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导言:2011年度汉字评选落下帷幕,;控;字当选今年年度汉字,年度词组、年度国际汉字和年度国际词组则分别是是;伤不起;、;债;和;欧债危机;。我国开始最早且评选单位较为权威的年度汉字评选是;汉语盘点;年度关键字词评选。与其他评选不同的是,该项年度汉字评选分别选出代表我国国内与国际的两个汉字。;汉语盘点;年度关键字词评选活动始于2006年,由中国国家语言资源监测与研究中心网络媒体语言分中心、商务印书馆、新浪网主办。The Chinese character ;kong; has been chosen as character of the year for 2011.汉字;控;当选2011中国年度汉字。More than two million internet users took part in the selection, say the organisers of the state-backed poll.投票的组织者称,有超过200万网民参与了这次票选。这项投票是由国家持的。Kong generally means ;control; and replaces 2010#39;s ;zhang; which means ;price hikes;.;控;的主要意思是;控制;。而2010年的年度汉字则是;涨价;的;涨;。The organisers say the choice symbolises the government#39;s economic policy, which is aimed at keeping inflation under control.投票组织者称,这一选择反映了今年政府的经济政策,即致力于控制通货膨胀。The widesp use of ;kong; by Chinese people when discussing control of the internet, media and society was not mentioned in the official reports.而在官方报告中并未提及;控;字在民间更广泛的使用,即对网络、媒体和社会的控制。The phrase of the year is ;shang bu qi; which means ;too delicate to bear a blow;. According to state news agency Xinhua, this choice reveals the public#39;s sensitivity to personal and social problems.今年的年度词组是;伤不起;。根据新华社的报道,这一选择反映了公众对个人和社会问题的敏感。China#39;s growing importance in a globalised world economy was reflected in the choice of ;debt; and ;euro debt crisis; as the international word and phrase of the year.今年的年度国际汉字和词组则是;债;和;欧债危机;,这反映了中国在全球化经济中越来越重要的地位。 /201112/165071


  Li Sao is a Chinese poem dating from the Warring States Period, largely written by Qu Yuan (340 - 278 ) of the Kingdom of Chu. One of the most famous poems of pre-Qin China, it is a representative work of the Chu Ci form of poetry.《离骚》是战国时期的诗歌,大部分由楚国屈原(公元前340-278)创作。作为楚辞的代表作,《离骚》是先秦时期最著名的诗歌之一。The title#39;s meaning has been debated about even in historical times. Sima Qian interprets the title as ;Woes of Departure; i.e. Qu Yuan#39;s exile, while Ban Gu interprets it as ;Encountering Trouble;. Sima Qian#39;s interpretation is the more adopted one, though recent scholars also theorise that Li Sao is simply a different way of writing Lao Shang; the latter is a generic name for a Chu song. In English the title is often translated as either The Lament or Encountering Trouble.“离骚”这个题目的意义在历史上颇有争议。司马迁将其翻译为“离别之悲痛”意指屈原被流放;班固将其译为“遭遇忧患”。尽管新进学者们认为“离骚”只是“劳商”的另一种写法,而“劳商”即楚国歌曲的总称,人们还是多以司马迁的译法为准。英语中“离骚”一般被翻译为“悲歌”或“遭遇忧患”。The poem has a total of 372 lines and about 2400 characters, which makes it one of the longest poems dating from Ancient China. While the precise date of composition is unknown it is one of Qu Yuan#39;s later works, written after his exile by King Huai I of Chu.《离骚》共有372行,2400余字,是中国古代以来最长的诗歌之一。虽然《离骚》的具体创作时间未知,但可以确定它是在屈原被楚怀王流放之后的作品。As a representative work of Chu poetry it makes use of a wide range of metaphors derived from the culture of Chu, including shamanistic elements such as divination and the presence of spirits, as well as references in ancient history and legendary figures. Because of these influences the poem is seen as an initiator of a Romantic tradition of poetry in China.作为楚辞的代表作,《离骚》中有大量源自楚国文化的比喻,包括占卜、显灵等萨满教元素,以及历史和神话传说中的人物形象。因此,这首诗开创了中国诗歌的浪漫主义先河。 /201206/187857。


  1. Apply Full Make-Up Okay, look. Refreshing your lip gloss after a meal is one thing, but putting your whole face on while riding the bus or subway (where no one should do any proposing!) is so not cool. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier, and do your makeup before you leave your apartment. A woman has to retain a little mystique, you know. 化妆。饭后给自己涂口红,在公交车上化妆,都是不文雅的行为,最好每天早起10分钟,在家里化好妆再出门。 /201001/94091Working less hours each week will help boost the economy by creating more jobs and improving quality of life, according to a think tank.据某智囊机构称,减少每周工作时间有助于创造更多工作岗位,提升生活质量,推动经济增长。The New Economics Foundation (NEF) will meet with other experts at an event in London this week to find a solution to unemployment, the credit crisis and reducing the country#39;s carbon footprint.新经济基金会将在本周与其他专家在伦敦会面,商讨失业、信贷危机以及减少国家碳足迹等问题的解决办法。The NEF, which has organised the gathering with the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at the London School of Economics, said their solution to the problem would be enforcing a 20-hour working week.新经济基金会和伦敦政治经济学院的社会排斥分析中心组织了这次会议,他们提出的解决办法是实行20小时工作周。The foundation has previously suggested a similar strategy and said the move would mean people had more time to think about the effect they are having on the environment and that it would allow for job sharing.基金会以前曾提出过相似的对策,该组织称,这个行动意味着人们有更多的时间思考他们对于环境的影响,也使工作得以共享。It admitted that incomes would be reduced dramatically but argued individuals would have more time to carry out worthy tasks.该组织承认,人们收入会大大减少,但指出每个人都将有更多的时间来做更有价值的事情。Parents could spend more time with their children or other dependents and there would be more opportunity to get involved with civic duties or charity work.父母可以花更多的时间陪伴孩子和其它家属,也有更多机会履行公民义务,参与慈善活动。Anna Coote, co-author the report, told the Observer: ;There#39;s a great disequilibrium between people who have got too much paid work, and those who have got too little or none.;报告的合著者安娜bull;库特告诉《观察家报》说:;有些人承担太多带薪工作,有些人却没有工作或少得可怜,两者之间存在着严重失衡。;;Are we just living to work, and working to earn, and earning to consume?;;我们活着就只是为了工作,工作为了赚钱,赚钱为了消费吗?;She argued that the government needed to think about what constitutes economic success and whether aiming to boost Britain#39;s GDP growth rate should be a priority.她认为政府要思考经济成功的要素是什么,以及是否应以推动英国GDP增长率为首要目标。The UK has the longest working week of any major European economy and economists believed, in time, that as technology improved people would be able to spend less time at work.在欧洲主要经济体中,英国每周的工作时间是最长的。经济学家们认为,当科技发展了,人们最终将能少花些时间在工作上。Parents of young children aly have the right to request more flexible work hours but the NEF is keen to push the government to make this a right for everyone.带小孩的父母已经有权要求更灵活的工作时间,但是新经济基金会仍然热衷于推动政府采取行动,让每一个人都拥有这个权利。词汇点津:in time: 后来渐渐,终于,最终think tank: 智囊团 /201201/167663Taboos: the following are some common taboos, or habits that are seen as offensive, rude or insulting by most Australians. If you want to make a good impression, it is best to avoid these habits. Sniffing instead of blowing your nose is considered rude. In Australia it is common to see people using handkerchiefs or tissues to blow their noses. This is not considered unclean as it is in some cultures. Constant clearing of the throat is thought to be rude. Slurping soup or making a noise when eating is thought to be rude Eating in a public places should be done quietly. As in many countries, dropping rubbish or leaving it behind is considered impolite and is punishable with a fine. Opening someone’s door without knocking first and waiting for the person to answer “come in”. Going through a door without holding it open for the person behind you. Arriving late for an appointment. If you are running late it is best to ring and advise the person. Conclusion: By planning ahead you will be better prepared for your study adventure in Australia. You should investigate accommodation options and language training. Reading books about Australia will give you an idea of the different cultural environment but the best preparation is a positive, realistic attitude. If you are prepared for differences, are y to enjoy the experience as a whole and keep a sense of humor and optimism, then it should all turn out to be a pleasant learning and life adventure. 禁忌:下述常见的禁忌或习惯,对大多数澳大利亚人来说, 是无礼的、粗鲁的或侮辱性的。如果你想给人一个好的印象,最好改掉这些习惯。 吸鼻涕而不擤鼻涕是粗鲁的,在澳大利亚常常可以看到有人用手帕或纸巾擦鼻涕。这在有些文化中被认为是不卫生的,但在澳大利亚并不这么认为;。 不停地清嗓子被认为是粗鲁的; 喝汤或者吃东西发出声音被认为是粗鲁的,在公共场所吃东西应该保持安静; 像在许多国家一样, 随地扔垃圾被认为是不文明,会受到罚款处理; 不先敲门并不等对方说“请进”就开门进别人的房间; 进门后不等后面的人进来就关门; 结论:要提前计划,以便更好地为去澳大利亚学习做好准备你应该调查住宿和语言训练情况。读有关澳大利亚的书可以给你一个关于不同文化环境的要领,但最好的准备工作是采取积极和现实的态度。如果你对差异有了准备,并能在整个经历中得到乐趣,保持幽默和乐观情绪,那么这将最终成为一次愉快的学习和生活经历。 /201008/111832

  The Yangshao Culture仰韶文化The Yangshao culture was a Neolithic culture that existed extensively along the central Yellow River in China.仰韶文化是在中国广泛存在黄河中部的一种新石器文化。The Yangshao people lived in round or rectangular houses in the mountainous regions that were below ground level and surrounded by little walls of earth.仰韶人生活在圆形的或矩形的房子里,这些房子建在地平面以下的山区并被土质的小围墙所包围。They cultivated millet extensively, some villages also cultivated wheat or rice.仰韶人大量种植粟,一些村庄也会种小麦和水稻。They kept such animals as pigs and dogs, as well as sheep, goats, and cattle, but much of their meat came from hunting and fishing.他们既养猪和,也养绵羊、山羊和牛,但是他们获取肉的主要来源是打猎和。Their stone tools were polished and highly specialized.他们的石头工具是经过打磨而且高度专业化的。The Yangshao people may also have practiced an early form of silkworm cultivation.仰韶人可能还进行了早期形式的蚕养殖。Especially note worthy was their gray or red pottery, so the Yangshao Culture, also referred to as the “Painted Pottery” Culture. /201508/393907

  When any market crashes, it’s a shock. Fora real nose dive it normally takes something unexpected and dramatic to kick itoff. Gold is misunderstood and it is viewed as “the mad metal”, so here arethree things to remember whether you love or hate gold.任何市场崩溃时都会有震荡。对于真正的一落千丈,它通常需要一些意想不到的戏剧性的事情来开启。黄金是误以为“疯狂的金属”,所以不管你对黄金是爱是恨这里有三件事情要记住。1. Gold is a commodityTo many people gold is something special.It’s more than just another metal that comes out of the ground. This may wellbe because since the dawn of time gold has been a status symbol and status iswhat breeds success or simply just breeds.Whatever you feel about gold, it is just ametal. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it doesn’t mean it needs to becheaper.Gold supply has not kept up with demand soits price should rise. Where once gold was used on things that could be easilyrecycled. Now gold is used in things that don’t get recycled in a way that thegold is being recovered. So gold is being lost.1.黄金是一种商品对许多人来说黄金是与众不同的。它不仅仅是来自地下的又一金属。这很可能是由于从黎明伊始,黄金一直是一种身份的象征,地位等同于育成功或只是简单的繁荣兴旺。无论你对黄金有何感受,它只是一种金属。这倒未必是件坏事,也并不意味着它需要更便宜。黄金供不应求,所以它的价格应该上涨。曾经用于黄金的东西都可以很容易回收。现在黄金用在无法回收的东西上。所以黄金在流失。2. Gold is not a stable store of valueIt is a myth to believe gold is a constantstore of value. Like anything else the price of gold is created by supply anddemand. When the Spanish pillaged South America and brought the gold and silverback to Europe, there was rampant inflation. More gold meant gold money wasworth less and the price of things in gold went up.2。黄金不是一种稳定的价值贮存体认为黄金是一种恒性的价值贮存体是一个误区。像任何其他东西一样,黄金价格由供需决定。当西班牙掠夺南美,把金银带回欧洲,就产生了恶性通货膨胀。更多的黄金意味着黄金贬值,黄金加工物的价钱上升。3. Gold is volatileGold used to be worth a lot less than it istoday. As we have seen recently at ADVFN, you don’t have to look hard to see goldis as vulnerable to swings in values as any other commodity.The key to investing in gold is being ableto watch the gold price live. A free ADVFN account will allow you to follow itlive and direct at home or on your tablet or smartphone via our free app.3.黄金具有挥发性黄金过去远没有今天这么值钱。正如我们最近在ADVFN所看到的,你无需很难才能看到黄金的价值像任何其他商品一样容易波动。投资黄金的关键在于能实时看到金价。一个免费的ADVFN帐户将允许您直接在家里或在你的平板电脑或智能手机上通过我们的免费应用程序进行实时跟踪。 /201305/239222

  Deep breathing. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Now let it out … slowly. Try counting to 10 as you let out your breath. Feel the tension and stress flowing out of you with your breath. Repeat 3-10 times, as necessary. 深呼吸 深呼吸,屏住呼吸,现在缓慢呼气……呼气时试着数到十。感受紧张和压力一并被呼出。如果有必要,重复三到十次。 /201004/102556。



  Generational differences and the economy are shifting more responsibilities for children from their parents to grandparents, according to a new survey.根据一项新研究,隔代差异和经济形势将更多抚养孩子的责任从父母身上转移到了祖父母身上。More than one-third of grandparents aged 50 and older contribute financially to their grandchildren#39;s#39; upbringing, and 11 percent have a grandchild living with them, the poll by AARP, the lobbying group for 36 million older US citizens, showed.美国退休人员协会的调查显示,50岁以上的祖父母有超过三分之一为孙子女的培养提供经济持,11%的人让孙子女和自己住在一起。美国退休协会是一个针对3600万美国老年公民的游说组织。Forty percent of people who responded to the telephone survey, whose average age was 69, reported spending more than 0 on grandchildren over the past year beyond traditional gifts. Education costs accounted for 53 percent, daily expenses for 37 percent and medical and dental costs for 23 percent.电话调查的应答者有40%报告说,他们去年除了传统礼物外,给孙子女花的钱在500美元以上。其中教育费用占53%,日常开占37%,医疗和看牙花费占23%。这些被调查者的平均年龄为69岁。Sixteen percent provided daycare for grandchildren.16%的祖父母在白天照看孙子女。;They are the safety net for American families, helping to pay for practical expenses and necessities,; said Amy Goyer, AARP#39;s multigenerational and family issues expert.美国退休人员协会的多代家庭问题专家艾米#8226;戈伊尔说:“他们是美国家庭的安全网,帮忙付实际生活中的费用和必需品。”;We see many providing daycare services, while growing numbers even have grandchildren living with them,; she said, referring to the 16 percent who watch their grandchildren while the parents are at work or school.戈伊尔提到有16%的祖父母在子女工作或求学期间帮助照看孙子女,她说:“我们看到许多祖父母在白天照看孩子,越来越多的人甚至让孙子女和自己住在一起。”Overall nearly 90 percent of the 1,904 grandparents questioned said they play a very or somewhat important role in their grandchildren#39;s lives, and about 70 percent live within 50 miles of the closest one.总体而言,接受调查的1904名祖父母中,有近90%称自己在孙子女的生活中扮演着非常或比较重要的角色,约70%的祖父母住在离孙子女50英里的范围内。The poll conducted by Woelfel Research Inc. also showed that grandparents were increasingly keyed in to the younger generation#39;s life issues and preferred ways of communicating.沃菲尔调查机构开展的这一调查还显示,祖父母们越来越多地去适应年轻一代的生活问题和他们喜欢的交流方式。More than one-third connect with their grandchildren via email, Skype or text messaging, while half said they routinely discuss topics ranging from values and spirituality to drug and alcohol use.超过三分之一的祖父母通过电子邮件、网络电话Skype或短信和孙子女联系,半数祖父母称他们惯常和孙子女讨论从价值观、精神生活到吸毒酗酒等各种话题。Nearly 40 percent said they had discussed dating or sex with at least one grandchild. About 60 percent said they spoke with their grandchildren at least once a week.近40%的祖父母称,他们和至少一个孙儿讨论过约会或性。约60%称他们每周至少和孙子女交谈一次。Most of the grandparents said they had five or more grandchildren, while one-fourth said they have grandchildren of a different race, mixed race or different ethnicity.大多数祖父母称他们有五个以上的孙子女,四分之一的祖父母说他们有不同种族、血统或混血的孙子女。 /201203/176091

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