼扯了听着,没什么世界末日,这家伙就是在骗人制造恐慌Lilly: No, he wasn’t. He had proof that the world is going to end soon and he was sounding the alarm. Those people killed in the storm last week? They were the canaries in the coal mine. Disaster is coming! 不,没有他有据明世界将要毁灭,他在警告大家上周风暴中死去的人们就是先兆灾难要来了!Paul: Let me be the voice of reason a minute. How many times have you believed that the world was ending in the past few years? 听我说几句行不行?你说在过去的几年中,你信了多少回世界末日了?Lilly: A few times, but this is real. There’ll be a disruption of services, a run on food and water, and chaos! 几次吧,但是这次是真的呀务会中断,食物和水会短缺,还有大混乱!Paul: Let me ask you this: if the world is ending, aren’t we all just going to die? 那我问你,世界末日我们是不是都要死了?Lilly: Not if you have an underground bunker. Start digging! 有地洞就死不了,快挖吧!快速版请移步实战听力版块 5大理民族医院妇科地址

大理东方妇科医院人流多少钱Nature is kind of a loving mother, but also a butcher in cold blood.—Victor Hugo, French writer自然不仅是慈爱的母亲,也是冷血的屠夫——维克多·雨果,法国作家The first in time and the first in importance of the influences upon the mind is that of nature.在所有对头脑的影响中,大自然的影响可谓在时间上最先,在作用上最为重要Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker and poet拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生,美国思想家及诗人The lover of nature is he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other; who has retained the spirit of infancy even into the era of manhood.热爱大自然的人是那种成年后内外感官依然协调一致,依然保持童心的人Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker and poet拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生,美国思想家及诗人When man is happy, he is in harmony with himself and his environment.—Oscar Wilde, Irish writer人类幸福之时,亦即人类自身和谐生活、且与环境和谐共处之时——奥斯卡·王尔德,爱尔兰作家We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.—Orison Marden. American writer我们创造自己生活的世界,塑造我们自身的环境——奥里森·马登,美国作家 755大理习惯性流产医院哪里好 Years of storms had taken their toll on the old windmill. Its wheel, rusted and fallen, lay silent in the lush bluegrass. Its once animated silhouette was now a tall motionless steeple in the twilight sun.多年的风雨毁坏了古老的风车车轮已经锈了,倒了,静静地躺卧在茂盛的六月禾丛中在落日的衬托下,曾经散发着生气的风车如今如耸立的尖塔般冰冷、生硬I hadn‘t walked across our old farm in fifteen years. Yet the sensations came flooding back. I could smell the freshness of new mown alfalfa. I could feel the ping of the ice cold summer rain, and the sun‘s sudden warmth on my wet shoulders when it reappeared after a brisk July thunderstorm.我已经有十五年没有走过我们的农场了然而,那些感觉又汹涌而至我仿佛闻到了新割的苜蓿的清新气息,感觉到了冰冷夏雨敲打在身上,还有七月的雨后阳光照射在湿漉漉的身上骤然传来的暖意Rain or shine, I used to walk this path each day to see Greta. She always made me smile, even after Sis and I had just had a big squabble. I would help Greta with her chores. Then we would visit over a generous helping of her delicious homemade chocolate cookies and ice cream. Being confined to a wheel chair didn‘t stop Greta from being a fabulous cook.无论雨天或晴天,我曾经天天沿着这条小径去探望葛丽塔即使我刚和大吵了一场,她也总能使我舒怀微笑我会帮葛丽塔做些家务然后,我们会大快朵颐,品尝她亲手做的巧克力曲奇饼和冰淇淋以轮椅代步并不妨碍她成为一名出色的厨师Greta gave me two of the greatest gifts I‘ve ever received. First, she taught me how to . She also taught me that when I gave Sis our squabbles, it meant I wouldn‘t keep feeling like a victim. Instead, I would feel sunny.Mr. Dinking, the local banker, tried to eclose on Greta‘s house and land after her husband passed away. Thanks to Pa and Uncle Johan, Greta got to keep everything. Pa said that it was the least he could do someone talented enough to teach me to !在葛丽塔的丈夫去世后,当地的家丁肯先生曾经要收取她抵押给了的房子幸亏有爸爸和约翰叔叔的帮忙,葛丽塔才保住了一切爸爸说,对一位聪明得能教会我认字的人,这只是他力所能及的一件小事!Soon folks were coming from miles around to buy Greta‘s homemade cakes, pies, bs, cookies, cider, and ice cream. Hank, the grocery store man, came each week to stock his shelves and bring Greta supplies.很快,方圆数英里的人们都来买葛丽塔做的蛋糕、馅饼、面包、曲奇饼、苹果酒和冰淇淋每周,杂货店老板汉克都会给她送来材料,并从她那里进货Greta even had me take a big apple pie to Mr. Dinking who became one of her best customers and friends. That‘s just how Greta was. She could turn anyone into a friend!葛丽塔甚至让我给丁肯先生送去一个大苹果馅饼他也成为了她的顾客和朋友这就是葛丽塔她可以把任何人都变成朋友!Greta always said, ;Dear, keep walking in sunshine!; No matter how terrible my day started, I always felt sunny walking home from Greta‘s house-even beneath the winter starlight.葛丽塔常说:“亲爱的,记得要走在阳光里!” 每天,不管一开始怎么糟糕,从葛丽塔的小屋走回家时,即使是披着冬夜的星光,我都会感觉心情舒畅I arrived at Greta‘s house today just after sunset. An ambulance had stopped a few feet from her door, it‘s red lights flashing. When I ran into the old house, Greta recognized me right away.这天,太阳刚下山我就来到葛丽塔家了她门前几尺外已然停着一辆救护车车上的红灯闪烁不停当我冲入那所旧房子时,葛丽塔立刻认出了我.She smiled at me with her ungettable twinkling blue eyes. She was almost out of breath when she reached out and softly touched my arm. Her last words to me were ;Dear, keep walking in sunshine!;她冲我微微一笑,令人难忘的那双蓝眼睛闪着光芒当她伸手轻抚我的手臂时,她已经奄奄一息了她最后对我说的话是:“亲爱的,记得要走在阳光里!”I‘m sure that Greta is walking in the brightest sunshine she‘s ever seen. And, I‘m sure that she heard every word I at her memorial service.我肯定葛丽塔此时正漫步在她所见过的最明媚的阳光里我也肯定她听见了我在她的追悼仪式上所念的每一个字I chose a beautiful verse by Leo Buscaglia. It‘s one that Greta taught me to many years ago…我选了利奥·巴斯卡格里亚的一首优美的诗,正是那首葛丽塔多年前教我念的诗;Love can never grow old. Locks may lose their brown and gold. Cheeks may fade and hollow grow. But the hearts that love will know, never winter‘s frost and chill, summer‘s warmth is in them still.;“爱能历久常新华发或会失去原有的光双颊或会日显消瘦黯淡然而,有爱的心中,从无寒冬霜冰,只有夏之温热” 3云龙县妇幼保健医院预约电话

漾濞县人民医院妇科咨询. suit,(一套)衣I picked out a black suit.我挑了一套黑色西装. appropriate,适当的,恰当的,相称的She picked up a dress appropriate the occasion.她挑了一件适合该场合穿的衣3. analyse,分析 7 Watching The Storm 00大理剑川县做无痛人流哪家医院最好的大理东方医院人流要多少钱



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