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小学英语作文:一件有趣的事 --30 :6:31 来源: 小学英语作文:一件有趣的事This morning i played a joke on my classmate Li Lei, a boy sitting in front of me.In a math class,I drew a picture of a dog and wrote a sentence in the bottom saying "I'm a dog."And then i carefullly put it on Li Lei's back.When he stood up to ask the teacher's question,everyone in the class saw it and burst into laughter,including the teacher.When saw the picture on his back,Li Lei felt embarrassed at first,but later he laughed with us.今天早上,我捉弄了一下我的同学李雷李雷是一个坐在我前面的男孩上数学课的时候,我画了一只,并在下面写上“我是小”的字样然后就小心翼翼地贴在了李雷的背上当李雷站起来回答问题的时候,班上所有人包括老师都哄堂大笑看到他背上的画,李雷一开始很尴尬,后来也和大家一起笑了起来Though it's a trick,it's funny!虽然这是个恶作剧,但是它很有趣钱-Money --19 :19:30 来源: Money is indeed important, but money cannot buy everything. A miser may think that “money talks,” but if you only give your attention to making money, you may lose many things, such as health, friendship and love. I don't think we should regard money as everything. Money is just a tool that can help us solve problems or enable us to live a comtable life. What we should do is to use it appropriately and not become misers. This way, all of us can lead a happier lives.失火 Fire-- ::59 STEVE: Did you smell something out here?SUE: Yes, I was in the kitchen. I thought I could smell smoke.STEVE: Me too. Where is it coming from?SUE: I can't see anything. Wait! What's that over there?STEVE: It's smoke. Whose house is that?SUE: That's the Riley's house. They're on vacation.STEVE: It doesn't really look like it's coming from their house.It's coming from the back. Is it a barbecue?SUE: No way. They have a tool shed back there.It's a fire. I'm going in to call the fire department.STEVE: Wait. I have my cell phone. I'll dial 9.Yes, please connect me to the fire department.VOICEOVER: Fire department. Can I help you?STEVE: Yes, I want to report a fire.VOICEOVER: Where are you, sir?STEVE: I'm at 9 Lincoln Drive. I think there's a fire in one of my neighbor's houses.VOICEOVER: 9 Lincoln Drive?STEVE: Yes.VOICEOVER: Can you see any flames?STEVE: No, I can't see flames yet.But there is smoke pouring out of the back of the house.VOICEOVER: Alright. We'll get someone there right away.STEVE: There's someone coming.SUE: It took them four minutes to get here. That was pretty fast.STEVE: Yes, it's fast. But four minutes is enough to do fifty thousand dollars damage.SUE: I guess the fire wasn't in the tool shed after all.It looks like the back of the house was burning.STEVE: I wonder if anyone can call the Rileys about this. Do you know them well?SUE: Not really.STEVE: Do you know where they're vacationing?SUE: I think they went to Mexico, but I'm not sure.It's a bad thing to return home to.They'll come home from their trip, and they'll see half their house burned.STEVE: Yes, but at least this way no one gets hurt.It's better to have a fire in your house when you're not home. Don't you think?SUE: Yes, I suppose. It's a dangerous thing if a fire starts when people are sleeping.史提夫:你在外面嗅到什么吗?苏:是的,我刚刚在厨房,我好像闻到烟味史提夫:我也是从哪里飘过来的?苏:我没看到等等,那是什么?史提夫:是浓烟那是谁的房子?苏:那是瑞里家,他们去度假了史提夫:看起来不像是从屋子里飘出来的这是从后面来的,是不是烤肉?苏:不可能他们后面是工具室这是火灾,我要进去打电话给消防局史提夫:等等,我有手提电话,我来打 9请帮我接消防局接线生:消防局有什么事吗?史提夫:是的,我要报火警接线生:先生,你的位置是?史提夫:我在林肯路 9 号,我邻居的房子失火了接线生:林肯路 9 号吗?史提夫:是的接线生:你看到火焰吗?史提夫:我还没看到火焰但是有浓烟从房子后面冒出来接线生:好的,我们立刻派人过去史提夫:他们马上来了苏:他们四分钟就到这里,相当快史提夫:是很快,但是四分钟就足以造成五万块的损失苏:我猜一定不是工具室起火看起来是有东西在房子后面烧史提夫:不知道有没有人可以通知瑞里家的人你跟他们熟吗?苏:不是很熟史提夫:你知道他们去哪里度假吗?苏:他们去墨西哥,但是我不确定要是回来也真扫兴他们要中途结束旅行回来,并且看到房子被烧掉一半史提夫:没错,但是至少这样没有人受伤失火时最好没有人在家,不是吗?苏:我想是的如果正在睡觉时失火,这是很危险的我的一天 My Day -- ::39 来源: Now, the new termbegins. I live the life normal as bee. Every morning, I get up at 6:30. Afterwashing, I eat breakfast at home. My mother always cooks delicious andnutritious breakfast me. I usually go to school at 7: by bike. It onlytakes me ten minutes to get to the school. We have the morning ing at 7:0and the classes begin from 8:00. I usually have Chinese, math, English andother subjects. I go home at noon and have a short rest at home. Classes areover at 5:30. I usually play at school a while and then go home. At night, Iusually finish my homework and then watch TV. About :00, I go to bed. This ismy all day.现在,新学期开始了我过着像往常一样的正常生活每天早上,我六点半起床洗漱完毕,我在家吃完早餐我妈妈经常给我煮好吃又营养的早餐通常在七点二十骑自行车去学校,到学校只需十分钟我们7点0上早读,八点开始上课我们通常有语文、数学、英语还有其他课程中午我回家吃午饭并进行短暂的休息我们五点半放学,我经常在学校玩一会再回家晚上,我做完作业然后看电视大约十点我就去睡觉了这就是我的一天记一次精的生日聚会(Had a wonderful birthday party) -- :: 来源: 记一次精的生日聚会(Had a wonderful birthday party)   last may th was my birthday. i had a party at my home.  my relatives and friends came to my home in the evening. and i got a lot of presents from them. my mother prepared a big birthday cake me.  there are even candles on it. after singing the song “happy birthday”, i shared the cake with my friend and relatives. then we watched tv and listened to music. same of the girls danced with the music. we had a good time that day.  now i want to say “thank you my friends. thank you my parents! i ’m so happy!”

感情-- :5: A:Drew,do you have a girlfriend?  你好,drew,有女朋友吗?  B:Yes,why?  有,怎么了?  A;Well, I came to know a girl 3 weeks ago and we have so much in common.  我三周前认识了一个女孩儿我们有很多共同点  B;So?  然后呢?  A:So I think I have fallen in love with her.  我想我是爱上她了  B:You're attracted to her,[chuckles]That sounds great,but how do you know that it's a crush or it's real love?  好有吸引力啊,[笑]听起来不错,不过你怎么知道那是一时冲动还是真爱?  A:Ok.then what's the difference between "having a crush" and "falling in love"?  那这俩者之间有什么分别吗?  B:That's a big question.well.if you're in love.maybe you'll take every opporty to talk to her or telephone her no reason.  这问题够大的,好吧,如果你真爱上她的话,你会抓住每个机会同她聊天,而且还没什么理由  A:That's what I did  是这样的  B:And you think about her all the time  并且你一直都想着她  A:Yes  是的  B:And maybe you suddenly have new interests .I mean you suddenly begin to do things that you used to avoid,ie:You used to sleep in every morning.but because she jogs every morning,then you begin to like jogging.  还有你可能突然对新事物有了兴趣,我是说你突然开始做自己以前不做的事比如说,你以前每天睡懒觉,可她每天跑步,然后你也开始喜欢跑步了,  A:That's it.She likes dogs so much and now.,I began to love dogs.  是的,她很喜欢,现在我也开始喜欢了,  B:Oh,man.Congratulations.Sounds like you've found your soul mate.  噢,哥们儿,恭喜你,听起来你好象找到了你的另一半儿了  A;Thanks.but I know falling in love is one thing,while staying in love is another.  谢谢,可我也知道爱上谁是一码事,保持这种感情又是另一码事  B:Yeah,that's right.If you find this person is more and more important to you and you can totally trust her,then you stay in love.  是的,如果你这个人对你来说越来越重要,并且你能够完全信任她的话,那么,这种感情还没褪色  A:Yeah.Falling in love is so good.  是的,爱的感觉真好,  B:While staying in love is even better  保持感情更好  Attention Please….特别提醒  [你可以请外教帮你训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]I think I have fallen in love with her我想我是爱上她了英语中表示爱某人的方法有很多除了最长见的I love you之外I am head over heels in love with her我彻底的爱上她了I'm crazy about her..我对她十分着迷I am infatuated with her我为她神魂颠倒  []Crush crush的意思是迷恋,这与我们所说的爱可不一样它通常指学生对老师或是影迷对影星的感情他们常说的一句话就是:Did you have a cursh on her?你喜欢她吗?很多年轻人不喜欢长期的关系[long-term relationship]他们更喜欢去派对或是酒吧泡妞儿  [3]虽然这个词译成精神伴侣,可实际生活中它相当与中国的"唯一"或是"志同道合"英语里类似的表示方法还有a kindred spirit比如说Marco and Shadow are kindred spirits.Marco和Shadow是志同道合的一对儿  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思[ie:What does "puppy love" mean? "puppy love"是什么意思?]  Puppy love  love at first sight  MrMrs right  lovesickness  lovebird  love-letter  love-hate relationship  get dumped  make a pass  break upsplit up

人:To Be Honest or Not to Be? -- 1:58:53 来源: 人:To Be Honest or Not to Be?很有意思的人剧本,编辑强烈推荐趣味性强,并且很有意义,很有水平啊CastHonest WoodcutterGreedy WoodcutterGreedy WoodcutterGod of the Lake——————————————————————————–Scene 1 The Honest Woodcutter 诚实的伐木工人(One day, H and G were chopping firewood together in the mountain.)H: See all this hard work we’ve been doing. It’s really difficult us to make a living.G: Yes, I don’t know how many days we have to keep doing the same thing.Chop, chop, and chop.(At that time, his axe accidentally dropped into the lake.)H: Oh, no. My axe!G: It’s getting dark. We’d better find your axe quickly.H: Well, it’s O.K. You can go back first. If I can’t find it today, I will find it tomorrow.G: Hmm. O.K., I will see you later (going home alone).H: Aack, I should have been more careful. Now how can I find my axe?God: I am God of the Lake. You seem to have a problem? What happened?H: I dropped my axe into the lake by accident. Can you help me find it?God: No problem. It’s a piece of cake. I’ll be right back (disappearing).God: Is this gold axe yours?H: No, it’s not.God: O.K., just a second. How about this silver axe? Is it yours?H: No, it’s not mine, either.God: Then, this one?H: Yes, it’s mine. Thank you so much. You really saved my day.God: Young man, you are such an honest person. Nowadays it’s hard to find people as honest as you. Theree, I’d like to give you both of these two axes, the gold one and the silver one, to award you your honesty.H: Really? Aren’t you kidding?God: Of course not. We gods never lie.H: Oh, thank you so much. Today is really my lucky day. I promise I’ll work even harder. I won’t let you down.God: That’s good, young man. Good luck!Scene The Greedy Woodcutter(The following day, the greedy woodcutter went to the honest woodcutter’s home.)G: Hey, you’ve got these gold and sliver axes. Where did you get them? Did you buy them? Impossible! You are even poorer than I. Or … did you pick them up somewhere?H: No way! Something incredible happened to me just after you went home yesterday afternoon, and I got these two axes.G: Something incredible? Could you tell me what exactly happened yesterday?H: Sure. Remember we were chopping the wood and I dropped my axe into the lake? I told you to go home and not to worry about me. In fact, I was worried to death because I didn’t know how to find it. I was so worried that I cried by the lake. At that moment, God of the Lake appeared suddenly, and he helped me find my ax in the lake. I was so happy when I saw the axe I lost, but something even better happened. Just bee I left, the God gave me the gold and sliver axes as gifts.G: How nice. That was truly something incredible. I’d like to try my luck this afternoon to see if I can also get the gold and sliver axes.(The greedy woodcutter could hardly wait till the afternoon because he wanted very much to get the gold and sliver axes. The afternoon finally came.)G: (Dropping his axe into the lake on purpose) Oh, my God! I lost my axe. Without my axe, how could I make a living? What should I do? What should I do (crying)?God: Young man, why are you crying here?G: I accidentally dropped my axe into the lake.God: Don’t worry. Let me help you find it. I’ll be right back.(Then, the God went down to the lake, and a moment later, he showed up with a gold ax.)God: Is this your axe?G: A gold axe (very excited and happy)?! Yes, yes! This is the axe I lost earlier.God: Young man (with a long face), a good person has to be honest. Let me ask you again. Is this really yours?G: My God, I didn’t lie to you about the axe in your hand. I’m telling you the truth. The axe is mine.God: Young man (disappointed and shaking his head), it is important you to be honest. I know you didn’t tell me the truth. So, I won’t help you. You just go.G: Why?! Why?! Why didn’t I get the gold axe? It must be Jack’s fault. He must be hiding something from me. I’ll go talk to him tomorrow and see what he’s going to say about this!Scene 3 Having a Fight(The following day…)H: What happened? What happened to your axe? Looks like you didn’t get the gold and silver axes.G: (Holding the bad axe) It’s all your fault. You cheated me! Because of you, I lost my axe, and now I have to use this old one. You have to get me a new one or you’ll be in big trouble.H: I don’t think so. You are too greedy; that’s why you lost your axe. You deserved it.G: What!? I dare you to say that again.H: You deserved it.G: One more time!H: You deserved it.G: You brought this on yourself.(G pushed H and H tried to push him back. But H got caught.)H: Let me go! Let me go!G: O.K. There you go (pushing H into the lake).H: Help! Help! I don’t wanna die. I will give you my gold and silver axes.G: Really? But I’ve got an even better idea. If you die, both of your axes will be mine. Ha, ha, ha!H: Don’t let me die! I have to support my family you know. I have an 80-year-old mother, 7 wives, and children.G: Don’t worry. I’ll take care of all your wives, but…not your mother or your children.H: You will be caught this. God won’t let you get away with this.(Thunder in the sky and big waves in the lake…)G: O.K., O.K., (getting cold feet) I’ll help you right away. Hang in there.(Looking and finding a stick nearby) Hold on to it.(But the stick hit right on H’s head by accident.)H: Ah (going straight down into the lake)!G: I didn’t mean it. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was just trying to help him.(In the lake…H sank in coma, but showing a smiling face as if he had seen a lot of gold.)God: Isn’t that the honest young man I gave the gold and silver axes the other day? Why are you here?H: I missed you, so I jumped into the lake.God: Very cold! It’s not funny! Speak the truth.H: O.K.! In fact, I was pushed into the lake by my friend.God: Do you wish me to punish him?H: No, thanks. After I dropped into the lake, he tried to help me, but he was too clumsy and his stick hit me by accident. I’ll give him.God: What a nice man you are. I almost want to give you a good person certificate.H: I really appreciate your kind words.God: He’s so lucky to have such a great friend. O.K., I’ll give him this time.Scene A Warm Reunion G: Jack, I didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t blame me. It was really not my fault. God, please bless him (worshiping).(God of the Lake showed up.)God: Did you really not intend to hurt him?G: Of course not! I just envied that he got the gold and the silver axes. Anyway, I was just very angry, but there was no evil intention, not at all. I swear (raising his hand).God: Then, what do you think of him?G: Although he was a little stubborn, he was honest and kind-hearted. He was a friend who was worth having. In fact, I miss him a lot.(H showed up.)H: I ‘m glad you didn’t let me down. I know you were not a bad person. You just lost your head because of your greed.G: Jack, is that really you? Oh, thank God! You didn’t die. That’s great!God: Ha, ha, ha! This is really something that makes people happy. Since you two made up with each other, it‘s time me (waving his hand)…One, two, three, sleep.(H and G fell asleep by the Lade. The following morning…)G: Hey ~ wake up! Wake up. It’s morning aly!H: Oh…Good morning. Look! There are a pair of gold axes and a pair of silver axes (checking them out). Here’s also a note.G: Let me see. It’s from the God of the Lake. It says, “In order to celebrate that you two become good friends again, I decided to give each of you a gold axe and a silver axe so that you won’t have any more fight. Work hard and have a nice life.”H: We are so lucky. So, how about working hard with me?G: I don’t see why not!H: It’s a deal. Let’s work hard side by side.G: And…let’s be HONEST.Both: Yeah, indeed. “Honesty is the best policy.”人:To Be Honest or Not to Be? 英语 话剧 剧本

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