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Are you familiar with the, uh, website Ashley Madison.com. Yes你们熟悉Ashley MAdison.com 这个网站吗?当然Ok, I know a lot of guys are pretending they are not, but恩,但我知道很多人还在假装自己不懂Ashley Madison is a, they describe, they call it a dating siteAshley Madison据说是一个用于约会的社交网站for married men and women who are looking to have an affair.专门务于那些想要‘第二春’的已婚男女They pay a fee of some kind and they pair you up with other sneaky people.人们以某种方式先付费 然后网站就会把你和另外一个人配对But well.....unfortunately for those who signed up for this service actually Madison was hacked.但我想对那些注册过这个网站的人说 我为你们感到不幸 因为Madison被黑客攻击了A group of hackers called the Impact team broke in and theyre threatening to expose有一个叫‘影响力’的黑客组织黑进了这个网站 并威胁说the identities of more than 37,000,000 users.要曝光所有三千七百万用户的信息if actually Madison They said shut down the site. or we will reveal everyones identity.如果Madison选择关闭这个网站 他们就会披露出所有的用户信息Now first of all how crazy is that they have 37,000,000 Hahaha....诶 等等 拜托 他们居然有三千七百万的用户!哈哈哈Isnt that like everyone? Isnt that like...... I mean really......那不就是所有人了么 难道不是吗?我真是醉了……Walmart doesnt have 37,000,000 customers.就连沃尔玛都没三千七百万的顾客好么And you know 36,000,000 of those 37,000,000 customers are guys right?不过其中的三千六百万都是[同志]吧?I mean Women dont need a website. Women just need ..all they need is a pos and they are fine.本来就是啊 因为女人们根本不需要这种网站啊 她们只要有一个刷卡机就够了But if this information gets released, millions of marriages could be affected.但话说回来 如果这些信息曝光了 估计得有上百万的家庭受到影响吧And you know thats hardest on kids. Kids dont undetstand of the sort of thing.这样的话小孩子才是最受伤的 小屁孩才搞不懂大人的这些事儿呢Kids are very innocent until we pollute their minds.他们都超单纯 直到我们‘污染’了他们纯洁的心灵And in fact, we went on the street today, we asked kids...... We asked kids what adultery it is? Oh......实际上 我们今天延沿街采访了孩子……我们问孩子“出轨”是啥意思?天……!Were trying to do a show or I dont know what to tell you. And here it is. Kids explaining Adultery.诶 拜托 我们在努力做节目好么 不然你们看什么?好 来看看孩子们对‘出轨’的解释吧!What is “Audltery”? Um......to be a movie star? Do you know anyone who is a audlterer? Um......你知道什么是‘出轨’不?呃……就是当个电影明星?那你知道有谁出轨了的吗?呃……Johnny Depp? What is “Audltery”? A dog running? Describe “Adultery”. Its artery for adults?约翰尼.德普?什么是‘出轨’?啥?奔跑的小?请你描述一下‘出轨’是什么?变成大人?What is “Adultery”? Being an adult? What do you think the best part of adultery is? Getting to drink.什么是‘出轨’?做大人?那你觉得“出轨”最好的地方是什么?可以喝酒!Getting to drink? Yeah...... I agree. What is “Adultery”? Apparently saying that is fun...nursing...and...可以喝酒? 嗯……好样的 我同意 什么是‘出轨’?很明显啊……就是做父母啊 ……照顾别人神马的……还有..all sorts of things. Are your parents adulterers? Yes. Both of them? Yes.反正就是那些事儿呗 那你爸妈出轨不?要!两个都出轨?对!Hows that? Fun. Fun. Yeah. What is Adultery? Um.......what do you say?感觉咋样?挺好玩的!嗯……好玩……答的好……什么是“出轨”?呃……你说啥?Adultery. Adultery? I dont know what those are. You wanna take a guess? Um...... Heeeee......出轨 出轨啊?我也不知道那是什么鬼诶 那你猜一下呢 呃呃呃……呵呵呵呵……Did you guess its funny? Adultery? Until it happens to you right?你觉得好笑么?嗯……等发生在你身上的时候就好笑了吧?What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody? It means theyre cheating?对不起另一半是啥意思?就是……他们做了对不起另一半的事And what does that mean? It means theyre not following the rules.那又是什么意思呢?就是说 他们犯规了And what are the rules? That you cant cheat.犯什么规了?就是你不能做对不起另一半的事What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody else?什么是对不起另一半?That means that they...you know ...get the wrong person就是说……嗯你懂的……就是找错人了They might accidently get the different person that they are not supposed to get.他们可能不小心找到不适合自己的人了So when you cheat on somebody, its usually an accident? Yea.那么就是说 你对不起别人的时候都是不小心的咯?对But not all the time. Sometimes its on purpose. Yea.但也不总是这样 有时候你是有目的才对不起别人的是吧 恩 对Like if you went on to Ashley Madison and signed up to meet somebody? Yea.就像是人们注册Ashley Madison网站然后去和别人约会是吧?对的Right!Thanks kids Im Jimmy Kemmel.干得好!谢谢孩子们!我是吉米.坎尔If you like that, subscribe to our youtube channel to get all our latest s before they die and go to Youtube heaven.如果你喜欢我们的视频 请订阅我们的油管频道 观看享受更多的最新视频吧!201706/514212栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201605/446197

With events now spiralling out of control,随着事件不断升级趋向失控Pym saw this was the moment to try and strip the king of virtually all his authority.皮姆认为时机已到 是时候剥夺国王的所有权力了Charless response was to try to arrest him.查理的应对之策是企图逮捕皮姆But Pym and four other parliamentary leaders had been tipped off that the king was marching on parliament with an armed guard.但皮姆和另外四个议会领袖收到了风声 得知国王正带领全副武装的卫队前往议会They waited till the last moment and slipped out of the back.他们等到最后关头从后门溜走Charles was left empty-handed.It was an unmitigated fiasco.让查理扑了个空 那全然是一场失败The gamble had only been worthwhile so long as Charles was sure of total success.除非有一网打尽的把握 否则这场豪赌查理必输无疑Exposed now, just as Pym had wanted,as a naked, abject failure,阴谋暴露了 正如皮姆希望的 在这次惨重的失败之后Charles appeared to be something worse than a despot,a blundering despot.查理的形象已不仅是残暴不仁 更是愚蠢冒失Both sides were moving fast beyond any point of reconciliation.双方均无意和谈Pym made it clear that parliament now needed to protect itself and England from the king.皮姆明言议会现在需要保护自身和国家 不受国王迫害It set about raising an army.他们开始着手组建军队In July 1642,Bulstrode Whitelocke thought out loud about the abyss facing the country.1642年7月 布斯托得·怀特洛克不禁说出了 国家正面临的劫难It is strange to note how insensibly we have slipped into this beginning of a civil war by one unexpected accident after another,我们不知不觉中竟卷入了 一场内战 预料之外的打击接连来袭as waves of the sea would have brought us this far and which we scarce know how.就如一波波的暗潮将我们推到这里 而我们竟不知缘何落入这等境地What the issue shall be, no man alive can tell.没人能说出未来将会如何Probably few of us here may live to see the end of it.也许我们之中没几个人能活着看到结局 /201703/498288

Beneath these delusions of omnipotence, though,Richard remained neurotically insecure.在如此疯狂的严密保护下 理查神经质般地缺乏安全感On the merest suspicion of treason,he rashly condemned John of Gaunts son,Henry Bolingbroke, 仅仅是心存怀疑会遭到背叛 他仓促地宣判冈特的约翰的儿子 亨利·林布鲁克有罪to ten years in exile without even the pretence of a show trial.流放十年 甚至省略了装模作样的公审If such summary justice made the English nobility uneasy,what happened next left them stunned.这样的即决裁判令英格兰贵族惶恐不安 而接下来发生的事情则令他们目瞪口呆When John of Gaunt finally died,Richard decided to increase Bolingbrokes sentence to banishment for life,冈特的约翰最终去世之时 理查决定将林布鲁克 由放逐加刑为死刑and seized the young Dukes inheritance,the valuable Lancastrian estates,in the name of the Crown.以君主之名 剥夺了这位年轻公爵的继承遗产 以及兰开斯特家族的宝贵土地The magnates of England must have looked at this and said, Hes got to be stopped or its my turn next.英格兰的大人物们看到此番情景都说 必须要阻止他 否则下一个遭殃的就是我Richard was one blunder away from disaster.The final, fatal distraction was Ireland.理查即将铸成大错 最终 爱尔兰将他推向深渊He had decided to bring the Irish princes to heel,他决定远征爱尔兰 将其收入囊中but he took just enough soldiers to leave himself defenceless at home and not enough to cow the Irish nobles.但他带走的兵力 足以让自己的家园不堪一击 却不能撼动爱尔兰的贵族们And before he could finish his business there,he heard news that Henny Bolingbroke had landed with an army on the Yorkshire coast,还未解决爱尔兰的战事 他就听说亨利·林布鲁克 带领一军队在约克郡海岸登陆and the alienated English lords had flocked to his banner.被疏远的英格兰贵族都聚集在他的麾下By the time Richard returned,had landed with an army on the Yorkshire coast,of the southern and eastern heartland of England.待理查回国之时 林布鲁克已经占领了 英格兰南部和东部的中心地带 /201612/482028For any wrestler, a record of 33 wins and only 5 defeats is pretty impressive.对于摔跤选手而言,33赢5输的记录已让人叹。But it is totally incredible if youre only 7 years old.但对于仅有7岁的她而言,这显然是不可思议的。Brace yourselves, America.朋友们,请做好准备迎接她的登场。From OFallon, Illinois, heres wrestling champ Angelina!欢迎来自伊利诺伊奥法伦市的摔跤冠军安吉丽娜!Hi, everybody!大家好!Angelina, hello. Hello. How are you? Good.你好,安吉丽娜。你好。你好吗?很好。Are you really a wrestling champ? Yes, I am.你真的是摔跤冠军吗?是的。33 wins? Yes.你赢得了33场胜利?是的。You wrestle all girls? Mostly all boys.你和女孩摔跤吗?大多数是男孩。How do the boys act when you beat them? They cry.他们输了以后有什么反应?他们会掉眼泪。How in the world did you get into wrestling?你怎么开始玩摔跤的?Cause my brothers wrestle.因为我的哥哥们摔跤。How old are your brothers? 9 and 10. Oh. Theyre right there.他们多大了?一个9岁,一个10岁。哦。他们在哪里。Hey, 9 and 10-year-old brothers right there.你们好,两位哥哥们。Cant beat your brothers wrestling, though, huh?我想你没法打败他们,对吧。I can beat them. You can beat them.我能打败他们。你能打败他们。Aint no doubt about it. Cause look at these.毫无疑问。你看我这个。When youre wrestling, do you think you can take anybody down? Yes.你在摔跤时,你觉得你能打败所有人吗?是的。Like up to how old? 30.你觉得你能打败什么年龄的人?30岁的人。Whew. Okay, good.妈呀,这很棒。Do you know how old I am? Mm, 60? Nailed it.你知道我多大了?60岁?答对了。Okay, like, you guessed, like, 60 right off the bat, which kind of hurt me a little bit.你什么都没想就猜我60岁,其实我真的是有点受伤。Some people have said I look like Im in my late 40s. Yeah, but you look 60.有人说我长得像四十八九岁。但你真长得像60的。You cant believe everything people tell you, Mr. Harvey.哈维,别人说的什么别都信以为真。They mightve told you you looked 40-something, but you look 60.他们会说你长得像40多岁的,但其实你长得像60的。Whats your style of wrestling? Oh. Okay.你摔跤时什么样?好吧。Scared me for a minute. I didnt...吓死我了。我真的...Do you have like, some...some moves that you do like, you got favorite moves?你摔跤时会有什么招式,比如说一些你喜欢做的招式?Gator roll, double-leg takedown, and cow catcher.鳄鱼滚、双腿抱摔还有捕牛手。Have you written a poem about wrestling or something?你为摔跤写过诗吗?I do have a song.我写过一首歌。Can I hear it? Yes.能唱两句吗?可以。Oh. Oh, you gonna stand up? Oh, okay.你要起来吗?好的。My name is Angelina我叫安吉丽娜。They call me Little A他们叫我小A。But when Im on the mat但当我走上摔跤场。They know I do not play他们才认识到真正的我。201706/514457Today is Hillary Clintons birthday.今天是希拉里·克林顿的生日As its her custom shed every year she spent a quiet evening drinking the blood of her enemy.就像是每年的惯例 在一个安静的傍晚品尝胜利的滋味Focus testing gift idea. She even tweeted a message to herself.专心想着送给自己的礼物 她甚至给自己发了一条推文This is real from @hillaryclinton. happy birthday to this future president.这句话就是来自于希拉里自己:生日快乐,未来的总统大人Apparently shes never heard of a jinx.很显然她不知道扫把星的意思Is it appropriate to tweet happy birthday to yourself?在生日给自己发推文真的合适么?Isnt that kind of like liking your own status update on facebook?这样不就像是在脸书上给自己的动态点赞?And if you do, are you then on the hook for all the other holidays like-然后如果你这样做了 那是不是其他节日也相应需要做些什么 比如mothers day do you have to make yourself breakfast in bed?母亲节你需要给床上休息的自己做一顿早餐?I dont know how it works but since it is hillarys birthday.我甚至不知道怎么才能办到 但是既然今天是她的生日We wanted to do something fun to commemorate it so-我们想做一些好玩的事情来庆祝一下this afternoon we ask people who said theyre donald trump supporters所以今天下去我们让几位川普的持者to say something nice to hillary clinton on her special day.来为希拉里的生日送上祝福Clinton on her special day. And this is how that went.来为希拉里的生日送上祝福 然后就发生了接下来这一幕And this is how that went. Todays hillary clintons birthday.然后就发生了接下来这一幕 今天是希拉里克林顿的生日Can you say something nice about her? No.你能说点祝福的话么 做不到N after the h, I cant really come up with anything. I cant say anything positive.呃说不出 我甚至想不到任何能说的 对她我没有好话可以说Id ask her if its truly her birthday or if shes lying about that too.我会问她今天是她的生日么 还是她连生日的日期都是假的Yes, shes a great con artist, shes great at deceiving the public. Shes the devil.好的 她是一个骗子 她很擅长欺骗公众 她是个恶魔In her 30 years politic eh-shes done nothing for the people.在她30年的政治生涯 她从未为人民做过任何事I do have nothing to say nice about her. I wont even wish her a happy birthday.我没有任何好话可以说 我甚至不想祝她生日快乐You cant say one positive thing about her for her birthday? No你难道没办法为了她生日说哪怕一句么?没办法Its just for her birthday-which is today. Thats okay.毕竟是她的生日 就是今天 没关系的She didnt call and wish me a happy birthday, so-no, nothing.她也没在我生日那天打来说生日快乐 所以 无话可说Happy birthday, Hillary. I hope that you get whats coming to you.生日快乐 希拉里 我希望你能得到应得的报应Happy birthday, Hillary. I hope you get arrested.生日快乐 希拉里 我希望你会被逮捕She can have a happy birthday, I just dont care if she has a happy birthday.她可以过个开心的生日 只是我完全不在乎她今天是否开心She can have a happy birthday, i just dont care if she has a happy birthday.她可以过个开心的生日 只是我完全不在乎她今天是否开心I hope you have a great day. Thats something. Thats it.我希望你今天过得开心 说的挺好 就这样That was really nice. Ok That felt good, right? No你这样真的挺好 行吧 感觉挺好 不是么 并没有Hillary Clinton, I think youre a liar and a murderer. And I like your hair.希拉里·克林顿 我觉得你是个骗子 是个杀人犯 还有就是 我喜欢你的发型201707/515943

This old cable pulley has quite a lot of give in it which means that it sags.这个老旧的滑索松了不少 有点下垂了But I can use that to my advantage.可这一点恰好为我所利用Get rid of that.The sag should arrest my slide what I dont know is how far Ill get.把这个拿开 下垂的滑索会控制住我滑行的速度 也就是说 我不确定能走多远And actually, you know, with a bit of rope like this,you can improvise a harness very easily.事实上 凭借这么一段绳索 你可以轻而易举的制作绳套了Just do a triple bowline in it,and that will act as two leg loops a chest loop.打三个单套结就好 两个套到腿上 一个围到胸部A bowline harness like this is often used by mountain rescue because its fast and simple to make.就如同这样 好比降落背带 在山地营救时很常用 因为制作起来简便 快捷Make the loop.The rabbit comes out of the hole.Thats how I always remember it.打上一个圈 兔子穿洞过 口诀我记得可清楚了Around the tree and then back down the hole.绕树一圈再穿洞 And then you can literally just step into that.然后只要钻进圈中即可This one comes over your top.这个从头上套过来And then, for this bit, well just th that through.Okay.然后 把绳子绕到滑索上 搞定The rest of this,well just bunch up and put in the rucksack.剩下的这些 卷起来装进背包The last thing you want to be doing in this sort of terrain is cutting up your rope too much.在这样的艰难条件下 你最不愿做的事就是 用去太多的绳索Only cut it in a last resort when you got no other choice.割断绳索绝对是你在无计可施时 采取的最后一招This is gonna give me a foot stirrup and then were good to go.Okay. Lets go.这可以让我有个脚蹬之处 一切蓄势待发 好勒 出发201704/505957Im near the Russian border in the caucasus mountains of northern Georgia.我正在俄罗斯边境 格鲁吉亚北部的高加索山上Im on the search for food and shelter.我正在寻找食物和庇护所And that means getting onto the lower slopes.这意味着要到低海拔的地方去This is the snow line.这是雪线Its the first time Ive got solid ground under me.我的脚第一次踩到了坚实的土地And thats a good sign.这是个好兆头That means were coming out of the mountains.这意味着我们正在走出雪山The snow line is the point above which snow and ice cover the ground throughout the year.雪线就是说这以上的地方终年 被冰雪覆盖Get below that and your chances of scavenging food and resources increases massively.而雪线以下 找到食物和其他资源的机会 会成倍增长Actually, a lot of all of this is birch.事实上这些树大多是桦树Are you all right? Almost lost you there.你还好吗 差点掉下去了Theyre often the first trees you come across when you come out of the mountains.桦树 是你下山的时候 往往最先映入眼帘的树And there are all these little shavings.到处都有这种树皮You can just pull off in your hand.你可以用手把它们撕下来Its this stuff that really takes a spark easily.这种树皮非常易燃Birch bark is packed with flammable oils.桦树皮含有可燃油Pocket this stuff whenever you see it.当看到的时候就应该把它们收集起来When coming off the high mountains,these are good friends to find.Keep going.当你从高山下来时 这些会很有帮助 接着走201704/504403栏目简介:Two university canteens in Shanghai have started offering street food, including crayfish and barbecued items until late at night. School officials say they want to offer students a healthy and affordable alternative to eating at nearby unlicensed street food stalls. Our reporter Song Wenjing takes a look.201703/492629

Carnegie wasnt gonna do any price haggling with Morgan.卡内基根本不会与根讨价还价Carnegie writes done four hundred and eighty million on a piece of paper.卡内基将他的报价4.8亿写在一张纸上Its the equivalent of four hundred billion today.这相当于今天的四千亿More than Gates and Buffet together.超过盖茨和巴菲特的身家总和了Carnegie has dared J.P. Morgan to buy him out for an outrageous price.卡内基是在向J.P根挑衅 给出了一个离谱的价格A sum that is higher than the entire budget of the U.S. Federal Government.这比整个美国联邦政府的预算还要高I have a price.我这有个报价America is on the move.美国在发展After decades of unprecedented growth, the country has emerged as one of the leading industrial powers in the world.经过几十年的空前增长 美国已经成为世界上领先的工业大国之一J.P. Morgan has consolidated business for years and now hes set his sights on Andrew Carnegies steel empire.J·P·根巩固业务已经多年了 现在他瞄准了安德鲁·卡内基的钢铁帝国Hoping to take it over and create a monopoly in steel.希望能抢过来 并建立钢铁垄断But Carnegie has spent a lifetime building his company, rising from nothing to become one of the most powerful men in America.但卡内基为公司花费了毕生的心血 从一无所有到成为美国最有权势的人士之一Convincing him to sell will take an astronomical amount of money.说他卖掉公司肯定要花上天文数字了201607/452593TED演讲视频:一定要睡个好觉--有一个重要的原因大脑仅占人体重量的百分之二,却要消耗人体能量的四分之一。那么,这个独特的器官是如何汲取营养的,也许更重要的是,如何清除废物的呢?一些新的研究告诉你——通过睡眠。201705/508094栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201605/431374

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