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;吃什么别吃药,看什么别看医生;,学英语学中医养生之道,遵循24节气养生法,让你健健康康,不生病。预防疾病远离医生。Feb.3-5 立春 Spring BeginsBeginning of spring,temprature rises and nature wakes. Spring belongs to Wood in the Five Elements, correspongding to Liver in the Five Internal Organs, more pungent food and less acidic food to care liver.春天开始,天气回暖,万物复苏。春属木,与肝相应,有生发特性。饮食调养方面要顾护肝气,宜食辛甘发散之品,不宜食酸收之味。Feb.18-20 雨水 The RainsRain more and temperature higher, nurse and harmonize Liver and Spleen, more outdoor activities to prevent being spring sleepy.气温回升,降水增多,冰雪消融。注意调养脾胃,增加运动以缓解春困。Mar.5-7 惊蛰 Insects AwakenThunder appears and insects awaken, warm clothing and exercises help to cope with changeable weather, drink more water天气转暖,春雷初响。气候变化大,防寒保暖应付多变天气。补充水分,注意精神调养和体育锻炼。Mar.20-22 春分 Vernal EquinoxDay and night half split, or half Yin and half Yang, be aware to balance Yin and Yang, light food to clear body heat and toxic, warm and invigorate Yang Qi阴阳参半,昼夜平分。养生注意阴阳平衡,多食清热解毒、温补阳气的食品。Apr.4-6 清明 Pure BrightnessSky is clear and scene on the earth is bright, Yang rises, tonics not recommended, lite food to release high blood pressure天清地明,天气回暖。阳气升腾,不宜进补,低盐饮食缓解高血压。Apr.19-21 谷雨 Grain RainTemperature rises rapidly and varies greatly, be sure to keep warm, prevent neuralgia, more vegetable to release the internal heat气温迅速回升,昼夜温差大。适度保暖。神经痛高发。多食蔬菜,调理肠胃,降火气。May.5-7 立夏 Summer BeginsBelongs to Fire in the Five Element, correspongding to Heart in the Five Internal Organs, drink more water to release internal heat, special care for heart夏季开始,炎暑来临。夏季为心所主。多喝水以退热降火,注重对心脏的养护。May.20-22 小满 Grain BudsHumid weather, pay attention to prevent measles, bland diet such as beans,cucumber,locus root, less meat and seafood气候潮湿,风疹易发。清爽清淡饮食,注意清利湿热。Jun.5-7 芒种 Grain in BeardHumid and hot weather, prevent infective disease, get enough sleep, nap at noon and sports recommended,self mental care, lite diet.天气湿热,预防传染病。易困倦,午间宜小睡消疲劳,适度运动以提高活力。调养精神,饮食宜清淡。Jun.21-22 夏至 Summer SolsticeLongest day-time and hot weather, good time to treat winter diseases, pranayama and meditation needed, more water and vitamins,necessary salt taking,relieving summer-heat to eliminate heart-fire.;白天最长,天气炎热。人体阳气最旺,适宜冬病夏治。补充水分和维生素,增加盐分摄入。调息静心,解渴消暑降心火; 。July.6-8 小暑 Slight HeatHot weather with storm, easy to get digestive disease for weak function of the stomach, More care for food hygiene, conservative Yang Qi of heart热浪袭人,时有暴雨。肠胃吸收力下降,消化道疾病多发,注意饮食卫生。顾护心阳,平心静气。 /201202/171905

昨天是春运首日车票网上出售第一天,不少网友却遭遇网站;卡壳;尴尬。此外,不断出现其他;插曲;,比如网络登录慢;火车票没订上,钱被扣走了;网上显示没票,但代售点却有;;对此,铁路部门昨天回应称,今年推出的许多新措施是第一次经受春运考验,网络购票每天访问量比平时增长数十倍,铁路部门正在努力改进。Hundreds of people failed to get their train tickets through the newly launched online train ticketing service after paying the money, Beijing News reported. The China Railway Customer Service Center responded that it will try to resolve the problem and return the money within 15 working days.据新京报网报道,数百人通过新开通的网络购票务购票,付钱之后却未能订到火车票。铁路客户务中心回应称,他们将设法解决此问题,并将在15个工作日内退款。词汇点津:online train ticketing service 网络购票online ticketing system或online booking system 网络订票系统telephone booking system 电话订票系统ID-based ticket booking system或real-name ticket system 实名购票内容来自: /201201/167214

  Chinese sports fans had been looking for a new hero to call their own. Their top football league was upended in the past two years by a vast match-fixing scandal (39 players, referees, owners and officials were recently sentenced to jail for their part in it). Chinese basketball had seen no heir to Yao Ming as international standard-bearer. Then along came Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese-American phenomenon who has been the story of the season in the National Basketball Association (NBA). American basketball is hugely popular in China, as are successful foreigners of Chinese origin. Mr Lin ticked both boxes, as he set about amassing an awful lot of points on the court. On February 20th Chinese time, Mr Lin#39;s team, the New York Knicks, played a game against reigning NBA champions, the Dallas Mavericks. The game appeared to pitch two very different players against each other: Mr Lin against the once-hyped, Chinese-born-and-trained Yi Jianlian of the Mavericks. Mr Yi, it had been hoped, would succeed Mr Yao as a Chinese star in the NBA.中国的体育爱好者一直希望能够拥有一个自己的体育英雄。过去两年,中国足坛黑幕被揭开(39名队员、裁判、俱乐部老板和官员入狱);中国的篮球运动员也没有一个能够接替姚明成为新的代表国际水准的球员。不过,林书豪出现了,这位台湾裔的美籍运动员已经成为了美国篮球协会(NBA)新星。美国篮球在中国很受欢迎,同样,华裔的外籍运动员在中国也备受喜爱,林书豪正是一个完美人选,他在球场上成绩优秀。北京时间2月20日,林书豪所在的纽约尼克斯队对阵NBA王牌篮球队小牛队。在这场比赛中,两名球员成为了对手:林书豪对阵小牛队的中国球员易建联,后者一直被中国人寄予厚望,希望他能接替姚明的位置。Mr Lin#39;s popularity in China exposes a number of curiosities about the country#39;s attitude to sport. Most obvious is that he is an American who is proud of his family#39;s roots in Taiwan, an island that China claims;and a fact that complicates China#39;s efforts to claim Mr Lin (and they have tried). But there are three other reasons Mr Lin#39;s stardom could fluster the authorities. First, he is openly Christian, and the Communist Party is wary of the deeply religious. Second, he is not a big centre or forward, the varietals which are the chief mainland Chinese export to the NBA, including the Mavericks#39; Mr Yi (who stands at 7ft, or 2.13m tall). And third, in a sporting sense he emerged from relative obscurity, having been educated not in a hothouse American sports college but at Harvard, a prestigious but somewhat less sporty American university.林书豪的经历是中国官方体育系统永远无法复制的。如果在中国,他很可能因为身高不够而不能够进入官方体育训练(林书豪身高1.91米)。林书豪的父母个子都不高,这会让评委们对林的身高潜力不看好。中国的体育系统看重身体指标,而不是更看重控球后卫(林书豪即是此角色)的反应能力和战术水平。Mr Lin is everything that China#39;s state sports system seems unable to produce. As a young boy, he might even have been denied entry into China#39;s sports machine because of his modest height (he now stands at 6ft 3ins). One look at his parents, each of unremarkable stature, might have made evaluators sceptical. The Chinese machine excels at identifying and churning out physical specimens, rather than point guards (Mr Lin#39;s position), who must be quick-witted, tactical maestros.林书豪在中国的大热引发了我们就中方对体育事业持何观点的好奇。明显的一点是,林书豪是一个美国人,并且为自己的台湾籍贯感到骄傲。大陆与台湾的明暗关系让中方很难将林书豪纳入本国阵营(中方的确尝试过这样做)。面对林书豪的崛起,中方还有一个顾虑。首先,他是一个公开的基督教徒,而共产党是对宗教徒有所警觉的。第二,他与小牛队的易建联(身高2.13米)不一样,不是中国向NBA输出的球员。第三,就体育层面来说,林书豪的背景一般,他不是在体育表现不错的大学读书的,而是在哈佛大学,而哈佛在美国大学中体育运动的表现一直不怎么样。Indeed, Mr Lin#39;s parents might never have allowed him anywhere near the system. To put a child (usually an only child) into the Chinese sports system is to surrender his upbringing and education to a bureaucracy that demands sporting success at any cost. If a child were to be injured or fail to make the grade as an athlete, he would for nothing have been separated from his parents for lengthy stretches;and given up his chance at an all-round education, to boot. Although poorer parents from rural areas may welcome the chance for their child to attend a sports school, with the chance of upward mobility, most middle-class Chinese parents prefer to see their children focus on schooling and exams. So China almost certainly has its own Jeremy Lin, but there is no path for him to follow.事实上,林书豪的父母也许永远不会让他参加官方的体育训练。让孩子(通常是独子)进入国家体育系统意味着将孩子的培养和教育全部交给政府,这个政府将获胜当作唯一的目标。如果孩子在训练期间受伤或者表现不理想,他所付出的代价(例如放弃受教育的机会、与长期父母分开参加训练等等)将得不到任何回报。虽然在农村的家境不好的地区,父母愿意利用这次机会把自己的孩子送入体校,因为这样有利于提高他们的社会地位。中国中等收入的家庭宁愿希望他们的孩子专注在学业和考试方面。中国也许有自己的林书豪,只不过他在当前制度下无法像林书豪那样成长。China Central Television (CCTV), the national monopoly that usually broadcasts NBA games, has not joined in the ;Linsanity;, as American commentators have called the fever surrounding Mr Lin. CCTV told NetEase, a Chinese internet portal, that most Knicks games could not be shown owing to the time difference. But if the timing allows, it said, the games ;will definitely be broadcast preferentially.; It remains to be seen if that will happen.中国中央电视台(CCTV)是中国的国有电视台,并经常播出NBA的比赛,但是这次他并没有加入到;林来疯;的行列。;林来疯;是美国者给;林书豪热;定的名字。央视告诉中国门户网站网易:由于时差关系,大多数尼克斯的比赛都没能在中国转播。但是如果时间允许的话,央视表示;一定会选择性地播出。;至于是否会播出,还要靠时间来明。Fortunately for Chinese sports fans, the internet provides a y-made alternative to the state television system. Most of Mr Lin#39;s games are being made available by live stream on the portal Sina.com. The game against Mr Yi#39;s Mavericks was an exception, a mysterious black hole on Sina.com#39;s NBA schedule. Frustrated Chinese fans had to go looking for dodgier streams elsewhere online. What they found was a closely fought game between the two teams, with Mr Lin again starring and leading the Knicks to victory 104-97. More poignantly, they saw their countryman, Mr Yi, remaining on the bench for the entire game, reduced to the role of spectator. As a glimpse of the Chinese sports system versus American soft power, it was perhaps deemed not fit for viewing.中国球迷是幸运的,因特网成为了电视频道之外的首选。很多林书豪的比赛都在新浪网上直播。不过林书豪对战易建联所属的小牛队的比赛并没有显示在新浪网的赛程表上。沮丧的中国粉丝们只好通过其他并不稳定的在线直播观看比赛。球迷们发现林书豪再次闪耀赛场,尼克斯以104-97的比分赢得小牛队。与林书豪形成对比的是,易建联在整场比赛中都没能上场,沦为一个观战者。两个人的处境显示了中国体育系统与美国软实力的差距,对于中国当局来说,的确还是不看得好。 /201202/173004





  Seeing the seven wonders of the world, going on safari in Africa and swimming with dolphins are among the list of 50 things the average person wants to do before they die。参观世界七大奇迹、去非洲远行、和海豚一起游泳,这三件事上了英国年轻人们死前最想做的50件事的清单上。But sadly researchers have found that most adults will only ever fulfill five of their lifelong ambitions. Many feel they do not have enough time to tick off the experiences, while others admit to not being fit or adventurous enough or being too afraid of getting hurt。不过遗憾的是,研究者发现大多数人一生中只能达成5个一生的抱负。很多人说他们没有时间把想法一一实现,也还有一些承认他们没有足够的勇气,或是担心在完成这些事的过程中受伤。Becoming a millionaire, traveling the world, seeing the Northern Lights, trekking the Great Wall of China and being mortgage free are the top five respectively on the checklist of dreams。位列人们梦想清单的前五条分别是:成为百万富翁、环游世界、去北极看极光、登长城,以及还清所有贷款。Among the other less surprising entries are writing a novel, learning to speak another language, visiting the Egyptian pyramids and running a marathon。另外还有一些意料之中的事情,如写一部小说、学说一门外语、参观埃及金字塔以及跑一次马拉松。But ambitions that might fairly be considered less universal also feature, including travelling around New Zealand in a Winnebago motor home, inventing something that changes people lives, riding a Segway scooter and going to Harry Potter World in Florida。还有一些很多人想实现的梦想可能没那么大众:包括开着温尼贝戈房车环游新西兰、发明出能改变人类生活的东西、玩滑板车、去佛罗里达的哈利波特世界。Other boxes to tick range from gambling in Las Vegas, driving down Route 66 in the ed States and visiting Disneyland to meeting the Queen, learning to fly a helicopter and emigrating。其他梦想小到去、开车驶完美国66号公路全程、去迪士尼乐园,大到参见女王、学开直升飞机和移民[微]。The list was complied following a study commissioned by outdoor clothing company Helly Hansen of 2,000 adults. More than one third of people surveyed complained that they did not have enough time to achieve their ambition。这个清单是一项研究的成果,由户外运动装公司Helly Hansen委托,共调查了2000名成年人。超过三分之一的受调查者抱怨自己没有时间去实现自己的抱负。More than a quarter also did not believe they were fit enough to attempt their ultimate goal and 12 per cent confessed that had no ambitions at all. Nearly half also realised that they have to be more adventurous to achieve their ambitions。另有四分之一以上的人认为身体状况的使他们无法达成最终目标,还有12%承认他们根本没有抱负。近半数的人也已经意识到他们必须要更大胆冒险再能达成抱负。A spokesperson from Helly Hansen told The Daily Express: #39;It is fantastic to see that so many people still have a passion for taking to the outdoors in order to experience new challenges。Helly Hansen的发言人对《每日快报》表示说:“这很不可思议,看到这么多人仍然怀着,去户外迎接新的挑战。#39;But it is a real shame to see that some may not achieve lifelong ambitions because of a lack of faith in their own ability。“不过我们也很遗憾地看到,一些人对自己的能力缺乏信心,无法达成他们的终生目标。” /201508/392196




  A woman was telling her friend, ;It is I who made my husband a millionaire.;“我把丈夫变成了一个百万富翁。”一个女人告诉她的朋友。;And what was he before you married him?; asked the friend.“那他结婚前是什么样的呢?”朋友问。The woman replied, ;A billionaire.;“那时他是个千万富翁。”

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