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To get this ship y in time for the inspectors is a massive task,要赶在检查员来之前整理好这艘船 是一项巨大的工程and theyve been doing a brilliant job.工作人员很厉害 我们要切开嵌板Were cutting panels through to let the water rush through when she starts sinking.这样船开始下沉的时候 水才能很快冲进去Thats the last bit, OK, guys.好,进去吧 这是最后一块了,好了Vamos!快滚吧Shipshape at last.船终于准备好了Well, shes clean, shes been inspected, and shes y to be sunk.它清干净了,也通过检查了 准备可以沉了What can go wrong now?还能有什么问题呢As the tail end of Hurricane Dean sweeps through,迪恩飓风的尾巴横扫而过the team are forced to put their plans on hold.所以制作团队的 沉船计划被迫延后- TELEVISION: - ..winds of 150 miles an hour...风速达到时速一百五十英里Luck doesnt seem to be on their side.他们似乎没有 受到命运之神的眷顾But, two days later, good weather returns.但是两天之后,天气好转了Here comes a crane, finally!吊车来了 终于来了Fingers crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed, everythings crossed!祈求老天保佑不要下雨 不要出错,什么状况都不要发生They urgently need to get the boat into the water,他们希望能尽快把船放入水中or they wont reach the chosen wreck site before nightfall.否则就没有办法在夜晚降临前 抵达预定的沉船地点201310/262014。

  • The opponent was Costa Rica,playing in the third FIFA World Cup.对手是哥斯达黎加队,这是他们第3次入围世界杯决赛圈。It took Germany just 6 minutes to score the first goal of 2006s tournament.德国队打入他们本届世界杯的第一球仅用了6分钟。201403/278391。
  • You know this is the job for you. Here’s how to convince the person doing the hiring.你知道这份工作很适合自己。下面是说面试人员的方法。You Will Need你需要A job interview面试A few job skills工作技能Some good qualities成就A thesaurus同义词辞典Time to prepare准备的时间Steps步骤STEP 1 List your strengths1.列举长处Determine what your strengths are. Include specific skills, like proficient in HTML, as well as general qualities, whether it’s being a big-picture person or having great attention to detail.确定自己有哪些长处。包括具体的技能,例如“精通HTML计算机语言”,或者整体素质,无论是“拥有全局观”还是“注重细节”。STEP 2 Relate to the job2.联系具体岗位Now correlate each skill to the current opening. Think hard about how all of your abilities can be put to use at the position you want.现在,将每一项技能与你应聘的工作岗位相结合。努力思考你所有的技能如何应用到目前应聘的职位中。Ask friends and coworkers what they see as your strengths—their answers might help you see yourself in a new light.向朋友和同事咨询,他们认为你的长处是什么,他们的可以帮助你从新的角度认识自己。STEP 3 Prepare for questions3.准备问题Prepare for difficult questions. If you quit your last job to follow a band on tour, be y to put a positive spin on it—maybe you were considering writing a book about the experience rather than just goofing off?为一些比较困难的问题做准备。如果你上次辞职是为了观看乐队巡回演出,准备好比较积极的回答,或许你可以说考虑写一本关于这段经历的书,而不是游手好闲。STEP 4 Use a thesaurus4.使用同义词辞典Get out the thesaurus and look for words to describe your attributes that aren’t as clichéd as hard-working, dedicated, and team player. Or else you might as well say, I work hard, yadda yadda.拿出同义词辞典,查看一下哪些词可以描述自己的品格,而不是陈腐的“工作努力”,“专心致志”,“团队合作”。否则你也可以说,“我工作努力,等等等等。”STEP 5 Think up examples5.范例Come up with concrete examples of your attributes. For example, if you plan to say, I’m a good manager, be y to follow it up with proof of how you spurred people into action.为你的性格找一些具体的例子。例如,如果你想说“我是一名优秀的管理人员”,准备好一些据明自己如何激励别人行动。During the interview, be confident but not cocky. Overconfidence is just as unappealing as its opposite.面试时要自信,但是不要自以为是。过分自信会适得其反。STEP 6 Turn negatives positive6.将缺点变成优点Turn negatives into positives. If you’re asked why you only stayed at your last job for six months, say it was a bad fit and you didn’t want to remain where you felt you couldn’t do your best.将缺点变成优点。如果面试人员问你,为何上份工作只做了六个月,告诉对方你不适合那份工作,你不想在自己不能做到最好的岗位上虚度光阴。Don’t badmouth your former employer, no matter how tempting. You’ll look unprofessional and give the interviewer reason to suspect you’re difficult to work with.不要说前任雇主的坏话,无论对方如何引诱。否则你会看上去非常不专业,让面试者怀疑你难以合作。STEP 7 Own your weaknesses7.改变缺点If, despite all your preparation, a weakness is revealed during the interview, don’t panic. Owning your weaknesses can be a strength. Acknowledge them and say how you plan to overcome them.如果,尽管你做了充分的准备,面试中仍然暴露出了一些缺点,不要惊慌。有自己的缺点有时也是优势。承认自己的缺点,告诉对方自己计划如何改正。So, why don’t you tell me about yourself? is the most frequently asked job interview question.“向我介绍一下自己”是面试时最常问到的问题。视频听力译文由。201403/280131。
  • 《谈判力》的作者威廉·尤里,提供了一种高雅,简单(但是并不容易)的方法,它使得人们在哪怕是最困难的谈判中,比如从家庭争端,也许到中东问题上达成一致。201411/341619。
  • We seem to be coming out of a grand maximum of solar activity.太阳活动的极大期刚刚结束And we will, past experience tells us, go into a grand minimum.过去的经验告诉我们 将要进入太阳活动极小期Its just a question of how soon.多快进入是个问题It could be as little as 40 years time.少则四十年It could take a couple of hundred years.多达数百年But the long-term record from cosmogenic isotopes tell us但宇宙射线同位素的长期记录告诉我们that it will, eventually, go back into a grand minimum again.太阳活动最终将会回到一个极小期We now know for sure that it wasnt现在我们确切知道the grand solar cycle that was responsible for Britain并不是大太阳周期shivering through two record-breaking cold winters on the trot.使英国经历了连续两年破纪录的寒冬Of course, the end of the regular 11-year cycle当然 正常11年周期的结束combined with other natural weather factors,以及其他自然天气因素played a part in these record-breaking winters.也在史无前例的寒冬中起了作用But some experts didnt think that was enough.但是一些专家认为这还不够Something was missing.还少了点什么201410/339374。
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