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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With a hug and a handshake, President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe opened a new chapter in U.S.-Japan relations on Friday with Trump abruptly setting aside campaign pledges to force Tokyo to pay more for U.S. defence aid.华盛顿(路透社 周五川普总统与安倍首相以一个拥抱和一次握手开始了美日关系的新篇章。川普意外的放弃了竞选时要求日本承担更多美国防务开的许诺。The two leaders appeared to have established a quick friendship during a day of talks at the White House and a flight together aboard Air Force One to Florida for a weekend of golf.经过在白宫一整天的会谈,以及周末共乘空军一号前往佛罗里达打高尔夫球,两位领导人显示出已经迅速建立起了友情。At a joint news conference with Abe, Trump avoided repeating harsh campaign rhetoric that accused Japan of taking advantage of U.S. security aid and stealing American jobs.在与安倍共同召开的新闻发布会上,川普对于竞选时说过的关于日本占美国军事援助的便宜,以及日本抢美国人工作岗位的严厉论调,只字不提。It was a welcome affirmation for Japan in the face of challenges such as China’s maritime expansion and North Korea’s nuclear and missile development.这是在面临中国的海上扩张,和北朝鲜开发核武以及导弹的挑战下,给日本的一颗定心丸;We are committed to the security of Japan and all areas under its administrative control and to further strengthening our very crucial alliance,; Trump said. ;The bond between our two nations and the friendship between our two peoples runs very, very deep. This administration is committed to bringing those ties even closer,; he added.“我们承诺日本,及所有日本管理控制下的地区的安全,并且要进一步加强极其重要的美日同盟,”川普说。“我们两国之间的纽带,以及我与安倍之间的友好非常非常之深。这届政府承诺将致力于使得双边关系更加紧密,”他补充道。A joint U.S.-Japanese statement said the U.S. commitment to defend Japan through nuclear and conventional military capabilities is unwavering.美日联合发布公报称,美国使用核武器和常规军力保护日本安全的承诺是坚定不移的。The statement amounted to a victory for Abe, who came to Washington wanting to develop a sense of trust and friendship with the new U.S. president and send a message that the decades-old alliance is unshakeable.这份公报等于宣告了安倍的胜利。安倍这次来到华盛顿,就是希望与美国新总统发展信任和友好关系,并且传达日美几十年的同盟关系不可动摇的信息。Japan got continued U.S. backing for its dispute with Beijing over islands in the East China Sea that China also claims. The statement said the two leaders affirmed that Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan security treaty covered the islands, known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China.日本得以在与中国的东海海岛领土争议中继续得到美国的持。公报中说,两位领导人确认,钓鱼岛(日称“尖阁列岛”)适用于美日安保协议第五条。Abe invited Trump for a visit to Japan this year and Trump accepted. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will make an early stop in Tokyo.安倍邀请川普今年访问日本,川普接受了邀请。美国副总统麦克彭斯将率先访问东京。But uncertainty remained in another area, that of trade, after Trump abruptly pulled the ed States out of the planned Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.但是在其他领域还是存在不确定性。尤其是贸易方面,在川普突然让美国退出TPP贸易协定后。Abe said he was ;fully aware; of Trumps decision to withdraw from the multilateral trade accord. But he said Japan and the ed States had agreed on a new framework for economic dialogue.安倍说他“充分理解”川普对于撤出多边贸易协定的决定。但是他说日本和美国对于经济对话的新框架达成了共识;I am quite optimistic that ... good results will be seen from the dialogue,; he said, adding that Japan was looking for a fair, common set of rules for trade in the region.“对话将产生良性后果,我对此很乐观,”他说道,并且补充说日本期望亚太地区能有一套公平的普遍性的贸易规则。A senior Japanese government spokesman said Abe and Trump did not discuss currency issues and that Trump did not request a bilateral trade deal.日本政府一名高级发言人说,安倍和川普没有谈论汇率问题,川普也没有要求安倍带着订单来美囀?The official told reporters that a U.S.-Japan economic dialogue will be led by Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Vice President Mike Pence to address fiscal and monetary policies as well as infrastructure projects and trade.这名官员告诉记者,美日经济对话将由日本副首相麻生太郎和美国副总统麦克彭斯牵头,就财政和货币政策以及基础建设项目和贸易进行磋商。Trump, who spoke by phone on Thursday night with Chinese President Xi Jinping, also said he considered dealing with North Koreas nuclear programme a ;very very high priority; but gave no hint as to how his approach would differ from that of his predecessor, Barack Obama.川普周四(G19注:会见安倍前一天)晚上同中国主席习近平通电话时,也说他认为应对朝核问题有“非常非常高的优先级”,但是对于他的处理方式与前任奥巴马有什么不同,目前还无迹可寻。He predicted a level playing field on trade with China soon.川普还预言对华贸易将很快会有更公平的竞争环境。来 /201702/491486

Severe weather is blamed for two deaths and five injuries in Manatee County, Florida, local officials said.据当地官方报道,龙卷风和暴风雨这一极端天气袭击了美国的佛罗里达州马纳提县,导致两人死亡,五人受伤。Steve Wilson, 58, and Kate Wilson, 51, were killed when the storm damaged the mobile home, Manatee County spokesman Nick Azzara told CNN.CNN报道称,马纳提县发言人尼克表示,暴风雨摧毁了威尔逊一家的房屋,死者是58岁的威尔逊和1岁的妻子凯德。At least two tornadoes struck in Manatee and Sarasota counties, CNN affiliate WFLA reported.CNN报道指出,至少有两场龙卷风袭击了马纳提县和萨拉索塔县;Most of the damage is in Duette, which is in the far eastern border of Manatee County,; Azzara told CNN. ;That is believed to be where the tornado touched down and lifted a trailer. Thats where the family was where the fatalities are.;“位于马纳提县东部边界的杜埃特镇遭破坏最为严重”,尼克向CNN说道,“这里应该是龙卷风首先到达的地区,龙卷风瞬时将威尔逊一家的房车卷起摧毁,导致了这一家人的悲剧。”Azzara said the trailer was on its own lot ;with no homes for miles around.; Some 3,000 people remain without power in Manatee County, he said.尼克表示,当时威尔逊一家的房车停在自家地段,所幸附近几英里均无住户。目前,马纳提县仍有3000人处于停电状态。In Sarasota County, storms caused damage to Siesta Key, Sarasota County spokesman Jason Bartolone said. About 17,000 residents are without power throughout Sarasota County.附近的萨拉索塔县发言人詹森实,萨拉索塔县也遭受了暴风雨的袭击,损失重大。目前,萨拉索塔县共.7万户停电。来 /201601/422923

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday accused Syria of “clearly trying to disrupt; the U.N.-sponsored peace talks aimed at ending the bloody five-year civil war in the country by demanding that there be no discussion of removing President Bashar al-Assad from power.美国国务卿克里星期日指责叙利亚要求不讨论阿萨德总统下台的做法,是在“明显试图干扰”联合国斡旋的旨在结束叙利亚5年内战的和谈。The top U.S. diplomat said that violence in the war-wracked country has been ;hugely reduced; -- by 80 to 90 percent -- since a “cessation of hostilitieswas declared two weeks ago. But he said the ;single biggest violator; of the truce has been the Assad regime.克里说,自两周前宣布“停止敌对行动”以来,叙利亚境内的暴力冲突大幅减少80%0%。但他表示,阿萨德政权是最大的停火破坏者。He said “incremental violations threaten to undermineefforts to permanently end the fighting and any effort to eventually hold elections in Syria.克里说,停火破坏行动的不断增加会危及永久结束战斗并最终在叙利亚举行选举的努力。Kerry spoke after meeting with his British, French, German and Italian counterparts Sunday in Paris about the Syrian crisis, a day before the U.N. talks are set to begin in Geneva.克里发表上述前,星期日在巴黎与英囀?法囀?德国和意大利等国外长讨论了叙利亚危机问题。联合国主持的叙利亚和谈定于星期一在日内瓦举行。Ahead of Mondays discussions, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem warned negotiators that any talk about the fate of Syrias president is off the table.星期一谈判开始前,叙利亚外长穆阿勒姆警告其他谈判代表说,谈判不能涉及阿萨德总统的去留。Mohammad Alloush, the chief negotiator for Syrias main opposition group, said the president has to go, a demand the U.S. also has long made.叙利亚主要反对派首席谈判代表阿鲁什说,阿萨德必须下台。长期以来,美国也坚持阿萨德应当下台。Alloush told the French news agency AFP, ;We believe that the transitional period should start with the fall or death of Bashar al-Assad.;阿鲁什对法新社说:“我们认为,过渡期应从阿萨德的下台或死亡开始。”Kerry has urged both sides in Syria to proceed with the peace talks despite their conflict over the presidency.尽管叙利亚双方在阿萨德能否继续担任总统的问题上存在分歧,克里还是敦促双方继续推进和谈。来 /201603/431224

At least 27 people have been killed and 75 injured in a car bomb in Ankara’s main transportation hub, the second major attack in Turkey’s capital in less than a month. 安卡拉主要交通枢纽周日发生一起汽车炸弹袭击,造成至少34人死亡25人受伤。这是土耳其首都在不个月内第二次遭受严重袭击The death toll is expected to rise, a doctor at an Ankara hospital said. The death toll was confirmed by the Ankara governor’s office, which said 20 people were killed at the site of explosion, a busy interchange near Guven Park. 安卡拉市长办公室早些时候表示,20人在爆炸中当场死亡,爆炸地点位于Guven公园附近一处繁忙的立体交叉道路The government announced a media ban, in line with previous terrorist attacks. Twitter and Facebook also slowed down, and non-government affiliated journalists at the scene were forced to leave. 土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)表示,土耳其已成为这个不安定地区的一个攻击目标,并誓言要在打击恐怖主义的斗争中取得胜利One eyewitness reported two explosions in a February attack where at least 30 people were killed less than a kilometre from this incident, security officials were able to safely detonate a secondary device. 与此前发生恐怖袭击时一样,土耳其政府颁布了媒体禁令。Twitter、Facebook也限制访问,爆炸现场的非官方媒体记者被驱离With no group taking immediate responsibility, suspicion swung to Isis, which has been tied to at least two terrorists attacks since June of last year, and the Kurdistan Worker’s party (or PKK), which has renewed its armed struggle against Turkey in the past few months. 还没有组织声称对这次爆炸事件负责,但土耳其官员私下怀疑是“伊斯兰国ISIS)或者库尔德工人PKK)所为。ISIS被指责应为自去年7月以来的五起爆炸事件负责,而在过去几个月,库尔德工人党重新开始了反对土耳其的武装斗争。来 /201603/431700

A Brazilian congressional committee on Monday voted in favor of moving forward with the impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff.巴西国会委员会周一投票赞成推进总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫的弹劾程序。The 65-member Special Impeachment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies voted 38-27 in favor of the impeachment, paving the way for the full chamber to vote on the matter.5人组成的巴西国会众议院特委中,有38人对报告投了赞成票,27人表示反对。这一结果为全院投票铺平了道路。The vote in the lower house of parliament is expected on Sunday. If two-thirds of the chamber, or 372 of 513 deputies, vote in favor, the motion then goes to the Senate, which would rule whether Rousseff should be removed.国会下议院的投票预计将在星期日进行。如13个议员中的有372名以上(即三分之二)投了赞成票,那么方可通过至参议院。此后,参议院还要对是否弹劾总统进行表决。Before the results were announced, Vice-President Michel Temer was caught in a leaked audio talking as if President Dilma Rousseff had aly been impeached. Local media reported that the government was aly prepared for such an outcome.特委会投票结果公布之前,副总统迈克尔·特梅尔的一段录音外泄,听其口吻,似乎总统罗塞夫已遭弹劾。当地媒体报道称,巴西政府已为这样的结果做好准备。A turnaround in Brazils economic fortunes coupled with a corruption scandal at state oil giant Petrobras are mainly blamed for damaging Rousseffs popularity and fueling the attempt by the political opposition to remove her from power.巴西的经济命运再加上国有石油巨头巴西国家石油公司的腐败丑闻,是影响罗塞夫的声誉及助长政治反对派试图消除她的权力的主要因素。Last week, Brazils Attorney General Jose Eduardo Cardozo, acting as the governments legal counsel, said the call to impeach the president had no legal basis and was motivated by a political ;vendetta.;上周,作为政府法律顾问的巴西总律师若泽·卡多佐表示,呼吁弹劾总统是没有法律依据的,这完全是出于政治上的“恩怨”。来 /201604/437646

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