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襄阳中医院妇科襄阳妇幼保健医院割包皮多少钱Taking Love For Granted Robi Ludwig from Cookie magazine and Finesse Mitchell from Essence magazine talk to Harry Smith about how to make time for love in the busy lives men and women lead today.It's the job, friends, the internet, do you have time for everyone and everything except your expects, are you tooo busy for your relationships? joining us ... from cookie magazineand essence magazine comlumnist..... we are very familiary with you all my life. How are you? Good to see you. Your guys are doing right?Yes, great. so would you busy? We are walking around the town, everybody down there, you know, cellphone, and they are on their things, and their...you know,trying to save their jobs. Because the Wall Street goes down to ... we are too busy for love, is it possible that we are too busy for love?Well, i think we are taking our relationships for granted.Yep.And once we work together, we say you know i love you, even though i don't talk to you... all the time. i think we have to acknowdlege too. You work like .. into your whole life, so we need to be really more delibetelly about our relationship than we sometimes that could be really relationships suicide.See, i think men attempt to be pretty selfish though. Right? Because they have their jobs, they have their dreams, they have their friends, they have their golf, they have ...right? All that ...You know they have got to the sports center, whose get time to rub your girlfriends feet? ...Would you do up to the show?You can rub your feet,why do you love sports? Rihgt/ That's she wants to be in the room, why you ...?Probably not.Probably not, so a lot of women sometimes feel, you know, why am i competing tv, why i compete this or that? So i think it would not be necessary to talk about everything. You know, You have to compromise, because when a woman is just as busy.. she sometimes is hash with man, you know, the man is ... and the man is, you know.,sometimes ...What about me?Right? Don't ...complain like ...Sure.Really, what you need to know, you want to know when you pay attention to somebody, it's love as equal as love it, you give your attention to them on the way they want you to give attention. We bring this subjects, because all these high profile man ...last couple of weeks, last couple of months, your guys ...Richie and McDonald. you could... 200811/55047老河口市妇幼保健医院私密整形多少钱 Third of women are earning more Nearly a third of women are the main bwinners in their household, according to a major survey.Thirty percent earn more than their partners and a further 19 percent earn the same amount.Researchers said that in many relationships it was no longer assumed that the man would bring in the bigger income, especially in a time of widesp redundancies.In a significant shift in attitudes, four out of ten women said that the career of whichever partner had the highest income would take precedence in the relationship.In one in ten families, a house husband looks after the children and does the chores while their female partner works full time.Ten percent of women admitted this role reversal had put strains on their relationship and some said it had even led to them parting company.The Women and Work Survey 2010, commissioned by Grazia magazine, found that almost half of full-time mothers disliked not earning their own money.And two thirds of the mothers among the 2,000 women in the survey said they wanted to keep working in some way after having children.A slightly higher number of those with children under three said they would prefer to work - preferably part-time - rather than stay at home.Victoria Harper of Grazia said: 'Women are getting good jobs when they graduate, and working up the career ladder faster than they have ever done.'This means that there has to be more fluidity between the roles of men and women in a relationship and when they have children.'Instead of the have-it-all woman who tries to do everything, we are now seeing cross-over couples who share roles.'Vocabulary:redundancy: the situation when somebody has to leave their job because there is no more work available for them (因劳动力过剩而造成的裁员,解雇)take precedence in:处于优先地位put strains on:使……处于紧张状态cross-over: 混合交叉的背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109524Auto sales jumped sharply in the ed States last month as consumers came back to showrooms to check out the newest models. The world's top two automakers gained the most traction in February, bolstered in part by consumers migrating to more fuel-efficient vehicles. Toyota and General Motors posted the biggest year-over-year gains but other automakers are also reporting robust sales.2月份新推出的各种车款把大批美国人吸引到车行,导致美国当月汽车销量激增。全球最大的两家车商丰田和通用的销售业绩最为突出。当然,消费者对省油车的兴趣日增对于销量也起到一定作用。除了丰田和通用的年度销量增长创下历史新高外,其他车商也有不俗表现。Auto dealerships enjoyed their best month since August , when the government's cash for clunkers program gave the industry a much needed boost. Auto analyst George Magliano says U.S. sales surged 27 percent in February, easily beating aly high expectations.自从年2月美国政府推出“现金换旧车”计划之后,美国的汽车销售就再没有这么红火过。不过,汽车行业分析师乔治·马格里亚诺说,今年2月,美国车市又火了一把,销量同比上升了27%,大大超过业界的预期。"We are getting this with less incentives, better pricing, higher transaction prices," he said. "The mix of vehicles is better. The people are buying the top end of the line as opposed to the entry model."他说:“这次的特点是优惠手段少了一些,价格更具优势,成交价格更高。市场上的车型更加优化。人们热衷于购买高端车款,而不只是专注于底端产品。”General Motors, which emerged from bankruptcy last year, led the pack with a 46 percent increase in business. And number one Toyota, which was hurt by massive recalls last year, was up 42 percent.刚刚在去年走出破产保护的通用2月份销售业绩最为抢眼,上涨了46%。全球最大车商丰田去年一度陷于召回困境,2月份的销量也大幅上涨了42%。Ford Motor Company, the only U.S. automaker to refuse a bailout, gained 14 percent - while Chrysler posted a 13 percent increase ahead of its public offering expected later this year.福特是美国唯一一家拒绝接受政府就助的汽车公司。其销量上升14%,克莱斯勒预计今年晚些时候实施公开募股,其销量上升13%。Ford sales analyst George Pipas attributed the higher numbers to improved consumer confidence and pent-up demand.福特公司的销售分析师乔治·皮帕斯说,销售业绩主要来源于消费者信心的改善和需求在长期抑制后得以释放。201103/127325东风襄樊医院是私立医院吗

襄阳市中医院等级Southeast Asia's Leaders Call for Faster Asian Economic Integration东南亚领导人促加快地区经济整合 Southeast Asian business and government leaders have urged faster regional economic integration to cushion the impact of the global economic downturn. The call comes as leaders of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations gather in Thailand for their annual summit. 东南亚的商界和政府领导人敦促加快地区经济整合,以缓冲全球经济下行带来的冲击。他们是在东盟10国领导人在泰国召开年度高峰会议之际发出以上呼吁的。With exports from Southeast Asia plummeting, the region's business and government leaders are seeking to bolster trade within Asia to compensate for falling demand in the West. 由于东南亚出口急剧下跌,该地区工商界和政府领导人寻求推动亚洲内部贸易,以弥补西方需求的下降。Trade among the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been expanding, but the leaders say there is still room for further growth. It accounts for only a quarter of ASEAN's total trade. ASEAN officials say this trade should increase by 35 to 40 percent in the next six years. 东盟10个成员国之间的贸易正在扩张,不过领导人说,还有进一步增长的余地,因为成员国之间的贸易仅仅占东盟总贸易额的四分之一,东盟官员说, 在未来6年里应该增长35%到40%。At an ASEAN business and investment meeting in Bangkok Friday, Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said this week's Leaders Summit would push harder for the realization of a common market by 2015. 泰国总理阿披实星期五在曼谷召开的一个商业与投资会议上说,本周的东盟峰会将为2015年建立共同市场做出更大努力。"Aly we have seen tremendous growth in intra-ASEAN trade and investment," Mr. Abhisit said. "But the fact of the matter is, we have not done enough and we have to do much, much more." 阿披实总理说,“我们已经看到东盟内部贸易与投资的巨幅增长。但是事实是,我们做得还不够,我们必须做更多的事情。”ASEAN has a combined market of more than 500 million people. In recent years, ASEAN has pushed to expand access for its products within Asia by signing free trade agreements with Japan, China and South Korea - a combined market of about two billion people. 东盟国家总计有5亿多人口。近年来,东盟跟日本、中国和韩国签署了自由贸易协议,努力为其产品开拓一个有着20亿人口的市场。That trading area will further widen to include Australia and New Zealand, which will sign free trade agreements with ASEAN Friday. India is expected to do the same in April. 东盟星期五跟澳大利亚和新西兰签署自由贸易协定,从而进一步扩大东盟的贸易领域。预计,跟印度的自由贸易协定将在4月份签署。Narongchai Akrasanee, chairman of the Export-Import Bank of Thailand and the country's former commerce minister, said the global economic crisis would accelerate Asian economic integration as neighbors turn to each other for investment and trade. 泰国进出口行长、前商务部长纳隆猜说,全球经济危机将加速亚洲的经济整合,因为邻国之间相互求助进行投资与贸易。"We have so much [foreign currency] reserves in our countries, about trillion, and we talk about using these reserves for our investments, to support our projects, in our land," said Narongchai. "Now circumstances would force us to make use of this." 纳隆猜说,“我们各国有巨额外汇储备,大约有4万亿美元,我们讨论如何使用这些储备来进行投资,来持我们的项目,而现在的境况迫使我们使用这些储备。”Earlier this week, ASEAN, China, Japan and South Korea agreed to expand a regional fund aimed at helping Asian governments facing liquidity problems. 本周早些时候,东盟、中国、日本、和韩国同意扩大一项地区基金,以帮助亚洲国家政府解决资金流动问题。Arin Jira, the chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, says although times are difficult, some of the region's top businesses see the current crisis as a chance for the region to lead the global recovery. 东盟工商咨询委员会主席阿兰·伊拉说,虽然处境艰难,但是该地区的一些领导人把目前的危机看成是带领全球走出衰退的一个机会。"We shall no longer be running around following the other advanced economies," said Arin. "We will lead the world out of this crisis and I think we can do it because we are better cushioned than before." 他说,“我们不必再跟在其他发达经济体的后面瞎跑。我们将引导世界走出危机。我认为我们做得到,因为比起以往,我们有了更大的承受能力。”ASEAN was formed in 1967 to promote political and economic cooperation. Its annual summit opens Saturday in the Thai resort town of Cha-am, 200 kilometers south of the capital. 东盟成立于1967年,旨在促进政治与经济合作。一年一度的峰会星期六在泰国首都以南2百公里的度假胜地华欣镇举行。03/63496襄阳市四院治疗早孕多少钱 US Treasury Secretary Assures China Its Dollar Assets Are Safe盖特纳:中国持有美元资产很安全U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is reassuring the Chinese government that its huge holdings of dollar assets are safe.美国财政部长盖特纳向中国政府重申,北京持有的巨额美元资产是安全的。As evidence of the importance of the Sino-American relationship, China is Secretary Geithner's only destination on this trip. His official duties in Beijing began Monday, with a speech at Peking University, where he attended in 1981.美国财政部长盖特纳此次出访的唯一目的地就是中国,这明了美中关系的重要性。他对北京的正式访问从星期一开始。他在北京大学发表演讲。1981年,盖特纳曾经在北大读书。Geithner says it is crucial for the ed States and China to work together to effectively combat the global economic downturn.盖特纳说,美中两国合作对成功地遏制全球经济衰退来说十分关键。"How successful we are in Washington and in Beijing will be critically important to the economic fortunes of the rest of the world," he said.他说,“华盛顿和北京的成功与否对世界其他地区的经济前景至关重要。”China is the biggest foreign owner of U.S. Treasury bonds. American data shows that China held 8 billion in treasury securities as of March.中国是美国联邦债券最大的海外债权人。根据美国的数据,中国3月份持有7680亿美元的美国联邦债券。The English edition of the Beijing-based Global Times newspaper ran an article Monday in which 23 Chinese economists expressed deep concern that American debt poses great risks to the Chinese economy.北京出版的环球时报英文版星期一登载文章,报导23位中国经济学家对持有大量美国债券给中国经济带来的巨大风险表示相当担心。In response to a student's question about this issue, Geithner said Chinese assets are very safe.美国财政部长盖特纳在回答北大学生相关问题时说,中国持有的资产是非常安全的。The American official renewed pledges that the Obama administration will cut its huge fiscal deficits and promised future spending that would be, in his words, "very disciplined."这位美国财政部长再次保,奥巴马政府将削减巨额财政赤字,并承诺未来政府开,用他的话说,将“非常谨慎”。Speaking about major news back in the ed States, Geithner says he is optimistic General Motors and Chrysler will emerge from bankruptcy, without needing government assistance.盖特纳在谈到美国国内的重大新闻时说,他对通用汽车与克莱斯勒不需要政府援助可以从破产的废墟上浴火重生的前景感到乐观。"Their failure would have had a very, very substantial cost to the economy, as a whole," he said. "So the president decided that we would be willing to provide support if there was in place the kind of comprehensive restructuring plan to allow them to emerge viable as private entities, over time."盖特纳说,“它们的失败将会给整个经济造成非常实质性的伤害,因此,奥巴马总统决定,如果他们提出全面重组方案,可以使它们在一段时间里作为私营企业生存下去,我们愿意提供持。”Geithner met with some of his former Chinese professors in Beijing and visited a Ford Foundation economist training program set up by his father. He is to meet President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday.盖特纳在北京见到了曾经教过他的一些中国教授,参观了他父亲建立的福特基金会经济学家培训项目。他将在星期二会晤中国国家主席胡锦涛和总理温家宝。06/72462襄阳市哪里可以做处女膜修护手术

襄阳治疗早泄比较最好的医院Britain to Host G-20 Summit in April英国将主办下届二十国集团峰会 Britain is to host the next financial crisis summit of the G-20 group of industrialized and emerging economies. Plans for the meeting come amid efforts by countries around the world to stem the economic downturn and stimulate their economies back into growth. 英国将主办下届工业化国家和新兴经济体组成的20国集团的金融危机峰会。在筹备下届峰会的同时,世界各国正在努力控制经济下行风险,刺激经济发展,争取把经济拉回到增长的轨道。Speaking in parliament, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told lawmakers concerted action is crucial to stem the global financial crisis. And, he said, international leaders would be meeting in London to push that process forward.  英国首相布朗在议会发表演讲时表示,采取协调行动制止全球金融危机是至关重要的。他说,国际领导人将在伦敦开会,推动这个进程。"We've agreed with our international partners that the next meeting of the G-20 will be held in London," he said. "It will be held in London on April 2. It will deal with the major questions of the economic actions that are necessary and I've talked to the incoming U.S. administration and President-elect Obama expects to come to Britain at that time." 他说:“我们已经和国际伙伴们达成一致意见,决定下届20国集团峰会在伦敦举行。会议将于明年4月2号在伦敦召开,商讨必要的经济行动的主要议题。我已经向美国下一届政府通报了这件事,届时当选总统奥巴马预计将到英国来。”The G-20 met in Washington earlier this month and agreed on a broad action plan to boost economic growth. Individual governments and international political and economic blocs have held nearly non-stop meetings and consultations to stem the downturn with a variety of bailout and stimulus packages.  20国集团峰会首次会议本月早些时候在华盛顿举行,会议就一项范围广泛的促进经济增长的行动方案达成了一致意见。各国政府和国际政治、经济协作组织几乎没有间断地举行各种会议,磋商各种救助和刺激方案,控制经济下行风险。Earlier this week, Britain announced a cut in the national sales tax with the aim of enticing consumers to buy more and hopefully plow the savings back into the economy. The government has also announced tax breaks for businesses and help for low income families along with higher government spending on housing, schools and roads. 这个星期早些时候,英国宣布削减全国销售税,目的是鼓励消费者更多地消费,希望他们把积蓄投入到经济发展之中。政府还宣布对企业实行减税,帮助低收入家庭,并增加了政府在房地产、学校和公路方面的开。The ed States has aly set aside 0 billion to bail out failing financial institutions and the Federal Reserve announced it would pump 0 billion more into the economy to try to stabilize it. The government has discussed options to keep the auto industry from going under and President-elect Barack Obama has talked of the need for a massive stimulus package to get the economy going again. 美国已经拨出7千亿美元救助陷入困境的金融机构。美联储宣布将再注资8千亿美元,以稳定经济。美国政府讨论了挽救汽车工业的各种选择,当选总统奥巴马也表示,需要实行大规模的经济刺激方案,推动经济增长。In Brussels the European Commission has called for an EU-wide stimulus package worth around 0 billion. EU leaders are expected to discuss the plan at their December summit. 布鲁塞尔的欧洲委员会呼吁实行全欧洲范围的经济刺激方案,总值大约2千600亿美元。预计欧洲领导人将在他们的12月峰会上讨论这个问题。Financial markets around the world have plunged and fluctuated wildly in recent months. Asian stock markets closed mostly higher Wednesday, but the key market in Tokyo fell more than one percent and European markets were trading lower on Wednesday.200811/57306 【听力原文】First thing people should know is that the two expert agencies, the World Health Organization and CDC - Centers for Disease Control, have reviewed the environment, and neither have recommended any restrictions whatsoever on travel. The air in a cabin of an airplane is better, more proved, because of hospital-grade HEPA filters and side by side circulation, that it is in the vast majority of public buildings in the ed States to include schools and offices. So don't be concerned by getting on an airplane. We have hands sanitizers, and soap in the lavatories on all of our planes, and we encourage people, as others do, to wash their hands frequently that cover their mouth when they cough, and take just normal everyday common sense protections and provisions that your mom would tell you when you were going to school. The real key here I think is for all citizens to understand that if you feel not well, stay home, whether it's school, whether it's workplace, whether it's travel, just stay home. Self policing can do more to prevent the sp of this disease than almost anything. 11/88500襄阳粉刺哪家医院便宜襄阳包皮环切术价钱



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