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涟水县有泌尿科吗淮安中山医院生殖医学科An Earth-size planet has been spotted orbiting a nearby star at a distance that would makes it not too hot and not too cold - comfortable enough for life to exist, researchers announced September 29.据美国太空网9月29日报道,研究人员最新宣称探测到一颗类似地球的行星,其环绕邻近恒星距离适中,得以保持适宜的气候和温度——舒适程度足以让生命存活下来。If confirmed, the exoplanet, named Gliese 581g, would be the first Earth-like world found residing in a star's habitable zone - a region where a planet's temperature could sustain liquid water on its surface. And the planet's discoverers are optimistic about the prospects for finding life there.如果得以实,这颗被命名为“Gliese 581g”的系外行星将成为第一颗类似地球的世界——该行星的温度可维持表面存在液态水。而探测者们则因此对找到外星生命充满希望。"Personally, I would say, my own personal feeling is that the chances of life on this planet are 100 percent," said Steven Vogt, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California. "I have almost no doubt about it."“就个人角度而言,我认为这颗行星上存在生命的概率为100%,”美国加州大学圣塔克鲁兹分校天体物理学家史蒂文-沃格特说。“对此我几乎毫不置疑。Gliese 581g is one of two new worlds the team discovered orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 581, bumping that nearby star's family of planets to six. The other newfound planet, Gliese 581f, is outside the habitable zone, researchers said.”Gliese 581g是环绕红矮星Gliese 581两颗行星中的其中一颗,它的发现使该行星系内行星数量增加至6颗。研究人员称,另一颗新发现的行星是Gliese 581f,位于适宜居住区域之外。  The star is located 20 light-years from Earth in the constellation Libra. Red dwarf stars are about 50 times dimmer than our sun. Since these stars are so much cooler, their planets can orbit much closer to them and still remain in the habitable zone. Estimates suggest Gliese 581g is 0.15 astronomical units (One astronomical unit is the average distance between the Earth and sun) from its star, close enough to its star to be able to complete an orbit in just less than 37 days.而红矮星Gliese 581位于天秤星座,距离地球20光年,大约比太阳昏暗50倍。由于这样的恒星温度相对较低,它的行星在近距离环绕其运行的同时还能保持着适宜的气候和温度。初步分析认为Gliese 581g与恒星的距离为0.15个天文单位(一个天文单位约等于地球至太阳的平均距离),较近的轨道距离使得该行星公转一周只需37天。Gliese 581g has a mass three to four times Earth's, the researchers stimated. From the mass and estimated size, they said the world is probably a rocky planet with enough gravity to hold onto an atmosphere. Just as Mercury is locked facing the sun, the planet is tidally locked to its star, so that one side basks in perpetual daylight, while the other side remains in darkness. This locked configuration helps to stabilize the planet's surface climate, Vogt said. Between blazing heat on the star-facing side and freezing cold on the dark side, the average surface temperature may range from minus 31 to minus 12 degrees Celsius, the researchers said.研究人员估测Gliese 581g行星的质量大约是地球的3到4倍。基于该行星的质量和预测体积,研究人员称该行星很可能是一颗岩石行星,具有足够的引力维持大气层。与水星总有一半固定地面对太阳相似,该行星总是始终保持一面朝向恒星,使得星球的一半永久处于阳光之中,而另一半则永久位于黑暗。沃格特称,这种特征有助于稳定行星的表面气候。研究人员还称,在炽热和寒冷的两个半球之间,该星球平均表面温度为零下31摄氏度至零下12摄氏度。 /201010/115140淮安包皮包茎要费用 If some group gave out awards for the least energy-efficient structures-the way those LEED (Leadership in Energy amp; Environmental Design) designations for state-of-the-art #39;green#39; buildings are handed around-our home upstate would likely make it into at least the semifinals. 假如某个机构要颁发最不节能建筑奖――正如那些能源与环境设计认(Leadership in Energy amp; Environmental Design)称号被授予最先进的“绿色”建筑一样――我们家在州北部的住宅可能至少能闯入半决赛。 The furnace dates from the #39;60s and burns lots of oil. We have three large hot water heaters. Why three? Don#39;t ask me. The insulation, to the extent there is insulation, includes horsehair from the 19th century-we believe the place was built around 1850, if not earlier-and some sort of foam my grandparents, who bought the place in the 1940s, had injected into the walls in the #39;70s. 我们家的炉子还是上世纪60年代的,非常耗油。我们还有三台大热水器。为什么有三台?这个问题别问我。房子的隔热材料(如果说还有隔热材料的话)夹杂着19世纪的马毛――我们认为房子建于1850年左右或更早的时候。另外,它们还含有我的祖父母(他们在40年代买下这所房子)在70年代注入 内的某种泡沫材料。 There#39;s also central air conditioning that my mother added as an afterthought when she renovated and enlarged the place in the early #39;80s. And a sunroom with lots of glass. 在80年代初,母亲在翻修和扩建房子时又新添加了中央空调系统,并且建了一个安有大量玻璃的阳光房。 In short, the place is probably an energy sieve, and one I#39;d like to stanch as quickly as possible. I have no illusion that it can be turned into one of those net-zero structures that actually contributes more energy to the grid than it takes, but it would just be nice if it didn#39;t bankrupt me. 简言之,这所房子称得上是一个“能源漏筛”,一个我想尽快把它堵上的漏筛。我不幻想它能变身为一座零能耗建筑,实际产生的能量比它耗费的还要多,只要它没让我破产就不错了。 In the hope of cleaning up the house#39;s act, I paid a visit last week to a solar house conveniently situated in Hoboken that students and professors from Stevens Institute of Technology have just completed. Hoboken isn#39;t its final destination. #39;Ecohabit,#39; as it#39;s called, will be disassembled and trucked to Irvine, Calif., where it will be reassembled for October#39;s #39;Solar Decathlon.#39; That#39;s a biannual competition hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy where 20 energy-conscious schools, such as Stanford, the California Institute of Technology, Middlebury College and the University of Texas, compete in categories such as architecture, engineering, appliances, hot water efficiency, home entertainment and communications to create the most energy-efficient solar homes. 怀着改变房子耗能现状的希望,前不久我去附近的霍肯(Hoboken)参观了一所太阳能房。它名为“Ecohabit”,刚刚由斯蒂文斯理工学院(Stevens Institute of Technology)的学生与教授们组建完成。霍肯并非它的最后一站。接下来它将被拆装运至加州尔湾市(Irvine),然后在那儿重新搭建以参加10月份的国际太阳能十项全能竞赛(Solar Decathlon)。这项一年两度的竞赛由美国能源部(U.S. Department of Energy)主办,包括斯坦福(Stanford)、加州理工(California Institute of Technology)、米德尔伯里学院(Middlebury College)和得克萨斯大学(University of Texas)在内的20所具有节能意识的高校将参赛,角逐建筑设计、工程技术、家用电器、热水供应能效、家庭以及通信等类别的奖项,以打造出最节能的太阳能房。 #39;Two years ago, we won affordability,#39; explained Michael Bruno, the dean of Stevens#39;s Schaefer School of Engineering and Science. #39;This year, we want to win the whole thing.#39; 斯蒂文斯理工学院谢弗工程与科学学院(Schaefer School of Engineering and Science)的院长迈克尔#12539;布鲁诺(Michael Bruno)说:“我们在两年前赢得了可负担性方面的奖项,今年我们想赢取总冠军。” Let me state from the outset that I know nothing about electricity (solar or otherwise), plumbing, air conditioning, heating, construction, condensation, etc. I grew up in an apartment. Besides which, I#39;m mentally, physically and emotionally impaired when it comes to doing anything with my hands more advanced than replacing a light bulb. 首先,我要声明一下,我对电能(太阳能或其他能源)、管道、空调系统、供暖、建筑以及冷凝技术等等都一无所知。我是在公寓房中长大的。除此之外,每每涉及到要我动手做任何一件难度高于换灯泡的事情时,我在精神上、身体上以及情绪上都会受到摧残。 My consciousness of such things is pretty much limited to having an intuitive sense of whether something is cool. So let#39;s examine the house from that point of view. From a distance, situated in a parking lot overlooking the Hudson River, the 0,000, 980-square-foot home is way cool, and not just because the New York City skyline served as its backdrop. 我对此类事物的认识基本上只限于凭直觉判断某个地方是否凉爽,因此就让我们从这个角度考察这所房子吧。它位于一个俯瞰哈德逊河的停车场上,远远望去,这所耗资300,000美元、面积为980平方英尺(约合90平米)的房子相当地酷,而这不仅是因为它有纽约的天际线作为它的背景。 The architecture reminded me of one of Frank Lloyd Wright#39;s prairie houses, an exercise in elegant simplicity. 这座建筑让我想起了弗兰克#12539;劳埃德#12539;赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright)设计的牧场风格住宅,一座简约又不失雅致的房子。 The front of the house is covered in attractive red cedar. Other parts of the structure are clad in a paneling that I#39;m sure has some sort of futuristic purpose but that resembled sheetrock before it#39;s painted, or wallpapered, and whose appearance I wasn#39;t wild about. 房子的正面铺着引人注目的红杉木,其他区域则铺着镶板,我相信它肯定有某种未来主义的用途,但它在未刷漆或贴上壁纸之前看上去像石膏板,外观不是让我非常喜欢。 However, my interest was genuinely piqued when I was shown one of the solar shingles-not panels, shingles-of which the roof was constructed. #39;This is one of the most innovative things and one of the easiest things somebody who aly owns a house can do to make it more energy efficient,#39; explained Claire Griffin, a Stevens sophomore studying mechanical engineering. 然而,当我看到一块用于铺设屋顶的太阳能瓦片――不是面板,是瓦片――时,我的兴趣真正被勾了起来。斯蒂文斯理工学院机械工程学系的大二学生克莱尔#12539;格里芬(Claire Griffin)解释道:“对于已经有房子的人来说,这是能用来提高房子节能效率的最有创新性、最简便的东西之一。” #39;They work like normal shingles but generate energy at the same time,#39; added Liem Nguyen, a senior who is another member of the Ecohabit team. Ecohabit团队的成员之一、大四学生连源(Liem Nguyen,音)称:“它们的功能与普通瓦片一样,但它们同时还能产生能量。” These devices, donated by their manufacturer Dow Chemical, which include a fully integrated photovoltaic system to power the house, would certainly fall into the cool (bordering on awesome) category. 这些材料设备由它们的生产商陶氏化学(Dow Chemical)捐赠,它还包括一个给房子供电的全集成光电系统,房子的温度显然是属于比较凉爽的(接近于令人赞叹的程度。) I mean, I assumed that if I wanted to solar-retrofit my house, I#39;d have to find a field somewhere or cut down a grove of trees to provide space for the array of solar panels required to power my dishwasher or dryer. It would obviously be a lot easier if I could simply slap a bunch of shingles on the house. The existing ones on the garage are starting to look pretty cruddy, as it is. 我想说的是,我曾经想当然地以为,如果要将我的房子改造成太阳能的,我得在其他地方找到一块地或是砍掉一片树林,以此为给我的洗碗机或烘干机供电的一排太阳能面板提供空间。如果仅仅换掉屋顶上的一批瓦片就可以,事情显然就要简单得多了。车库上现有的那堆瓦片已经开始看起来让人讨厌了,它们确实也让人讨厌。 There#39;s also a green wall. It wasn#39;t green yet, but will eventually be hydrated by a rainwater-capture system and covered in plants and flowers native to Southern California. Once the Solar Decathlon is over, the house will be donated and turned into a veteran#39;s center on the campus of California State University San Marcos. Ecohabit还有一面绿色的 。现在它还没有变绿,不过它最终将由雨水收集系统供水,长满南加州土生土长的植物和花卉。待此次比赛结束,这栋房子将被捐出去,成为加州州立大学 马科斯分校(California State University San Marcos)的老兵活动中心。 I neglected to ask whether such a system of plants could survive a Northeast winter, since there#39;s probably nothing quite as dour as dead plants decorating the outside of your home. On the other hand, it would be pretty cool to have your garden growing up the wall of your house. It would also serve as a thumb in the eye of destructive woodchucks and rascally chipmunks. 我忘了问这样一面绿色植物 是否能熬得过东北部的冬季,因为大概再没什么会像自家的外 满是凋谢的植物那般死气沉沉了。不过,把花园搬到房子的 上也会是一件非常酷的事情,而且它还可让搞破坏的土拨鼠和无赖的金花鼠无处藏身。 In any case, I doubt the concept will be integrated into our house, which seems to invite leaks. Our goal is generally to direct water away from the house rather than toward it. 不管怎样,我还是怀疑这一理念是否能融入到我们的房子中,它似乎会引起房子漏水。我们一般都是想要把水从房中引出去,而不是把它引向房子。 The inside of Ecohabit seemed as cheerful and airy as the outside, though I was informed that its most novel elements are invisible. The walls include phase-changing materials, or PCMs, that store heat during the day and release it at night. Ecohabit的内部看上去与外部一样招人喜欢,而且也宽敞,但是我被告知它最新奇的元素是看不到的。它的 体含有相变材料,该种材料可在日间储存热量,然后在晚间把它释放出来。 A recirculating heat pump keeps the water warm in the kitchen and bathroom, so you don#39;t have to run it and waste water. And there are sensors in each room that monitor and send data about everything from temperature, weather patterns, power usage, lighting-even the number of occupants in the room-to a central control system. 循环式热泵一直保持着厨房与卫生间的水温,所以你不必先把冷水放掉而浪费了水资源。每个房间还配有传感器,它可监控并向一个中央监控系统发送有关温度、天气、电力用量、照明乃至房中人数的各类事项的数据。 #39;We hope to get to the point where [the system] can make suggestions,#39; explained Mark Pollock, the project#39;s manager and an industry assistant professor at Stevens. #39;#39;You#39;ve done three loads of laundry and it#39;s kind of cloudy. You should wait until tomorrow,#39; when it#39;s forecast to be sunny, #39;#39;and you won#39;t have to pull as much energy from the grid.#39;#39; Ecohabit项目的指导人、斯蒂文斯理工学院工科助理教授马克#12539;波洛克(Mark Pollock)说:“我们希望(该系统)可以达到能够提供建议的智能程度。比如说‘你已经洗了三堆衣,天气有些阴。你应该等到明天天气预报播报天晴的时候再洗’,这样一来你就不必耗费那么多的电量。” More than 60 Stevens faculty members and students contributed to Ecohabit. #39;Doing this project is part of their curriculum,#39; Dr. Bruno explained. #39;It draws from every discipline you can imagine and some you couldn#39;t imagine: energy, management, computer science and the College of Arts and Letters.#39; 斯蒂文斯理工学院有60多名教职员及学生对Ecohabit项目做出了贡献。布鲁诺士说:“做这个项目是他们课程的一部分,它要利用到你所能想象到的每一门学科,甚至还有一些你想象不到的学科,比如能源、管理、计算机科学以及人文艺术等。” Jesse House, a music and technology major and a philosophy minor, was fine-tuning a computer program that controls the house#39;s sound system. It seemed to be playing some sort of series of tones. #39;The music program takes all the data the house is collecting and turns it into soothing background music,#39; Mr. House explained, adding something about brainwaves and the theta state of consciousness. 杰西#12539;豪斯(Jesse House)是一名主修音乐科技、辅修哲学的学生。在我参观房子时,他正在调试一个控制房子音响系统的电脑程序,它似乎正在播放一连串的某种音调。豪斯说:“这个音乐程序会接收房子收集到的所有数据,然后把它转变为舒缓的背景音乐。”他另外又谈了一些有关脑电波和潜意识状态的内容。 I want to live in a smart house, but I#39;m not sure one whose music apprehends and reflects my mood. What if I#39;m depressed? 我想住在智能住宅中,不过我不确定我是否想住在一所它的音乐能理解并反映我的情绪的房子中。万一我觉得沮丧呢? #39;You can put the Rolling Stones on, too,#39; Dr. Bruno assured me. “你还可以添加滚石(Rolling Stones)的音乐。”布鲁诺士向我保道。 /201310/259922淮安中山医院割包皮

淮安中山医院好吗Laptop sales have been tanking as tablets surge. The new Windows 8 is off to a slow start with users. And the hybrid machines that claim to work as both tablets and laptops are still niche products. So what#39;s a laptop maker to do?随着平板电脑销量的飙升,笔记本的销量不断遭受冲击。用户对微软新操作系统Windows 8的反应平淡。而声称可以同时用作平板与笔记本的混合机型仍然是小众。在这种情况下,笔记本厂商该怎么做?Well, most Windows laptop companies are promising to spend this year driving prices down, while continuing to experiment with better hybrid designs. But not Toshiba. The venerable Japanese firm has decided to go upscale, introducing an all-new brand of conventional 13-inch laptops that are positioned as premium products, with prices starting at ,600.大多数Windows笔记本厂商都承诺会在今年把价格降下来,同时继续探索更好的混合机型设计。但东芝(Toshiba)却没这么做。这家老牌日本厂商决定走高端路线,他们推出了一个定位顶级的13英寸笔记本全新品牌,售价自1,600美元(约合人民币9,888元)起。That over-,000 market has long been the territory of Apple. But Toshiba figures it can offer buyers with deep pockets the Windows equivalent of Apple#39;s popular and much-praised MacBook Air, with premium materials, strong specs and a good warranty. It#39;s called the Kirabook, part of a new Toshiba brand called Kira.长期以来,1,000美元以上价位的笔记本市场都是苹果(Apple)的天下。但东芝却相信,凭借着顶级的材质、强大的性能与良好的品质,他们能够为那些财力雄厚的消费者提供一款Windows笔记本,它可以与苹果叫好又叫座的Macbook Air相提并论。这就是东芝新品Kirabook,是东芝主打新品牌Kira中的一员。I#39;ve been testing a Kirabook for the past five days and I found it to be a good computer whose strongest feature is a brilliant, high-resolution screen. It#39;s a speedy and reliable machine that#39;s thin and light without feeling cheap.过去五天,我一直在测试Kirabook。我认为这是一款出色的电脑,其最突出的特性就是那块亮丽的高清显示屏。Kirabook是一款运行流畅、性能可靠的轻薄笔记本,完全没有廉价感。But I consider it overpriced for what it offers. It actually costs more than a MacBook Air, but with much worse battery life, an older processor and a design that looks like a lot of other grayish, metallic laptops.但我还是觉得,相对于性能来说,这款产品定价过高。Kirabook实际售价比Macbook Air还高,但电池续航性能却差很多,而且配备的是上一代处理器,设计上也和诸多灰色金属材质的笔记本比较相像。There are three models. The top one, which costs ,000, is distinguished mainly by its use of a very fast processor that average consumers won#39;t need. The other two models are identical, except the entry-level offering, at ,600, has a standard, non-touch screen. The middle model, at ,800, which I tested, has a touch screen.Kirabook有三种配置。最高配的售价2,000美元(约合人民币12,360元),主要差别就是配备了一款非常迅速的处理器,但一般消费者却并不需要。其他两款差不多,只是售价1,600美元的入门款机型配备的是标准的非触摸屏。而我所测试的中端配置有触摸屏,售价1800美元(约合人民币11,124元)。The MacBook Air also has a non-touch screen, but that#39;s because its operating system, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, isn#39;t designed for touch screens. By contrast, Windows 8 is a touch-centric operating system, and I don#39;t recommend consumers buying Windows 8 computers to opt for non-touch screens. So the least expensive Kirabook that works optimally with its operating system costs ,800.Macbook Book用的也是非触摸屏,但这是因为其操作系统Mac OS X山狮(Mountain Lion)并不是为触摸屏而设计的。相比之下,Windows 8是以触控为核心的操作系统,我不建议消费者购买Windows 8电脑时选择非触摸屏。所以,使用优化操作系统的Kirabook,最便宜的也要1,800美元。How do those prices compare with Apple#39;s, which have traditionally been higher than those of most Windows PCs?这个价格怎么去和苹果电脑相比?苹果电脑一直都比大多数Windows PC高端。Well, the base ,600 Kirabook with the non-touch screen includes a generous 8 gigabytes of memory and a 256 GB solid-state drive. The base 13-inch MacBook Air, whose price was cut 0 just Monday, costs ,099. But when configured with the same amount of memory and solid-state storage, it costs ,399, still about 0 less than the non-touch Kirabook and 0 less than the touch-screen model.售价1,600美元的最低配Kirabook用是非触摸屏,内存8GB,256GB固态硬盘(SSD)。而13寸最低配Macbook Air上周一刚刚降价100美元,现价1,099美元(约合人民币6,792元)。但如果要达到与Kirabook相同的内存与硬盘配置的话,Macbook Air售价需要1,399美元(约合人民币8,646元),仍然比非触摸屏的Kirabook低200美元,比触摸屏版Kirabook低400美元。The two machines each weigh a hair under 3 pounds and are roughly 0.7-inch thick, though the Toshiba is a bit thicker. It also has a smaller footprint. The Kirabook has a magnesium alloy body that Toshiba claims is 100% stronger than the aluminum used for the body of the Air.这两款笔记本重量都略低于3磅(约合1.36千克),厚度在0.7英寸(约合1.78厘米)左右,但东芝那款要略厚一些。Kirabook的面积稍小,东芝表示,这款产品机身使用的镁合金材质要比Air所使用的铝合金坚固一倍。The Kirabook#39;s biggest advantage is its hi-res screen. It is almost as sharp as the one on Apple#39;s higher-end 13-inch laptop, the MacBook Pro with Retina display. That MacBook starts at ,499 and is ,699 when configured with the same memory and storage as the Kirabook. The Kirabook#39;s screen resolution is so high that text can get uncomfortably small. I was forced to use a built-in Toshiba utility to actually lower the resolution a bit for this reason.Kirabook最大的优势是那块高清显示屏,几乎和苹果更高端的13寸带Retina显示屏的笔记本Macbook Pro(售价1,499美元)一样锐利,后者与Kirabook内存和硬盘相同配置的售价是1,699美元(约合人民币10,500元)。 Kirabook显示屏的分辨率如此之高,以至于显示的文字太小时,会看起来不舒。因此我不得不通过东芝内置的工具,把分辨率实际降低一些。The Kirabook has three USB ports to the Air#39;s two, and Toshiba throws in a two-year warranty, while Apple#39;s standard warranty is just one year. The Kirabook also has an HDMI port, for easy connection to a TV, which the Apple lacks.Kirabook有三个USB接口,而Air只有两个。东芝提供了两年保修,而苹果通常的保修期限只有一年。Kirabook还有个HDMI接口,方便连接到电视上,这是苹果所没有的。In addition to its high price, the biggest downsides of the Kirabook are Windows 8, whose two very different user interfaces can be confusing; mediocre battery life; and the fact it uses older processors. By contrast, as of Monday, the MacBook Air uses the latest Intel processors, just out, which promise huge increases in battery life and better graphics. The Kirabooks aren#39;t due to be upgraded to these new chips till the fourth quarter.除了价格高,Kirabook最大的劣势是Windows 8;这个操作系统有两个完全不同的用户界面,令人感到困惑。Kirabook的电池续航时间也很平庸,还配备了较老款的处理器。相比之下,上周一刚发布的新款Macbook Air使用的是最新英特尔(Intel)处理器,据称能够显著提高电池巡航时间和提供更好的图形处理能力。而在第四季度之前,Kirabook都不会更新到英特尔的新芯片。These new processors and battery life are closely linked. Apple claimed this week that, with the new chips, the 13-inch MacBook Air can get up to 12 hours of battery life between charges. That isn#39;t a typo. (Stay tuned for a review of this revamped Air.)这些新处理器和电池续航时间有着紧密关联。苹果本周表示,配备新处理器的13寸Macbook Air一次充电可以提供至多12小时的电池续航时间。对,你没看错。(请关注新版Air的评测。)However, even with the same, older Intel chips, the MacBook Air handily beat the Kirabook in battery life. In my tough battery test, where I turn off power-saving features, keep the Wi-Fi on to collect email and play music until the battery dies, the Kirabook lasted four hours and 27 minutes. The MacBook Air rates over six hours on the same test.不过即便是配备较老的英特尔处理器,Macbook Air也可以在电池续航时间上轻松压倒Kirabook。在我严格的电池测试中,即关闭省电设置,保持Wi-Fi连接以接受邮件,持续播放音乐,直至电池耗尽,Kirabook只能坚持4小时27分钟,而Macbook Air在相同测试下的电池表现超过了6个小时。Overall, the Toshiba Kirabook is a very nicely built PC, but for its premium price, it ought to have the latest components, more distinctive design and better battery life.总的来说,东芝Kirabook是一款非常出色的PC,但考虑到其高昂售价,这款笔记本就应该拥有最新的部件、更别致的设计、更强劲的电池续航时间。 /201306/245341淮安市妇幼保健医院男科电话 Emoji, or emoticons, are the picture-like characters many people find indispensable in their social networking communications. Emoji, which originated in Japan, allow people to liven up their texts with hundreds of colorful images. But if you use emoji like a second language, do you often feel there are still not enough emojis to express yourself?表情符号是一种图形化文字,是很多社交网络用户不可或缺的交流方式。表情符号源于日本,有了这些成百上千的色图像,人们可以增加文字信息的生动性。但如果你把表情符号当成第二种语言来使用,会不会发现这些符号由于数量有限,不足以表达你的情感?Laura Ustick, manager of a fast-food chain in Illinois, US, found there are emoji for ice-cream, pizza and sushi, but not for the all-American hot dog. That’s why Ustick and other emoji fans are taking action to get more emoji.美国伊利诺亚州一家快餐连锁店的经理劳拉·尤斯蒂克发现,代表冰激凌、披萨和寿司表情符号很常见,但就是没有最能代表美国的热的符号。这也是尤斯蒂克和其他表情符号粉们采取行动,呼吁更多表情符号的原因。“When we want to write something cute, it’s just not there,” Ustick complained to The Wall Street Journal.“当我们想用文字卖萌时,却没有合适的表情符号,”尤斯蒂克在接受《华尔街日报》采访时抱怨道。Other fans are lobbying for symbols like cupcakes, bacon and unicorns, according to the newspaper. The B also reported on a petition posted on DoSomething.org calling on Apple to increase the ethnic diversity found within its emoji keyboard. The petition says the keyboard aly offers a graphic showing a same-sex couple, and calls on the company to present people with a wider range of skin tones.据该报报道,其他“表情粉”们正在为诸如纸杯蛋糕、培根和独角兽等表情符号进行游说。英国广播公司B同样也报道了一封发布于“有所作为网”(DoSomething.org)的请愿书,文中呼吁苹果公司在输入法增加表情符号的多样性。请愿书中提到,苹果输入法已经存在表达同性情侣的图像,他们呼吁该公司可以提供更多不同肤色的人物表情。Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech firms design their own versions of how the more than 800 basic emoji characters appear, but they tend to present most human characters as being white. In the Apple keyboard, only two of the symbols seem to be Asian and none are black.尽管苹果、谷歌、微软以及其它科技公司各自设计出不同版本的800种基本表情符号,但他们设计的人物头像大多数都是白人。在苹果键盘输入法中,只有两个符号看似亚洲人,而黑人符号一个也没有。In response to the DoSometing.org petition, an Apple spokesperson last month told MTV that “we have been working closely with the Unicode Consortium in an effort to update the standard. There needs to be more diversity in the emoji character set.”上个月针对“有所作为网”上的请愿书,苹果公司的一名发言人在接受MTV音乐电视网采访时表示:“我们正在与统一码联盟进行紧密合作,努力更新已有标准。表情字符集确实需要多样化。”Emoji regulator表情符号调试者Not everyone can design an emoji symbol. As it turns out, emoji are largely controlled by a nonprofit group called the Unicode Consortium, formed by computer programmers in the 1980s. The consortium designed the Unicode Standard, a coding system to fit worldwide platforms and various languages.并非所有人都可以设计表情符号。事实上,表情符号主要由非营利性组织统一码联盟掌控。该组织由一批电脑程序员创立于上世纪八十年代,曾设计出适用于世界各地的网络平台以及多种语言的编码系统——统一码标准。Unicode decided to take on emoji after problems emerged in understanding Japanese e-mails filled with the symbols, Mark Davis, co-founder of the consortium and a software architect for Google, told The Wall Street Journal.该联盟创始人之一、谷歌软件构架师马克·戴维斯在接受《华尔街日报》采访时表示,当看到一封充满表情符号、难以理解的日文邮件时,统一码联盟决定解决这个难题,为表情符号编码。Davis says the consortium generally encodes symbols aly in existence. So most emoji available today are from the original ones created in Japan.戴维斯说,联盟一般会对现存表情符号进行编码。因此当前可用的表情符号大部分来自日本最初的原型。New symbols are added periodically. Once Unicode greenlights an emoji, individual tech companies decide whether to include it in their operating systems, Davis says.表情符号会定期更新。一旦统一码联盟给某个表情符号开了绿灯,每个科技公司就要考虑是否在其操作系统中添加这一表情符,戴维斯说道。Bernie Hogan, an Oxford University research fellow, studies the use of emoji as part of his research into how people represent themselves on the Internet.伯尼·霍根是牛津大学研究员,他的研究领域就包括人们在网络上如何使用表情符号来表达自我。Emoji may sound like a trivial matter, but “it is a way to augment texts with clear expressive power”, he told the B.表情符号听起来可能微不足道,但“它是一个有效增强文本表达效果的方式”,霍根接受B采访时表示。“If they restrict the sort of people who are used in the images it restricts users’ expressive power — people won’t feel that the emoji speak for them,” he says.“如果图谱中的人种符号受到限制,那么用户的表达能力也会受到约束——人们会觉得表情符号无法充分表达自己。”他说道。 /201405/296872淮安市第一人民医院盆腔炎多少钱

淮安中山女子医院人流费用一般多少Entrepreneurs and investors in California can expect to receive a rude shock in the mail if they sold their company in the last four years. Not only did the state#39;s Franchise Tax Board (FTB) eliminate a tax break on capital gains for small business owners and investors, it announced the tax would be reinstated retroactively. This means those who benefitted from the break can expect a bill for unpaid taxes, plus interest, stretching all the way back to 2008.如果加州企业主和投资者在过去的4年中出售过企业,那么等待他们的将是一封会让他们大吃一惊的信件。加州税务局(Franchise Tax Board)不仅取消了针对小型企业和投资者的资本收益税收减免政策,而且还宣布,税收政策在恢复后具有追溯效力。它意味着那些曾享受过税收减免政策的企业家们将收到未缴税款及其利息的账单,而且可征税时间将一直追溯至2008年。Since 1993, California entrepreneurs and early-stage investors have enjoyed a partial state income tax exclusion on sales of stock of a ;qualified; small business. This was an incentive for people to start and keep businesses in California. If they sold their company, they would only have to pay half of the regular state tax rate on what they gained -- about 4.5% instead of 9%. That could include founders of companies such as Instagram and Yelp (YELP).自1993年以来,销售“合格”小型企业股票的加州企业主和早期公司投资者一直都在享受州所得税的部分减免。这个政策对那些希望在加州创业、兴业的人们起到了鼓励作用。如果这些人卖掉了公司,他们只需按正常税率的一半缴纳所得税——即4.5%而不是9%。 照片分享应用公司Instagram和商铺点评网Yelp(Yelp)的创始人都在此列。The FTB announced its decision last December, and the ruling went into effect earlier this year. Now, not only will stockholders have to pay the full tax rate on capital gains, which has risen to about 13%, but they#39;ll also be billed retroactively for 50% of the taxes they excluded. The FTB says this will affect over 2,500 people and bring in about 0 million in revenue.加州税务局于去年12月宣布了这个决定,并于今年年初开始执行。目前,股东不仅需要按全额税率(已上升至约13%)为资本收益付所得税,而且还得补缴政策追溯期限内曾免掉的50%的税款。加州税务局表示,这项政策将涉及2,500多名纳税人,并带来约1.2亿美元的税收收入。Not surprisingly, the changes have led to concern among entrepreneurs.果然,这个变化引发了企业家们的担忧。;A lot of people who are going to be very affected don#39;t even know about it,; says Brian Overstreet, entrepreneur and co-founder of AdverseEvents, a pharmaceutical data firm. ;This is going to affect our decision to keep jobs and businesses in California.; Overstreet had previously co-founded Sagient Research Systems, a company he sold last year. As a result of the transaction he says he will personally have to pay an additional six-figure amount in taxes and interest.企业家、制药数据公司AdverseEvents联合创始人布莱恩?欧佛斯瑞特说:“尽管很多人都会受到很大的影响,但他们甚至都不知道这回事。它会动摇我们在加州继续发展的决心。”欧佛斯瑞特之前曾与他人联合创立了Sagient Research Systems公司,他于去年出售了这一公司。他个人将不得不为这笔交易额外付高达六位数的税金和利息。Ironically, it was the actions of a small business owner that led to the change. An Orange County businessman named Frank Cutler sued the FTB after being denied the tax break because less than 80% of his business was based in California, one of the incentive#39;s caveats. The California Court of Appeals sided with Cutler and struck down the provision, saying it was discriminatory. In response, the Franchise Tax Board decided to eliminate the incentive entirely.具有讽刺意味的是,正是小型企业自身的所作所为导致了这个变化。一位名叫弗兰克?卡特勒的橘子郡企业家因享受税收减免政策的要求遭到拒绝而将加州税务局告上了法庭,原因是这位企业家在加州的业务不足企业整个业务量的80%,并不满足减免政策的要求。加州上诉法院做出了有利于卡特勒的判决,废除了政策中的这个要求,并称这个要求带有歧视性。作为回应,加州税务局决定取消整个税收减免政策。Overstreet and a group of California entrepreneurs have formed a group dubbed California Business Defense to fight the ruling, saying the FTB#39;s actions were too broad. They argue it could have struck down the 80% rule instead of the entire tax break. ;The FTB had more than one choice to make here, and our position is that there were other precedents available, which they did not follow,; says Overstreet. ;The wheels are going too fast, the process needs to slow down so that cooler heads can prevail.;欧佛斯瑞特与多名加州企业家成立了一个名叫捍卫加州企业(California Business Defense)的组织,以对抗加州税务局的这一决定。他们表示,税务局此举的涉及面过于广泛。在他们看来,税务局应取消政策中80%业务的要求,而不是取消整个减免政策。欧佛斯瑞特说:“加州税务局并不是只有这一种选择。我们的立场是,之前也有过其他先例,但是他们并没有照着做。税务局的步子迈得太大了,有必要缓一缓,好让那些头脑比较冷静的人掌握话语权。”Denise Azimi, a representative for the FTB, said it had no choice but to remove the entire benefit. ;The benefit would have to be allowed regardless of where the business was located,; wrote Azimi in an email. ;While treating all taxpayers the same would cure the discrimination cited by the court, it conflicts with both the letter of the qualified small business stock law and its underlying legislative intent.;加州税务局代表丹尼斯·阿兹米则表示,除了取消整个政策以外别无他法。阿兹米在电子邮件中写道:“否则,无论所在地是哪里,任何企业都有权享受这一减免政策。尽管对所有纳税人一视同仁可以消除法院裁决中提到的歧视,但它既违反了合格小企业股票法,也有悖于这个法案根本的立法意图。”Ethan Anderson, co-founder and CEO of startup MyTime, says the FTB#39;s actions will make entrepreneurs think twice about setting up a business in the state. ;You can#39;t really plan for the future when the rules of the game are changing retroactively,; says Anderson. ;You feel insecure investing in the state, why would you take that additional risk when they#39;ve set a precedent now showing that anything could happen anytime?;创业公司MyTime创始人兼首席执行官伊森·安德森表示,加州税务局的举措会让打算来加州发展的企业家顾虑重重。安德森说:“如果游戏规则在变化之后具有追溯力,人们很难为将来做打算。人们会觉得在加州投资没有安全感。既然当局已经开创了先例,即一切都有可能随时发生,企业家为什么要去承担这个额外的风险呢?”Anderson says the ruling felt like ;a slap in the face,; especially since entrepreneurs like him have helped drive much of the state#39;s economy. ;Who else is creating the jobs? Why would they hurt us like this?; asks Anderson. ;The next time I start a business, it most probably won#39;t be in California.;安德森表示,这个决定感觉就像是“当头一棒”,特别是对于像他这样曾为加州的经济增长出过不少力的企业家。安德森质问:“工作机会都是谁带来的?为什么他们要这么伤害我们?下一次创办企业,我不大可能会继续选择加州。”It might just be in Texas. Anderson says he aly knew of at least one California entrepreneur who had bought a house there to establish out-of-state residency. The Lone Star state is home to Austin, one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the country. Unlike other hubslike New York and Boston, it offers lower taxes, less regulation, and relatively inexpensive real estate.California#39;s discontent hasn#39;t gone unnoticed by Texas governor Rick Perry, who visited the state earlier this month in an effort to lure businesses to Texas. ;Building a business is tough. But I hear building a business in California is next to impossible,; Perry says in a radio ad that accompanied his tour in California. ;See why our low taxes, sensible regulations, and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving to Texas.;德州倒是有可能。安德森表示,据他所知,至少已有一名加州企业家在德州买了房子,为的是有一个州外居所。奥斯丁市,这个美国增长速度最快的技术中心就坐落于孤星之州(德州别名——译注)。与纽约和波士顿这类技术中心不同的是,奥斯丁的税率更低,法规更少,而且地产价格相对更低廉。德州州长里克·佩里也注意到了加州企业家的不满情绪,他于本月月初的时候访问了加州,为的是把企业挖到德州。佩里在加州访问期间的电台广告中说:“创业难。但是我听说在加州创业难于上青天。我们(德州)有低税率、合理的规定以及公平的法律体制,这些难道不正是把企业搬到德州去的原因吗?”Chairman of the Austin Technology Council Joel Trammell says that in the wake of the recent income tax hikes and elimination of tax breaks in California, he fields calls every week from entrepreneurs and investors who have either decided to move or are exploring the option of setting up in Austin. ;All the major companies have a presence in Austin, so it#39;s pretty easy for people to switch,; says Trammell.奥斯丁技术委员会(Austin Technology Council)主席乔尔·特拉梅尔表示,鉴于最近加州所得税的激增和税收减免的取消,他每周都会接到企业主和投资者打来的电话。这些人有的已决定搬迁,有的正考察如何在奥斯丁设立企业。特拉梅尔说:“所有的大型企业都在奥斯丁成立了分部,所以那些搬到德州的企业家很快就能适应。”Apple (AAPL) and Samsung have both recently pledged to expand their presence in Austin while other companies are changing their structure to take advantage of the state. ;A lot of companies will set up their headquarters or non-technical staff here while maintaining the rest of the business in California,; says Trammell. Of course, both companies have a massive presence in the Golden state, not to mention other tech giants that call the Bay Area home, from Oracle (ORCL) to Facebook (FB).苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)最近都承诺要扩大在奥斯丁的业务,而其他一些企业也在改变结构,以利用德州的政策。特拉梅尔说:“很多企业将在这里设立总部,或者聘用非技术人员。与此同时,他们仍然会把其他的业务放在加州。”当然,这两家企业在黄金州(加州别名——译注)有着非常庞大的业务规模,更有甚者,其他一些技术巨头,从甲骨文(Oracle)到Facebook,都将旧金山湾区称之为他们的家。When the time came for him to set up his third company, Xeris Pharmaceuticals in 2010, serial entrepreneur John Kinzell decided he had had enough of California, despite living there for almost 25 years. He launched the company in Austin instead and says a lot of people followed him. ;It#39;s hard to swing a cat around without hitting someone from California who#39;s moved here or is at least looking,; says Kinzell. ;We have more companies here than talent, so they#39;re having to pull a lot from California.;2010年,连续创业家约翰·金泽尔打算创办自己的第三家企业Xeris Pharmaceuticals时,他觉得已受够了加州,尽管他在该州居住了近25年。他转而在奥斯丁成立了这家公司,还说此举吸引了大量追随者。金泽尔说:“在奥斯丁,刚搬来的加州企业家或至少打算搬到这里的加州企业家随处可见。在这里,企业比人才要多,因此企业不得不去加州挖人才。”He says it#39;s unlikely he or fellow entrepreneurs will ever move back. ;It#39;s just become a very unfriendly state to run a company,; says Kinzell. ;Once that sort of bleed starts, it gets hard to reverse it.;他表示,他和其他的企业家今后很可能都不会再搬回加州。金泽尔说:“加州已成为一个非常不利于企业发展的地方。而且一旦企业开始外迁,想要逆转这个趋势就很难了。” /201302/227308 In the August issue of Smithsonian#39;s Airamp; Space magazine, Tom Vanderbilt tests out NASA#39;s new Orion spaceship, which will go deeper into space than anyspaceship has before.在史密森学会8月份的《航天与航空》杂志中,汤姆·范德比尔特测试了NASA最新的猎户座宇宙飞船,该飞船将比以往任何飞船都要深入太空中去。Vanderbilt toured a ;low-fidelitymockup; of Orion at Lockheed Martin#39;s Exploration Development Laboratoryin Houston, and he describes the spaceship as resembling a Star WarsStormtrooper#39;s helmet.汤姆·范德比尔在位于休斯敦的洛克希德马丁公司的探索研究实验室里测试了该飞船的“低保真度模型”,他形容这架飞船很像《星球大战》里突击队员的头盔。Despite massive NASA budget cuts recently,NASA gave the lab .1 billion in 2006 for Orion#39;s construction. When theprogram was canceled, Lockheed Martin created a contact, which has beenextended to 2020, to build capsules for three missions. Orion, Vanderbiltwrites, is ;NASA#39;s most ambitious crewed vehicle ever; and will;carry the human space program for the next 30 years.; NASA hopesOrion will be able to complete everything from lunar exploration to Marsmissions.尽管最近几年NASA的预算得到了大量的削减,但是在2006年的时候给该实验室拨款61亿美元用以研发猎户座飞船。当该计划被取消时,洛克希德马丁公司又与NASA取得联系,于是该计划被延期到2020年,任务是建造太空舱以完成三项任务。范德比尔认为猎户座飞船是NASA最富雄心的飞船,而且将在未来30年内带领人类进行太空探索。NASA希望猎户座飞船能够完成从探月到火星探险等任务。Orion will eventually reach speeds of 20,000 mph, Vanderbiltreports, and will be able to leave low Earth orbit, where the InternationalSpace Station is located. According to NASA#39;s website, Orion#39;s first test flight willoccur by the end of the year, with Orion atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket. Orion#39;sfirst exploration mission, which will be the first to combine Orion with NASA#39;snew SpaceLaunch System, is scheduled for 2017.猎户座的最终时速将达到2万英里,而且有能力离开低地球轨道,而国际空间站正位于该轨道上。根据NASA网站上的说法,猎户座的首次测试飞行将于年底前完成,运载火箭将是三角洲四号运载火箭。根据计划,猎户座将于2017年进行首次太空探险,到时猎户座飞船将首次与NASA的新空间发射系统相结合。 /201408/317226金湖县人民医院无痛人流手术多少钱金湖县人民医院割痔疮多少钱



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