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A pair of R-rated new releases ruled the North American box office, demonstrating that adults are still eager to head to the movies when presented with attractive options.两部最新上映的R级电影在上周末的北美票房排行榜上占尽了风光,这说明如果有吸引人的片子可供选择的话,成年人还是很愿意去影院看电影的;Ted,; from Comcast Corp. Universal Pictures, and ;Magic Mike,; from Time Warner Inc. Warner Bros. Pictures, respectively earned .1 million and . million, according to early studio estimates. It the first time two R-rated movies have both opened over million in the same weekend, according to Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution.根据早期票房估计,康卡斯特公司(Comcast Corp.)旗下环球影业(Universal Pictures)出品的《泰迪熊(Ted)和华纳公司(Time Warner Inc.)旗下华纳兄弟影业(Warner Bros. Pictures)出品的《魔力麦克(Magic Mike)分别获得了5,万美元和3,9万美元的票房收入华纳兄弟负责影片国内发行的总裁费尔曼(Dan Fellman)说,同一个周末上映的两部R级电影票房均超过,0万美元的情况尚属首次出现;It one the books,; said Mr. Fellman.费尔曼说,这将载入史册R-rated films tend not to perm as well as films that are open to a wider number of patrons. instance, this year top-grossing film, Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios ;The Avengers,; is rated PG-, as are the coming superhero films ;The Amazing Spider-Man; and ;The Dark Knight Rises.;R级电影的票房表现往往不如受众面更广的电影例如,今年票房收入最高的电影──由Marvel Studios和华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)制作和发行的影片《复仇者联盟(The Avengers)的分级是PG-,与即将上映的两部超级英雄电影《超凡蜘蛛侠(The Amazing Spider-Man)和《蝙蝠侠前传3:黑暗骑士崛起(The Dark Knight Rises)分级相同;Ted,; about a man and his foul-mouthed talking teddy bear, is the first live-action feature from writer-director Seth MacFarlane, best known creating the animated television show ;Family Guy.;《泰迪熊讲的是一个男人和他会说话但脏话连篇的泰迪熊的故事,也是该片导演作家麦克法兰(Seth MacFarlane)第一部自编自导的非动画电影麦克法兰最知名的作品是动画剧集《居家男人(Family Guy)The opening of the roughly million film, which was financed by Media Rights Capital and sold to Universal, is the biggest debut an original R-rated, non-sequel since ;The Hangover,; which opened at million. Overall, it is the eighth-highest opening an R-rated film and third-highest opening an R-rated comedy, according to the box office division of Hollywood.com.《泰迪熊的制作成本大约为5,000万美元,由Media Rights Capital出资拍摄并出售给了环球影业该片是《宿醉(The Hangover)之后上映周末票房最高的R级原创非系列电影《宿醉上映周末的票房为,500万美元根据Hollywood.com票房部门的数据,从整体上看,《泰迪熊的上映后票房收入在R级电影中排名第八,在R级喜剧电影中排名第三Relativity Media LLC is also a partner in the film.Relativity Media LLC也是该片的合作方之一Nikki Rocco, Universal president of distribution, credits much of the success of ;Ted; to the film clever marketing campaign and the film itself, as indicated by the broad audience demographic that bought tickets. According to exit poll data provided by the studio, ;Ted; appealed primarily to males, who made up 56% of the audience, and ticket-buyers over the age of 30, who made up 5% of the audience.环球影业负责影片发行的总裁罗科 (Nikki Rocco)认为,该片观影人群范围很广,从中可以看出,《泰迪熊的成功应主要归功于巧妙的营销策略和影片本身环球影业提供的观影后的调查数据显示,《泰迪熊吸引的主要是男性观众,男性观众的比例为56%,年龄超过30岁的观众的比例为5%In second place, the male stripping drama ;Magic Mike; grossed . million from ,930 locations. The film was directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Channing Tatum as a male exotic dancer living in Tampa, Fla.上周末北美票房榜上排名第二的是讲述脱衣舞男经历的《魔力麦克,该片在,930家院线共获得了3,9万美元的票房收入该片由索德伯格(Steven Soderbergh)执导,钱宁#86;塔特姆(Channing Tatum)在片中扮演一名居住在佛罗里达州坦帕市(Tampa)的脱衣舞演员 1888So you think you can dance, William and Kate?威廉王子和凯特王妃,你们觉得自己很会跳舞吗?  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge definitely put their topless photo woes out of sight and mind on the South Pacific island of Tuvalu on Tuesday — donning colorful grass skirts and shaking their hips to the rhythm with tribespeople.剑桥公爵和公爵夫人看来是把裸照风波跑到九霄云外去了,周二两人来到南太平洋岛国图瓦卢,穿上艳丽的草裙,与部落居民一起和着节拍,扭臀大跳草裙舞 Upon their arrival, Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 30, were given flowered head garlands to wear, and were carried on a double-throne by 5 grass-skirted men.一到目的地,热情的岛国居民就为30岁的威廉王子和凯特王妃戴上花环,并由5个身穿草裙的彪形大汉护送到了宝座上During a tour of a school, Duchess Kate also joined in with a song-and-dance routine of ;Head, Feet and Toes.; William also tried out a local sport, a fast, aggressive version of volleyball — and he also chopped open a coconut with a machete!在访问学校的过程中,凯特王妃还加入了学生的歌舞;Head, Feet and Toes;威廉王子也兴致勃勃地参与了一种当地的快速略带进攻性的排球运动,此外威廉还用一把大砍刀切开了一个大椰子Laughing and smiling throughout the festivities, the royals had a ;good, really good — an amazing evening,; William told one official.经历了一路的欢声笑语,威廉告诉当地官员:“王室成员度过了一个非常精的夜晚” Back in Paris, royall supporters had another reason to celebrate: The couple won their case against French magazine Closer publishing its topless photos of Kate during a recent vacation.而在巴黎,王室持者又有的乐了:这对情侣在与法国八卦杂志《Closer诉讼官司中成功胜出(这家杂志上周曝光了凯特王妃在度假时的裸照)

Slice stems at a 5 degree angle. This leaves a larger exposed area so blossoms can absorb as much water as possible, and also allows stems to stand on point, so the cut side is fully exposed to water (as opposed to if stems were flat against the bottom of the vase). Re-trimming the stems every couple days can also help prevent wilting.将花茎倾斜5度插入瓶中 9

Chinese Hong Kong filmmaker Peter Ho Sun Chan is making a movie about Li Na, the country biggest tennis star.中国香港著名电影监制陈可辛正在制作一部关于中国最出名的网球明星李娜的电影Chan production company We Pictures said in a statement Saturday that the film will be based on Li autobiography陈可辛的电影公司在周六声明,正在筹备的电影会以李娜的自传为基础Li is one of China best known athletes and became the first Asian tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament when she captured the French Open in .李娜是我国最著名的运动员之一,并且在年赢得法国公开赛后,成为第一个夺得大满贯的亚洲网球运动员Chan says ;Li Na had an impossible dream and found a way to turn it into reality. She broke rules and defied conventions and, against all odds, became a legend.;陈可辛说:李娜有一个看似不可能实现的梦想但是她找到了让梦想实现的途径她打破所有规则并且定下新规,克所有困难,最终成为了传奇Li says ;I am honored to have this once ina lifetime opporty to tell my life story through a film.;李娜说:我很荣幸,能有这个千载难逢的机会来通过电影把我的故事告诉别人The budget of the film is expected to be around 0 million yuan.这部电影的预算在1亿元左右Hong Kong filmmakers have begun ditching the trademark kungfu and gangster genres in favor of social realism in recent years. Peter Chan last film Dearest () has become a box office hit on Chinese mainland. It a fictionalized take on the real life issue of child abductions.近些年香港电影制作商已经开始摆脱功夫和黑帮体裁的电影,并开始倾向于社会现实类题材的影片陈可辛的上一部电影,《亲爱的在中国内陆票房大卖这是一部基于现实生活中,真实的儿童诱拐事件而拍摄的电影 38889

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