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襄樊市妇幼保健院是私立的么?老河口第一医院处女膜修补襄阳枣阳市妇幼保健院中医院私密整形多少钱 Without realizing it, people will perceive things according to how they want to see them, a new study suggests."There is an age old hypothesis(1) in psychology that a person's wishes, hopes and desires can influence what they see," said David Dunning, Cornell University psychologist and co-author of the study. "This theory had lay dormant(2) for about 40 years, though, without any supporting evidence. We wanted to test the murky(3) waters again."In five separate tests conducted by Dunning and a graduate student, Emily Balcetis, 412 volunteers from Cornell were presented with an ambiguous(4) picture that could be interpreted as two distinct(5) figures,either a horse's head or the body of a seal, for example. They were told they would be assigned to a taste test of either fresh-squeezed orange juice or a gelatinous(6), clumpy(7) and rather unappealing(8) veggie(9) smoothie(10), depending on whether they saw a farm animal or sea creature.More often than not(11) the participants chose the figure that would lead them to the juice.The trick to making the study meaningful was making sure the test subjects didn't know what was going on, Dunning said, noting that the generally high IQ of Cornell students made cheating a real possibility."The figures we used were chosen so we knew the people weren't just lying or tricking us," Dunning said. "We also tracked automatic, unconscious eye movements which were out of their control."Not only did participants routinely(12) see the figure that produced favorable results, their eye motions indicated that they were never aware of the alternate option being available."Determining whether a person walking towards you is smiling or smirking(13), how close the finish line seems in a race or how loud a partner,a wife, husband, lover is yelling during an argument," Dunning gave as examples that could arise in life. "Could we interpret ambiguous situations towards our expectations and hopes and away from our fears? That is the ultimate question." 一项研究表明,人们看待事物时,有意无意地把它们理解成为自己事先想象的样子。本研究合著者、科内尔 大学心理学家大卫·达宁说:“长久以来,心理学界有一个假设,认为人的愿望、希望和欲望会影响他对事物的判断。由于没有确凿的据,这个理论被弃置了大约40年。这次我们希望能再探深渊。”达宁和研究生艾米丽·巴尔塞迪斯从科内尔大学选出412名志愿者,对他们进行五次单独测试。他们选择了一些模棱两可的图片,这些图像可以被看成是两种截然不同的东西,例如看起来既像马头又像海豹。受测者被告知正在进行品味测试,如果从图片中看到农场动物,就说明你喜欢鲜榨果汁,如果看到海洋生物就说明你喜欢果冻样、块状、毫无吸引力的蔬菜冰砂。通常受测者会选择和果汁对应的图像。达宁说使研究结果有意义的关键是保受测者不知道测试的真正目的,尤其科内尔学生们的智商普遍较高,欺骗研究人员的可能性不是没有。达宁说:“我们精心挑选图片,以免学生们对我们撒谎或者欺骗,我们还观察他们无意识的眼部运动,这是他们无法控制的。”不仅受测者不假思索地选择会导致理想结果的图像,他们的眼部运动也显示出他们从来没有意识到对图片还可能有别的理解方式。达宁说:“当我们判断迎面走来的人是在微笑还是在假笑、田径赛场的终点线离我们有多远、或者搭档、妻子、丈夫、情人在争吵过程中的声音有多大的时候,我们能否说我们对这些含糊的状况的理解更贴近于我们期待和希望的样子,同时远离我们害怕的样子?这是最终问题所在。” /200805/39977襄州区妇幼保健中医院治疗宫颈炎多少钱

襄樊铁路医院属于公立还是私立谷城县妇幼保健中医院私密整形怎么样 襄阳市第一人民医院妇科医院排名

襄阳市第一人民医院月经不调多少钱Hopes for a colony on Mars took a step forward after scientists proved it was possible to grow edible food in Martian soil for the first time.殖民火星的希望向前迈进了一步:科学家首次实在火星土壤上是有可能种出可食用作物的。Researchers in the Netherlands have been attempting to grow crops in soils created to simulate conditions on the Red Planet and also the Moon. Scientists of Wageningen University And Research Centre, Wageningen, were concerned that even if food grew it would contain dangerous levels of metals which would be toxic to humans.荷兰研究人员一直在试图模拟月球和火星的土壤条件,进行农作物栽培实验。荷兰瓦赫宁根大学与研究中心的科学家们担心,即便种出了农作物,其重金属含量也可能会过高,从而对人类产生有害影响。But experiments growing tomatoes, peas, radishes and rye proved that the crops were not only safe, but possibly healthier than those grown in Earth soil.但事实明,实验中种出的西红柿、豌豆、小萝卜和黑麦不仅安全,而且有可能比在地球土壤中种出的更健康。;For radish, pea, rye and tomato we did a preliminary analysis and the results are very promising,; says Dr Wieger Wamelink. ;We can eat them.;韦格·瓦梅林克士说:;我们对小萝卜、豌豆、黑麦和西红柿进行了初步分析,实验的结果充满了希望。我们可以食用它们。;Nasa has said that it wants to establish a Mars colony by the 2030s while the European Space Agency is hoping to return to the Moon even sooner. But if the plans are to be realised, astronauts will need to learn to grow their own food.美国航空航天局表示,希望在本世纪30年代在火星建立殖民地。欧洲航天局则希望能更早重返月球。而实现这些计划,宇航员得学会自己种农作物。The research showed that only radishes had high levels of aluminium, iron and nickel. They also grew significantly less well in lunar soil. However scientists think that the problem may just be on the outside and washing away the soil would be enough to bring levels down and make them safe for eating.研究显示,只有小萝卜的铝、铁和镍含量过高。小萝卜在月球土壤中的生长状况也更糟糕。不过,科学家们认为,问题可能只出现在小萝卜的表面,洗掉外层的土可能就足以使重金属含量降低,并可安全食用。It is still unknown if the take up of heavy metals is the same on Earth as it would be under the lower gravity conditions found on Mars and the Moon. Only research ‘on site’ or in will give an answer.现在不知道的是,重金属的占比在火星和月球这些重力较低的环境中是否还和在地球上一样。只有;实地;实验才能得出结论。The researchers are now planning tests on green beans, rocket and spinach and potatoes and are due to carry out further testing on vitamins, flavonoids, and alkaloids in the crops.研究人员现在打算对青豆、芝麻菜、菠菜和土豆进行实验,并对作物中的维生素、类黄酮和生物碱进行进一步的检测。 /201607/453271 枣阳一医院医院肛肠科襄阳市东风人民医院做孕检多少钱



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