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According to the Finance Times of October 12, the world's three richest women are Chinese– as are 11 of the top 20, showed the Hurun List of Self-Made Women Billionaires published on Thusday.据《金融时报》10月12日报道,在周二发布的《胡润白手起家女富豪榜》中,全世界最富有女性的前三名都是中国人,而且前20名中11人是中国人。Nandani Lynton, of the China-Europe International Business School in Shanghai, identified political and social factors for making a scrap paper lady from China richer than the doyennes of Zara, Gap, Benetton and Ebay. "Mao made an incredible difference when he said women hold up half the sky. Since then it has been assumed that all women in China will work." said Ms Lynton.上海中欧国际工商学院教授南达尼#8226;琳敦分析了中国废纸女王财富超过Zara、Gap、Benetton及Ebay女掌门人背后的政治与社会因素,“毛泽东曾说,女人能顶半边天……从那以后,人们有了这样一种理念,即中国所有女性都应该工作。Chinese women are also among the most ambitious on earth, according to a study from the Center for Work-Life Policy in New York, which found 76 percent of women in China aspired to top jobs, compared with 52 percent in the US.上海中欧国际工商学院教授南达尼#8226;琳敦分析了中国废纸女王财富超过Zara、Gap、Benetton及Ebay女掌门人背后的政治与社会因素,“毛泽东曾说,女人能顶半边天……从那以后,人们有了这样一种理念,即中国所有女性都应该工作。Working mothers in China and other Bric countries "are able to aim high, in part because they have more shoulders to lean on than their American and European peers when it comes to childcare", the center noted. With an average work week of 71 hours for Chinese women, cheap childcare is essential, and in China is often provided by grandparents – four for every only child.该中心称,中国及其他金砖四国的职场母亲“能志存高远,部分原因是在照顾孩子方面,她们可依赖的对象要多于美欧女性”。中国女性每周平均工作71小时,因此价格低廉的托儿务不可或缺,在中国,这种务常常由祖父母提供———往往四个祖父母带一个孩子。Nandani Lynton noted that it was not just the availability of cheap or free childcare but also the absence of any stigma attached to using it that helped Chinese women dominate the global rich lists.琳敦说,帮助中国女性统治全球女富豪榜的因素不只是廉价或免费的托儿务,还有一个原因,即使用这些务并不让中国女性感到难堪。 /201010/115672。

When a relationship ends, the once treasured mementos of a lost romance – from teddy bears to love letters – are most likely destined for the bin, or even the fire. But some of those bittersweet gifts have now been given a new purpose, as part of an award-winning exhibition called the Museum of Broken Relationships.据英国《每日邮报》8月16日报道,当一段感情结束,那些曾经被看作是浪漫爱情的珍贵纪念品,从泰迪熊到情书,就都有可能被扔进箱子甚至火堆里。而如今,这些苦乐参半的礼物被赋予了新的意义——即成为这个备受赞誉的“分手物馆”展品中的一部分。Items donated by heartbroken owners include a prosthetic leg, a pair of handcuffs, a collection of Proust novels – complete with sand between the pages – and a set of seven bras. There are even the keys to an ex-boyfriend’s apartment。失恋人士捐赠出的物品中有假腿、手铐、夹杂着沙子的普鲁斯特小说合集和7件套的内衣,甚至还有前男友公寓的钥匙。Most of the objects are displayed anonymously and each one comes with a caption that includes the location, date and length of relationship.大部分物品以匿名方式展出,并且附有标签注明感情发生的地点、日期和持续的时间。Lila La Scala, 29, donated a piano that she was given by a one-time lover with the caption "for sale"。29岁的莱拉#8226;拉#8226;斯卡拉捐赠了一架前男友赠与的钢琴,标签上写着“出售”字样。The singer, from Westcliff, Essex, said: "It was given to me in 2005 by someone I had a rather short affair with. I wouldn’t consider it a relationship, it lasted about two and a half months, and when it ended he gave me a piano. It’s quite a strange parting gift to give someone. I thought it would raise a smile with people at the exhibition."这位来自艾塞克斯斯特克利夫的歌手说:“2005年,我和一个人有过短暂的暧昧,这就是他送给我的。我不认为我们恋爱了,因为那只持续了两个半月,分开时他给了我这架钢琴,离别送钢琴确实挺奇怪的。我想它能给前来参观展览的人带来笑容。”The concept was dreamt up eight years ago in Croatia when film producer Olinka Vistica and designer and artist Drazen Grubisic split up after four years. They refused to treat their broken relationship like “an illness” and instead set about celebrating their time together.8年前,当电影制片人奥林卡#8226;韦斯蒂卡和身为设计师兼艺术家的德拉赞#8226;格鲁比希奇结束长达4年恋爱的时候,这对曾经的恋人就在克罗地亚提出了这个设想。他们不想把感情破裂当成 “伤病”一样对待,相反,他们开始着手庆祝曾经与彼此在一起的时光。They asked their friends to donate their own discarded love tokens and soon built up a large collection. 他们让自己的朋友捐出“废弃”的爱情信物,很快他们便收藏了大量物件。The London stop of the exhibition’s world tour, lasts a week and spans two Covent Garden venues: the Tristan Bates Theatre and 38 Earlham Street.该物馆世界巡回展的伦敦站将持续一周,贯穿科芬园的两个场馆——特里斯坦#8226;贝茨剧院和38号及额拉姆街。Tickets cost pound;3.50, and there are linked literary, film and dance events.每张门票售价3.5英镑,届时还将举行相关的文学、电影和舞会活动。Laura Kriefman, of the Tristan Bates Theatre, said: "As you walk around ing these stories some of them are full of anger and hurt while others are full of joy and resilience."特里斯坦#8226;贝茨剧院的工作人员劳拉#8226;克瑞佛曼说:“当你四处参观阅读那些故事时会发现,有些人充满愤怒和伤痛,有些人则满怀喜悦、活力依旧。” /201108/149458。

如果你可以生产出一种商品并将它销售给很多的人,那么无疑你会盈利丰厚;但如果你制造的商品只能卖给一部分人,而你也从中获利了,那就说明你找对了自己的目标消费群体。虽然Apple公司首席执政官Steven P. Jobs从未看好过Amazon的Kindle产品,但其却无法否认Kindle给亚马逊带来的厚重的利润。The Kindle Lets Amazon Make a Lot From the FewAndrew Harrer/Bloomberg Amazon.com’s chief executive, Jeffrey P. Bezos at the Kindle DX event Wednesday.If you can make something and sell it to the masses(大众), that can be a great business. But sometimes selling something to a much smaller group can also be quite lucrative(获利丰厚), if you pick the right product for the right customers. Compare, for a moment, the difference between the Apple iPod (or iPhone) and the Amazon Kindle e-book er. Look at this rather astounding(令人难以置信的) statistic from Amazon’s news conference on Wednesday introducing a larger Kindle: On Amazon.com, 35 percent of sales of books that have a Kindle edition are sold in that format(35%的图书有持Kindle的版本出售). That’s up, by the way, from 13 percent in February, according to a slide put up by Amazon.com’s chief executive, Jeffrey P. Bezos. Think of what that means. Amazon has tens of millions of customers. It sold 500,000 Kindles last year, Mark Mahaney of Citigroup estimates. So even if it has twice that many in distribution, that is a lot of e-book buying by a small number of people. The Kindle must have an enormous penetration of what is a very distinctive, and for Amazon, quite lucrative, segment: very heavy buyers of books. When Apple’s chief executive, Steven P. Jobs, was asked about the Kindle in January 2008, he dismissed it as having a narrow market: It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t anymore. Forty percent of the people in the U.S. one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t anymore. That may well be true, but it doesn’t take into account that a large percentage of the books are bought by a small number of ers. We hear a lot about the long tail(长尾理论) — how most items in a product catalog have a small volume of sales(产品中的大部分商品只能卖出一小部分). But the same curve can be applied to customers of most businesses. The “head” — a relatively small number of people — represent a disproportionately large share of profits. Amazon aly served many of those people with its mail-order store(邮购商店), and it built a product that a large number of them have adopted. Most of the rest of its customers — the long tail who a book every now and then — shrug and ask why they need another gadget when they aly have a phone and computer. By contrast, mass adoption was critical for the iPod, which earns money for Apple mainly through hardware sales. Apple has said it runs the iTunes store at only a small profit. And most people get most of their music from CDs, file sharing or other sources that don’t bring dollars to Apple. The Kindle is about selling books. There is very little book piracy at the moment, and Amazon no doubt sells the vast majority of the books on the Kindle. Why wouldn’t it? Its wireless store is amazingly convenient, and its prices can’t be beat: or less for a best seller. On a conference call with investors in January, Mr. Bezos even said that the Kindle hadn’t cannibalized the company’s paper book business(并没有抢走公司的纸质书生意): We see that when people buy a Kindle, they actually continue to buy the same number of physical books going forward as they did before they owned a Kindle. And then incrementally, they buy about 1.6 to 1.7 electronic books, Kindle books, for every physical book that they buy. There are now reports that Apple is developing a tablet computer that would essentially be a large iPhone. Among many other functions, this could be used as an electronic book er. (Apple, of course, has a long history of entering markets that Mr. Jobs once ridiculed, like, for example, cellphones.) But this would no doubt be a mass-market product with many uses and a very different proposition than the Kindle. It would be interesting to see how the market reacts to a color(色), back-lit(背光), touch-screen (触摸屏)device with much shorter battery life than the black-and-white Kindle. In some ways such a device may undercut (以低于竞争者的价格出售)the new markets Amazon is staking out for the new Kindle DX: students and news fans, both of whom may value color and speed more than book ers. Moreover, a Web-oriented interface would offer, at least for now, free content from newspapers and magazines. But Amazon has aly hedged its bets here. It has a Kindle application for the iPhone that most likely will also run on the new Apple device, potentially competing with an Apple e-book store. That would be a battle between two of the most successful and focused companies anywhere. But even if Apple’s (still-hypothetical) tablet outsold (超过)the Kindle DX 10 to 1, I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon was able to sell a lot of e-books to its cadre of heavy ers. Keke View:Try to find yourself in his books! /200907/79679。