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"We advanced in silence, saving our battle cries to the last. When the enemy came within reach, my archers released a storm of arrows, and my cavalry attacked without mercy."According to the Secret History(蒙古秘史), each tactic was meticulously planned and ingenious. Temujin(铁木真) held squadrons and weapons in reserve. Then with the enemy in disarray, they regrouped and charged. One of Temujin's cavalry squadrons suddenly fled the battlefield. Jemuqa's(扎木和) men chased them down. But they were being lured into a trap. In the heart of the battle, Jemuqa saw his army destroyed and he ran. squadron: any of a variety of military units containing both personnel and vehiclesmeticulously: very carefully and precisely200809/49719。

4 价格太高3句英文任你选Your price is too high to interest buyers in counter-offer.您的价格太高,买方没有兴趣还盘。I must say the price is too high for me to accept.我必须说价格太高不能接受。Your ation is too high to accept.你方要价太高无法接受。半个句型要记牢too... to... (太……而不能)Tip: ;too +形容词/副词+动词不定式;结构简称为; too... to;结构。这种结构是英语中常用的一种句型,在大多数情况下表示否定意义,在翻译时,通常可译为;太……而不能……;、;太……无法……; 。too + adj. / adv. + to do这个句型是too... to的最基本的常用句型。 too+形容词或副词,有时too后也可眼一个起形容词作用的过去分词。例如: The boy is too young to go to school. (这男孩年龄太小,不能上学。 ) /201603/434079。

2 索赔要求3句英文任你选Im afraid you should compensate us by 10% of the total amount of the contract.恐怕你们应赔偿合同总金额的 10%给我们。As regards inferior quality of your goods, we claim a compensation of US 000.关于你方产品质量低劣的问题,我方要求你方赔偿 1万 5千美元。We register a claim for US $ 200000.我们提出索赔 20万美元。半个句型要记牢claim a compensation (要求赔偿)Tip:claim表示;要求;声称可作及物、不及物动词和名词,相当于 ask for, make a claim for。索赔还可说 to send in/enter/ put in ones claim for compensation (提出索赔)。 /201605/434151。

探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 7They haven't changed because their environment has stayed the same. The water they live in bubbles up from deep in the earth, and so it's always the same temperature. But just meters away the environment is very different, away from the thermal vents with the ebb and flow of the water, the temperature fluctuates. Billions of years ago, bacteria were living here too, but as their living conditions changed, they changed as well. From one generation to the next, there were minute alterations. In themselves they were almost insignificant, but these tiny changes started the most amazing process. --Because if you add up enough tiny changes from generations through millions of generations, you can get a revolutionary transformation. From being simple bacteria the creatures in these pools became more complicated. Single cells became groups of cells, and groups of cells (became) early plants and animals, and the changes continued. Dozens of species became hundreds, and hundreds turned into tens of thousands. Parts of bodies were adapted to meet new challenges. Great leaps were made. A fish's fins over countless generations developed into legs and it became a reptile. Some reptiles developed feathers and became birds. Others became mammals in every shape and size from blue whale to baboon, every creature we see on the earth today including ourselves. All these happened. It's the miracle of evolution. The human body is just one branch in the huge sping tree of life that grew from those simple bacteria. Yet we carry with us the remnants of what has gone before us in our strange past, and there is a place we can go to see just one of those remnants, shaped by one of evolution's truly incredible transformations. It's inside my own head. All we need to do is go and find it. This is my eardrum, a thin skin stretched tight across my ear canal. But what I want to show you lies on the other side of my eardrum. This device can take me there. I'm inside a huge magnet with a field strong enough to lift a car clean off the ground. It's a magnetic resonant scanner and it can reveal layer by layer what's inside my head. Up to now, this has been the forefront of medical imaging, but we are about to take it one step further. By putting the medical scans together, we've created a 3-dimensional picture of my own head and I can look at any part of it that I want.words and expressionsthermal : Of, relating to, using, producing, or caused by heat.热的:有关、用、产生热的或由热造成的ebb and flow :潮的涨落,盛衰,消长minute:Exceptionally small; tiny微小的, 异常小的,极细微的baboon:狒狒remnant:A surviving trace or vestige:遗留下来的痕迹或者残余eardrum:耳膜field:magnetic field:磁场resonant :Producing or exhibiting resonance:共鸣的,共振的:产生或显示共鸣的200707/16007。

Pakistani PM Visits US During Tension in Counter-Terror Alliance巴基斯坦总理启程前来美国访问  Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is expected to meet with top U.S. officials in Washington this week, including President George Bush. His visit comes during new tensions among Afghan, Pakistani and U.S. officials over how to counter a growing Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. 预计,巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼这个星期将在华盛顿会见美国总统布什等美国最高官员。目前,阿富汗、巴基斯坦和美国官员在如何反击塔利班在阿富汗日益加剧的暴乱行动的问题上关系紧张。Taliban fighters in Afghanistan launch new offensives each summer when warm weather eases travel and clears passes in the country's rugged mountains. But the summer of 2008 has been particularly violent, with a 40 percent increase in attacks in eastern Afghanistan over the previous year. 每年夏季当气候变暖方便出行,进出山区崎岖不平的道路通畅时,阿富汗的塔利班武装就发动新攻势。不过,2008年夏天的暴力袭击尤为激烈,在过去一年里,阿富汗东部的暴力袭击增加了40%。Just across the border in Pakistan, Taliban militants have expanded their territory and now control large parts of the country's remote tribal areas. Officials in northwestern Pakistan say Taliban influence is sping out from the tribal regions into larger towns.  就在巴基斯坦边界一侧,塔利班激进分子扩大了地盘,控制了大片偏远的部落地区。巴基斯坦西北部官员说,塔利班的影响正在从部落地区向较大的城镇扩散。U.S. and Afghan officials say countering the Taliban in Afghanistan will require depriving insurgents of their strongholds in Pakistan's tribal areas. Afghan President Hamid Karzai says militants who use those bases to launch attacks across the border are his country's most serious threat.  美国和阿富汗官员表示,打击阿富汗塔利班力量需要铲除暴乱分子在巴基斯坦部落地区的大本营。阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊说,利用那些基地发动越境袭击的激进分子是阿富汗面临的最大威胁。"The fight against terrorism is not in Afghanistan and we will not be secure and safe unless Afghanistan and the international community address the question of sanctuaries in Pakistan and the terrorist training camps there," he said." 卡尔扎伊说:“反恐战斗不在阿富汗,如果阿富汗和国际社会不解决在巴基斯坦的恐怖分子庇护所和在那里的恐怖训练营地等问题,我们就不会安定和安全。”But Afghan and Pakistani officials not only argue over what to do about the Taliban sanctuaries, but also who is to blame for the militants' growth. In the past month, officials from both countries have accused their counterparts of supporting Taliban factions. Afghan officials even directly accused Pakistan's military and intelligence services of participating in the bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul. Pakistan rejected the allegations. 不过,阿富汗官员跟巴基斯坦官员不光在如何铲除塔利班庇护所问题上有争论,而且在谁应当为塔利班激进分子的壮大承担责任方面意见不一。在过去这个月,两国官员相互指责对方持塔利班派别。阿富汗官员甚至直接指责巴基斯坦军方和情报机构参与了对印度驻喀布尔大使馆的爆炸袭击。巴基斯坦对此予以否认。During a visit to Kabul last week, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer took time to urge both countries to cooperate.  北约秘书长夏侯雅伯上星期访问喀布尔期间不失时机地敦促两国进行合作。"More than ever we now need a regional approach in trying to stem this situation," he said. "Because I cannot imagine anyone who would consider it acceptable that many terrorists from all over the world gather in a certain area and create mischief and havoc there." 夏侯雅伯说:“我们现在比以往任何时候都需要地区性合作,才能尽力遏制袭击事件增加的局面。因为我不相信有任何会接受世界各地的恐怖分子集中在一个地区,在那里闹得人仰马翻。”But in recent months, Pakistani officials have made it clear that they are forging their own strategy in countering the militant groups and it is a strategy that favors holding peace talks instead of military operations.  不过在近几个月,巴基斯坦官员明确表示,他们正在制定自己的打击激进组织的战略,这项战略赞成跟激进组织和谈,而不是向他们发动军事行动。The talks have drawn concern from NATO, Afghan and U.S. officials, who have urged Pakistan to do more to stop the Taliban from launching attacks in Afghanistan. 巴基斯坦跟激进组织的谈判引起北约、阿富汗和美国官员的担忧,他们敦促巴基斯坦采取更多的措施制止塔利班向阿富汗发动袭击。Rehman Malik is the head of Pakistan's interior ministry. Last week he rejected suggestions that the ed States is pressuring the government to move more aggressively against the militant groups.  有消息说,美国正在向巴基斯坦政府施加压力,要他们加大打击激进组织的力度。巴基斯坦内政部负责人莱赫曼.马立克上个星期驳斥了这种说法。"We are taking our own actions; we are designing our own policies," said Malik. "There is no interference whatsoever from outside and we will not accept any interference from anywhere." 马立克说:“我们在自己采取行动;我们在制定自己的策略。没有任何外界的介入,我们也不会接受外界的任何干预。”President Pervez Musharraf is viewed by many Pakistanis as having long followed a military-focused counter-terrorism policy advocated by the ed States, which security analyst Talat Masood says damaged his popularity within Pakistan. Masood says the new government is being careful not to follow the same path.  许多巴基斯坦人认为,巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫长期以来一直奉行美国倡导的以军事打击为主的反恐政策。安全问题分析人士塔拉特.马苏德认为,这种政策损害了穆沙拉夫在巴基斯坦的声望。马苏德说,新政府现在非常小心,不想重蹈穆沙拉夫的覆辙。"They don't want to give an impression that they are fighting this war on behalf of America," he said. "So they don't want any American involvement. At the same time I think the present government has not really settled down to an extent to formulate and implement an integrated policy against militancy and the rising insurgency. And meanwhile, the militants are taking full advantage." 马苏德说:“新政府不愿让巴基斯坦人认为他们是在为美国打这场反恐战争。因此他们不希望美国有任何的介入。同时我认为,新政府还没有切实做好准备制定和执行一套全面的打击激进主义和不断增加的暴乱活动的政策。而与此同时,激进分子正在钻空子。”In the ed States, some officials have responded to the rising Taliban insurgency with proposals for more foreign aid to the Pakistani government, including a five-year, .5 billion civilian development package.  在美国,一些官员对塔利班不断加剧的暴乱活动做出反应,提议向巴基斯坦政府提供更多援助,包括一项为期5年、价值75亿美元的国内发展一揽子计划。Pakistani officials have welcomed proposals for more aid. However, lawmakers in the otherwise fractious coalition government also say there is broad agreement that no outside countries should be involved in how Pakistan chooses to deal with the Taliban militants.  巴基斯坦官员欢迎向巴基斯坦提供更多的援助。但是巴基斯坦不那么牢固的联合政府中的一些议员也表示,他们普遍的共识是,在决定如何对付塔利班激进分子的问题上,不允许外国介入。Before leaving Islamabad on Saturday, Prime Minister Gilani told reporters that security issues will be high on the agenda during his U.S. visit. But he said his coalition government will continue to pursue its own strategy in countering the Taliban insurgency. 巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼星期六启程之前对记者说,安全问题将是他此次美国之行的重点。不过,他说巴基斯坦联合政府在打击塔利班暴乱活动中将继续执行自己的战略。"This is our own fight, this is our own cause,"said the Pakistani prime minister. "I have lost my own leader because of terrorism. So my priority number one is to maintain law and order in the country." 吉拉尼说:“这是我们自己的战争,是我们自己的事业。为了反恐,我已经失去了自己的领袖。因此我的头等大事是维持国家的法律和秩序。”Besides meeting with President Bush on Monday, Pakistani officials say Mr. Gilani will meet with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Robert Gates as well as the country's two leading presidential candidates, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. 巴基斯坦官员说,吉拉尼星期一除了会晤布什总统之外,还将会见美国国务卿赖斯、国防部长盖茨以及美国两位领先的总统候选人、联邦参议员麦凯恩和奥巴马。200807/44899。

Hello, welcome to the offices of Citrus Ventures!你们好,欢迎来到Citrus Ventures的办公室!Its a big day for Anna, shes about to present Tip Top Tradings new Imperial Lemon to Mr Lime and his colleagues.今天是安娜的大日子,她将要对Lime先生和他的同事展示Tip Top Trading的新产品“皇家柠檬”。This must not go wrong.这次必须要成功。…revoltionary laser curve.... revolutionary laser curve...revol革命性的激光曲线……革命性的激光曲线……革命……How are you feeling today Anna?安娜,今天感觉怎么样?Scared! I want to do really well.害怕!我想做到最好。If I mess up and Citrus Ventures doesnt place an order, Ill be so upset.如果我搞砸了使Citrus Ventures不再订货的话,我会十分的苦恼。Youre well prepared, thats the main thing.你准备得很好,这是关键。Explain clearly how your presentation will be organised.清楚的解释出你的演讲是如何组织的。OK.Oh dear, I didnt think of the very beginning.好的,天啊。我不记得怎么开头了。Can you give me examples of what I should say?我该怎么说,你能给我举出例子吗?After youve introduced yourself, you could say: Today Im going to...and explain.在介绍完自己后,你可以说:今天我将要……然后解释。Then say: Ill start by...And then Im going to move on to discuss… And finally...然后说:我首先会……然后我将要谈到……最后……OK, like this: Today Im going to...好的,比如这样:今天我将要……Ill start by...And then Im going to move on to discuss… And finally...我首先会……然后我将要谈到……最后…… /201701/483827。