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东台市中医院预约挂号盐城/市不孕不育预约But the idea that science can cure death但科学能够治愈死亡的观点is just one more chapter in the story只是神奇的灵丹妙药故事的of the magical elixir,又一个章节,a story that is as old as civilization.和古文明一样古老的故事。But betting everything on the idea of finding the elixir但把所有的赌注都压在寻找灵丹妙药and staying alive forever和长生不老上面is a risky strategy.这样风险未免太大。When we look back through history当我们回顾整个历史at all those who have sought an elixir in the past,所有那些在过去寻找灵丹妙药的人the one thing they now have in common都有个共通点is that theyre all dead.是他们都难逃一死。So we need a backup plan, and exactly this kind of plan B所以我们需要个备用方案,精确讲叫B方案is what the second kind of immortality story offers,也就是第二类永生的故事,and thats resurrection.那就是复活。And it stays with the idea that I am this body,概念是我有这个身躯,I am this physical organism.是一个有机体。It accepts that Im going to have to die我是会死去的but says, despite that,但不论这些,I can rise up and I can live again.我可以再次活过来的。In other words, I can do what Jesus did.换句话说,我能和耶稣一样。and then he rose up and lived again.然后又活过来了。And the idea that we can all be resurrected to live again能够复活的这个概念is orthodox believe, not just for Christians不单源于东正教but also Jews and Muslims.也属于犹太教和穆斯林的。But our desire to believe this story但我们渴望去相信这个故事is so deeply embedded是深植在我们的内心that we are reinventing it again而到了科学时代for the scientific age,我们又重新将它提了出来,for example, with the idea of cryonics.比如,人体冷冻。Thats the idea that when you die,意思是当你死后,you can have yourself frozen,你可以把自己冷冻起来,and then, at some point when technology然后,直到有一天,科技has advanced enough,高度发达的时候,you can be thawed out and repaired and revived你可以把自己解冻和修复and so resurrected.然后复活。And so some people believe an omnipotent god并且有些人相信万能的神will resurrect them to live again,会人他们重新活过来,and other people believe an omnipotent scientist will do it.还有人则相信万能的科学。But for others, the whole idea of resurrection,但是对某些人,对复活的这个看法,of climbing out of the grave,从坟墓里爬出来,its just too much like a bad zombie movie.太像一部摆烂的僵尸电影。They find the body too messy, too unreliable他们发现自己的身躯腐朽,也不大可能复活,to guarantee eternal life,无法拥有永恒的生命,and so they set their hopes on the third,所有他们有第三类型的故事,more spiritual immortality story,更偏向于精神上的永生故事,the idea that we can leave our body behind就是我们能够离开我们的身躯and live on as a soul.但灵魂永久长存。Now, the majority of people on Earth目前,地球上绝大多数的人believe they have a soul,认为他们是有灵魂的,and the idea is central to many religions.这个观念是许多宗教的核心,But even though, in its current form,即便是这样,在现有的形式下,in its traditional form,在传统的形式下,the idea of the soul is still hugely popular,灵魂的观念依旧受到了广泛欢迎,nonetheless we are again在当今的数字化时代reinventing it for the digital age,再次提起它,for example with the idea比如that you can leave your body behind你可以离开你的身体by uploading your mind, your essence,你的心智,你的本质,the real you, onto a computer,真正的你,上传到了电脑中,and so live on as an avatar in the ether.以化身活在乙太的世界。But of course there are skeptics who say但是当然,有人会怀疑说if we look at the evidence of science,如果我们察看科学的依据,particularly neuroscience,特别是神经系统科学,it suggests that your mind,提及你的心智,your essence, the real you,你的本质,真正的你,is very much dependent on a particular part非常依赖你身体上一个特别的部分,of your body, that is, your brain.也就是,你的大脑。And such skeptics can find comfort这样的怀疑者in the fourth kind of immortality story,有着第四类型的永生的故事,and that is legacy,那就是遗传的传说。the idea that you can live on你可以长存在世through the echo you leave in the world,透过你遗留在世上的事物,like the great Greek warrior Achilles,就像古希腊战士阿基里斯,who sacrificed his life fighting at Troy他在特洛伊的战斗中牺牲了自己的生命so that he might win immortal fame.使他赢得了不朽的名声。And the pursuit of fame is as widesp追求这样的名声从古至今and popular now as it ever was,都一样流行,and in our digital age,在当今的数字时代,its even easier to achieve.它更容易实现。You dont need to be a great warrior like Achilles你不必要成为像阿基里斯这样的勇士or a great king or hero.或者一个伟大的国王或者英雄。All you need is an Internet connection and a funny cat.你只要能上网和一只有趣的猫。But some people prefer to leave a more tangible,但有些人希望留下后代----biological legacy -- children, for example.子孙。Or they like, they hope, to live on或是他们想要,希望as part of some greater whole,成为整个整体中的一部分活下去,a nation or a family or a tribe,一个名族,或者一个家庭或者一个部落,their gene pool.他们的基因库。But again, there are skeptics但有人会怀疑who doubt whether legacy这些遗产是否really is immortality.真的能永久流传下去。Woody Allen, for example, who said,比如,伍迪·艾伦,曾说过,;I dont want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen.“我不想活在我同胞的心里。I want to live on in my apartment.;我想活在我的公寓里。“So those are the four所以那些都是四种basic kinds of immortality stories,基本的永生的故事,and Ive tried to give just some sense我试着说明这些故事of how theyre retold by each generation如何一代一代流传着with just slight variations但也都大同小异to fit the fashions of the day.以迎合当今时代的潮流。And the fact that they recur in this way,事实上这些故事不停的被传述,in such a similar form but in such different belief systems,在不同的信仰中有着相似的形式,suggests, I think,我觉得,that we should be skeptical of the truth我们应该对of any particular version of these stories.所有这些故事的真实性要有所怀疑,201507/384729盐城/妇科病医院 盐城/月经不调是妇科病吗

建湖县人民医院治疗便血多少钱盐城/国家高新经济技术开发区人工流产哪家医院最好的 I was called down to the ward to see him.我被叫到病房去看他。His is the little hand.他的小手可以说是骨瘦如柴。I was called down to the ward to see him一名呼吸内科医生by a respiratory physician.将我叫到他的诊室。He said, ;Look, theres a guy down here.他对我说:“那有个病人”Hes got pneumonia,他得的是肺炎,and he looks like he needs intensive care.看样子他需要入你们的ICU病房。His daughters here and she wants everything possible他的女儿在这,to be done.;她希望你们能尽一切办法……Which is a familiar phrase to us.这是我们常听到的一句话。So I go down to the ward and see Jim,所以,我去病房去看Jim Smith.and his skin his translucent like this.他的皮肤半透明成了这个样子。You can see his bones through the skin.透过他的皮肤,你们以看到他的骨头。Hes very, very thin,他可是说是瘦骨嶙峋。and he is, indeed, very sick with pneumonia,他的肺炎已是相当严重了and hes too sick to talk to me,病得连和我们讲话的力气都没有了so I talk to his daughter Kathleen, and I say to her,所以,我问他的女儿Kathleen:;Did you and Jim ever talk about;你有没有和他谈过;what you would want done你会怎么处理这个事,if he ended up in this kind of situation?;如果他到了这种地步?And she looked at me and said, ;No, of course not!;她看了看我,然后说:”没有,当然没有“I thought, ;Okay. Take this steady.;好吧,我当时想,慢慢做她的工作吧。And I got talking to her, and after a while, she said to me,我和她谈了很久,然后,她对我说:;You know, we always thought thered be time.;你知道的,我们也知道,迟早会有那一天的。Jim was 94.当时已经94岁了。And I realized that something wasnt happening here.这件事让我觉得,我们可以为这类病人做些事。There wasnt this dialogue going on要不是有这件事that I imagined was happening.我也想象不到我们会不会去做这件事。So a group of us started doing survey work,所以,我们有一个小组开始做一些调查工作,and we looked at four and a half thousand nursing home我们走访了residents in Newcastle, in the Newcastle area,Newcastle地区的4500个在养老院生活的老人,and discovered that only one in a hundred of them我们发现,他们当中只有1%的人had a plan about what to do when their hearts stopped beating.对他们生理死亡后的事有计划。One in a hundred.仅仅1%。And only one in 500 of them had plan about what to do只有500分之1的老人if they became seriously ill.会对他们病重时有应对计划。And I realized, of course, this dialogue这个对话使我意识到,is definitely not occurring in the public at large.我们生活中的很多人肯定也会对我们的身后事没有计划的。Now, I work in acute care.现在,我在ICU里工作。This is John Hunter Hospital.我的医院叫“John Hunter”医院。And I thought, surely, we do better than that.而过去我一直认为,我们做得比较好。So a colleague of mine from nursing called Lisa Shaw and I所以,我和我的同事Lisa Shaw,她来自养老院,went through hundreds and hundreds of sets of notes我们一起在医疗档案室in the medical records department翻看了成千上万本病历,looking at whether there was any sign at all我们想确认是否有that anybody had had any conversation about任何人曾经what might happen to them if the treatment they were就如果他们的治疗失败receiving was unsuccessful to the point that they would die.而导致他们死亡而作出任何安排的谈话。And we didnt find a single record of any preference可是,我们找不到关于他们的自我选择,about goals, treatments or outcomes from any目标、治疗或者最终结果这方面的东西of the sets of notes initiated by a doctor or by a patient.医生记录或病人自己写的都没有。So we started to realize我这才意识到that we had a problem,我们出了问题,and the problem is more serious because of this.而正因为这一点,这个问题变得更严重。What we know is that obviously we are all going to die,我们大家都知道的是很明显,我们都会死去,but how we die is actually really important,但我们以何种方式死去更重要,obviously not just to us, but also to how that很明显,这不仅对我们重要,features in the lives of all the people who live on afterwards.这对那些活着的人也很重要。How we die lives on in the minds of everybody其实我们会怎样死去,who survives us, and这在抢救我们的人的心中是心里有数的,the stress created in families by dying is enormous,而死亡给一个家庭带来的压力是巨大的,and in fact you get seven times as much stress by dying事实上,死在ICU所带来的压力in intensive care as by dying just about anywhere else,是死在其它地方所带来的压力的7倍,so dying in intensive care is not your top option所以,选择在ICU结束自己的生活并不是一个明智的决定if youve got a choice.如果你有得选择的话。201507/387765滨海县中医院早孕检查多少钱

盐城做无痛人流哪个医院好Im talking about an approach to life, a quality of mind and a quality of heart, a willingness to follow your passion regardless of whether they lead to fortune and fame,a willingness to question conventional wisdom and rethink old dogmas. A lack of regard for all the traditional markers of status and prestige, and a commitment instead to doing whats meaningful to you, what helps others, what makes a difference in this world.我所指的是一种生活方式,一种精神和心理品格,愿意追随自己的,不管它是否能带来财富和名望,愿意质疑传统的价值观,重新思考陈旧的教条、蔑视一切代表地位和特权的传统标志,去做有意义的事,去做有利于他人的事,去做能改变世界的事。Thats the spirit that led a band of patriots, not much older than most of you,to take on an empire and to start this experiment in democracy we call America. Its what drove young pioneers west to Arizona and beyond.Its what drove young women to reach for the ballot, what inspired a 30-year-old escaped slave to run an underground railroad to freedom. Its what inspired a young man named Cesar to go out and help farm workers, what inspired a 26-year-old preacher to lead a bus boycott for justice. Its what led firefighters and police officers in the prime of their lives up the stairs of those burning towers and young people across this country to drop what they were doing and come to the aid of a flooded New Orleans.正是由于这种精神,才涌现出了一群爱国者,那时他们并不比你们大多少,却肩负了国家的使命,开始在这个我们称之为美国的国家试行民主。正是由于这种精神,年轻的拓荒者开始向西挺进,走向亚利桑那和更远的地方。正是由于这种精神,年轻的妇女开始争取选举权。这种力量给了一名30岁的奴隶通过地下铁路逃向自由的勇气,促使一位名叫塞萨尔的年轻人挺身帮助农场工人,促使一位26岁的牧师为了正义发起了一场拒乘公交汽车的运动。他使得风华正茂的消防人员和警察冲向熊熊燃烧的双子塔的楼梯;也使得全国的年轻人扔下手中的工作前来援遭受洪灾的新奥尔良人。 /201302/224206 I grew up on a steady diet of science fiction. In high school I took a bus to school an hour each way every day. And I was always absorbed in a book, science fiction book, which took my mind to other worlds, and satisfied, in a narrative form, this insatiable sense of curiosity that I had.我是看科幻小说长大的。高中时,我每天坐一小时的公交车上下学。我总是沉迷于科幻小说,这些书将我带到了另外的世界,用叙述的方式满足了我无止境的好奇心。And you know that curiosity also manifested itself in the fact that whenever I wasnt in school I was out in the woods, hiking and taking ;samples;, frogs and snakes and bugs and pond water, and bringing it back, looking at it under the microscope. But I was, you know, I was a real science geek. But it was all about trying to understand the world, understand the limits of possibility.大家知道好奇心可以通过事实表现出来。每当我不在学校,我总会在树林里游荡,寻找一些“样品”,比如青蛙、蛇、虫子或者池水,我把它们带回家放在显微镜下观察。你知道,我是一个真的科学发烧友。但我只是在试图了解这个世界,想找到潜力的极限。And my, you know, love of science fiction actually seemed to be mirrored in the world around me, because what was happening, this was in the late 60s, you know, we were going to the moon, we were exploring the deep oceans. Jacques Cousteau was coming into our living rooms with his amazing specials that showed us animals and places and a wondrous world that we could never really have previously imagined. So, that seemed to resonate with the whole science fiction part of it.你知道,我对科幻小说的热爱或许是那个时代的写照。因为所发生的事情,你知道,这是60年代末期,人类登上了月球,同时还去探索深海。雅克·库斯托的特别节目走进了我们的客厅,让我们看到了不同的动物和地方,一个我们以前想都没有想过的世界。这或许和科幻小说可以产生共鸣吧。And I was an artist. I could draw. I could paint. And I found that because there werent, you know, games and this saturation of CG movies and all of this imagery in the media landscape, I had to create these images in my head. You know, we all did, as kids having to a book, and through the authors description put something on the screen, the movie screen in our heads. And so, my response to this was to paint, to draw alien creatures, alien worlds, robots, spaceships, all that stuff. I was endlessly getting busted in math class, you know, doodling behind the textbook. And that was, the creativity had to find its outlet somehow.我是一个艺术家。我会画画。我也会画油画。我发现,你知道,没有计算机游戏和电脑合成技术,没有媒体的那些影响,我只能自己在脑海中创造这些形象。我们像孩子们一样,读书的时候会根据作者的描述在脑海中想象出一些画面,一些电影的画面。我对此的反应是是画一些外星生物,外星球、机器人、宇宙飞船等东西。在数学课上,我总是在数学课本上,你知道的,乱画。那是发泄创造力的一种途径。 /201310/262332盐城/协和处女膜修复手术多少钱盐城专治不孕不育哪家医院强



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